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#45: Colin O'Brady, Pro-Endurance Athlete

Fewer than 50 people have accomplished the Explorer's Grand Slam, a challenge of summiting the highest peaks on each of the seven continents and completing treks to the North and South poles. Colin O'Brady not only completed the EGS this summer, he shattered the world record for it, finishing in just 139 days. O'Brady also set the world record for climbing the seven summits -- summiting Kilimanjaro in just 11.5 hours. Five years ago, a friend suggested he try mediation and recommended a 10-day silent vipassana retreat. At first O'Brady said he looked at meditation like an elite athlete, hoping to train his body and mind for peak performance, but soon discovered meditation gave him a much greater benefit for his daily life.
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Everybody's dan- I'm recording this the day before the election, but were posting it the day after the elections or as I speak, I have no idea the elections gonna go by assumes can be stressful, so at this podcast is like an antidote to whatever stress you may be feeling about the election this guy colony, Brady is just awesome, and, total isn't over used word, but in his case absolutely apt inspiring. He he is a professional endurance athlete check out, he did over the summer. He shattered the world record for the which called the explorers an slam, which means he had to some of the highest peaks on each of the seven continents and then track to the north and South poles, which is like totally and and he did it not hundreds of the thirty nine days and you know the punchline here a huge part of what keeps him on task. Is meditation he's got a really interesting practice, a fascinating backstory I give you can operate
or maybe see. This is a ten percent. Have your podcast I'm dead They should do this pleasure lingering help me here, you're kind of crazy which you in a minute but but but before we get into the dislike the insane stuff you been doing lately: leisure Starwood meditation. How did you get into meditation to start with, so I was racing traffic professionally, just five years ago, and they twenty twenty eleven and a friend of mine. She came and saw a trough on race that I was doing he's not naturally rocket turkish girl. Kind of non, not into sports, and she was like. Oh, you know it seems, this is very mental challenge out there. Now here we are like running super hard day suffering and issues like, I think, you'd really benefit. premeditation outside our guy like so my was born on the had become you know, Bob Marley,
was playing when I was born. Thirty people watch my birth, everything any like true, happy, communes. I'd say like I was around that sort of spiritual ism. If you will, but never at meditated, a single minute, my life, and so my friend Ajay, she said in Asia, Do some meditation as I go? What do you recommend? She was like you do a ten days on the partner meditation Retreat define what that India is a bit. I think The deposit actually describes a whole range, of meditation techniques, but generally people use it. In this context there referred to go Lanka retreat exactly so that's a specific style of retreat, ten days silent and they stop you focusing on the breath and then they move you to focusing on body sensation. Exactly exactly so so I decided it was. It was another six months or so too. I headed off season will try, for Norway only get a couple ex off in the year and all might have fellow competitors Roy
train all your long erase all you're wrong and the two weeks you get off. You're gonna go sit silently like by yourself. Not look at anyone, not talk. Ideas can be great young really looking forward to it, and so What was it like? They were described to me that the whole I've been silent, tender retreat before, but never with Go Lanka. Who is a teacher whose in indian guys no longer with us who trained in Burma What are the rules on this retreat? Yes, oh justice, the scene, I'm my step, dad's gonNA is dropping me off and he says: ok, cod miss gonna stay here in the parking lot for an hour, because I've never heard you shut up in your entire life, I'm on the youngest of seven, I'm always bugger. My elder sisters he's like he's so once you realize, is a terrible idea. I'll be here too, you know, drive you home, so he was. He was wrong, but was great. You know the rules. Are
restrict sort of four. I am to nine p M schedule, both war. I am yet there were four four thirty Cameron Brevet very early, then, to these now but I can remember the exact time but anyways early, and it's pretty much meditation throughout the entire day, no reading or writing no eye contact. No talking obviously no talking and so yeah it's a very, very sound of men and women are separated and so you're pretty much feel like you're in more or less sinner in isolation. Can you talk they're a teacher there that you can talk you if you have a question? Yes, Ankara, which is interesting as as you mentioned, he you know, originated from Burma and started enough, sir, facilitating some these ten day retreat in the west best. I know it and I thought this was bizarre. Had no idea before I went to this, but he's on is video recorded. He asked ITALY Bays dead, he passed away. I think two years ago we s was a who was actually alive at the time, but I
like throwing the dvd and hit play and I was like wait a second I'm at a meditation retreat. The guy is like not even here, and I actually thought that was very strange at first, but I've actually come to realize that I really appreciate it because it's Unif, it's the same every single time. It's not you know some one's own interpretation on the teaching here and there in a kind of its laws in meandering, so actually appreciate that it's just you know when you going this, it's like it's the same, but there is also a teacher there on site. So that, if you, if you do the work thing you can do to observe break the sounds, I suppose, there's a thirty minute period within the day that you can sign up to ask a question: does he not I'm feeling this with the meditation rye this question about the practice? but the rest of that is sort of him walking through some of the steps on recording and
the pretty basic right he's only talking for maybe three four minute tonight. You know an hour of silence of mere meditating in the hall and then maybe another in a minute or two of chanting. So it's a lot of quiet time, and so how did it go for you at first time it was You know ups and downs, I think every you probably know this as well. You know you have a neighbor tend to this first meditation retreat for a moment, in my experience at a little bit for sure, are more than anything I felt after after those ten days coming back Jenna, my fiance another people, my life, really. Actually, they noticed the difference in me. Just a calmness, I think yeah just a general level of awareness that I didn't have before I'm so interesting to have other people perceive that, but it isn't it Incredible experience, you know truly truly changed. My perspective is interesting because I had gone and like I said to her,
we'd better. You know my craft, I wanna be no better athlete the professional level, so I got a master. My mind kind of had this sort of athlete perspective on it and shore that did have some benefits, thereby really it was much greater benefit and the rest of the aspects of my life would talk about. That would mean greater ass, a greater benefit. So I mean I guess what I think I was like. Oh you, I want to be on a push my life its and have this pain tolerance when I'm racing in the second master Mamma s car like what I went into it. You know like training, the mine training, the body and beyond, So I think I just felt the difference in my relationships with you. No silly stuff, like you know, get cut off in traffic, not reacting to it. You know how they are silly ass, your actual life, my right, like that's a date, this data days there not just and so In the end, I was as much more powerful to me. It's just my tour of daily reactions in the what that, what tat meant to me, you said, efforts are tat. You had a few you,
or at moments? What were those like? I think the thing that stand out most for me was the memories, so I can have gone to this. Place where I was. reliving memories from my passport in such vivid detail. I don't wanna, be clearing my mind, but for some moments where I would instead of It made me realize that we often have memories that we think back on and but some usually jolts us out of the decades ago. I was a kid I in a pool with my friend or something like that, but because of the quietness after five six seven day, Is I come to a memory and I'd? Be there psyche await. You know, a vivid dream or wave will dream, and I could look around. I could smell everything. I could see everything and so the realisation that all those memories were really deeply imprinted in the brain and that there is a way to access them was really powerful. For me, almost felt like I was just like walking through a stream of my my past in a really interesting. Where did you get back
that Bob Marley I didn't quite give back to that moment. Other here was a good party. I'm sure was so. How did effect your professional life, you just finished something I meant insanity before and so sorry for being judgmental. But this thing huge is too it's crazy to explore where's grand slam, so I'm going, let you describe what it is and then tell me whether invitation was useful in the in the pursuit of this goal. Yeah. So after it's trough on professionally for number years at decide, I I wanted to raise the bar and go after something even even bigger as one does he actually pusher my body so I went to set world record for the explorers Grand slams. What that is is to climb the tallest mountain on each of the seven continents, collectively known as a seven summits as well as complete expeditions to, but the North and South Pole, so no big deal so fewer than fifty
people have ever accomplished the grand slam, usually in full I have ten years, I've as a legacy project train for an exhibition, co in a home- and I completed it in a hundred and thirty nine days, which is a world record world record new world record and also set the world record for the seven summits at the same time as well so too, to world records in the course of this, and basically a hundred and thirty nine days. Just strange, you kill me, didn't you Summit Kilimanjaro, only twelve hours, but usually take people weeks eleven and a half eleven August. This is this is why all the body stretching, Pushing mine mine, stretching pushing stuff. You really pushing the limits, Flanders, that so de meditation help you in any aspect of this absolutely you know, maybe it's cliche, but this was a bigger mental towns and it was a physical challenge. Them in the physical elements are surely there by you know,
We will want to hear about, though the epic some day. I never in shore like that. That was a big deal, a huge push by a hundred and thirty nine days consecutively, without really any break she no day in and day out in these super harsh environments in the average temperature, when I was going to the North and South Pole was minus forty degrees to give some perspective, that best where it is, Rob is actually could get out of my tent with a cup of boiling water throw that in the air and it would have- immediately turned into ice. So out of that, a cold minus forty degrees? Is so dragging out you know a hundred and fifty pounds led behind you with your gear in it sensory. Provision in article because you ve got you know basically nothing on her eyes and other than white and you just walking day in an hour after hour, shelter day there I was, with other people, so yeah each expedition was all but different, some hours alone, some hours with different different friends and what not, but it's just that
mental that mental determination to keep going under those circumstances is in pretty intend. I think that the meditation help me through all of that. You know in the moment you know there is a frightful moment you know, being up caught really high, on average, in a big storm that events they had a retreat from. You know in a place where you can't foreign avarice, where a lot of people have died historically to you noticed, I call myself down. Go them myself enough figure out what the best thing to do. I'm sorry, that that calmness was huge, but then ya these long days. These long stretches almost feel like walking meditation more than anything, not just gonna. Ask that. Could you get is because there, your mind can go crazy. No situations vary a board. You can you can get discouraged? Could you use it as a way to his pony and on this sort of micro, sensations of TB, locally the present moment and and use that as an almost like a survival tech tactic. Absolutely I mean I actually felt
or to a longer meditation retreat. In my experience, the first couple days are kind of breaking some habit patterns of your day to day, hustle and bustle, and then once you canican calm down, calm the mind down I at least for me. I feel that I can really get into that rhythm. In that a ten day retreat in almost daily, on the day. Three is a longer segment than day three today, ten, yet because you're in rebellion, mentally yeah- and so I felt similar you know, go into the pause was the same thing. You know the first day or two you can find your rhythm pioneer routine. and once you gonna settle into it, I fell like you know it just kind of flow day. After because not only was the walk being very repetitive, and there was no sensory input universe. Looking at this white, based essentially on but every day is the same. So in an article stunt, Sun Son is up twenty four hours a day. You know the sun's directly overhead at high noon, just the whole time, so there's really
Berrington what's happening so ends up happening as you have this cycle to the day of justice, store of repetition. Like I get up, I turned. dove on, I pack, my sleeping bag. I pack my tent. There goes my sad. I walk for ten hours, its minus forty than I get in eighteen, o D thought my gloves. That emerges it's almost sounds boring, but also really powerful, to get into this sort of repetitive psycho. With that and certainly if you didn't, I think from self. If I didn't have that in a background of meditation background. In my information awareness, the dac, it also drive you crazy. It's, just that you now complete deaf recent, no one to talk to no one said nothing to see, but with Resisting that urge out there really kind of getting into that mentality, I thought was some of the most interesting things. Of this whole entire project was getting into that almost flow state in the, even though its not sitting on a mat with my eyes closed, but a sort of walking
rotation. If you were a better word for it, I guess I d gives greater. Did you pick the exact right words into does hammer home appointed? still learning all the time, which is that meditation, Shouldn't really be about the precious sacred moments when you're on the cushions should be its training for the rest of your life. And so you are actually really just putting it into into which is amazing and ways it and most of us, will never ever get to do what about pain. Tolerance, though you when the biggest things that happened in my life before I was introduced to a meditation in two thousand and eight? I was severely burned in a fire. I was in Thailand being a knucklehead kid, when a flaming jump rope cut myself on five women job, which is a thing they do on the beach ass they like in the middle of the night. Yet people are a little hammered. We believe it or not. I was it that us by the one that I wasn't on that trip, but I wasn't believer or not, but yes so anyways that you know
long story short. You know severely burn twenty five percent of my body, mostly legs and feet. Doktor told me hey. You may never walk again. Normally in others a cat running around my bed me. I see you for a week of surgeries issue, really pretty horrible set of circle. stand to me. It was not a hygienic hospital. I was an attack in Bangkok. Great great healthcare, it is, but it wasn't no eight days till I could get their size and are very rural part of Thailand that just had dinner bear bone, because this wasn't a comfort tat. This was a you know. This was a stray cat in the I see you kind of like, and you know it burns infection is kind of the highest problem of it, so anyways that certainly not something out ever want to go through when it wish on my worst enemy. You know took me over a year to even they know really walk again. and again all those types of thing fortunately did recover on, have been able to do. In a professional sport, but it also
we calibrated my pain, tolerance, it you know, I don't know what it what it is about the mind, but we operate in these extremes. I think sometimes so when I was out there, you know Mt Everest. When I was out there, you know poorness led through minus forty degrees, you no other grace in triumph on after that it was always this. While this hurt, my body wants us to stop, but you know what I felt worse in I've. I've had worse things So there's always this sort of higher pain threshold, and I think that a combination of that sort of framework with the burn accident and now in combination with a meditation practice over the last five years, has We too have really a lot of you. No power over my mind in terms of being able to push a little bit for in our mind, I think in terms the pain least or my experience. You know why
to shut us down a lot sooner than you know. We really need to be. You know you're out of breath, or I should stop running but really like. We have the capacity to push well beyond that, and so too kind of override. That, with our mind, I think, is really important. But how do you know when you're pushing before they gonna get hurt yeah yeah. indefinitely. Definitely knowing your limits. You know I've through racing through training, I've, I've made that mistaking I've. I've over train myself, I'm twenty twelve. I had to take about six months on from racing traffic, because I ended up in the house with them time and my testosterone levels or that of a ninety two year old man, I mean I had just kind of crush my body, no acute injuries, but just like my in it, you know higher bodies endorphins, and what not had just on a shut down on me from pushing pushing beyond that, but also a valuable lesson in terms of collaboration in terms of enough but figuring out my limit and having sort of the emotional physical cues do that Nick even that failure, I think, led to OLED
my success in this world record to be able to manage that over a hundred and thirty nine days in these extreme conditions was the ability. This sort of regulate Reno. pushing when I needed to recovering when I needed to and finding that balance. It's interesting that never thought about pain. Tolerance is like a tradable thing before to me, the headline of meditation is at the mind, is tradable. Now we know the bodies tradable, but that there meditation, which for so long, has been written off as this kind of fringy thing now the science is showing us the mind is tradable these traits that we may not like about ourselves impatient. lack of compassion, emotional reactivity. We can train these things and that's amazing. I never really. Generally thought about painkillers, Femmina I've watched I've terrible pain its main. I watched my wife your childbirth and then surgeries for breast cancer the construction, all the stuff in she handles it. This probably well, and I can't,
flew shot. You know, so but this is an interesting I'm not that I'm in the market for more pain, but it isn't it thing to think about that you could train this to all its other. Think. Childbirth is again, for example, which is in I will. I have never experienced that, but it something that certainly, is this incredible physical thing that clearly the human body least the female human body is capable of going going through an surviving and thriving afterwards. I think the only thing I could equate I too for me as the burn, not something that I would have ever wanted to go through, but I was sort of cast upon me, but it's to get through to the other side of that. You realise that all this is possible. So we have these barriers, and I think you know women through childbirth and stronger than I could possibly ever imagined. I mean, though there is unimaginable for me to go through something like that, but just goes to show our minds are very capable of you now handle
Our bodies are very capable of handling that, and you know it sets a weird thing like you. So can you train for? I don't. I would think I'd want to like just go under in just a few train for that. But your training is painful right, yeah, absolutely it is. It is no doubt which leads, which leads me to my question: why are you doing this? Why I mean I get a guess? I guess I get that you why somebody won't be a triumphantly, but then taking it to the next level limits go back. I don't get why, but it won't be a trifling really. What is driving you to do this and then why then try to set this explorers, Grand Slam, world record, yeah, I've who is ours in an athlete in I swam through college, shall love, love sports and I love pushing my body. So all the I think I've been some adoration of the five five year old boy inside of me that always wanted to compete into well and sports, but are also I think, as I've got an older, you know right.
Trifon was wonderful, but is also really non competitive on the race course shoulder to shoulder with the next your. What's your road ranking, how did you in this ratio this race I've had do I've had my fair share successes successes had my fair share in our failures on the other, the professional world stage, but I what I finally found was that I was more interested, at least as I got older, I'm thirty one years old. Now in finding my own personal limits, you know pushing my own So, although this mountaineering project, I was out there, you know going after world record technically racing. Another guy, with the guys record who I was racing, was from four or five years previously. It was as if I was like shoulder to shoulder with the guy who I was I'm trying to break his record, but it about finding my own personal, you know levels pushing my own personal limits, and I think like with a meditation practice, is the same thing. You know you don't just go. I've got it now, and I owe
all right. I've meditated, I understand meditation. I even for you, like you, said it's always a constant evolution of that and I find with pushing my body, at least for me, is a way to access amazing parts of my mind, there's a clip of me that I like to show sometimes on public speaking it's me something I can cockroaches, Thomas Mountain in South America and was the third mountain on this, our project and at the time Alice Mountain I'd ever climbed nine it up claiming that mountain completely alone, for various reasons, declining partner couldn't be there with me and I want top of the mountain just crying sobbing. I gotta I'm talking to my own. Go pro some talking to myself to regard this as our track record and share most of this project with the world, but it is very vulnerable moment of euphoria, tears all the people that help them Pardon me I flash back in my mind the burn accidents or of all the setbacks they have gone through and so
for me, anyways pushing my body to this extreme ways: unlock these moments like that that I find to be incredibly special, incredibly valuable. And you know sure it goes through a lot of pain, a lot of toil at a hardship and hang out and minus forty degrees day in and day out. I'll be honest, isn't particularly fond most of the time by there's something about it that are really unlocks inside of me. That is powerful, meaningful. So let me ask you a question. You know she shall go anchored, is he was trained in a buddhist context, but he actually teaches in a secular context. Yet so am. I I don't know how much a traditional Buddhism infuses into his teachings. But in Buddhism. There's a there's, a big focus on impermanence everything changed nothing lasts. So the body that you are rightfully very proud of right now is going to fall apart. Absolutely
Nobody gets out of here alive and somebody's gonna beat your world record someday. Absolutely. How are you gonna handle those? virtualities and what are you gonna do fer, you know when you, your have access to this, Finally, honed well trained body in the way the you do now. What are you gonna do for the kind of meaning that you're now deriving you know. I think that that will actually be a challenge for me, I'm not now to say I'm sitting here and I'm a above and beyond that. But what I will say is that it's been amazing to have the opportunity to set this world record this year, these two world records and that's not a combination of one or two years of work. That's a combination of my entire life that started when I was a five year old kid jumping in a swimming pool and culminated with me. You know summoning the knowledge a few months ago, setting to world records all of those things all of those athleticism. German ups and downs have have fuelled that and it's amazing- and I understand obviously I'm I'm aware, as you ve said, that that's time limit
that I am in a long time in the peak endurance age. You know if you look at elite marathon, Rosalie traffic. We see offshore climbers what not that their scientists piquets late one is early thirties. You know, maybe you can stretch it out a few more years. I'm still feeling great. That might be a couple mean a couple more in other things. In the tank by Ultimately, I mean come on the downside of that parabola pretty soon right I realise at least that I hope is that my as Europe Stick is, and always the world record of being the best guy records are made to be broken. I love sport and, what's great about sport is were constantly breaking barriers. You know the foreman mild ten minute, ten second hundred metre dash and all these things thought once impossible. People of shattered them and so on. My record will go down at some point as well. I'm sure- but my hope is that I will obviously be able to find my best self, so my best forty year old or fifty zero.
six year old self might not be. You know up the par against my thirty one year. Old self right now, but that's ok with me is unless I'm finding the depth of who I am- and I don't mean that just through sport, but I mean that through the evolution of life there, we probably at least I hope, some more waste. mindfulness awareness that comes out of you know. You know age, through and having my body change. I think that that that mantra people have asked me people outside of the meditation contacts have passed me. You know in a. How did you through these hard moments in these common, these mountains had introduced and honestly that monitored. This too will change, is really powerful. That's a big part of what I have driven, not drawn strengthen his is that permanents that you're out there in this horrible situation, you're on it. You know a snowstorm and wherever and it's freezing cold and you're scared your way from home. You think, God, you notes be nice to be back in my bed at home and you thinking at some point. I will be
two will change. I won't be here forever. Would that's the upside of impermanence no question about it and its useful for me when I'm meditating and uncomfortable- or A conversation that uncomfortable not with you, but we know interpersonal relationships this to show, Ass is very comforting, but. You, I remember, being thirty one on forty five now my shoulders Jack, tat. My knees, jacked up I have more going on around my belly than I would prefer. There is less stuff going on around my hair line that I would prefer, and so I can't control any of this in it, then it sucks and so I just wonder very powerful thing to look at this stuff, though is a very powerful thing because it is the truth, not capital, tee. dogmatic religious truth. It is just true right, so
feel that? I know I don't know if I can put into words, but I feel it is a real power it still of in staring at that. I don't know if anything that I have just said resonate with you, not all adding their resonates with me as well. I think that I am not above having my ups and downs right. I think that at some point, when I transition away and were my body isn't quite ordered, is there's gonna be some hard moment. Shore, like I don't wanna, say I'd, take for granted being in great shaper having set these records. I know how much work has gone into it, but like yeah, that's the framework, that's the context that my life has looked like fer. You know, decades of being, you know in a lead athlete and at some point that won't be the case that transition will certainly be hard, no doubt, but I hope that you know. I've seen that play out with other athletes that haven't had no awareness or haven't had a mindfulness about them are have early thought through those things and that when that escapes there they have no way or framework for dealing with that
again. I don't think that I'm above and beyond having my dark moments and I'm sure those will calm, but my hope would be because of you, I think, meditation awareness mindfulness. All those things allows me to go through phases of life. Allows me to interactive things. Is a little bit softer a little bit more gentle and, like you said, having stare that in the face. Having actually no have you ask me that question and think about: that's not the first time I thought about it. You know to internalize there and understand about that impermanence as we go through life and not be holding on to God, last year, when I was thirty one in twenty sixteen, I set the record that was the pinnacle for me and, I sure hope at thought, the pinnacle of my life. I felt that the be many other you know exciting moment in ups and downs in different creative ways to express myself domestic on your behalf, just for the record I, like it,
so, so you you ve done to these ten day retreats. Do you have a daily meditation practice? Are you just kind of like extreme about meditations you're only do not retreat known army. Not. I definitely go off from the retreats. I think that that is is valuable. I just sign up, for it will be my third and in December, some looking for has been a few years since I've done that. So I was I am from me that I get good strong reset button but none of that is particularly meaningful, I dont think without a daily practice series for myself. That said at the end of a going, Eritrea, he says: ok it's very easy. You ve been doing the seventeen hours a day of meditation, so I need to do in your day. Life is one hour in the morning, one hour at night, no big deal I'll be honest in I've. I've left summers retreats like very, like a that's easy you had ever and maybe hold onto it for a week or two weeks and then all of a sudden too, at finding two hours in my day seemed nearly impossible. Maybe that's just an excuse that are now
but my daily practice is is shorter than that in quite honestly, it's more more and in our fifteen to twenty thirty minute range That's not nothin man here and it is, I find in the morning works best for me in terms of that's the most in control of my day, but that also abs infos. You know I travel a lot of my different time zone than one early fights. You know things like that very frequently, and so sometimes I'll, find out this month. The evening was working better for me or there's time when you know a few days or even a few weeks ago by- and I haven't really checked in with it- that daily practice. So you know I think I'm definitely with consumers, a pretty committed and have a pretty regular practice. But then I have my moments where, where but then I notice in I pick up on that. Unlike wait, what was I write like a missing that that piece of that? Yet why micro, why my snapping at people today right it said her it's right serve debt daily practice is huge, reminds pretty simple idea: everybody falls off the wagon.
just as when you're on the cushion and you're actually meditating, the rule is you're gonna get back in a million times, the whole game is just a start again yet the same thing with your meditation practice writ large, you're gonna fall the wagon. he nothing's been lost. You can just start again and you're not like starting from some sort of crazy deficit having That is what we through just out of curiosity. What, when you sit down for your daily practice when you're doing it? What is the practice free yeah? I actually I actually your book a few years ago before, knowing that I would be invited on your podcast, so it's fun to be here and that the person who gave me the pot the book actually was my step that the same one was very sceptical about me. Going to the first meditated doing the bark elaborated let go you know, this is, does not go work, ivory I'll pick you up, and then there was the first. You know that got through to him being a sceptic. Just click. Ok, temperature happier that's cool,
but when I liked about that was just at least for it seems like you drove into a lot of different types of meditation from you know that our partners, the different retreats that just drive seeing it through that bunch of different angles and Perfectly honest for me: I really only experience disproportionate meditation only because that was the first kind of thing thrown at me like you should try this out. I did it and it had some impact in my life. And so my daily practice is along those lines which cover you know it. You said kind of coming coming to breath. and sometimes it's just coming to breath- you know intend fifty minutes. I mean I can't get more focused than just that and then other times when I'm in a few more of a rhythm, I can counter that body scan and you know awareness the sensations of the body up and down. I would say I have a curiosity about sort of expanding that expanding sort of what no Maybe I don't even know that is but the sort of other sort of avenues of men
asian beyond sort of what my daily norm, as I guess at this point, I do think that that's valuable or what, from your perspective, where I just want to say. First of all, I am not a teacher and I'm not an expert. I've only been doing this for, but seven years like you should take what I say with a great assault. But Sir Are you anyway? I think we do is how great then I wouldn't worry about changing. That's personally, my advice, I think this is a great break. it's going as massively respected and deservedly respected teacher thought you are really simple practice that you don't have the stress about or worry about. You ve got it so go for it in its showing benefits. I you know the same practice that I was taught many years ago and end I do. I have experiment a little bit, but I find my gut instinct and speaking for myself here is that you? If you experiment too much. If I men too much I can be concrete.
without a doubt. In my mind, ok, what am I doing now? What we would there is this better than the last thing, the p I know who done the most successful experimentation have our firm grounding in one technique for a long time and then once they ve got that base little bit like art. You know like modern art in which looks kind of crazy and the like. There are no rules, lotta, those modern artists have classical training, and so too Sure that's a perfect analogy with that's seems to be the M o of a lot of meditation adepts that I've met. You There are no that's interesting, and it's almost just the you know whether for summits weather for others. It's. You know they're morning RON, whether it's you know sitting on the cushion meditating. I guess just having that sort of daily commitment to something is: is an outlet in itself, regardless of what the actual you know, what you're thinking about what the true focuses of that is of even a slight variation, so yeah I'll stick with it thanks for the event
please do and it's my pleasure Dan again. Take that advice to the grand Isaak is I'm just a regular smell, so I want to make an observation that don't ask another question that observation is- and I was glad you said this earlier- because I think it's cool- is that when you were having moments of real emotional peak experiences during your exploits. While for the things that came to you is this gratitude for all these people have helped you- and I just want to point out you're here today with your the answer Jenna Yahoo, who I had a chance to meet very very briefly, but she Is this? This grants land they just completed, required an enormous amount of logistical work. You know getting you, you know getting teams together for the various pikes and getting you on planes and making sure you ever the trains are running on time, etc, etc, which from what I understand you really hot, showing that so absolutely this is. This is not a one man show by any means. You know we dreamed up this road record together. She had been out with me
the traffic on world for many years, supporting me doing that and then, when we kind of had the stream of doing this. So much if what we want to do with this project wasn't just about me setting this world record, but it was a whole charitable campaign around getting kids excited inspired to get. Outside, not necessarily Kai Mt Everest. But do you know get outside outside inspired set big goals and dream big. So you know, Jenna ran everything from a logistics of all this. To get all those places took him over a year plus of just the planning of you. How do you figure out how to get the food, for you know that FIFA, week after you, ve been in Argentina and applied in Nepal, in does that mean a crazy, crazy logistics and you know she was amazing in that- and just so much support, yeah, definitely times. You have very scared and some of these crimes, rather you know called home. You know what should I do, I'm up on our versus the stormy known to have that in a voice on the end of a crackly satellite phone. Just send me love support was also huge, so she wore the head of you know taskmaster
logistics coordinator as well as you now just my fiance, and you know my love of my life and support system, so definitely so much ground the two further and in these peak moments for sure that definitely came out. You know one of the other things are really stood out for me in terms of along the same lines was my hope, with this project was too, you know puts inspiration the world and we have a lot of kids. You know from around the country following along, be a social media, a car was like, I hope, to inspire them to one day. You know Cepit coarse and dream big, but the though, of course, our eyes, that was that when I was out there in climbing these mountains, they had sent me all these messages. That said, hey Colony, no Europe, is your crime in every sort now, but my Mt Everest is to be the first person my family to graduate from college. My Mt Everest is to make sure the snow upwards. The intended species, as you know, just these amazingly heartfelt and warm things, and the fact that day, we're out there
a cheering me on ultimately inspired the hell out of me. You know when I had these really tough moments. I had so much gratitude. I was. I was hoping that gas do something for them, but in the end that they really got so much strength from the love that they were shining in my way, so isn't an amazing soda reciprocity. In that way, that's us, and so were shut the Jenna who has, I understand his or herself a an experienced mountaineer and shout out to kids and shout out to snow leopards. Nobody does anything alone, I just I'm glad you pointed that out that he was very cool. So that was my observation. My question is: what is your next trick. yeah, I know it is a good question, definite. We, I think we'll always be wanting to push my body and explore you know that say your touching on what you said before one I can always keep warning up myself. Like you said Father time will at some point in our say enough, you know noise as I get older.
but even while I'm still in in peak shape, is you know, I've asked myself and I've sat with myself. Even you, knowing in my practice inside is you know, is my goal to just keep being myself? Is it always the next harder crazier? You know a thing. You know I in no way means There is no, and I would say no like over a kick my feet up in just talk about this experience for the rest of my life. You know, that's also not you know what I'm trying to get at by AIDS. It's trying to figure out a creative way to push myself to two fine to access those moments of joy taxes. Those moments are facing my fears, and I don't know what that next thing is in terms of athleticism forests is definitely a few few ideas percolating in my mind that I haven't really fixated on yet but definite we. This idea,
The whole reason that I started this was a do something greater than myself having race track on professionally for a number of years. After coming off this terrible burn. Injury was like a dream, come true and that, but that was a very personal personally satisfying dream. Come true, to get to a point where I could have this larger platform and how this impact, not only for myself but with the kids, was amazing and the lessons I've learned from that is. I want to keep you working in that space. You know that that's usually gratifying for me to have to be helping these kids to be inspiring these kids out there too, the set goals for themselves, and so, whatever I do athletic, we will see, but there's a hundred percent certainty, my mind that the continuation with the work that I'm doing with kids in Turkey now get kids too, turn on forest lane is country. We have a inactivity, epidemic and so to get kids just moving their bodies being healthy. I think I know healthy body healthy mind. You know create so much more happiness and joy and success in this world, and so that I
just to my little part to inspire that its huge. So that's that's. Definitely my biggest focus as I move forward last question. Out of curiosity, which have had this window, you about your die like you, allow yourself to mouth, like a bunch of cookies or or you eat, cheeseburgers YO, free discipline guy when it comes to my diet, but that said be not having to be in nine different expeditions on seven different continents and one hundred and thirty nine days means you're talking about cuisine from all different types of the world, and we tried to control a lot of things with his project let go of a lotta control. This project, you know when, as genuine through the logistics it was like, hey like we can't just make sure that your perfect diet is like dialed in all of these places, so funny enough in preparation for this I just I actually kind of dirtied up my diet. A little bit so my dad's, an organic farmer in Hawaii. Just to give you contacts, you know I could give growing up spent a month
I'm on his farm? He noticed eat completely from the earth. Super healthy is help we can be so you know I can get into that modem. I love the way that my body feels when a meeting that way, but actually, when I'm eating that clean and then I had to fly to some other part of the world, that I can't control my diet, all the sudden that can almost throw me around more because of the contrast it's so clean to not so clean so throughout this, I kind of how to have my body used to be able to eat, freeze, dried meals at the North pole and then fighter, Nepal any doll, bought and then five turvy Argentina and have you know the summoned thrown a stake? My hey, so I am very disappointed, but I am also you know. I think everything in moderation. You know, including moderation, so I definitely have a beer here and there I definitely do not enjoy a burger. Come off a mountain. So I'm not above enough those things like that. This those, I guess, maybe there's a simple choice in life, but sometimes it is carried. Berger. I hear you
stood looking whatever you do next best Looking marriage, which I know is coming up for you best of luck the continuing your meditation practice and big. Thank you for it for doing this, thanks Grandmamma showed and where can people learn more about you? beyond seven too. So that's the name of this project. The seven pigs to poor so beyond, seven to dot com is the website. Unity These are of look back on blogs. Videos, photos everything that we ve done check it out and definitely, as our future endeavours will be up there, as well as social media at beyond underscore seven to Snapchat. Instagram Twitter, all that good stuff, so yeah check it out beyond. Seven too, don't take it personally when I pressure world record
yeah I can see at sea like so, if you can do it you're forty five years, so you know maybe there's hope for me. As you know, even though you got me down on the fact that I descended deteriorating rapidly, sorry about your good sport. Thank you very much, really precise preserved thanks. Rather me. Ok, there's another edition of the ten percent happier podcast. If you liked it, please make sure to subscribe rate us, and if you want to suggest topics, we should cover a guess. We should bring in hit me up on Twitter at Dan, be Harris. I also want to thank heartily the people who produces I guess they really do pretty much out of work, Lauren Efron Josh Hand, Sarah AMOS Andrew Capps II, Jones and ahead of ABC Use, Digital Dan silver. Next Wednesday.
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