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Part 1: Mark Geragos Discusses Colin Kaepernick, George Floyd, and City Looting (ACS June 1)

2020-06-01 | 🔗
Adam opens today’s podcast fired up about the riots that occurred over the weekend. Mark Geragos then joins the line, and Adam asks him about being a business owner in Los Angeles during this chaotic time. The guys also chat about Colin Kaepernick, George Floyd, and some of the cases Mark is currently working on. Gina Grad then gives an update on the city-wide curfews, and the guys take calls about the riots, protests, and looting happening all over the country. PLEASE SUPPORT TODAY’S SPONSORS! Download the Mercari App Lifelock.com enter ADAM Geico.com ShadyRays.com enter CAROLLA
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Thanks for listening to the garage sale, show on podcast one way, Mark Garriga Sir leads off the show with us. He talked a cap or Nick he's got many thoughts and many clients have been NASH, shot by police officers and there's a lot done pack. So a very timely poignant, Adam Corolla, show should tell you guys that tonight, I'm doing unprepared at seven P M Pacific. If you want to register now, it's serious exam, dotcom, Slash, Adam Carolla, we'd, love to hear your questions and I'll do customs thin, protein on your one word you throw one word. You shall get stand up
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We're back inside the two large and I cannot help but wonder what the grape juice drummer might be thinkin. I was relatively unintelligible. It's been said that it is better to be a dog in times of tranquillity than a human in the time of chaos, either way we certainly live an interesting times. Two things are made: you try, love songs and tear gas, so here's some combat rock vascular, mandatory, sometimes predatory here, comes the clash on the toolbar ie eight
from guerrilla one studios and Genus House and Brian's house. This is the atom Girlish Adams gas today Mark Baroness with Jennifer, add on whose involve Brian on sound effects and now no intro joke. Today. Last night it got elude Adam to get it on to get it on your choice, really gonna mandate it on thanks procurement in winter, very tight, they show plan for you today for sharing the show Gina Gratis joining us as we speak today, Ball Brian some woman friends blacks, mark I guess I got up this morning, thinking God we gotta get mark arrogance on the show and MAX Pat. I was thinking the exact same way so by the time had sent the email out to me
mark two, I join the show MAX pad already asked him if he had already obliged show mark between between calling copper, Nick and prominent business owner. In doubt, and allay maybe the time at least of guests yeah oh and Mark should be jumping on any minute now. So we're starting a couple minutes early. And genus gonna jump on because we started a couple minutes early. First, let me say this, thank God. We reacted the way we did to Jimmy Foul and a week ago. Thank God That's got that now here pocket! Thank God, thank God. We just have an unreasonable, ending amount of interest in vitriol over nothing burgers save everyone, because when something real comes around when I can have much left in the tank right just when the neck,
I'm we on earth some video that aired on national tv from twenty years ago about a comedian. Could we please just keep walking, meaning there is real racism. We can find it. We don't need, just do it on a weekly basis. If we could take to loans off, there may be only remain if to manufacture it well or look for where doesn't really existing undermine, put paid paint a racist face on it I mean, Otis. The drunk can have a week where he doesn't end up in Andy sailors, clink right maybe he just brings together a good way given that make change it up. That's what I'm saying All right so Mark is going to join us Gina's going to join us, not sure they're, both going to hop on in a second, I was riding many many notes down. I was thinking somebody to May I was thinking about where I was nineteen. Ninety two, when,
Last big riots hit allay thanked a conversation amongst Christian. Her family has another grub. Geographic and you do ya and her dad had hard has a tool store, will jump down on Barbara, negotiating, Yad and Fair middle, including zone back and ninety two, oh yeah and far- should have. I should have asked her about the ball centre. A text as far as leading goes, you know we'll store a high and tool store verses? I turn on the news and they were looting. A subway sandwich shop and I was like first how low does your self esteem have to be to loot a subway? Let us put this sandwiches aren't even made you out. There would like three, Mr Perry and higher net on and generating jobs on a sandwich artists, your yourself: how much mayo you one on your foot, long like extravagant ulcer. What is depressed
you could do looting. A subway even thing media are like pre portion. You know you could get out of the solar fain worth of smoke. Turkey. Now it's insane, but a tool, a high and tools store. Now, that's that's good. Looting right there so was ended. April. I looked it up, it said end of aid, Well early may so much just started at the April. Fled into may I was living in Santa Monica in a rain, controlled apartment that the others mark arrogance. Ok, hey marked mark is gonna. Work is connecting punch up his his zoom and we'll take it to take it from there. It says, Mark frozen are seen not moving mark. Can you hear me outside? I can hear you which is get earlier. Yes, How are you my brother. I'm very good about you added I'm doing
well considering all that's. That's going so I know more timely, no more time your guests and mark arrogant, Disregard collins, CAP or Nick, and all that that's going on with the NFL and we get your business data uptown. Child, you know what else we got. We got me so insurance companies, and I was laughing you see last night, the all of the people during the shoe store now rose advocate that store owner is the happiest sky on earth. Has he's got he did get business interruption insurance for Kobe, but boy he's got This interruption, state insurance for his entire inventory, he's got two months where they went flying out the door right. It is so I mean it's comical, but for that guides a blessing because he's not getting anything from the insurance companies long's. This city is shut down soon, as somebody pass the glass and steel Nike, he's gonna be reimbursed for that. Instead of
reimbursed for that. You know what it couldn't happen: a nicer industry, the insurance industry. So I think we can all be they ve been fighting fighting tooth and nail paper claims. Let's start with your client DEC, on cabin at first. What was the news that came out over the weekend from the axe and if our executive, Joe Lot card, who was their pr guru for about two years, came out, wrote it up at this stage basically kind of ripped off the scabbard. The band aid from the scabbard is yet I fell and articulated that yeah. In fact the owners. It said it was bad for business. There's a lot. I would like to comment about that. But let me just tell you, even though he now admit that they were wrong. Well, you know thanks a lot on a lot of what he said is just demands-
Thirdly, false I mean you and I know from what I've told you in real time much of what he said. I was talking about in real time a reason out with you and tell you about what the others were saying things like that, without violating the projected work Clearly, your lot card says that they work They knew they had an issue. They knew that the owners didn't wanna site they knew we could play they. Everybody there was one in particular who knew we could play one decided that they were just Pollux. They didn't want to. Let you know that extent you and see which apparently, they believe was not going to who wouldn't be good for business. What is articulate for the Nike ad in the Nike sales may move what happened there had a blue, it's the law
All of that have you speak? Have you spoken a cap her neck? This weekend we talked texted. You know we always that were in constant communication, boring Top is on with them on a daily basis. So where are we we talk? We ve got there's things going on a been obviously g yeah. He arranged to pay for the legal events in Minnesota, for people who were arrested don't know your rights foundation dead, which is a great thing: and on the part of that thing, that he's done think is he. I lively was early Bunny four years ago as to what these issues are. We you think of the legal case in Minnesota. Put your defence attorney hat on, say your defending the cop who had his knee on that man's
four for that period of time and Anne and also lets speculate a little bit. I was thinking about that certain psycho dynamic of that guy that that cop that cop, I should say, Derek chauvinist, isn't he I kept thinking to myself. Why was this guy's knee on this guy's neck for this period of time, keep lose you oughta, but how speculate a little bit I'd lustre that most of the question yeah I was gonna, take part of what did defence will probably be is at least as reported the autopsy shows that. Creation or strangulation was not the cause of death. So the argument is going to be that there was there's a break him. What's hold the council lake and that you are going to talk about that are going to talk about what was on the tape. They're gonna talk about what Therefore there is a standard playbook that the people who defend Perhaps the warriors who defend gobs goes through
it's a small country or guardrail from defence lawyers. This kind of work- and I will tell you having sat through the criminal trials, Daniel Shaver in Arizona and watching that top who basically security and the only Odell Hallway be acquitted. My take on this cop is he's a bad because I could see see it sort of in his eyes. He just look like a bad dude, but I kept thinking wise is knee on the neck of this guy. That's handcuff for such a prolonged period of time the guy's not posing a danger, What is he doing? And I realized The more people shouted at him to let this guy go, he can't breathe. What are you doing? The law? longer he did I plan to the crowd, I think You know how soon
People in certain cops. If you say we all know those, contrary go if you try to tell their business you it's like, Mr Walter. This might be a couch he'd. Look at me. I need Ten demerit points donkey and I've got Mr Walter's indeed go twenty and I go about this over thirty, you wanna go for fifty like every time. Somebody with with a phone in a camera and a year person, yelled Adam. He can't breathe, get off him. I think he stayed cause he was defying them. He was saying you're not telling me what to do. That's interesting why else would be spending our standard period of time? There are the authors there see his wife did. Let me grass grow under her feet in filing for divorce. From this guy I mean I've. Never seen a divorce happened quicker. I mean she ass. She had been that way
was, and speedy dial may have, that the moors on five. She was waiting for an excuse mark right. Here's. Where is your home reason? I took one. Look at that, if you take a look, as you said, I'm going to speculate your you take a look at the pictures that I've got a pretty good idea. What that marriage was all about what the dynamic was and the idea that she was looking for any excuse. This guy has obviously you ve got issues. You know the interesting thing the meeting was. I saw an interview with the woman who owns a runs, the night club or both of em. Apparently our security guards arrival night and Adam is you and I have discussed them in bright and actually one time? A year ago, we discussed there's a special kind of person who wants to be your acts as a security guard and in this cat moonlighting as a security guard and having issues were with with
the client tell their tells you I think, speaks volumes and the fact that the wife, just literally random over immediately speaks volumes. But when I was about it was not to say after Adam said: no there, the did the Mr Walter's does the world you know like you are you're come back at them and they come back harder. Those people tend to find themselves in a position of authority, whether its key teacher or cop or security guard me one I mean, like you, have come back to a dancer. We can accept this idea, but are there get it now, don't say, but don't don't don't. You know, don't come back out a kind of like the it's. It's basically like the highway patrol mentality. I mean who wants to be a California highway patrol. I note that there has to be a tv series, but the really big law enforcement, totem, pull that is really kind of the lower mark. What's yours
speculation on the other three officers that were there, I just I I can't imagine they didn't do. I can't imagine them that doing I'm astound sound like every news anchor on the planet, but what I am saying is at a certain point you're watching people film, you, your wife, during a middle age, white guy, with his knee on the neck of a black man. It's a lynching! It's a horizontal lynching! That's going on! You being filmed and what point does the The other three hours ago, like I think he's now. Let's get him in the car like what what is that and how reliable are they? What do the thing was sincere about all of this and what people around their protest and understand it to ITALY, and I see every single day if these were four civilians and they were doing the exact same thing. Number one also would have been arrested and charged with murder within fifty miles,
there would have been any. We wouldn't look, anything now be able to come out and say you know they got the fence bullshit. There would have been for arrested million dollar bales, maybe two million dollar bills and all four would have been charged with murder. I had that case. I defended civilians were standing in parking lots outside of night clubs. In Hollywood, where one reserves of one punched road somebody falls down, it's their head on the sidewalk dies. I am all for guys get arrested. The the absolutely infuriating said about this. Is civilians generally don't happen, afford formative duty, you don't have a relationship with somebody. Mere presence is, as you Jerry Instruction says, it's done enough here. The talks have Adobe Gonna duty to the public. That's what's I dont even understand what the what there waiting for you, I read apps monk brought normally is around
now ask questions later and in this case you know every single one of these D. I press conferences are infuriate well if they found out that there is underlined conditions and that the cop did not is that why they for murder three: instead, a murder one could have been broken there are some in civil law? Were you just fight about money and not about liberty? There's something called the eggshells. Zero just cause, somebody's gotta love your line, condition doesn't give you a free pass just one, I'm the guy I've been out. Brains are outlined, the as yet. Well right. I shall theory it. No. I do get healthy the bigger the argument that they're gonna focused, I'm is they're gonna, say: looked a quarter looked at the quarters
just passionate which which, by the way is nonsense and the coroner said that the cause of death was the underlying traditions or with something else. There isn't anybody you can look at that taken is gonna say that that's a solid argument, except if you are giving, if you walk into, was on the agenda and say you know, I don't think that the option of would be convicted. How much would you go for for the other three cops like we discussed in the Daniel Shaver case, the guy who's, squeeze the trigger and executed that poor guy who's is your client. You now represent the family, who is begging for life on the floor that hotel it was the other cop that kept yell I'm gonna kill you. It was commanding officer that guy see more cope,
Well then, the guy who actually squaws or squeeze the trigger- and in this case in a weird wave, the other three guys not at some point, pushing the sky offer thing that's enough or getting them into the car there there every. Almost every bit as guilty to me It is the same thing if it were a young if it were a civilian or were civilians, as I say, they would have an aging and a better use every the process. That wouldn't be any hesitation, and they will tell you that
those are all affirmative defences? This idea working to investigate it, while the cops are out there while the city is burning, is nonsense and people know that everybody knows somebody who has been arrested first and questions ass later and that's why this is infuriating, there's a double standard and that's why people are burning stuff and by the way, the euro. The the idea that you're gonna get so infuriated about property crimes and not about crimes against people is also infuriating that I you know. I love that everybody wants to say. Oh, my god, you should peace.
We protest. He should do that. You should do that you're. I am I get it. I mean I sometimes, as I told you before, I have the urge to taken Lucy, intervene and other criminal courts building a trying to break a client out when they're getting a rule by the system. The system is irretrievably broken, there's a symbiotic relationship, and it's not a good one. Between prosecutors in the cops and prosecutors deftly afraid the do anything that is going to get the cops subsided The people who really one the criminal justice system are the police unions. The one thing I do it catch on its see, I believe people think this is a black white thing. It's more a bad cop, citizen thing, your representing I've won his and a guy. I think in two white fellows that were essentially executed by the cops as well that we
don't know about casino, doesn't report it because it doesn't fit their narrative, but tell us about those three cases: real quite got. I've got cases in the eighth, ninth and tenth circuit right now. I've got it. What was an execution? Go to salt Lake City Tribune, Dotcom, look up Gillian Taylor. Take a look at that video. There is more than a million. I just argued that case in the tent circuit. Last month they dismissed batted trial on qualified immunity night, certain instead Daniel Chamber there trying to take that on that very up to you: U S Supreme Court. As we speak eight circuit last year, a kid who had a gun to his head. Seventeen year old, who was trying to commit suicide, is threatening to commit suicide. They told me
The gun, as you start to drop the gun they executed him. All three of those cases are infuriated. I've got Walter daily on who say hispanic. Gentlemen allay LAPD claimed that he had a gun at a time when the scene was walking, they shots happens, is blue outer space on so we ve got these cases all over the country, and I tend to agree. I don't think this is solely ways. I think that this is the militarization of our tops. You take that in your combined with the forfeitures, where we had seized all kinds of assets, and then we put military equipment on the street, then you take the fact that we take all of these post, traumatic stress syndrome, victims, victims from the Iraq and Afghanistan war and put them in police departments and have them patrolling the streets without adequate training. And then you ve got meant a mental health crisis who put together. You can't help it
these tragedy after tragedy. That happens not just when we hear about it, but on a weekly basis. There, your client, the family, that you represent their Dylan Taylor, who was shot August Eleventh outside of convenience, store, I guess, and SALT Lake City, that is a straight up execution, the guy. Walking away, he had ear buds in hop was yelling at him to turn around put his hands up
just turned around cop just wasted it, like total thought that cop rub my time that cop jumped out of the court car you're at the believe me go watch watch the video the body came from the time he jumped out of the car to the time that chick was dead. I at most was twenty seconds and the kid was unarmed by the way, one of the things that infuriating about that. The top knew what was going on because he walked over, saw the year but took dear, but through all the way
body came and then said he never noticed year buds in his previous report. What happened to that of house and what is I think they prove just like the cop in Arkansas who wounds I believe now gotten is now- is state trooper. I think this has also been promoted at the top and Daniel Shaper. They hired him back after he was acquitted of murder for one day
gave my full disability and he retired the next day. I these things are infuriating in all of these. They get away with this because sources doctrine in the law called qualified majority is a completely made up. Doctrine traditionally made up doctrine where they give cops, basically, immunity and these kinds of shootings, saying if you can just come up with a scenario with we're in a reasonable cop, would have done the same thing. We're not gonna hold you liable? U S Supreme Court actually, when this airs tomorrow's cards I've been taking up that doctrinal qualified immunity and they should dumb. They should get rid of it. It's judicially created that should be judicially repealed. The thing I'm up in record on and I know mark you gotta hop- and I appreciate it is the new Only reports white cops shooting black citizens. There are so many reports of white cop shooting white guys are black cop, shooting white guys and
they all get off is equally as agreed. Just as is the Daniel Shaver thing is a straight out execution. The deal entail. A thing is a straight up execution. We have the full. Java not know no one since everyone. Why so everyone thinks it's like you shoot a black man, you're a you have impudent. You walk? Yes, that's true, showed a white guy say. Same result. That's why I'm saying- and my only beef as with CNN just reported all that's all I'm saying my I know you got a hop thanks for joining us last minute. Thank you. My brother, you gotta fight, bye, bye, bye, Bosnia body reason without them a plug reasonable doubts, airspace, apple, podcast and podcast. One is well see, I don't the annual shaver thing? I can't watch anymore. It's itself. It is simply not merely rather not it sickens me the deal and tailor thing you don't have to watch it. It's a twenty year old guy
while the sun is shining walking away from a cop who jumps out of his car just shoot him in the hills them in a parking lot like if it were, if, if deal Taylor was black. The whole town would be on fire because you'd go, oh my god, it's a strain of execution and maybe now SALT Lake City, and it is a straight up execution which perhaps kind of routinely do, and all I'm saying is, if you turn it were theme words open season on black people. You are gonna, get the city caught on fire. The theme should be. The cops are militarized there over there, their brutal and they need to be rain dead. That's a markedly better thing like every issue: it might it's much more new wants. Then you know the stuff tat people can grab onto. Of course, racism is probably an element in a lot of these, but it's also a lot more like mark was analysed. So many other elements in the piteous. Do you think I don't even think about by ago yeah we're veterans but must have extensive new ones problem and
harnessing then to well it be nice. If it's just reported equally for its report. It equally havoc contacts, and then you realize that cops did not declare war on black people cops declared war on ever won, but other cops, Eugene agree, It is now high back at a little problem, but their computer max battle audience that third case, where the guy had a gun to his head, that I was telling you about off the air three times and we kept not wanting to find it. You know three times: foal Garriga kind of brushed over it, but guy called the cops mom mom the cops and said my son has a gun. He's gonna commits societies out in the woods showed up, and they found the kid with the gun to his head out out in the woods. Do we know that guy's name Maxwell
Now, if we now it couldn't, Guy get out yoga assent general kid or whenever they hold the gunners, had heard marks aid and the conflict got his gun drawn and showing put the gun down, and I got a guy goes to put the gun. Down ass snuff them because, like out ass, he had a gun in his hand and, yes, it was moving, but your yelling put out now and what we're? How else could this following orders right Jeanne grad is in the lash good to see my dear eagerly from picks pick rock so the casino computer didn't works or she drove the studio. Indeed, men. How about you- and I got here- and I think from when I told her I was leaving to sitting in this chatting with seven and a half minutes. I don't like a bad Adele. This is. This is the time to speak, like you said, item on nine eleven ass, the time there's. This is another good driver, yeah, yes, but I
get an alert, as I'm sure everybody did, that there's a curfew starting at six o clock. If any one would like to a score me home for when I get pulled over that would be nice data lower it. It was actually out now, at six p m to popped up on a phone thirty tomorrow, Pfizer our said fighting. I certainly sexes or my things, the real I gotta find me to change the modified it are and what they know. What they're doing people say. We should listen to them. Let's take a quick from MIKE, whose oh I'm sorry from Joe, whose there was at the Seattle demonstration that went Jos, Seattle, forty one Hey: hey, I'm doing about the little Darky guys, as regards Gunnar Canada. Summer circumstances that was yeah. I was really weird night last last night and the night before we actually have another curfew going on like it as we have this conversation that just went into effect at five p dot m today for
here there are definite or the out about anything happened tonight. But nobody really knows I'm somebody storefront last night workers, mastery and Anne and current particles garden. Like not not even talking in the downtown commercial desert. There is nothing left to break. There are no windows left a street level. They could smash. Take anything so nobody really knows what's gonna happen tonight What was your sense is you're there were you spotting? The professionals that were in the crown. The crisis that now I may now, I now the deletion of national leaders like people- I don't know in a way it soda, like you, a pool hall and there's a bunch of rockers and construction workers, drinking pictures of beer and play Snooker, but at one point
Hustler will come round, but hill appear to be a tractor, drinkin pitchers, a beard rabbi. We make an interesting inbox about that's what entering. I guess a lot protests in you spotted any of those guys by the end of the criminals like worthy officially organise the ban on for a couple hours and I'm gonna wound down, and this is something I think that people there foundation for killing a lack of life. You have like the people, TAT meant where people can. I would apparently he finds an unusual even after that I mean, I think, is deleted, distinguish between hard core civil beard. The meeting people like you, are kneeling industry and not a personal data dispersed and yet thereby ensuring that our union willingly taking that and in that I haven't, got all that all legitimate, that that is making a point
then and what people talk about, how you know when it turned into a wider, lumping together back with people, were breaking Those are going to start building sites, and yet the people vote very night there were the breathing authority goes up like I thought the old, maybe in any Dover devising thought by weight, is it became poor people there. And the only one generally, not from the neighborhood, their destroying right, yeah I mean- I don't know there local to see at were local to Seattle, but I'm about the driver from somewhere else or did they? It might not even one tenth of one percent of the people that are at the bed. I needed it, Unfortunately that would get all the reporting on people to realise that they make an entire city street worked like a charm that was on, you really only need or five people walking down the street, making up that concern them
some people. Think that the next boy- and I say out you know- is the mother of all against us, but is it really to ban all people get arrested? That's what I like about that. That's really good point this Joe, because I actually brought something into read to you guys know I condensed way down, but somebody posted on Facebook and went completely viral, and I just in it to echo your point. I think it's so interesting and sort of portance. Somebody wrote there are three different groups on the streets of American Citys today and tonight? Why demonstrators against recent graven justices to instigators who use the scenario as an opportunity to create racially charge riots. Three looters who also use this scenario as an opportunity to commit theft. These are three different groups. Please don't the men altogether there very different people very different agendas. Druids cities across the country. The eye great hey, thanks,
thanks for checking in and stay safe over there in Seattle. My friend I'm going with destroyed again- and I am in love- I didn't like it was more like a barrier for white guys that referring back to the windows and breaking things- and it is not a joke I felt they'll embarrassed with a white if they were were breaking that actually went back late at night with a broom and broken glass? I didn't answer back good people on both sides. The outgoing you know I felt like oh and even then I felt kind of filling up in her saddle, Gama, capital and night. I prefer actually came up what up after? Why that everybody? I turned out in Seattle, buddy, without this brief weeding out this morning, from last night we had a very comment is alot. Thanks there's a million more good people than bad people, but as a weight as Joe established for guys can make the whole street looked like a combat zone and
ten men at! That's, that's the problem! We have a reporter online floor The ground in Santa Monica Pierce from L a daily news, can you hear me pierce about death. The adders high peer thanks for check in with us The court, what's going on in Santa Monica right now, people, so people understand. Let me explain. The lay of the land for ally town allay Watts riots. These areas- these are far cry away from the suburbs Santa a car and the San Fernando Vow Male rose in places like that and in the past folks would ask surely burn their own neighborhood sold to the ground, but they ve blown up a bunch of ninety nine cents stores and check cashing places and stuff, and that at some point I think somebody figured out if we're gonna burn
after the ground. Why burn our own ideas to the ground? Why not aren't someone else's ship to the ground to run down and they mobilise so Sorry appears, what's what's Goin on Santa Monica right now, yeah yeah, Montgomery now, I'm on orphan or three! Instead, the boulevard. That's how deeply reverent right here where it looked like the China Garda Place back, It looked like a building bonfire, but we're we're not only sure what with which one it is right now and then the body that preventing progress as we go again, if anybody getting empire very loud right now, and I am not sure I can hear you throughout that forty eight that doesn't started around early. Morning out. I've been here noon were protests were pretty com. And we ve had the looting and more,
more yeah hold on a second, so I'll, just speak, cuz announced there's, alarms and self going off there. Fourth and Santa Monica, where the prominent yeah, I wonder, lost over not everywhere I've already broken into places on their that's right were right around where we're doing our comedy their comedians, then Corolla Show were doing comedy sets a few few months back. If I start, if I recall I used to live out therein, fourteenth is, as I said, when the first rights were heading. So you know interesting thing, which is all this I was sort of like inner city, Chicago shootings, like black, on black gang bangers. What's whitey care about that, we care school shootings. That's what we care about. We don't care about the crops in the blood and whatever by and is far looting and rioting and burning land. It was pretty much whilst down and why
in south central or that I and others a korean guy who owns a greengrocer. Let him worry about it, but as this stuff, breads out in these gentrified areas and Santa Monica the areas we're talking about the average cost of a single fund, home is five point two million box in that area and as they travel through fair, fax and as they travel through Beverly Hills at some point rich white he's gonna have some concerns right. Yes, if I know rich white, we have concerned the other thing that I certainly thought of you, because I M has been wall. The wall nonstop over. It clarify the last four days of reporting it night. Of course, things really heat up at the second. Our show starts in the sun goes down and you know, there's there's protest you know, like I, sent a hundred cities across the country and when will you? those boots on the ground, camera angles.
Diversity in the crowd, my God age, raise everything I was talking to a true about it earlier today. It's like, when did the white chick? Yet so pissed off, I mean they loaded for bad. Looking like twenty three year old White Genetics, the fuck in front of the lie when this ship was going down. Now it's not like we get to check in the demographics of the protesters and the looters in everything like that. Once a year we took twenty, odd years off I mean we ve taken twenty eight years off between between. What's going on. Ninety ninety two was last one when I was I was here for ninety ninety two. I looked at the news. I saw a lot of brothers alot of couples. Sisters and there it was doing it was doing of color, and that was pretty much
the demographic, you know what I call this progress progress, their tongues adjust Schubert pissed off checks that are just at the front of that line in their young yeah. Yes, allies it has. It has changed a democrat, I have no fears style on the line or not, but I'm I'm less than five miles away from where he is another thirty brominated, the entire time we're doing the shell helicopters like a right back and forth around my house. I can your sire another far from a temporary, broadly hundred fifty yards away sirens again, it is Russia, my window yeah, it's on. Hopefully, the national guards in place all right. Let's take a quick break, will come back we'll hit more this, right after this. I'm your emotional support animal, navigating our all woke, no joke culture in today's society being a victim. Coming racism and being brave and fearless are currency
narrated by Adam Corolla in the seventies it was let your freak flag fly. Two thousand and twenty is its, let your weak lag fly for your now that I'm corolla dot com well, let's say so much going on in real time over here, one at a time time. We live in it so genus in studio. Brain scan helicopter, over. Half here might help. I yeah sorry you're MIKE popped. Patagonia checked your check. A year ago, here, Marty lying Clare in the air, that's Reinhardt, MIKE's in Lincoln Nebraska. What's going on in Lincoln Nebraska my city there it's been has been kind of crazy. I mean it's a day. You know certainly a small city. By by everything remains a bike. There were like OX drowned like most of the capital building like wind
Their boarded up like a fire said till I get in runs company, I think like white and about what can I do I get but I do feel like a whole bunch of shit. It's just all fucked up in like everybody who who opened the bar actually like two weeks ago, with a virus, know all that kind of stuff you that at like twenty five or percent like capacity, like all the windows blown out, so I know now that fucking, obviously bad timing is is it right when literally on the costs of getting back to business and light before I now and all the businesses blown out nikes MIKE and the interesting thing is you know, there's always one of these stories reported Will does not always there. There happens to be one. You see all these people and- and I heard this anecdotally, they did not fact jacket. I did hear. Because I think we were we were talking about. The other show that George
Lloyd's girlfriend. Not only obviously did she lose her boyfriend in this horrific way. Her business, later in the ground. There's no man have you heard about that rests in Minneapolis, this is called Gandhi Mahal. It's an into indian restaurant. I saw a true drumming yeah. What he's been getting a lot of press because rahul something I can and is now looking at up he's. He said let building burn. I stay. With these people I get their anger and, of course, people can in droves to support him and support the restaurant and get everything back together. So you do These exceptions, you know you do her. These voices saying I stand with you and you know maybe as usual, jujitsu on trying I woke up, I got up this morning. I saw one at the kitchen she serenity shared. That said black owned, and I.
I dont know what infer from that, but I was using suspicious. You should definitely call dad they might being cut what's going on about I was so I've been I get a lot about. These showed a breakdown of the rule of law, and were seen it on on both counts, for seeing the law broken down and we're in the breakdown of the rule of law. On the other side of that the badge as Well- and I was watching Emily they see this morning and I was watching Alex Wet who's. The black haired girl, who does the weekend show's over there- and she was talking about this sad, these police, Cruisers in New York that ran the barricade, knock people down and I was like I was looking at it and I've it'll it'll. I will give the day all her do. It looks pretty elites.
Little bit spectacular, but as a guy who, been a van. Do Man show bit outside of a frat house, Santa Barbara, not quite the same situation, but lateral new I've been in a van, that's been surrounded by like drunken people a grab and attitudes of and cousin sounds driving us move. You gotta keep moving forward. Keep moving forward like move if we stop somewhat Ivan here, man and so Maxwell. First after you have to fill Adele They have all those Philadelphia. I says, what it's like? Fifteen Phil I've seen LOS Angeles cruisers all bark to the Grand hotel Adelphi, is on Fire Philadelphia, the ghostwriting. These cruisers into their literally ghostwriting cough cars into other cop cars. There's nobody in the cop car there just lasting out the windows there. Gross riding on their setting a bonfire allies had tons of these things on fire. These these cop cars
Zuma, boy have shot guns in them, and munitions and grenades are not grenades, but you know smoke bombs and tear gas and all kinds that you don't want to give up that cop cock right. You don't want to go that cop car to an angry mob, not to mention the fact that it, oh yeah, pollen everything out of the back of their crews and by the time you outfit one of these boy, Ford explores or whatever the hell it is by the time you get that thing. Outfitted its To be seventy five grand a pop for one of those cars just item to the area and so So there's this footage add out of New York where there's a couple guys drive the car and the cruisers, and the angry mob is going at the car and remove the barricade up to the cart right in the cops are like hey weak. If we should hear idle for another twenty seconds, we're gonna, be overtaken by this crazy mob
and then also, then, why we're gonna get pulled out of the car or do we have to get out of the car with the shot gun? but we do not even pollyanna about it, but if there are gathered peace protest, or even like loudly broadcasting. That's one thing: if they'd advance on you got your life there is a danger to me. I'm sure will show the cliff to me. It seem like a speed issue Y, know you, and I are going to see this different. Why? How can we do here because it seemed like lurched pretty bad? No, it did it's it's. You have a moment, you're being attacked, and you have a moment. You have a window to very small window. You're gonna your you have about ten, maybe thirty, seconds before you're over run, we can watch it says
Cruiser they pushed a barricade to the end of it. Now to New York Mare, build blogs yell. He was neither whom you have to go to this disturbing video link these two and why PD vehicles they appear to be ploughing right into the protesters there. This is giving us a guy. Jumping are firstly on earth. They opening her at the guy was on the hood. It's this. Bring video wisely disturbing bitches, there's a fucking car being overtaken by an angry mob. Those guys are going to get killed and by the way they're not gonna get killed. Were they kill a few other people, Khazar gonna get out fuckin, locked and loaded like your pop and Yemen, angry mob tearing at your partner bang at the windows and throwing shit added you're, giving out your fuckin glock? That's how it's gonna work, but it was sorry. Play to get moves disturbing according to the yet does on. Msnbc was disturbing video, but this is, after nationally a thousand half cars have already been burnt down to Mark torched these,
to new York- Mirror Bill deplores ill. He was facing some he'd after his response to this disturbing video link these two and why PD vehicles they appear to be ploughing right into the protesters there. This is what he said about last night. So what did he say whence his response? Let's see, let's see out an incendiary now insane his the Plaza responses to what these guys you're doing to the cops officer is surrounded by a violent crowd issue that offers are actually protect and asked to get out of there. And I want to remind people those those protesters had just got now. The way that would have created a tempt us around that vehicle. We would not be talking about the situation that has come about. This common sense will not go over without that's, not a very deep, lousy or thing to say he said to thinks he said these cops are in danger. There's an angry mob around our car number. One number: two, hey you!
avoided. If you get out of the way of the cop garlic, don't jump on the hood of the cop car that This comment: let's see what people thought of that comment, point and is trying to me again from times square here in New York City. So I'm curious what has been the response to this video and any potential action that might be taken hoary? I apologise in advance, Alex by the way there's a lot mars coming through right. Now, writing arranging itself. It's difficult to hear me. Live by cross border has been hearing as areas over the mayor's words and thereby largely linger over three areas. Over the marriage words, you fuck, it does work. Talking about what has happened, furious over the mares words were first off, the mare is standing up for his police. So you know that's fine
but also what were the mayor's words, except for the most obvious statement. Anyone could say it's dangerous right if you surround the car, yes guy, I know you're getting a totally from point. You can dismiss this. What's with the parade of high and sports cars, my nose like seven or eight, like really until your ear, we're gonna go out on some major wraths. I love the far course. The first thing I notice was like at Elinor as our Marcia, its both past and furious, and can we please talk about Elvira, mistress of the dark sister Corrick outlined the weight of the course. Coffin has a perfect than over the I'll wait till the end. I tell people are outraged over the Plaza statements, of course, are angry irresponsible. Here we go
get enough control of the situation in the city and others will be enough to de escalate. The situation zoom in Alexandria, Cassio Cortez, addressed in a situation where you saw that very disturbing video bessie be playing into the crowd I hold on hold on twelve August. It wasn't a very disturbing video of a match. You ve play going into the crowd there very measured. One was stopped completely. The other was going two and a half miles an hour. What was this having about it is that the crowd was trying to attack police officers in the car. You ve got the fuckin story. Flipped around you, dumb bitch, you couple of story yeah, I was going to say I am simply playing a hundred- have no evidence of this whatsoever. My guess is that if we saw the previous thirty seconds of the video the crowd
nobly advanced on those cars. I guess they. Morocco are followed your mother eager August. I doubt they are at a standstill for twenty minutes. In the cops like ton run over just as right, my question mainly question remains, and maybe it is a bad one, an optical illusion, so so help me understand, but because I said it does seem like it lurched, why didn't they just go like snowplow, just steady as she goes three miles an hour. So if one spreads it data driven limit other firing, imaginary, I guess maybe wondering about the speed and again it could just because it everyone, Rio, he'll one one car, just one in a constant three miles an hour just serving get out aware that car never came to a full stop. The car was just go. In writing when you're sick alimony around makes the most sense to make the other car came. Full stop and was having the gate, push
again. I just the gay may have held it opera lotta, where I think a lot first things. First you're right foot zone accelerator. Your brain is in full panic mode and you ve moments to figure this out, you popping ahead five feet, is is is fairly measured under these circles but it looks so dramatic oak that I'm saying from that from the optical illusion perspective its very dramatic to pop that forward yeah. He was first thing done and done that the person had angry mob Gan gathering at the front car pushing a steel gate again said, and he did what does when it gets out of us swim. Global justice like flip flickered online, so he just went pop and if you look at the actual technique- and God knows if their train- any less, but what he did ass. He did a move where you want pop, like a quick, yeah out five feet act, everyone back and then
continued on now everyone was absolutely fine. As America, one of the guys was back standing on the hood of a car that guy by time and that guy needs to move to China and become an acrobat, because that guy went from holding a steel gate to on back to on the whole the car in one. Wait. Seven seconds like that, I mean literally wasn't. If you watch the guy in the red shirt, he did the boom forward. It knocked him honest knocked him on his ass and then he was literally jumping on top of the car. He wasn't. Five and later it was under three seconds later large. They appear to be ploughing right into the on the whole and arable awesome par cautious, you have finished with a flourish, I would hire that guides are so anyway. I see is very upset over this. And she's going to make these comments to the mare from your heart
Did they read a MAC Spanish yeah, yeah arena. This situation where you saw that very disturbing videos. Ass, you mean playing into the crowd, while at all she said and wisely mayor, your comments to make were unacceptable as mayor. Does this police department is under your leadership this moment demand leadership and accountability from each of the funding at making excuses were head? Why pay me running ass? You re too, proud was wrong. Make it right in the late running as you ve had a crowd of people should never ever be normalized, no matter who does it matter why? President Prodi rightly reminded us running ass. Your views in the crowd shouldn't be normalized, showed her shouldn't she wore cars. Sculptures shout Cod is she shall like a fucking idiot, and also the mayor said. Somebody is patently obvious ever run cod EO see God. I hope she fuckin. Never has
kind of power at all world in trouble that now a lot of people, but I'm telling your man listen, rule law. These guys were overtaking cap car just fucking. This is nothing burger anyway, unacceptable. Elsie says it's never right, so let's lessen the end where the guys in the Lambeau me mercy Alardo. This guy's bouncing off revel amateur the entire time. I want to know who the heroes are here with us.
We may not, like I'm not quite sure, what's going on there but Cory's very valiantly, trying to broadcast their of cells like something like a speedway behind, or I can't figure it out, but also very the release thriving wherever with you for a car shelf ethics. Like ourselves, some contextual? Yes, I just saw it doesn't pay the cars yeah. I love that it's about had ended on a happy. No four make us guys were hidden revelling in thinking of mayors. I dont know if you saw the video, I believe it was from Friday of key. Shall Lance bottoms, the mare from Atlanta. She It is amazing. I have I have a clip
Her desire to interview saw any of her speech. She brought up tee I and kill it MIKE because they're all in Atlanta and dumb, never heard of her. I think this may launch her more into being of the mainstream spotlight and she's. Very oppressive? it binds running my email. I see, I think I think that has been banned. Avowal jogger, you say anything about over the weekend, but this is just a clip of her trying to talk down the people of Atlanta so what I see happening on the streets of Atlanta is
not that land. This is not a protest. This is not in the Spirit of Martin Luther King Jr. This is chaos. A protest has purpose when Doktor king was assassinated. We didn't do this to our city. So if you loved this city, this city, that is, have a legacy of black mayors and black police. People who care about this city, where more than fifty percent of the business owners and Metro Atlanta, are minority business owners. If you care about this city, then go home, I pray that somebody like reverent Beazley will come and talk to you and give you some instructions or what a protest look like and how you have
wait? Change in Amerika, I paused at first then they all that everyone. I like that she's great. She also says by the way, all the businesses, your looting t, I until her my own, most of those so just ever, I saw crucial lands very, very impressive that was last lance passes actual, given all name with Lance Barcelona change it to bath Three cheers: for obvious reasons: it gets Napa fact: scrap warfare Billy from her most of each other's business, alluded in our house at our ship. That's what he says: a Billy, how no doubt about it! it was actually on what their three live in her mouth of each case. Sorry, what? Where is your shit? Is it Are you in Santa Monica, your business now after three. By what started I mean by the Battery parent link, Grove Beverly Centre will area that are not the other third year
with the crowd that would gathered at Camp civic part that eventually made away what are now on. Third straight: what what kind of business we d run it our prime favorite, their liquor store, has been our family and nineteen. Our by our: u buy cedars yeah the lava liquor store. You guys come back well yeah, I'm the one that started curing man When I first came out- and now you know, we got a lot of opinion that, without the think, eight men for that meeting, bob- I gave it up with thy back of Brian, but anyway, you got cross the street from Cedars Sinai Hospital right, not not directly about your things. Finally, the lock worth every department the Triple Orlando hotel gotcha. Now they bring they got in and they stole
inventory or what was what were they trying to get at you? see the final picture. Actually, my twitter at Billy ass. You can now look it up there, but I took a picture of the gate and then that, subsequently, by the time I got home, they they light a fire in the back area watching on the news on the phone the hall so when you think that That does not not by the time I got there so built both outright. The short I rushed over there I knew the protest was having a pandemic and family actually live right by another very exciting for your arms people safe, but their basically about miles apart from one another, and I knew was happening. I gave my sister in my mind that had thought that there can be a term. Then later around three p m. I thought, I think, are ethical and
or moving westbound cop cars on fireside rushed over there may my mom close his shop and I stood in the front just as the big math is walking by and Out there were mostly people. I will give them bad, but there are some of them just right in front of me. The started spray painting on the side of the wall. One girl came up to me, thought that, taking pictures and video and questioning the an undercover cod and then walked over to other people started gesturing in my dream San valet said now, I'm not recover cop, and then she offered him a blow job that's how it works entrapment if you thought her Adam yeah yeah anyway, so third point, my sister was pleading with me to go to her that made up of all. Basically, in the eye of the storm at least, I felt that way inside. Maybe
way down to have specific part where my sister live and there were helicopters or a barricade or spray paint everywhere, all of western three by the grove, everything what spray painted fuck the police eighty eight b, which apparently is an academic than for I'm all cops are bastards or something. Humans? Are you just look like them. The movie hanno insidious than in Saint Kennedy who the real victims are the real victor. Our law. Abiding guys like me, who already takes twenty minutes to buy a can of spray pain in the home download, because it's in the shark k got a fine stand like out Anti Zionism break. Now those things are going to be an faults: live under water have to drop in Like Tom Cruise Africa. Canada cry like that These were either only offering I'm the one who's suffering, not you barely make its gear
story. I ve only got the item. Thank you So how long it is liquor store been in your family, since nineteen eighty or we came from nothing we emigrated from South Korea my dad, who actually you know he was murdered in two thousand and forward thought robbery when I stepped in and took over, however, at that time for this, but it were I've lacking involved to the the robbery that they ever find. The today are the guy. In prison who murdered your father yeah. So new power actually involved. Were sent to China abandoned just that. Make the story a little more surreal when we sewed up to court. The presiding judge of our case was none other Judge eat out and ye I just three on earth
Never again, I believe this is, after all day That's what I, how was EDA did. He have always time pieces or sand our glass. You know what he collect, our glasses ditty yeah, no idea he collected a bunch of like time pieces are our glasses or something any kept them in our out on display It's kind of a weird like I don't know like if you're yeah. Junior heavily into Babo had sets fine Kenema your children at home. Right put him in the chamber. I can't he collected something our glass egos, our glasses and the mystery of something our glasses yeah, had em out like for you to why on display sorry, Bela Good, but here's the thing. I
you do the right thing in the wake of that I'd, never view we held a press conference, I decried braces as being an emotive, I became a big brother like yourself afterwards to this young children watch once don't touch it back. I I wanted to do it. Way? And I was very sympathetic- it made me sick to myself to see the video of George Void by what when the thing now and all beat up the quaint outcry from mill literal millionaire, millionaire, billion air like Lebron, James and cabin heart, gorgeous talking about the injustice being betrayed when they are thriving in a system like this just rings just so tone. Deaf, and I'm watching I'm trying my birth to not get upset and still maintain perspective and rational thinking by all I'm seeing are young black team looters, I just being so opportunistic beating up on sport,
owners, and- and it's just it makes me sick to my stomach. Watching this and and you have virtues the earth, the signal is talking, but how cobbler EVIL Carter EVIL em both can be right in the instance and- and I definitely the cry what that officer did. It was was disgusting. With all well replied: he, John Oversight, versing source. Nobody defend that. I know, but because no party found for divorce and everyone is sick and by what he did. That's first, that's the first thing and I dont think that guy's of and a lot of trouble, so that's the first thing, everyone we all agree as Americans. Nobody wants to see that the part that I think is dangerous, very dangerous is,
when we do a lot of declarations of enough you're young black man, you have a target on your back you're being hunted out there when we keep perpetual eating that then obviously have a bunch of people fighting back lashing out. You know it's kill, be killed, kind of thing and you're actually pudding. Group endanger an you're, putting the cop whose walking up to the car at night in danger as well. It's heiress possible and Point is, if you covered all the stories like Billy story and if it covered mark air, came in here. Yes, three clients, they're all white. There were all executed by cops and we don't know any of their names because they won't be covered because it eyes in the face of the narrative of the black man being hunted, which is wildly irresponsible from CNN and all the news agencies report all The stories give them some contacts and
and we can move on to the narrative of cops needing to be reigned in not cops being racist, which they won't stop beating that drum which going to get more looting, more fires, more cars destroyed and more guy. Tussling with cops and thus more dead young black men. Can I ask you, thing, and I am maybe this applies and twenty twenty. Maybe it doesn't matter? No, I don't know what you're gonna think about it, but like justice very idea of just a group of black. We, maybe early, twenties deeds, walking around the street and a group of this guys that are white duty. It's fair to say that overall, a cop would look at the black reality probably troublemaker s absolute sense. Statistically, it's true and that's the problem, but that's the problem now wants to talk about it. If it was a bunch of black women,
and they wouldn't buy and of its bunch of elderly black man. Then they wouldn't, but statistically young black men commit far more crime. And violent crime statistically, so the cops do look at them and that's a prompt start. Story. The news isn't going to talk about it. The commentators car about Lebruns I've got to talk about, none of you, fuckin cowards, going to say anything about it, but that's the problem in that's what needs to be answered. The cops gonna go to where the violence is and where One young Adam go ahead. I I think we need have an intellectually honest conversation about rate, agree to truly care about black live. Yes, we really truly care about lack life, one way He had of words that ninety percent of blacks, permitting the at the homicide, are being perpetuated by other young black men. Yes, why we say why are we working big to small if we truly care about black, like I think all of us in this room does
Well, are we not working that way? The gloves the cops kill? You know hundred and thirty five black men every every year, black men kill six thousand other black men every So if you're looking at saving black men, you'd want to look at both groups and try to figure it out. Luck, it's a pretty simple equation. Everyone always talks about. Oh you know poverty, school systems, neighbourhoods and stuff like that, the absent t ism of the black dad's in that youth group is a big part of this in a bed. The problem that nobody wants to talk about all they want to honest dialogue about think I'm ready may the proclamation. We need an honest dialogue and then there's no discussion of whether it's about system racism, ok, systemic racism, but then why what's the answer we had brought about?
for years. We didn't nothing happened, nothing's going on a camp we saw from the outside in upon, petitions in school teachers and presidents that got us all this promise and inside out problem the family. We need to work on the family. We need to work on getting the family back in shape. If you look at the data stance of the disciplinarian dad. So the ones that stop the kids from going out carousing at night and getting in trouble joy gangs. Why would you join a gang in a who is joining these gangs whose in prison it skies with dad's and by the way, it's not it's it's here it goes right along racial lines and that its equal for white guys it's equal, for Hispanic, guys it's equal for black eyes, its equal Vermont. You dont have a dad. You have a hard time, then there's a statistic out there that you're, better off being black and having a mom and dad than you being white.
Just a single parent, which we all know anecdotally. True, like you need that that unit, so talk about the unit. We can have a if everyone wanted to care to have a real honest conversation about the black family unit than we could, we could make some headway in save many black lives and I'm sure from others years of love line. You know that that obviously applies to women to men and women of boys and girls who grow up to be adults without that figure will find that father figure somewhere in some way. The point yes, yes, you will find you pregnant, mere fifteen you'll find some twenty eight year old guy. Yes, it's ruins families, it ruins whole whole groups and whole cultures and whole neighborhood that's what it is. If you live, I had I mean I have these friends. I had on parliament by my body Chris, my best friend Chris Parents, d
first ends up in a crappy apartment building and north how're. You know who else ends up in the crap parliament, building, north and a bunch of divorced parents, rights bunch of single moms teenage kid all living in one place. It was Saddam and Fuckin Gomorrah that place the mob go out during the day the kids were just fucking fighting and doing drugs all day because they're all bro, then there are white kids, but it'll affect any culture equally, so With that in mind, we can have an honest dialogue about it. If anyone wanting to have that honest dialogue, but the politicians are cowards, and so are the news agencies. They don't want to have it and this Parties are cowards. Do because an who the hell wants to say what I just said: you'll be the least poppy person on the fucking planet better, yet just to join the happy shied makes Proclamations that never go anywhere talk about while play a clip of Hey Billy thither thanks and sorry for
he had to go through a play. I wouldn't you like a play Have we really play Gar Seti when he was that our marriage explaining what we need to do to basically help solve this problem from others. Around four giveth ran right. This doubt everybody here, so we gotta do action. Items were asking people not to do town halls where you just listen, have dialogues where you can talk back and forth to each other. If you don't know what it's like and have heard in a long time with me to be a young black man in America down with somebody and just listen for a while to that of their story. If you ve never die, to a police officer about what it's like to be police officer, make sure you can with. Why aren't what will happen? talking about, and houses gonna work, how it was ever talking about I dont know, or do I have access to young black men? I can hear their truth. Andorra com, let's sit down and tell me
true have a beer summit. I think we can decide what's right. What's wrong proton doing just fine lighting fires is bad. Yes, just walked the streets of locking yadda ass, the first like movies, so I move their brand yap line theories police, officer tail why Chicago had an hour ago, let's take a quick let me add, a spot we'll take a break. Them will come back and talk guy cop on the ground in Chicago. First, let me hit them or car. You ve got stuff and you don't want it cluttering up the house, kids baseball Glove doesn't fed trashy only war, one cell phone in a drawer, my car, it's selling at makes it fast and easy to sell. Almost anything simply take a few packs. Add the description and your item will be less in my car or even value a shipping label when it sells no made ups. No,
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