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Adam opens today’s show with Dan Crenshaw on stage at the Houston Improv. The guys talk about all of the proceeds from today’s show going to the Houston Food Bank, and then Adam asks Dan about his experience on Saturday Night Live. They also talk about Dan’s time in combat, the pain of getting blown up by an IED, and when movies don’t get the details right. Later, Adam asks Dan about his glass eye, and Adam talks about Dan’s pragmatism as a politician. Up next, a musical interlude from both John Hiatt and Graham Parker. In the last part of the show, Adam takes suggestions for a round of ‘Adam Carolla is Unprepared’. PLEASE SUPPORT TODAY’S SPONSORS! TommyJohn.com/ADAM Geico.com
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Yesterday, you s congressmen, Dan Crenshaw, Ryan, Green plus performances, Graham Parker and John High, it now such a pessimist. He sees today's socially distance audience as half empty, not half full You did
and she has joined the grand alot of first responders here tonight. So Tipp of the cap in a calamity, clap for you guys and when I, when I say clap, I don't mean the venereal disease, I mean actual. come on. Anyone over forty members, venereal disease is called the clap. much nicer than Herpes sounding so we're gonna. Why pay homage to couple folks? It really helped out here and then we'll go right into their show. First, we should bring up. Let's get the room, card here. Let me make sure I got the right card. I got the right carved from the air stay enough food Bank Brian
green is here: come on offer both socially distance by Europe. What I'm trying to lunch? Try into this microphone and just gonna tell us what their use in food banks all about well, a food being. Normally, we we provide food assistance for families need is just right now. It's dramatically. Change was somewhat like a curtain dropping on the economy, and so we ve been distributed about a million pounds a day while I'm through all these different site. Distributions spent a lot of work. In all the money for a mud today show is going to be used in food. I've never been to food bank up into a drive through bank Gazer thing, we're like the drawer, slides out just filled with Chile, shut up with your own. Ladle are deployed,
come to you or you bringing it everybody so for banks themselves are like distribution centre, so we don't actually serve people directly. We we work with all these different charities, motherlike, church pantries that are and the distribution. Well. Not only is the money that's been raised here today, all going to the food bank, but I believe that time, Castillo who's, the manager here at use and improv, is going to bring out a check, and I think we have a little matching funds situation Tom Tom, maybe in the back firing employees. Right now. Hurt him yelling at does some folks Tom. Are you there you down yet come on up, because we have a presentation here for a yes vote, we'll socially distance by its
This is a ceremonial check. Do not try to take this to a czech cashing place in hammer this check brine the ceremony old check, but yes go ahead, go ahead Tom. I just wanna say owing to thank personally thank Adam, because what he's done this week is incredible. I don't, if you guys, realising these donating all this all his money. These may wake the staff and the food company business for thirty years, I'm actually the owner and the you're not gonna guys like this. Ok, you guys. I know you guys know him. He's your guy really appreciate that. We also want to tell you guys were matching what Adams raised. So
hold a nation for today's twenty thousand dollars were thank you guys and Brian Greenhouse gas Theo. You do and the Lord's work. Thank you very much, and thanks for what do you do it true that all the money I am raising over this weekend is either going to the food bank or go into the folks who work here, the guys in the kitchen, the folks, making the drinks and bring the food, but So I got a haircut and It was a nine thousand dollar hair cut. We have to back that out. So Ed. flew here privately and I've had surf and turf for every mail. Again we have to back that all out, so I'm gonna need
you to pass the hat. So the servers could go ahead and contribute because I gotta be made whole before I leave. Bacteria are all here, as I French, o the book. Sorry fortitude, I'm lookin, for I am you guys red or listen to dance book fortitude It is all you need, and it's all your kids needs and it's all american needs in a huge fan of this man. I saw him originally uncertain. live like many of you did, and I saw the way he handled that and I just thought it was so graceful that you had a sense of humor about being the butter. Joke and went on the show and show that you could take a joke and then give some back, and I let wanted to talk about the mindset too. That approach she wake up Sunday morning you find out that some scrawny kids been taught,
shit about you and your first reaction is why equation? First of all, thank everybody for being here. Port. No used include back. Thank you for supporting Adams, private flights. La guys they needed You're welcome to freedom. My eight is it. It was so weird. The first night I mean after being in total lack down. I mean I've been living in a shark cage, allay go outside your house that cut out leg holes in a shark cage. You pick it up. You can walk about like Hell week. You carry on how and corn IDA you may
about eighteen feet, set it down your gas, thou, teammates or yellow that software tattling on new. We went out and had a stake in a martini on Thursday night, and I just couldn't believe it because it's like the greatest thing ever from Yes, I worked really hard, then go out for a drink at stake, as is the reward and, of course, and there lay there is no care it at the end of the stick but they do have this deck yeah. Ok, mostly usurping allow because there's nothing more dangerous than alone surfer mild. Are you now given corona virus too? Well, I guess sharks, and then you run up the shark eighty so day as your question now the and this happened so long ago, some a surreal to think about getting from there to hear and look up the next day
I haven't watch Saturn. I live lives Saturday night since I was in high school, but it, but it was a staple of of a lot of us growing up. I used to watch it back before Netflix in T Veld and all that and the next day I get all these text messages from from friends and their their most making fun of me like I got. You give us a seal teams right this visit this gotta people, I'm I'm with so they watching me. Just get just get raked over the calls, but there also kind of pissed because they get directly over the cause. They don't like it ones like some skinny comedian. Does it and it was more annoying than anything else it was. It was lost on me at the time. I was where, at the time of the significance of that event, for my own life, yet further,
those you who don't know what happened: PETE Davidson, which is showing he was contributing to ESA Elles NEWS and he was just showing pictures of politicians, mostly Republicans and then sort of making jokes at their expands, and they put a picture of you and said you looked like a porn hitman in a porn. I hit man in a porno above within that wasn't the offensive part, but that that part makes you think, z like what is look like there's a lot of questions that arise but arise That's not what made everybody mad woman everybody mad. What it's when you when he said when he kind of sort of apologized for- and I know, I'm sorry, loss, design, war or whatever right, and he said it like that, what I felt a little bit like an ad lib. It felt a little bit car like an accident, but that's kind of like he meant it and it made everybody really mad and so
the way I the way I analyze the situation in my book is as others there is basically to ways this could have gone and perfect storm of events that allowed us to sort of make America feel good about it, and but it could have gone much differently because normally happens in that situation. Is we at the outrage and we just at least the twitter mob and we'll get these guys will get them good. Maybe we'll get them fired, maybe we'll get them. Canceled will get people to stop. You know advertising with them and they were getting threats of that anyway. Actually and happened. Well, Saturday, night live probably would have backed into their corner. Maybe they would have preferred we apologise. Maybe they would have just weather the storm either way. Nobody would feel really good about it in the apology would have been course there with a bang like Al Qaeda it out ahead. I'm CNN Film Crew denounce America because a capture them some ran home to create so
I know that World Dan explain it to you later after the show a baby, country. The point is, you know: once the forced apology, either like that's unsatisfying right, but that sort of what our culture forces right is what our culture expects these days, these good of forced apologies, but it's not real apology right and the outrage mob, never really subsides, they still hates. You, though, still try to cancel you and in so. Instead we thought. Ok, he clearly they were clearly making folks and at conservatives there was right before the election. That was obvious. That bias was obvious, but it was necessarily as obvious that they also hate wounded veterans proposals. Maybe we can. Maybe we can, even though he said it, namely, and give some better the doubt, and- and I went back to a phrase that I that I had gotten from Harvard professor who was. I did my masters. No big deal the text a say in the east
to be, and they started off the semester. Any says wire here, try hard, not offend others even harder not to be offended I thought I was really deep but simple way of Given the atmosphere that were in- and I think this professor was tapping into what we all understood to be true about college campuses, these days narrowly stuck with me that not much has stuck with me from orientation, but that really stuck with me. that's what I said. That was my statement at the time. I thought it was. I thought a balanced to just write and because we gave them that benefited outlay it brought me on and I got to go on and and and America felt pretty good about it, and I also say this to talk about this in the book. I should have. Maybe in hindsight, because it's a great compliment to myself letter Steven Spielberg, was in the back on that on that, not that night on that show he was, I guess he was in town filming for something that night you came in. I was now so the abbot. They give him it's a very
small stage mean honestly, it's not that much bigger than this, and- they give him a little section on his own he's got some cheese and crackers and wine and things just for Steven Spielberg and I've got to talk to after I did my set any gave us a pretty cool. Compliments is that you got great comedic timing, you're even funnier than Adam Guerrilla. Yeah, you do you can ever of future in Hollywood, and I was I was like bats awesome, but it was just me in here: There is nobody else listening. I said this is not good. I need any witnesses my wife was somewhere across the stage right watch, unlike Halsey performers, something she wasn't. I guess that night and I was like terrorism overhear terrorism over here, and I say Mr Spielberg, you just go ahead and say what you just said again. and it was really awkward, but I don't care because they got a witness into my wife who is here now cannot deny that he did say this, I'll say how do I like territorial issues that is then Dan
says the Spielberg? You should make a war movie one of these days, I love all the tea shit but makes greater you like world war, two like Normandy Storm on the beach in the german bill boxes and machine guns we are. Let's talk a little. I always think about, I think about war, because I think more about the location. I mean obviously the part where their bullets flying in bad guys everywhere, that's a negative, but and there's all simple, environment. Like you, see all those Vietnam wars in its during deterrent, channel rain monsoon sees in air one's got leeches on the back of their neck in their way, though, they got the wrong that foot wrought in the mud and stuff in their sleep. on the ground with Charlie Sheen and it's a disaster?
baby. I see saving private Rhine in their going through the rolling hills of the french countryside. In here like will. You still got german shooting at you, but not too shabby other than that of complaining about some places you been, and maybe just because I dont like dust I hate, does it feel weird unwanted, shower up to and then the helicopter landings with all the dust. Why, in every one of us, is what gets here to deal with the ideas to the face and everything? But what's that does its then? their hair It is true. Handwriting are borne I by the idea. That was one thing. By days later, there was bill dust in my hair. Now we're talking now your own, my pay so annoying
You ever see one of those camel spiders when those giant spiders or scores, or some good deadly than hazard, now. What's the hottest it's been for, you can get it in. I think I wrap was hotter than Afghanistan illicit felt. That way to me. I was also blown up in June. I was brought up in June, so I've I've left after and so I didn't- you get a lot harder in July and August. But it's not the blowing up season there you wanna get I'd April or is it is it was getting warm or but I hear you're looking iron, thirty hundred forty degrees in Iraq, though we operated night. So it's only like a hundred pitting degrees at night, As soon as we have heard here here, Harry and fifty pounds I mean you're, all I mean you got the black jack, it's on helmets, PAN water provisions- I mean so not only like you know now like this
sound gay by. I fight must speed up could argue, maybe the straightest endeavour of all time, but Dub year pact, you're layered and it's a hundred and fifty Greece outside rather yeah. I mean you just gonna learn to deal with it. It's just uncomfortable. It don't come any closer with dust as yet in the days to get your tea being. That's what I'm saying that there are some places in Afghanistan that really are unbelievably beautiful, so it depends. We weren't we operate in Kandahar Province, mostly but that the southern area that this desert can a moon dusty place that you're talking about you got a little bit north. They are in these beautiful mountains. You're seeing these rivers come through it in our work in the winter time. We're trudging through briefly to snow what these crazy
that. You just never seen anything like it. It's unbelievable beautiful! So it's it's! What we were we would think like. While we could, we should start some adventure Like tourism Company Unita Supply, zip line. Don't forget the zip lie man. You know you take all these rich votes out. There's there's tell and shooting at you with this exciting, like the ultimate tough mater yeah, that's a butterfly after You and your rich parties can drive your range rover to the park and crawl on your elbows through some mud. Some guy hit with a hose, but can you been shot at was as soviet rocket propelled grenade are not that accurate they're? Not that's why it's! It's meant that the ideas are much more worrisome, because you never know what they're going to put these things in the right about these things at my book, because then the random,
you know we were on this month. One mission where there is is truly out in the middle of nowhere and dumb improvise explosive device. Rice right right as opposed to- and I you which is. I have a funny story about that we have friends who would take got hit by an eye. You d, the terrible hostages, hides the wrong right after dinner, you'd or all you don't have to We don't have to do it devise just in case you know, buddy's a my day. They actually sat on it Top of this random hilltop! Now I guess Not that random there's a reason they sat there there's a good view. It's a good. It's a good fire position to take up while people are moving. through the village below its a good point, and I guess I guess tat
and who had been there in the past also knew it was a good point and they sit down and they hear this like clack and it's a small explosion on a big one, because any any detonation needs to be set off by smaller detonation, that does generally have explosives work and I still got the smaller detonation, but it didn't set off the main charge. Thank God, cuz, there's about fifteen pounds of extra main charge there that could have killed them instead of just spooked them. It's just it's crazy, where they put these things. They're everywhere they make them. Do they may come on the spot like did they may come, you know, he's locally source locally harvested three raids thing: is it a miser, Afghanistan, movement, whether they farming to some chinese factory or the kind of bacon I met on the spot? Farmers market is worth it,
latterly yeah yeah yeah, you wanna, luckily source this stuff is, you know just like made in the USA Movement here that got that the Taliban have that as well, in Afghanistan, so they they! call a little factories, but really there just abandoned buildings and they get in there, and these are very simple. So these are fertilizer compounds they just put in their maybe fifteen pounds of that. As the explosive part, some wires and batteries and some just what panels? That's really all you need. Is it in that the factory that makes the ideas like you know, sign, they have up days since last accident three guy, who never even gets off the aid frame ladderlike come on happy get that now it's a waste of time. Since I get down, I got no right back up again. they have higher labour standards than you might really is OSHA and bad at all,
I'll abandoned their very concerned about the barrier in the ground there, but there mostly said detonated often sometimes sometimes that is much easier to have them pressure plates Rodya because all you need to do is basically have to what panels ten wire when those two wires hid. Each other completes the circuit and blows, a remote if, if its command detonated, means as a wire moving somewhere, that's much more dangerous for them because they have to be I've got to run away, they gotta watch us did they much prefer the the the but the one that got you was one that your translator stepped on. Just in front of you, re right, Rhine fired snapped on it. You know what a lost both my legs easily, he he lost all You lost all her legs. Both are those arms, yeah museum, smaller guy, so he was come far physically. Was he in
probably right here, probably this test, and why do you have any jinx re dared in fact out that guy with me. Now I'm gonna step on something later and you never know You never know, while so about five. Sixty years ago, socially distancing Marianne tourism and no, it's manipulate the six put has long been known to seals, and this is why, because, but students, supervisors is seal training rights, the first six mindsets, some that we all go basic underwater demolition, slashed seal training around so that's hell weak, that's all that and instruct as always, there's a rule that students always have to stay six feet away from instructors and the reason is because students are growth, there. I get it now to growth and armed thither covered him back,
every other going in and out of the ocean notions, not that clean in southern California, because Tijuana, though, is dumping crap into it Republicans blame Mexico. I get it. Currency You got your crowd here, but I want to tell you my name, my garner, my poor man for Mexico. When I'm yelling at them. What to do? I have a certain respect anyway: There's a lot of bacteria in the ocean, because from Sweden go ahead, as they are covered in this stuff and it does spread disease. Let's make people sex disease, but it writes peoples fears you know that, then I want you out on him and
yelling about students, arose running around the compound and sometimes instructors and actually get close to students just to be like sex. They get away to seriously I'm so sorry. NOM Nom the social distancing, role on patrol you got to be six feet or no way more than six feet. Actually cuz you don't to be a bundled up and get hit with a rocket propelled grenade, talking about in the book going on petrol. You're talking about in an area where there may be I, which is everywhere. You guys actually walk line together too, obviously, litter minimize your footprint on on that road. which obviously then makes its more dangerous configuration for combat. Yet it's not a good technical formation. If, if, if you want to be in a fire fight with somebody, you wanna be spread out, you want. Different maneuvering elements, the base of fire maneuvering element, but it's not that complicated
but a line isn't so great you, you only go on a line if you, if you'd Maybe you're going a long distance we might, but even then we want to be staggered right, but we if they're going to lie because one line is cleared and you when you want to make sure you stay on that line, and the abbots did that's just what you do so year interpreter about six feet in front of you. He steps on this. Eighty, it kills although not instantly not instantly by he's very severely wounded, and then you get hit sort of sort everywhere. Rang It was in this position and offices. wasn't an idle I don't believe I lost consciousness. If I did it, I was only a split second, but it does it feel it feels like you got hit with a truck and a lot of people in that truck shot you with a shotgun and then port tabasco sauce. All over you.
What sort of that sort of work getting because I was I was hit with concussion of it, but it was. It was mostly fragmentation wound, so just from top to bottom and they put all sorts nasty stuff in. to college. Eighty accessibility are pulling bolts out of my hands, halts, gallic bolts and screws and things and that those are necessarily part of an idea. probably added those things. Let me tell you how to the balls. I bet they were metric. Now I like working hard standards as a that's made America, my friend right you do not rule out any three aids half inch or nine. Sixteen that ship was seven millimeter, nine millimeter, it's what the rest of the world uses to blow us up, that ain't american make that majority right now. You know what they say: there's two types of countries, the ones one two world wars back to back and the kinds of the matrix
That's right, sir! Oh you, you remain consciousness entire time ass to the best year now drive you. You know, you know it's bad by your. Do you don't know how bad it is known to have been an arm? my let them the first thing I did with check my legs and I had those soap. That's a good thing. I could see. I never for a second assume that my eyes were damaged, If I don't know why I didn't assume that I just Didn'T- and I just assumed there was dirt and it was it was. It was a bit of self deception, a very healthy self deception, honestly in hindsight, and that self deception would continue for weeks ranked with changing from ok, I'm not even heard two. Ok, I'm her, but I'm easily gonna see again, even though the doctors really do not think I would ever see again.
And so I remember very vividly the actual experience I remember talking to my good friend, emetic, come up came over wrath me up here raft me up there. I complained about stomach pain. That was whether the hardest hit seem to be. I felt I thought I had shrapnel shooting through my Abt amended, turned out not to be the case, moves badly peppered, but it was nothing went that deep in the worst wounds were just down here, because that was the closest to the bomb my face. It did not look good. I've very few pictures from this whole thing, but I do have a picture a week later I mean at well after words, and my face does does it looks like I got shot the face of this: Can that that's that's. Basically what it looks like in the rest of my body looks the same, but for the most part I was able to actually get up by the end of it just walk to the halo You are not a chopper. Only Arnold Fortune, agriculture, the chopper researchers we always have to remind people that Well, what is it choppers anything a chopper
motorcycles, a job here not a healer technically, no, now no if anybody in the military ever says the chopper seer, everybody will make fun of omens. They all got the job that to say no so like every military movie, Z, here's the thing I don't know much about them: Jerry, but I am a journeyman carpenter, so every time I want your movie where the hero is carpenter. I go so fag get em, is use, it waffle ended Framingham or where they should be used in a finnish amor. Movies like where they grab the framing gun and hold it at the bad guy. They fire. You know Miss Gibson fires, it I'm like that compressors not even come, and
pull the safety back at the end. You know spring loaded, fake, O. Every fifth movie is a military movies. For me, the carpentry movies are few and far between, but military movies are every other week in and they're all ruin for you because their cause on this shit, having a lot better they're getting a lot better. All these there's a lot of seal movies that got made postman laundry. They were all a little too good, a lotta cases. You're thinking, you're kind of giving away a little too much our railway up a Europe hey? There isn't gonna win. This still happens, no matter what, where every time somebody in everybody will understand this for in Texas, in everybody's, a gun owner rise, but when you draw your weapon, it doesn't make the slide action sound
at drowning. I think that it would be really serious and when you really serious that it makes a another or maybe they cockatoo sickness is not now it's not what you do a carpenter, not a gun guy, but that drives means saying just cause. You point, it doesn't mean it's gonna make another, no I'm really serious also. I do like the one where they get about half way into the warehouse and that at some point the guide us it's like. I do that the parking lot come and prepare S coming repair you run through half were dark warehouse you're doing if you're in a petition- and you heard a guy like racket right. You know in the middle of Europe like what Were you not ready five minutes away started five minutes ago doing and it's not like racking. They
weapon is like one of those weird spring load timers and assign a bad hotel warlike. After do it again. Right now doesn't work that way that way of raising That's the one is equally as bad as the Every time I hold the gun, it makes a new noise wine that drives me insane, but dries re more insane is when the guys like where it is toga and he pulls the knife out of his underpants negotiating like you. Don't do that worse, this shit, we're that sound rob? Well, that's too out movies. Are I break I've? Actually I've tried to make them make that setting
you're right, doesn't vaguer, Asia very disappointing. So I was thinking about you actually dreamer out. You did this amazing wasn't Saguenay was kind of by what it was. I we're gonna staring right when I I was thinking what is underneath. Your patch, you have a glass eye is just kept their allotted glasses of today Maybe I usually where the trident wow? What is yes? That's the seal. Try to o the seal tried at wow, so it's actually a twenty four hour care gold earring, that is, that is implanted into the prosthetic in this case. But I like over these things, and you have any like sponsorships like Pepsi, you be ass. The really good idea, gate arrayed, I mean come on you're leaving money on the table through some On the table, I gotta
the different ones I've been bailed, a few of them. I've got one of em. Recently was the Kansas flag? Is up take it was it was dragging us flag? Is the common take? ah you, where we have a cannon, if you seen that this is a cannon, and this has come and take from the battle of guns Alors, which started the road we have only just revolution, we have one in California. That says: please tread on me. It's a pack, Roach cry. Cockroach gone this huge worn by Gavin NEWS, and it's like that. We really are. We bring it out and then please tell me exactly what to do to stay say. That's right! It's ridiculous so yeah, for that we got that one, and you know the reason I wear the patch is well, because I mean you tell what that is likely even from this distance. So it's always an awkward kind of public thing to have the the the prosthetic I
about the patch. The patch tells the story right away, so it's colleague my public private life and also a little bit of a formal, inform aware. And you should have all the different glass eyes Yeah, no stop me forgets to personal, but I was thinking about it like and dreaming about thirty April like, my son has a retainer. He puts in his mouth ass a kind of pack very similar to what yeah it's very similar to that. Actually, because a lot of people think it's like a ball, because you watch pirates Caribbean and though I rolls down the deck and he's like, but that back there and made a word which really does it make any sense, is the splintering would just be terrible, but they you couldn't really do us saw you couldn't do that it they they they put up a permanent. I
spiritual object and there they wrapped the muscle around and then it so. If I took it out it would it would come to just look like allocated under your lips that sort of what it would look like, like your gums, need just slip it in their. It's like it's like shaped this is as I like it- I thought people it shaped like home coming queen is waving to her gallery and exactly and when you go to the airport, do they want to take a peak under there. No, I rarely yeah, sometimes yeah, I'm holding. that's a good question: how do they react? They don't really react very polite essays, very polite. They ve also got to know me by now flying so much really. and so what is what is? And you know I just think I am a big fan- Dan, I I just sort of
hey him recently, but I first got on to you on ass an hour and then, when the book came out, I was like listening to the book, and I thought this is first politician of really heard just talking straight pragmatism, just nuts and bolts here how life works. No short cuts as when he arrived butts instructors would say your last easy day was yesterday right and and really all the stuff that's been around stoicism the way to raise a family, the way to conduct yourself pride dignity at sense of community. and for some reason so many politicians have drifted away from that, because I think it just easier to kind of feed kids, sugary, empty cow. Ray Cereal for breakfast and not be hassled by something that's actually nutritious in good for them. So I think that politicians are almost just say.
Thirdly, taking the cue from the constituency who doesn't really want to get up and do the work that needs to be done, but I'm hoping that in the right ass, all meaning you that these messages, these tried and true messages could return. I have there are the only things that work and its allies. Thank you. Why aren't you clapping, sir I'll see you today at three with my pregnant sat there you go! Thank you. Sorry. I like to describe my I used to be that way. Am I met. My political philosophy is conservative and- and it's for fundamentally its things that work and things that work for a very long time that aren't always feel good. It's not always, it is doesn't always feel like the the most compassionate thing to say, but it is the right thing to say
and what weather, whether it's about are limiting principles, whether it's about the way we should govern whether it's about the way we should treat people in our society and it just the way you would treat your own kids. You teach your kids if they're accountable, you teach their kids at their actions matter. You teach your kids that, but they work hard. They'll get this now you teach their kids about fairness and sharing and how to treat others and it would. It strikes me as odd Some people would treat their kids that way because they love them as a matter of the liberal or conservative, but they wouldn't treat american people that way, and he would say totally differently. You would tell them that their victims, you would tell them that that they dont have control over their lives if they're not accountable, and that seems very odd to me- and I think we should- we should actually treat american people like we love them. Yes, like you love that right. I know that is the ultimate love being nice is not love, that is, that is not love. Being love is but you do your kids. I wish I were sure to look at it. This way somebody
politicians, that our talk about a lot of people can't get. these. Are they don't have access to checking account, so they don't have access to ideas and they can vote I'd go what if ears seventeen year old Son announced that he couldn't travel with, you to go on a family vacation Maui because he didn't have access to an I d or hidden have access to achieve. What would your answer be too? That child of the answer is: what are you talking about March yourself down to the bank or do it online, I d and get yourself an ivy? Well then, if that's your answer for your child, then that's the answer for society Weren't you relax. Ok, we will be watching you, that's what are the more ridiculous arguments? Isn't it like? Well, are people don't have ideas are. First of all, I have to say that
bunch of minorities don't have ideas that racist first, of course, writers, you're you're, telling these evil that they don't have ideas in and by the way you go and ask them like. Of course we have ideas. What do you want talking about well off. Also, you know. I'm sort of coming from is, if you are the politician in your saying, there's a lot a people that don't have access the eighties first off. I don't like the word access. It's this notion of like well, be lobbies denying their, employees access to birth control, that's denying you access to birth control, that's not supplying you with birth control. Hobby lobby doesn't make you a sandwich for lunch either. That's them not them denying you lied system, not giving you appeal takes a different. That's. Why aren't you clapping enough with the denied access it drives me and say that anyone can get an idea now it may be more difficult for some.
Than other self I'm talking to a politician and a politician says men people, don't have access ideas I'm going to say will then, where is your Bookmarks Beale that got converted to the idea of opium, which has de envy Employees and you can go to these under serve neighbourhoods, and you can sign peanut alot of that project will solve that problem, but they never go that round. Now, there's a problem minus the solvents and ideas important for so many things, and so it is. If you actually believe that certain underserved communities didn't have access to ideas, you would think that the best solution there would be to get them access to ideas causes such as voting that we would want them to have idea. For its part or no life right. Now, that's just what you need in life, and so if people don't have an idea, it tells me that their there they are probably truly under certain- probably need some help. So let's get them my. What does it mean? it does mean a change election laws. Well result, yes
if you in this modern era do not possess, and I d as an adult than you're, not a functioning member of our society, and it is impossible to function. So if I say these people need to phone, we should do it without ideas. Well, that doesn't really solve any problems. All it does is to lessen the barrier to vote, but once they voted there still now living a life, that's Idee less, and if your power vision in your real job is to get these people not to be. Disenfranchised, but to join society, pay their taxes be able to travel all the things that goal. With having an idea. You are sincere person which I dont think you but if you're actually sincere, you would want to get them those ideas, not lower the barrier for voting.
This is what the only things that my democrat colleagues, one or one want to deregulate you wanna Overregulate literally everything else, but not this one, and I find that strange, firewood, and right, and it would also strangers- is this this need to or this this is this idea, should male everybody there bow and email unbalanced because of proud of virus. Here's the thing get what takes less human interaction. Under the grocery store or voting against the grocery store you pick up. there things with your hands and you put them on the civil convey, Well, somebody else touches that thing with their hands to somebody else who touches it with their hands. Put us in a bag it back to you what you take on when you put your mouth. I'm never going to another over your head. What does your ruin the shopping experience for this spot gas there?
The golf course yeah, of course, view can very easily again you go in you. Look it somebody. They check your idealism, taxes they do and then you go such a machine right that we have we can do that. Okay, I am on I had I was I was thinking about you when I was only dreaming about you, but I was. I was thinking about asking a lot Sakana unintended on intended circumstances at I'm at the hotel. We did it- is show here. Last night we got out a here about ten o clock. We went to what's the local stake place Papas. What yeah. I went there really. baby had surf and turf couple martinis got back to the room. If you have one thousand two hundred and thirty at night and this morning of Skynet slow-
in a little idea show last night and all here all morning, was people pulling their doors open and letting them go with this self closer with the pneumatic closer you know, could chunk catch access like the to this side a me, the room that certainly they fling the door opened its got the pneumatic closer and it's like chunk junk. We all know that certain concussion of door, shouting on the metal frame, because people are going in and out at seven thirty in the morning or eight in the morning, and I thought to myself. why do we need that pneumatic, closer and the reason we need that pneumatic closer for fire reasons, because a fire would not red nearly quickly if all the doors are close, but then I thought to myself who leaves their hotel room and forgets the closed the door. We trust I've done that you ve done it. Well yeah. I want first of all
I am saying if you go, if you go to an old hotel in France, they do not have the pneumatic closer you have to do. help, but here's a slippery slope, the more staff that kind it gets done for you were you just don't have to think about it. Like the more you don't cars and automatic now, and it all kindness, parallel parks and everything else. doors, shot for you by the man, maybe in a little softer, like maybe start tuning out, I resolved very side were glad you go ahead, No! No, no, you drive a car when you had. Will you told go If you drive a car with a stick, if you are engaged in that car, like you, when you drove an old car, you kind of had to be irresponsible. There was no texting and kind of drifting off
oh, and I worry that everything is kind of being done for every everything's in the new government, is well and were kind of drifting off were, and we are expecting more of it. You know we were expecting somebody to take care of us. This is this is through and through Been noted in the corona virus pandemic and watching not just the United States with the world react to this. Notion that that we we can't even make this for ourselves, bearing that we feel unsafe. We should also tell other people that they should feel unsafe. Innovation be able to go out to very strange, is very, very strange notion that, if that, if our governor says hey work, allow people to go back to work and allow them to do this, that that he would get critics eyes, as as dumb in week, I was from beta today we live in an I'm, quoting NATO on this one when a big fire metabolic big Twitter, if I were today
who do so interesting. Unlike what what I said was this. Is it your act calling all Texans, dumb and weak because Governor rabbit is not force. It did governor of it where's! Anybody here am I just dismay user. Did you guys get a letter from the governor? That said you had to come here and put your thousand input at potential risk, you're, always risking your life when you leave. That would leave the house no matter what, but make you do it. You chose to do it at their is theirs to freedom. There is an element of personal responsibility, where a little bit more inclined to think. I think of it. That way and tax system some other parts of the country, The whole world has done this first time in human history, time in human history with collectively really shut down. This way, it's interesting We analyze it thoughtfully in hindsight and think about what we did right. What we did wrong because we really have lost perspective. We really Then you know about what is difficult and in order I talk about black and like I have answers,
they came down a section duration tax, a my answers are coming to taxes this this What Sarah Howard is my first ancestor in taxes. She came here she was kidnapped. Her child was killed in front of her. She won't lost one husband and lost another husband. You know that data water every day and when you find water every day and text- and it was so much summer- easy- it was much dustier back is that it is now no mere asking the old West movies was denied everyone. Why and she lost their kids round say put, but not as it didn't help stop a dusty here. Jesse Back gas very swampy in Houston. I feel like this just started. Thinking are like the wild West of Arizona always tumbling less it acts does than you know. Some of us are allergies. We write or is it a work which should why? Don't you
so sorry, Sarah, your great great era, Do I write? What do we complain about? I get really pissed when I'm like flying, I'm barely through the air at thirty thousand miles per hour in the WI. Fi is not working and I'm like, My life is hard. Fair press No, no military pilot, but you're probably nodded thirty thousand miles an hour. Forty thousand people per night of light that Southwest White Paper bag it gets lost. You can post imposed is in fact no. I knew you earn thirty thousand feed it. You know five hundred knots. I knew what she of mass special government plane. You don't know about it.
Well now. It is an obvious things over that footage. Tucker girls it be. We do need an American. It even notice that there's ufos now I it is known as well. Here's my theory about your father's art. My airy theories, like we there were being hidden from us. So we wanted to know it's like We have the same relationship with your phone. Is we had right with the Lance Bass, the singer from the boy bad we're like? I think that guy's gay, but he says he has a girlfriend and plug the shit out of us some point you and I'm game. We went, I know it and when we left not anymore, that you are perfect analogy. I swipes us right to make Botz baby. But this is incredible. I mean this is the
navies footage of of these of objects. There, a lot of analysis done you're her, the Joe Rogan podcast with the piano. so it's not new news that the last couple months weren't the first time it came out. I think I think that the Navy just declassified it actually but it had long been out and they didn't even try to hide it right, because they knew it was foolish to try and hide it, and you know Here this guy in the jail Rogan shown. I've really recommend. This episode is not finally does put so many episodes out, but it's really interesting, in real detail about how they how they analyze this object. You know how many sensors they had on how they were filming it. What it looked like to them. Why no rotor wash. There is no heat. Signature very strange, all of it was very strange, and everybody says yeah, but we will tiger kings on so yeah. It's crazy
that we turn the page that fastened my entire childhood was sort of based on their foes they're out there. Every third movie was a europhile moving now evident. either here and we have no thoughts about applied. If there are sitting and there are new overlords. You guys. You're gonna need entertainment this guy. He pursues a pencil I'll pay. You and so on with carpentry scales, need someone who can spread your message through it. Certainement through comedy. I again over soom, know listening and It's gonna be a few of us. You will spare, because you will need to help on the other is much like what Gavin Newsome is doing to California right now.
Indeed, some body whose turn yeah they're out there that's crazy so I'm excited about it, but I don't think they need carpenters like I don't think it is important to remember this Now they have little diktat spaceships they don't have any rotor wash that can move like is the thirty thousand miles an hour but it was a slip of the tongue. Mihai. Everyone needs countertops, everyone needs storage. At some point. The aperture door the space ship is gonna jam and we're gonna have to score some deputy forty on that bad boy. Not just saying I'm your man do you do you Inter is reverb carpenter. Is it did you do what
yeah, and I personally like I wasn't hobby, I wasn't a wood worker, but I was a carpenter ass. I did for you didn't you, I mean, I know you did it before, but you still do it this way. I always work on projects always workin on projects. In my own house, I have warehouses with cars constantly building studios, and I built my studio back in and all that kind of stuff, and now I'm gonna rip everything out of the ground and dragged to taxes again so were the way we're gonna do this tonight is gonna bring Dan out talk to him for about an hour and then do twenty minutes of Adam Corollas unprepared and in between we have couple of songs from a couple,
this too I enjoy? Who guys have enjoyed? Since I was a kid of Graham Parker and John High it a couple of guys and eight. They were where did songs and then sent them here just to just to be played for you guys are not tonight, and I just did it for us. So I think what we should do is give a damn Crenshaw hand. I could do. I could do this for another hour body, so nice job making great to see are supporting. The bank is the name of the park american resilience in the air of outrage. Our thanks and I'll see you backstage ready. You guys, you guys, you guys! Grew there. You go Get your one word, one word for me to do Adam, Corollas, unprepared, ready hold on
we're gonna role in about six minutes of some custom, songs that we're done for us tonight and when we come out of that, we will resume that portion of the show came acceptance. Thank you for inviting me This is coming from London under Remember, like the opposite Ways: redwood no measure that so this wise for you might
Miss Scott.
We did,
by the same Oh yeah! Do you No the first Raoul Yes,
No still further.
what this is Walter.
someone else some face What,
I am now ladies and gentlemen, please welcome back to this stage. You guys go out. One word raise your hand if you have it and I will build nobody
Jeanne around it right. Appear SH magma there's a whole family of young christian girls sitting right here. You hear eating french fries with ranch. I just feel is a daytime audience. We add a veteran who was covered with does now last time he was in country. I don't feel it's a problem. You give me one man who had their hand up over here something page. maybe thirty. What does that baseball? Ok, way what about the part where you raise your hand, I pointed at Yale guy's got his hand up, snapper, like a long snapper, be a snapper could be a red. Snapper could be along snapper.
be a lawnmower. I think they make quite quite a lawnmower. Snapper does could be snapping turtle I got to say this. I was along snapper in high school and our two Punted a lot The only thing I was proud of is not screw it up that long snap in high school, but I can tell you that I always thought if you're in the mafia and don't raise your hand, but you know who you are if you're even associated loosely with the mafia. You should pay off the long snapper on the neck. Superbowl he's the lowest paid guy on the team. He's gettin, the league minimum you give up Four thousand dollars you get one over the painters head, you get one that he skips back during.
Feel goal a tab. You ve shave ten points and it cost you. A hundred grand people use your head and somebody needs to make a movie called the long snapper where they they kidney, This teenage daughter, Grizzled veteran he's been in the league for fourteen years. This is this. Last year his team goes the Superbowl, but they pay kidnap his daughter and they're going to throw her in a well. If he doesn't snap the ball over the punter's head and then it's some point. He snapped it with such velocity that he hits the bad guy in the head and the gun goes off and that's as far as I've got Do you know that there are camps? You can send your kid to two who can first having now there's likes special, these snapping classes,
come on man. My parents ago, here's a ball of foil, get the fuck outta has for two days. Now. It's like I'm gonna pay this guy eighty bucks an hour and he's going to show you how to snap of Paul what the hell is key, it's getting to specialise by the way. What happen to like when you say that kid, like memory when I was a kid When you go to me, what are you good ad? I've got I want to on this thing. I wouldn't go snapping and the cello and I am working on an engineering degree. But of course I speak Mandarin as well. I was good drinking from the hose and being due to head locks. That's what I was good at.
oh and eating other people's food and then positioning it. So they didn't know I'd pilfered, half their core nazionale like there's a whole science like a whole for sway like a whole snack function way. Where you go to your friends, we go to their Did you go to their pantry, be like ok, don't load upon honey, roasted cashiers they'll know I take it. For care issues. Turn the label toward MCA, make sure everything is work and rights have a couple of space. Stick powers have one hit off the chocolate, milk and then right back in the fridge. Don't get Grady the you're out just how much of this kid's food I get a divorce tad was on me our eye what else we got their weight. spa. I should be the one who raise your hand with baseball. Ok pay I'm just gonna. Do baseball is somewhat Gipsy Ellen Baseball, that's the only
the thing that come from this corona viruses, push to paste policies and back in May we may only get in like a hundred and forty games pray sprawl. You know the rest war in the world is for ball they go sixteen games, they ve tacked on seventeen thinner ones, pigeon affair. I play seventeen games the first weekend. And I also like that they had an axiom rules like hey, no more eating in the dugout earth, so corona thing like no more shooting flower seed, huh Scotty, aroused by the way, if you go. All you need to know about baseball being an inferior sport is when Go to the sidelines of any other sport like you go to sideline of a football game, one guys got the headphones on he's talking to the guy up and approve the next guys
the pad out he's going over the schematic with the defence of Captain Bill guy overhears, a seven hundred pound black man who sucking form an oxygen mascot. Yoga the pace ball. You gonna, dug out there like make a pyramid of ha scatter. My poor seats in this other guys turned his head inside out to make a rally had at others these two guys over their play, a pickle there's, nothing going on we'll get a hundred games who cares and the folks the real winners of this entire virus. Of course, you're. Here than ass, drives me they were about to get more pitches thrown at them. Then Steven Spielberg at a STAR Box in Santa Monica
provided the entire seas of getting up Paul thrown I've been there we're going to every one other players we're gonna have to climb inside of a gator aid pocket just the bottoms, poke arm holes and often a lap, and that just get being by balls all day. I'd so baseball good, we don't need a bank fully. What did we do? A hundred game seas and everything will be fine, and The saddest person in the world is a person who keep score when they're up in this stands. You know like that are for stairs Unforced Airways, a hit or an air. Also, can I say this about baseball what put the pine tar Has anyone ever been in contact with pine tar? I touch
some pine tar, nineteen eighty one in high school, my finger still smells like a Christmas tree. that thing where it has to be all over the top of the ban all over the front, your helmet, this votes in this magma there with them. You're, damn pine raw, get your pine car rag, wipe your back down and then go to the play. How do you think it works and by the way, how to baseball players work when they're not used in the pine tar like at home, one of them's barbecuing spatula just go sailing out other hand a guy lost. My sets a crap change, your my daughter's diaper there and I throw out the window gotta get my job up in here: wardens. Stick that's made to be held by a man how much pine tar do we mean on there's gotta, be all over that get the pine are doing the dugout show up and swing that damned back right. So,
you guys smell pint, are its good. It's yeah, any kids, thinking about huffing copier tone or later on go pine tar too much better hack right hand prior right there, grandpa are any Crenshaw. Ok, we'll go with the one whose most familiar to us tonight, Dan Crenshaw I am, I'm a fan his! I wish I had a licence to wear in eyepatch. You know what I mean gotta have licence de warenne eyepatch. I could rock and eyepatch, but I would immediately be called the deuce because they go Why are you wearing an eyepatch and I wouldn't have anything good? You know what I mean I would stepped on a pair sing Betty into Creed, create nothin like that? I just realized. I was beating off and I used to much loop and I think my
This kind of lost there's not a lot to hold onto, and I just gotta I should grab a pint put. I had, in fact, if care to call a just gonna hit the retina there and I man, but what another thing about now. Let me take some day and has made a very shrewd choice with the black eyepatch goes around because he could of chose the other eyepatch, which is the flesh colored. I passed with the weird cause and the adhesive back thing on there. The saddest eyepatch of all time, go from international jewel thieves too. A junkie methadone collaborate with just Your decision and I patches so he I don't know he vs valet or some publicists who worked on that, but that a black eyepatch with the greatest decision ever
and the he had the the ass. I was like what what Signior. He has as a flag on their. He has. The persecuted sorry has at the Navy seal pressed on their like it. It's it's crazy pay the makes we wish to have as missing an eye, but I'm not gonna. Go I'm not going That that far that far with it, but yet Dave French WAR. Here, oh all around good guy, like good sense of humour right. was you know that the only took part about doing Grinch? Is you know everyone feels the need to come up with their own story of pain and misery. Like it's? losing a dog you ever lose. If you gear dog an hour ago to the bed
to be euthanize, and you told someone I'm pretty broken up today. I had do up. my dog down earlier this afternoon, they go. Oh yeah, I remember sushi. That was my job we had to put her down. I not be like that was nine years ago purchase my story. It's fresh What have you tell me when you had a cold? They tell you how they had a cold. If you tell anyone here, the flu flew a dog guide dog guide in any time. There's an injury like you tell someone man passed it myself up snowboarding, then data, you a story about how they jack themselves up skiing. One time so day, Crenshaw has to go through his entire. Don't live going. My interpreter step by step de blew up- and I got hit- was shrapnel and then everyone s ago, yeah one morning it was really call, and was barefoot I've got out of bed,
and you know the metal frame always sticks out a little further than the box ring, but the dust covers always hiding it. I kick them bad boy. With my pig, it was my little tat was even a pig. Tat was a little too. You know we all been there. I was there. I was chapter, I mean here alone why my wife did bill on line to be online. I think, or was it said, hot called compresses you now I'm not I call myself a here, I'm just saying I felt the pay of war they pulled out a more every single day is gonna work and talk the guys like dad, who after then give them their one upper stories.
The pain apartment, but damn cranching, guys, guy's gonna be the president. I really yeah vice president me yeah, that's right! That's right! three eyes on that ticket. there's only one. I am president random and how many eyes, or in president, there here too I am I want to. I am a product, Ella, unified school district president through what I am present, stray on this ticket pitch. Spread Paul and people. This is not actually gonna work on them on the on the posters, yet over here hand hand hand in the middle
their drought, you'll, be next mass. I ass doktor drew he's a good man, he's a man of exquisite passion. He he's a little. gullible doktor drew. And It reminds me of a story, but here he wants to help. That's the whole thing he's wildly earnest and sincere, and so when he gets taken out to the woods, by all the asked wipes on twitter because he's basically talking about his medical knowledge and stop that essentially happened. He asked apologize for because he feels horrible buddy strain everybody, but one time many years ago me, and drew were New York, where a man had now time square used to be really dicey, and then they ve kind. I cleaned it up in its now turned into a come. or endeavour, but it was really dicey and we,
I to do love line. If you could imagine, I would do of wine from one. I am to three a M New York time. Then doc. Drew and I would walk back to our hotel and then I would too bad it for And then I would wake up at five thirty and go do Howard Stern, show for four hours, which is in such an insane sleep deprived. Worse than the Navy, she'll training. I would say Dan still here, but if he hears may I stand by you know some right can get up. Early tell Josiana to carry rubber raft. That's not hard telling jokes sleep deprived come on so we're walking home from CBS downtown like three fifteen, a m unlike a Tuesday night and we're walkin right, your town and a big as many van.
Like many van filled with prostitutes. like they're, trying to set a record. You know like they were due back. Fifties like how many freshmen could get in a phone booth where this is like how many horse can get no minivan its others like fifteen? in prostitutes in as many van and doktor drew, and I were like walking across the street and three of us I'd like you to get a little help overhear sugar control, what those ladys are in need of my assistance. I restarted walking at them, and I like grabbed his arm, and I started Poland and back and he's like those young Ladys requested assistance what's wrong with the owner like it's time, square, it's Wednesday. It's three fifteen
they are wearing Lee Press on nails and have hair extensions. Every part of their bodies extended their nails, their air. It's all extended know. Those are prostitutes. There's like prostitutes What's going on so drew can be a little bit gullible times he's he's? Also, What I would call pussy whipped. I think I think he knows that I think he would admit that put other net health. American are right behind that person. Sigh who taxes man. It's a little humid out here. I got to say doing a lot of sweat now here, but I, like the people I like I like that,
attitude and I like the fact that Texas is proud of being Texas, So, where what're you California, so our saying is, like California, sorry about that they're I know it sucks right. Sorry, like we have to just apologize all the time and people come to visit like I know you had to climb over a pyramid of homeless people to get in your rental. Car. Sorry sorry sorry, sorry about the pollution. We have barbed wire around our freeway signs. It's insane. We have a horrible. We have the highest taxes, I think in the union and that we pay like thirteen percent taxes which drives me drives me nuts, and then taxes is
This is proud, and also I learned for the great Randy why you know mess with taxes. You don't litter act fourthly, we have all the signs up both sides framework, which is, if you got a letter that you didn't want to throw the highway in Texas, bring it on down in toss on our inner states, because we love trash? so we don't have don't mess with and we don't have the loans star and we don't have the Dallas cowboys, cheerleaders or here's than tax and answer whatever amateur IDA, they're called anymore, The point is: yes: California has zero pride about cow by the way California, taxes is gonna turn into this. You guys are going to have to deal with as well. Now it's not it's, not
may not turn into California, but the problem with California is nobody's from California. So we treat California, like you, treat a rental car here, go, Chris, no one from California. You know when you're in a rental car- and you like what are we got going about fifty five and then put it in reverse waiting would happen. There's only one way to find out people do with California, they don't show up there from New Jersey there from Pittsburgh there from Boston and they just shut up California can't find one goddamn rams ran at is sports bar. do you know a cow I weren't, LOS Angeles, has more Pittsburgh Steelers sports bars, so they do LOS Angelos RAM Sports bars So everyone shoes from somewhere else and why shouldn't you later or why, should you take a ways and that guy's male slot? Why should I
you pay your taxes or why should you not sleep on freeway overpasses, or why should you do anything if you're not from their? It's all one big party that being thrown at someone else's house, and you don't like that tax is started. I mean we talk today and credit. Other guys. You know night generation attacks diseases grandma The Alamo or something tough woman, lot of dust- you know very justly environment back, then Then there were tougher, their true grant grant comes from, does that's what have they say. True grant text the greedy Texas people with the with the dust look it up. That's a fact. now
You guys are going to have to start dealing with a lot douche bag for man had in California. In Boston and they're gonna come over here and they're gonna go well. We fled our failing states in cities by the letter, coach you upon just what to do ok! So you just wide one. Four hundred and fifty from the freeze three frozen But now you want a coach me how to get out of luggage. You re throws. I don't think so, so you guys are going to have to stay the course and not listen and listen to all the ass life that come out here, still one more when we got right up here. millennials boy, my We are
Listen I own. I ward fear Millennials like you. I would have it very realistic fear. Millennials, but you don't have to fear them because they don't fucking move. So we ever walked into a dark alley in theirs. Millennials everywhere you just walk, they won't even get off their being bags full. Now you must not fear them in a dark alley? Fear them in the workspace. That's really got a fear. The millennials fear the taken another me or my son. after tea over the? U K, plays at five a m our time. So I had to stay up all night. Drink get some, not bacon it in tomorrow or you ve fended, my delicate sense, a pale at ease. Are you gotta watch your tone when you talk to me when I come up. I work
construction size, I had a bunch of guys we're Vietnam vets that we're strung out on pain, meds yelling. Your last easy day was yesterday and we gotta time hold up a dollar. I had a millennial. I had my nephew, try and work for me for for months, I would a yell of Adam for being late, but he was never there. So, like I literally used to go. I'm gonna go yell at my nephew. Where is my nephew? Where not here and go he's, damn I can't even yell Adam forbear delay because he physically wasn't there Listen. The good news is, is my kids could be. Missing. A lamb have have crow
Disease, Epstein bar virus and lime disease, and Still our work have these little shit by showing up to war, I don't know how I got to where it is today, but we must reverse this course. Something is going on there, some enabling that's happening. I blame the parents, I blame the it's I blame everybody, but me I know that sounds convenience, but I look. it's on record. I've been yelling at my man, eater raised my kids right for twelve years, dutiful guatemalan woman, who does what I ass this one. I my fault,
all right. Let me hear Geico, I gotta do a quick spot here, dyke! Oh yes, these days, everyone staying home, you're, not staying home I'm going home and then stay at home because I live in California. Now Geico realises you not drive in as much as used to drive and so to give you some back fifteen percent credit on car and motorcycle policies for current new customers, because Geico committed to the long haul. That's a fifteen percent credit. And at last the full term of your policy that is Geico
I want to thank the used in food bang for coming out here taken my money. Why I want to thank you guys were buying a ticket come out here today. I want to thank the Grand Shaw for coming and entail next time the sad and rural redeem Grinch San MA, Mosses Broadcasting, Youtube Dogtown, Slash, Adam Pool Free order, Adams Book your emotional support. It will get it now that I'm cool outcome, with the brand new, I bonus for less than a hundred bucks metro, you rule it's the most affordable Iphone ever on the number one brilliant prepaid so, whether studying online or based on my idea, I won't, as he has all union switch to match wrong. I won't see for just ninety nine, ninety, nine, after rebate redemption and six months, a service measure by T mobile rule your day.
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