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Part 1: Vinnie Tortorich on COVID-19, Lance Armstrong, and Smoothies (ACS May 29)

Vinnie Tortorich is on with Adam, Bryan, and Gina right at the top of the podcast. Adam tells the gang about Mike August’s obsession with smoothies, and the guys go on to take down the giant sugar slurpees. Adam also asks Vinnie for his thoughts on COVID19, Lance Armstrong, and Trump’s executive order regarding social media. Gina then reads news stories about the Justice for George Floyd protests, the postponed Space-X launch, and how Las Vegas is coming back online after the shutdown. As the show wraps up, the guys talk about the Miami Dolphins football stadium turning into drive-in theater. PLEASE SUPPORT TODAY’S SPONSORS! TruNiagen.com enter code ADAM for $20 off any 3+ month supply Geico.com JB Weld - World's Strongest Bond Scott's Turf Builder
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from girl, one studios and Genus House and Brien's house, this is the atom Koromo Show Adams. Yesterday, the director of the king of Staten Island, jot Appetito with Geographical news, ball, Brian on sound effects and Vinnie toward her. It stops by and now the only mandate he would comply with is to get it on Adam Corolla. Didn t get it on a choice for the get on a mandate to get it on return in it. Thanks for sharing right, Gina grad, that's right and all you realize not a comedian. toward a is joining us of so many topics to get into with very high guy tat man first things. First, You want to eat and you want to eat healthy, the world
spires against EU is, is Vinnie, knows it conspires against you and I'll I'll. Give you an example I was It reminded me, as I was leaving the house. I grabbed my green Jews and the green juice is, cucumber salary, spanish, Lemon Caille Parsley and it tastes like ass red and do you know who The truce movie King S, MIKE August, he loves, is slow. These in our and in Houston and might shed its fine. Dollar Friday at this movie, king. Let's, let's get a smooth- and I said MIKE whirring Houston The place has the word king, an smoothie in it, and I don't think there's gonna be. anything on that menu that I can in just any shed There's literally sixty five smoothie combinations on their. They gotta have one green one and I said yeah just just one
just a green one right and they should the other sum up there. So up MAX padded in the car, the rental car and MIKE announced we're. May the pilgrimage to the smoothie king. And he was pomp- t, ordered the angel food which I draw berries banana soil thirteen fat, male vanilla and what honey and Viennese just just the act into a cowboy boots. Okay, but the process, then the process so now were worth that Dr Thurman we're looking down the menu and the woman is like. Can I help you and I'm like? Ok, we're on the clock and I'm looking for green, I'm looking for healthy and every things with banana apple blueberry pineapple. It's the smoothie is pineapple banana Caille in our
or partially or whatever it is, and I keep saying that's, not gonna work. So we shape to the woman through the speaker is: is there just a green smooth, just something that's Kale r r cucumber lemon two green smoothly- and she says, while others apple- and you know cucumber in Lima Gray, nap all right and we go ok. Can you leave out the apple? This leave out the apple and she's like oak, so you want the Apple smoothie in a lemon, whatever innocent? First off. will it take your order? Don't fuckin speak English anymore? Even I'm not even talk about English as a language mean that speak human anymore, like you can't say too, I'm yes I'll take Take the garden of Eden, no apples, no apples. Are they can't assets it so we're all just sitting there. and I said MIKE and there's no way we're getting what we want, but Chris and I both attempt
get this movie minus the fruit he, whereas them just ended just all vegetables, usually, but just all vacuum here and then at some point screwed up and said something like no sugar or something like that, and they want yeah, no sugar and we pulled up to the window and the handed everyone the smooth these and I took one head and it tasted like it was all apple, and I just down and drank call there and I went well. I knew this was gonna happen by I know. What's gonna happen when I said you MIKE there's nothing at this moving, I'm holding up many of the past- that the possibilities there are sixty five offering They just none of them. Be Vinnie, Veni, approve I'm looking at the smoking Benigno like we are looking at an online and they haven't. Look out into different categories in other categories, you're like if you're trying to avoid sugar off you, one budgetary, bland or if you want to whatever, like that, it's not
conducive to that kind of eating region? well, and they say they have a low carb smoothly, but I'm not really seeing where that applies so you're, the muscle is God S. Body is lodged strawberries, bananas, we germ, which Here's I want to bring this up right away and nineteen. Eighty five I wanted to. smoothly king in New Orleans and down they said to me: I hate we'll put shudder- and here- and I said I c sugar- then they said no- that's turf Granada, we're just don't say they have on their list, and, I said note, you know, understand, turban, auto sugar and spare you don't understand: it's pure energy, its sugar there's no that that's what my sixty five words there mean shudder. Whenever you see, if somewhere in a label there actually putting granulated sharper on top
all of the other, the sugar and you ll be better at Crispy, create video, Yoyo Patriciate, there's something in deepen their many EU online. There three arm they brand as Kyoto Champ, one kiddo jab bury kiddo chip, chocolate, Kiddo Champ. I the have nots I deem nine hundred fourteen carbs respectively, it is crazy because you know the word: Kido is not regulated by any group or organization. After does irregular work. You don't just like going to regulate the word beacon, could have a hamburger, are real meat hamburger and called it a fig amber? No one can stop it from doing that. No one can stop you from putting Tito on anything, government regulation Someone said we are probably the other day and said this is certified Tito Look at what the fighters is there a certification body
dragging loser shrinking am I I now, unfortunately, this movie bog- had bitten this by mass there and I said I now want my smoothly. I want the fucking one I want, and I said to me that not only do they not offer the one I won, but I can't get them make me the one I want, even though they have the ingredients back there. So MIKE and Chris went off they club to detect the club and I walk to the John Badges and I The job of jews- and I said I want green smoothly and everything started with apple or banana. barrier whatever. An idea, said, look here's what we're gonna! Do I just
the chaos in the Spanish and the lemon and just pulverize it. I'm just gonna sit here and watch you about it: tasted horrible! the literally walk them through it and stand there while, while they did it, but eventually I got pull vegetables now, that's how difficult it is in. These are smoothly Life is like hey. This is for the health conscious person. This is for the person is on the diet: they're not going to eat the Berger. Fries they're, trying to lose some way to go into the healthy. How alternative which it when they think, this movie, and it's it's right up there with breakfast Mars. There is really no such thing as a healthy smoothly and no such thing as a healthy brackets bar, say the one that just made of one hundred percent ice in meat or the
movie, which is pulverize lawn trimmings with some lemons ass. Then there is accurate statement veni That is a matter of fact. I will put the breakfast or as higher on the list of good things to eat, over a movie five or six years ago I did a man on the street where I went out to us a job produce an ally, and I I Asking people whither are dragging on the way out. And in the video I would put the sugar content. The meetings have Five and seventy grams of sugar- in twelve to fifteen out of sixty announced cup of just that? That's, like you, forestry, sugar and there- and these person walking out said. I thought was doing the right thing at least I'm getting the earth. They tell you you're getting vitamins. Where are you going? and find it. Finally, if you re and fruit but you're, not you're drinking a thing full of a sugar
the people are John, but use called the cops army before US dollars. Well, the beef ere. You were just wearing a punk chow they're a joker. Maybe that's what the objective two? Maybe it wasn't, the actual questioning? Oh, look that the drink stuff that I'm holding up, which is just called pressed. It's a Jew. Sorry, it's pressed juice array, it goes out and buys a sort of, August board of this stuff in as it sent to the house. It's all fresh press juice, they're all Frank combinations, the one she drinks has two hundred and fifty calories in twelve allowances and the one I drink has fifty because there's No such thing as king, the ones with the pineapple, the orange juice, the beats, the apple juice. I look at the back label to two hundred and fifty calories, the same amount of Coca COLA. Bach forty ride
there's something I got here and it's just you called the collars, our sugar and chemicals Emily you're, getting something good you're, actually having something, that's good for yourself the one that's having is, is equivalent what Dawson, Europe that whole think, Dawson a few years ago aware, Your lever is a meritocracy. It doesn't care what you're doing you levers gonna, do it when it is going to do putting sugar should read: she'll, get thinner you have the same smoke you're gonna gangway right? Does it that metabolic late look out as healthier, because she can still Fatty liver disease. You can still get her a one can go up to where she has type two diabetes and never gain a pal. You know but so far she's stayed away from that. He's got well, it's it's better that than drinking to coax, but don't
yourself, when you look at the back of the label nuts, two hundred and fifty calories its common from sugar and luck it it is, it is. This simple lest it this simple list lesson in all of life, which is her pressed juice, taste, good, mine taste. add August, smoothie, taste, good, mind, tasted, bad, the breakfast bar the taste good. Is it's sort of like murmur. Those work out machines rate put the belt around your ways thing, which is why by really is there and you you look at it, you want, doesn't seem so bad. That lot like doing chin up with a weighted, vast honour, running and sand are doing. For us. I could. I could watch tv drink a kings worthy of this, where the king offering and shed the pounds and so all of life
and I'm not just talk about as it pertains to die. On this talk about life. You want a drink, This movie, it tastes good. It's no good! You want work out, except for your not moving it. Just about that goes around your ass in shakes, it vigorously seems easy, not not effective. Does nothing there. There's a sad state that we, never work around, that's essential gravity, which is that's movie, can't taste good that work out, can't be easy. It there's a version. Is that works? That's at play at work, it's a play at school. support at play during sports like it's just there. We we build an entire world around trying to get around it like trying. He gave it a little bed, seeing if we get slide around it and we All this lean, it resolves go fuck, it
smoothie tastes like shit, it's good for me. That's the one for me and there's something out there, there's something at a different level here, like I you're the shit out of that smoothie, even though it was just pulverized pale, a bunch of lemon and it didn't taste good at all. But if there were something different about it, I had done it. I had created it. It was. It was good for me so way the one I think many on the right- and I was thinking about these smoothly kings and just how God damn difficult it is to out there and do what's right well activities. Point about the maid, there's no regulations with the naming of the naming of things than Emmy conventions. If Europe's moody king and I'm obsessed with this menu item, you might have been intrigued by the literal green at some green, veggie lemon ginger spinach. That sounds like something: your dear random, local, low, carb, loescher thee,
Veggie lemon ginger spanish Grams Aramco her eighty zero zero right now there you go. I shall we ordered. Now. I'm had greens, lemon and ginger in the abbots mood but then it had a bunch of apples and pineapple when it knows they like art out Mango Pineapple, Papaya right couldn't get holy. Trinity have no knows topical will sounds, there's really lay there thing out there that that take worth it. But there is a part of it: where, at a certain point you can enjoy it on a on us on a different level. That's not of its not the kind, enjoyment that you're used to it it's a satisfactory kind of enjoyment, not an actual pleasure joint ventures. you're next big physical challenge, our youth training for anything?
right now I'm training for life because of the other thing I'm I'm actually at most people won't know the stairs, but I've brought more equipment. It's my house and I don't have a set of rollers for my bike, so I'm riding the bike here in the house watching you know about the lads his mouth? I literally just wrote down Lance Armstrong and why? Because I have thought otherwise the first episode, but among the bite I'm trading, I'm going out, I'm shaking a lot We don't know when we could get on a plane, accounting or do anything. I've been kayaking a lot. So my sad I've heard my shoulder again by arms. Planning on doing it by your trip. I always just resulting in front of me, and I think everyone should do that. You know there's a lot of talk during this I'll call the thing of how everyone's gonna marry quickly get in shape because the one thing they found as if you know, if you morbidly obese near this, could kill you and every
talking about. Finally getting into shape. I'll, see that happening and if it was got people civil. How can you be so negative as ignore negative, if pretty positive, that it won't happen happen it would happen. While we have all this downtime Ottawa. Usually people are you understand. I work. Sixty thousand there were twelve hours a day. Well now you not working at all. You know and everyone has a bare feet and everyone has a sidewalk. You can get out and start working people Doing it all I here I see it a line every day, faster and faster and faster enough, but I'm twenty thousand thirty pounds if you are serious about doing into this wooden right now be that time. Well, they are problem is humans? Is we don't want to? We don't want to start doing some things and quit
others, that's where New year's Eve kicks in here now always tell you a guy who smoke. just go wanted you quite now that new year's is coming up acquit then it out. So that's what we do. We do with starting things and stopping things and like I can't start I'm too emotionally depressed or to what have you The Lance Armstrong thing is interesting and I wanted. I really want everyone's sort of breakdown of this situation. I was trying to break it down, Jimmy and Cousin Sal yesterday they have knows. Bothy for Lance arms and he's not a sympathetic character, I know what I'm trying to say to everyone. It's kind of to me here's what it is it it's kind of like. When somebody when somebody gets busted for
let's say insider trading Enow, Martha Stewart, my during. If, if, if, if my guy, hold me right now. If my my tax guy, my investment guy, call me right now said hey it in here for me, but there's this stock is gonna fold, because FDA lifted the regulation or whatever do you made a salad who, among dust. Would go sorry, that's wrong! I'm gonna take the loss. I and I am surprised, Did you even called me, a cool step one go yet go ahead and do it you know. Don't think you're? Ok, thank you and then so now you ve done this thing, that's wrong, and then later on the phone candy and they start question YO: hey did you know about this stock dump before you Bob Bob? You go not I I I didn't know. Oh yeah we're gonna come back in question more tomorrow, and now you really get your stories straight out of me then, later on, it turns
Not only did you do this illegal stacked up, but you lied to me. I know, has cassettes away this. What's gonna happen, you know, and so lay its Armstrong, who I dont know I don't even know if I've ever met him, but I dont have assets. going it's, not my sport and I dont have a dog and the fight, but these other guys had got hold of a drug in it was a game changer with more ancient your game. Here's how I work gum, You know cycling, they ve been cheating in the tour de France since the first year of where people actually got off of their bike and got and carts and bodies and got ass doktor course: that's the truth, but you can't look at that. Would you have to look at it when it all started, cycles had been shooting from the beginning of time
but it was all legal. It would be like right now the NFL says we have of zero tolerance for drugs- ok, but they're all taking steroids. Just look at em, you know look. I look at Lambert LAB it was six four in barely two fifty and now look out of a middle linebacker. Today then ordered like the same human being right, then how did that happened? Powder fiscal specimens come around about voting steroids, that's how they do it right. A big lime and back and Merlin all she gave way to fifty. Now they wait three fifty and they're moving like they're running back. How did this happen? Drugs even another leak, says, there's a zero tolerance to cards. They turned. a blind eye to it, because everyone making big box cycle was the same way everybody was cheating
no one still anything and then there was something right before last out they go into it and Michel it was called the Tina Affair, the trust in a watch company had a team and back when they actually blood doping with their own blood before appeal, came out before engine create There are ever protein around installed They were literally take the cyclist own blot out while they were training there. put it in his interviews. Machine separate the rock white blood cells from the red blood cells before the rays put their own blood cells back and thereby like a big loophole, I mean technically, it's not drugs rose, not drugs, but it would raise their medical level way high and, of course, we have more red blood cells, more the journey to the first amendment. The crab cycle works through. You are a stronger athlete, do the way they confessed Tina. Was they found ice full of blood on the bus.
And that's how they posted on the team of Toronto. But why? Why are you guys most of us going on here, cyclists. Still after that, they looked everywhere. Ok, that was just a one off. Someone want to get too fast Dana, but then They started doing this with more and more people It would be like going to the NFL and say we're going to start randomly checking you guys there are, but what what? What are you doing? We're all doing it? Well, so they all did it and as a next level kind, a breakthrough, and if he didn't do it You weren't competitive mean that's it. You weren't competitive with those people. so you can say wall so be it then don't be combated. Our don't or I no but the answer as you're you're no longer knowing protein it out of your own profession. So then, then they go, well then go past those guys that are that are doing it
like you're, not the sanctioning body. I dont know how that how you in force this thing that someone else is, so you have your basically two choices. You can either quit or you can part, so paid in in what they're doing and then by the way, is it cheating if they're doing it as well later on, there's no advantage, because everyone's doing the same thing right So am I later on, all the lying and threatening of law suits and throwing other people under the boss? That's what caused a lot of it. staying for Lance Armstrong but as far as activities goes he's? Is it cheating. If everyone's cheating- I guess this is my air MIKE. What it is I dont think is cheating if everyone is doing the same thing and they all were as a matter of fact, is monitored, launches, yellow jerseys away couldn't even get it, but a second place. A birthplace guy.
They were able. Two open bus is just such a piggy back then where to go to get to that have given it to the last place, guy and guess what he probably had EPA at him also. So it's not cheating. If everyone's doing it Ask you this question, then, one guy that you say you hate and I hate you. I greatly on two percent is the guy who says to his kid. You screwed guy before he screws you dry or is this? How is this feels very similar to that in a sense like everyone else is doing either I better get on top of this, because otherwise not far behind well I'll, I alone he's I dont, like dad, and I don't like your raining. It's fine in this scenario that guy's already screwing you that we should have You screw him before he scrutiny. I don't agree with. If he's physically raping you than yours, the strong back. So let's
its Armstrong notices. He goes from the number one right or in the world to the middle of the pack and how that happen so now he's being screwed. So now he screwing back. That's the way I look at it anyway, I'm just saying it's it's an oversimplification to say he should never done it well. If he never did it, we would know who we would know his name. I mean quite honestly, You're lying naive as naive, It's a strange thing. I think the reason that you see I started going after those, governing by recycling, is for one reason one reason: only when eighty offers came out these they were dying from it. And the reason they were dying and dying, left right in training and everything else. They were trying it out. If you take too much and you become dehydrated. You blood will second, and it will stop your heart young athletes were dying
and how do you see? I says we need to check this out. We need to see. What's going on, then they sat like if we could this one thing, because it people rather The Ferrari North Sosius Human Carter operate he figured out. You don't to take that much for it to work, because you only need about a one percent advantage to win a race somebody. I think somebody in the dogs are, but somebody in the dock said you know ye take the tour de France its one in three twenty four hundred miles. You have- a guy with just a couple percentage points difference over the coup. Course of twenty three hundred miles. The one guy finishes two hundred miles an hour as two hundred miles ahead of the guy, which is two percent. It just a couple. A it's like automotive racing that if one guys, the guy who shit on the or the guy's sitting a ninth place, three
of a second a lamp in another tracks three miles around or five can have second or whenever it it's it's minuscule. At that level, when you get to level of F one or that level of cycling two percentage points in you clearly had of of the kind of in second place sorrow, That is true that not only was the first hour because I spent an hour in my rollers, but. But the one thing you know power to weight, ratio matters on a bicycle. You have x amount of power and for report: you can lose every pound of body weight. You can lose that power. The weight ratio goes way up. so that matters are the most of these guys are made created. I mean you see, cycles they get their complete back when I was doing it positively and Mountain Viking, How you see me, but I will read out a fifty five pounds.
you know and upload footballer to twenty five. That's a big discrepancy, You know I do I'll. Tell you. One thing I did learn about. The world of cycling is all they all lances, like former cycle made teammates and guises. contemporary temporary agents. They all look it in young in hot, like their them loose there. The hottest dad you ve ever seen a bunch of forty five year old, guys just look like models now, there's something about that. Cycling life that just dial me to you and you insinuate are. Let me Geico here time for another great DES segment from our friends at Geico, Geico Whence thank their customers were given back and they're, giving you a fifteen percent credit on your car and motorcycle policies for our current and new customers. Geico comment
for the long haul she'll get the fifteen percent and last the full length of the policy. The full term of the policy visit, Geico, Dotcom, slashed, give back for info and eligibility skip Answers are gimme some answers to your questions. You gotta question, Kalen got automotive question. You want an answer. I do yeah the other day. I went to go, get you some gas for your car, and I asked you: ok, see you get to the good stuff right day, expensive, stuff, and you said now just a cheap stuff. They up and now I read the manual for my car when I first got it, which is two dozen eighteen August export and it says, sees the expensive stuff and your car is allowed nicer than mine. So do I really need to be using the expenses that you're? Not so here's the thing about gas, where all engines kind of work, the same sort of before computers, then the higher octane stuff, which is better, but now
Oh, you don't need exceed whatever the manufacturer once if they say eighty seven is fine than eighty. Seven is fine. Your car ends with the name sport. So that's which all a car that has high performance or a kid whose ironically bad at sport, in your explaining you'll, get him next time. Sport, if you have a car like one of my racing car for cylinders, that thing takes a hundred and sixteen octane if you have some but I'm DR and now the infinity All- all you need to do- is get to what the man factor are ones which will usually be printed. I think on the inside of the gas flap door. If they ninety one or ninety two: you have to go there. If you don't, you're just throwing money away and if it needs the high stuff and you gave it the low stuff, the computer will adjust their timing.
many other facets of the engines so that doesn't paying and knock and in damage the engine like it used to use, do damage your engine with the low grade stuff so put the ad good stuff in your body in the form of a smooth ii, the tastes like ass and as far as your cargoes, you don't need exceed what the manufacture once and not gonna, hurt two point, ninety two octane in your car that requires eighty seven or eighty nine octane you're, just gonna pay an extra forty cents, a gallon for no good reason at all, but Thank you. I Kalen, like you and I look at you read a manual all right. I want to thank God Geico for that and to stop thought the these days. You could use a little information so well,
gotta guy gotta come and say that fifteen percent a given your credit, their kick in it back to you at Geico, dot com, slash, give back! Quick break will come back with any in the news right after this. you can bring all those crazy trot. We travel bans e g, the news with Gina grad, when I was going to tell you that President Tromp is issuing an executive order relating to social media after he got into old twitter battle on Tuesday, but now I'm telling you that he has signed and executive order. This just came across vacations forty five ago. So he said the penalties against social media
companies over allegations of bias against conservatives this from business insider just reading. It ran right here off the screen here so this comes after two days to after a twitter added fact, checking links which I ve never done before, to two of trust: tweets, pushing false claims by voting by male, essentially with with dependent everyone does to get them. Be no vote by old ballots Trump says, it's going to lead all kinds of cheating and voters vote or fraud. We can't let it happen, and then they what a little linked next to it, get the facts about this so according to a leak draft of the order, trouble primarily seeking to empower federal regulations to amend its called section. Two. Thirty of the treaty, indications, decency, act, give social media companies broad authority to moderate speech on their platforms, so action to thirty stipulates that tech companies are not responsible for comments. Another content that users post on their platform
trumps, orders call for tech companies to lose this section of protection if they do any to discriminate against users him, I guess in this case, or with their access to a platform without giving them a fair hearing. More take other action as a body. Is anybody coming up with alternative platforms to Twitter Google I'm Google's, perform search engines renovating by it that the rally, as is their guns, to be some competition in that and that market space, and I dont, know how it works. Is somebody thinking about this They exist, but you don't know their names and no know ensign caught all right. Yeah they're, not mainstreaming and there's probably someone coming for making what was bigger than Friendster. What was bigger than my space, so I'm sure they'll be another generation, but we don't know what we don't know their names yet because I don't know
I'm not sure if you can ever really regulate anything fully and correctly. I just think their needs, the the things that kind keep narrow lines in check as a bunch of airlines, are the thing that kind of camps The reason you know There's? So much airlines UK worse when I keep getting are there but they're going there are having on the sky at an alarming rate, are getting cheaper. I mean basically what they, what they're doing, as is their going, what they figured out is that the price- is the bottom line, so people put up with no snacks and no drinks and tighter seats in whatever. If you can get from here to Austin for eighty nine box? That's a direction started going the other direction. There were gone Concord. You know faster champagne that lab in the seven forty seven they ve throw in the towel with that and they ve ever just turned into who can safely when the least
I'm terribly get born brass across the country, and that's that's what they're doing, but at some point I just think, there's gonna have to alternatives, and I don't I don't know when that's coming. I write, we wish you know it. gonna, be something right. What's your problem with that eventually saw of anyway, and because of the another one? I think I think right now, The conservatives thank that Twitter and Facebook, Twitter and Google, and Whoever are you tube or whatever are on Lastly, kind of putting their farm on the scale and leaning it the leaning at that towards the left. and there is some evidence that that's going on to some degree and I think the only thing. I don't think you can argue, went away or legislated away cause, there's so much new wants to it like. Who knows but
It's going on and there's just gonna have to be a competitor. I dont think I don't think you can see it in any it'll take place, but the other one will leave the other direction of think as proud. What's gonna happen, and then polemics. You know their own direction. Yes, that make but I'm just wondering in terms of this particular case it Trump is. It takes full advantage of free speech by accusing The things you calling people names to going after Joe Scarborough Data standing saying all these things that may or may not be true, then he's as something that may or may not be true about voting in open. vote by mail and they said, will hold on click. This link we're not taking down the tweet were to saying click. This link, if you want us to fact check that so taking full advantage of the free speech element. I agree I mean Lucky seemed he says Saint patient enough summers tweets her are insane. There's, no doubt about it where we're working in two
danger zone to me is like you take this covet there and a couple of months ago, if there were some doctors that we're talking about opening it up and get in that we are not doing the lock down or hydroxyl clerk when somebody who is deciding vats, irresponsible speech, we're gonna, take we're going to take you down. That's when it gets into a dangerous zone to me because to me it's not. turn it point of view that we should hear and then kind of decide on our own. What we believe, or what is true concern point you got take carrier and kids. You have to make your own decisions? I want to hear the group doctors that say close it down. I want to hear that for doctors, say open it up to now well there's! So much going on with this, with the George Floyd case and with the riots that, as we record, this were really
going off last night, both here in LOS Angeles, in Minneapolis, enabling Tennessee approach? asters just filled the streets of especially Minneapolis for a second night to demand justice for George Floyd. He died in police custody are allegedly was that cop doing? What? What do I get Yet the Vienna there's a lot of this stuff that has kind of contacts. Do it like there's a struggle they take the guy down once they take the guide and the adrenaline is still flowing in the cops are like we, that old footage of the guy out here got pulled off a horse and all these cops came running up to him and were kick am because therein feeding frenzy at that point under Dr Day they have the adrenaline guns out their yell, their yelling and the guns out their yelling, and this is highly charged situation. Guys handcuffed in your knees on his neck and you're, starting to get into minute five? What
going on. I mean, I know your training is horrible. I know you're horrible, but I mean like work when it first What the other three cops doing. What are the other three doing where I I I dont, know all the official particulars, but the adrenaline should have been better down the heat of the moment. If the guy was struggling, he was struggling. He's now come Wheatley subdued we're gonna shit in perpetuity with my knee on his neck, like what are we waiting for as they are? We waiting for a van to show up like our where they waiting on something handcuff him at some point you want with annual during that I dont up the stomach to watch the video personally, but if he was subdue at an early hour, not not able to attack than what's the point lioness in and there was no they ate it. Doesnt seem that there is any evidence of struggle in terms of him not cooperating. In fact, the clerk I did Paul is, store owner. Who initially
Call the police, because George Flight of a pair legibly tried to pay for a fake twenty dollar bill, so he the store owners talking it on Lebanon on CNN? He obviously this guy, didn't want that. You just called the police. Could somebody you know based with forged it. You know the game, fake money, but just one wanna make sure this is the clip of that and not the actual neck at me, and I have seen their there's some. I don't know how it works, but there's a chunk. That's kind of missing, there's the part where they I don't know where you have footage. Is there parliament has confirmed inserted subdue home and then it goes State Department, yes and the department. The least it now use air quotes because I didn't know you reject video so yeah? and what that means is there are two July yet blocked out. Rectangles over people as they move in the video. So this we rejected video. Doesn't boys helpful, but minutes
Trusting to see the perspective of the man who initially called the police. Did you see resistance on the video, they pay. You have your surveillance area, you see no resistance from George Voice. our camera English was exactly was, was reported, as is the outside bystander. When I see, was exactly what you see it's horrible and but the Good NEWS, I guess, is these guys are going to be prosecuted. I mean picked what they They have to mean that when, when you get notification saying that the police officers have been fired, like fired for murder, only one so and even the gutter, the mayor of FRY Jake apprised is asking: why are there no charges being filed so though it investigated. People are obviously angry downtown allay that's what we spoke wets. We spent most of our night on Conway last night, because proto, there's huh
the protesters they made their way under the free way downtown on the one I want, and I mean block traffic down to you know. God knows where probably Orange County being They were and I do love you saw the footage they all chasing the police cruiser I've at this, isn't it. But this is just some of the leading in the eyes of any adverse skateboard through the when she got you I always have these horrible semi, racists and sort of Mc Cobb thoughts as I as I watch, but when watching all the protest going on in Minnesota. I've first thing I thought was Ah, how we did it got enough black people over there to like full of thy realised through corridors that people protests were white in Minnesota, which I guess I guess we call that progress right, because if you took a look at Ferguson Missouri, and we had all the news cameras out there and ever owners are the street. It is
If it wasn't a hundred percent black, it was ninety six percent. Black and they're all Ferguson thing Minnesota down at a benefit. The fifty draw their core Chris This can verify this both think met soda has a huge sum, Bali population, but I think that's what they did: their casting call for the pirates and Captain Philip sat in a handicap them now. I think that's actually did the cap, because in our view there are so many made a vow advocates the hour when I went to meet up with you guys and in push Europe where I had a lay over many in Minneapolis Airport, it was Somalia workers there ever, to say that the protesters are somali, but very there is that other very well. I think I will I would assume their there all kinds of statistics about Africa in a black, a marrow. Hence from Africa and Asia,
and blacks being quite different. So I would imagine, there's probably less somali blacks, at our outward processing, but I'll, tell you why checks head pick? the slack in Minnesota, because when I was looking at all the case shops in the Gatt Tear gas, canisters and all the stuff they they normally do. lotta. Why do lot of white like skater deeds and checks, white checks in the in the mix as well nights? while there may be more right thing, it may be over. We don't know yet in terms of you know, what's going to take place tonight, but obviously a day off the Fuckin freeway which for the love of Fucking Christ. I get it your past, but there's a couple things don't blocked the Fuckin free you're not gonna, win over the heart, in minds of America if you stop us from getting to work or getting home from work or when it whatever that is number one leave the foe, freeway allowed number two
being on cop car hoods in passing windows instead of your liable to get more more death that way, such and at school protest, but the promise is burning down targets in autos model zones, you're not winning over any fancy. You you want, you want peep, here's the thing! America agrees with you, We agree that that cop was evil and a murderer and need a weed, those guys out of the system, and so we You fundamentally agree with that as Americans, but burn down on auto zone. Now, torn because now we disagree with what the cop did an we disagree with how you expressing yourself thank him. Can you any bondage max a patter of the a soda right going on in there, and I can you guess he a lotta. We got it, not a pale me wages, is over there
have you got a lot of it- was the fire so will not. Even this is kind of day time. For I was daytime cops up on the roof of a building that there were using diving energy tender. My exists barricades their pro ass, theirs, there's like just allowed a white deeds out there just give it they were standing. The it looked like the cops regarding a bank It looks like they were all standing in front of a bank and that's where Vondra screaming at them, so Chris that may have with tagged like they. They tag a few of the earth. I have a few as well, although I will not do so he's doing that. Some sad news for all use space were freaks Ilan company was said when everyone to launch the Dragon capsule, which is a crucial task mission that will send NASA astronauts, Bob Banking and dug Hurley into the to the International space station. We have
JANET from the United States and almost a decade, but the weather didn't cooperate so they had to scrap it. It was the crew dragon the planned left off. They scrapped it less Twenty minutes is left in the count down there. available, launch opportunity is Saturday at three twenty two p m Eastern, that's in People go won't. Why? Wouldn't you just pick a time when the weather is better because they have to make sure that the space station is the exact desire late for the launch. So that's they can't you wait till a sunny day. The calculations were, if we do this- and we do this now- we'll shoot them straight to the space station, so can try it again on Saturday and hopefully they'll be able to do it. Credible how much we still rely on whether her in in the space age, a word were: shooting a rocket to the two made
with the space station. I mean the most technically stuffy. If you talked about this shit in the fifties, people's heads would have exploded, but still need the weather, and the wizard and passed rather than the thing that brought. Down the. I think the challenger was oh rang and that in the weather, the temperature, what it was to called two to launch an in Florida of all places, but it was cold. Then before, and we should a scrap the launch, an unknown. it was said challenger or the endeavour with the one that had the girl rang the one that had a ring problem, so yeah the rings which danger chow. You're, the o rings need to be flexible and once it gets under way,
thirty eight degrees or something like that. They get hard and they're not flexible, and that's what cause the catastrophic failure, but it the weather it was them saying you know Of course. So I said it's too cold as an end in someone said more go like where this is on and they launched anyway and the o ring, I think, which were was also a fly. on the design which it couldn't handle the weather, but they knew was too called the launch and that's what brought it down and MAX Pannikin make sure my bits and pieces are right. Fine, you out, there were made at Morton Marietta, and you also easy out rang again at that. So it's where the here we are in the space age, but whether still a big deal like like we're farmers from five hundred years ago,
come on data stored seriousness, it wasn't a lightning store monsoon, it was a couple, arrange jobs that spelled. You know a possible problem It would also not not just weather, but just a couple, a drops- and this wasn't even bad resists like whilst a little colder than it normally at this time of year should have should awaited sorry guidelines. How do I stop ex remember for economics did an episode on the challenger disaster and how are you know the series of mistakes of law lead to disaster? The guy who's job was to sign off on everything. Being ok knew that the whole thing was offers too cold and he didn't sign off, and you know it's out of your best decision of his life. Fire life had been completely ruined if you'd find off all right, all right, once you get out into space Isn't it but cold anyway. That's the Tec,
well term. Now I I don't know. I don't know how it works. I think it's from going to cold to fire and Is it just during the launch? They need that flexibility and all they probably jettison the launch, whatever they don't owe rings, and once they get in a space. I think that's, what's it MAX Van any, Are we write about this? I'm silicon I'll get next door. Well. This e mails are set to reopen in Nevada on June forth, but they're going to look very different than what you're used to according to see an end, detailed housekeeping checklist, half empty casinos. Of course reservation only dining these will be some of the things that will be different. Of course, no shows no night clubs, no sporting events like so the country the city effectively were shut down to visitors in MID March, its ban. more than seventy days, I think closed resorts and their carefully reopening with
face mass and sanitizing stations and social distancing, but again is going to have that ghost town feel once it gets back up and running speaker sports. Wage rings, somebody's gotta, bring back bum fights because- We now have more I finally got you around here, but think how many more bombs we have now and there's nothing else. The gamble on everything else is is closed down this road some, the salad days for palm fights, something here. I could put it up on the big screen at Caesar's. We can all socially distance while, while bedding on bombs that guy had started bombs. When we barely had bombs He was a bit of time is way ahead of its time that guy, I think, did go to prison at some point right, maybe we'll find their way Eddie riding and in Minneapolis or I'll take the challenge
during which we are looking for the Minneapolis Rights first. So that's! Ok. I put that up it there's been a lab or videos posted as well that this is this is some of it Yeah, I'm just I'm just saying me. The last ones I was watching was Ferguson and the demographic look quite a bit different. So I don't know. Maybe this is a unifying yet well. I also saw a video like these. two guys with gun, that's out of tobacco shop and as it were, the tobacco shop? We support the protest. We don't support the looting salaries while they re no support the protocols rightward. Definitely why yeah they're, why very few players are well, we don't even need to see if we get it, that's fine. What else you got in a grand o fans of the Miami dolphins are going to get a chance to drive their cars right onto the field at Hard Rock stadium and relieve some of the best moments of the teams. History, I mean they're, not using the stadium. So this is creative solution and the dolphins announced it
the stadium into a giant drive and movie theater, but not just for movie. Is the team said can accommodate two hundred thirty cars on the field and planned how screenings of movies concerts and reap placing the big Gains enfranchise history, ways aversion her. Ah, that's right what are they often was at the game. They would have the document inviting the tank and of the tank. That's right they'll be able to order food and drink on line they'll be delivered to the car. This sounds like a fun situation to delivery. We hate of it struck me when I was growing up, you can do whatever you wanted to a dolphin killer while or can't we had really no rule out you if you want to fuck around. We waited said like take that dolphin put in that tank, that's for for deep and put it in the end zone. Over there. They inlet Gracie, like give it a high put a helmet on. It would put a helmet on the dolphin. Let bombs clearly given like high flipper as it is.
By we could do that you anything! You want to do a kid you could smoke in front of you could smack other people's kids and they now can touch Alec, it didn't dare alligators crocodiles, announced, rightly flapped. Yes, you're right, it's game on with alligators and game off with porpoises. I don't know my old fashioned, but I I as a dad I've been looking forward to yelling at other people's kids like I got the EL that by people's parents when I was a kid have the ring story MAX Van Piazza, so yeah you're right. So the challenge is to make each solid rocket booster. They put these o rings in between each. segment of each each fuel. Secondly, all segment was filled, it powdered aluminium and an oxidized the launch site they assembled vertically, but the arrangement never tested in extreme cold. So the more the launch, the cold rubber became stiff. It failed to fully seal the joint and shallow ascended, why,
The seals on a Boucher rocket Open just enough to allow plume of exhaust to leak out in a hot gases bathe the hall of the cold external tank full of liquid gin and hydrogen until the tank ruptured and exploded, and that's what you can see in the film Was it in the high authorities are low forties but either way literally just a couple degrees if it had been a mild morning versus a cold snap, I'd probably colder than usual, because they wouldn't have schedule that if it were that temperature here it was probably usually fish. degrees in this time of thirty eight degrees and they d head with it, but it's always nothing since as a future Is that what he called his temperature previous launch was twenty degrees warmer than what it was twenty, that emphasis to called nature, whether that debt. giant. Man made peace that
straw city that that piece of technology that that thing, was basically the most technologically advanced thing. The planet that human beings had created from the beginning. Of our existence to Van was the space shuttle was that thing and it was taken down because it was a cop, well degrees colder than usual? That that's mother, nature, man she's a bitch everything mother, she has a better chance. It looks like the world right now is not there for the withdrawal of the stuff. We have modern society. We get one little bag decimate everyone's economy as if really know different, rather make it from Jane erects everything. That's why we gotta kill our joy. grandma, let's wrap it up, bring us out of here. You got it
Sure I'm Gina grad and that's the news that was the news with Gina Grad a documentary. I highly recommended watch it with your family, going to learn so much about what to do, and also what not to do streaming on Amazon. Prime video right now, it's also available on Blu Ray DVD Dvd demand as well and pure vitamin club come now more than ever boy. Take it every morning, pure coffee club, dot com. That's another morning, ritual veni thing, Try joining in hanging as per usual. I give rather me- and I just want to tell you one year since we had an incredible birthday stay- eating saying last year with you in that region just two guys still talk about. I wish more more guys can get together like gonna. Do we get whether I have it to you? Hopefully we can do that again rose, so I
Judd. Appetite now is coming up next fur little one one and will take a break, will be right back with Judd right after this freedom
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