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Guided Meditation: 'A Reflection On the Important Things' by The Minimalists

With the holidays (and shopping season) upon us, we asked our friends The Minimalists (Ep. #32) for a short meditation to help us focus on what's truly important.
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Hey people I'm coming to you from the streets of Manhattan right now, which is not the most. meditative meal you but the day get away from me, and I wanted to pose this meditation today and I didn't have time to get into the studio anyway luxury getting to the point. This is A meditation for my friends, Josh and Ryan, otherwise known as the minimalist there's a truck passing right now, role with it. It's all part of meditation, Josh Ryan aren't are the minimalist. They have a great podcast and also a great documentary upon Netflix, and they talk a lot about not getting so sucked into consumerism, which does have a link to my phone, where we can focus on the import things and we had them. Do this guided medicine Just in time for black Friday, so here it is out of this.
Actual fields Milburn and I'm Ryan, academia, and together we are the minimalist minimalism- is a thing that gets us pass the things, so we can make room for life's most important things which actually aren't things at all, minimalism is a great way to clear the external clutter from our lives. So we can focus on what going on inside ourselves, Like how minimalism helps us address our physical clutter, meditation allows us to deal with our internal clutter, And with a less cluttered, mind were able to focus on life's most important things. And while we're releasing this meditation just in time for one of the most chaotic days of the year, black Friday is appropriate for any time of year. Let's get started. The first thing we want to do. close our eyes and relax. Maybe your seated.
Maybe you're lying on your back. However, your position start to bring your attention to your breath. As you breathe noticed the space around you, how does the air feel I do in Hell. Every day we are bombarded with endless inputs, advertisements male social media. of these interruptions are vying for our attention, but just.
As we let them in. We can. Let them go, and we can re focus our attention on more important questions, Why, given so much meaning to all this stuff. What is truly important in my life. Why have I been so discontented? Who is the person I want to become. How will I define my own success.
When you are ready, you can go ahead and open your eyes. We have time for one final reflection before we finish this meditation. The simple question worth considering how my your life be better with less. When we answer this question letting go, get a whole lot easier. Good luck out! There will see a next time, big thanks, Josh Ryan, for that meditation, and if you wanna hear more from them, we did a pot guess with them several months back. you can find it in the bud Gaspe ever greater, giving everybody.