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What To Do When You Get Angry? | Bonus Meditation with Jessica Morey


Go from "seeing red" to seeing the value in anger without being carried away by it and doing or saying things you'll regret later.

About Jessica Morey:

Jess Morey is the executive director and lead teacher of Inward Bound Mindfulness Education which runs in-depth mindfulness programming for youth, and the parents and professionals who support them across the US, and internationally.

She began practicing meditation at age 14 on teen retreats offered by the Insight Meditation Society (IMS), and has maintained a consistent commitment to meditation since. Diving head first into meditation at such a key developmental stage makes the revelatory perspective of mindfulness & compassion her natural home turf, and gives her an easy, conversational teaching style anyone can relate to.

To hear Jess’s meditation in the Ten Percent Happier app, click here: https://10percenthappier.app.link/TransformingAngerPod

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For maybe see this is the ten percent happier podcast, I'm Game Harris, hey guys it's Friday and were here with a bonus, guided meditation and this meditation plays out the conversation I had with bounty booter a key to on Wednesdays episode on that show. You heard Bundy Buddha Ricky to talking about nearly being assassinated, so this Mediterranean. Is all about working with anger in the meditation you're learn how to go from seeing read to see the value in anger without being carried away by it or saying or doing things you will later regret our teacher do ya
is just Morey who's, the executive director and lead teacher. For I be me, that's inward bound mindfulness education, which runs in depth, meditation programming for young people and the parents and professionals who support them across the. U S and internationally. Jes is also one of the teachers on the ten percent happier app so overdrafts with today's meditation. Hi, this is just anger, is often my go to emotion and all its various forms. Annoyance, frustration, irritation indignation I use even get angry at my anger resisting at trying to push it away, but I've come to see anger, can be a life affirming emotion and let us know. Boundary has been crossed when our needs not being met, or in some we care about, is in danger. Mindful of anger, means not suppressing or avoiding it, and also
Acting out and harmful is, let's give it a try. Take a few deeper breaths and allow your attention to settle into your body and wait some softening into your forehead. Relax the muscles behind your eyes, soften your jaw, allow you're sure here's to drop down way from your ears and allow your breath to settle into its natural rhythm remember, you can always come back to the simple sensation. Of breathing. If this exploration of anger gets overwhelming, you aren't feeling angry right now bring to me
in a recent situation when he felt frustrated first, step of mindfulness of anger is to recognise and respect it. Anger is happening. It's part of the human experience Jonathan Ames yourself, what you're feeling noting anger, frustration, irritation. Next, stop feeling the anger with your thoughts and shift your attention into your body.
You may need to be really firm about cutting off the story of how you are wrong or why your anger is justified and direct. Your attention towards the sensations in your body. Notice, where you feel anger and your body dinners contraction or heat in your chest, how does your stomach fail to notice any tightness or heaviness. What do you notice in your job. Take out your hands and arms. How do they feel. Scan your body and explore how big
periods of anger is showing up right now and noticed how the sensations of anger change as you pay attention to them. Do they increase or decrease notice of the anger, feel solid.
Or is it shifting and changing as you pay attention to anger with openness and curiosity, reflect on how you could skilfully respond to this situation or person without suppressing or acting out what would be the most helpful response and as we closest meditation, see, if you can commit to take whatever skilful action is needed when you're ready. You can open your eyes and reorient the space around you. Good luck and things fear practice. Big Baxter, just more
if you're thinking you know, I really could have kept that going for another five or ten minutes. I encourage you to check out the ten percent happier app where you will find this same meditation, indifferent different to suit your practice to price you pay for your subscription supports, are wonderful teachers and allows them to dedicate their time to teaching these skills of my fulness, which can be life changing as an added incentive. We ve got a special discount for anybody who is new to the app to claim that discount. You can visit ten percent dot com slush bonus, that is ten percent. One word all spelled out, dotcom, slash bonus and, if you're an existing subscriber. We thank you Support right now. At this defining moment in America from ABC nurse turning point of groundbreaking Montbleau Nightline All right, let me see
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