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#53: Josh Radnor, "How I Met Your Mother" Star Back in Theater

Josh Radnor, best known for playing Ted Mosby on TV's "How I Met Your Mother," started practicing meditation over a decade ago after he went through a break-up and never really stopped. Radnor's career extends beyond TV -- though he stars in PBS's "Mercy Street" -- to include acclaimed indie film work, Broadway roles, his current role in "The Babylon Line," and he credits meditation for helping him navigate it all.
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I need to admit something at the beginning of this package, which is it I'd, never really watch that show how I met your mother, which was a hit CBS sick of it and for many many years. That's problem not only for my cultural literacy, but also because my guess this week was the stars. That's a whole Josh Radner, producers of this podcast learn Efron in particular, loved how I met your mother and encouraged me to have just come on the show. I did so and I'm glad I listen them because Josh is fascinating, like totally totally fascinating has a, yet in long time, meditation practice and has used it in some really interesting circumstances in the public eye. He's the star right now of play its called The Babylon line I had a really good town talk. No, so here it is from ABC
This is a ten percent. Have your podcast dinner. Well, thank you for donors membership, so I was of the same question, which is how to deter meditating. Why my girlfriend of my twenties, who I did for years, I but she had an anxiety problem and she would also agree that she had a problem with anxiety and one day I said you need to better. We here's what we're gonna do. We're gonna get you meditating, and then she didn't and we broke up, she's lovely and were still friends. This is not a sledgehammer Is she still anxious? I dont think she's as I just I don't know she meditates. I do I don't know so the major variable may be that you no longer with you well know. I maybe I was the cause of the anxiety, but I I then was really hit hard by this break up and down and it
turned out, I was the one who needed to meditate. I you know how we meet. We engage a lot, a projection as human beings, and it turned out that I was deeply a native meditation myself and I you know, I think living in the modern world is an assault on your senses, on unemployment. In many ways- and it only seems to be getting worse- its it- if that's what it feels like to me anyway, and so I think in two thousand for maybe the the spring of two thousand, for I learned Vader meditation, which is essentially tm and the same same practice, but I learned from someone who was very close to the Marinucci MASH Yogi, and it was just in others really community and allay at that time it was all learning from him and he had trained in the number of teachers. So there was a nice community out there and I just started you twice daily meditation, which I haven't stop that mean I still struggling
Second, one in I don't know. What kind of do duty M is that I do my fulness mindfulness, ok, so I generally most mornings will meditate first thing. You know, I still do it. I sometimes get the second one and I try to get the second one in by my meditation practice has changed. I mean I've experimented with different for so be it, but since two thousand for I've never really stop meditating and meditations one of those subtle things where you say is it working and you can have it hard? might my teacher used to say drop. Your consciousness now drop your old consciousness into your new body. And it would go crazy, like your body would be able to hold it like you. The benefits of meditation are so subtle and they just they just reveal themselves and very subtle way. So I think No, I look back. My life is very different than it was in two thousand and four, it's a lot bigger. It's you know my career took off in different ways, so I have to give a lot of credit to medic
I don't think it. I don't know that I may be the things happen, but I don't know that I would have process them in as saying away. If I wasn't, if I d never meditation practice, you know, You said a million things that I want to follow. Acacia justice set myself, just in my in my mind, in the chronology of your life here, two thousand force at that's before how I met your other yeah I don't get you the pilot of my mother in two thousand and six may be too does about six sure that point were you kind of in an aspiring actor? You done well, I had been I'd start on Broadway and graduate. I had done a couple, pilots and series that that you know didn't work for a number of reasons. You know either I was replaced, they were cancelled, you know, pilot with Rob, Reiner NBC that didn't go. You know, so I think I my mother was my fourth pilot. I had done
and so I was a working after. I was probably someone that, like casting directors and and tv executives would know, but the average person in them on the street would have no idea, was so. Was that a kind of an ax de stage in your life and your wise? But in some ways it was there was a sweetness to it, because it's something I talk about my movie, liberal arts that I wrote directed was this notion that you know when you get. A college or school it it just infinite possibility, like things in front of you. There's a sweetness to that. That sets a possibility, whereas when something happens like a how I met your mother, you know that first big job, that really introduces Euro Army your whole career on some level has to be a response to that, because it's always gonna be up. Part of your youth things get narrower, but they also get more exciting in a weird way like because they are actually happening, but it also it feels constricting in some ways. So I think my meditation
it is true that ended up being really beneficial to me, because I had to you know: I think anyone who achieves some sort of public exposure- or renown. There's always a point. We go a little crazy because you don't know you being looked at in a different way and you're. You know you feel, like you been showered and blessing, and you also get a little scared to leave your apartment. You you know all at the same time it it can be very unnerving too, to taste fame for the first time ya me very few people ever get to accede. yeah and a lot of people just say they want it without thinking it through The EU. Already mainly I had Uther knock whites and I dont know that you can. I mean I certainly wanted. an amount of visible success. You want as an actor, so you can keep doing bigger and better things. You know, I think I It would be a really great gig if you could have all the work and none of the fame. I think that would be like this.
It's part of another, the famous. It means that the famous gratifying is it is. It is not exactly. None of the famous mean look, it's nice to get a table and it's nice to have some people come up in just in the middle of your day, and tell you how much you work is affected them. That's all very sweet, but there's other things about it that you have to contend with that, you know when you don't want it, you know you can't quite turn it. It's not up to you when it's, you can't turn it on or off, and I'm not you I dont deal with you. No, I, still live a life like I I've I've found the way to live a life that feels manageable and sometimes it You know. I led a basically leave you alone Cosette bed when your theory on some level I, although there is a lot of students and teachers and students in tourists- love you NASH, Then you know you realize you're connecting with people in and you do you do want. Some of you know it's a visible, I'm putting myself out there.
it might be part of my eye. You know I'm a little more attracted to writing interacting now, just because it feels less, I mean it feels like. I can still be endlessly created without all the kind of exposure of my face. Rail freight, but must also give a managed ego that, because a lot of people really care a lot about the exposure of their face, yet but I think that there is a part of me that actually shy, I don't know Vigo or or or why I still have one and I'm working. You know it's not like I'm immune from the temptation Is it but I've tried to I've tried. Just how I met your mother too, to make decisions that were not based in some sort of desperation to stay relevant order or in front of people. You know I've gone back to the theater. I did. on the chauffeur PBS. You know armors history, its hot mercy street minutes. It's really good show em, but I feel
a throw myself into ensemble. You know I haven't been like yet at that that that you know, look at me and I M not just feels right, to me right now. I don't. I don't know if far, if I if I'm not. If I dont have a particular kind of narcissism that would allow me to be a little more out there. But what am I I try to orient my life in a spiritual text and what I mean by that is. Did you ever read by the way the David Brooks Book, the were the road to care. No, I'm familiar its excellent? Is it I really recommended tat yeah He talks about these two things that are competing within us where she calls resume virtues in eulogy virtue, and he says the resume virtues are like. Obviously you know what makes you hi rebel. What makes you a kind of interesting person at a dinner party
and the eulogy virtues are like what will they say about you at your funeral? Was he a good friend was a good parents? Was he generous charitable kind, compassionate forgiving, all those things and I can get hijacked by resume virtues. Certainly I it takes up. a lot of space in my head, but I ultimately feel like I want to be a person who leans into you. Would virtues more, and I try to remember that. You know that the kind of death bed moment of like what kind of person you know that the old you know no one wishes they spend more time the office and an eye, and I feel, if some gift in in how I met your mother like freed me up to actually because it didn't and I'm really grateful flat shown, I love being a part of it. But it didn't give me the kind of sustained euphoria You think it would and what people are disappointed to hear that didn't say like what do you mean you weren't endlessly happy for nine straight here? Hers you like well, nothing you can't get out,
being human. You can't get out of the lake peaks and valleys of being a human being. You know, so I, I had sent me on this search for what is meaningful, like like. I love doing work, but it's the doing the work you know I there were things I did that were really small that have been so meaningful to me and just a couple. People will see them, but it doesn't matter to me because it is altered me in jail. Me and meditation is something that gets me back to being quiet. So I can hear that kind of guidance, eulogy, virtue, guidance versus the you know like ego. Just it's a bully. It's just a scream at you am and that's one of the ways you can tell that it's the ego is, if it screaming and if there is confusion, because I feel like the end of it
self referential and it's yeah. It's all about yourself. If it's not extending itself beyond your own kind of gratification, any ever any moment you know so just trying to get to that place. You know what it's not even my I wasn't raise Christian, but when Jesus says you know the kingdom of Heaven is within, I think, that's what he's referred to you go that that the answers are actually a friend, my just him in his great acronym for faith. Finding answers heart. You know like going within and getting quiet like that's where you're actually get the true gps, the one that will lead you to like us, a more sustainable, aren't even of happiness is right where, but like peace, just some just so you're, not on the crazy. You know rollercoaster of the up and down. You know I feel em, all trying to find some sort of equanimity in that regard. So tell me, but just for the uninitiated tell you have just described what Vader meditation is all starch off a little bit, so yeah
I found this meditation, which is what I do is derived from Buddhism, and I actually probably even if I would be more honest, I'm apologist us flat out Buddhist Cresson. What I do he evaded meditation is: is hindu meditation, mostly with a mantra yeah. The most famous variety of that is transcendental meditation d I am which was invented by the mockery. She my shield right, it's actually, I don't know he invented it. He popularize! Well, he gets a he invent tm here? Yes, he by managing to literally trademark yeah, as I understand it, version of, if not the exact same thing that had been practised for three. As an area which I am I'm conflicted about. Patents and trademarks on anything having to do with spirituality, because I think it's the humanities gift without you know trying to monetize it. But that said, I also you know I think Georgiana who's. This great russian mystic said you have to charge for spiritual
instruction, because he said we don't value something we haven't paid Eckart a car till as says. So I think there is something to be said for the exchange of energy. My teacher, you know he would ask for a week earnings and it was up to you to set what that was. But when I went- Ask me like what should I pay, and I say you know think of something then add a little bit more like it should pinch a little bit yeah just because you, if you have you the hundred bucks, you, you might you're, not gonna sit in the chair every morning, If you give em a thousand bucks, you might be more willing to try to get some bang for your box, so I think, gum I think, there's something to be said for that, but You know, mantra literally means mind vehicle and it's a you know. You get him a mantra, that's based on a number of different things, but Gunnar geared towards you and where you are in your life, I suppose,
but it'd be a mean mine vehicle in it, and it's just an automatic poetic word that doesn't have any meaning. So sometimes people who come from heavy, you know Christian Jewish, get backgrounds whenever they're like. Oh, I don't want to get into this hindu practice and it's like well, it's just a word that settles your mind. That's all it does and it's the sound that Am I not there's? No meaning to the word for using the word quietly, silently you saying a word with great with with its it's kind of a riddle to do it, because your encouraging effort listen which is in some ways of beautiful things. It's the antidote to what we're doing in life, which is pure effort all the time. So too close Eyes, twenty minutes twice a day and repeat as effortlessly you can, which is actually quite difficult, because you
How do you say something without effort, but even just the intention to think the mantra is the mantra. Just the intention, the awareness and I'm thinking the mantra- the mantra comes, does its own work because it's kind of, and then you get into this space, where the mantra is just kind of doing its own thing now. The way I was taught is that thought in meditation is not bad. It's just stress release it. Just like the dirt coming off you, our and there's no you'll need to study the dirt at the bottom of it. You know just rinse, just just let it go, and then I like that we advocate dotted the thing up here. get hung up on their own. I guess I'm, but it's like well, can't drive a stick of car until some teaches you I mean you know, put certain people say well, I tried to meditate and I can tell you what does that mean that what I did just sit with my eyes closed and we know not think impasse, it's actually impossible.
so you really do need some sort of instruction. I'm in the thing I like about the Montrose, it's an anchor in the midst of the dark wood of the mind. You know like, like ok, I'm being overrun by thoughts and then you just come back from under come back. The mantra come back to the matter and then you forget- and you know the other crazy thing at the monstrous design- so you forget it it. It works at a very subtle and its to bring your mind to the tariffs, sunless strata you know and into where you become. You know what they call the simplest form of awareness, where you have no thought, but you're not asleep. Think is really, and you know when you experience it. It's strange because the time goes by you haven't said the mantra, but you're not asleep, and you haven't any thought. So this can happen in a twenty minutes. It certainly yeah allow yeah and then you come out and you feel-
you know that you ve gone somewhere in you. Ve touched some sort of gold and you come back and you just feel a little more efficient, a little kinder a little. You know, I'm not, I think you know meditation is, I think it there's no accident that meditation and medication are only one letter thinking, oh, were really medicated right now and I think what would everyone's trying to achieve through the medication is, is not a slam against pharmaceuticals? I think some people might really need them, but I think a lot of what we're looking for his just some sort of relief from the weather itself, loathing, voices or anxious anxiety, producing voice
or you know grievances like whatever overwhelms us, whatever's r, r, r thing that just has us by the throat and their these ancient practices from many different traditions that recognise this. That said, yeah that the greatest you know it's like they say them. The mind is a wonderful servant. The terrible master like we're were were enslaved right now to the mind, and now we have this hive mind called the internet, which is we never seen anything like it. So too, you know not fall prey to the voices in the, ways. It feels more urgent to me than ever to stick with this, and I fully agree near when I'd loved here just a little bit about how the rubber hits the road in terms of the medicine being valuable in your life's, a just thinking back to when you got this big role on how I met,
other in your talking earlier about how it didn't make your life of nonstop of blue. Field. In fact, you you couldn't escape, as you said, to quite poignantly, from the human condition. Leave younger had what? U S, notably wanted here how was meditation and wasn't station useful in that period and just ups and downs when you thought you shouldn't just have created this has occurred to mix. I remember I watched at the other night, but Jim carried it the golden globes last year than I thought was like one of the best things I've ever seen on television where he was introduced time Golden Globe Winner, Jim carry any said. Yeah. That's right, I'm due time gone global energy carrying us, but when I go to sleep at night. I don't don't dream normal dream. I said no. I dream about beings. three time go net love Jim area because then finally I would be enough and I could
That is desperate search for something that won't all. I know ultimately won't make me happy and it was so bracing to hear someone come into a room. everyone's Hungary, for these little gold idols, which feels very much like what they said in the old testament. Dont worship that I think that you know. That's not what it is, and everyone hungering. For now look I'm gonna turn down a bone. Go they want to give me what I'm not saying a protest. The ceremony I'm just saying it was bracing too. someone come in the room said: I've won two of these. It didn't solve anything for me, you know, and it's not it's it's just you know you can feel, dear one of the things, the reasons people you know see, owes of fortune five hunter companies or depressed and movie stars try to kill themselves is because, on the other side of the velvet rope there is not, thing they told you would be their army were were. operating under, You know a lot of delusions around success and money and all these things, so I think
actually good on some level like if you want to get them to disprove to yourself that that will save you Then you can go about the real work of like getting quiet you no. Actually. I came across this quote from Pascal Blaise Pascal Zadig, not another french philosopher who said all of the work, problems stem from man's inability to be quiet in a room by himself. You know, of an I tweeted it and it's funny how some people but really understand what that means. If you dont interest but that means you'll think no, we just now. cooperation or man needs to stop being so stupid. Yo people wrote to me, and I said no, no, it means that what we're talking about it, cooperation without that without guy you know and that the people I think who really have been deep change agents in the world? You know the Mandela and the Andes, and you know there are people who were rooted in that place like absolutely rooted in that still place
negotiated from that place and said no and yes from that place and lead people from that place and um. I just think you know. Your question was about you know how how it helped me navigate success in the earlier six. Well, you know, one of the things that happens with successes- you metabolize it very quickly. So one day, you're auditioning for pilots and the next day or on it, hit tv show and somehow it all feels normal, because you just for work every day with you, no other famous people who Are your friends and you're just working with them and you're making a show, and I dont even watch the show that much like other People know the show a lot better than I do you know, so I know there's a term for what you're describing without he donning adaptation. Always our. I s, like a diversion hedonism liaised when something good happens,
you so quickly bake it into your base. Yes yeah, you don't appreciate, and oh a hundred percent- and I actually heard this thing that the reason time move so slowly when were young is because new and we're taking it in for the first time and when we get older were actually not preserving the world in a vital way. I make them and then just speed up because we're not taking it in you know, I remember so strongly how long, last summer felt when you're a kid, how long a year a school year, and now it's like you, know, just go so I think I I think you know the anchor of waking up at its anger, even meditating in my dressing room when I directed my this film. If they were lighting for twenty minutes, I would grab fifteen twenty minute meditation. Just you know on a folding chair in quite a space. I could find
and have you met David Lynch, his book that fish another book I have not read, but it's terrific in its totally worth reading, but he he really think that. Meditation is the the kind of that's where he digs and gets all that weird stuff, it's the wellspring of creating yeah yeah yeah, and I actually know do that kind of meditation better. We need it to me, I get an enormous flood of ideas. Oh yeah, the more I meditated, me too, and I also found that I don't work alone People work really well with a lot of stress. A lot anxiety, depression or heartbreak is where a lot of their creativity springs from. I am not that person I work much better when I'm connected to you know that quiet. Meditating when I'm praying when I'm when I just feel like I'm hooked into
something larger than myself. Elizabeth Gilbert gave a really brilliant TED talk about creativity. How it used to be you know. A genius was something outside of you. This kind of examining entity that, you could have prayed to like our a genius we're in start writing and then disasters happen when we became the genius is like. Oh, I'm a genius, and she thinks it is really psychologically unhealthy, and I agree you know when I can petition, into something like do than myself for inspiration and then not ultimately take credit for that. With the bug about Gaeta says you know, do the but the fruits of the labour are not yours, and so when I, when I can get quiet, and feel like I'm hooked into that kind of conveyor belt of creativity. That is much bigger than me. I somehow feel like I'm, I'm gonna be ok, I might be Ok, you know and reading reading books that feel nourishing cutting toxic
a lot of my life. You know one of the things I got really good. I was when you're Tv, you can feel very strongly when people want to hang would you for the wrong reasons? You know- and I just got my gps really strong about sizing people out them what their intent, where and when you meet someone that has never seen your tv show and doesn't know who you are, but their fascinates me to talk to you can hold on to them for dear life. Does he say, like you could be a real friend and I have some tea friends, I have friends with from before the show, so I think you know it I'd like to right, maybe an extended piece on on in and I gave a talk in India about it last year in Mumbai, at something called the ink conference in which was essentially a spiritual approach to celebrity how do we? How did I navigate like? If I didn't? how be a jerk, and I want to be drug addict or an alcoholic, and I didn't want to be in a goro, phobic weirdo who never left the house like. How was I going to deal with this? Weird aspect of my life: you know
it's? What robbed us cause? You know he's as whatever your life is. That's your yoga! That's your practice! You know, if you if your mother's sick, that's your yoga. If you're on the tv show your yoga, you know if, if you're getting, evicted or if your landlord, like that's your yoga so I just tried to really look at what was in front of me. And just say like ok and I it sounds silly to talk about you know being on a hit. There was being a spiritual struggle, but it was, and it continues to be and I don't know I mean, do you find success to be it's complicated thing? It is because you also can't complain about it to a lot of people. Yes, he had heard him yet so you you you, it's isolating yeah, there's very few people that want to hear you complain about being There is also a complicated thing. May I don't mean I there,
Ashley fewer people are gonna, come up to me in times square than to you were, but the and for me that's not really where the issue left his personally, it's more that it's what you said. But the reason virtues, verses, eulogy, eulogy, virtues that once you get some we taste of some success. You you have five minutes Actually, this happened, I wrote this book out and they gave you can read it people reading and then you're like was when spoken to be. Why more people really to endless, and when you I mean if you wanna publicity, publicity tour about like a movie, you may, like I movies, you know I've written acted starred in they ve gone to Sundance. They want awards, I'm out publicizing the missing. So what's up next and unlike we I just, can I have a break? I you did this thing and then used are going what's next. You know, like I remember when I,
I was talking to some. I want and I signed with publicist as you at a certain point. You need a policy to help. You navigate the thickets of publicity which, when I was wanted, the director in New York the idea that I would have publicist sounded grotesque, but you can't do without one at a certain point, but my first publicist I said to her because our money the tv show now do I have to try to become a movie star, like is not something I have to now try to do like are we, as that, will we're all trying to do, and that didn't entirely appeal to me, but I thought well, what do I do? what am I supposed to do and if I'm just gonna hit tv show, and then I M never heard from again, I'm gonna be like the sad guy who, whatever up in the cell, so. There are. I mean that I'm just as much in the grip of that go stuff. Is anyone but I also I'm also trying to run the marathon and I know that after you have a very visible success. I think it's ok to go away for a while or You know, do something quieter for awhile, and so
Where are you with that? Now it's been two years is the show yeah I mean I was. I was on Broadway on last year in a play called disgrace. That was amazing and I found two seasons of this show mercy, on PBS, which has been extraordinary, I'm doing a play at Lincoln Centre right now. I've made it. Small movies are made at Gore. Movie with my favorite ban called cloud calls, which is like this very intense. sleep, spiritual and awake banned from from Minnesota Wisconsin and pray close with them now. But we did this called the seeker. That was that I helped produce. That was just an hour ago, because it's a silent film, that's just scored by their new record an it was an extraordinary experience and really small like maybe just for cod called fan, is I don't know it's gonna, do anything and do a couple tug screenings and peep. We'll see you ll be able to get it, but I just meant something to me. Like someone, me about a job. I didn't, and I said I don't have it
in the world. They change me and that's what I'm doing right now is like white. What opens my heart like what makes me feel like? Ok, I can spend two months or six months or a year working on this and fuel under President yes and show, how do you manage as I imagine it still there the little screaming voice? That says? Oh well, you what you're? next big on unquote. You know a thing or or can't can you can you shut that out and just because you seem the happy with what you're doing right now- and maybe that's I mean I am but then you know, ok, so I've worked. I've worked, not stops, I laughed I mean really. I just haven't, stop working and then you know a brazilian teenager rights, you on Twitter and says: hey man when are you gonna do something again You know I mean cause they're, not watching PBS. You know they're, not watching PBS they're, not they're, not coming to Lincoln centred your play, so they Can't you just went away. and so you You know you don't want to be led by the brazilian teenager vote.
In your hand, which nothing against brazilian teenagers about their lovely, but you know there's you ve got out negotiate. You know why. What bringing you some sense of fulfilment mean the sweet spot. Would something that is. I think that my friend badly and I wrote it is another thing I did we. I wrote an album with my friend Bentley has an australian singer songwriter one of the first but we had and we actually met on the set of how I met your mother cause. They used a song of his and he like the shown one to come by and we became friends and weirdly I ran into him when I was waiting to see my meditation teacher. He was living across the street from where he was teaching he's what are you doing here as at a meeting where meditation teacher? And yes it was- I told him- he said he taught me. but in Australia NOS nineteen. So we learn. Meditation from the same. The teacher was so weird, but I you know Our first talks we had was: how do you be both good and popular? what is it? You know like. There's that feeling
Ok, either I'm a sell out making track and lots of people watch it or I do then good that no one sees an idle and I dont really subscribed to that cause. I think there's quality things out there that people watch and I think that people do know the differences of cotton. You know look, there's still a lot of terrible things that a lot of people watch there's also a lot of good things that people watch so I wanna be. I want to make good things, you know, and I am I I want to contribute something valuable to the atmosphere, because I feel there is a lot of toxicity out there. There's a lot of noise and I feel if I could make something that was informed by my eulogy virtues by my spirituality by my centred this I feel like that. Translates ACT jumps out of the screen of people and people say. Oh, I felt authored by this. This felt differ. then something I didn't feel like. I was being screamed at, but in that way some of the
Look I've done. You know it is beautiful film cloud caught the seeker, that's a film that whispers! That's not a film metal, scream and grabbed by. the powers that is, that a firm you gotta clean into you gotta, seek it out. You know so You know I wish I had a billion dollars in a distribution arm and I could just you know, advertise on buses of everything I want and care about, but I'm you know that another thing is is while others plan during the babble online right now it s about two people who think there and that at the end of their story they think you're in a tragedy, but its revealed their actually interest. In the middle of story, and I think one of the things that our minds does is it makes us think we're always at the end, but really you're just a minute chapter is another story. So who knows I mean I I I I how may mother might be my great popular success. I mean it might be I,
I suspect I have some other things that will get scene and noticed and I'm just gonna keep making things that light me up. You know, because I think I have good taste, I mean that's the only thing I have to go on really. I didn't I mean just am not your manager, your adviser, but as somebody who just met you and already like you, I would say you that's the right strategy like what else. What other choice do you have? You were going to its position you were on this head show, which means that you don't have to like work every second of every data, yet survive, and so just the stuff you love and hope that and then don't worry about it in some level yeah, and I think I know it's fun, the film maker like Woody Allen or the Kohen brothers. I remember the Kohen brothers were so mystified that true grit was a sight crazy hit. It didn't understand why why I am not any of their other films, raising, errs on his pretty big it right yeah. But I thought
think did had as bigger. You know, like a hundred million I wanna get had that, maybe not ever. I think it was, I think tribute was their eyes grossing film and so It's great movie, you know, but I think that there you know I Woody Allen. He didn't know why midnight in Paris he thought his greatest comedy was Hollywood ending, like I think, maybe there's something about people who just keep making films or keep going that really was to me and like like? just as to origin. On the back of a data like the fruits of delay, that has nothing to do with the Iraqi make it. That was my point. Just keep making it. So I'm just gonna keep making stuff, and I feel like be surprised and then I'll be. Disappointed and then I'll be surprised again and None of it matters. What I'm really interested in having as a body of work that I can look back on and say, I stand by all these choices. I know I did these. I feel good about the reasons I did these and I feel good about the final product. What would you say to a young?
what city say actor, but it could be anybody whose young up and coming super ambitious wants to make his or her mark yeah. What would your vice me? honestly and in that things could have on this park asked. I always tell people get a meditation practice, because I think that you know the only advice I have to give his like be raised, by Caroline Radner in this town, go to these schools and then get this agent and then do these jobs like. I only have my own biography. You know two reference, and it was a very particular thing that brought me? You know where brought me but everyone the path is gonna, be so particular at. I think that getting quiet do you know for some time during the day, especially in the midst of this no we ve been talking about both internal ino individually and collectively is just a lot of noise. You'll be able here, the guidance you know what I'm thinking
meditation does is it. It strengthens your instinct. It strengthens your ability to kind of size, people up quickly. You know you can you can read it like? I said that not kind of vampiric energy coming from people and you go. You know what I'm going to back away from this decision feel safe and healthy to me, and there are other people that you think this feels good. I like I like what they're about I like what they're saying, so you got to make a lot of snow. Quick judgments in in this industry that a man you know about who you can collaborate with so I think gum go also breathing, I you know just the basics like we, we lose ourselves and I think if you're so focused on the next thing, you're, not really paying attention to an opportunity. There actually are coming your way, and so I think I think getting imitation practice and end em.
Wait to be creative. Every day, like I tell actors you can write and you're? Not writing. It's like a dereliction of duty like look at how many people are beating their own work right now, and what that's doing? For them, you know, I think, also. You know yourself better than other people. You know how to write for yourself better than other people. You know what talents are not being exploited and paid attention to so exploits. herself. I don't have that the right word, but you know me yeah, but before we go to gauge shells and more about the player in right now, yeah, it's called the babble online. It's at Lincoln Centre right down the missing you house discover blocks from here. It's a play by Richard Greensburg, whose a terrific Tony award winning writer he wrote, take me out. among another other beautiful place
it's about. I play a blocked poor writer in the sixties, living in the village who to make a couple extra bucks. It takes the train, the levity, long island, to teach these jewish housewives creative writing once a week and there's a married woman in the class who is complicated but wildly towel and my character, I'm also married. So we we have, it's kind of about animals, no fair- that I never gets never gets consummated, but it's also about writing in time and a nostalgia loss in perspective and it's a really beautiful Rick. Play it. Like a fool me all of a play, it's a lot. It's very play it's very dense and language heavy. So if that's your thing either I give you really like words and ideas expressed. beautifully and peoples
to find the right words for things in this undissolved stuff. That really excites me Terry Kenny, directed at whose an amazing but also one of the founders of Stepan, wealthier in Chicago and Dick asked is amazing and that's just. It was a great way to come back to New York and be in a play that felt you know it it's a play, I never could have written it. So singular the voice, but the themes of it are really resonate with men and- and I just thought this is something we would be great greater than myself. and how long will it run till June the twenty second, we ve been up for a little while running now we talked about some of the other. Is your work now I know, but I can people after Lisbon. Sir probably unwell, learn,
more about you and consume some of the shutter have done so yogi. What will work out? What I'll see you go? Why? Well, I wrote directed to films both which were permitted Sundance before being in theatres. The first one was caught happy. Thank you more please and then the second film is called liberal arts, which I was in with Lizzie Olsson and Richer Jenkins. Nelson Janni in South Africa John Mc Guire, Outskirt great great group and am Oh I a newsletter I'm doing like a monthly newsletter. If you go to my twitter page, you can just look at your handle, longer Josh, Ratan yeah, and so I'm doing like a monthly thing where I just recommend things that are, and I do. I say you know like I caught the Muse letter. Actually the followers named it not me, but I like the name seeker might be available uncloud cult website, but there can be a couple of screenings around the country coming up in the new year. There is great from afternoon delight that your salary directed to create a transparent, that's her first film. I mean that
and I just shot a film in Austin, that's that'll, be hopefully some best and am I'm always working on stuff, you're fastening, really prosaic, yeah, good talking you relax or the opportunity you're bringing meditation two people. This is so great. I always think like the ito, given the madness of, what's going on and off your so crazy and You know you almost feel like you're impulses I get louder but actually feel like minnow. We got a quieter like then we'll figure, What to do that? Then the solution lies. There are there's another edition of the ten percent happier podcast. If you like it, I mean it you up for a favor, please subscribe to it, review it and read it. I went to also thank the people who produce this podcast Josh GO hand. Lauren Efron. Sarah aims,
and the head of ABC News, New Digital Dan Silver and had me up a twitter Danby Harris next time. there's not a person in America who hasn't been impact it in some way the corona virus pandemic, but it every community there are pockets of people were soon
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