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Part 1: Adam, Bryan and Gina on Wokeness vs. Racism, Dave Chappelle, and Inspirational Music (ACS July 21)

2020-07-21 | 🔗
Adam opens today’s podcast talking with Bryan and Gina about getting to say what he thinks, and how scary it is that radio personalities that don’t have their own networks can’t do that. The guys also watch a viral video about how wokeness and racism are more linked than you think. They also talk about filling positions with the best person for the job regardless of race, and everyone watches a clip from a recent ‘Unprepared’ performance. Later, the guys chat with callers about Dave Chappelle, as well as Bald Bryan’s inspirational music playlist. Before the break, Adam recalls an awkward conversation he had with his dad about traveling the world. Please support today’s sponsors: Lifelock.com enter ADAM Geico.com TommyJohn.com/ADAM SimpliSafe.com/ADAM MadisonReedMr.com enter ADAM Butcherbox.com/ADAM BetOnline enter PODCASTONE

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