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Carolla Classics: Dax Shepard, Greg Fitzsimmons, & Obama 2013 SOTU

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Highlights from the history of The Adam Carolla Show: 1. It Takes Courage to Raise Your Kids (2031) 2. Greg Fitzsimmons and the Pencil (2014) 3. Dax Shepard Football Sunday (2011) 4. Rotten Tomatoes (2015) Hosted by Chris Laxamana and Giovanni Giorgio Request clips: Classics@adamcarolla.com TWITTER: https://twitter.com/chrislaxamana https://twitter.com/giovannigiorgio INSTAGRAM: http://instagram.com/chrislaxamana1 https://twitter.com/giovannigiorgio Website: https://www.podcastone.com/carolla-classics Apple Podcasts: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/carolla-classics/id1454001697?mt=2 Support the show: Visit TommyJohn.com/Classics for 25% off your first order! and visit Geico.com/giveback
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some clips want a minor to learn more about Geike as fifteen percent credit on car and motorcycle policies, just gotTA, Geico dot com flesh give back our last summer. I got my fifteen percent better check it out so easy. It's gonna go easy on great, we convey CS. Thank somebody came at using the Houston shows, went off If you haven't already checked out jap dozens of yesterday, please do so and caliber on strong weakness. We very strong, but let's take it back to twenty third when Adam had one of his most famous ran slash complaints and it was about Morocco bomb asleep The union is the toy thirteen stay of unions. It wasn't request from bones. Thirty, two on Twitter: let's check it out, girlish, ten, thirteen, this episode featured such a great many hearts. Awesome rose Brian Bishop, debut
twenty thirteen we had to produce baggy thing worthy manager or the publicist of the dude call you fuckin whore. Of Gore guys years ago, words are shut, scumbag Haiti, he wants a picture like you, gotta get a picture taken together outside of no boudoirs them here, yeah they they call. They have their they have their publicist or and or their manager call like guys. Keyser, well, but this is how guys? Ok, let me explain something. Gay guys fuck on the first day. Why to do there in charge? how long shall we wait before we got a cock and each other's ass? Just the time that took was wasted time that could have been asked cock time that we ve squandered. We'll never get back so
the glory hole, is invented an aim because why even leave the fuckin bar suckers each other off in the bathroom So that's when guys are in charge. So now celebrity guys the celebrity guys are guys and there. So much. We mean they're they're, guys to the Congo. Fine, adieu to do with under straight guys, but they sit around and like look at television. I'd love to find the I would bet here be I'll. Give you a perfect example. I would bet you that chick from the rise in commercial rides. The motorcycle Aren T Mobiles team one tight Helena Zoo yeah that hot Jerry love her more than the oasis girl. Let's go oh yeah yeah. I didn't want to move on ideas about how wonderful I bet she gets. Fifteen calls a day from Hollywood, douche bag agents and
publicist saying so, and so would love to take you out to lunch and if she says no, she said no, but they just have these people do they have to intervene in that area and they just sit around like I said like it's. What all guys would do if they could do it now, if you work at a corrugated, cheap metal plant. You can't sit around and watch tv and see some hot you're gonna and go hey, my policies, the collar consistency. We got a noble that doesn't happen, but if your dad with vague and you're not lives or window efforts made by the lack of recognition? If you, if you, if you David Spade, it's really easy to do, that's all you do so. Who did that? To you say: no: if I've fearing you tell me vanillin name, summits is correct. I think the guys that have let us call it: they just want the picture of them coming out the girl, no boo, Scottie O Remilly percentage of gay men, these game and not the date just want them.
I just want publicity that I know what you're saying about the picture in a noble India that does, but this is- and I think they can't say lock on my. Lying needs is cock, rob so they say, he's big Fan, your commercial, where you don't talk and right that motorcycles huge and of non talking getting likes, you guys it s gaze any really felt some jump off the screen there and it wants to go to nobody yacht taking taken. The picture could be the gay publicity thing, but I would also like people contact friends, I'm Mina friends of friends and different will. Take me. Hey sunset wants to work with you on a project. How should I get you in touch him like here's, my managers email here at such a turn off of your check. If I would base it, I would do it case. By case in point is: is it wouldn't be how I was contacted it was who contacted me and if
so when I was really enter, and sellers really cute or something I'd go fuck it. I don't care chicks, you factor. That is and that yeah yeah Fisher. Time ever had that was more like catfish and am also like I innocence. I just I just just tell me you, don't you say here and work: do you do any of you guys he's ever Vienna. That's right up there just be straightforward right: that I think I can be here now. It's like when you're on your period any get, albeit Jane, you do something not any freak out and later on that NATO is in my hormones are re period next time. I do this just say I know you're on your period and don't pay any of you see how good that goes over next month. That's what I'm saying lot of talk A person I had that do that to me was Margaret Show sadly fit do what you I think she used. Drink and shit
a ban would our were, but does definitely some Boozer Shopman than and she wrote a part in a movie or made her got it on on a bed covered with coats, and I She said I walk over to your house. We're gonna go through this part and I like your walking in the air. If clothes and I should die guy, she came over and I dont know if she thought you wrote a book We and I had a part in it, but it was part were all we did was fuck on a pilot pilot that airport codes and then Veronica started with someone about it later on lively, like Lord Caitlin or something you should same thing for me as actually it's not about leaving the jokes to add. Is that a bad way to go, I think, guiding now. I think she showed pronounced proudly, probably does a lot less of it, but
I say why snail Zaza I had a movie I wrote a movie. I gotta part you in this movie and I live up. The street scientist come over and bring the script and then we'll sit down and smashed got you. We get a tie, talkin Bout put around your neck and learn power jackets on a bed which somewhat what happened with with my show, come over though, and then what happened she put about her That's what I thought I was up, she's! Fine, where the codes are. I thought I was played like a box over the heart, a gold or something like I didn't know what about her and I ve yeah blocking it out and so like we since, like I want to go over this like our aid. We start like opening the thing, and I didn't read the spread and know what it was until you know she went to the bedroom. He locked the door, his pants off. That's like Grab
through among the bad guys like rough trade, and I was like a weird whilst I saw you last out nor Mcdonald Luxury Short Norma go there now all I remember all member is she she had a sweat gone. I remember that like I don't know agent sweat again doesn't we'll novelty female asian nice. Go like I'm. No one run July, media or ah yes, well anything, but this is that sort of black Baptists minister thing we're there davenant beforehand, yell and I've been to the mountain. She'd walked up the mountain got a little laugh or goin in them. You know the scene with pretty pretty steamy. Thankfully I had to be, Add love line that night, so I had the ear, provide, no Ives line because in the heart out, bloodline started it level.
Started. Ten and I will for love line about nine, thirty, six or sell from my house but people who didn't know me I'd go its aid lucky. I got a ten o clock. We I gotta get there go. This shows the right on these additional. I got a british MIKE checks and early in our internal drew score call: here's your ratio, preferably whose aghast I don't like you're, not that I think everybody there, that we, the shipwreck risotto, speaking of casting and all that and the girl for experience. Bozo like working with Steven Spielberg, is amazing.
If you like to Catherine beyond traditional, you know the haywire and all that he tricked cast nontraditional leads on yeah. It was, I mean he is so methodical on the way he he works. Answer in the first few days, I thought I was doing something wrong, because that was so quiet. What am I doing long- and I just kept asking- is many questions I could in and by like the third day I realize known to suggest how he runs a set end I've never been on a site like that. Since his super easy to talk to you did you write social network or my mom silicon sort? Serbia the thing I just sort of retroactive, oceans, eleven and sex lies videotaping, always marriage, somebody, women, somebody that we know a jewel dazzling, that's her ass. She was pits because, as making fun of oceans, twelve or thirteen or something
anyway. Shall we do a little news? Flash and crack lies. Let's do it with Alison rose from time to time and when it's time, rabbit, option, side, hold on real quick return, state of the union budget the bottom, one on their. This Obama did address kids in raising kids, and that's that's my that's my my never ending refrain, but this is how he described it. What's here with a text, we'll work to strengthen families by removing the financial deterrents tomorrow the low income couples and do more to encourage father is what makes Europe and as the ability to conceive a child's having the courage to raise one
the courage to raise along the courage it's now without turning that storming a castle at raising your fuckin kid the courage we raise the bar, so fucking high We require so little from dad's. Now the courage to raise a kid pursed up. It's not courage. It's a fucking obligation. It's like that. Reach to raise your dog? fucking dog Eurasia. It's not kill you Imagine that going over fifty years ago, you know not always having the kid, but here's a novelties. Everyone sitting down Scooby controversial the courage to hang out and the kid a meal, how low. Have we set the bar for dad? It's not courage. It's an obligation!
spoonful of sugar? In our text, further medicine I got down the medicine is razor kids, but you can't spoonful that anybody anymore, Now we courageous listen. If, if we are turning Raising your child father or mother, but raising a child if we are turning that into a bridge too far, we have it's time to fuckin p. Get up and just go ahead and light off whatever nukes we have. Let us stand let the winter kick in for a few thousand years and start fresh. That's it the only one who survive is wrong: Jeremy, the only meet richer in other man, Keith Rachel, were the only to loving I've act in that way. If we have turned raising you're fucking kids, which is an obligation first off his requirement, if you're going- I would always are. If you have a license, they have children, it pre. Will it be one of those. But but it's also something one should look forward to doesn't take courage. It's not
Legation. You know we're doing this. Please raise your kids You should look forward to raising your cue very part as important part of life and is part of raising you. It s a recent, my tiny shits money drains. The point is the courage. Courage is not the right word to put in fun, raising you're fucking, kids Obama. You should be yelling at people Eurasia. Kids, it's your job to raise your kids and here's the message: if you don't raise your kids, the government is gonna, raise your kids and guess what the government fox up most stuff. It touches. So if you don't think your kids gonna get fucked up when the government raises your kid, it will and we don't want to so it takes no courage, racist fuckin, kid, let's stop. Lowering the fuckin bar you assholes. Sorry, you know what we are to think about in regard to raising kids with people having kids later and later grandparents are gonna, be a thing of the past. That's right! That's right!
hair. No, whenever need em, they smell like RON Jeremy. They even ribbon candy. They do why You know why and providing a lot of raising now. Candy we'd, if, if we ever have grandkids that'll be Grandma candied am, I know, I'm already planter and already planning my weird candy to get into a thinking to be I'm I'm I'm I'm too I'm caught between those Zadok recalled czar. I'm thinking of eating the one that Israel can come on the ammunition belt in a little different color once it come on the paper ballet yeah, but but and just having a role that I keep on my belt and I'm just going to spend some of the apple pull out like it. Twelve thirteen inches rip I also use it for tipping like I grant five, you lost. Why just gets euphoria, Annabelle paper. There should break awful apiece, give it your sister.
That's what I'm gonna do everyone's robbing barish we're gets caught the car door and I want to make it all the way and at a cost, goaded still attached. Grandpa yeah! That's what I done it again, but there is also schools have grandparents day which, since I had no living or nearby grandparents, and I was found to be wasted a day for me, I need a picture of his not now about that came out of my mouth, but I was a little time. I don't know yet, and I made a reference to rascals called recently. I think there are some weird kind of Zaire related candy look, and I happened right out just like that. The there are they really need? Jaime? I don't know I don't know what they are. Theirs is out You know what it is, but that's gonna be my confession of choice. Looked different than I expected. Nancy rascals are signing, become an echo role quite familiar with it raises come in a box. I think I thought they were like dots budgets, all raspberries,
I may reaches me, I'm gonna hawaiian horny. Well enough. Serious news: it appears that Ex cop Doorn are the robe cop may have been caught. All sorts of donor related activity has happened today. He held for people hostage, possibly four days in the Big bear area. Before fleeing the residents, but he was add on Tuesday. Stolen Maroon Nissan robe. I see that one of the hostages broke free and combine when one knows Adam, about how it takes courage to raise your kids circle around me now so complaints about that speech to this day said that was the origin of that particular complaint and thanks to loans. Thirty two on twitter for requesting that if anybody else wants request a clip, very easy,
can email is classics are Adam Corolla, dot com or you can tweet us just like phone said at Giovanni Giorgio at Chris Locks, Amano or finance on to Facebook wherever let us know what you want to hear on the show, we love getting the request and finding them for you guys, hearing them with the world, because if they have the effect on new of, we will have an effect on, others is one. We have another flip request in just a moment. First remind everybody wants get about Geico. The report these days were sharing more guy. That would just like to say thanks for sharing all the dance moves. All your hair cut fails we almost last week rigorous, please now chair sharing the tick tock, the online He is alive things everything, but now it's guy goes turn a share too, with the guy could give back the fifteen percent credit on car and motorcycle policies for current and new costs.
So because guy goes committed for the long haul. The fifteen percent credit last year, full policy term, just gotTA, Geico Doc Complex, give back for info and eligibility. Let me do that make find a Christmas here. That's right! She holds this next clip you requested this is from my a coup and may why a k you on twitter page, you can play alive, show fits dog thinkers and twenty twelve Gregg talks about a certain proclivity with writing instrument. We can indeed its Adam curls show twelve sixty one great fitzsimons else rose. Bryant Bishop is actually from twenty fourteen. Unless there's a twenty, twelve version was also comes up, and if so, we will plant check it out, Another question out there you're the one from my details of Newport words making very eyes yeah,
give him the might, because he has to it's perfect, rang, a question that I am not hundreds and sure about you're, not at present sure, but I dont know this happened. You can happen, I don't know. Oh, oh, oh yeah, Gregg, Fitzsimons, famous, he has a story about sticking a pencil up his ass. I just want to know if you had a story like that at all famous if it was that during my podcast or have you told everyone that we heard it on her part in oil? Deny literally never told? That's me fair to Gregg somebody needed a number two pencil really bad and all we I was once in Thrace said: don't worry can make it. I knew in it now anal S eighty. Yet, I'm from it is what what's this all about? Putting pencil here s? How nice He was just saying as an example for you to tell a totally different story.
Then the one about the pencil up, my ass, Frazier unwanted here the pencil story? which bags regular pants or mechanical pencil, and there would be cool with the mechanical pencils. You start twisting your ear and its delight starts coming out. Let me a cool That means you don't worry about it yeah if you're a talented, So what was the occasion when he did this? it's not a story. It's it's a table. It's a thing so thing I did beginning middle and demand is the least put a pencil in my ass when I masturbated when I was like thirteen I was a story out of more than once later later. Fine, it's your dad
taxes, firing on the end of nobody dependency replay. What the whereas I haven't independence it with that shit, I'm sorry! What did they do? shit? anyway, how many dependency require only? What are you look at in their wow and and as far a pencil goes business and a razor. And what are we talking about? I mean that's a year, you're, making a joke. Some there was there was you know it is meaningful, right I mean our pants, always our member attack on the Roma back. Then they made I mean aid. None of these swivel stick fuckin pants Those were those were Lincoln LAW, pencils right, yeah,
that some have, they had evidently had rain and they had vibrator in them. They heard of batteries did they were there were vibrating pencils were wasn't beating, enough when you're thirteen, you feel you needed up the ante at that tender age to me Bloom was not off the rose for several decades. Bloom is not off. The Brown rose for several decades I was enamoured with masturbation from the beginning. I didn't very alike by really got up the ante here. That's all there is I I don't remember why are used to put the pencil mass and I dont know why this guy brought it up but it's Valentine's day. We could probably move on to some other stores. Now. Do you think you're fired?
fathers would put like quills up there ass. You think this, a general thing, I'm asking in all seriousness, I'm not being procurator fear I want to know. Is this an like? Let me ask you this: when you not feeling quite up to a year, I would like a guy. Pencil like when it's like you're running short on time. This is your whole monologue about pencils up the ass. You do I'm wondering if you're ancestors, pet quills up there ass if they were found, love with people with judgment up there, as that would be a state. A key evaluation rise like any locket. So no and ever. Did you write anything down literally like Vienna is money. Does my mother said Why? Why are you writing? Hieroglyphs on the sheets, I do know how to tell her Scotland orgasm. So
move a new started as a thirteen apply pray about thirteen, that's pretty good yeah yeah! Well, you know you got a push yourself, I think it at a young age. You can be satisfied with a simple one hand a jerk off. You can, you can say United are more well that's something like I don't feel like. Today's generation has the fire and their valley and the number two up there ass, a man of the years late Greg we're gonna Gregg would go break dancing. An autograph card factor all right, let's see she retired, twenty minutes. Are you go thanks again, sir it is. I just want to know was their trial and error before you realize the pencil was what you like. What what do you think I hadn't eraser up my ass There was an error
all right he's going to sound weird, but it's gonna take three seconds: we'll take a quick, try, I'll right back with more ask pencil talk after this I'm Larry Miller, but anyway aren't we all, and this week this week with Larry Miller, I'm gonna tell you: are the man might be termed mix, but there's something very meaningful you wanna hear and it is not about whose gained on amount. Listen for free through Itunes, revisit merrymen Pakistan com. We'll see you here We're back big, very much about very payments.
We have some news: why do you wear because I feel like Gregg it's time to get to your little love is by the way fixed stars can be found at the punchline at San Francisco, marched or t through the fifteenth that starting to take this thing off the pencil store yeah yeah. Let's work our way out of it, how we would rob March sixteenth in March, a twentieth through the twenty seventh comedy works: sound Colorado, South common or south, it's a sound here and I think we're your company works. That's that's the place to put you on the content where my colleague stole all the toilet paper, that's what I heard yes, so I don't, I don't know, this is not the underground place. There is the downtown which is underground and myself one. I believe they have like a fancy. Condo Justina said well, while you are still toilet paper, if you like, and what one more time to MIKE August, if you do it forty six and a half the side it be great idea to steal a bunch of toilet?
paper from somebody's condominium that the comedy club has put you up and do not brag about it. Two other forty something you're out as we had to rally acts. Yes, smart Oak, I feel like perhaps this crowd needs to hear the MIKE August. Shoes story went out like I said. Do I say to my colleague is once I should like who shoes are those I don't know. I notice. I noticed shoes and I have I have questions about their, but I realized that people too, time. Like you know, when we, when you talk, you don't look at me, look down which is not great when we're trying to communicate or connect, but its good work the problem with either your tyres are your shoes because I come in and I go you probably a car tyres. I stared at once car tyres I stared at one shoes and MIKE August, One day showed up in some shoes, and I said whose user those any said other my
brother in law. She is- and I dad why are you wearing like? I was expecting to hear a story that involve. I drive a car in a one off the road and I ended up in a Meyer and my shoes were ruined and I had no plans how sitting and so this guy, all my other stuff was at the house. There was, on the other side of the bridge, was taken out by the storm and he's dad why my word issues he's out of town, one. And why would wear his ears? And why but the mileage, my shoes, his his tone was incredulous like Jack and he made mistake: you're going to veils snowboarding for three days. Why should we put a mile agenda, Shu, Kai, wear and tear on these been blocked. I would walk in mine, I keys, while he didn't veil. Let me that could be
team sense. I mean really serves to Adam. He literally wanted. Miles on someone else. Issues might try. These guys were, if you say, listen until you ve walked a mile and so well, oh no. I have I where everyone else issues like. Don't you think he would appreciate you knowing that it is not a feat: the Fuckin cat, that wear shoes it's so absurd, it's not even the kind of thing you would point on your less automated, like, though, the list of things be out down over feed the gold fish and the front doors? A little tricky make sure the dead, bolts locked, but you ve, never say disown. It was how sitting doo doo where my shoes I don't want, like one of these things were there was a theme party in the theme was a roaring twenties, and yet these wing tabs and all I had was loafers like now. Swearing in his shoes. So it's not
what mileage here here. King, it say eyes had his house and you shouldn't have to worry about issues now, although I firehouse it through the fog and pencils out soon, as you get home right right, the trash basket absolutely understood. Now from shoes to the news very meagre. I thank those with housing from time to time that rapid adoption, fine word so in honour of Valentine's day, there's a study. Knowing whether an emotional fair is worse than a sexual one for men and women. And seventy two percent of men said sexual affairs were worse than emotional affairs, Rocky nine per
of women said emotional affairs or worse than sexual affair is denied. It is still great united. I just had a thought of you. Have this thought Gregory? same age in orbit older now, they're happy starts a lot of stuff. I d like to do when I showed ago like. Well, I don't I don't. Oh, that I will ever play a super competitive, pick up basketball game ever again in my life like all go out to the back, but my son and I'll shoot around I'll have some fun, but the meat strange dude park and start elbowing guys and really get into a hoop game like back in the day, shirts and skins. I don't never do that again and I have little flashes. That well go like. I don't think ever go water skiing. Ghana, my life, like I just one because satellite,
I'm gonna put it away, but when I'm seventy five or go waters like you ever averse bucket list, you gotta reverse back thoroughly, is outside of the bucket right, never taken things out of the bottle and shit out of the buggy? And I got a little you walk around the guy who do that again, I may sixty nine. For my last time, saying the night is young our sign language ladys attractive. Why I would never obviously that's a jury she would have to make. I will not impose than anybody You want a wailing participant in that activity. It also cylinders angry, but if you want, if she wants the job again, that's right certain refer. Would you just make her sacred thing over and over and over trills girl? The? But the point is
oh no, I'm ever going to sixty nine again in my life, not sure why in the first place: yeah it's never get fed. Plus young gout you tore Ratan with the pencil, right. Very, very, very dangerous, very ill. A lot of wine is limiting the my bedroom with goggles on we're going on in their yeah how'd. You get this stitches in the forehead, sixty nine with its dark eyed poisoning, Lead poisoning, etc Do you want to go out again and she'd say I'll pencil it in So our worry sixteen I write well, I challenging from a lumbar perspective. I yeah- I don't it also the as far as is this test goes, I think
I'm surprised that there's only three or four point percentage point separating men and women in this department for a guy were much more bottom line. If you did not have sex with that, person were in a much better mood about it and I will their if this is the axe, meaning and are becoming women and women are becoming men and we're just sort of meeting in the middle and were we started off, is just an ax at the bottom, like somewhere in the thirties, and now we're come to the Middle WAR were crossing. What can I may have misunderstood this guy's yeah? No, it doesn't disable. It's almost. The same person judge of men and women are, passivity alike. Seventy percent of men think It all think it's I hold on. Let me use my thing: watches yeah, but still
so actually. Seventy represent a man, think it it's. Bank sex is worse than the emotional, fair and sixty nine percent of women in the emotional, fair. Our good all is right with the welcome universe again now. Seventy six percent of women would forgive their partner for strictly sexual affair. Only thirty five percent of men would forgive their partner for strictly sexual affair. This is news were for do it's because when you're yeah. This is news. You can use you can use, because when you're fuckin that twenty two year old Junior college Flunkey hostesses Chile's you go, I would love to compliment you and send you a lot of super sexy text messages and things like that plan. We'll be forgiven for that go, don't stop suck! you're, you're missing my point. You raised, I point
can't do any of the penny for your thoughts or indeed, as strictly physical, no intimate I understand. I have a family k, my children, though there my life, I don't stop sucking sweetie you're, not you can listen inside. You can listen! It's that yeah. It seems to me that if my wife was have sex another man. I don't think I care you know. I don't I mean I'm on the road or time I would be happy for she deserves it. Really I don't I'm being totally honest, but if she would, if I knew she cared about somebody that would really fuck a bother me, so she could have intercourse with the guy and I'll be ok thanks. But it wouldn't bother me. I feel happy for her. I'd be happy for, but I
a bitter sweet way. I guess I'd be happy, but I'd be sad, but I would accept it and I would I would say you, I'm shit, I'm nothing! You you're good! You deserve good cock right. Good cause The I know that store play that good time offer Some cigarettes Badcock comes in a passive, around hands and foul pissed off you better. We now discuss covenant he's got warts yeah, so you're saying you're on the road allied Mama Road, she's alone she she's attractive and I, if a man make love to her and he was respectful. Then again, this is on the airwaves. So if this is not an invitation to the gentlemen of America, but there's two guys in particular that I think I might add you would say the young
of your children should not be in the room. Is that part of the now lay down the PLO cancer? Now the hotel de facto another town like like a gentleman? That's all thing: what have they did, what they did in your bed? Now that's problem right by again They can be overlooked as law as there is no emotional. Can you say that now, but fast the day when your wife confesses her her affair to you and your crying did he ever sharply? It is ass dry. It was not a fucking sharply. Brian What's your black, you never go back as they say if it wasn't a block sharply, so can, if it wasn't like it's. Ok, yeah, This guy had a high line between his teeth shrank back at packet get with that, can get what it
there you Adam, if you found out that line, that I guess what I'm wondering is for a guy. How would he even discover that his wife is having a put quote emotional affair for women? It's easy, like a few sense that you're significant other is becoming really close with some one of the opposite sex work better. A very uncomfortable, listen my fear, because I've like her to have an emotional affair, and then I just come home and fucker you don't have any at all your thoughts. You talk about all the people, all the girls, you hated work, and this what's going on with the kids at school and Sonny's fallen behind in math and all this shit I don't give a fuck about. Isn't that what she has a doktor Bruce. I think she has it with Doktor Bruce and birth rate Xenia, where, where there's no sex going on, awesome, buddy, buddy
even for the Valentine's day Carter right right, Now I honestly, I think when we debate we ve never shown or even discussed. I think when we did, the man show we did rent again or something like that, I can't remember what it was, but it was ITALY and other guys watching the game there, wife one at her. I wanted him to go to the mall with earned, go shopping whatever it was like you would rent a gay guy to keep your wife that's! Essentially what this is getting would be with this you even but Gregg. Now you know why you have to experience emotional closeness don't think that she has any room left eye. She says I fill her up emotionally. So there's no space, I mean I, I love you. I love hard that mean you never know,
talking or that mean there's another needing ok, she's, complete she's, completely she's at saturation Perhaps you ve heard about this. Facebook is now adding a customizable option with about fifty different terms, people can use to identify their gender, so it used to be you can either say your male female or you don't have to indicate what you are right now, there's a but fifty different terms as well as three pervert preferred pronoun choices, him her or then, The changes are aimed at giving people more choices and have a described themselves such as and draw genus by gender intersects gender fluid like that their fluids like something you're low on the or transsexual, for example, yeah. It's it'll give a pink. I it's on the comfort of, I think every hope it. However, That's what happened,
cost us gender, fluid, yeah, sure, Kepler fucking glasses on when he was sixty nine and at that fluid and in the right eye. By way the identify, part where you identify. As I love this new society, we ve crap, for ourselves. Rigour like la mail by I identify is, will Chamberlains cock that's my dear that's how I would like to be a dress like that's. That's how I identify like our I. I was born in a man's bought. That's right! That's right of a small white cock trapped inside a huge black lamps not at all either we're trapped inside a medium while size. Yes, identify is never Chamberlain. That's right! Ok awesome had I identify proves
general these days, he's apparently rumoured to be pre pre up. I like the idea that literally turning into Rhoda in front of us, he's gonna where progress scarf around as he's turning out of pocket rota like you just its but he is old. Thing is not just have my Adams apple shave, like every fifty nine year old, like via your dad before one sixty, whatever we all had our Adams apple shape. We all You know you remember when your dad went in for highlights in a bar right right, six Fifth birthday ride, you know there a certain point in a man,
and usually fifty one years after puberty, where you're, not your nipples, start a pop up a little bed and aerial us get enlarge Engorge day and night. My way, I support of divine right I've seen pick of him? It's if it is insane why the That's insane as he was the world's greatest athlete like I mean we're with This is one of these stories that we raised box cover and, like the picture of Matthew, literally the american flag, he's wearing the dolphin shorts he's he's doing. The split not worse, got one hang and on the right and the left right, not many guy, pull that our that's an old man and I we consider them as a commitment right or left. Have you dress news, not straddles? That's right. I wondered why I know we do consider that you're in very masculine back then, but when you think about it, those shorts and that's that split, not action,
I know not very mask right and they have shirt and can't stop the music. Maybe feathered, hash, earnestly and sizes are signs we all should have seen coming, but he is literally getting its tips. Frosted anyhow glass is like one of my mom's friends looks like fuckin road. I mean he absolutely. Does it it's it's crazy and its The weird thing is: is our couple things I don't feel like an age. So the one I'm gonna go. You know what you know its mission of China I'm tired of drag around this car does that maybe I'm too drag around the clock and balls, I'm not going to go the next seventeen years with this stuff attached to my grind. What the hell are we doing here pay about like I don't I don't
If there's anything, that's gonna change on my sixty first birthday, like it there's a weird thing- maybe it's always in the evening, but why does a weird things start? Have you no? I under stand the you know, nineteen year old, whose struggling with some sexual issues who makes a declaration and whatever I like, what changed embrace generous life to allow this to come out now, yeah and I had at tat age. You're genitals are the least important thing to you. Your back those are the Moat Galloway, your genitals, arduous? First off, The age like Benjamin button? Yours? it's like twenty two years ahead of you so I have the sack of eighty nine year old right now and you can do, is sit on it.
Vulnerable in ST via its a marvel liability that it is an asset at this point right, the pencil get stuck in it. That's that's right, it gets burnt. That move at the flashlights in Albania. I'm paying. Obviously everyone's board. We ve all done to the point. This way a weird. It's a weird thing for Bruce to be visiting this at this. Stage it is also hard to imagine that anything to cut off. At this point, having lived with the car dashing for twenty yeah yeah, like he undergoes sexual reassignment surgery. He's gonna have to go fine clothes. What the fuck's is wise name came, dress, whereas Ray I'm sorry whether care, I will look. It keeps up with the gas in this you re like halos, imprisoned or even divorce for four years now, but I'm undergoing sexual reassignment surgery and
you do know where you buried my balls, the doktor s out for me we can't reassign something was not there so that information jar in the back yard on up in the attic like. Where would you do if my balls, you cut off in what? Was it ninety one, the agony, I'm back, I just need a return of its like that lie. I book you d want to read any more out. You gotta return. Medical way still be incinerated, but we just need of now. Can we have those and then she's girl? You ve, moved like when you're looking for your keys, echo. It puts gigantic taxes a long time now that maybe up there I'll catch, you check the door at the post. It's you propose that, throughout the whole episode of the show, they just follows that they may be that drawer with the batteries and suppliers in the post. It's it's in the kitchen and I think, there's a chap sick in their necks, your balls for scale for scale
drawer. With that collar of that dog, I used to walk around with three pounds: permanent. That's where my balls might be there this premise into the ground and open the grid announced fits dog lives sharing. What truly came a classic moment then the running, drogue old wrote, twitter and then every time Gregg appears, including up so a sunny, we're Brian says: if you get a pencil from Greg's house, don't you admit, Sonny What store you like? Better the pencil story or the school bus story the school story is the scope of stores more impressive is very similar to other stories like Brian story or Gary story. So it's more fitting for the crucial issue and the pencil story was from another pie. Chasms requested be told on the commercial, so it's a little less natural than the other stores are ethical that strike you ve, just
Thus, the legendary there's another fan request for a moment were Gregg admits to a hobby that we ve Adams, accuse Doktor drew having. Virginia uses a public register and that's a global match. We still searching for I'm gonna try play this week and I haven't found it. I'm gonna play clip from Gregg LIVE, show on tomorrow's cooler classics available exclusively in the cool classic swedes unsubscribe. If you haven't Soon we will have another party Gregg Clip, let S teeth where you got that We ve got our mind. Everyone about Tommy, John right from home, it really is just dream ratio. Everything you hate about going through an office commuting. Other stuff goes away, but with that have to decide what you're going to wear all day and changing up your underwear, Tommy John working from home. It's the best. We can make great feat yourself reappears autonomy, John Underwear and the softest most breathable fabric? You ve ever worn, guess what right now
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We would also be reopening soon they have great apps rate acts and we always had just anybody who is there come on come on. I mean like any about its Brandreth S. Simmons on famously precipitated will SAS has been a football Sundays cousin Sal. Because I believe that in this case that Shepherd the abduction, start by promoting an independent Vilnius during the time. I am actually watched much due to access surprise, because it sounds there. No audio problems in this one like some of the early viable shows heads because there is alive remote setting as a new thing. Not it was a little think so is actually able to go in post, compressing normalize it. So it actually sounds better than ever sound before eleven richer South Malta. Dispense justice. Stories all around some. Accidental mistaken bigotry, Lyman Dyke story comes up, which is a great telling of it all round hilarious, clip armchair expert,
on the Ankara will show mandate, give it back and happy endings with our sparse but proud crowds. That's you guys. First cousin sale, sittin in with US gas Deborah dear. I should be a right cousin cloud body, tat, chaparral tax, by the way Parenthood NBC ten o clock at Tuesdays back when seen the ads for that just got done, watching a dvd freebie, which is out on dvd, and you can do video and a man with a radically is not free, but don't move interesting turn for Dax our turn by a serious role.
I don't know why centrally along and act like you I don't know I just why didn't I don't watch entire? Thank you. Haven't I you, like you owed me as I want. Your independent movie there is. However, there is at home if you do an independent movie. If you took away the base of people that saw my movie because I watch their movie and vice versa. Nobody would watch the movie as in other cities, play at the local food aid and Right supported your shitty theatre. Nobody, get your colleagues comedy grew eventually alien van. If we could build the when you u, I came out your receipt of the sea, the Fraid not beneficiary, and no one can only Shepherd Embassy Swedish Valencia, the I was it was. I were reminded me of my
movie our movie in that sense. That scale wise obviously seemed like I really enjoyed by the way I do. I do recommended nonstop action wall. The wall really you hang it off the back of it. You hung ass, the and, while I announce wisest overpass, real ammo and those eighty four reasons like shit as you gotta be laughing. If he saw the movie laughing at asset laughing, the sun will be we'll get back then sell. The item the had the season has gone for you. Thus farming player games is all farm. Okay, I pay myself in the corner of the eagles to win, but I have the package. Teasers so sides is it's not going to happen do you just use the word degenerate when you describe your gambling. Are you still how I tried to now? I'm way, your God, your agenda What does like it's like saying, there's a healthy way to eat,
a buffet every night. Ok, yeah! I gave you a little, I don't buy it. I don't wanna trend the house that the party, the above the phase when offered a need to be rude, rife arrived. I dont time my self off. Why would they said forty percent of my life is in a black now there is a way to start a pack a round the buffet a little bed just dive reach for the chick bees. Every few everyone's wages imaginable there. Even if you don't you ever do that. That thing where, like your load up your plate for Thanksgiving and you get the staffing and you get the ham and you get the gravy and mashed potatoes? You get the sweet, potatoes and others
point. You make some room for some batch of all on the side. I then you're talking in eating it eating and talking. Then you look down and realize everything has vanished, except for the managers are all the other. Things have been hit almost equally one thing of mashed potatoes. One thing sweet potatoes one thing authority, but somehow vegetable for me every night about the stuffiness for show railway. We really think I'm leaving. I really only want to stop the direct your sober guy right MA. Am I thoroughly sober Geiger by you feel like you're, a bit of a fitness guy but you're not shit. You know I just I just left the place and now called shark is which makes very low calorie Mexicans, and I am currently on a very low calorie die and then I was thinking about my routine and really I'm like a crocodile.
Now in a whole wilderness in and they now he per year right and ass. The that's how I keep this physique. Like, I said, knew nothing the whole holidays, ovary ory and then I started myself and work out good point by saying we make low calorie mexican food is like that. We have a whole library just for dyslexic, far right really doesn't exist, you only you with the numbers. At the outset, the naked chicken tell started, which I cannot finish and I'm a big eater comes in under five hundred yeah, but who deal with your pants now, while we don't, you feel, like I know all by the way like you know, They were you we'll be pissed at somebody, but you can't really be passed them, but you can't stop trying to be posted. Then why did you have no right to replace the damn thing? Words like some
borrow your car, they said, you know what I'm gonna take it get a detailed and then, while they're gonna detailed somebody backed into them and it's like you'd be pissed. You would have you gonna. Take your car. You have to be passed by data really do anything and they were trying to get a detail for learning. Adore them like that. Tell me what you guys, I'm pissed picket almost by the way, speak at a low pal. I got one for your and my new year's infested fifteen o my I'm angry Mucho angry as a fear. My starts with the title and Danes frame it out here for about twenty five years. It's pretty much just on time goes. No one speaks fingers all the Horta you can hold in your ski cap with its main. It's like luck. It's beans, its rise, cheese, sausage, beef, its dirty as you it's hard to fuck up and they don't fuck it up. They make it fresh. It's five, six box. It's easy:
I was sitting around my kitchen last night about six in the evening and I said I just gotta hankering for some of that Mexican for start thinking about the cheese and the rise in the roasted salsa. This also arose the Aberdeen I like. I want some. Chips. I want some key Tomas and my war up on the hill. We get the kids and my wife, like I'm, not goin down, already started with the kids and blah blah blah. And my wife's Red Jody says I gotta go down to the drugstore anyway to buy toilet paper. I don't know why. After announced toilet paper, just even take up something I might have the picture, you wipe your as honour yeah, I read she's like I gotta go down. There pick up a bunch of toilet paper anyway, and by the way you know the toilet paper. Mexican food runt Adieu feels like you, no real, yet any Yang, Zuganov's zoom tonight. So I said false We are so she said, I'm going down anyway, so up I'll, go by petite Hamas and pick ups out. Let us like
oh real, ok, good! This is also an As I said, good, ok give me too. Beef, soft tacos and then I realized. I made this mistake a few times when I pulled the person get the too soft tacos, I meant rice and beans. I meant like the plate sure, but they came back our car. You know so I said or did to beef talk Soft taco stake tacos by but Gimme the play, Gimme the beef taco Gimme, the soft taco points I get the rice and beans and then do what the black beans whether refer, I still don't know what beam I take the figure out what mean I like better. They should have been given a choice by go. You will give me the pinto beans, giving the planes uses all right. I got. Upstairs. I skipped my robe. I come back down stairs. Finally, so she comes walking through the door. I'm excited, I'm hungry urban. I've been thinking about this for a while. I pop when there's one staked softer.
In there now. The thing is when you order the plate. Thank you won back. They give you want. The only thing that came back was once they. Now I got the play the pains in arise. I got the beans that arise, but just the one soft gotta- make cheesy onawandah wiper ass. There were added to their out she. Now he always go flower and, as I said so I'd like I got the two thought Argos and then she said why George you said order the play, and this is what comes with the plane which burned out when I was with tiny. A few to go where they're all they used to do too. Soft Argos, with a play now they do one I dont have they take a look around America if we don't for instead of one, but there do they do want. So it's not really her phone why does she said play and I said, play and that's what comes into play? but I had to do that. They rose like eating it like
She should have known better. Like I say to my wife is like what you ordered the play that switching dead. That's why it's almost like eating one vague in disguise. Its aim is dry off of a meal rising demand. You want. The second leaves no one like it ain't you can wash down with a bottle boy like so that we ride. I care I already made with where on all this is done is went. My appetite for soft paragraph that could appetite they were away yeah. I know I told her get the play. She got the play. The plight comes with one taco, it's not really her fall and then I pause underwent, but still you gotta know like. I wanted to ban this forward. Went down the hill. Without relaxing food came back up the hell. I can't say anything, but I'm stop, Direction can I ask you as next time someone runs a getting food in specially to place like that, give them twenty five dollars and say make this disappear right.
Maybe it would all I ask whether it would still exists or tell her to go in there and spent every last hour just start picking shit cause if she came up would like a shrimp polwarth sandwich you, unless you big, have because only a surprise, yeah like if you have a buck. Twenty eight in change, on the way home, just read out by one of his neck and propane tank on the shopping, an army when I may rapped on a hot air but looks like a crow got through it. Yet daddy, you Hooper. What's really do cavity, stop now We are already seeing about rodeo. Well, I was I was I do
Do you not, as is in that delivery? I said you gotta routine, about rodeo upon an hour often run handier roared out loud have brought you to ask all of it. This isn't it this isn't. That is. Is this your foreign Rodeo Glory Council Garden, the rodeo clown, as this is not work for this application, but the rodeo cloud just because otherwise it'll be it would be bad. Pod parchment is tat. You can identify, with this Sal. You two other. I feel like you're you're, more visceral unless emotional than so unlike gap here am, I just saw the freebie was it was in the use of new layers? Didn't I I? I realise that there are other things I thought he was just
again until away for, but it turns out, he said, he's a crescent layer. Waking pastry crossing. Thank you just seems to keep going. I'm gonna change. My mile and again I say We all walk around as is sort of products of our past and in all those all those memories. I don't have too many complimentary memories floating around my head. We all we all remember the eagle score. We all remember when our dad Mr Football Game or baseball game or work a code, I remember very clearly you're telling me you're, not that or you can now. I don't want to date. You or I have a date for the price or looks out her alone. If you answer, we you're not whatever material like we all remember all the negative and then we just started carried away with us like an gunnysack over her shoulder and whether you, whether you think about a consciously or not it's it's There is not a weighing down and it shapes
who you are, and God forbid you with a woman whose dad didn't pay attention to our growing up or sexual abuse? Is no musa me DEC. Forty years still dealing with today, even if the incident happened where there were six months. I said I that I was. I was envious of the of the bull and the bull riders competition, because the boy just two thousand pounds of muscle and you got guy on his back. You have jewels husband who sit on the guys from animals bag. The balls like all I want to do is get this hundred thirty pounds guy from Wyoming onto his back and then once again upon his back, I'm just gonna. Take my Orinoco put it. There were stirred up all that's all the bull thinks about its Bulgaria, thinking about other things and there, and then they opened the gate and the book
Bizarrely bats are the other times with a guy stayed on his back for eight seconds. He's nothing! You gotta, but I'm not going to get this guy off any that there still remains failures in new there's, something I buy back really needed to be on the ground in front of me and then I will take two thousand thousand of me and put it through startup unaware sky like a tear, but also the ball eight opens ball must be surprised when a gate opened at once. What the fuck really ok, just me, and this do I have can anyone violence. Others gave an hour. I had a horizontal lobes words, but our I very boxer adverse six embassies and the guy lands at his back balls like I want now, I'm gonna do what I've been thinking about. The last of our eddies goes the rearing their penal put the lords of the guys term at the last second, the guy, with the
wrangler shades of Greece Pain Robin William Suspenders. He jumps out on Friday goes over here, the Borgo. Oh, what is it about water based on market with that guy and I use it he's forgotten all about the guys on its raids? It's it's not a memory for him more and artistic it. I was I've seen that, for, kids, instead of the filtered water and that in the organic foods and other kuwaiti, toiling pre schools, all my kids kid rodeo, clap itself boy. You know what my son is being told that too bad to go to the poorer. By what are we seeing the tears started well up that guy, the grace period, which is job I didn't like log over and then later on that day, I'd say like what happened at eighty be like. I am
I think I was getting anyway there's this clown. I mean it work for molestation weren't. Rarely like I think this priest was going to be from there's this clown. It was also loud and probably continue with them all. As I say, I am, I only drawback, my rob you definitely. There have to be some sort of clam clearing programmes where we had some sort of clowns, clarity about what all the money you are going to spend on the organic food in the special schooling and put it in a row, the other fire all at all times. These gotta be right, lousy, never know unfriendly will strike. Then you'd come home any fucking. You ring the bell, rang clothes, I mean, I don't think you would need to be around the kid if the kids just watching tv I mean, like first slum.
Party. He should go along urgent because if there is one of those moments where there were playing seven minutes in habit or whatever in someone didn't want to go into Heaven with your son, your daughter, because that event, a hare Landrigan Lazo a desire and found the client would jump into just before the tears and where the tears the closure of their he's there to save the life of the of the bowl rider years, trying to save the psyche,
care from the years. The till he leaves one the kid turns eighteen or is it kinda like it, wouldn't work? What, when you got your Mexicans foreign minister, I saw you. I like I'd, be like what part of to stay as great as that the people in your life who knew they were about to disappoint you. They would do show up with the clown, and now I would say, the bad news was gonna years is there alone she saw the she brought the bag and she bride of the clowns within reminding me dresses like those of their so was gonna break up with the other show, with along comes into early yeah yeah. What's that thing that equivalent like when the bosses I need to talk to you, you go out either go up which closed the door like myself. If your girlfriend calling us we need to talk, bring the client rotten would always be like our share in the cloud yeah Macleod yeah yeah, that's right
Cologne equipment to close the door of the man is on you tat. You were going to close the door. Conversation as far as you know, the one time I was fired. It happened in the funniest ways to work at a at array shop in Michigan and down. Boss, was this hillbilly from Georgia who had previously, for this economic essay say alligators today, but he was an alligator wrangler. Then started array shop, So anyways is over the break Birthday is genuine. Second, so you have your little new year's Eve Break so he's enemy on the Friday before the break, hey, listen, you're! This is the second right, as it is a once. You don't don't come in on your birthday. Take that off go ahead and have a eight daybreak and anger. Ok, great because you know, and then the next stages Gimme call will see. If we need you to come in and then I was driving home on my mopeds
elite, eighty, but it happened. I was like. I think I was this fire. Why would I call in Z, were whereat the day ever my birth? Any type of anyone gives you the casual will see how goes after this thing I ever did away with whatever it is it when people like you, they start setting up. The second day and the date literally, has a date, the calendar date attend you're, gain points in this guy's eyes on your door day on your birthday. I am. I gonna win back my freed. How old were you at the time? I was fifteen? but he typically I quit jobs. Like I worked at California, pizza kitchen. While I was struggling actor and down, they give you a review at every three months right and I was a house.
So I went in to have my review. Our host means your seeding, I'm seemingly in use. They are trying to tell them about the appetizers asking, A man not await on things that nor was aspiring to be aware of a star as a house and as in Brentwood, so people went in there and acted as if they were added two hundred dollar meal restaurant, that service and they just didn't get it narrow mad at me. So at any rate, I go in for my on three months review and it's all out of ten right. So we're going to the categories this that your outfit, you know, you're how you look and then it gets to punctuality, now you're punctuality, I gave you an eight out of ten. That's a great score. I said yeah, but I've never been lay any goes up, and I now I grew up in five minutes early to every shift gears. Yes, you have I said, then, how is that a day- and he said
We want to give you something new aspired to eyes. I can't be more on time than I am not going to give you somewhere to aim, for so you're trying to trick me in the working harder. And then I think I wanna work at a place where you're trying to trick me oration about well when I specifically just any call me call me the next day I was a good employ. And the next thing is: listen. I've been thinking about that all night and they are unwilling to give you your birthday. The coroner noise Ellison I've been thinking about this all night and I am willing to go to a nine only five minutes early a what I mean
What would you have deserved the day before? There's never leave walls. I was just trying to get you to improve that one spot because they go there incremental. I mean that we are going to organise the second category right here. I also there's this. You know people love doing this. I've got myself do when someone really busy, often the ultimate the news. You say: what is your name? You ever do that yeah, life is the Stewardesses, Vienna, nails or the flight attendant. Whenever you knows what is your name and it s also laid down in article five: did it at the airport? but now, when you're on the other side of it that way, really quickly so people say to me- quite often- has a hose. What is your name- and I one right, go: it's Dax, the axe, Shepherd S, age EPA, irony I'll, write it down for you and then I go back to my house, stand right, my name and enhance whom, as they like
our rights of working people at her. When you get home, I don't buy it. I would call their bluff and I never never never wrote a letter about. I called United Airlines, who wouldn't let me down on a plane out of at a Vegas famously a couple of months ago, actually that their their employees, douche bag rise, like I said: no, what what is your name, because I gotta let your boss is now just help poor. Your attitude is- and I would say it will give us their name, they held their ideally in your down and they just but finds a nice spock what they moved it back and forth on time. So I started get busy like eyes. How do you know I could read their toil de la bags? I called I called their supervisor by the way about three day: Ago after yeah, I actually, I think,
more effective, and maybe maybe I'm just saying this, because I'm I'm that lazy, the incident cap in Tuna months ago, and I called the cities. There Yes, I called their manager two days ago, literally rights literally, you can expect to be fired and before the seven among us, after what you yeah, yeah yeah wider. Like love, what quit the other one was claimed by cancer, but other naturally, but I got a media laid heritage, a large sum of money to quit the under the worst thing that idea as a host act. California, why? you get. Why would they long value? This is this is the worst thing that happened to me. While I work there you know I was always trying to be funny it and start when I started acting so one. Things you had to say when you see people is, are you familiar with our new when menu and if they say now, then you got explained to them the new things right, but I didn't like
So I would say to everyone I sat. Are you familiar with a new man? You know I'm not. Ok. Will we we ve changed our many. We always serve fried chicken and hot dogs, and then they would laugh and then I go now just kidding. We have a new, whatever the hell we had, so I would say that probably eight times a day, I sat a couple for people on a double day. All for black I sat them down. Are you familiar with our Armenia? Oh man, you know we ve changed it to fried chicken and hot dogs, and this, as I was saying, was I I didn't just talking say that if it is team out, I was doing all the time motherfucking. This view is debating whether to beat my ass. It wasn't gonna, be like writing a letter. You go because excuse me. I am sorry. He goes
the fuck. You always serve fried chicken and what the fuck you. Oh, my god. I got type wrong as I say that everyone all really: u everyone. This is not resale rights. I know it sounds pause. I promise I do, and he just looked at me like I'm ruined man, whatever man, what the foger, but this is good. Our wages and I was lying back to my whole- stand as like a I'm getting fired B. I deserve fire. I can believe that. Does you pull him over the patrons road? Already savage will wonder you got these motherfuckers are not at all guy really. What else you say did he rapidity report? You did he was so discuss and I back track so much that I think, like us,
I wasn't he wasn't deciding whether or not to repair me he's gonna punch me. I got out of. Did you change it after that? The like goulash or something with white people We know it is sad that there's well I mean you, ve got fried chicken, you got watermelon, but that's right, that's why we are all food. You gotta higher their labour among bonanza. May there isn't ethnicity that hated hot
or hated being accused of loving, like some always guy got up and me when I say we, I logged hugson provider. I think, like black lesbians would be the worst harmony. She's like lesbians in you went with a hot dog just with the penis saw an era when symbolic her and then, when you work of Fried Chicken Mick Mick too. I also mean the odds of that. Gentlemen, listening to your blog cast a bit billion though, but I do hope in the same way this gets to be nice. I was sincerely told every well if they could figure out the computer. I feel I now they're not MAC eyes. The big man still writing his letter. Now I know, is it your hates? Well, a kinder,
It kind of reminds me of my lineman dyke story, which involves a black woman and a in a lesbian and a and a and die yeah. Well, so I told the story a couple times or be as fast as I can but lie, dyke searches, dykes diagnosed in their their dad, Cotter Squire had angry. That Lyman show sire, Merla men for the girl gives you guys walk around with a steel toe boots and the guy's a bribe. The bell tracks and climate, all that and I would say, like they're like fat, they resemble offensive line. I was hearing Lyman will that's. Why that there is a problem there there's a problem. This is where the problem Gilgad Greg
You're in our relations could be better life line. I am well so that by the problem with me, is it's like vice scraps or something for me. So I am well aware that I think everyone knows everyone knows what vice groups are needle nosed pliers, Argo. If you sit knit Neville NOS five people still know you're talkin about ok I was doing the I show, and so was Queen Latif and clearly one capacity, as guess yeah. We're just pointed out I'm set some days monologue? There replied job stated that upon sharply may after, and you know why Let rightfully so was going on alone. Again, the lead gas. I don't they.
By weight or by restore power, but either way, probably start. I think they probably probably, LISA, yeah, probably by followed by heavier and they all so they broad they brought on Queen Latif first remote taxing circle. What I could do an hour on that showed Chirac's the movie the movie taxi. By knows he was, as you probably know, the people's choice awards or Sandra out hosts. Quite quite often, and her whole thing in an in depth. You know this and aunts cousin now. You know this too. When you go on at a talk, show late night format, you try to pick a story. You know they do that the interview. How is your Christmas vacation? What anything when money is highly stories every vacation where Reggie Gaol where'd you wanna Magnesian, word about this
right around Christmas time and she went to Jamaica over her for her Christmas Break and that was the whole thing, so she was explain that in Jamaica there's something called the line which means Shelly. Then everyone. Here I am an on line and you live and we in a shilling and in that became speak Rossiter. Her entire segment her tire segment with just around J believe me? I am a man, you got me Lyman online and ever openers Lamb, and it was only six were. I think she thought I was gonna, be funnier or sustain a little more than it actually did the hundred eighty third time the audience heard? Lyman they weren't draining his heart, but either way she wrote it for two segments. Thenardier was long say with any luck now and then I came it ok, and she guy was dead when she got up moved over to see how greatly stayed stayed out
data what you're hoping for, and I I sat down and joy. Did the same. You know how was your Christmas, whatever my anger was I started. Go down the I got. Twins we had to by all the gifts were the twins. We didn't go to Jamaica. We stay back and allay and cheese the these things now the packaging that these toys come in these days, it's shrink rapids and five layers of cardboard than its all tied down. Baling, wire and stuff, and I said a bluff blowtorch, in Lima Dykes. To get into this thing, I had a realized. I was of sort of looking at both of em a kind of talking about it. It sounded like I said that the lime die.
Albania prisons, crazy upper body strength. It only figured dyke, germane could could produce yeah and absurd it. You'll use Lyman died. I went. I bet you, Thou is Friday and I didn't either way I'm on recital a little babies. Let us say pliers like it's better to say in saying this, I guess
Rollo use is Joseph, don't say blow towards, say, acetylene putting rank share. It just is more specific, sound, says Saint Pliers, I said Lyman Diet, but of course she thought I was calling her. How could she lazy less view love their little joys? What do you think my ip, although at the time I had no idea what was going on and she didn't seem to indicate whether the segment went on and it seemed to be successful. Whatever you had told a story about taking your family to see taxi, the was out on the they do I'll get it do this story with you guys. I understand away roadways word. I could say that would ensure boil one thing: It died
with Jimmy Brown and quality via this. Story of taxi. The premise of this modern day movie with two big stars, It was she drove a tab in New York City, a yellow tab. By Dac your gun, You know how this works. The idea fairly doesn't look like you're gonna win this one Would she had a switch in her taxi? She'd have quite exhausted. Blower would come out from under the hood, which you knows perfectly that Nazism Run, salad, friendly, lower and an exhaustive of Cadiz easily be line at the red. Assuage the cargo lowered, the rims got change and you could give man, hadn T J, F K in eighteen minutes. Instead of the usual hour
Why are limited by your top speed when going to J F K? It's always about rapid eyes. There were about that. I have is going a hundred and three and single one. Fifty ripe roads, warlike you're running late for your flight, its till the morning. There's no traffic and the other camps are top down twenty nine miles an hour. The freeway you're going to go right. Go so that's the amateur knew I'd motorcycle. I would merely be maybe, but all it does is it is it
had added a while. It wouldn't work here and airlines like saying hey five thirty afternoon on a Thursday, could you get to downtown any faster if your card, another five hundred horsepower binding? I answer no, certainly not us frustrates right and private. I go. They migrate already left right. So now is the entire premise of this movie without just cause. I want an energetic USA as a gear had I did not see the move now you, as I see it, a cause of the preview. I saw that ridiculous plastic blower right that they velcro Ah Robia hit a blot and it comes up, and then I was like war, that's harder to believe them. Superman's. I can buy into that private Claude Exhaust coming out serious its unity armoury plumbed every in total insanity anyway. So there wasn't the couch with with queen with visa and the segment ended, and I don't know anything- was wrong. A sort of
like we ever walk around with a piece of toilet paper stuck. Back your shoe or some shit other back your pagan, there's something you don't. We'd better what else the minorities look at it, and I finish this segment and all the little segment producers in the producers and the people to tell ran up to me and say what has now to put it up on the satellite, but before they put it on the saddle. I really want to know what I said like telling. What did you say to quality what do you mean? I would you about longer like what are your next? You see. This is not a California breeds kids, you understand, I'm in a national, don't get away with this shit can swing back to your house. I don't care if you work at a race shop which you may claim hoods be raised, literally the ratio. I said: what do you mean? She said she did. You call her die. I said
now. What do you mean? I don't collar dyke. We heard you ve hurt you, you could call their diet why my Lyman Dyke, blindly, were you look there? You said why my diet? I said why would I
no lineman dikes, and they all just look, but now they have to invest. Explanation is always repeating the words that, when my rather their word of honor gods Kelly's house whose Kelly Kelly's that doesn't help me, I also like when they yelled, you know. Cayley, I know are so well that I've asked you for time through the allocation of european rules. I judge it is a great punchline coming four times did you know her eloquent people say that, evidently I don't know her. So why don't you just as waste in a world where I don't know her? How would you describe you now now her I like what they get with these areas will now. I know why you know her well and real of intrigue and what I don't know no ever tumor. So did you go in and unrest room and I knows about well, I did go what, when I had this reared surreal moment where I was standing at the edge of the stage with all these producers in folks,
round me and again, three, it was like You guys guys in two fifty something Earl Super uptight checks and one realignment, gonna format, Davis Circuit and I wasn't it Is it a line? died. You know it died dikes and as looking at all the gaze in the post, menopausal vitamin larva degrees in there all look at bay. They had no idea, and there is a great moment when I went down here- I'd, Lyman Tides, dykes, dyke, you just die and at some point one woman. Could you please stop shouted. But, oh, I really you feel had no idea? What what did you do it like? I asked Jane Jane, you know what I'm talking about XO
one can only ever eat pussy I live each other's was so well. What would like her to Google later somebody like make sure to actually existed, and then to do that, move why one by queen with was dressing room with with, but but with a poem face it out any like took his just by the way you're in a loose, lose situation right either go in there and explain to her and she then goes well. Why would I be offended rise right? I just called me a right right. You can't win, I am no way, but I want to know what's going on. I want to put my my toe, the pool isn't warm and I want to dive in the deep and you know so. I came by her dressing room which was next to mine and gave a with some just seen if she's dead, look on her face his offer. People got a couple of
people there of their like, and I'm trying to reply and, of course, the best if the tonight Joe says you look, right adder embassy, Lyman Dyke, while you're looking at her- and you know what the adrenaline and the whole thing I like I really looked at her and like all like member is. I know I was kind of spreading at around now coming and I suggest something else happened. Is you think very quickly, so you, You think that you earnestly were saying: Lyman Die, I might well before your Myles said it your brain process, the before it came out- and I do think you looked urges you need this month. You might be in trouble interests, even though you are already in the process of saying it. You triggered so fast like, oh, my god, and then you looked right at the person you of IRAN is gonna. Take it's hard to hear. The phrase lie men two hundred times and then say line men. You wanna say why I was our vice versa.
I went home, and so I went into a room in star? I a little bit like kicking the tyre just try to figure out what can emerge. It was an seem cool, seem to be an issue or policy was all right, so I went home and Ike and then I just paste were like three hours ago. I am because I couldn't figure out. Did I look right at her when I read the barrel sure enough? I saw it on they kept it in. They didn't bring geared to the veto, isn't suppliers over liars and- and I did not look at her when I saw the way I do like by way when people, especially women or the gaze half make a point and they want to be, point, and in order to make the point, it's ok alive because I have a point to make like like no go
instead of saying this guy was rowed to me: they'll go, he came out and kicked me right machines and yoga. Like y know, I did- and I like I didn't do it, but that's my point is he was rude and that's that's the point of their point. Was I looked right at her? I did not look right at our snapping at Vienna, so if we, like. Are they lying or is it like a worst case, weird sort of panties bud scenario like. Why do people do that? Don't you feel like they do it too often? I do. I do they use the word literally too often, yes,
jumped out of my steered yeah really literally, I was so literally jumped thou art. I literally shit my pants literally a year later relationship where these are figures of leadership. You're our asian doesn't allow James. I literally got this guy over a fuckin bout with what a bargaining and now stacked Shepherd hang out on football Sunday, I'm crucial for some before Bertram. Generally, we eleven love of their father loose and contain great apps you are right? We have one more cliff for everybody and it is the wrong tomatoes game. The third six instalment Israel. Girls, YO fifteen o five marked applause and jaded plausible guests in the future will play their interviews. Techniques is great every time there on its relief on everything.
Report out of this, Thrun tomatoes game with carousel ton of each filling news, along with bright bishop mad, actually check it out
with a fresh one with a guy.
All right. What is the theme Jean Hackmen the eighty five this past week as he has retired from Phil. I know huge law. He is right in books line. I thought we would go through Jean hacker movies, current there's a lot of good ones. First up, nineteen, seventy one- and this is an astronaut many. He won the Oscar for best actor for this movie. It is the french connection Papa Do I just saw this first time, maybe for five months ago, who did hold them. It did it's like a greedy movie as it may. It feels like very soon these, but it's it's a enjoyable, engaging I've ever seen the whole thing. Critics must have like this movie when it came out a gondola, critical praising the master. And said nominated, and then why almost nominate nominated for best picture he one eye I'm going to say eighty four percent
said ninety three. In a light below I said, seventy four. Ninety eight! Why well? It is a very high priority to lead our next up. We saw Jean Haglund. Gone, Denzil Wash ing under the sea in a submarine arguing over who is gonna, be in command. Ninety ninety five crimson I'd love, this movie yeah did too it's three watchful to. I comes be our ever while completely divergent Nope unintended whenever Don yeah, very good, but action there are not always very tough on action, films, decision, only Scott, Tony Scott pass the script on I thought he would turn Tino Aurelia, the the whole silver surfacing. That's a large sum, Scotty's STAR Trek talk. A lot of turkey must not really. I call on everyone locked in
seventy nine precise, not also wow, eighty nine eddies whew, I'm surprised so high honestly. This seems like a movie that critics wouldn't have gone behind, but it's great Elvis movies, a great movie agri, Stop I same year, nineteen. Eighty five at mid nineties period is when she had been have like twenty movies coming out all like three years: the Somali he did for SAM Raymie Western, also STAR Sharon Stone LEO to the Quicken the debt and sail shit, no idea here current stone Russell Crow early in his career. This was what he wouldn't be thing for that I was that ever and in any case, no contenders for that, and it does not get this mixed up with him. Working on unforgiving, a wider society where there was shouted bland television
Brian go back and readjusting bland mounds at what made you register I because I have integrity and intestinal fortitude. I stuck with what I wrote down. Fifty one I D give uses the wider general across a downright thirty front, because the disasters that thirty four man- ok, I went way two high. Seventy five, fifty four Forty four laughter invites no way What did you end up with thirty forest wanna gathering roar out? This is tight hidden in the region, major brown paper. I next up. Ninety ninety eight, I saw you had been team with Will Smith in a movie that basically brought him back to his role from the conversation movie is enemy the state. I never saw that one. I never saw it either aerosol you phone cable, all the time because never come actively avoid what Sir, what's a fee
on my way. We'll Smith is the lawyer who gets he's chased by the I say Jean Hackmen is the surveillance expert. That's helping him escape the innocent AY surveillance, back when the USA was word more about black people than ran riot in our global. Our vision in this one of our global. How came by the way in an hour moving into brown before you know it wide he's, gonna be on the run down the word used before you guys. Don't worry we'll be earns before you watch jewish Italian New York. These can be our little big, big, big beacon. In all my years on, we have worked I'm saying people in lower than in aid of sixty two haughty. While I said sixty three Seventy eight death. Why, alongside doing isn't that a while Kara, really,
observe disappointed to see that I poured over this list trying to figure out the ones that general hacking and spoke at my high school. I should have seen everything from that moment on what was your score? You guessed guys at six, sixty three but the third chair never won this game. Yes, so item sixty to Slovenia, Is he dead? What just went to a school of the farts. Soon I want and I was like we dancer cafeteria tables, and so he came and talk tell the dancers and musicians and actors real was huge. I guess work is well spoken, my high school, who me
Burma for those care I mean you, she came back, I went I got. You has asked me to use the bathroom national. Now I came back years later years out or zero stay out such a rip off for those kids. I hope that I hope there is someone between you and Jean hackneyed ownership. Tyler bands and high school Margaret Show of hands full shamrock, while so I don't know because they were busy yeah he's great who doesn't Have you seen the conversation that you now movie thou there. That is another one I saw a few months ago does not hold up. Strictly, Oh yeah. I totally agree that holds wrong. You guys are different and of the need to harmonise our backroom aright glass. One last one, two thousand for film that is Jean happens final film performance too. As for he plays
some, I retired vice presidents, moves to a little town runs for mayor. Sets re, Romano, welcome them yeah, I did say that this is kind of my argument of you guys. One shot it carrying a movie like Re Romanones hot stand up, he was perhaps I had a huge show. Starfish in a bit times indication and all that kind of stuff, very popular sitcom, and now he's going to try to move the headline a movie, but he gets one shot and one shot only. Be the lead on that poster and if it doesn't work out, you can go back into play. Friends of the friend and that kind of stuff. But that's my example. Love, though, give everyone gets one shod right if they dont boss throw Now, in this one didn't buster welcome Sport arouse bits and pieces of it in hours I likeable, but the critics hearken like this one I brought
got try some desperately hey maker time for you, Cura man, I think well mounted up here. Pretty close and I'm going to say like this one, thirty six percent, I want twenty five castle Seven thirteen Brian just picked up, the current actor self ride out running perfect boy. I got a soft spot, for this was not that bad of movies about movie there's not much, not sardine percent bad species ban the is Jeanne Hackmen last Monday, one final film prize: we should put him in some gay porn or something so we can salvage and making it a curse. Careers scrape pack some way do something I mean I can live through four, but what that's fucking money
recorded everything. That's the point. Is this fighters have these careers where they stay. Aren't they state they overstay their welcome, and at some point you see. Larry homes beat Mohammed Ali and he's literally looking at the raft saying please stop me from hunting, this man, this ledge and one more time, I'm tired of being this guy, I'm one are you gonna put an end to this end? It sad also by the way I believe, Mohammed always mustache robbed him of all its powers. Rail doing. Fine can any girl, moustache and it all went away at all eternity Dwayne Bardic at that point, but the boys he was going got until it grew the moustache and that's why I want to grow guy o wax. I do by the way they used to be each animals like when I yogurt Mcnulty what I can see a blonde mother oblong guys with moustaches anyway, any two percent then
some point at some point Larry homes is in there with MIKE Tyson and you're going this Sadler homes in such a great champion. A mighty stay you're. Welcome. Now what you do if you go out as a heavy weight- and you have this, credible career and then you just get devastate. By the next you essentially we usually they set up one more fight so that you can an your career with your hand, held up in the air and have set up. I was ever pummelled bloody, Mass united. We get. Some tomato can put em out there. What I'm saying with hack men, retire. His ass, shove em in some Tarantino film or just says three words or something. So we can literally be discredited on this area, I'm gonna kill you repay a gentle, be at the end when you the grave that'll, be the that'll, be the top that moves. Sport could call now, let's do it.
Make it happen. His final film could have been the right. Ten of arms and a bit about what happened now is better than none of you. That would have it in great no to go out on, but now I have to go to move sport there and I don't like the Tanner bomb step, but moose This is no way of your life and I know how, in terms of quality in those dreams are right. If he added Gary a man fifty eight all brine, if I'm sorry Seventy seven cure a ninety he had at last. One day I was asking her to a room for them. Rapid the ape man likes to brag about the ape man Man will ever do that now course, not being poor taste. Hugging speak from
and there a rotten tomatoes game back twenty fifteen thirty six, whenever played with yes you're out of it and when we see the kind of the job at this point, but there is also putting some other people in it was weird. It was with a little weird, but all worked out and looking forward to hearing the declassed brothers on the show in a future curl classics, although I have loved here in Teresa as the fella Newsgirl for use of Anti was in studio for data protection, she's just always awesome when she's on the show its great here I agree with real tree. But before I get out here, want to once again remind everybody about Geico. Look everybody sharing more online year, your videos, your songs, you're, you're, ramblings,
However, we want to hear it in Geico wants to say thanks thanks for sharing your inner limp, sink star, your dear, why haircut bales, all that, but now it's back was turned share to Geico, give back! percent credit on tar and motorcycle policies for current and new customer gag. Committed for the long haul. Fifteen percent credit last year, poor policy terms so visit guy could accomplish give back for Info Eligibility Bellevue for girls. Classics we'll be back tomorrow at Rio. Sets a tribe of cruel, a classic pod, get get our Sunday episodes. If you like this one small, we'll see their findings. Locks motto that superfine Giovanni I'll. Do that.
I really want, is small classes. So my professors actually know who I am with the title: campus of fifteen hundred students and eleven to one student faculty ratio for scientists is big enough to expand your horizons small enough to feel like home. I always see people, I know when I walk across campus and last week my economics professor, invited the class over to your house. Her dinner resign as college. Odd name, perfect, fit visit us online at U R s eye, and U S got
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