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Part 1: Listener Calls and Eat Your Feelings (ACS June 19)

2020-06-19 | 🔗
Adam opens today’s podcast talking about a cologne from the 80s called ‘CHAZ’. He also talks with Bryan and Gina about safe spaces vs. octagons, how car culture has evolved, and how to improve the Olympic sport of fencing. The guys then take calls about suddenly making a lot of money, the terrible streets in LA, and Chris D’Elia. Before the break, Adam shares his latest observations about Ellen DeGeneres, and Gina brings in a new recipe for this week’s Eat Your Feelings. PLEASE SUPPORT TODAY’S SPONSORS! Lifelock.com enter ADAM Betonline enter PODCASTONE Truniagen.com enter ADAM for $20 off any 3+ Month Order CoolerShock.com, promo code ADAM Butcherbox.com/ADAM JBWeld.com Geico.com

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