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Clay Travis and Teresa Strasser, Live from Zanies in Nashville (ACS June 15)

Adam opens today’s live podcast talking about a unique experience he had on his flight into town, and the hypocrisy of rules from one airport to the next. He also comments on the recent civil unrest, and welcomes Clay Travis to the show. The guys talk a bit about the autonomous zone in Seattle, and then Teresa Strasser and Bald Bryan ‘Zoom’ into the show. Everyone chats about Bob’s Big Boy, and then they play a round of Blah Blah Blog. Later, Teresa reads news stories about Virginia Fuchs, someone fired for a terrible ‘I can’t breathe’ joke, and $1 homes available in Southern Italy. As the show wraps up, the guys react to one last story about young Americans having less sex, which leads to Adam’s brilliant new invention of ‘low self-esteem porn’. PLEASE SUPPORT TODAY’S SPONSORS! BlindsGalore.com, let them know Adam sent you Geico.com
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The choice is news all Brian on sound averse, inspiriting rounds of blah blah blah and Adam cruel of his own prepare. Now future cow, the cod metal winner role to be out of the house It did so weird, I'm from California, so I M sitting in the lobby the hotel them people going out to eat. Like
You're gonna get busted for don't go the restaurant of ordinary over here like it landed at the AIDS, because an ally, if you try to walk down the street Gavin usable, come up behind you wanna horse. I had something happened to me today. That is never happen. On a commercial airlines fly in my entire life of a flown all over the world have been there back a thousand times. This never happened before we took off so we we took off from allay this morning. I gotta for forty five this morning and allay I I've heard of you guys. I don't wanna go all scan logical, but I don't know if you had this deal, my bow. Rules are on schedule and that Schedule is about
a time for forty six specific time and she'll get coffee in trade, talk. My bows alleged like come on man. You don't get it What's we leave my house? We're not gonna have a good place to take a job for eleven hours. Cisely negotiating with my bows in Tibet. The room, and we got out of the house and we made it to allay acts, will allay acts to feelings had away over in Phoenix. Also. I do like that the unlovely airport, the airport is all rules and hell they're, tired of their rules like at some point you go. Women who take. My shoe Why? Why? Because I've been doing it for eleven years, ass all excited were done with them,
any other very road. We went to meetings, we went to a bar and mean it's a bar restaurant at the airport and the like. You will pour your dream. You can have a drink at the bar, but you can't drink it at the bar or in the restaurant. You must drink it out. In the airport, a few months ago I would have tried tat. You would have tackled me when I was trying to get out of the fucking. That alcohol move. You do when you walk in amateur, sir. You cared a flock and finally, a funnel What am I I can't remember, You couldn't pairs of the bar, the restaurant, with your alcohol, which, for me a double, goes hit the road. So
months ago. Woodman hampers grade my walked out with a symbol of Tito's in now what also, through the market airport with a double ok, whether revert back to the old rules, sir, and obviously, we can't let you into the southwest terminal what the drink obviously be too dangerous to turn into a molotov cocktails up. The thing that is never happened to me on a commercial airlines flying have been when we then got on the flight from Phoenix. We're flying in Tennessee and we're sitting there. The flight attendant got on the blower. She was doing her. She drew her think right, she's, like tampering with disabling destroying laboratories? But this is never never ok to smoke and apply to want to represent spotless refined. There's no smoke would be no faith in essence, a forty five minutes on fucking smoking like
I'm gonna pull out a cigar. Why? What's the situation? So I was sitting in the exit row which men I had had the late room, Chris locks over here was sitting directly in front of origin. after the side, and he was praying back talking to me- I'm smoking in him, while she's, given the safety speech in the pitch. Sitting in the sea in front of us not in our role in front of us sure, Scots in the middle of the tampering with disabled likely baggage. Ok, mind blown number one number to her pussy whip a golden husband was sitting right next to her
individual would let her off a fucking lease long adopted. This would be the first time she shoot me bore with him sitting there. We were sure where we got press, I gotta stop sitting in eggs arose because every time I did We need there's, always validation, phase masked without my back. My head was timber and you sure so loud, but you and I both this immediately. Stop them orders. We and we were shocked we got dry by shows no debate. Just the back of his head this other commercial airlines white and I started thinking about like sheep. That much interested Leadership study say like do you think she has like the in flight safety hard in her. Kindle it's important. studies it before they take up. Let's see what else did right there,
Adam not here and there were even not about getting here- we got here we got cared. her husband had tattoos, it was wearing Harley Davidson t sure what you fuckin drag this bitch all over the country, you're a hardly guy, Can you imagine her on the back your Haug all day, I jumped the baffles added the exhaust crank up the letter, Skinner. The fuckin beverage services hit an all time low and southwest, like Jesus Christ, first up their handing out
of water and that's it? You get a can of water. If you're nice, you get a pillow Kay filled with air and that's what I think about it. They do that thing where they go because of a covert nineteen situation we suspended, are beverage servants and, unlike well, isn't that convenient. What is inherently dangerous about you, ports, a car up and down this buck and I'll and having me middle little, also Tito Spock, unlike why's, that why does why not about it. I'm going to dance with the devil. Thou are already on the fuckin lion. Jesus Christ, gonna catch. Your bus, gotta travels my own huge. Now
you guys, are following. What's going on around the world, with all the fucking statues being torn down and all the crazy in tee anarchists people out there, so I think it myself. You know when to tear down some civil war general when a tear down Columbus fine, but you keep your Fuckin, filthy, commie, hands off of Bob's big boy I'll be on the fucking. The box like a Korean in our life, looking for It's going to be a warning shot. Then I'm fuckin, Bob's big boy, exist anymore Our I shall we get stuck, What the show, what we bring play tricks
you back! There came the coverage is travel year over the handicaps, as are outside the coverage, six anti white, nine M Eastern on Fox sports and then, of course, lock at it with cousin South. We love that shows an awesome week days for thirty on Fox sports, one, so you're out here, you're not dealing with all the shit I'm dealing with in an hour. I hear a lot about it because, like you said the show is based out an l. I so, at least in some level were back to normal, see here. Although the mayors
I live in areas where we should have a complication is about how we do our best to be worse than lay by but ass, those ready to roll, and he led the city lose the city hall to the rioters and trying to set up a city autonomous, in Nashville tonight, railway, fortunately the governor, let it be known that he's not gonna. Do that we're not Seattle! Yet So what's the outlet goes, but by and large, mostly tendencies back to normal yeah. I don't know. What's going to go on with Seattle, it made me it made me laugh that these already set up there, a ton of his own and in it would have six they did was set up. A smoking sacked really your first a business like you think, weight firms either Mayflower, that's like I'd be my first start. Our presence plant crime
out. You're wrong? We gotta find areas. Smoking said that's fucking woke they are. What is the economy gonna be in the autonomous zone? We figured out what the living being, because it there their own government, they have to tax, but they don't have any. I don't know they really thought through very night. I think the basic model is paper Pat grooming place and a person who has a bookstore, you give me twenty As a Dane, I won't shit on the side of my business is business last. Yes, I got San Francisco business model as well The way the mob used to do it, break the glass roll out the owners. I could just drop produce in front of your threshold. I think there's that's the religion,
we bring up ball. Bride injuries is good to see you guys ones. Have you any idea? What crazy technology is? I'm in the other room by this I mean the red room. Bride is back and allay Teresa is in Arizona right. you can go on about how much this is real. That you're, like a giant Richelieu, transcribe rain. I tell everyone. This is my fifth book, but it's really my six work because I wrote one with doktor drew a million years ago. Doktor drew and I wrote like a love line book back when love line was popular had it is so there's this thing like in the sixties of the seventies. If you had a popular
maybe show you needed a cut our yeah, it's like, but Leonard me more. You can't saying I don't give a shit. If you are on a half the guys in bonanza just had their own records. I write the later nine these where they realize. Well, nobody, not everyone, can sing, but anyone ghost rider so like in the late. Ninety should be at a popular show. There was a book that went along with it in that light a doctor, drew's career, probably recent bats Billy was taken out. I can read about without a gorilla arrived, so it is by six book, which is which is insane and if you guys get the book, you gotta get the audio book and the written both because the audio book there's a lot of rifts and jagged in certain experts stuff that that goes on their side is having the audio
did you how much two hours did it take you because I don't think people realize what you have to report every word and there's some guy sitting. There say no, you misspoke there may somewhat. I thought that was one of the toughest things of writing a book. The the audio books shocks, especially, bad student, like I am in your own words, its painful and what they do. Is they blow now that your three afternoons- and I did it at my studio, so what I started figuring out is I could get over an emotionally. If I would just meet Dawson the engineer there and that's a show up on our early on Tuesday or can you come on Saturday- will do two hours in this whole planet, ship away, mentality, even something you hate and nobody hates eating a reading out loud more than I do my nine year old might disagree. We are weak and have some are off during the lockdown surrounding him. While we could have some sort of does
I got the golden calf. Instead, the corridor. Maybe are you serving a nine year old. So if you break into little pieces. You can kind! You can kind of you and I I I actually approach- acts that weighs well. You wanna go over ninety minutes. Now, I'm gonna break a lot at eighty. Five second beds weaken this british law. Foreplay- that's right! so we're gonna do blah blah blah we're gonna. Do the news, I'm not sure what else we do in their MAX bear a
I've read and always well, sir. I would very much like I came out of the gates, but the local humor, the boss, big boy reference, the nearest one according to the website is in Cleveland, Ohio. I wish I had a guy. How dare you Anthony National crowd. But it really is a symbol of the white man, really cannot be denied. If you look at Bob's boy, get out, he's got, does cover all of you have said, it shall be blow off a house. I've been Olaf will have, I think, they're open here. Did you guys or else you can't do anything, but I think we're up and running you ve got a restaurant. At least I want you,
the whole house in Atlanta outside of well in Georgia, I guess outside of road land. I did a car racial wrote. Atlanta went to the waffle. Has the good thing about the lawful house than I no myself! Although it's weird, because they don't really have you into a house, and you go where's my ticket who, whose first or second they just go figured out like how's that work so so little like anarchy, is like that that city in the Middle EAST, by I owe you marvel at the sign for the Waffle House, because there's no less creative signage ever. Right, Borys, yellow blocked with black letters upper case was Yellow House like it is speaking to their clientele and it works. It is the exact opposite.
One finds appear here that says line in Google on it. You can stare nor the line. our cyclones, this line in curbing brewery to where we are right, not Canosa, Wisconsin gone. I did, you think about it. If you think aren't if you're at home are here, but the line in Google if you're driving down the freeway- and you could pass a line in Google beer sign: seven times and have no fucking What that sign says log house you can read from outer space, yes and also its not ambiguous at all. What is that plays its waffle? goes on inside said has well. There waffles. Yes, it's all there. It's a fake, ass, the boys I know about you, but the abyss. go to a restaurant. After you haven't been to a restaurant,
for a it was incredibly liberating experience? You forget how awesome a lot of things that we take for granted, to be able to walk into a restaurant in sit and eat or have a beer like a lot of people are doing out here, get into whether or not the walk down was stupid. I think, for the most part was and is by it's amazing how many awesome things we totally take further, I better place here about making I sit here and reflect. I hope you run it somebody who's recently lost their site and then in its way right here, for granted the blackness lights right we in the waffle, how article five weeks without
Joel waffle. I've been turned out that I couldn't eat in movement with a failure paying my blind brother. Yes, thank you. Yes, the Bob speak boy yeah. So I was thinking about my Bob's big boy joke, and I was thinking is Anyone know what a Bob's big boy statue even looks like out here. I know I they had em when I was growing up, but that I heard there was eighty the probably all closed down, but our day little ubiquitous like didn't. They make it into movies, and I think people would know that like here, even if it's not in the geographical, you know Bob's vehicle. I thank you. Thank you rear, what are they asked? Big boy now back through your joke support. Lanterns second chef.
Guy Code, thirty seconds worth a guy, go thing, sir. Interesting these days, lotta people sharing out there now guy comes, can give a little something back. Fifteen percent credit on car and motorcycle policy for current and new customers, because guy goes committed all fifteen percent for the full term of the policy gotta go to slash, give back for eligible. I feel we should play a little blah blah blah blah blah blah. Again we mass the celebrity with their retiring online, the celebs are blowing harder than they ve ever blown like. I feel like this fire her up like this
If all that shit, like George Collooney in a perfect storm, I got really see or thirty years. I've never seen this I've never been in Hollywood for twenty five years, and I have heard a blow The last ten minutes they fucking ratcheted up their gale force hot air and they are blowing acts. I mean this is like a category three now be the mix of all the different people with like one line for one thing: the song was it imagine that's the point was so uncomfortable and then they had everybody was apologizing hard or god listen celebrities, white celebrities, it's one thing to talk about, large eyes. What is completely different thing to physically log yourself. That's what we're getting here. You know that
we're religions were once a year. They just walked out ass. I did the fucking candid. I tell ya celebrities out to see some blood, let's feeling words are empty about flogging who do, you think, is the most likely to actually flocked themselves. On Instagram Chonta, pants on vat? I think young man, probably get like trouble. Barkley pick up. What flop genre put his hands behind his back and trousers smack of across the face. I then he yelled, thank you, have another go viral Sean paints, Obray product couple collect your shot with laughter the face. Yeah! That's a good one.
I'd watch, video. That's what I'm saying. Celebs I've heard all the talk bust out, the flip laughs. Let's get, let's get the flapping its dos and when he got the black activists, organizers and advocates who have been fighting for abolition, aren't asking for your permission or thoughts on their movement. Please stop trying to White Splain deepened the police. Let our spectacular ACT leaders lead us to a better way black lives matter. Is it rose Mcgowan almost semolina or Stanley too This is great. I knew was a white person This is real one of the three of them actually do we do this, the hours Maria, our leaders,
this and by the way. Where are we whites waning eyes? I a man, splaining we're everything's leaning, so that is unbelievably that's real oh that's why I again, you can't even satirizes, not anymore, I got soundly, something if you and I were sitting in the back, trying to come up with the most awkward tweet. A white person could send that's what would be play. I got news you're, not that good. Come back here may very well be accurate, don't try to kill. Displaying me to send me by jobs. Planning may have waited life's plainer. What others might we look for do in the future? Horseplay, I don't know where it is. I can tell you that I have had the juice lane. When the only she was in the last year in the EU, are further class. Any refugees lay the vessel
you just plain: where are you Did you use your white privilege to help you do splain or my man, splaining or white, signing too much right away? We got a back up a few steps to restock splendour audience what to do with us. we, I do much better. yeah, you probably don't encounter a lotta Jews. The waffle has probably our rights, ITALY. Turkey rose a gown and who was the third listen God. This is tough. It's it's amount, rushworth flowers, he was in that video wordy was decided ass himself ready. I haven't slap in the face which is reliable.
a? I don't know that I buy a well actually assault ass in all white celebrities. Take my Charles partly locked out of a pattern. Eighty, it's worth jumping frozen blocks of ice out. Your have again you you just did the whole froze in water. Yes, every right This isn't gonna heard any more than that I agree. Very worry, me seems rail and I don't want anything, can happen. That's right! Why? Why, for me a fair and- and came farmed in bags were all the ladys that are over seventy apart I'll get him in the beady part of that's why I can compromise nodded ass, all animal for them,
for the young men type and all the women under forty right now, Serbia for the older broad and had a little too much work done? We wouldn't want to raise with one failed, a lap and transparently, there will be a major part of the far right. That's good think we're gonna modified gotta, make it accessible. I don't know go. Go ahead. I'm gonna go with wisdom, Olano, because I gotta be honest with you. I don't know that anybody's fallen faster in my esteemed and only some Olano from the world, he's the womb like a lion in my address male fantasies right which he was on whose the boss What are the names of what was her name on whose the boss, yes Eric, and now she has become utterly insufferable in all respects. So that sounds to me like an alyssum, Olano Tweet. I would like
whole of thirteen version thirteen year old version clay and go right. You really know less alone a riot you say your sports hearers Bruce Gender Diane. I gotta time is crazy. I'm not gonna. Tell me more and up together before us, I gotta, listen, mulatto is well brine, Teresa laws, blossom lot until I found she was good enough for clays erotic fancies, thirteen she's, not a forty one, I think to Gmos. The one who knows the word abolition is going with to Turkey. the blood belongs to.
Alyssum alone, when I first heard when I first heard defined the police, I have to admit my first reaction was fear I'm all life police have made me feel safe, but that's it the centre of my white privilege, the police, make me as well woman. What my black friends they hold on a second you ever centre like a new giddy White Centre like bar get away but on the outside community center, its asked him to, guy doesn't want my black friends family. Neighbours, veal, the opposite police, make that Enfield Terror and for good reason,
ways of the sixth leading cause of death for black men in this country. These are not isolated incidents. They are patterns and part of the system of over policing of black Americans reforms not worked, Natalie Portman, Jessica be ill Bill or Emily Blunt is this job man. I am now saying everything through the lens of my Charles, partly flip locker, and I think what I'm gonna do with these three as well line about, because at a certain point the strawberry celebrity for Charles again. Do it will move the card and spoke Sedona made? Will be the handsome brothers and slap shot, a line of up the trials of this snack Charles, busy man every celebrity. How near the question I have when I hear that, how many
pr people. Work designed in the drafting of that we regardless of which of the three did? How many people did they clear that with who are they actually senator because right now you never like when we had the skin every now and then a celebrity puts out like a good looking picture on Instagram is like never was always a good looking guy from that, man show a timetable, and everybody knows that bananas the guy who was that the frat guy living next door to set Rogan back in the day after. After I put out the picture of himself any we like in its is convertible news like happy, I'm, ok, while I was just like a priori rather like they ve all got the idea that you can't just they can't be entrusted with their own social media.
I so blue, ever wrote. This didn't actually right and it wasn t alike also that it's funny, because if we went from black frenzied allegory ever you for let's go was like block. I got a lotta back black brands, but blood Why wouldn't work the black flag? Friends angle? now we switch to pay a family in the law enforcement community, They say the same shit. It's an interesting little, some interesting little twist right. I know Emily Blunt. I spent some time with her dead, Jimmy camels how's. She is the light is not going to say it you had better and you like. That's right, that's it away! Why are you all right? but that was Jimmy Jimmy's rap with me was like oh, that guy's, a Deuce buddy super cool, the you that's why you like, but, unlike yes, my friend killed
the math on my psyche, eliminate Emily, and now we got who's that bill in the Middle EAST lives here. nothing's ever langwidere. I believed him up there. We we had a book. Then we found out your available applies there. Anyone had one of my tweets, I'm gonna go Natalie Portman that I was gonna, go Natalie format to because that sound and if that sounds Harvard asked the way it was laid out, I don't think she wrote it herself. I think she has a team of pr people, but I'm Goin Portman as well. I know the answer, which means to get it wrong Definitely not Emily blunt because He is from England and say that is a lot of luck, this country and cops and bought a blood like it's. Not this other relationship with gas therefore can guns over there.
another point is very small. Knowledge is too modest and very simplistic someone's going to reduce. This is a tough one, Ryan mean alone, sense rare. Why? My way now Clarence been in a lot of trouble with her own people might be able to choose. You ve been very slow, even worse simplistic when it was probably within my team. Still I'm gonna forming the blow. belongs to Napoli Board College. I knew tat. Good thanks. You wasn't it Jimmy's place, gives you wouldn't miss that I'm starting to get oil it pompous raised even in Hollywood along Guy, you, before here we go into the championship rounds, I'm not
racist and I never have been, but I need to speak about this because just not being racist isn't enough outrage. It makes me feel sick. It brings me to tears. There should not be such a gap between people like this. We need to support and stand up and speak and use our white privilege to stop. This is an error in Paul alive. The jade or Britney spears. Olivia Jane, is the daughter of lorry lot right, because people are forgotten her. She was a girl who got into U S e, supposedly as a crew member right, said Oliver agenda two thousand porn star aright, so wait a minute. Did you just go by Libya jaded? Does he have a last name?
yeah, I think she's, an Instagram star to guess goes biology, Olivia, J. Ok, I'm gonna go ahead in Japan. I think it's her because I think of all the people who could be saying ridiculous things. The girl got him to U S e entirely because of her privilege would definitely be citing their people needing to be aware of their privilege. so I think she is so tone deaf that it's gonna be her look here, you're, u ban a thousand so far, but what is really spears doing up there? You know what I mean: This raises. She yeah yeah, see Let me just too young to say I've never been a racist ride. not even twenty one, so young. been a lime. Wire thing is, is here kind of the way. I stated. I think it's it's an honest or waiting for more. Now this I save doll. My black brown
I am not array says I have never been a says by I may be come on it's a point. I I guarantee you that leading right right, applied? Who knows tomorrow? You don't owe me, we don't know tomorrow, Hidell limit a really spears here because nobody oversee admitted that she just dropped in that she burned down her Jim. Like that, out there like she literally, is almost incapable of speech. I don't. I don't think that sea is in any way capable of even pretending to say we'd, like I everybody we will get it be I get. I'm not soberly spears can read, there's no way ready actors sounds Marilyn Monroe, singing happy birthday, every boy evidence she speaks out right,
I've ideology, but I'm not sure if you had Britney spears on the stage right now, and you said I just wrote this book: can you read the first paying I'm not sure she could do and what's that Brad me neither our eye wow. You know you miss calling as turning horror, rank ass. Yours weighing my ass. I now that sounds. Gay ass is officially swayed and its tall drink, the water, the din. Current policy there, just because he was on the compilation, douche bag, celebrity video. I don't go in last I've Brian. What do you think? I know for a fact? It Arundel You remember you follow air quality early April. I would have rest had an avoids wrong
to leave her, while my first instinct was errant all because he hasn't earnestness, but I think was manifest in that statement. Roman now, I think he was just there the same reasons daily to you is there, because he was a laser video which leave me grinning spears who love? And why believed struggling with mental illness? I would never make her only honest here. All decided in it at all I want to say that I know the chief
struggling with mental illness. I think she's been choked out by mental I've, seen people throbbed with Paypal about the garden knows these beings being submitted by mental illness, that she's gone ass, tat a round with mental illness, getting its arm rise, but go ahead speak up the seasons, glass house. All this I might go with my original instinct. I'm gonna go iron Paul to just I don't know why grown airport, the blog belongs to a levy, a gene therapy for three
Why, however, batting idea you I mean nobody runs the table in this life ran very close, accomplish something has never been done before GO. Does it as a Tennessee it's me, sick, that there are monument standing in our statement. Celebrate raises historical figures who didn't evil things: Edward Car, MAC and Nathan. Bedford Forest were despicable figures in our state history and should be treated as such. Is it their swift, Miley, Cyrus or Megan Box. Now, for my Charles, partly flip lab to separate these three
because I don't want Charles to go half speed. I don't want any short shrift on these. What he is going to use his flip flop to wipe that shit, eating grin right off these witches faces. I dont like and by the way, I'm just kind of work this out. It may not be Charles Barkley. Maybe I use Terry curves I dont know. Without I don't know, I want a lot up or body I want. I want. I want a competitive background. Obviously need a man of collar, obviously to really execute this saying at a size. Thirteen flip lot right. Well now. Megan Fox doesn't paper that off Does she now and then Miley does alive and then put but Taylor.
Is getting more political and more vocal right, I'll fuck me money, yeah she's got scared. We want a right you money is is good, but fuck me money is great. The documentary Oh yeah, I saw I saw some of it. I didn't really pretty good actually to know I have watched it. I I don't ask as I'm from Tennessee, and I think I can either go get this one. You wanna go to yeah I feel like I'm cheating, because I think the beginning as a tendency in and I believe, Taylor Swift is living in their work my only they all they all are from Tennessee. I don't know where Megan Foxy she still married Brian Austin Green, I dont know, but if I was from Tennessee Miley has a house ear and Taylor has house here. So I think that you're smart enough to give you
three tennesseeans. At least I don't think Megan foxgloves yourself, I dont know how works by. If I in charge of Tennessee, and by Viruses like I'd like to move the Malibu I'd, go go at the door if MEG in fact said I'd like believe, like Sky Will you come and were then I dont works. Why would I never latterly marry that guy from NATO to one I've been laid out is this: guy did you you can tell I know for a fact that Taylor Swift got it feels like Taylor, I'm going Taylor Swift as well:
Megan Fox, I dont think lives here anymore, so I think you can toss out. So I think it comes down the Miley Cyrus or Taylor, Swift and Wednesday help me here is idle no one of the people that she named in rats. We a pretty well versed in history, especially in Tennessee history. So whoever said that is being that it- and it seems to me like Taylor, has become the most poles, a person like she's talking about mayors and senators and governors, and that seems very intensely political. So I think Taylor, Swift, is the big wow, that's a safe bread. It ensures a victory. Maybe I should have made I gotta partly fifth. Here we got the log belongs to
Taylor, swift border for nobody. Next time, keep your eyes on your keyboard and your hands on your asses. Another round, blah blah blah Travis everybody I feel like it by ever ran into Miley Cyrus and she started dressing gown for eating be down with black lives. Others are. I just go yeah, at a time when Europe has died and then she start crying immediately media. Try it it'll work on our right, We do the news Teresa Strasser What are we roll and wonderful? I think it is that South West car-
I would also like you just dropped it over here. Not those drugs are in front of why you did good by getting your married five lotta guys were brown bandanna out other left side pocket wash down like I got the grinder Frederick was signed. Travis
here any is renowned sports journalist, I'm actually gonna start tonight when sport story about female boxer play. I dont know if you read about this today, it all started when: U S Olympic boxer Virginia use tested as they per man substances that is back in February. She says soon into shocking. Couldn't figure out? How does it happen? She didn't know how these banned substances had gotten into a system. They were prohibited hormone and metabolic Modulator turns out substances were transmitted to her during sex. Most of all her lawyer is deserves
the greatest. We got that as an award. Winning argument is like trying to figure out. You tested positive for a ban substance and its first thought is: have you had sex? She says yes to escape from this, for I only blue throng one where it had observed. No way, I've been how credible up of argument and it works, I did the! U S idea saw her case as you me ever no fault and cleared her to continue. Fighting mewks has served recently as captain of the. U S, eleven team and she's Rachel Having heard guys, I'm fucking steroids, yes!
Somehow he was drawn under the bar, how they haven't poor government. What I saw that headline in you pronounced it Fuchs, but I got how ironic isn't that her last name is box. You see age, but that she gets off for pocket, knowing that it is an excellent, its next level and believe me, I didn T die automation. Yeah also very impressive, its views. Well, wait a minute. We may be missing the real story, which is what is that fuckin baby gonna? Look like coming, that's gonna, be a super. Maybe like do not start with that. Baby, bakers is why out tears rose in Africa and then does some body work through a nurse
burst out of the hospital like that babies come out like the alien manner case is gonna, plus that one the guy two's bit like I've just been lifted? More I know it's vice, like man you're working a lot stronger lately, what even died you not been hit. The general overboard entity just gets out it forbidden on steroids What is what is the boyfriend Do we see in Olympiad, as he is your way lived there? I was curious and at the same time, any information about him, but the substances are less resolved, P, W. Eighteen, sixteen and a boxer. Any views is a fly away and chief sheep, I mean look. She passes the eyeballs asked what why now, but He looks like a sweet lady, Laura JUICE, wiring. Now, Jesus wow
the room was thick with tonnes that I have the highest form of your. According to Shakespeare, why. We thought that she's, a lesbian is going to have a real twisted. A star My partner where's q and creating girl I'm also a little bit concerned about my browser search history, because I honestly don't know if this was oral sex or vaginal sex, and I I did the research I know Christiane Amanpour, do the same things actually work I'm not really expected you to ask. So that's what she was doing. Research. and I appreciate it. I was gonna picture and it both ways here that I wouldn't have the answer. So I don't know where they raise ingested
so I don't want to out anyone, but it looks like my shower. Traded home has been choosing. will, you saw a guys, were pretty moved when the period when I worked for any time, while until so with funds and has been fired after promoting a very special worked out with the red work out, why and it did not go over very well. Even imagine there's a draw. Oh my god
now. A word was, of course, the man you link at least work up position, but the autumn raised like us by luck. These people, do this I mean my so my theory as always been like when I did love line and someone would find out that their partner with cheating and I'd go how'd. You find now he left his cell phone on the night Stan, and I saw that like he wanted you to know. Guy wanted out ride like this. He was tired. He was to move to Florida. You want the cash in the four one k like I don't know how this guy's, but you can not. This is going to destroy your business right. maybe he needed, to get fired, collect unemployment, and this might be the worst decision that I've ever seen
we're getting this buffoons somebody you could even to do that and if you were not wait, what do you think this is maybe an incredibly bad decision here and it's a public thing like everybody? coming to your class, yes, I wanted. I did this guy must be the biggest idiot. It's gotta be a guy right. Yes, it is an unbelievable lass. In judgments, the owner of this branch eyes is claiming that he was intending to support the black lives matter. Movement, though I admit it was clearly. I'd. Also, if you look at the hour, it's a dry race bore down. Let me explain something about that: board we have all had those moments. Were somebody catch you often you impulsively got your hand goes flyer. Somebody pushes you you push back this instinctively
rate from other reactionary, stand boy, this guy, sit down with a magic marker and dry raised ward and sit for Forty five minutes income pose this thing you're right it. He had to draw the little boy Man on me, like with em hurry number with every barbie with every row with every bit. He had ample time to stop. Any boy and grab that array. Sir, I just picture it. You know that citizens give worthy grandpa walks in ended, immediately turned and walked back our showing up. At this I mean I would want to see the work out just turn around a lot like the other thing is, if you did the work out, you're gonna lose your job. like you walked in and you are like. Ok, that's pretty bad, but I need to get my work out today. You wouldn't get fired. If you didn't work out,
There is only angle. Here is the cardio angle. can't breathe as nothing to do with these tragic incidents. At such a strong already a work out, your literally will be gas that, by the end of them, is the one I don't there lay down doesn't help that that was it wasn't just drawing or Title you also added down at the bottom I'm saying I think you walk in you immediately tired and you cancel your dear members Evan you like to go somewhere else. I've none of those beer was the wrong. One None of those exercises requires taking me rolling and parties. This guy's like these. What's his name?
Oh, not relieve Roger. Nor am I gotta see this guy like this guiding the leave. The country and governments are he's. Gotta get called obvious, hey Stan, I'm sorry! After this we gotta You go and he's gonna be fine. Because I had no idea of her new business pudding. do rags. long jockeys. So better to get that one. when are you going to work in a waffle, has Sometimes you got that emphasise you guys you're drunk it out that their lack of any real place right at the bottom of the driver raised what it does say, Ulysses and don't you dare lay down, so I do not think he will be employed. Any of these one hundred anytime
well, why? I may like this guy up, were Charles Barkley Flintlock Challenge diverse group. It's not all gonna, be a less theirs moving on to some Corona news. I know that you are a bit persuasion and I dont know if you ve ever considered by country home in ITALY, like Clooney with this like Roma, Zack relay slowly There are now halls available in a town called cheap web Roddy, saying that correctly in southern ITALY and their homes available from one dollar, and this village is corona virus free according to the mare, so they re a tie in town and houses are per se.
one dollar, eight, it's supposed to be beautiful. It's just that everyone leaves elite the far they go to find employment elsewhere, so they are losing population and are trying to invite people from around the world that there too, dollar homes, our own market as well? I went on Zella.
It turns out. A lot of those homes are worth fifty cents a day. That's they ask about. At least I don't know the act in this area. I would on red vein. I went on sale, those does go. The fifty to sixty three said range, so I'm gonna have to haggle with that mare of that town, because all show up with a dollar, but he better passed out this change belt. Otherwise, I'm fuckin walk it. I'd like to pocket whereby a house for dollar and then have a home inspection would be like. The guy is the third zone on the ac. We gotta replaced the filter and receiver drier, so I'm going to need it. a little off that omens
MAX it out a dollar a dollar of what is one of the shower is in the kids. Room has a little drab, I dont know if it's the pipes could just be a gas, get either way. We're gonna have to back up offer that dollar and then added you doing traditionally, like you put twenty percent down like twenty cents, a quarter hold your hand. My business manager said off over thirty years. Do it over fifteen years a year for a month for fifteen years is paid off so much faster. You save on interest, it's good credit ride, My real gave six Oh yeah, you gonna, give you gonna break off a bit Are the real there
it's complicated, I could see myself going into the italian bank and finding out that I was turned down for the loan. Sorry, we really yeah. You're fight goes score, nice fifteen cent kind would be something a little more. we ve run, this joke as far as possible. Jug I'm going to leave you with this story. Young Americans are having less sex and they can't even more
the parole virus condemning for this sexual inactivity, increase among young american men at two thousand and twenty eight in accorded the same Agar state University. Researchers who studied survey, data from you as adults, postponement of adulthood and the growth of the internet and digital media media would be reasons for. Why is the morning to see an end colleges, analyze data looking at sexual frequency and number of sexual harassment? Looking responses supply by more than one thousand men and five thousand women men who were unemployed part time, employment or lower incomes were more likely to be sexually in active psychologist bound, noting that the percentage of sexually inactive eighteen to twenty four year old men increase the. Let me just give you a sense of this increase in active Zack sexually
men increase about, nineteen percent were enacted between two thousand. You don T go over thirty percent sexually active between twenty sixteen and twenty eight well we're doin off. I go I don't know we're good relic and as a species like all the internet porn mix with The me to shit, like your honor me like what's a chance at this stage. I think it also factors in women think manner total pussies. Now the address So I think that this this is a big factor is that there are only you're all right now, like you, ve been out with total policies in euro like that they pay. You don't want to sleep with a bright light. The reason that I believe you did all show that I think the reason why men like women and women like men is because we're different and we become like similar with each other, it's hard to be set
attracted each sorting. All these loser guys we're sitting around. Like offended by jokes, because the guys that are not having sex right you're on Twitter all the time complaining because there's something you sad or something I said and they're just basic pussy. So there My theory on what's happened over the course of the man of great. I agree completely that man Chin you ever hop on a porn site. There are lots of devices that their sell. It would Buoyantly eliminate the necessity to ever engaged in sex ever tat, like back in open when I was young, they had You think they were like novelty. I'd really like I ve got some pocket policy that like strawberry, and it's got a picture. Iran, Jeremy Jeremy, on the is like thing looks like
fuckin raft, I'm not mere that shit. Inflatable dolls used to look like when I was back in my day. They look like a fuckin ran through the top holder right. Why why why The market was neither tastes like stronger result. Both felt ass. They go down on a pocketbook, don't judge it was. It was a novelty thing now I see shit it's made by Milwaukee. It's got air compressors scrap medical grades, titanium in there I mean it's do and she had a woman could never ever do no matter how much I paid- or I will tell you- I will tell you this. If you look at what I've got disappear, funny? For a long time the other media covers watch friends on twitter,
so really serious story. Oh my god! This is treading on twitter right now. the media would start covering one trends on port. The same. Why like born of dwarfs twitter and traffic, really destroys it's like that night most popular website on the internet, twitters like twenty seven or twenty eight a mad. If you started seeing the media, like you I not see it in it were like man melt poor is skyrocketing right because, though we like you know, look at this viral video you I got one sometimes allegedly and I'll see you at the numbers stuff, that's treading involving step, moms and steps. Stirs having us like the difference that disconnect between what people in their bothered by on twitter and what they jerk off to on board has like blows. You're, mine and a porn is more real. You know it.
people really like as opposed to what they claim they like Do they have debt dad born? I am sorry that I have they love line, I step MA land she she's dear and during Thanksgiving we have things to talk about targeting stepmom horn category, as is Stand, but then yes, John, by step, dad right away. Disparity China, because there is no step dad Jean Paul. Imagine how much different the world would be for step dad's if young really attractive girls were just masturbating like crazy to step down for what do you think? That's what they wish to replace about we're going on. Try to figure out the difference between life and poor in more, at least according to my calculations, sources. I've told you when why
in on you beating off finishes for you, that's one hundred percent, that's your poured in real life. Gotta be lower than fifty percent ride like when I was in high school lame walked in on me. It was not even a coin. maybe less than fifty percent baby weren't been forties. I don't know it's gotta be lower right there. informing the public. My son, willing one day he gets a step ma. it's gotta be discovered from the pocket door wide. By had trophy wives, gonna walk.
Gets back where waves move out, allows us be honest. If somebody gets stepmom, she's gonna ask him to live here, setting a dangerous message to the children of step mobs its excluding dad and again the bearing average ass to be way less than what definitely wonderment those alive. You know they should do everyone's while they shouldn't low self esteem poor, because I have low self esteem porn and be a situation like this step. Bomb walked in and they seventeen are always beating off, and then she would
Ok, I'm gonna go make an omelette. She shut the door and I just watch him frantic notice. It keep me real remain so I know so. I believe the next one like not knowing now we don't know. I said this many times to restructure their and all the Ladys out there who fake orgasms! Don't everyone up hold,
back every between eight and eleven battle set the hawk their guile. Believe it. If you ve got a record of eighteen hundred organic, unbroken he's gonna catch. Yonnondio is gonna. Think your line about every eight one just say to your husband Oprah, had that lady on where the monkey attacked or face today, and I just go there- I can't go there, so there should be a low self esteem poor. That makes all the other porn, but actually is their military amazed, one seven that they like Geraldine, straightway, Sech a lamp, and you have to watch that beat all by itself, would make the next one excited hover comes onward. Just fixes the pipes
Well, one out of every time he gets out of your honest, something that the strongest reinforcement is variable. Reinforcement like a slot machine was slightly wrong. I feel sorry for the guy on the board set who was holding the boom. I am asked Cecil leaving Few super high has even do bore Jesus and accurate. I also fear that the port star, right I mean he's just get us a there'd, be all by himself. Well, every seven, no higher but it would make it that let's ride like yours, you're out of your eye, New York, why I actually have a genuine question and it would be interesting to know what flavour of foreign is twenty one, because you know during times of great uncertainty and social stray people lay save water
they like thumper, so comfort par right. It's we should support. What's out at the end of every year there rankings I'd like to talk to. Five and they would just based on what the search box right so like last year, asian mill, just skyrocket, people will set a good year. I don't like you, look at the whole team performed at a level you didn't anticipate, and so I'm always kind of forty two number one no coughing I had Asian poured in my fantasy road. We ain't there was a great drappin rate draft undervalue it in all honesty that they have done studies when teams point the Superbowl. We just saw San Francisco play against who they lose Jays issues that are so the chief someone in Sanford, This go immediately after the team loses. The number of people on poor up sky Russia, when Europe team loses,
some guys all over the country get over it by owing to pour hope to jerk off writing wins they don't jerk off as much because there, I bet insistently every year, whoever loses the big game goes in Georgia. I bet in San Francisco, statistically they look at more step. Dad poor pay, see laws. Just just say a number one club, yeah. Why might be right on an I'm frozen? Missus Coleman Niners man is devastating loss as soon as they lost immediately on the points that it was awkward, simple party poison. You didn't have to put it up on the big scream. I understand tat technology. Gotta use apple exists for a reason, please think about RO. I do another twenty eight minutes on board.
But I do think about the titles of aid amazing, because some of this stuff is good. You know, slim and pass the here. You know young and curvy or whatever, but some of is like slow, PE mill and there's no way that chick signed an IRA choice Right Then, let's go. That's all think I'd. Only horrible won't we're going with seasoned in box. You can hit the road they write, sloppy mailbox. That's why you have to have representation. Would you This business is take advantage I am really is in love with my low self esteem. poured where the guy a phenomenal idea somebody's. What it up on that site Ok, so angry to write, you pick that one
go in there like I want you have a great tat. Great like somebody goes you are asking about like what people look up a lot of. I like to go to the like, I said, to trending topics and people will be looking for whatever is training like who wrote a virus has been one of the top search terms on porn Aurelia for months and I'm like I don't know if it's accidental, like you, think, you're a Google, your actual and you're just like how does that happened like who? Who is such a signal that there are like? I gotta, go jerk off to the corona virus. With my low self esteem porn we couldn't track. Alias actors is like this guy, but it would be a tell it would be a towel right now, right problem She's, not every born bribes. You did Mary Poppins moment. She was like. I figure best career move was to do it virgin Mary poverty.
great war, nay by now, but a lotta Alot Alec Baldwin I'll do little independent fill these are projects have a business one more terrorism? Ok, just a wrap up this round the sexual inactivity of young people. They are taking on the two rode into adulthood that, according to the author of the study, is includes postponement of not just sexual activity, but also other activities related to meeting in reproduction, including dating living with a partner, pregnancy and burn. These reproductive trends are part of a larger cultural trend towards deal laid development and, as the other said, it is more difficult to date and engage in sexual activity when not economically independent of one's parents. I, my son, turn fourteen a few days ago a keep waiting.
for him to make that move any has made that move. He puts his ear buds and he listens to NFL Pod, cast any balances up and down on a trampoline alone, in the back yard. I don't know, maybe it's, although hormones that are in the fast food like they're good, a biological thing going on. You know, Doktor drew his interview, people that talk about all the plastic and live in its producing asked region and to play What county is down in a major way like that's? That's a statistic for men compared to like fifty years ago, sperm counts are dancing yeah there's also, I didn't mean show bed with Jimmy wants where we want to fertility doktor everyone, your clinic, and there's there is, count, but there also move me so telling, at a higher. He had a higher sperm counts, but I had,
were more mobile, like I was They are more active, the other one It sounds like we were like the Indians like we're few. What were proud of you? That's that's. I choose to look at bite, my might might might goose, like bury Sanders, you know domain yeah, I know it's been set alight. But that's the way I why? What did you use at the Minsk when they do? They have magazine I always think like the magazine, if you going, you, like a regular doctors office, its eyes like ten years old rice exports illustrate or ten years ago, read what is that magazine. I don't really want to pick it up. You like I'm just gonna gross. Aren't they get a men's clinic where everybody, using either a video or a magazine. Do you remember like what the hell would like that
why travel with bone poor and I have spent on phones? People would be working right when you got. I had a poor, valet back then said: pretty good basic cable feel good about those very successful yeah. I think in that bit we didn't look at anything. I feel like we just went ahead. Competition and we literally how to cabotage. What do you think would happen if you did that competition on television today, cable? Jimmy going to see who is looking jerk off and then what you're sperm counts are gonna, be added errs on cable. The reaction on Twitter is what in today's current climate, big, I I feel like a list of Olano. What have you and now I am furious words for us, a male privilege to have an erection. That's right.
That's right! You probably right thinking about women in a sexual away too, with very inappropriate after you have to do a lot of Jews, Splaining Virginia! That's why I've come full circle. Let's bring it home to me Our answer you some for letting me billion for the great geographic I'm Teresa Strasser, and that was the news we were more here, guy, real quick. You guys need our own sure and since when I get up with Geico Man, they give back fifty percent credit on current motorcycle policies for current a new customers as well. So that goes, for the long haul. Fifty percent credit last full policy terms, just gotTA, Geico, Dotcom, Slash, give
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