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#90: Rich Roll, Vegan Ultra-Endurance Athlete

Shortly before his 40th birthday, Rich Roll was walking up a flight of stairs when he suddenly felt like he was about to have a heart attack. That terrifying moment led the former entertainment attorney, who had already been through rehab for alcohol abuse, to overhaul his lifestyle and now he is a dedicated vegan who has completed some of the world's most grueling and extreme endurance races.
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Before we start. If this is your first time listening to the ten percent happier podcast a welcome and be If you like the show, do me a solid, take a second and subscribe rate, the podcast And if you really want a hug me up, tell some free it is about how they too can find us go on your social media's and spread the word now. Here's today show from ABC the ten percent happier podcast down her. My guess this week guy met a couple years ago shortly after my book came out, came to my office interview me. I had no idea of such a big deal, but now I do he was rich role and he is a man whom he had a very popular podcast he's. Also an author and ultra and its athlete. Oh my putting that correctly, that's fairly correct, fit. What's the absolute regulators it while the big
He'll part. I don't know about that that now it would be a deal parties, but ultra endurance athlete is, is Korea, that's correct and also you do all this while being plant based. In other words, your opinion, it will wonder. How can you exert yours? of the way in the ways in which you do well eating no meat which will get to but with the question always start with, which is: are you the data and, if so, how'd you get there and why I am Later. I've had interesting kind of relationship with meditation and evolving relationship of meditation. I think my first introduction to meditation was in rehab, where I live for a hundred days when our thirty one years old, It wasn't. You run off of alcohol I had an interesting descent into the depths alcoholism that took me to some pretty dark places throughout my twenties. I was lucky enough to hit that bottom and surrender to the
problem that I was having an sought out, help and went to rehab in Oregon, where the four hundred days- and that was my first introduction to me- he things a toolbox for how I love my life today, but one of them is meditation, which is part of the twelve steps and can't say that it really stuck? They live prayer or or or meditate right right. Exactly what? What did they teach you? They don't really teach you much of anything they distort of say this is part of it and a tiny gets brushed over. I think, in my opinion, now with what I know about meditation and how in packs what has been in my life. It certainly a component of sobriety in that construct, but I would say that it's under emphasised like, but that was the first. You know introduction and then, after that I started I'm going to the other classes and was introduced to it a bit more through that medium, but it never
became a regular practice. Are a priority for me until recent years and really came through doing my podcast. interviewing meditation teachers and practitioners, of mine, and it just became very clear to me that this was a blind spot, that I really needed to incorporate into my life and and since then it has incremental play grown into a priority and something that I take seriously now have found to be extremely beneficial. Can you give me that's what your practices keep it really simple. I don't get too dogmatic about it and I don't get too caught up in time, make. I really just try to focus on the breath and stay out of service, judgment that I think trips up a lot of people
how's it going for you yeah it's up and down. You know what I mean like I get. You know two seconds of peace and then eating out of the mind intervenes once again is it always does but rather than be myself your second, by the way, I know well that that's after years of doing this right and just continually. You know really sit release it release it, bring it back to the breath and hopefully incrementally get a little bit better and in I've noticed the benefits in many ways in my life and so nice. I believe it strongly- and I think part of my evolution was for for many years as an ultra endurance athlete like I spent a lot of time in solitude. Training like lots, hours on the bike really long runs and theirs certainly an active meditation component to that and I've gotten
benefit out of that, and for many years I sort of said well, that's my meditation. I think a lot of higher than that. All the I and my wife is a much more avid inexperienced meditated them. Myself would constantly say that's great rich but, like I think you, Really are missing the bigger picture here, there's something to a structured, formalised, meditation practice that qualitatively different from what Europe. Parenting when you're training and I'll tell her you haven't you, don't know what I'm doing like you know. You're understand, but when I ask we are committed to doing a formal, meditation practice. I realized the difference in so I'm always quick to point that out to the many athletes that I speak with yet can I get my low stick on this it's not for you it for anybody who is listening, because I've been mapping out, with some some colleagues mind from the ten percent happier app company all the reasons that people give for not meditating and one of them is blue
because my meditation running is my meditation gardening meditation petting. My dog is my meditation irony. Domestics are already doing this thing and my to that is maybe depends I you're doing it. Like. If you run the way I run, which is that you're rehearsing all the stuff you going to say to your boss or you're, listening to a podcast to listen to music. That is not meditate if you are running and your headphones are out and your feeling you're footfalls, you're, feeling wind on your face: yeah you're feeling them, of your body and then every time you get distracted, you start again whether your meditated I don't know many people actually run like that or garden like that or pet. Their dog like that, and if you do than great than blank is your meditation, but if you don't than a formal seated practice might be some yeah, I'm and conversely, if you're sitting in Lotus position and your your fingers are in the right place, have your mala beads in your hand, but you're hurt what you're gonna say your boss, that's probably not met
Keisha Knight, the manifestly not meditation. Absolutely. However, I think it really on that one. Just the only thing I'd say is that I don't want people to hear that and say well, I I sit at night and whatever is it? You don't use whatever position you want just for the record, you don't have to sit in a load of dishes, you can sit in the chair, but a lot of people sit and fee a completely distracted, they do find themselves. Rehearsing argue to their boss, replanting lunch or whatever is long as in them. The the only ingredient that needs to be added. There is the intention to focus on you, rather, whatever your object of meditation, is and then every time you get lost start again, so don't feel guilty listeners if you find yourself can just getting striking a million times, because that's the whole as you said when you eloquently described your own brak. I would agree with that. Thank you. Thank you so sit. So this is couple of years of a really sustain serious practice. On your, I would say about three years: two and a half years what kind of I want to hear about the impact in your life. Memes gonna pick one
narrow area first, which is on your athletics, has it had an impact on your performance yeah, absolutely absolutely Take the biggest impact that its had. Is The ability to anchor yourself. when the present moment, sir, when an end to become the observer of your thinking, mind, and I'm sure you talk about this all the time. But the thinking mine is very good at certain things, but it's probably oh skilled at talking you out of whatever it is you are attempting to do. You know the self defeating thoughts like I have a lot of securities and a lot of anxieties and and those inevitably crop up, and when you're well you're training or your racing, and I'm in these extended uniting increase a long races that I do it's it's impossible to know I'll? Have that moment where everything,
everything in your mind and your body is telling you to stop this? Give you all the reasons this is stupid. Why are you doing this? You ve got me at home with your kids. You could be eating a cheeseburger exactly well, not the cheese were friend too big to be able to distinguish that from your higher consciousness and understand that just the chatter of the idle mind and that you actually how the ability the the ability to discern the difference and make a decision and even if it's just that, like sure little moment to understand that, so that your reactive and you can actually contemplate an appropriate response and anchor yourself back into the present moment and move forward bingo how old you know. If you don't mind, I was terrific, you look good or can you run at eight hundred my knees, blown out from running on a treadmill? I can run pretty
are, I would say I haven't re since two thousand eleven, so my training kind of was very intense from around two thousand so the two thousand and eleven and then, since then it's been about podcasting and talking to me I like you in writing, books and travel and the like, but turning fifty I've now kind of refocused. I want to have a performance go for this year's I'm doing a big race in September, I've actually just gotten back into some pretty structured series, training and starting a ramp up, because I want to see what I can do at fifty. What does that mean a sea erase like we'll wait when you say it raises that like you're gonna run five k woody time while the race are all set the stage by providing some contacts, the the that specialised in in the past in is a race called alter man, which is a double iron man, distance travel on its a three day
three hundred and twenty mile circumnavigation of the big island of Hawaii- that's ridiculous, which is ridiculous. Yet it is, and I've done very well in that race- I'm not an ultra man, unlike whatever the opposite of only a man, a couch man, your ultra man in your own world. No pardon me not in no world am I in any way be. You know I'll, give you your property, so and that race is like the first day you you swim six point two miles and then write your bike. Ninety miles, the secondary you, your bike, two hundred and seventy one miles and the third day you celebrate this all ridicule so fair by running fifty two point: four miles: a double marathon, so that's pretty far or even dining like gotten a couple years, the race I'm doing in September. Is this really a bizarre to people die. Doing this I mean people don't die. It's amazing utes! It's it's actually really inspiring to watch people. Do this reason and there's a lot of older people that do it it's really cool
you can't yourself now is older, or do me even old, my guess is that there are people that are that are under the Meda. Do it I'm not make very fond of you by the way is ample forty, five, almost the same aim or the same facing the reason I'm doing in September is called Otello and its in Sweden, and it is a it's. The world championships of something called swim run, which is a big deal in Europe, nobody's ever heard of it, the United States, But- very long like a nine our race over the course of the day. You end up running about forty miles and swimming about seven miles, but there's fifty two transition, so you're in the kind of archipelago south of Stockholm. and you you're swimming across these waterways and climbing up these rocks and running across his little islands and then jumping back in the water in swimming, and and literally changing the whole time. You do the whole thing and, like this modified wetsuit with your running shoes on like you, leave your running shoes on while you're swimming and your tethered to eight, teammates you do it. As do I like in pairs,
you blindfolded or in any did you all for your haired young either? What anything else you can do to increase the degree of difficulty? Now, like I it's it's a new world for me, I'm still learning about it and scares me, which is why I'm excited to do it but I'll, let you know back in September, after Adieu first person on us by gas to use the word archipelago good I was out and always have you will so so other areas. How's, your life, I mean what you have, how many kids, you have three for kids for what are their ages, twenty two two thousand and thirteen at nine. So How has meditation impact at your family life I would say that similar to it's. It's a similar at similar to how its improved my athletics, really, I think it's it's about being Would it be present in whatever you're doing?
to be able to show up and actually be there, as opposed to you no sort of being distracted all the time so, for example, there can be, you can be how Mama dad, but if you're sort of on your phone the whole time that your wits, kids. Are you reading the newspaper or you're, anxious or shut up in your mind about other things that are bugging you, then, how present? Are you really so for me, allowed me to afflict that's, which really be where I'm at, in whatever capacity that is as parents as partner to my wife, etc. Also, to be able to not get caught up in another drama. That inevitably occurs. When you know siblings or not. getting along or stuff your kids are doing. It are not happy with your not being reactive to that and you're able to sort of contemplate the appropriate parenting response,
Four kids is ambitious and I've got one and he's like you see the movie with Jurassic world. They make a dinosaur in the lab with we at him in a lab because it was an ivy if they already turns out to be a complete jerk the dinosaur and then destroys everything. That's a little bit like what's happened. Well, it's been a true. It's been fun expenditure, I have met the two older ones. Are my wife's boys from a previous marriage so on their stepped out, but they ve lived with me, since they were three and four years Odin and their fathers since passed away and the two little girls that my wife and I had together to durable. So can you come a little bit you ve told me this offline but- and I know use give speeches about this, but us a little bit about your story of how you became this endurance athlete because you're as you reference it a little earlier, but you weren't living the healthiest lifestyle for much of your early years right. Sir
so I had to struggle with drugs and alcohol. Throughout my twenties I got sober thirty one, and you know I was somebody that as yet, person had a lot of promise. Like I graduate top my class in high school, I got in every college. I apply to you, I want to Stanford. I was a row. right swimmer. I completed on to insinuate division, one championship teams can I have the world by the tail at one point and I squandered a lot of those opportunities. As a result of tonight, you know issues with substance and so, when I got sober, I became very intense upon repairing all the records that I created as a result of my drinking in using- and I served through all of my addictive tendencies and obsessive compulsive behaviour patterns into my work into my profession. To try. I too, in to myself that I could repair this and also to the war. Into society- and so I kind of chased this american dream and as a corporate lawyer on the partner
beyond outside our successful, not regard so by the time I was thirty. Nine. You know successful attorney partnership track nice ports car in the driveway united met, my wife building, a family lived in a really nice home, and so the work of his new drugs is applied to his coming before we get to that what we would ease. It was under girding that the problems drugs and alcohol, and then the kind of diversionary addiction tactic that you took your thirty's of throwing all of that into your professional ambition, what what was going on in your mind it that made all that happened. It's kind of the sixty four thousand dollar, Christian, you know. Why are you an alcoholic? And you know I try not to spend too much time trying to parse that, because I don't know what benefit that avails me, you know. Is it genetic? Is it something that has
to me. When I was a kid you know, I don't know the answer to that. I do know that I was one of those kids who is in secure and kind of a loner had difficulty making friends always felt like I was separate from, and I felt I had. I just I felt like everybody had the rule book for life and I didn't give it one. I feel that's a because is because, if you to meet you now, fifty like we very cool yeah? I was article kit, nosegay airy, nerdy kid in I was. I was very much you know difference I would say, and I think drugs and alcohol help me. You know they help they help give me social skills. Initial starts out his fine works in the beginning. It brought me I shell. Suddenly, I could go to parties. I could talk to girls like a crack jokes and it was like all good for a period of time and that's why you do more and to do more, but you know it turned dark for me. It started to erode my ambitions and it really broke my instincts in
you made me do things that I would not. Ordinarily do and really you know at the end it was it was bad. I was, I was a around the clock, drinker really aka tonic in the shower sneak enduring throughout the day. While you know it was bad and and half an hour when I was in rehab one of them, Sir said after, like when I went to rehab. I finally told people what I was actually doing is. This is like my big see but even though everybody knew I was now cock, I knew I was now call for a long time for a sober. They said yes in a rich, like you have a pretty arrest case of alcohol, it like we usually see this in sixty five year old. Lifelong drinkers like this is serious thing like because when I showed up in rehab I thought I was gonna. Do a spin dry and a couple weeks and just get back to my job and there are like here. We think you should stick around and that's why I ended up staying for such a long period of time like I got it,
good, for you, forgetting it yeah, and you know it, it hasn't been easy and it hasn't been a linear progression of growth year, but it did save my life and an end to this day. Right he's my number one priority and a very active in the recovery community, but the kind of get back to that to get back to the story. So you I still have I'm still in extreme? I've always been an extreme personality. I wasn't my swimming career, I was academically and that's just how I'm wired for better or worse still, throwing myself into that kind of work. A hall has worked to the extent that it progressed my career, but I never took a beat to sort of can twitter. What we I actually wanted to do. I was so obsessed with just being view in the eyes of society as somebody who was successful and responsible, so I kind of chase this. You know legal partnership thing without really taking a minute to decide whether Thou
actually something I really want it so by the tunnels. Thirty, nine and meanwhile you stop taking care of myself as a clay, so I became kind of a junk food act I put on fifty pounds and on the inside I was, I was gonna depressed, the couch potato. You know, sir sliding into middle age on a crash course with with chronic lifestyle, illness and so shortly before I turned forty I had this moment where this kind of existential crisis that I was harboring crashed into a health care where I was walking up a flight of stairs to go to sleep late one night and I had to pause. I was winded and out of breath and have tightness in my chest and I swam eyebrow and really felt like I was on the Precipice
having a heart attack. It was a very frightening moment and it was very similar to the day that I decided. I was finally gonna, get sober like a very crystallized moment in time, or I realize, like I'm having that experience again and I have an opportunity to really changed my life, and so I was able to like. I had the cognizance to understand that this is a special moment and I really grab onto it, and that was the beginning of trying. To course, cracked, how I was living so did you quit the law firm? What happened not overnight. You know I started playing around with diet and nutrition to try to find a way of eating that would allow my body to heal itself and feel better, and that was not an overnight process either. I was trying everything I did juice cleanse. I tried a bunch of different,
it's an really stumbled into eating plant based as a last resort, after trying everything else in and not finding success, and when I went completely one percent plant based like no animal products, no processed foods in a very short period of time, like a week to ten days, I felt unbelievably better. I thought I had more energy than I had since I was like a teenager and I realized I had kind of backed into something that perhaps could be quite found and started to educate myself about diet, nutrition and with that came a desire to serve take care of myself physically again, and I had an impulse in a desire to get fit once again to exercise which I haven't felt and many years, and that was a gradual process
I'm just going outside and jogging a little that I didn't have aspirations to return to competitive have legs. In my forties, I really want to lose that got around my mid section and be able to enjoy my kids at their energy level, but with each kind of successive week that went by was enjoying it more or in the pounds, gonna melted away, and I was experiencing you know like this. This job, I haven't felt since I was like a kid. You know when I loved swimming- and I just wanted more and more of that, and I made a decision that I was going to follow that impulse like it was. I was starting to unpack like the you know what it was about me that just made me happy in a very simple primal way, and I decided to listen to that instead of repressed that and just do kind of what
Society expected me to do meanwhile practising law, I'm doing all that kind of stuff. But ultimately I ended up quitting the big law firm. I started a little practice with a couple friends and start to have a little bit more agency over my time and in a very short period of time I like I had. I was starting to morph into this different person like a completely different person, who is more comfortable in my own skin, living more kind of authentic, too, who I was, and it was so profound that it could have led me to this question of human possibility and potential, because in a period of like maybe six months I went from like this. Fifty pound overweight can't cash potato guy into somebody who is really excited about being outdoors and going out on a trail at dawn and feeling slam and in my body again and I wanted to x, it start
What it did was. It may be realised that I had all these blind spots about what I'm actually capable of, and I wanted to explore the otter perimeters of that and when I found out about this world of ultra endurance sports, it just fascinated me and it seemed like a perfect template to kind of explore. For myself. So having you mean, there's a way in which your story, amazing, as it is, could be whittled down to a bit of a cliche of GMO. Follow your dream and I asked some people listening to us are like well I don't have the luxury to do with this dude did I can't you know, quit my job and then start run all over the world. Who would you say to people who have listened your say, art will that's for some other people. None me yeah great question and I actually Rina went through a kind of a fight actual dismantling as we underwent this transformation actually as a family. Really so it wasn't easy
I would say to anybody who who has that reaction, that it's not about quitting your job and, following you know it's not about like making these radical overnight changes. I think that we all have untapped reservoirs of potential, and I think we have blind spots when it comes to things that make us happy, and I would encourage anybody who listened. To kind of conjure up or try to reminiscent, remember things that gave them joy, ass, a child and, to the extent that those are things that one does not do any more fur, never reason that there's always away too to express those in your life and it doesn't have to mean quitting your job like if you like, playing the banjo when you were twelve or you like writing jokes, then, maybe there's a way to go and do and open MIKE night or
to take a guitar lesson or do that thing find a way in your free time to explore that part of you that is under expressed, but ultimately in a fundamental component of of who you are. And what brings you happiness? So how serious did you get about the F Ex. How far did you go with it in in the ultra under jail? I got pretty serious about it. Yeah I got pretty serious about it. I hired a coach. I got it. I learned about this race. Ultra man and I became obsessed- and I was like I've got to find a way to do this race, like a switch, was flick and this illogical impulse kind of took hold of me, and I just knew I had to find a way to toe the line at that race for never reason and made no logical sense whatsoever wage your safer and she was always really support if she's like go for it, that's fantastic and she knew that I was struggling and suffering.
and she saw that this was a way for me to it was like a jerk the home it's like. A really was. It really was a spiritual adventure for me of trying to reconnect with with myself and approach, found way, so she always had my back and I could have never done any of the things that have done without her support but yeah. got really intense. I mean it at its most intense. I was training upwards of twenty five hours weeks out almost became like a job and was juggling practicing had the time and so I can remember being out on a long trained long. Training rise in my phone would ring and I pull over the side of the road and I would negotiate some deal with clients and other lawyers not be like. If it see, were at what I'm actually doing right now. They they wouldn't believe it. So it was a bit of a tightrope act for a little while until I kind of cool out of the closet, with what I was actually doing, but yeah took it very seriously because
wanted to be able to do it and say I gave it everything I got to see what I was actually capable of doing and So what is your professional? portfolio consist of now. Now I see practising law in two thousand twelve, when my first book came out finding troll- and I just cut the cord completely I've been weaning myself off of that for some time but it was always like this lifeline. You know the phone would rang and I could do a deal or represent some client and and- and I knew that if I didn't completely cut that court- that I would always go back to it and I wanted to be able to judge completely jump into the abyss. So today my life consists of doing my podcast and travelling for public speaking writing books. I've got a few products on my site, I've got some online courses and the like, and just basically being an advocate at large.
For healthy living. Your job is to be rich role. They think it's a good two hundred and eighty nobody else am I right. Nobody could take it away from. So. Let's talk about Venus him. Are you prefer plant based diet at another, one that people here and think I I can't get there? I don't take it personally now, because I and I've talked about this and on the shovel, for like? I would like to do it on many levels. I mean, what's holding you back mostly just to say mostly because an animal cruelty not to me is, is the biggest motivator I dont know would have some sort of, we are very close, begin on, if not full on vague and lengthy meditation retreats, and I didn't notice any sort of major physical change. I eat reasonably healthy as it is, but told me back, I wouldn't it would have. I really would have to get my wife on board and I think she
feels very strongly to about animal cruelty, and we just haven't been able to do it we have, I think, the real issues we have made it a priority. Frankly we ve talked about it. We both agree on ethical grounds at the cases really strong. We just haven't made it a priority to you cook at home, I do not as much as I should I make at home. Smooth these, including movies from your cookbook, and also as movie that you just they. When you're my office told me, I should have his spinach kale banana bloom and I add avocado and its. delicious, even though it sounded discussing to me at the time also make just you know: peanut butter her almond milk greet you while you wouldn't like the greek government and bananas from kid he loves it so, and I you I cook, yeah Doolittle
the cooking and right I'd. So so, what's holding back sounds like it's: it's prioritization yet laziness and inertia right right right. It's interesting, although, like my wife, who I couldn't do it well, I don't think I could just thirty, I understand and are ye. I understand I mean I think it's it's a leap of faith for people. Once you kind of make. That commitment, though, and step over the line living in York City, is so easy to do so easy easy. It wouldn't be easy, I think you'd be surprised, Every dinner I have with friends would be discussed I'm sure when you got eat with friends is the well you're in allaying you move in wellness circles. It really fine! Well yeah, like now, I'm like everybody knows it's here. I says not a big deal at first him. She was a massive pain and though you know, why can be there's a lot of mental projection about that, though, that ends up being not as challenging as you might imagine. You not travelled all over the world. I've in restaurants, all the time, I've never had an issue making it work. Where there's a
others- awareness in others there, certain social graces that you ve learned to how to navigate it the last thing I want to be in a restaurant is the guy who's liking. You making a stank in drawing attention to himself and sometimes I'll, just excuse myself from the dinner table and go find the waiter and say hey. Can you just like make me the biggest salad you've ever seen or just you know, do you know road a bunch of vegetables on some rice and and and that you go back to the table and you don T realize, like people, you think every judging you and looking at you, people are self obsessed than there there thinking about themselves saloon out, I mean a friend is: is it? Is it so someone attention bitter? I think that such a great point, a former boy, mine who had endured a few sort of tough public trials, aware you know he added. There were asked Those will be too strong a word, but he had he had to endure some stuff where
written about him that he didn't like, and he said going through. That is like being seasick to you like the world- is ending everybody else- it's, like mildly amusing True were all the stars of our movie went on. You know we were only likes her mildly interested in other people's them. Your right, I guess you're, there's a mental. Jackson going on my end on the social aspect of Venus, but here's the thing when you, break it down and you really look at it. It's it's kind of an amazing lifestyle, because, right now or in the midst of this insane healthcare crisis, you know like seventy percent of Americans, are overweight or obese. One out of every three people are going to die of heart disease checking that by twenty thirty fifty percent of Americans early diabetic or pre diabetic. Seventy Five percent of all health care costs are attributable to these chronic lifestyle, illnesses and the truth.
If you go plant based, you can basically opt out of becoming one of those statistics in its an amazing way to not succumb, these diseases that are killing millions and millions of people. Meanwhile, animal agriculture is worse is is basically worse is is like the number one cause but when it comes to almost every single manmade, environmental, ill on the planet, more greenhouse gas emissions than all transportation combined. You know it's, it's wreaking havoc on our planets others, the environmental concern, there's the ethical considerations that are important to you and there's a health considerations, and I don't know of any other lifestyle that can like check all of those boxes. It's really profound, it's it's. It's really proof it's beautiful, Wait: a live more sustainably on this planet. and from a kind of meditation perspective, its you know, there's there's less
sort of karmic tall young and an end, and it just feels good to live that way. It's not about being on a pulpit and and judging anyone else for their lifestyle decisions? It's a personal choice I can tell you that I got into it for personal health reasons. I just didn't want to be fat. I wanna be lazy, and now the environmental concerns and the ethical concerns have taken the forefront and in r r r of primary interest. I remember when we had you can my office to interview me for your podcast many years ago, and- and I saw him, take credit for you launching a pike us. Yes, you should actually was really, but I bet you came with these fancy little might send out while the subjects like fun and now look at this. Yes, I'm around, where an idea dreaming unbelievable, is that I work for Disney, so we have a few resources but womb When we turn to myself, I asked you a bunch of questions about the innocent Gaza. This is just something that I have it really being in the back, my for a long time when one
the question I asked wasn't, how do you mean if you or are you getting enough protein to be able to perform at a level you need? And I just could you repeat what you said to me: yeah they're, so so many misconceptions about protein and a lot of it is driven by marketing forces because when you go to the girl restore it looks like every packaged food product in bold capital. I will tell you how much protein is in the product and its own, impossible from a consumer perspective to not kind of intuitively take away from that that, while we us need tons of protein like if I don't drink a protein shake within moments of waking up in the morning. How am I gonna possibly breed air in and out of my lungs The matter is that we actually don't need that much protein about ten percent calories. When you're talking about protein, you really talking about amino acids, the building blocks of protein. I wished the word proteins and even exist, and we were talking about amino acids.
And what we really need are the nine essential amino acids, which are the ones that are bodies cannot size on our own. We need to get them from foods that turns out there in copious amounts in all kinds of plant foods. If you randomly graze on plants all day long you'll be hard pressed to not meet your daily recommended. Allow of protein and in doing this for ten years on one fifty like a static and still gotta kill it with the best of them. I've never had any problems, building we muscle mass or recovering in between work out. So I think whole thing is a big red herring and. It's just not something that we need to really be concerned about or focused on. The truth is that no doctors are treating patients for a protein deficiency, although we all think we're not getting enough protein. What we really should be talking about is fiber. Most people are not getting enough fiber in their diet, and I just think
that we need to really take a look at this obsession that we have with protein and understand that it is misplaced. There are plenty amazing accomplish plant based on What's out, there are more and more every day, and you know it. easy for me to say, skinny long, distance, runner guy, but their Emma fighters and boxers and body builders and power, lift hers and athletes. Where speed and agility and force and strength, are of paramount importance and they're all tell you the same thing that recovery is better day there are less per. get injured and as an athlete recovery is like the holy GRAIL, faster you can recover and between work out the hard way can train and when you protract that out of her a course of a season or a number of years. You sleep, tremendous performance gains We have these giant, large herbivore animals. You know like the right now and
the you know, the gorilla these are. These are Irma Force and are able to build tremendous strength, eating just plants, and I think there is something to be learned from that people want to learn more about you? How can they do so? should we go, what shall we read? It set her, etc. We want to know more about ritual. My website, which rolled out com, is the best place. My past is the ritual podcast confronted on Itunes or wherever you listen to this pipe cast, and I'm just at rich roll on twitter and scream and pretty easy to find in the books. it's called finding Ultra, it's it's my memoir and then the cook book is called the plant power Way plant harrowing rightness. It's and our kitchen, such a pleasure to have you on man For having me, I really appreciate it is really fun how we gonna get you vague, and what do we need to do now? I think every conversation likeliest outside match your record on recently aha also got at my head about this. So it's it's
it's in there Ferko AIDS, its percolating in a very powerful way. So if this has been very useful, cool arrange their shit. Ok, that does it for tradition of the ten percent happier podcast. If you liked it, please take a minute to subscribe rate us all If you want to suggest topics, you think we should cover our guests that we should bring in hit me up on twitter at Danby. Harris importantly, I want to thank the people who produce this podcast Lauren Efron Josh, and and the rest of the folks here at ABC who helped make this thing possible. We have tons other progress, you can check them out at ABC single dot com. I'll talk to you next Wednesday, There's not a person in Amerika who hasn't been impact it in some way by the corona I was pandemic, but it every community there are pockets of people who were soon
every day. This is my Monday last day of the cylinder stretch, photos from one about these or America's essential workers, the people who are keeping moving. I turn into a home school mom and now in a new programmes from ABC News you gonna hear from damage. Was she went back to my office on cybercrime because he is not here and making sure that our community hostility smiled faintly Lorraine? This is the essential inside the from the emergency room, the police cruiser to the czech outline. You hear what this pandemic sounds like the people putting themselves norms, which is always a risk brain is home to re. Kids are my husband or my appearance, listened to the essentials inside the curve on Apple podcast, River podcast, him.