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The Delusion of Perfection | Bonus Meditation with Leslie Booker


The struggle to keep up in the era of social media is universal. Bring compassion to your inner critic & release the delusion of perfection.

About Leslie Booker:

Booker brings her heart and wisdom to the intersection of Dharma, Embodied Wisdom, and Social Justice. Much of her work has been supporting incarcerated and vulnerable youth populations.

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From ABC it's, the ten percent happier Podcast Andean Harris guys it's Friday timeframe, bonus meditation, over the last couple of weeks. We spent a lot of time on the show. As you know, talking about anxiety in one of the many sources of anxiety that we face is what today's meditation Your calls, the delusion of perfection. I, like that term, very easy to get caught up in the fiction that everybody else has everything figured out. So today we gotta meditation specifically designed to help you untangle that delusion Leslie
Girl who goes by the name simply Booker with a guest on the show earlier this week. Booker is an esteemed meditation teacher and one of lead teachers and Artemis. Eighty challenge, which is running right now on the ten percent happier APP Booker, has spent many years bringing meditation and Buddhism to juvenile detention centres, residential treatment centres and Records Island and today she's here for you, you were go now with Booker, hey there, dear ones this is Booker we're living in a culture that is so heavily influenced by yelp reviews and light. from social media that we, May find ourselves constantly striving to that level of perfection, though we will. if everyone else is achieving we made we're alone in the struggle to keep up, but this is the universal. We all feel we're not going to make the cat. in one way or the other ended his meditation, we'll practised. Hey me
the inner credit by remembering that were all just human and each with her and securities and imperfections we'll be exploring compassion practice today, you might find it useful to take some of Pressure off with the body they train lying down pasture, you can lie in your back with your niece banned and the bottom savings, resting on the ground, is helpful to keep the feet wide but at the knees can drop towards each other, or you can stretch makes out long. If you prefer. The arms can be outstretched here to your sides, overhead or rest On your belly or chest begin to find your anchor. The place in your body Reagan feel a sense.
Of ease. The anchor can be found by feeling the stillness density, The validity of your body resting. On the ground. The inner can also be found by feeling the expansion and contraction of the breath breathing itself in an breathing itself. Out, keep going at your own pace, Feeling the weight of the body or the rhythm of the press,
quieting the nervous system. Now began to turn to wars was happening right now, not the experience that you think he should have, but what is present right now. How much of your present moment is enriched
HANS to external pressures from the meditate in past. Her you're holding to the thoughts said. I rang through your mind how much is influenced by the outside world. We need peel back that aside a perfect and what you might find that most books are struggling and live with the same. that you are as you contemplate this You can allow someone or a series of folks to come to mind, they could be someone you left dearly or the stranger walking by you on the street. To cite yourself get a sense of them be visualizing. Their face
Or feeling their presence. The person in the magazine cover the stranger on the subway, even a dear friend. What would it be like to move to the world, knowing that, just like me, there are also working with fear and anxiety, Stress in their lives just. Like me, this person feels a desire to measure rob and sometimes feel
overwhelmed by their own shortcomings,. They know what it's like to feel stunt frustrated. Unlimited and weather to deal in. Just like me. They want to be happy and they deserve compassion and kindness to take
time to let yourself rest with the sense of connection bringing a hand to your heart or belly connecting backed herself touching backed here incur whenever you need to. Has he began to recognise the suffering of another? There might be a feeling of carrying that arises.
This can feel like an opening report. If you had been closed off, take a few moments. See if you notice a sense of carrying our warm. Just like me, this person struggles with being human and long the large and accepted and to feel safe. If you forget what you're doing or feel disconnected from this
practice. You can come back to your anger, no in the stillness of the body, the movement other breath and began again when you are ready. This practice of remembering the humanity of yourself and others is so How for when you get caught up The illusion of perfection
powerful reminder that being human means being a little messy when you catch herself comparing softer others. You can repeat this. bull phrase. Just like me mind you yourself, the urine. Alone. When you are ready, you can deepen the breath. Perhaps bringing a small smile to face and bring the EU are only human, like everyone else,. Begin to slowly open your eyes at their closed and take a moment each Out your environment Orient in yourself back to your space. Hope this practice of remembering that you're, not alone in your anxiety, will be of benefit to you
as we move through your day, be well dear ones? Thank you, Walker. We hope you enjoy that meditation. If you're thinking you know, I could have kept going for another five or ten minutes. While I encourage you to check out the ten percent happier app where you will find this very same meditation, indifferent lent, to suit your practice. Your subscription cost directly supports our many many wonderful teachers and really allows them to dedicate their time to teaching these incredible. Unlike changing skills. What are you back here on Monday for a brand new episode with Christian Neff, where to talk about how self compassion ain't, always
oft pay is Elsie Grandison in here on light out loud. We keep having these amazing raw conversations about identity and happy day or Trans defines you and other people's eyes enormous extra hard when you're running for public office. Every time I saw my name in print, it was any spark a gay act. It is ready to City Council by gay with my last name this week. Our does represent thirty years of algae Bt Q, progress in politics from the first openly gay black person elected to office to tomorrow's rising stars, but the plight is an over. Yet there will be a transkei will never have to know what the progress of this moment feels like, because they will never know anything. It's all about the journey people like allow from ABC Audio is available. Now, wherever you like to get your podcast.
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