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Adam is once again performing live from the Addison Improv, just outside of Dallas, TX. He rants about the Kennedy Memorial, the prevalence of scooters, and trying to avoid the gym while he travels. He also recalls his recent dental surgery, and then welcomes Gina, Bald Bryan, and today’s guest, J-L Cauvin. J-L launches into his killer President Trump impersonation, and the guys discuss the Redskins logo change, Kanye West, and Trump’s views on wearing masks. Up next, the guys play a round of the Rotten Tomatoes Game. Gina then reads news stories about the death of Regis Philbin, Mel Gibson getting COVID-19, and Trump’s agreement to throw the first pitch at an upcoming Yankees game. Other news stories include a 56-year-old featured in Sports Illustrated, and the Satanic Temple offering scholarships for revealing your worst teacher experiences. As the show wraps up, Adam takes audience suggestions for a round of ‘Adam Carolla is Unprepared’. Please support today’s sponsors: Geico.com TommyJohn.com/ADAM JB Weld - World's Strongest Bond
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Thanks for listening to the garage sale show on Podcast one well jail carbon, is joining us. We're gonna play the run tomatoes game, which is always fun and will do live all from Dallas. First, let me take about Geico right now, goes offering an extra fifteen percent credit on motor I call on our visa policies that fifteen percent on top of the money Geico could already be saving you. If you were with Geico, said that get with Geico and save even more never been. Time to switch over to Geico save the extra fifteen percent when the switch by October seventh visit Geico dot com to learn more, that's Geico, DOT, com, Coming to live by live Thursday July thirty, eight Darien workers, Darius and friends. Virtual concert benefiting saint you, children's research hospital catch. An excuse
one time only performance by various Rucker live from the grand opera stage featuring appearances by Clint, Black and Tracy Lawrence. All proceeds from the shell benefits gained Jude, so get your tickets today, at lilacs, live dot com, slashed areas and to an in July, thirtieth at eight p m Eastern. Only I've by live live from the Addison Improv in Dallas Texas. This is the answer. Global issue as today. Comedian J cover with Gina grad. Our news Brian on sets out of eggs
play the rotten tomatoes game now version man, woman, camera tv role likes you guys for coming out. I do I do appreciate it with all these days will bring up the gang in a second out, went to talk a little bit at the top. I've been haven't had been the nice time in your town. I will hold the applause: I gotta, say: pass the Kennedy Memorial today, not the height of architecture,
I don't know what it is like somebody said: Kennedy was rate man. We need something. Historical do represent him, how bout a handicap stall at a bus station like isn't that, essentially what the monument looks like it looks like do. We have a picture that thing mcspadden we can during the lights. Bring the lights there. That's that's a handicap stall ride like you could tell which one New York Workers was taking a share, be like I Steve always wears Keds on Monday. So that's that's a tell I don't know what this says about a man's greatness. It just base. Gully says we like to tilt up slabs of concrete here and there I don't know? Maybe something maybe something out of Bronze-
worse alone. On the other hand, a good luck, Terran this shit down black lives matter ever good luck me. You need like one of those curs that takes now casinos in Vegas. They made like us like a seven a week head start and the whole team, and like cherry pictures and guys with roto hammers you'd, have to coordinate the whole block. There's no way an angry mob is ever gonna get to your memorial when you're memorial is literally just a tilt up like this, the same construction they used to make a cost co you understand, its poured in place can create their call still tops they form of imports. From this thing, these are in ten roof and an old lady handing out samples in front of one handicap
archaic couple, a lark, so the fat people could get around a speaker, that there is more scooters per capita in this town than I'm from a away, and we don't have this mini scooters amount Where's the hotel max pattern fifteen miles over their way, like burn, were kind of Dallas yeah we're looking at downtown we're like downtown, but everybody is on a scooter and it's like every fifteen year old. Kid is And on a scooter, and now maybe some probably going be some app that is connected to grub hub, where it's called We carry you to your scooter of walking to your own scooter, fat ass. You Now can ride somebody Terrier scooter, they awoke it. We we
volunteer fire men who were of duty? Who will carry you two years? computer and place you on speaking of being being lazy. I had about like the greatest thing happened me travelling happened today, which is like, like you know that thing. When you travel you travel, you go, I should be working out, but then you go. man with the time difference solely in our time. Difference yeah, I know, but my fuckin bones. You know it's like for the year, Think of excuses right. So so I've been doing shows and I've been. I have on IRAN a little bit and every hotel I go to I go. Is the GM open and they go knows sorry. And I got thank you. Thank you never go drank at my rammers slam Heroin in my room. Parliament always stymied again, like sorry that GM is closed. The bar soap
the Germans cause. Ok, ok, I arrive. so this is the first hotel we ve ever been to where the regime is actually open, and I was like I carry a pencil just a break. It asked fuck him myself dammit. So us like Jim's open now I gotta go to the gym. So what happened today is I went to the gym at one thirty, I walked up. I use my key card. The key card thing did the we're not working thing. I did the only move you have, which is all slighted on my five four times. Then I'll come right back with it. What is it That's ever worked. Wit, you gotta tried anyway put the key It didn't work again looked up at the sign Jim clothes between one in four p m ah
a compromise is the eight seven pounds of barbecue for beer sounds like work going. Really. I literally went from the Gm George to peek is called Metz better. He can't work. We can't we literally just what fucking jibs clause grown. Barbecue went to the window, barbecue this guy by the way. Tell me if you know this guy tell me: if you are this guy, I like this guy, I showed but the gym this time another guy showed up at the gym and he said: corner with the, and I see the at its lot must be a covert thing. Anyone it says twenty four hours. The sign that twenty seven years old, the sign that ten minutes, all that in the window, this right out of a piece of paper. That is closed
between one and four p m. So I pointed at the new sign because I always go off the new sign not to sign, for eighteen, eighty, six, a sign for more space. I said. I think this sign, I'm gonna, listen to this side in this guy goes. This is bullshit any goes. I'm getting this Jim any. Storms off for the front desk. now I know we all hate this guy, but don't we kind of like Gimme a weird way, unlike our we key allies like, I was just defeated immediately by the sign as like. I guess, you're, not good enough to work there. Go home and eat some barbecued cry yourself. Get a fatal position beat off go to bed like there's no time for you that this guy like this is bullshit any stormed off to the front desk, never came back there, I'm thinking and a wiki got it, but I like TAT, kids, I also see a gmo coonskin,
I wanted to share couple ideas with you tonight, for we could start speaking at a cheer. I realise that when it comes to the physical like, I have to get a physical every once in a while. If you want to go to car race, I gotta go to physical, my license and stuff like up the snuff in everything- and I don't know if you guys are with me, but the physical when I was a kid, a physical. It was physically weird like when I still have a physical for pop horn of football. You'd have to drop your pants and guiding touching you're, not sack Fang we're. Neither keep this being your underpants.
back in the doctors office in the nursery we walk in and out be weird thing, and this kind of physically we're like the physical was physically we're. Now you don't you get older, you get nude in front of anybody. You don't give a shit anymore. You just don't care! That's what you get out. You don't care who sees you naked, because no one wants to see you naked anymore ourselves like us. It's it's perfect. It's it's a perfect merit I don't want to see you naked. You don't care if they see that get NATO care, but there is emotional part physical, where they start asking questions and usually start off pretty good? For me, like they'll, go like family history, diabetes. It I own, do they go beyond medications, no heart condition is no high blood pressure, no do drink.
What's that Do you drink not an alcoholic, that's Sharansky, I'm saying drink ivy. Occasionally, like you, I think, like everyone's rights, you know that everyone, and drank yeah, but you know the cool people. I can report to you and I really want to hang out with you like a drink like daydream, how off You drink, we mean Euro special occasion like facilitate christening a ship or something you know I might have a little whatever solution. Than the champagne paid a little to another, how often Do you drink every day? every day, like everyone, everyone doesn't drake everyday, where we're going to hang out with those people you drink. listen,
now, not drunk and buys out so for the afternoon. It's one! Ok, but it's almost Friday, Tuesday, ok, but the point is: let's not judge will buzz gone. Do smoke not a smoker? If that's what you're asking me you're smart lack of a party in a really hot chick lights to cigarettes in hands, be one like baby I'll, take a little above all factors that a smoker. How often these smoke, just when I drink
I also had some thoughts about their thoughts about dentistry, because this thinking about the Sir Healthcare stuff- and I was like you- I had some some pretty good dental surgery, the other of this whole covert they I can tell what month it is or what time means anymore like we're like you have to wait. look, I've got twins. How old are they between nine and sixty two I don't know anymore and how I would marry for for years. I don't know, I don't know. What's going on with this covert thing, I can't get my time down anymore, but I was thinking I had dental surgery probably nine months ago and in other guys like we can extract the tooth. We're gonna get the gun back and we gotta put the augur bid in the thing and then the post, in that we get the gum graph, the bone graph and all this shit, and he said your country
passed out the whole time. Like it's pure twilight, sleep am, I thought to myself. Like that's good, you won't, you won't feel anything, but there still kind of the mental aspect of it right like it's on the calendar and I'm gonna think in it. A dentist three started off is, you know, have a shot of vermouth and squeeze on this rag, and the guy just got in there with the tongs, and it was brutal, then later on, they got into like Nova. Came the Nova Kane still her really bad. You could hear everything and you knew what was going on and then they got into the law. Having gas and that kind of work, but the Nova Kane still heard than they started that nothing then nation This whole twilight sleep thing, which is absolutely believable great, like you just wake up like what happens, we're done. Why am I its around my uncle, whatever
It was worth it not to experience However, you were doing in my mouth last hour and twenty eight so? All this forgive and I won't say words so, but I was thinking net evolution of dentistry is not knowing you're going it because, when you know you got a procedure. You know you got the wisdom tooth. You know you got to do the grass in the thing in the thrilling in the phone and all that shit. It freaks you out. No they're doing it in your mouth. years ago you come in Monday. At eight, a m like shit in your whole weeks run right the weekend. Room because I Monday or else a Monday here the next. We have any dentist in the audience tonight. Fantastic do is
right here, just like our crossing guard or work in a prison. Is there any professionals at all, there's anyone above a g d here tonight. Anyone anybody any by one year Junior college under their about anybody, just so tell this to your dentist, because this is why this is my gift to you guys in Dentistry, which is the net Evolution of dentistry has to be that's you. Don't know you need, surgery. You go into the dentist office, the dead this, the guy, gives you a check up. comes running back in the examination room and he goes Excelsior. This was excellent, You, my friend, Edith much taffy as you want, and by the way be either handful of tapping go to bed every night and we need to lawsuit, and this is actually you're. The best patient I've ever had and
see you never one. said awesome check up you leave you go out that night, you celebrate with your wife, your beautiful awesome. One hundred percent check up you're at the restaurant, your hosting a glass. You're staying on your neck, the rooms. Spinning around your head drops on the table for days later you wake up in bed. they got stuff in your mouth. Your wife, what happens again, three impacted mowers, it was, it was four hours of surgery down eighteen pounds and I blew you on the second day. You're welcome any. I would that be the greatest and spent in dentistry ever. Thank you. I too, we bring jail a jl and
Brian Gina grad, guys on hang out with us, yeah, hi, guys, Avenant hi guy Hey Gina, your hair looks a fantastic I don't know what's going on, but You you know, you ve been commenting on it lately and I'm thinking either. You finally think that I know how to address myself or maybe you're, like my new gave me a bath. Yes, I'd like to think of myself. You're new fruit fly. I think we're were not allowed to say fag hag anymore shit, You are on an island ball? Bribe? Yes, once again, I'm on lovely Volvo, Ireland, with the laws in London and is under evil to help Turkey too much these days. The lonely down here, seven through degrees,
and I was right. It is harder and hopes the hell out Here- man, just he and folks, on scooter, circling the jail. jail where you I'm in Jersey right now. Allow good good to see you jail cover you, don't people don't know it. He's kind had taken the internet by storm with its trump impersonation. Any, does an arrow impersonation as well, but we have a little taste of trump before we get moving. I wanna upon the hat like it's over the top so we are happy to be in that when I was young, they heard the Addison Improv Right, the Addison, but I was, and I couldn't get the rights to Dallas suggests the picture. but I am happy to be here. Obviously, you ve been very strong signal. This was a guy Donald. I I don't want me issues
How are you asked me to come on the show and then all of a sudden you set up you know I mean I was elected president I don't wanna call yeah. I saw pictures EU golfing with bread far today and you know we're in the middle of a pandemic and it'll be fair. I busted Obama's jobs when he went dolphin during the economic crisis, I just feel like I've gotta be even handed a year. Golfing there's a pandemic, though, and on your out with bright far. Is that sort of bad optics well maintaining twelve feet from black caddies, so we don't cry for social distance and I think I think it's only six at six fade. Wait, wait, wait were being extra, cautious, it's called its extra caution and you know we're doing red five. I think it's pronounced father said the current gap. Ethnic was a hero and I knew it was kind of like a Gulf
because I need to send him straight. I stay I say so. We started work. It was. It was a working vacation. It's one of that. You exactly. The gulf is one of our great places to do business deals and tell you know, tell Mississippi quarterbacks that their being to progressive When we did great things today, our city, I break farmers that Mississippi quarterback before and the foregoing the green backpack who's. Your team are you wash ten or will I have to say, Redskins what gets a Redskins anymore. I mean I would have been a strong obviously in Washington, I love the New England Patriots because on friends with Bob Graft Bob right, I would say that the end of the Washington team, I can support them until I come up with the great strong, I want say the blacks, because, if you walk around while she didn't say You see a lot of them
said said it. I think we had a bad we're. Gonna bad can actually Yorkshire you're trying to save the Blackhawks because they have a happy to another. the other, their very good as well. We respect in Washington DC and I got a chocolate city, medical wash people who wanted to represent way. That's what I see a lot of work. Why is it that the roster probably has more african Americans than American Indians on the roster? I haven't checked it lately, but I'm just assuming this. Probably a higher percentage airs. Maybe some their brain. You thought I was gonna, stay misanthropic been got you'll have a couple of months afterwards before you're, actually out of office till you use them for the personal interest things. If you can make an executive order, I'll read it in the team. Will let you know when we're already looking,
that's good! That's a good suggestion in areas other than pardons and will be doing a lot of hardens in those couple amongst the man. Now we're looking at their lot of straw names can I can I suggest this? I don't know such a thing, but is. Is there such a thing? Is a pre part like item I dont know if I know you pardon people after they can, crimes, but you know your body can yea West. I feel there's going to be like a triple homicide in the neck. two seven days. Could you pray pardon? Is it of all the pre part and so one? So when he goes to president you go out of office in binding, comes in and binds enact an apartment, you grant Father in the park and if you're doing pray pardons, I wouldn't might have prepared. Neither you actually looking and I've already prepared myself.
Oh yeah, ok, whether you got addy, I think on you. I could definitely users. I think you might need a useless to see how many uses up before well, there's others that there's a finite amount apart reborn we well know now pardons. You know, go ahead and commit the crime Adam and I'll, give you a pardon but Willet Creek. On the ideas I like to show up. It's like I'd like it's like that. I want the coupon in my pocket before I go into the mexican restaurant. That has the two for one taco nights. You know to me. I want to do pocket. Now, that's like that. I'm gonna Lamplight group on I am not that's a metaphor to say, if I could get a pre part in kind preparing that. Just be awesome in our look into it. We do not to talk this. What
what percentage of stuff that you say, you're looking into, are actually looking into, because I feel like it's gotta, be in single agents, because I feel like you're looking into everything, but it can possibly be you're. Looking all the things you say, you're looking into it's gotta, be a small percentage. When I say we I mean, should have the Trump team you know in the great business cigarette we have a large government as well working for I love you another. So when I say well, I can't do it. I was sort of voting like when you say, you're gonna do something sometimes demeans. Somebody on your staff is gonna. Do it so it's that sort of it they think drunk day. So are you? Are you looking into what percentage of the things we are actually looking into? What we already, I already sent a tweet and without gas where people look into that until how what the percentage of things that I specifically I'm looking.
So are you know I am looking out to the audience tonight? I'm not seeing a lot of masks out here in in Texas, so with a some people are wearing masks. Others others are? Do you have a message for the people are wearing mass, sir, are wearing mass and a note your thoughts well as I'm very pro mask as well as an anti mass, and also that it depends on us talking, but an idea really dont whim ass. You know because people want to see the president being very strong. Man said I then, but I respected. If you unaware ask if you should have terrified and anti american ok! Well, I see a lot of people were in mass, they don't see Manta American, they just see. No, they say that seem migrant, like I said the great people, whether
LAW the Manta American moments ago, not now wicked. Maybe you should look into that because it s look into it. We are sure we a little love as you gonna do. What are we gonna? Do? to do right now made a document about blogs, are renewing rotten tomatoes replay there? Let's do this. Thus the game
me right, Dawson. What's the theme Well, we are hashtag blessed to have president throb with us today and honour presents were dedicating a rotten tomatoes game to researched list of trumps? movies will start Ninety ninety seven now John Real Norway, everyone just to lay the groundwork, we're going to guess the critics score for rotten tomatoes on any these movies and whoever comes it closes, is gonna win, but will added up at the end. So it's kind of like trumps favour game golf, whereas the lowest score is going to win sofa movies. Seventy five percent- you guess seventy percent than you get five points in that particular
round all right go ahead. Dawson back in ninety ninety seven Donald Trump was interviewed for a profile in the new Yorker. He declared the year Claude Van Dam slugfest with a quote incredible, fantastic movie. jail haven't. He said, but that's an incredible and fantastic movie, exactly though he did, it meant that he cast in stone with fast boarding through all lot exposition from nineteen. Eighty eight. The movie is blood sport, boy, nine hundred and eighty eight Donald debut. It's been awhile. Probably since you ve seen blood sport be remember, and some of the highlights Big vandam fare well Normally, I am not a fan of the French and we we weak people
We are very weak sort of people like you know, I think I like that he showed defied the stereotype. We came out their use very violent, great actor. By the way. Do you know what where's from these from Belgium, well it out whatever region of France President Robert, can I ask you this? We got the wall going up between the mexican border in the it states now, I know Jean Claude Vandam lives in Vancouver he's in Canada, and if you don't want him in this country, perhaps I along the canadian border might be in order. If we ever thought about that wall well,
some well, I dont like Trudeau. That's the personal most concern vandam. We would welcome all our he showed it defies the stereotypes very strong and when I from revenge the nerves in all got injured, avenged him. So he was fighting a van. American CAT, like the Asian with the pact's ok? So what third always out and Vandam is in adamant. She started on time cop because they know how much you love that moving. So that's all way in here. Blood sport- I never saw this movie seemed a little too deep for me into that just just a little much, but I know it's kind of a cold classic and I think the credit certain liked it for what it is, as everyone locked in
I'm going to say, bear we barely rotten it. Fifty eight percent, one little lower. It's not a good movie, but other fix rely, love it. Forty forty one I was they. Forty one day said: there's no way in Hell. I went thirty. Three prisoners are evident said because I think the critics a terrible people. I went with forty five because on the Fourteenth Brown forty five disrespect to the way the media disrespects me. Forty five, ok, blood sport is rotten at forty percent who can see people had it seventy four to the people. you're a president of the people and blood sport is a people's movie. President agreed. That's a good point. Thank you.
Not all young people, sometimes just affirmations and it, does for a period of time. The trump organisations you to channel would feature blog entries from the desk. Donald Trump and two thousand twelve Trop reviewed this next movie, saying quote: the movie is really worth seeing and, more importantly, tromp tower. My building plays a role jail, most important emigrate memory. My building trumped our plays a strong role. Is the third film Christopher Nolan Trilogy from two thousand twelve. The dark night rises right. So what are these movies, or two of omens really good? What's the one Brien's always trying to get me to
at night. The dark night is spectacular tool. Surely one of your time best movies and see what this is a sequel, alright, but everyone likes the new version of bad man who would have this trajectory of to start office? A weird such offers a comic book and turns into a really can't be tv show then cut. It turns into a Campi, semi serious feature and then into a dark intricate what we eat. Interestingly glow, greedy greedy, story like what other free guys, like you know the art It has been around for a while, but it didn't hot dog Veronica. They didn't have this trajectory like Josie, The gas was a cartoon that they just beta hokey movie of it in the nineties, but they didn't not. Yes like what is what is this? What else is
It's gone along this trajectory this is that the critics like did they didn't like it as much as the the first one. They always shape a few points up at the first one was great, and this one is just good. I didn't, I say eighty two, oh how about that. I also needs you misfortune to being a follow up to a truly spectacular movie. It's good is just nowhere near the window or pursue This was the one with Bain Correct. Yes, with all parties, right. Well, I would have said eighty two, but I had to take two points off for the fact that I couldn't fucking understand. As I said, I Donal Mr Trump.
very strong analysis on the slowly and it came out during Obama. The fair presidency lobata salon thinking they give it should of a african american bump triumph. forty five. So I said nine while thinking interesting right. The dark night rises is certain, I'd fresh at eighty six percent close gained. The people had it Ninety yeah April, I know the people who say that that's what we should do that that's true, urine president People- and you got you guess ninety so good on you
we're buddy it's? Why did we want to a bar up the street from the barbecue plays, and the woman who was working, his hostess, who is leading us in who is trying to explain to us that this bar was capacity, but the part bar, wasn't, was wearing the mask in couldn't understand a goddamn work. He was saying yes right Social Europe was Mister troll having trouble that water is doing just fine brine, you didn't want to get on his tie. You happen Gina now, Sir having a strong drink of water, and why don't you show you show added now you make sure you don't get the water on your tie. That was your explanation and holding the microphone glass as liquid, or we can here, but the case that we see you drink it with two hands right, but you know cause I've got the Micro That's right ranks understood I I know I know you
Drink alcohol know your brother Fred. I think I had a little problem without the hall and left us early in that's one of the reasons you know that drink the alcohol, your niece wrote that tell all book that sole nine hundred and fifty units in and out of fifty thousand units in pre cells, I mean I write books that is aspirin nominal. They do did you read? The book was curls of truth in there now we, the only true this was I once called well, She said. I call this stacked, the other guy What I actually said was your fucking stacked. on this score, but other than that it was a total book of lies and I'm not impress souci short, she saw the million copies. It's no big deal
lotta units, and I agree: stacked was arming the doctor that deliver Gina called her stack. So I don't think it's a big deal, but it's just me why? Why are you trying to tell me that, on everyone's birth certificate it doesn't give height waiting capsize next as Israel terminate well. If I get it believe aims drums president and run in twenty sixteen, he went from one campaign rally to the next playing the theme for the Harrison for Action Classic AIR force. One years later, he gleefully yield sketches of the three point nine billion dollar make over for his new presidential aircraft, though he would not reveal. What do you do if Gary all men took over the flight from one ninety seven air force, one you think
there is an actual conversation that Trump had with one, unlike the designers it Boeing when they were talking about remanufacturing freshening up air force one. Where he was like. I dont get why camp a chandelier in an airplane, Donald make bang it's a totally reasonable question yeah. So again, I'm not an engineer, but I would say there are some I called you know that kind of mass is like a kilter mass. You know, as you take off its sliding backwards, then, as you level out at slides forward either in the in the racing car world. We call it sprung way. It's just it's kind of the enemy, a fly. You know well when I suggest Epstein Splain had Meares alliance. I said The chandelier are we
you bet your on that plane, now. You just saw pictures of the planet right, we are, and we all know we are deciding not to go on the plane. I suffer turns out a nice place, a nice place, Mister Preston, you call Jeff at speed in rural calling him Jeffrey. Just some level of intimacy or knowledge. At least, then you might know him. While I was it Free, I don't even know I thought I had her chance. I must admit I dont know this person There are now the man I didn't even it was a man of arson that I heard a voice. Will you did wish Calais Maxwell? Well, so that was very nice of you are well. We pronounced it. We pronounced it just else right, that's what we call the runway on Jeff, Epstein, private island, worse,
One of the worst streets in America live on his lame strongly agree. Actually, during the summer months, listen. I gotta be honest. I like this room, so inviolate survive acted movie. I, like you, do, but the critics can't like we'll be, but it was good. It had what's his name right play the having time very old and our Gary Open right. He was, he was greatness, like it was like a fun action. Movie and but again the critics can like it that much even those it is delivered. I'm gonna say we're getting down to crunch type. I gotta make up some points here was fresh in this, but I'm going to say it was good enough. It
sixty three year. This really should have been done and stupid, vacuous, really really good, working Petersen Director, What really good director who did a lot of fire thing than the them the perfect storm I went. E3 is good. Ok, I've never seen it all. I could think about O Connor. I don't know anything about this year's fifty eight present room, but this is a tremendous and I wrote down ninety one, while a corrects like that, I think it was one of the few times. I think I agreed with the far left movie critic, fake news airport,
is certified fresh at seventy six percent now and all have at sixty six. What the Hell Donald, what is going on with the people? Well, that's probably vote for lot of mail and I think a lot of mail in rotten tomatoes scores. So you think there are some valid harvesting going on. With this run, tomatoes scores air force to problem play. You know it's competing and guys, let's ruin air force, one it's a great movie, Listen again the critics it seventy six, the people at sixty six, he never never saw When coming aren't we at the last one does to more two more earlier this year. At a rally in Colorado Springs from told the crowd was displeased with the south korean film parasite took best picture Oscar, he said quote:
let's get on with the wind back, please Sunset Boulevard, so many great movies, it's a film that still makes headlines to this day from eighteen, thirty, nine gone with the wind gone with the wind, is a tricky one. Get sick. Having we're renaissance yeah continue their views, matured off Donald. What think about us trying to do a lot more vision is history. By cutting up this film, or do, and I think we put a head or on it now or weak splain, that their summer messages in here that are politically correct. You, your family, that I don't. I don't like it one bit. I think you know if they were gonna, you know it's not like. They made it more realistic. They just added some woman talking in front of the movie, but still the same movie sonata, just ruining the movie with some woman in an office in giving some introduction that started,
necessary. Shall I think it's a disgrace, but can I get my score the hour? I wouldn't want to say this: I'm I'm I'm wondering if this you're just be expanded to every movie like before I watch gone and six seconds. Some sheriff would have to explain to me like in front of a cycle aroma that these were stunned drivers, and this was an indicative of the way people should drive in this country. Like you, we just ruin every move, even a fuckin breakers are managed as we as country about North STAR wars for hours, do not try to breathe and unfair. like call for any of us get laid Doktor drew puts a video on that explains. Stds are easily easily he bread during course a our rights
They are. The critics had loved this one, but has gone down a few points over the years, because it's not politically correct. I'm gonna, just jump in say this is still gone with the wind. Ninety four I want to go on. For that reason, I do I'm accounting for contemporary views with you. You know don't hold ups. Why said he? I think it's weird that I went this low, but this is that this is a very tough one, so I said because of the press, it's been getting eighty four present trump. Ninety nine, because I think only a couple of critics to look outwards lower two did I on what the wind is certified fresh at ninety one people handed and ninety three,
ok, so we ninety nine critic votes in there, which is, I don't know if you like in the movies eighty five years old, like there might be a couple more our last one here, we go championship grounds for We discuss a film in front and Maloney Trump actually appear in the walking down the red carpet and Trump liver, the law. I look without Derek Zoo, Lander, email, modeling, wouldn't be what it is today. President tromp career, that line without direct zoo under the greater Mayo modeling would not be where it is today get a fast Clara from knew. He was in the movie from do well in law, which Anne Schuyler, zoo land areas in the movie is zoo, Lander itself, fully item
but like this movie, they think it's funny. I never in. I saw bits and pieces of it. I never really got on that, the train with it, but I know people love it. I think Brian's in the Lee right now feel like one of us are going to have to just stick this and get it right on. If you get the number dead, that's on will do a five point. Two action. So I'm going to say the critics didn't love. It is much is many of the people we know and I'm going to say For that reason it is a sixty six, my god. Oh my god, I'm running sixty seven
while this was probably one of those movies right place right age very bright time. I said: seventy nine, Mr Trump and you know it with the trouble melatonin bounce with the two of us being in it said a four zero ladder is fresh at sixty four percent and see the people have at one time. I get close and Ball Brien's only appoint off our right tally it up. You know I was thinking I think, be funny, because I dont think Trump could be in a movie anymore because If somebody said Donald Trump, you're lying is theirs Derek lander he's the future of modelling. You couldn't just deliver that line. He'd have to say, is terrific
Dear friend, are you know, and while they couldn't just say that lie right now, it's got in August actors, they sort improv. You know they do so. They gimme the line. Give it shouldn't gray, I'd like you to say there. lander. That guy is a gift, modeling derricks Lando, the great there are two lander. I hire resistance against the stop. You that just say Eric Zoolander Lander. That guy's, a gift modeling Derek, we eleven directive, it's like the present one sided gives you something's and now, I'm sorry to say, dare to enter gift about vague. But that's what I said
What are you staring stopping and make an sidebar comments about sky heads are attracted their agenda. That guy this this guy, so strong is a gift modelling and I know my married to look to models to readjust. Maybe we can get the word separately and we could just added them together, you now to say zoo, Lander and give than model, and what this kind of cobbled together the added back, Derek like it's almost like Rick, but then more, let us do it sets out. A second could be read sue andor, not from those, not an animal. Those not from the zoo is just such a person
and there is a great guy- and I tell you that guy's what we call a guest, Mackay, modeling gray model, maybe Bloomberg, to get Bloomberg to deliver this line. I feel like it like, I feel like it would work sin tally it up and tell us what we got. President Trump and your first appearance run tomatoes game coming with a score of fifty one role, not too bad respect him around respectable, Adam role. You certainly made the Claudia, because bursting the Donald by ten points. Your score is forty, one respectable Paul Brian, you, certainly beat Gina grad as
Everyone else not make the podium. Fifty four o Brien best score the night. a small seventeen why averaging less than three and a half per per movie, not to God, Damn shabby aright Gina. Why don't you get ready with the news the hour, I will hit my Tommy John Spot, you guys into Tommy John Summer in full swing man. It is hot out their Tommy
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let's do along new, genuine, bring all those crazy trot, Gigi with jail. Colvin does Adam Corolla impersonation as well by the way, so I Oh we're doing the news. It seems like the best time for you to do a little Adam Corrales. So maybe you can you can respond, and asked me to whatever whatever you like jail sentence: good of dust off Ebay. I hope it's not rusty now years ears, a straw hat, I hate to start off with it. Bad news, but this just in as we record this a big our ip. the legendary broadcaster reaches fell. Then he
died at the age of eighty eight natural causes and, of course, coast of numerous shows, including with regions in Cathy Lee than Regis and Kelly and who won be a millionaire? He was nominated thirty seven times as for daytime uneasy ones, six well it's kind of an old Jeff Ross routine. But when you are eighty eight we don't need the natural causes likely didn't Dinah Poles The answer, then, was skydiving the shooting nobody's dernburg. If were over, that natural live in a world without the ridges. I mean Adam. And I say this with respect, but I mean was rageous. Actually talented, indeed he has arrived, town- and I say disrespectful: yeah, I'm in your house. Some shows you sit with a dry
tat they lay its guy respect the longevity but yeah real is really a town and, let me add to me: we give game, show hose weight, credit because they read the answers, but it's like they know the answers. They re the answers in all we got like Alex Rebecca Guys, a fuck ingenious. He reads, answers rate read a lot of stuff to like what we gave a lot of credit for being pretty wise and sharp and ever but all that shit on a three by five card, so we'll be missed it we mess by anyone. We know, but several previous by potential We members, although he must have a small fortune to leave behind our shoes and and also is, is there any other
human being ever named reaches. Is that a name that is that a family name as the ashore at the hotel, yeah yeah? I didn't catch on. Yes, that's right, his his pleasant dad, the Saint reaches. yes, he shall be miss sword of, but not that that much, but what guy willing one day some decades comical be talking about me and how I tag and no one gives a shit and they call that a code of my time, the circle of life, We would like a bad and pluralistic outta metallic jail corona. My tat, I do you know who is going strong. Both of em are going strong, Phil, Donoghue and Marlowe Thomas. I think before you? They, they just wrote a book about how to keep the orange fresh, so we're They're gonna stick around for a while. I think
I don't wanna, hear art so they're married, they ve been married for fifty years now, seven years ago, once you get over eighty, I don't want any books about how to keep the marriage fresh. I don't want to hear about you. Guys haven't sacks just a number one number: two year old kid, the mare fresh over eighty. You wait to die because you're too lazy to get divorced at that point and essentially unfavourable to the rest of humanity. Other than that. I wish those kids. Well, it's there we just found out. That can I say yes, you know how I hate. My parents know the I hate my parents come up, wants its level of rational ministers. There wasn't your lesson. My dad is gonna be turning eighty nine in about a month, and every time I hear about some great American who died
earlier than my dad. I get angry at my dad, I'm like now. My dad has outlived courageous Bilbil and we re just filled and you gotta look it up MAC superadding. He must have been born within seven months of my dad and my dad had the gall to live the great Regis film, Can you believe that all of that man, the temerity business, is no business? I'm going to tell him next time. I see you knew about library. Just fill that what makes you think your shit doesn't stay lived. The great Regis velvet my uttered a wet year. My dad was what more do. I know this has actually been a misery. I ve been trying to fight for a few months now. Add I dont know how to I think he's gonna turn eighty in September, so we could probably back out. Eighty nine years, but rages must have been much worse,
just was one month jive, as eighty nine birthday by God had probably share the same birthday. I now live it at my dad, there. You now rages. His wife is his wife's there. Why do we always talk about his wife in the show when he had the MAX panel find that when you go ahead, I will yet that wife, they really do. We think you, like mocha, mix commercials, step, two way filled in joy, velvet. Yes, they do commercials for coffee Kramer, something like from the eighties she still she's still alive. I join them all seventy nine Jesus rise. So my Each of US mom has out live Phil Budgets, Robin Interface boy. What I see those to, let him have it next time I see it. This is an outrage. This is an attack
what form. Well, there is a liberty that turns out had a secret case of covert was in the hospital for awhile and we're just finding out now that man's name is milk Gibson yeah yeah that he spent a week in California Hospital back in April with covert nineteen. The actors reps sixty four year old, was very sick treated with room desert here since recovered and tested negative of numerous times he's also tested positive for anti is now, but that was a super secret case covered. So it's funny you like He has simultaneously the bass and worse publicists because things the really good at keeping secret from the pipeline covered nineteen by calling
highway patrol officers, monkey nipples and little jus asses and screaming into a telephone mainly to come to this high Devon blow me that came the trades. It could get back out of the newspapers by the covert thing they a good job of months, a word on their way. one day the address. What all I listen! I want this kept quiet. I wonder if he had like if you had a bad case and unlike its jewish doctors, came in his anger to be risk to recover
lands on May or maybe had a mild case in the jurists doctors came in and when you put a little tap water and that syringe call at rest marrow fear whenever, wherever that traders just spent Pisa, that's orange and call it hydroxyl clerk with what you have done as for the Jews are all doctors, and then later on. When there's practice situation. You try to get the other half of the Jews, Nora lawyers and now you're really fun. Assuming that's right, sir. well. This is actually I'm hoping. The present trump can enlighten us on this office. Give the broad strokes, but I'm he he could provide us. Maybe with more details the it has announced? He has accepted a limit nation from the Yankees to throw out the first. Before their August fifteenth game against the Red Sox up until now
does not throwing the first pitch, which every american president has done since one thousand nine hundred and ten, it was fast truck jokes that Yankees press Randy Levine assured him. He won't get booed because there won't be a crowd lots. Well, let me just say this as far as the sound effects guy, they got the cheering the mild chairing the big jeering. They gotta have a blue button in there to ride. I just made this point today. Might and laws are used, godsends, wash the feelings of dog giants and they got to have the blue button for one like the pitcher throws over first base. The third John Ryan Catcher comes after the visit team. Talk to get your brain of them.
And on the opportunity, gotta like this streak or gets onto the feel we gotta gotta, have that tromp you're gonna throughout that first badge, I'm gonna, throw it very strong is, as you know, I was greatly spoke, and I am in fact she you little thought she we call him he's like that. exercise version of a doctor. His throw was so bad. I almost want to thank him because he set the bar. So now I'm going to throw with six week it's going to be, and I don't want to do that, but I got to tell you without you, throwing it in front of them to the last. I think I fundamentally very strong when I turn that bitch, I'm having this fantasy of Trump going out there whining and throwing like a Roger Clemens type
asked ball like right down the pipe and then later on, that night CNN go and it was a little off the play a little. He didn't have movement in the ball. He just didn't have stuff tonight. They clock every clock that eighty eight, that it's not that it's, that is a triple a ball types free that is a serious wearing wing tips in three pc. But if you can break into the nineties you're not you have no business. That now and they checked, it turns out, it was doktor, they found a little pine tar and some Kramer there so you guys so Trump. You gotta got their brought that first you played in high school. very strong by smugglers
There's a lot of controversy. Speaking a high school. Did you have so when take your s, ain t so that you go the warden school business now? This is this is, of course, from a nasty niece in our facebook fake what happened was here's what happened? I was going to take the best on Saturday, like everybody dikes and my great father for a drunk came down the stairs, and he said Sir in my father called me, sir. And he said, Sir, you don't have to take the yesterday. They already won in the school year smart, so he sent he sent. An asian student to go to school and tell them on my behalf that I didn't have to take the test. So that's so he went. He went to the test and I assume told them, and I went to great schools, these things up and take it for you
I don't know my father said sir. This is gonna, go and just deliver a message. Didn't nobody took the best item after a lot of very formal family, that your dad would call you, sir. Let's it's it's the respect, its everybody. The generals never called the president's, sir. Until I got elected now they say, Sir, when I walk into a room. So it's just that I bring in more respect and honour to the assets than with a long term view. Last up the joint pressure dead, with the appeal huge tabled, the fast food with any other president's at zero through you guys, so No, we talk there's a lot of Zeitgeist guys lately about you, know body of everyone's beautiful and I gotta handed to this woman I think they might be right of fifty six year old
and from California she's technically from Taliban, is the neighbourhood not too far away made her view in sports illustrated Swimsuit Issue Hall, Molly she's fifty six year Albert a picture of earnings. Cathy Jacobs, Mary, five years is a daughter and med school. She suddenly, the view that a year and a half ago she was sweeping hair off the floor at abuse. Swan and Jews, decided checks and picks and submit herself to the magazine and hoping that this all lead to other opportunities, because she says old is old. All this gold. All this goal yeah well, laying down look at that body, Angela, well we're not out a twenty three year old, the our ways of or on an and there's only fifty six year olds, she's number one in line and as long as they're still twenty three year old, then
it's a wonderful achievement, but I need it. It's like it's like when the EU, once in a while there be some obedient like some pick up and at the. Why? I'm so yea, and as though we some forty six year old, dude and he'll be able Dunk a basketball still but is still would make the copper any NBA team, and that's that's what I'm saying. So it's a wonderful achievement, but What did you say her daughter? Wasn't: Med School, she Betsy Med School hours, that's where I'd like the kind of ship, the direction of the conversations, because if the apple don't fall too far from the tree, that daughter. So what do you want to keep an eye on it by the way people stop pretending like they just sort of draped in
stumbled into modeling like well. I went down to the beach and I got minder. Parents are those of your pictures. I didn't know what would come of it really. Is that whatever had that impulse, I was gonna be to get my underpants and gallop. Pictures no would happen. Why do you find go the beach take? Pictures are beaten. Want this to happen, you know your hide it bit it your heart. she's fine, I'm right your that's that's that's what it is ok for a forfeits it, but she's been married for twenty five years right yeah, so that's gotta be a pretty good deal further. guy right. That's that that real, hasn't dropped off in twenty five years right. She would ace your in gown Yes, it is, wedding gown initiative is he's gotta help me with this government forgotten, but
a thousand bucks to spend on a wedding gown for every five hundred bucks. you spend on it after a thousand bucks, you have to fit into it for the next five. Here. So I sounds horrible special. All this may do facts yet by I'm just saying my wife wedding gown with I don't know like twenty eight hundred box, and now I have to pay to store it, which is you have to pay for, like temperature controls. and then they always do this thing where I go twenty No, I'm renting a tuxedo, you spent Twenty eight hundred bucks you're only going to wear the gown once in every chick goes when it me when our daughter walked down the aisle she's gonna be wearing this down, and unlike really, why are you wearing your mom's gown? I just got a fucking now
oh by the way, I'm sure this town that thirty one years old will be in style. When my daughter goes down the aisle bastard colored macro may gown, yes curve it with a big, Spain, on the front of it now daughter, wants to go down the aisle, Daddy's jeers, roar, sack task, no I'm not I'm saying no daughter. This should be offensive. No daughter, once daddy's, jeez, Roar, Shack, Shack, honoured on the front down That's right! That's right! Sorry one Morgiana Grand right? Well here, let's get you get one out here, we go. You know back to who is right around the corner and whether their going it or not, there are going you have to pay some sort of tuition, so the state Temple is here to help this date,
an example is offering scholarships to. high school graduates and Adam. I think this is something you can really get behind. Its assailant Massachusetts face grew. They advocate stricter, separate of church and state, and they have five hundred dollars for the devil's advocate scholarship to any when you twenty graduate here's how you apply, its answer one of two questions one is: they have to describe what they ve done to promote the organizations mission or you can describe a teacher who crushed your spirit undermine your confidence and made you hate every minute. You are forced to be in school and out of it, you can do it as an essay palm or film and hopefully will get you some five hundred dollar scholarship. I like how many bad teachers did. You guys have verses. Teachers like I feel like. I have three good teachers and a hundred and twenty eight bad teacher say like every time urban months ago. These guys are heroes. Actually this is
the interesting thing that would probably over well and taxes we have. Our teacher in cooperation goes all fucked up. We live in a society where, like there's a bunch of bad cops at a couple, a good cops and the reality is: there's a bunch of good cops and a couple of bad got and we go. These teachers are all heroes, but there's a couple, a bad ones. Most teacher fucking sucks. There's three good ones apply the fucking same ratio, the black lives matters. Does the cops to put just do it to teachers if, by the way, any of them will ever agree to go back to work. my kids, none of those better as teachers are going back like it's after January. Like My son is gonna. Walk into that last room when they eventually agreed to go back to school, and be like sunny it's time to go back to school. He'll, go ok.
I guess, I'd better shape my beard to get my prostate jack. There were gone and where's my throat came, will grow. and I'll be older than ridges. My movie lay aside James Parole officer. Yes, might be good for team sport stuff he goes back, is like a nineteen year old, ninth, greater oh yeah, now he's going back like Forest Whittaker, went back due to high school and fast. I'm sorry! That's supposed to be about you guys playing Jamie Football that are twenty seven years ago. you are. I just want to ask you. What quick do you remember any of the specific insult Adam. I know you do that that teachers gave to you because a classic one that was given to me and I was given a lot of them cuz. I was a a real bad student, real doming, but One of them said to me, and I was well into my high school years- said: Gina your parents value books
where to go to school and all you do is eat the goddamn crowns, while I had missed Homer Tsar, who is in her eighties, say to me after class. In a totally she said, Adam you're, funny, guy as idea and she's like in all the girls like you, she said which I was like. No, they do not be your honour all peeped out, I'm and theirs pause and who said, do your parents beat you? it was like, no? I don't know what you're observational skills are after presiding in front of students for the last forty seven years, MRS Gomes arbed you'll learn nothing but there were left, let them put a hand. I did also have. Mr Smith, tell me, he looked at me what you know Adam Europe,
some and I went were really bags. Everyone yeah sometimes you're good and are sometimes you stuck I felt good for about eight seconds. I had tell me, except enemy, really my counselor its way to me like really condescendingly when I was like I want to take Mr Jeffreys History class because all my friends in all, like the cool kids in the popular kids, are like taken Mr Jeffreys History class. So could you give me into Mister Jeff history class, and he literally gave me a sitting. conversation like that's a little too much class for you about life goes. Kids are norm kids, yours, you where's your guns, gap, boy, you're, not you go into that class. He makes you do work with here, you're going to fail horribly because you have to do stuff in class. I remember lots of those yes, but
One thing that caliber, so my history teacher was off the cool history, teach my sophomore year and MR per ten zero high school I of course, totally abuses, trust and was acting up every day and for the got ten times I got trouble. I came here to my mom already home plan, can explain this present play on the x ray machine, its MR more tat up, leading a likely message that includes the phrase verbatim. Brian is one of the worst students. I've had the misfortune, teaching well done. jail. You heavy bad ones. I no I'm not! I could think of beef and started the only body story I have from from schools. In third grade I was five foot to and my teacher Miss Channing was five foot
one. When I was eight years old, I was five to your ear. What sex XIX now examine success? So you can't tell from this. green there I think I've heard of me. I mean I've had like mediocre teachers and good teach about that. I have any sort of awesome. I want to private school. like us. Now that our rights associated with our GMO, let's break at home, you got it, I'm gonna grab and that's the news, with geographic, I've we're gonna were bidden due to Prime and Jane Grad, entail CO van and you can listen to jails. Part gas, making pod cast great again website J L Kova that see a you ve I and dot com where
close out the show with a little lamb, Corrales unprepared. So why you guys raise your hand word out there by guys, one word out and I will do it made a stand up a bit on that one word hydrochloric when so says says that person there. Yes, hydrochloric when I was talking about this, do doktor drew today. Actually the thing that's funny is ever turned on hydrochloric when, because trunk said it might have promise by the media was acting like Trump knew when hydrochloric, when I was ten minutes,
authority setting. He didn't somebody just told him. It shows some promise and then he said it chose them promise and then joy, Bay, Har and all the other. He enters on the news. One preserved hydrochloric when it's just some inert pill that people have been taking for sixty five years, doc Bruce said its lead? It is less side effects than aspirin entirely at all. So here's the thing it's insane about CNN! see, he's been ramming. This narrative upper ass for the last eight months, the Pope and nineteen was gonna, kill us all in our sleep, but we're
gonna, get a light dry raping before it killed us in our sleep and were reaching the grim milestone of eighty seven thousand Americans that we have more new cases and Lord Arizona taxes in this there. Nothing so CNN is pushing nothing but grim milestones and how this is all going to kill us and how no one is safe to go outside unless you're protesting black lives matter, and that is ok, but no, but you're not safe on the beach and you're, not safe in the nails alone, you're not save at the bar that hair salon. This is a number one world class pillar of all Americans, and then somebody says how about we take this. Sixty year old pill. Somebody said that might be effective and then CNN, when fuck that bill That's gonna kill you faster, so I ask you:
new vis scared of covert nineteen ordeal, hate Hydra way with a red, hot passionate? It can't be path if you're I that you're scared, shitless of covert nineteen and somebody says this drug may help less than the effects of covert nineteen. You can't, point that taking that drug will. Kill you, you can't have both. If you can't share the same screen or the same mind are the same teleprompter, So I know these people are full of shit. I don't go full political here by CNN Approach to it too. Hydrochloric when one. Oh, I don't know, let's wait till the trials come out or let's take it or why not, I guess, or if everyone in India's taking for malaria will then so be it like. That's what they're there
Pierre Approach would have written some something new droll, something like what we see, because no one knows what this stuff is. Everything is brand new. You combine, it was saying You do it. Early evidently be doing. Early was naked, has some effectiveness, and why wouldn't you just approach it that way, instead of scream at everyone whose taking it and just let us size everything by the way trunk didn't say: invented hydroxyl cork. When some guy told me a baby effective. That's all You can say a few things every once in a while, like you can say, don't Dive into a shrub filled with cacti can see and I can go there. I approach clock is were approved What works is right to twice twice a day. I know a screw. That thing up. The point is: there's a couple of things
can say that you agree with and then just disagree with everything else that comes out of that guy's mouth harangue hydrochloric, when you don't get Doktor Bruce started on that This is on it. California, to raise in your hand. I do saw in the news today that Elon Musk is building a new truck factory out here, and I think Joe Rogan is moving out here and every everybody is just leaving California because I I don't know look I like tat, don't get me wrong there places, one could go from California answer it just thinking instead of Inland August going out to sea August I was gonna fuck and build a barge like Tom. Hanks did
survivor eyeliner, whatever that was passed away. Castaway August build a barge and push it twenty six miles out across in international waters and aunt prostitutes and gambling on it like, go any land under paying taxes are any anything. So Texas is good. I think you know to be fair. Let's be honest. Texas is good, but I know no is Texas great or is California. Shit, show incited dumpster fire light. Is so here's what I'm saying Maybe taxes is like this z plus dune, what the older brothers in juvy.
You know what I mean any alike. Every time you go, you should get your grades up. Look at her. these and you re so is Texas, the sea plus student, with the rather than in June we known as power Foreigny our you guys, the Asians do Russian it on me. I say tease well, but here so I now here's I know tat. This is that brain will hold on This is obviously not a popular got here by waiting, I grew up in California and I grew up all over the seventies and eighties California, and Remember, hearing shit about how good Texas wise I
hearing how great Texas was when allay, fell off a fucking class. so did did. Tat is just shoot up in the last few years. We just dig a hole and bury ourselves in California. See I because I listen luck. I like this Dallas and Larry Hagman and J arguing viewing and less eager. I grew up in California. I've heard about taxes, but I didn't hear everyone had to pick it moved move taxes by Friday because California was not a shit You wanna know the difference between California in Texas. Once upon a time, a picture, this, the great Carol Shelby born in taxes, move to vanish speech. California, so he could
the automobiles and be left alone by the man, a man Jim moving from tax is too LOS Angeles. So you could man, fact your re scars, Do you imagine that today right so everybody is now gonna have so taxes. So if you, wanna know like. If you want to follow the trajectory of California in taxes, employees, follow the automotive manufacturing innovating genius, is Carol Shelby an eagle on months. Shelby starts in Texas moves the California Ilan starts in California and moves to taxes, and if I was in front of the
governor of California, I would simply just showing the graph this is either. This is him driving the taxes. This is what it used to be. This reads: Karel Shelby, driving to California. Your shit show policies have gotten these people to do this. Thank you. Let's do it, I can't run. yea, oh yeah, download my Bree pardon idea for her kind. Yet Call me a kind is going at least stop making music. I guess because, because I I
we felt bad for all the white people who had to pretend like he was a genius all the time, but never knew what he did. You know kindly EVA Dalia. That guy said innovator that guy's a genius to happen. You have any boss, gags in the Duke backs. This really know, go at all, but I have to pretend I don't recall square or racist I'll just go kindly. I was that guy's a genius, even though not familiar at all with what he does, but I can't see that that guy's gotta get divorced ride, and then, who has more money given carte ashen or him like? How does that work when those to git divorce, like is one of em up, billion they're the ones you knock on the door of a billion like who gets the money when those two get divorce? Or does anybody get the money then who does Kim go onto and who is kind yea West.
Aren't you in terms of a sexual partner, because I wouldn't want to be the next guy to feel calm. Yea zis, when I came into the card ashen home, What he calls the shoes right yeah. I got the hip guys in the room say what you wanna be the next guide. I have sat with card ashen because feel like kind words. for all his faults. Gotta- be a sexual machine in the bedroom because he's not it is probably over high rating and probably look at herself in the mirror probably got is probably fox through its own music. I bet he's got that gold digger song on these ploughing car last year and I
compete with that I haven't invented, I'd be wearing like Van, so I put my stand up special honour. Maybe an episode of the man show a turn. Like seals and crossed some away makes with you. Through blow and do the work of her son yeah. So I I don't feel like people get up on the clock, hours anymore, with hunting rifles and go preserved, but whatever the version, that is for kind yea. I feared it's coming, it's Cummings, and if I were him I would hire doktor true, and I would do that move that guys used to do with super important attache cases in the seventies where there were the hand of themselves so that attache case so
I would hire doktor drew and I would literally just handcuff myself to one everywhere. I went doktor through would go with me and I did for ten years. It's no picnic. But kindly ain't gonna run for president he's gonna run under the bird, they party did you I know that it's not the is not an independent is not a report, get a Democrat and is not a good in party he's a birthday party waiting Maybe I should run under the pin yadda party in the odyssey legal. Yet I feel like we, Lord Long Darts four years ago. Hanging a
paper shade donkey? Why following a kid aiming em a mob handle spinning around telling disoriented and having a barometer donkey swinging the mob panel around while a group of kids circle the donkey. That's still if acceptable a two thousand and twenty and should we you know we do you know we, you know, kids, we do so aunt em, you know we go a goods do that they were you spin around we spinning around and then you try to hit softball. Are we spending around and then we blindfold dune? We try to hit the donkey, isn't that, preparing them to be alcoholics like just pre alcoholism like don't you remember laying on your bed and having the bed spinning around when you were a twenty two
think this spinning around is really just three alcoholic and I'll bet you, if you spend I own a kid in that you say it on. How do you feel they goes man? I feel tired. I think I'm gonna sit out that kid. I'm gonna have a problem with booze, but if you say the kid around and stop ago. How do you feel and egos who needs a blow job? You go you stay away from the saw Syria I one more quick fifteen seconds spot here, J P! Well, I hope you proud taxes are using J, P, welder poxy too easy. Brand used by prose India wires trusted for over fifty years available, J B, well that common retailers everywhere. I want to thank you
guys, we're coming out tonight be the great audience I want to, thank God, Don T, grad ball brine in jail in for joining us tonight until next time. This is out of her. All I said was always on Twitter that Roma. You can get Adams Book now. I'm your emotional support animal, the links it Adam Corolla, dot, com, hey! Let me tell you about a super funny. Show I've been watching the new peacock array,
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