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Flipping the Stress Switch | Bonus Meditation with Jeff Warren


Release the grip of stress by playing with perspective, zooming in and waaay out, and feeling into the wild weather patterns of life.


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About Jeff Warren:

Jeff is an incredibly gifted meditation teacher. He's trained in multiple traditions, including with renowned teacher Shinzen Young. Jeff is the co-author of NY Times Bestseller "Meditation for Fidgety Skeptics," and the founder of the Consciousness Explorers Club, a meditation adventure group in Toronto.

He has a knack for surfacing the exact meditation that will help everyone he meets. "I have a meditation for that" is regularly heard from Jeff, so we've dubbed him the "Meditation MacGyver."

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Abc. This is the percent happier Podcast Dan harris- hey, hey it's Friday, so it all time- and today we are driving in meditation from the inimitable Jeff Warren, a great guy and a great meditation each with a timely meditation about stress that said here we go over to Jeff. I I'm Jeff. So when I was a little kid when I get stressed out about something my mom would sit me down and go about honey. Think about all the people problems in other parts of the world. It made me feel
less alone and that my problems were more manageable. So there's meditation is dedicated to the wisdom of my mom. It's about getting perspective around stress first by changing how we experience stress in our bodies and then by seeing if we can connect it to a larger perspective. So let's go the eye. as can be open or closed. We start by taking a few deep breaths. So. You're stretching up on the IN hill and then on the exhale. That's kind of downward motion. The relaxing, the softening. So a nice long, o breath
do this. Just imagine you can breathe out any tension in the belly softens the shoulders. Relax! Ok, good! So this first part of the practice is about exploring how we experience, dress in our own
body mines, so notice, where you're experiencing stress right. Now, how do you know your stress? What are the tell tale signs in your body? How is stress coming up for you right now to a little survey. So now we're gonna. Do this move for Gonna try to do this one eighty turn here,
and try to rephrase the way we experience this. We call all this stress, but really that's just a word. It's an idea before any idea of stress there's just patients. The question is: can you begin to experience what was once stress has just different sensations happening in flowing.
Sensations connected to other sensations saw them slowly changing you're like a weather patterns, seeing if we can experience
ourselves as this swirling pattern of sensations. Obviously, our problems are real, but we also have the capacity put them in perspective to see them as part of this larger
I know relaxing here just show em out here on our cosmic stoop, nice long exhale just being in your body when you're ready can open your eyes if there were closed and notice how you feel now verses. when you began needs to hang out with you. This is your local weather system, Jeff disappearing back into the cosmic flow Jeffrey. Thank you very much. We hope you enjoy, meditation if you're thinking you know I I couldn't go in there for another five or ten minutes. I encourage you to check out the ten percent happier. App worry, Find this very same meditation, indifferent once the cost of your subscription directly.
ports are many amazing teachers and allows them to to keep their lives to teaching the life changing skill of mindfulness. As an added incentive and got a special discount for anyone, nudity app to claim your discount visit, ten percent dot com, slash bonus that's ten percent. One word all spelled out dotcom, slash bonus if you're in existing subscriber. Thank you That does it for today will see or hear on Monday, with a fresh episode
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