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Loneliness & Belonging | Bonus Meditation with Oren Jay Sofer

In times of loneliness, there are practices that can help. Oren offers words and wisdom to help you rekindle a sense of belonging. Find more meditations and courses from Oren on the Ten Percent Happier app: https://10percenthappier.app.link/qO7LcUJxJ5 A little about Oren Jay Sofer: Oren Jay Sofer teaches mindfulness, meditation and Nonviolent Communication. He has practiced meditation since 1997, beginning his studies in Bodh Gaya, India and is a long-time student of Joseph Goldstein, Michele McDonald, and Ajahn Sucitto, and is a graduate of the IMS/Spirit Rock Teacher Training program. He holds a degree in Comparative Religion from Columbia University and is the author of Say What You Mean: A Mindful Approach to Nonviolent Communication. Additional Resources: Ten Percent Happier Live: https://tenpercent.com/live Coronavirus Sanity Guide: https://www.tenpercent.com/coronavirussanityguide Free App access for Health Care Workers: https://tenpercent.com/care
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For maybe see the ten percent happier vodka Hello, sentient beings, we're trapped in a bonus meditation into the feed this week. This once from the enormously popular meditation. Feature or enjoy schoeffer, and it's about a topic that I think is resident for so many of us and one we ve been talking. About on the pike ass this week, which is loneliness as we discussed, you don't have to be alone to be lonely. Actually, some people who are alone are not lonely, but this is this was a pre existing pandemic loneliness before the king. Pandemic- and it is now getting much worse as a consequence of all this social distancing, so. Or in came up with this meditation specifically for people in,
this time and we have a whole bunch of specially designed meditations All of which are available for free on our website, ten percent outcome you go there and you'll see very clear door, since to what were calling our corona virus sanity guide. So there's plenty of bespoke, meditations and talks in there just for you in this, sir, in this crazy time- and you can share it with me-. Anybody you think you could use it. As I said, oranges, very popular teacher he's done some great course. turn on the ten percent happier app.
One on relationships and the other on had a skilfully navigate our emotions, and I actually here from friends all the time who say that they they just get an enormous amount out of his work, so you'll get a little taste of him right now. Here we go orange over hey. This is organ in Meditation will explore how to cultivate a sense of connection and belonging inside. So it's here for us as a resource. I've used this meditation myself years. If I'm feeling low facing. The challenges are just needing some support. Let's get started. If you haven't already go ahead, Your eyes closed, take a few moments to shift gears In turn, your attention, in words, in whatever way, feels natural to you. I use.
You like to roll my neck, her shoulders and take a deep breath or two. Right now you have, some time I am too just settle in an unwind. feel the weight of your body, its mass and heaviness, see if you can sense the areas where your body touches the ground. And let your attention began to gather there.
Any thoughts, knowed or emotions can just be in the background for now. Once her mind has some degree of presence, we can use that to turn our attention to a reflection. We ve each known some kind of friendship or connection at various points in our life. I invite you to think of someone who cares about you.
Could be anyone someone who was there for you in a difficult time, a friend who listened a relative? You trust, let tat person come to mind. There, you can even say their name silently there, Imagine they were here with you. doing right in front of you.
you can try to visualize them in your minds. I just have a sense of what it's like to be with them. Imagine that person sitting right in front of you. See their eyes their face Smiling at you.
can you feel their care and warmth take a few moments to just appreciate this person. Let yourself be nourished by how it feels to imagine being with them.
When you are ready, I invite you to think of some one else. Who's been kind Anyone in your life with whom you feel connected, let tat person come to mind and picture them sitting in front of you a little to your right. Imagine looking into their eyes see their feet
is smiling at you. Just loving you accepting you. Can you feel their care. In your imagination,.
Go ahead and look at each of these people in front of you: can you feel their care for you if you like, You can continue to think of others who love and care for you, then imagine them one. At a time sitting on your left. right behind you.
Surround yourself with a circle of care and support.
Internalize the sense of being connected to those who have been kind to you, even just one or two people. Wherever we go any place any time you carry the ones we love with us and our heart.
Go ahead and let the image dissolve in your minds, I take a few moments to failure, breathing and notice how you feel. You can use this guided practice whenever you need not once you ve, listened to it. times, you can do it on your own. Any time.
anywhere, if you're feeling lonely. You might even want to reach out and deepen your relationships with friends or family. Whenever you're ready Let your eyes open, if you like, you can look around the room a little thanks for taking some time to practice with me. Take. Care, there's not a person in America who hasn't been impact it in some way by the corona. I was pandemic, but it every community there are pockets of people who were soon
every day. This is my last day of the cylinder stretch to drive off about photos from one of our Visa or America's essential workers, the people who are keeping moving. I turn into a home school mom and now in a new programmes. From eighty see news you gonna hear from damage. I she went back to my office and so unkind because he is not here, and I can assure you that our community has found faintly worrying. This is essentially inside the from the emergency room. The police cruiser to the Czech outline Yuki one. This pandemic sounds like the people putting themselves no one's way, there's always a risk. Brain is home to re. Kids are my husband or maybe errands, listen to the essentials inside the curve on Apple podcast, river, pod, costume.