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On July 27, we're launching the Summer Sanity Challenge: a free 21 day meditation challenge. The goal here is to help you build resilience so that you are less buffeted by circumstances you can’t control -- and are therefore calmer, happier, and better prepared to show up the way you want to for your family and your communities.

To join the challenge, you can visit tenpercent.com/challenge.

About Oren Jay Sofer:

Oren Jay Sofer teaches mindfulness, meditation and Nonviolent Communication. He has practiced meditation since 1997, beginning his studies in Bodh Gaya, India and is a long-time student of Joseph Goldstein, Michele McDonald, and Ajahn Sucitto, and is a graduate of the IMS/Spirit Rock Teacher Training program. He holds a degree in Comparative Religion from Columbia University and is the author of Say What You Mean: A Mindful Approach to Nonviolent Communication.


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For maybe see this is the ten percent happier podcast. I'm Game Harris everybody Friday, bonus time on Wednesday, as you may call! We dropped a big episode with Coach PETE Carol from the Seattle. Seahawks and Michael drew a performance, ouch, and it was all about upping your game when life circumstances are sub optimal and I think we all know that circumstances are deeply sub optimal right now. It's all we wanted. Drop guided meditation that is in line with this theme, so this one more and J so for whose a teacher on the ten percent happier meditation app, and it's all about. Performance anxiety and how to work with it. He would go hey there. This is orange, I think,
We all know what it's like to be super nervous before a big event, our stomachs and knots breathings short, it's awful. When I look back on those, moments in my life I'd known about mindfulness. We all have times in our life where we need to be on a presentation at work, Job Interview, giving a speech at a conference Fear and anxiety dont need to stop. You in fact, can help Be on top of your game if you know how to use it, so let's take a closer look. First, I invite you to look around the room or space wherever you are worrying visually visual e tier surroundings. Try it out.
Let your eyes look all around above below to either side. Notice anything that catches your eye and looks interesting. Connecting with their environment like this is one simple way to begin to calm and soothed our nervous system, because it takes us out of our thoughts and brings us into the moment now. Fear and anxiety air generally about the future. When we connect to the present, they can start to ease. Then, whenever you're ready going
In close, your eyes are just let your gaze be still. Feel your body sitting noticed the weight, the heaviness of your body and any places where it touches. The chair cushion are ground, as you feel the steady firm contact, their begin, Take some slow, deep, breaths re, then through your nose and then breathed out three or more
Ass long and slow feel free to do this once or twice more and, as you do notice, any effect on your mind or body. You can let your breathing returned to normal and continue to feel the weight heaviness of your body. Its natural to feel a lot of energy in your body before
During a big event, your breathing might change your heart rate, might increase he might even feel strong, unpleasant patience in your body in your got are your Chaster throat. These are all completely natural There are a few ways of handling these feelings. We ve already. Exploring one fine. From solid ground in your body and beginning to calm the energy with your breath or by attending to simple sensations like your hands. If you like,
a few more moments to just be, with these sensations of sitting, feeling your hands and your breathing in notice. If it has any effect. Another method is to change your perception or understanding of what's happening instead of thinking of these sensations, as fear
or as a problem what, if they were a form of healthy stress, instead of trying to take you down what, if they were your bodies, natural way of rising, to meet a challenge, preparing you to be complete Leon, totally alert what happens as you hear, this does anything shift. What would it be like if This were a kind of anticipation gathering all of your energy for a big effort. You know of this event is really that important. You need total access to all of your energy. Well, what? If that's all that were happening
lots of energy available. Take a few moments to explore this idea and see if it shifts anything for you. The last method is to get some perspective by using our imagination to play with time. Whatever this event is, however,
according to seems right now, imagine yourself six months from now. Where will this day be it'll? Be a memory try to picture yourself even further. In the future a year five years out and now I invite you to look back at things from that vantage point.
So see if you can get some perspective by taking the long view. Whatever your hung upon now, it's all good to unfold in its own way. According to so, many conditions that are outside of your control and what would it be like to relax a bit into the flow of life.
You might want to touch on two feeling the ground again as you contemplate this failure body sitting its weight notice. Your breath. The others or alignment of your back as you contemplate letting go and
taxing into the flow of life. Whenever you're ready. Go ahead and let your eyes open. If you like,. Take one more deep breath: good luck! I've got faith in you.
Big thanks to Orne before we go, I just want to remind you that were launching these summer sanity channel on July, twenty, seventh, that's meditation challenge that is free and you can go. Do ten percent dot com, slash challenge Sign up: here's how works for twenty one days, we Serve you up a short, peace, a video that certain gives you some useful content around the various challenges that come up. People meditation and then that is followed by a short, guided meditation with carefully curated de flow. Of ideas here, the flow of techniques are introducing to you and go. The challenge really is to help you boot up a meditation practice or if you ve, got a meditative practice. He thought of the wagon. The goal is to help you serve get back on the tracks, and if you're in abiding meditate her the goal is really to help. You kind of reinvigorate the whole thing, and you can do this just by yourself or
do it for the family and track everybody's progress. It really can be great. It starts on the twenty seventh. It is free, as I said, and you can sign up at ten percent dotcom slush challenge. The link is in the show notes, that's enough for me, I'll be back here on Monday, with a fresh upsurge, store July, thirty, first exclusively on Disney plus The journey of a young prince in search of himself through betrayal love, self identity with black is king, the new visual out from the outset, with music from the lion king. The gift is a celebratory memoir at Rio, Agents the lessons of the lion king for today lack is king stream the library purse only on Disney plus
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