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Part 1: Brian Baumgartner + The Rotten Tomatoes Game (ACS Sept 1)

2020-09-01 | 🔗
Adam talks about Sonny wanting to join him on his upcoming trip to Washington DC to interview President Trump. This leads to a discussion about how being a Trump supporter is stigmatized in schools today. Then, Adam remembers the last time he went to the White House in 1996. After that, the gang plays a round of ‘The Rotten Tomatoes Game.’ After the break, actor Brian Baumgartner joins the show to talk about his podcast An Oral History of The Office. Adam opens the interview talking to Brian about how beloved The Office is and how it’s popularity has risen over time. Then Brian remembers what it was like auditioning for the role of Kevin Malone. After that, they talk about episodes of The Office that might not be accepted in today’s social climate. Before the break, Brian talks about the bond that was formed between all the actors from the show. Thanks for supporting today’s sponsors: Bring Back Bronco Podcast Geico.com JB Weld – World’s Strongest Bond Lifelock.com enter ADAM BetOnline enter PODCASTONE TruNiagen.com enter ADAM MadisonReedMr.com enter CAROLLA

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