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Part 1: Vinnie Tortorich + Goya Boycott, Will Smith, & Sports Illustrated News (ACS July 13)

2020-07-13 | 🔗
Adam opens the show getting an update from Vinnie Tortorich on weight gain during the quarantine. Then Vinnie gives some tips on the proper way you should be exercising if burning fat is the goal. After that, Adam recalls a disappointing conversation he had with his dad about Dennis Prager. The guys also chat about short term and long term goals in relation to fitness and lifestyle. Adam plays a clip from last week’s episode of Reasonable Doubt where Mark Geragos gives his take on who Jeffrey Epstein’s fixer Ghislaine Maxwell picked to be her attorney. Then the gang gives their opinions on recent news stories including: Goya Foods CEO praising President Donald Trump, Jada Pinkett Smith having an extramarital affair, Cecil The Lion’s killer Walter Palmer killing again, the first transgender person to be featured on the cover of Sports Illustrated, and USC going back online. Please support today’s sponsors: Lifelock.com enter ADAM Meguiars.com SimpliSafe.com/ADAM Legalzoom.com Geico.com CutsClothing.com/ADAM

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