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Part 1: Adam, Gina and Bryan on Nudist Camps, Pandemic Rich Man Poor Man, and Getting Back to School (ACS July 30)

2020-07-30 | 🔗
At the top of the show, Adam, Bryan, and Gina talk about the film ‘District 9’, as well as nudist camps and large screen TVs for cheap. Adam also gives an update on working on his cars leading up to his big race, and the guys listen to another Dad/Trumpet mashup. From there, the guys take a fan phone call about Pandemic Themed Rich Man Poor Man, and go on to talk about eating healthy, paying more for gas, and getting our kids back to school again. Later, the gang talks about a strange merchandise situation, and Adam tells an unsettling story from his recent trip to Chicago. Before the break, the guys take a call about Coronavirus impacting the NFL season, and everyone listens to a clip from Adam’s new audiobook, ‘I’m Your Emotional Support Animal’. Please support today’s sponsors: BetOnline enter PODCASTONE Geico.com SimpliSafe.com/ADAM MadisonReedMr.com enter ADAM Stamps.com enter ADAM Meguiars.com Pure Talk USA - Dial #250 and say keyword ADAMCAROLLA

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