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Part 2: Alex Berenson on Coronavirus Coverage and the Death of Journalism, plus Good Sports (ACS June 10)

2020-06-10 | 🔗
Adam welcomes Alex Berenson to the show next, and the guys talk about the death of journalism. Alex also talks about his writing history, and the guys discuss over-politicization, the legalization of pot, and how the media has been covering Coronavirus. Other topics of conversation include the death of math, censorship in conventional media vs. social media, and people being afraid to speak their mind. As the show wraps up, Adam and Alex discuss news agencies not having multiple points of view, the NY Times Editorial resignations, and people going ‘all in’ on the fear mentality. Be sure to stick around for today’s Good Sports. PLEASE SUPPORT TODAY’S SPONSORS! BetOnline enter PODCASTONE Geico.com MethodMen.com enter ADAM Lifelock.com enter ADAM JB Weld - World's Strongest Bond LiquidIV.com enter ADAM Stamps.com enter ADAM

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