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Reflecting on Your Life | Bonus Meditation with Sebene Selassie


Growing up, Sebene felt like a big weirdo. Born in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and raised in white neighborhoods in Washington, D.C., she was a tomboy Black girl who loved Monty Python and UB40. She never believed she belonged.

Thirty years ago, she began studying Buddhism as an undergraduate at McGill University where she majored in Comparative Religious Studies. Now, Sebene is a teacher, author, and speaker who teaches that meditation can help us remember our inherent sense of belonging, that our individual freedom affects absolutely everyone and everything, and that our collective freedom depends on each and every one of us. Sebene is a three-time cancer survivor of Stage III and IV cancer.

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For maybe see this is the ten percent happier podcast, I'm Dyin Harris, hey guys, we're doing something. A little different for the Friday bonus meditation this week, this one's from seventy Selassie author of the forthcoming book. You belong and instead of just doing the traditional mindfulness move of turning into the breath in the body and there's a little bit of that in here, she's also encouraging us to work on some other tradable skills, such as perspective and gratitude with that said, over overdue seventy high. This has happened as the three time cancer survivor. I've come to appreciate both the blessing and challenges of my life, how it's all contributed
To the happiness and well being, I have in this moment in this meditation you'll be reflecting on your life as a way to cultivate appreciation for the Geller roads have travelled to get here. Let's begin. Find a comfortable seated pasture I can be a winner, closed said, a bright, but me sure you're back is not tied. A rigid. Take a few moments to settle into your body. Connecting to the breath is To anchor and gather your attention. Now, let's spend some time reviewing your life, starting with childhood,
mind a happy memory from when you were a kid. We all have them, even if, for some of us there harder to remember. Try and connect to where, when and how it occurred, see if you can. Look all the sensory recollections of this happy memory. That's just one moment in an entire childhood of sensory memories, all the childhood experience they got. You hear now, let's move onto adolescence
Can you remember the energy of that time? Perhaps there were insecurity, or maybe hope about the future. Neither or both. Bring to mind a memory of a challenge from adolescence nothing, traumatic that something you now see with some more perspective. Can you remember how this challenge made? You feel.
All these moments from adolescence have gotten you too, where you are today. Perhaps you can even appreciate them. Now: let's move on to current adult life, everyone has a mix sure of happiness and unhappiness and daily life, zero, Regular challenge talent that you're having a hard time accepting right now. Keep this particular challenge in mind and take a few moments to settle into it. Where none of the body to notice what, going on for you internally breathing in breathing out.
You don't need to choose, reject any particular experience just now that it's all part of the flow of life you ve been witnessing since childhood. As we end, this meditation, try extending gratitude for this pretty miraculous life, he fled it moment has got near to where you are today see if you can brings appreciation to it. All. Great job, you can open your eyes now and began to move your hands and feet. Let yourself reconnect here
Surroundings, as we end this meditation thanks for your practice, see you next time a real hope. You enjoy that meditation if you're king. You know I really couldn't get that going for another five or ten minutes. I encourage you to check out the ten percent happier app where you will find this same meditation, indifferent, Lentz, to suit your practice. The price you pay for your subscription supports are wonderful teachers and allows them to dedicate their time to teaching. Skills of my fulness, which can be life changing as an added incentive, we ve got a special discount for anybody who knew to be able to claim that discount. You can visit ten percent dot com slush bonus. That is ten percent One word all spelled out: dotcom, slash bonus and, if you're an existing subscriber, we think If your support.
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