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#86: Gary Vaynerchuk, Media Industry Leader

VanyerMedia CEO Gary Vaynerchuk got his start as "the wine guy" when he launched one of the first wine e-commerce websites in the U.S. He began making a wine video blog as YouTube was coming up and went on to build an entire social media-focused empire. Vaynerchuk was skeptical of trying meditation, so Dan brought in mindfulness teacher Cory Muscara (Ep. #82) to help.
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Martin Luther King, Middle school, nineteen, eighty five, Edison, Jersey, Mister Mole nor science class. I said Mister mole, nor your underestimating the brain so I've been thinking about this for quite a while for maybe see the tent and happier paragraph Dan Gary V, his full name, is Gary beta Chuck is an unusual guest for us at a number of levels as you're about to hear he is high octane seventy three hundred miles a minute type dude, you got a start as the wine guy, he launched one of the first, a wine iii. Commerce websites in America he may all these Youtube videos of himself talking about wine and Andy just took off as us or social media star and is now oh empire and He says, he's a bit
This man, he invests in all sorts of stuff, is a social media. Consultancy all sorts stuff unusual, not only because he's he's quite a character but unusual because while he invests in at least one meditation company and believes in the power of meditation, he does not actually meditate. So we ve decided to do this thing we did want before with Josh Robin where the singer, where are we somebody on and we teach them how to meditate live. So that's what we do with Jerry. You can be the judge. As to how well worked Eureka Gavi. Thank you very much appreciate it. I've been here, do you prefer Gary Veer, Gary Vainer Chuck? I prefer end, thing as long as their thinking of, whilst always has so just for four people. The people have been living under a rock and don't know much about you. You started you kind of
burst into the consciousness through wine. Yes, you walk me through some of the back story here, someone tumult given subject matter. Lotta people don't know why I'm I'm an entrepreneur, an immigrant born in Bruce the former Soviet Union and dance point. I, building a very large, a calmer swine business. In the mid nineties, early two thousand The pioneer and e commerce email marketing, Google ad words that they launched- and I did this for family, liquor, business in Springfield, New Jersey, called Wine library, but you also just anyone point a little bit. You may not be comfortable saying this, but you also used your personnel. Body through web video talkin about wine in a way that nobody else was talking about it. You would you compare certain flavors of white skittles and with and we get a store anyone nightly enemy you. You really made a cultural impact through the way you were talking about wine. To your point. I built this business as an entrepreneur and then you tube came in
Youtube, looks a lot like e commerce and the internet looks a lot like email marketing looked a lot like Google search ads. It was this new place that I assumed intuitively, that it was going to be a place that people paid attention to. There you couldn't run as yet. So I was like Mugabe, I'm just Talk about wine. I've been learning about it, since I was fifteen, I'm thirty now this is ten years ago or so, I'm gonna review wine on video and a completely took off to your point? Creed. I mean when you I did that story. You know they were an immigrant family like this was a and we gathering sitting or illegal was the biggest thing that ever happened to my life than Conan and Alan, and they got crazy which, led me to knowing about Twitter. I invested in twitter, then. I really started becoming a voice for social media and it's probably were might bring and everybody was listening sway. From being the wine guided the business man, but the reason started with the story is I was the businessman the whole time. I wasn't a wine critic,
the wine retail store owner who realized if you didn't both people and actually gave them good wine reviews, it didn't matter, for you were critical times or store honour the proof of the pudding right. And so by the way, I'm sitting here right now with you in the chaos of my life, because I believe that mental meditation that whole genre is the an enormous trend and much more exciting for me, because I think it's gonna help alot of people. You know. It's fun when the trend, you believe and has a lot of good behind it. You know, I think, The trend of like, I believe that in a fur coats are gonna, be hot, that's fine and an almond entrepreneur, and I believe I am a good. But if you like, hey, I the trend is healthier food. If you can, we and it's something that's good for society. I don't I been more excited about any trend of human behaviour than my belief that every single person in the world will meditate not too distant future.
Some shape or form and the Consumer Association of it the capitalistic nature of it. Listen, I'm not mother Teresa, I am intrigued by this because I think this is the fitness industry health food industry a decade ago, That compounds it. I do see the good in capitalism as somebody was. The communist country. I think I gotta, bring more willingness to it because my intrigue of it, which then helps people. So this is interest premium. I'm glad I'm here thanks for having me with absolute pleasure. What will and I should say we ve met each other Firstly, many many times the, but have a million question and I'm trying to pick were too but what I wasn't planning to ask this, because you talked about the commercialization of there- are alot of people get nervous about here like you get any yet, ok should, but that's because the romantic
They should the same way that some of the people in the web two point all movement were worried that I was upset by southwest who's to south two thousand six. There like you're, a business man you're, not a hippie, They want to change the world through mobile phones- and I said yes but I'm one of the reasons: you're gonna change the world if you're a complete one hundred percent purist and romantic an ideological about things. Then you never going its scale. The reason all these great things hit scale is cause the human spirit of amplification comes from self interest. Some people of finding a new band and being in India Band and their self interest is there. The cool person defines the India Band other people, the fine and then be sign them and make lots of money because their interests to make money and blow up that band punchline. Is they both Finally, when win the Indy band, who discovers it
Let's say I was on that trend early then they sign, they say they sell out. They hate them right, but they go. Mainstream and all these amazing people get the here their amazing music. I am very sympathetic to somebody who's grown up in being a person. Meditates when it was seen when, when twenty years ago, people make fun of them or be silly, and I I really associate with their feelings. I've always been a pioneer in my things: New Zealand wines, french wine, spanish wines, coming big an EU us. I was right. Socially, I was there. I was right it changes, but they should I understand that if they truly love the impact, wouldn't you Much rather have eighty five percent of human Doing this, even though some of them think it's cool or it's like just do it or cycle, or would you rather have four percent of people doing it, and it's this little thing. I think if you actually care about it, you do want to scale, but I'm
but that is to the poorest of any genre ink, including meditation. I agree with you, I would just say, with a small asterisks asterisk, which I think you probably will agree with. It should scale in their way each of those again not, I probably know what they're doing the problem is: that's not how works like like. Yes, I with that. Show me when that's happened in never happens when it starts the scale. The right p. What the right intent are always the full percentage of everybody it just. It's never happened. It's not how humans work, I'm just a really pragmatic, practical dude, which is up it's all about Perhaps if a hype man comes along and screws up, meditation like is head space and calm and in scape or these the right to some people, yes to people that have been doing it longer. No, but they're gonna be lot better than what you seem for years. Wait till you see the characters that come across in four years. They're gonna be the big corporations in the world- and they can
ruin it and then what's gonna happen is they'll, be back to the ruining it and new micro people that do at the your way will find their way so ago. At the hype cycle player you need. A cycle to get it into everybody's mindset. I'd rather that happen there's a lot of people who are having anxiety stress all these things, that don't know this is happening, organised see it from somebody. That really knows how to reach people of Mcmanus Barnum, Bailey right. You know and they're gonna, be I'm aware of it than a download. An app they're gonna go to a studio benefit, and the A lot of people will not like that. That was the first person, because their meditation wasn't a strong. It was worth her down its intent was commercial, but it's the gateway for that person did then graduate
right. There's a lot of people are doing way better exercising today the gateway was a gold, jammer or or Richard Simmons, or you know least, you know Equinox what what do you want? A critique coming from the wine business and hang out with Patsy friends. Like you, always somebody who's, gonna, snob up more right right. You gotta upgrade your friends. Clearly but but very honestly, I saw this and wine business right that unity, a yell tail and Santa Margarita and a candle Jackson are made, by every summer, yea and hard core wine found that I know the problem is that the gateway to the next thing, so I'm not gonna, be ups, but if the reason somebody gets into meditation is somebody cookie them and got them although the I'm excited because maybe the stepping stone for them to really fine that mental paradise. That they're looking for thy think really needs to happen was a really interesting way of looking at it in both when an optimistic Maria. I hear you,
here you before we get more into yes, you and meditate. Yes, I have a little talk a little bit more about you, the personality as it may be. I knew you were in a bunch of books. How can you do to share some of the titles out a crush it? Thank you economy, jobs, jabber hook, I've written for business books, some of them are psychology, be some of them are very practical they ve all been around social media to one way or another. And what is what would you say as the core message? Because I would I would put it down and then you you're, probably right me to hustle. I do think work ethic, the most controllable of thanks. I do think that if you're, listening this right Now- and you are not one hundred percent happy- that you know the urine control now you're not in control to your hard wiring you may be, some either. I set optimist right just a few minutes ago. I look at everything optimistically. Having that's my advantage.
I think cynicism and pessimism is defence and it doesn't allow people to achieve their things. But I do think that if you try to achieve something the one thing I know that you have way more control over than your talent or how pretty you are or what Will you be born into or where you grew up is. If you decide to spend three more hours doing that thing. Verses watching how of cards or playing madman football or being on three softball teams, or going and playing darts, drinking. In a beer at five o clock every ff, in the spring and summer that funny things happen now. Do I think if you play basketball every day, eighteen hours day that you become Leubronn, I do not, but I do think you become a much better pick, a basketball player against your friends, and so I just think that hustle a k, hard work feels like the piece of advice that I can inspire into people, that action manifests
something other than dream it and it will come or try you like. I just don't think people are practical about things, what your dialogue I wake up at six, a m when I'm, York, which is sixty percent of the year. Forty percent of traveling, I wake up at six, a dot m. I work out from six to seven. I have a full time: health employee, which means I'm Tricia, NIST trainer who travels with me and lives shows up every day with me, and I should say because when I first met you, you were not as life as you are now now. You're like cut. And we ran into each other, like in a street or somewhere some conference into me to know you made a note. Now it's getting better and better and know how would we cite other wedding and as I can, I didn't recognize you for a minute. Yes, really all I am very happy. I would single out before we started this stuff is binary right. You can't be half pregnant, I mean, I know it's fancy. She fancied all. My friends make fun of me for having somebody. I pay a lot of money to travel with. Then I make fun of them for buying fancy cars and art, because I think it is a much better investment,
yeah, but how will you you, you ve taken a one percent or option or not? Most of us don't have to act, and I dont- and I don't take that ugly, and I don't try to be fancy. What I say is hack your reality. I got to place financially where I could afford it and then that became the way I figure it out that I can really get better at health, and so not ever. Can be able to afford going to Asia and India a meditate, but maybe it's maybe it's a studio, maybe it's something you ve free on the internet and you doing you're living room. You deal with in your reality, but yeah I mean I I So I wake up at six, sixty seven and then by no spend a little time with kids, get em schoolchild thing and then by ETA. I commend my first meaning, and usually I get home around ten eleven p M, while very long day, two very long day, and if you really understood that I don't waste one minute. My big thing is not how much I sleep,
try to sleep six seven hours. Can I think it's important it's that I am so programmed that I think I'm accomplishing a week's work. The work for many in an act all day, because I think when you window down lunchtime when you window down drinks, when you Wendell down watching Youtube videos that your high school friend sent you that people not working as much as they think that forty forty five fifty hour week and I think I've been able accomplish a lot of things professionally, because I'm getting a lot on what about children what about ledges hang with your wife, or will we can all in seven weeks vacation which is aggressive, took us after its binary right have to be completely out right, and you know, I'm very. Lastly, like I love what I do so much, it's almost you know almost feel weird guilt. I think a lottery
so I put a lot of content. Besides the narcissistic, I like the attention that just very real I'm not naive to that. On the flip side, getting a hundred emails a week that you changed, my life is fun its impact on people to come to your funeral, because you made a billion dollars. People come because the immense something to them- so I think my work is my chilling, like I'm far comfortable. When I'm chilling then went on growing. In eighteen hours day. It's my happy zone, I'm a workaholic, no question, but I will tell you it is my balance, its myself, you know it's my play, some very happy there. That's really interesting. I share a lotta that, although I will say it would be interesting if they have you sitting here, and maybe I just get some free advice you. I will say that in the last couple of months I feel like. I could feel myself burning out a little bit like have just one too many things on my plate and
partner, be unpleasant. My intuition, knowing you from afar, is that's awesome, because you gonna do something about it and it's not about being burnt out it's about recognised it early enough that you can adjust to that reality. I realized I needed to take seven weeks vacation six weeks vacation two years ago, when I was a two weeks because, unlike look I'm just not spending enough time, my family and I want to, and so I just adjusted I am checked out weekends, I'm coming home early on Fridays. Now, I'm like just hacking and pure my point. When people complain, they don't have enough money, I tell them they should work more or works barter. When my rich or successful friends, You know, because I grew up in the social media world a lot of them when public in the lot of crazy things happened when they complain that they don't spend enough time with their family and they have the resources. I tell him the reverse. Witches spend time with your family. You don't like. You made your bed
the one thing I won't do as complain. There is. No woe is me, I'm making choices, but The thing is: I'm not interested in conforming to the current politically correct point of view on issues like if you look at what politically wrecked and accepted an easy to say over dinner to look good. It changes all the time you know like. So I'm not also I'm not gonna pander to my friends who say Gary one more time with their kids I'll, say Rick. I know you, you come home and drink eat, but why there's you go into your man cave you play Madden, you watch sport centre and your physically but you're, not mentally there, so whose right, I think you know from he just being good, I have a two year old and about a lot of stuff, too, is really about. When you there, you gonna, be there yes and I, and that my late that's hard it very her and your news man, you know so like your Lincoln, was built to
ready to spring into action at any moment, which has got its own kind of like very similarity to being a ceo entrepreneur, which is everything is my fault everything's responsibility its Cooper, lonely and all my life is about as headaches to know what to say. We ve grit, we'd glamorized by the way, one of the reasons of passion about this and I'm gonna to it big statement here, my world of start up culture. Entrepreneurship is not talking about suicide enough. We have painted a very fake narrative that entrepreneurship is cool. All of a sudden, I'm taking self. He's every day, because entrepreneurs have been put on this pedestal over the last five years. Everybody thinks you're cool there. All of us on Instagram explained forests, ludicrous it became the cool thing and we're not talking about how lonely and hard it is. So kids were getting tricked into thinking that's easy, that's all about private planes and models and bottles and all this stuff. They started this And then it fails and now, identity of being a startup found work as they put it in
the grand profile has been shattered, and they don't I'll handle it. And so I want way more honest conversations around entrepreneurship, and that was one of the gateways that brought me meditation a little bit because I wanted people to have other things that could balance out what their dealing with cause. This stuff is intense. That's a really interesting point. I'm glad you raised it. You also got us to meditation. You wrote an article. I don't want your current stance on this, but you are in an article in which you said I think meditations. The next really did the next big waves can be a huge cultural force, but I dont meditate and I don't want to meditate, I'm sorry, double, even though you know when I first made me think I'm under cause, I'm a good, I'm a charismatic character salesman, so I thought I really want to talk about it. Cuz I like being historically correct, and I wanted to get it on paper that it was about two years after I've been thinking about this for quite a while, and so I put it out there I'm glad I did cause. You saw it in that got us conversation now here, but
how to put that in there cuz? I would have felt that I was a hypocrite and I would have innuendo. I didn't mean I could have left it out. But I had to put it in there because I did one innuendo that I did it and I, oh, that I dont do it for something I make fun of which is being run. And think about a point of view. I am so thankful for the serenity in peace that I have in my body. I've literally taken a comical point of view. This is true a comical point of view that. I shouldn't meditate, because what, if I am in such a good place, what? If my goose? I believe in it so much like wait a minute. Could I be the reverse. Could I actually uncover something that could be tricked me up I've venture fun. I mess that and copy call in scape, which has a studio here and an app I went. I did meditate for the first time for real it was, art. It is hard for me, I'm not Carter. You know I've all my for all, my for so many of my friends are our meditating and they told me do this. Do you know it
Finally, I wanted to be in shape when I first met you, but I wasn't all the way they are yet, and so I was half pregnant. Clearly three years, made a decision on my I'm sure somewhere along the line. That may or may not happen with this, but just because I dont right now or haven't for fifteen years or didn't grow up in a family with it. It is black. But obvious to me that this is going to be a mess consumer and and cultural trend and, though pumped you're doing this stand because you're just gonna be right Payments can open up opportunities for you and your family because- and I know your passion about it because I know rollin, so it's cool, like the whole thing, is amazing if like social media, two thousand five for me all over again, every he's gonna do it. I can't we just The t shirt that everybody wears in for summer. That's going to piss off the purest and he's going to have it there's going to be a fashion brand that owns this face. A lot of euro listening puke is, but it's gonna happen, and I hope you take it domestic point of view that its means that people are doing so. Ok,
in our remaining time here, youth, I want to say two things: one. Is he any minute. Asian Person- is to be honest with you should say: that actually there is the chance that you will face some ugly stuff. Meditation and an whom you know it could change you. So I mean I don't think that's what's going on. But it's not unprecedented, I get it. I just want to say that at the second thing I want to say, I have a rule and I'm not gonna break it now, which is I never ever tell somebody they should met because there's nothing more annoying than doing that. However, after the right one, you gonna, do here, you might know these moments of my life is about one. My favorite meditation teachers Portsmouth asking to join us in the studio anything to offer Gary a brief primmer here. What happens when we come back hey there, it's Mara gave a from good morning, America, like so many people. I've struggled to find that perfect balance between health and happiness. Name, a diet,
probably tried it crazy work out plan. I've done that too, but I learned was my approach that was actually weighing me down after losing ninety pounds. I discovered it's not join about reaching a healthy way. It's about finding peace and freedom. I have a podcast called motivated, focused on all things, help well Miss, join the conversation search motivated on apple podcast and subscribe today. Thank you for doing this man regime things closure of both of you guys. Thank you. Before you get started, either of you anything you want to say to a question for Corey Corey, you anything. You want to say based on what you deserve a guarantee I've been lessen the whole time and I love everything you saying, and you know dance thing is his Roy. Is he doesn't imposed meditation on anyone? I saw you His man and I also have the same rule, it's funny. What brings us all here together?
they are, I will say, is just I totally get where you're coming from just this idea. Like I'm thriving right now, everything is running. Well, am I a well oiled machine and before I finish your next sentence, which can be very interesting, my whole life Even when I wasn't I've such ass, you know Is my opportunity just give a huge out my parents, things are always like it. I told you that I wake up every morning and make pretend that my mother, wife or children died like if I told you what it felt like, You open me up and can put math against my chemicals and feelings. It would stun you I not only and thriving, I'm always thriving cause, I'm completely driven by gratitude, one. Percent, like my perspective, is so wired in guys like oral vainer media goes out of business. I say awesome because Now I can rise like a phoenix and everybody's go. Make fun of me
and say I knew he was bad like like I, so mentally prepared for everything, always because I'm I'm just I'm pathetic to the reality of the public with the empathy that runs. That's, why I'm a good salesmen by the way? It's the empathy, Rick. As I know, you know, and so yeah and it's so into like Unama mom. I'm action is made me making a statement in the form of a question. To be honest with you. It just is very good, waste. It's not as it's not this kind of like alpha guy saying things are good now like like for diversity, So my life, I was told it was a loser because of the DNS student, but in my brain I knew I wasn't. I knew what was going to happen I knew where I was. I knew where my emotional intelligence sap. I knew that peer pressure, no shot on me, because I knew I was for myself. So it's interesting right people know me now, but they didn't know me when I was making thirty four thousand dollars a year, and I was this guy and when things were tough for me,
still be there for every, but like I'm in this, I was cellphone We are at a very young age that something was going on inside of me. That was a very good thing in the long term and when I know when I say, oh when I said like you're, yet thriving it, because I follow you, and now it comes with that understanding of it in a very pure way with the and appreciation for where right and it's coming, what I love about, you guys, like your you embody so much of what people are looking to get out of meditation practice in the first place. So, actual conclusion in this conversation will be well. Why do I have to do that? Don't I have everything at not that you're here but I have a lot of what somebody would be looking for in the first place and
so for their who, I think we could shake hands a to do what you do out, but I'm too smart. I know that you ve got commas after that Zen electors thirst. There's these other things and I think look you always try to get better right. You know and look- and I you know so happy with the word I used. I took a comical I genuinely believe I know what I'm a caricature of myself. I know when I start veering at the stick mode like because it became so passion about the space commercially and like, and just again like, are framed up early on, This is great physically huge and millions tens of millions rights of millions of human beings are gonna, be in a much better place. Will I'm really excited to beyond this way bright? I feel like I'm manifested that You know what's so funny time is the thing that probably there's me the most right and then again yet I you know, I say that to friends and true them like three minutes: Fiveth,
I'm not naive, I'm shorter tons of benefits- and I almost can't wait to maybe united that would be that investment? I kind of weirdly subconsciously, invest them that company to maybe force myself to do it. Maybe it's made I said, yes, probably renounces. Maybe this is the moment I just only believe it's an inevitable how come, that's something's, gonna trigger and I'm gonna go into it alone. I mean I was in your smiling just because you do not hearing made will be clearer in years. Not just the two of you are hilarious. Samson overstepped bad, it's a you know when I worked executives, leaders, videos and self. It many of them already functioning at a very high level. They wouldn't be where they are in the first place, and so, as you already know, this stuff is in me anytime, why you exercise refinement right, you can, you can download p ninety acts and why hire someone is gonna. Give you that extra edge
and so I was talking to before we even started this a lot of what I ve been talking about. Lately is like the idea that happiness is in the margins right having is not- can be the big one hundred percent thing that I'm looking for and I get their illegal. My life is good. She should like two three four. An extra of I oh. I had a conversation with my kid and I was really there and simulation of that over time, so glad of reflection of a life. What live I would also argue that success is in the margins. Growth is in the march of the competitive edge is in the margins, and mindful, as meditation often gets reduced to relaxation gets reduced being settled tranquillity, and am I hate that and I are You'Ll- never hear me- really used the term item just relax right now. It's a bypass after many ways right put. Why would anxious people be doing this in the first place, so there is that element to it, but it is the cultivation of self awareness. Now, when you start entering during through that realm of like tuning into what's here wholly crap,
we're going well beyond just oh I'm doing this for peace like we're, we're bring off into the surface all of our different trigger points all of the things that may be holding us back in the biggest ways how to be with fear how to be with discomfort. So s, question short: could that be happening in real time at all times so one of the weirdest lay out now mean like really I knew this was gone. I knew this was going to fund because list I just have a really interesting question and, like I'm kind of you know, like to see this allowed, because I'm just last, however, we can respond to this. I'm literally living two lives at the same time always even went out because I'm talking we now like I'm the regional Maskew is what you would just describing. Like all that's what I do every minute, I'm living my life and in real time almost like a programme, that's running on the back of your computer, evaluating and feeling
myself in real time look I feel I am I don't even know if this exists this, where I do know homer this, why was enough student? Everybody was listening to the public and asked a question like ass, its culpable, I weirdly, think, intuitively- and I could be completely out of my mind, tat, I think I feel become meditating at all times I think many ways you or and if you want my definition of wisdom here, it's experienced times attention mean- whatever we're going through in life. How, where attending to it that informed, our understanding of how we grow from what about what about old soul and like like, like wise beyond your ears years or intuition? Rightly wanna things that always freaked me out as a twenty year old kid I'm building. You know about my family business for sheer. Well, my business. It goes from my family business. It goes from three to ten million dollar liquors, like stunned, but he, but to me I just I just knew what to do like what about those things.
Because I agree with you: experiences huge, like I'm way more powerful now, because I've been through it right, but. Sometimes your yoda sure but sometimes you're, like you, know, lukashka I should like on an Alec. Sometimes you just have a lot of it right from the Gatt totally. I agree fully dead funny I handed out laughing at you lately. I think it's true there are. I am not these people want to be clear, but there are people who are natural in certain areas and the I don't know how to exactly evaluate what you described this this this kind of ACT: And monitoring environments in parallel and if a vivid to me right- let's not just like in like it's, not like posts game like wait, a minute like it, I can feel it happening as its happening. Yeah sure that that is
very close to as I'm not in your mind, so I'm being a little cagey here, but it's very close to what happens in mindfulness, which is in meditation, which is just the ability to see what's happening in your head. But getting carried away by where without be valuable, lifelike Gary these would be like. Can. I dont know local bitterly when everything right it's. You know that moment. When maybe you say the thing that you and wish you didn't say you might be, the sea that storm brewing before it hits will talk about that yeah. I do a lot of public speaking and because I have this the reason I do all improv undue Q and a new Cuneo with only eight hundred people from office, I'm, never scared to say anything because when I say something that may not have worked cursing in the deep south or
or poor, telling every tv executive that they're gonna be out of business, because o t tease coming in commercial simply saying things that don't play. I react to that in real time and then hedge or just to make sure people get a little bit more comfortable. So we can continue because it wasn't a death blow. I think I think what I found is that with meditation ass likely, especially interpersonal relationships to save the thing that I would then have to hedge. I still do it all my wife were here. She wouldn't tell you this dude says stupid stuff. All the time but innocent just about what you say, it's about but you eat, or what you find yourself ruminating about whatever it is Please just a way to kind of in the margin. Cut down on our softened humanity me every day every day, yes how long to ours real yes. But I hesitate to tell you that, as I think five to ten minutes,
is enough, and the reason why I am due to ours is I'm really interested in it and but to be honest, I wanna write more it's about it and I need some stuff to write about small hours. Is you know like a good game to our? Yes? What time whenever I can wherever I normally would have now made? There is no normal, my schedule crazy agro morning shown the weekends I Ankara Nightline. During the week I have a startup company. I write em right and I got three more books. Gonna get a podcast. I got a kid, I do it. Whenever I can, Gary Restyle, hustling mindfully. That's really cool, select, literally three to five p. That. Could happen no end it should I make it out I'm right up. I can do so. I did an hour before I came here and there would you an hour afterwards it before I go to dinner. Now, don't you remember I saw I go in and out my commitment to myself as one in a day at very low barrier entry erhard dog yourself at one minute so saying I don't have a minute. We really got to evaluate something's gonna know that's real yet. So for me, why not apple? Because that's interesting I mean that's duchess,
you're, so passion about the space you like you, you want. Did you back into that? try to figure out if this is working for you, so that you could then be passion about saying it and thus could be very consumables. Everybody yeah yeah that excellence and I did the twenty hours a day. Meditation and my heart is very intense. Like I, I love that I'd much more do like six hours on a Monday and then not meditate, the rest of you know. You told me that you went six months. There is in Burma so like it so crazy extreme. I am I go for. Not doing it. He tells me that I'm, like you, know what I'm gonna do if you dont, like I'm gonna, do that I'm the sounds of you know it's funny my favorite places on earth or the bathroom the shower and they airplane. Why cause it's where I can do
version of this year are a major German presided, because, ultimately, we noted guess what is because Gary you are I'm management and I'd brick guarantee. We would get two times who have got about six minutes left. Can we do a three two to three men imitation? Why did I get here and that I have you got to say more than their hell yeah I don't want to give you the generic. Do what I tell you what everyone? Yes, I just want to privacy by saying: there's a form, meditation call open presence choices, awareness and, if you look at the science this is that the former invitation most associated with creativity. The idea of it is instead of redirecting your attention like back to the breath or back to the body, yeah she just sitting and observing your thoughts. Whatever is going through your mind so for someone like, that I see as thriving in everything that's already going well there like we're, not trying to mess with us. I think says away candidates to enhance, what's there without kind of interjected too much, we got a student. I believer in this just to like mix up, because I'm sure a lot of you
consumers can take one direction. I want to add a different spice. It's. Why fell in love with social media? I only like to observe forgot. The talks all the time people completely confused what I'm actually up to amend full time listening and what Social did was allowed me to listen at scale. You know early on. I would search every word on Twitter, Scott, surmise, Thou com and I would search out we'll talk about wine tones adjectives so like it's really interesting that you went there, because that seemed very intuitive to me. I'm like that's what I do like I, when I'm at the airport, I'm watching what every single person does it? That's what I'm in the sole one year meditation could be described as active, listening tone I think what we're gonna do here you may notice moments of my life is sorry that was make this happen
so I just want to close your eyes. You can do the same. I always like to start any beginning meditation just settling in for a moment and going through life is like going through one of those conveyor belts in the airport, so it's extra fast and so we're just taking a moment to settle into being off of that on stable ground may be feeling the feet on the floor. The button the chair, the back against your backrest and just acknowledging in this moment there is no place else. You need to be nothing else. You need to do and nothing you need to achieve, and what we're going to take this opportunity to do is really just tunein on a deeper level to what's already here.
So, typically, we might anchor our attention that the breath or feel the feet on the floor instead and what I'd like for us to do is just simply become aware of the mind and notice if it's thinking right now and whatever it may be thinking about such as, like I'm going to go away for a year. This is awesome, or this is weird.
No, I want you to do is just watch these thoughts. Moving through your mind is like clouds passing through the sky, letting the mind think about whatever it wants to, but not holding on to thoughts so tightly and not trying to bring them up watching this activity of the mind.
And we can do so with the understanding that we're here right now the body is, grounded, were settled and yet watch the mines potential for creativity, ideas, the future the pass when not trying to change any of this. I just observing the magic and the potential.
Maybe the last moment here this taking an opportunity to appreciate that the brain, the minds potential for thinking about the future, reflecting on the past, coming up with new ideas. Energizing us when you're ready gently, allow the eyes to open again. So I thought about Phil Toronto. His birthday party tonight couple things I have to do in the office it so thing, I'm right. You know I am saying this because I want to be honest with the audience it so you know it takes real.
You know, in a world where my mind is just now. I fall asleep immediately and sleep like a baby every night, so I you know it's funny. I never lay down and think about stopping can fall asleep, but the couple times at flirted with meditation this the other day at the studio. It's not easy from. It was interesting to me, like I'm, trying to lick, communicate here to make this interesting right. Sentencing how I heard you, but I am fully here you, which I think is interesting. That's a revelation right there also, because we each is that it is proof of the way the mind works. We think we're paying attention were not yet. I could see- and I thought about like this- I thought about a wine I sold weight, so many images we capping, themes that we're going on here, but about the wine stork as we brought it up. I thought about the thing I was doing tonight and like how thankful I was cause. Fill such a guy. I'm in town happy
I know it, but it's really interesting and like I would go in an outright like. I could hear you for a second, but there's plenty of things that like us, I know he's, got a nice voice, but will they actually site and logistic? It's it's! It's fast illicit one thing I will say it. I think it's a funding to wrap up with is we do not know a lot about the brain or not just. Or the mind and what they can I write is, but rather them there's a lot there and when you think about what we didn't know about the heart or about the law things or about our muscles, years and years ago things we figured out. People always forget that everything is historical like we think we're in this time. Like remember what like soap, we make fun of it how do they know cigarettes? We're gonna led the cancer. You mean like the same way. People can make fun of us for putting phone store brains like like, I don't get we heard here but like like that knowledge, the bats
RO around this subject matter is the thing that gives me unbelievable optimism for the human race. Won't, let me just say, queries in wrapping up there. I think you had the the first. Both he ate the studio escape, and here you had the first big inside of meditation, which is the mind, is crazy. That is really the first thing you have to see because you can't get a toehold. You can start to manage it in any way. If you don't see that insane torrent of of our internal lives, Martin Luther King Middle School, one thousand nine hundred and eighty five Edison New Jersey, Mr Molnar Science Class. I said Mr Molnar you're under estimating the brain I've been thinking about. This would allow gloves, decorate yeah I'll, do anything. For Mr Mulder, I want from Viktor Frankl, so this guy with mansard for meaning he says between stimulus and sponsors, a space in that space.
Our power to choose our response, and in our response lies our growth and our freedom. Thanks. So much of what you are helping people doing already doing for yourself is just starting to see that space that you have it It's never single moment start taking some control. You have the autonomy than his infinite possibility in each moment. In most cases, so our school- you throbbing men, doing great you so much man Gary. Thank you ok. That does it for another edition of the ten percent happier podcast. If you liked it, please take a minute to subscribe rate us all, If you want to suggest topics, you think we should cover or guests that we should bring in hit me up on twitter at Danby. Harris importantly, I want to thank the people who produce this podcast Lauren Efron, Josh cohesion and the rest of the folks here at ABC who helped make this thing possible. We have tons of other projects. You can check them out at ABC Todd, dot com, I'll talk to you next Wednesday, there's not a person in America who hasn't been impact it in some way by the corona,
I was pandemic, but it every community. There are pockets of people who were soon.
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