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Guided Meditation: Thoughts Are Not Solid (Bonus!)

Life is always changing, and so are our thoughts.  In this free guided meditation, Anushka helps us become aware of our ever-changing thoughts, and helps us watch the turbulence of our inner mind.  Check out this latest meditation here on the podcast, and the find the rest of them in Anushka’s new course “Stop Ruining Your Own Day” in the 10% Happier app.
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Everyone's while we poster guided meditation here in the pot cast Stream- and this time we ve got one from a Nootka Fernanda police she's, a phenomenal teach. out of the Bay area, scattered a really interesting background, she has an mba an end. So, in addition to her deep training in meditation, she's also knows a lot about business and does not work in the business world and she's got a new course up on the ten percent happier app called Stop ruining your own day. and without thought, we'd introduce you to her with this garden meditation. So here it is this is an issue which I welcome. Practicing together for us to develop the ability to be aware of thought to understand how are you to them to understand their nature, get noticed the way in which thought themselves are not permit They change there
through? certainly a lack of stability with them or solidity and it's something that most of us were not trained to do as Kids school, There can be a lot of freedom from noticing this. So, let's investigate this through our meditation now. so, you can sit in a comfortable away. in a way that helps you to feel both alert and awake, but also can feel relaxed and stable. Gently close your eyes how it began. I can first just pray,
attention to your body feel yourself sitting here. Try to relax the muscles are under jar. And her eyes. Hey relax the shoulders.
In to breathe normally and connect with the direct. Experience of breathing. Wherever it easier to feel that feeling. Belly expense And contracting or your chest. Or the air at her nostrils Ivan
the whole body, breathing.
How can I suggest you some different things You can notice how, as I say them, different thoughts arise. I noticed how these thoughts show up and then disappear. So. I want you to think about Choose your wearing, I would choose you. Wearing last and bring up the image in your mind,. I noticed how that image might have shown up Fades away because. This is true of all thought that
Can come and go in that way. Under our control, we can't make them stay forever extra. Think of Something that brings up some words, so you could of what your addresses. And you might have thought of that, as Image of the address, Written nor, Could be that you heard the word said of what the addresses.
Either we notice how that experience through the mind, showed up and now it's gone.
So again, here we can see the characteristic of change of flux.
There's no thought, no matter how good, no matter, how bad first is very long. Its upper first noticed this. So you can. just allow yourself to bring your attention to your breath. Feel like you can note in and out.
breathing in and out.
Then we'll get the attention there, but also notice, when different thoughts occur to you.
Sometimes can imagine your mind as screen on which these thoughts are being projected. and even if they seem continue sometimes can notice how the different ones show up. go away and then another one comes. It may seem to come quite fast the two doesn't last forever.
It doesnt last very long ago.
We can help us sometimes to notice the space between thoughts. But they are just these phenomenon that show up, and then
pass on.
Allowing your eyes open. Feeling the body sitting. Breathing. Notice what it's like to be present in this way. As you go through your day, See if you notice change as it comes up in our different ways in your day today,. Big thanks to initiative for that guided meditation and again, if you want more from her check her out on the ten percent, happier app hurt. This is called stop ruining your own day, a Nootka
And a bully and the EP is available In the apple Appstore or if you don't have an apple device on ten percent, a happier to come- and we are- I promise working on an Android version to come. She soon,