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Part 2: Ed Calderon on Border Relations, Massacres, and Cartels during the Coronavirus Pandemic (ACS July 15)

2020-07-15 | 🔗
Adam sits down with Ed Calderon one-on-on for Part 2 of today’s podcast. Adam asks him for his thoughts on border relationships between the US and Mexico, what happens when police get pulled out of neighborhoods, and what weapons are best for home defense. Adam then asks Ed about the massacre that happened at a ‘rehab facility’ in Mexico, as well as what he knows about Edward James Olmos being threatened while trying to make a movie. Later they discuss how much it costs to kill someone, a busload of protestors that mysteriously disappeared after another massacre outside of Mexico City, and if there’s any hope for the future of Mexico. As their conversation wraps up, Ed speculates what the cartels are up to during the Coronavirus pandemic. Stick around for today’s Good Sports! Please support today’s sponsors: BetOnline enter PODCASTONE LiquidIV.com enter ADAM Geico.com SimpliSafe.com/ADAM TruNiagen.com enter ADAM Meguiars.com Lifelock.com enter ADAM
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Thanks for listening to the garage sale on podcast one, the expert in all things max go in all things, cartels and Mexico cartels are back at count. Round that story where twenty seven people were massacred in the rehab, and we ve been here too much about it over here in Mexico. Well, he's gonna tell you the real. story behind that story, which is very interesting, sports following at first day about I've, lock turbulent times inside, criminals or they love turbulent times, sending out emails, including black lives manner. In the subject line, Tal malware called trick bought on victims, computers, support understand How cyber crime and identity, if affecting our lives every day report out there in the internet, Myths certain I'd any threats, if you're just monitoring your credit alone, lifelike
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Represents definitely do line drawn by a Chinese. Lord thirty, three old woman was charged with pity that worry of residence after that date the round our guest, always good gas friend of the show security acts burdening also an expert avi son. Everything sounds of the borders while, but you know Zeiss, look at you. I think about
the stuff I want to ask about in our own country, pertain to security so good. To see again, my friend thank you ve Mammy back there was that mass, curve, the twenty seven folks in rehab or what they called rehab but I mean who knows how to Mexico whatever? I never know what anything's call the reliable there's. Also. I just heard up all the cops. Basically, fire filing fer. You know early tire man in New York and cops in General GIS, so disdain and now get now the way murders up in the United States, a general sort of chaos you come. From some of that chaos and Mexico. So you proud of a much better handle on it. I mean I have a lot of law enforcement and professional friends and students that I have gotten a speaker to some law enforcement agencies out there in the hole hated by the public as accident up for twelve years I have experience that you know
we are being. What was that relationship? I mean so your average, I so, let's, let's do this expert at cauldron, I live in a nice neighborhood, the cops are nice, they but live in the neighbourhood or nice, and have sheriff cruisers go up and down the street. They waved remain. I wasted at that's our basic glare, Actually, I then there's other versions whether in Baltimore there in the inner city, there haven't a deal and scrap and tussle with people. They the fine people, the inner. the Baltimore have a different relationship. At the same with backtrack hours. It did not have completely different. I mean it's a big worry about the criminal than also worry about the cops and a lot of places of fear in all of the whole culture. The meal bribery is inherent in what you would tell you kid when he's going out for a night of partying in
now for criminals and also watch out for the cops years. Beers. Five hundred pesos put it in your topic, it so when you get stopped for traffic violation of sums or during the night, you have the ability to take out the money without looking like you're, taking out a gun and option is rampant and has been rapid and Mexico for what is sorry, five hundred paces these days, because the pace allowing them all over the road? That's probably maybe dollars, maybe they sovereignty so here you'd, Savior Young, who going out on a Sarah, hey, don't drink and drive and be careful there have it the have a dozen a driver. Do they do that? show me and suddenly of some higher class, maybe individual, that upper middle class, but mostly really knows, there's stuff, there's the concept of a dangerous freedom in Mexico. Raw at all. I'm gonna go out and do do what I do and if the cops
me there's ways to get around you there's this story, I will tell an individual that I had some interactions with an American who went down and Mexico and married to a mexican family he was driving drunk home because that's what you do in Mexico, apparently on the? U S worth lobby, it's that loud and you as well. Let me, let me tell you just energetic work and concern Jim here now lie with the latter action. Do you like to have a six back afterward, the guy I worked with guys at Seventy wise, like because when I'm basically saying, as is like it's like it's like when someone grows up in a for lack of better example, but just go along with me, you grow up in a wine. The age of consent for women is fifteen and the see you know. You moved Manhattan and ears like fucking, fifteen year olds, in someone's gonna like we gotta,
the only don't want what's wrong with that there's one I do like you're tellin that guy for Mexico, you can have four beers and drive home after works like why not! This is what is our thing? said the wire. The wiring is different, won't feel the counterpart to that American goes down. There drunk home flimsy. car calls me take a are you up? That's three in them nothing but yeah. What's going on, I just put my car and I'm drunk and I told them like a picture- pick your head out the window- chick yourself of apathy, if you're right around now. Ok, take the key out of the ignition and go home right. There's no yeah! Now! Ok, have you don't got an taxi called his girlfriend now, wife, and told her to report that our soul and the two days
they they delivered his erect car to his house and apologize for the criminality in the city right. That is. A completely upside down to the. U S, of course, right- and I dont think that when I hear the protesters are corrupt pot, cops, violent, cops, cops killing civilians. I know that's there's this bad apples out bad people, bad situations, but I don't think they the concept of what a real corrupt police force is in our how some police forces out there in parts of Mexico basically work for some of the cartels and out of it people. How many years were you on off certain Tijuana Algiers? So you know what you speak here. It is crazy that somehow all the fuckin lunatic, not job policies in this country, created some sort of.
Rarefied air that we hold our country up to like? Never, racism, never, corruption, no bad cops, one child left behind all teachers. No! That's like you fucking! What kind of fuckin society Do you think we're running here where there's no by at cop there's? No bad teachers is no bad anything. Everybody gets world class healthcare, the fucking idiots with their fuckin head in the clouds all we can do in comparison to other nations at other countries and and ourselves and our history and see. If we can our game. I mean from an completely outside perspective. I was in Atlanta doing ok, while the rights were going on and I was seeing how the treatment of either of the the police, if, as far as the rights go in and it was I mean this- right would happen in a place like Mexico and a few would probably disappear overnight as far as the leadership
the writer of the rioters or the organizers, that's what happens now lie round would be put into the crowd tears would be put into the crowd were made law enforcement or a cartel guys, inner Reno influenced by the local local heads of whatever to just put down the rights because they affect their interest you have it here in the EU. Have it completely I mean the way that does the way that law enforcement action and in the U S as purely as an outsider. Looking at it, I mean there are things that could be better. I'm aware there are systemic things in some some off departments at me, I might need to change training mites and it might be, may need to be changed, but whole. I mean it's, not a sinking ship at all. Policy areas, I mean it's, not something you should Berne and start over again we got a re. Imagine
already imagine policing with community policies, while you already dead and check that Chaz area in Seattle, which I also got to look at, was pretty enter did you go there? What would it look like from the inside the circus? Yes, of course it's a circle, if a fuckin, stoner, DUMBO Assholes running of Mexico and the first thing I notice was that they pull up put a wall around that Ray. I build that want to build a wall around it, yeah so Our and also when you cannot, when the police pull out or pull back. I mean the sides, the murders and now, Sir, that assaults and everything you don't want. Just goes up when you pull the cops out than you, fuckin, p brains like a sea explaining that we know when poor people
scared. They can't pay rent, maybe they steal a loaf of bread. I mean she shook a fucking idiot and by the way, she's gonna get people killed with that kind of fuckin idiot I mean I, I I've only p the only person dumber than her the people who listened to her aunt Shaw, fucking liar like she's, like people, can't pay the rents other third, their fear, and I don't want to go to bed hungry, so they feel a loaf of bread. He bit, you think that's what we're talking about is anyone, so everyone talking about these theft of carbohydrates, No one is talking about stealing bonds or breads or bragelonne. People are talking about people, killing people, you're fuckin, not job, seeing their seeing the looting in Atlanta and some of their business. There were broken into seeing some of the same things like I was travelling and I was doing classes daddy with that urban survival in some of these places and days at eight, yet there's a riot, I think we're not gonna have to classify my car perfect. We can use it as a backdrop, so people can go see things
differently I didn't see anybody stealing any bread, I didn't see anybody ceiling and he loved you know. Milk or diapers. I saw vans stores being hit eyes jewelry store is being hit. I saw liquor sores being it and I don't. I don't know what they're talking about. As far as the loser red goes, I mean wasn't that weren't hungry people in a well, if you have the clap max battery, can find it she doesn't know what she Sakharov either she's lying. I mean it's not even about she's an intelligent person. She went to be you think, she's literally just lying her fucking face off this. I speaking the power? How about you just speak, some fuckin truth: anyone is listening, a fuckin nut job. This notion of action, Obviously she's just lying. I mean I don't, No, why she doesn't feel more self conscious about lying, but for you and your assessment of
policing and are police force. What are you? What do you think? What are some of the things that we think make a difference. I mean you train, and I also want to talk about certain urban, rival. I mean we have that couple. There was out on their long with the our fifteen in the in the pistol, the born, probably look pretty bad, but seem to get the job done, The other day, I would say, there's probably not point the gun out at the people as their walking by maybe people, oh porter, high port type guard with the rifle You you see what that owning a firearm and being able defend yourself in your property, is you know I mean it's funny image of seeing these two people there I mean that there is a lot of means going round about them, but the property. Daphne off the that we're probably wasn't there. an specifically they weren't other house wasn't looted or whatever, but I see that
example, but there is also another example of New York. Where there's a couple, husband and wife outside of their store, there's get there get in broken into the polluters, are beating the wife on the ground in the husband. Instead, there with a broomstick trying to fight him off, get off my white basic sweet, so it's of its own It's interesting Colbert happen lines of people getting again now that these rights are they happen all over the country and then again the need for people to be able to take responsive to have their own safety and in training and property, and then in the cells with guns. Wouldn't you cops are not around or what is What is some good, solid home protection, in a world where shit goes off in a millisecond, you know in a world where everything's online shit spread like wildfire and before you know it wherever you're late
you can have an angry mob hand down the street crime and maybe the top can get there. Maybe they can't get there and maybe they're not comment, because a lot of these costs were just standing down. While the ship went down what are some things home protection, wise, what are some things in ways to handle it like that need not. Most people. Think, and I want to talk about, get a shocking, one thing is learning about history. How these things progress when you were saying all these new stories and videos of people's neighborhoods, getting young people There's outsiders resolving that see you if you can see the value of actually having a community around you? Wouldn't you talk to people so I'll take the example of some of the hurricane that hit Houston were a few years back the community was pretty sods. Risa is pretty saw communities; they basically rescued themselves. They police their own areas, everybody, you know everything,
there had done, so they they kept rootlet looters away to beat thing when it exists speaking as individual family, not none a man that carries an umbrella, a fool every day until it rains you can buy a gun and keep it in a closet, but that's not good to you. It's gonna be an amulet. If you dont know how to use it on trade in how to use it, If you have a fire in the vicinity of your house, probably use, possibly of it being used rays and possibly you getting shot rays. Probably sums are reversed. Data Nickel management training needs to be put into the equation with your fire. So I'll say this train is what I would advise. Anybody wants to keep themselves in their family a bit safer there, a situation like that. We don't think about it. and we think of it as extreme. Just like you would think
When we see a history channel all the proper guys, they were moving around all scooter with all their cans of beans in urban and big behind them, and these Ngos would be with a measure extremes but Jacobi hit in its not that extreme anymore. What? What did that that couple and Saint Louis who went out barefoot with their with a gun and the wife What would be if you're in the house, what would be The best way to handle that when you knew the mob was heading, your direction, possibly having your direction that sure, if there were stopping the burden I would. I would realise that the house itself is in a value. The value is myself in my wife and they that's valley of their love. Life should be person my met mine as priorities and this importance should be in some and some sort of receptacle that I can move quickly with parliament.
keys and the inability to get to my car. The ability to leave the area would be a reasonable thing. Doll was always have in your mind, gave you have any our fifteen and one of those old small pistol that, like lady, had that's like going you threw a whole lot of evil it. It's not. It may swayed damned in my dissuade them, but at tat they were flagging. everybody around them. Without with the rifle and the piss even the media and maybe and people there were there not doing any destructive I would say that lack of training, and also that was by could see the house behind them. That's pretty is expensive out to be talking as they are, with a strap that looks. I was taken off a suitcase yes, you know that MRS Pollack Critique, probably its lag everybody around their basically further agitated people. Gladly nobody in that crowded protester was arm or the response would have been almost immediately when these are that gun. Well, what we do,
so the crowd breaks the gate on the side there shouldn't truck and up the street you're in the house, with your wife. what is at Polly sentence of ETA, my front door and presence with my rifle in trying to persuade people, though, leave just step out front door that, given the option rival, that gives me options that doesn't corner means out of a box that I can might might not be able to get out of right, and I would be ready to leave no, no! That may sound bad to somehow got home american. Now, let's get him to arise you can replace the house and he looks like a man than has house insurance for further reason, so I think that in this age, the family and should be first budget year. I would I would say: outside the house and ask people did not vote
not approach. Basically, do you have a weapon of choice for home protection I'd say about. twelve gauge miles Burg. Five hundred is my weapon of choice for home production. How many challenges at all depends on the model you get, but you that's good enough with six could now than they a basic home, the fence, sharrkan four allow reasons it semi automatic, so it makes you selective as far as what you're gonna shoot. pretty available around so universally available around here. In the: U S, doesn't fall under the restrictions are a lot of a lot of a european states are now getting into so you can move around travel around now the same option with you, cheap to train on which is another option, then I'll tell people find something gets cheated drain on rain on meaning dna emanations fairly cheap by a bunch of that ammunition, go to a class shoot that shall gun in the
does have a home defend scenario and then, if you have to move out of state, you can take it with you. You can get one similar aside that expensive and ITALY. three way now air teams are also amazing there that mean that there is a reason why they get used by the area? The civilian bears get used by criminals, and in other parts of the world. I'd, say you and my personal choice, I'd say a twelve gauge shocking and that's also good for other things like hunting, so go hunting. leaders that, as we have the air sea, thirty six second tat clip about her explaining what these people are doing. Why there's an uptake and crime here? It is thus and get right reducing, have trash January to throw up into this is her explanation of why
There is a one year old kid who was shot no stroller yesterday, but here's the explanation of the uptake and murders. Why is this happening? Why? Well, let's think about it, do we think has to do with the fact that there's record unemployment in the United States right now, the fact People are at a level of economic. aspiration that we have not seen since the great recession. Maybe this has to do with the fact that peace, aren't paying their rent and are scared to pay their ranks and so big the loud, and they feed their child and they don't have money. So you maybe to you. They put in a position where they feel it. They either need to shop with some bread or go hungry. That might well thank you for addressing the hundred ten percent uptake and murders in your city. I didn't know was,
as this Brad as is born and bred resuming, would be like hot dog bonds, Keyser roles all that stuff richest bread. I don't know I mean I travel a lot and I a lot of evil, and I don't know what you're talkin about with the whole red scenario. I mean I'm others had stolen. There's delegate this programme hunger, there's programmes all over the place to feed than the needy light, why the target store His guards has gone out of her arm and theirs it rested disappear. The picture go around of a kid ceiling of big legal set auditory, which particular about you overweight. Almost people would smartphones in the. U s- and I don't know what she's talking about he doesn't know what you're talking about that. That's the Good NEWS is she thinks you're stupid. That's that's how that or are she D says? But if I hear anyone go, the fact is that true, we, the truth, is the truth of the facts. Are the factor that
The matter factually intrinsically are, and I know what I was total horse shit- tells you tells you scroll shirk. As you know, the fact that the truth, the factually what's going on One hundred percent factual in Tripoli, as their going after bread, Some of them will get one of those wheels where they can grind the thing they can. They can take the we. Grind it in flour, and then there can be no doubt about that. Although our tears on the five thousand good, those but storefront windows with its very heavy yeah, so jump at around and so the massacre twenty shit and dead at what we heard as it were. First off that's dory barely made it over the board. We were so caught up in Trump and covered in the everything else law
dance era. The story barely made here: twenty seven people dad mexican rehab, for what is that story well about history about three have facilities in Mexico. We, basically anybody that has a large property. They can house all the lot of people. Can their own we have facility there's ways that that that you have to go and get some permits and things of this nature, but we haven't Mexico isn't like we have now. Got forty interesting. We have centres that their pretty good but MAX, Oh, it's, basically family signs, an agreement with the we have centre and the they basically abduct you and put you in This rehab centre and hold you. There began your family already authorized. That could be there
they. Obviously there is a process and are there they see what? If you have a criminal background, if you have some sort of history with substances, as ever, the lid legitimate ones you can have. Your family will literally signed up to sign a paper in you, you'd better get brought into these. The thing is that it is also a perfect front for some cartels. The howls and feed their hired gun. eat up water. So so you almost need, like Africa, unity for your henchmen. Ride like like almost a barrack, yes, and so you can wait a rehab center, but it's not a rehab centres where your henchmen are all hang out being housed. There's a history of centres like this in Mexico being utilised and actual? That's, not the first massacre that, as has happened in Riyadh Plainer, was so now I'm looking MAX battle.
when we heard the story a month ago like. Why would you go in and killed? Twenty seven people are rehab Senecas we're picturing it like doktor drew standing there, the clipboard? No, no, not that not that so it's that the rehab centre is in state of one or other one, I want that used to be five years ago. When I want those one of the safest states in Mexico is currently in a turf war between a few cartels. The local cartel that dedicates itself to stealing boil again basically petroleum, the signal, our cartel, that wants it put drugs through that area and in the the major new general new generation car color, while a horror. For while in autumn ultra militarized Gardelle. So the story goes. That the new generation cartel is pumping p oh and guns, into the area, to push out again
they call L model, which means the mallet, who is the head of the local cartel there, and when the cartel dies cartel gunmen are then in the area they don't get there they're, not armed all the time, because That's how you get people working there. Lane doings yet so what they deal is now during where we mean that take people working independently in so imagine you have a group of cartel guys. Let's say you have this twenty eight cartel guys you send them to the neighbouring state to do things for you, like effective distribution, networks of the rival cartels, and they say well. Why not? Why don't we just rather than to while we're at it? We have a lot of guns, there's a lot of us. So let's go do that too so away. They they keep them from doing that type of stuff is that they disarm them when they're not doing cartel work in this house and in places like this this this the centre,
So when we're sitting here, Goin wait a minute who, which fuckin shoot twenty seven people there. Having no reason, what was that so that's Is this one hundred percent in your mind like there's one first off? What's the motivation to go in and shoot up, rehab centre? Unless it's this right, not sure that everybody in that centre? Was a hundred percent a cartel guy. We're for the new generation guards out, but they a few the survivors say that around six. Men came to the came to the door, all heavily armed, put the guys were doing security at the door now interesting. there's some say one thing, some say the other some say the guys at the door were armed and where this armed, which would make sense if it was a cartel safehouse, they were probably armed.
and they make their way up where everybody was basically camping, outer laying down the ground. Everybody was sleeping on the ground, not normal, for rehab centre of usually have dormitories or sleeping area again a nose suspicious thing and allowing were well dressed. Well, groomed, a lot of them had some meal named Branda Clothing cartel guy. Usually you spend more money on cloning, and they were asked about a few names that they wanted from the crowd. who here work for this guy who here for that guide and said anything. Somebody said this is be have, although Morrow and just a automatic fire, fucking lawlessness, s place. I mean how fucking insane this in a we never stop. Talking about. You know the copy wrestled with the guy. He was being in the parking lot. The Wendy's he got hall then we're like we're ready to burn the fight. We do burn the place down, that's right lawlessness, for there is in saying I lawlessness. They took twenty
Five thirty minutes were responding. Agencies to actually go in there, the Red Cross and want to do any love. I mean the emergency services and I want to go in their retreat. Anybody there's a lot of them, let out and were well. I buy. I got some reports and pictures from the the for that and some of the guideline, we could have saved them these people, but they wouldn't let us they wouldn't secure the area, so we can go in there, some of them, but a black out through their legs and Suffolk. That's all that's one. Car cow going after another cartel safe house, dormitory lack of a better time. Yeah. That was that that's that's kind of the the narrative thou you're gonna be a retaliation about a meat there wasn't there were immediately immediate retaliation across a city and in small distribution. Nodules around the city were somebody's cartels. the drugs
There were firefights throughout the night, when the basically convoys of one group would meet the other and shoot Javert LAB at each other and then the military campaign, and that we have with the military, so yeah they have, they basically have the the state the held for ransom, so that the level the cartel cartel Santa Rosa Lemme. Run by tomorrow, We said well of the army want to come and get me the actually there we captured his mother and feel with family members and rumour girls that he pressure the government to let him go, they were let go of. All charges were dropped below pressure the government is as if you don't do this blow up your refineries sit down Is it over what fucking years it like? Ok, bye hey assholes, you don't think when they go. People generally good? Ok, like me,
are generally and they want the right thing and they know they fuckin, don't like people need to be policed or then, to be some thing. You can't just fuckin. Let him go and go. Do the right thing to do the right thing? No, they fucking now and then, and then, if it there's places I took over the police have been extracted from the equation and max level. yeah that's my max era. Lower, I dont know K. We do a little experiment here in the United States, like what happened the cops go way? Who then the king a new community policing. Our community policing is going on in those places where the cops have gone away. You hear stories about the Euro. Aren't civilian groups coming up in fighting against cartels and then later on in life I mean some of these were actually featuring, documentaries Annette for things like that And then later on, you realize that there was Finally, another cartel this form of another gardelle. So
Edward James, almost situation was what in blood out or my making. That went up american me, sorry, screwing. That one was that was standing tremble in blood and bought out, I'm swap and now but anyway, You know you know they encourage Angela situation, american anything worth making a movie about their maximum cartels, action present cartel or whatever This is this was in the nineties. I am like three consultants were killed. Yeah he's scared to talk about it, as I think there was like somehow sexuality or somethin, and there were the consultants are whoever's like Danny Tray House. I don't do that and there is a to make a move. I'm an artist now! Well I, I only had a I don't know. I've only had dealings with a few like who I am, and people like the other mexican mafia guys and my whole dealing with them or
peering sing that side of criminality from the. U S was in Tijuana because the car would hire them as bodyguards or hit man to go work down south and the get back to the? U S, so they wouldn't get caught. That was kind of my experience with some of the latter members, Lima. What Mr Lamy, the M basically mexican mafias, one on one of the ways that they call themselves the black hand earlier. Is there a cartels and the mexican mafia? So the way back and think that ninety two, I think or ninety one so we my time active. But this is something that was common street knowledge. There's a guy that went by the red, but on probation, he was. He was a mexican mafia member. I and blown physicist story
He was, he was originally from Tijuana. You'll want to live and came to live in California got involved in things that the prison and he was recoup as part of lamb. The mexican mafia went back Mexico Tijuana and and was hired by the area of Felix Cartel or the historical that you want to cartel people watching Narcos Mexico will know what I'm talking about profaned into that, so this Tell the scotch cartel group took him down to two, a high level meeting at that night club in Mexico called Christie Christine's. I club and These guys were rivals up old, a goose man and the sea in a locker dough They come into. This club dresses, federal police officers get into massive shoot out and David
Opel Bay of our own was one of the only ones it survive that shoot out and extracted Lois Marianna Felix Cartel diet. Members out of there, you know, took guns our bodies and did did some ramble stuff. after that, he they told them like. You are in charge of our security. Now. Can we hire more mexican mafia guys like you from the EU to come down. Work for us, as I said, yeah start off with ten five hundred dollars a week plus bone. as for work and here two thousand dollars for you to start tat. We need more is it in the early nineties, early nineties line, so that we started seeing a lot of these are all tattooed r l, tat tat it up you guys with team. Going down, I'm gone down a mexican doing jobs where the for the cartel so guys go and from, California ally, wherever crossing in doing work in Mexico and then coming back
yeah, some of them, that the bears rumors about all this type of something- and I've heard some pretty pretty interesting ones, some israeli met the guy was around during the nineties training some of these guys down in Mexico and clandestine underground. shooting ranges and body disposal. Methods, to move things that, without detection from canine units, that I believe that it is there any. I do now. I don't really trust the media anymore. I think everything's is kind of a story they went to town and you know I look at it. This way They say we want report on bad cops. Are bad cop killings? Okay, what happens when a black top shoots a white guy like where we're not reporting?
ok. But what happens if a black guy shoots? Another black Isaac Napkin report their lambs ago, makin cap sheets of MAGIC Anderson like we're, not ok, so you want to report top shootings, YAP Bitch, but you're only going to report a white cop shooting a black man there. Ok, when I'm starting to wonder how you, how we view disseminate this information on what else am I missing and I must be missing a lotta cops being shot. I mean one of the worst cop shootings the last few years with justice like fifteen six year old kid just like half the fence and probably a MAC hey kid, and I like a vaccine Coptic shot him in the back of the head, like I just smoke that way general kid. By the way. I dont care that much because it's like this. Kid was wanted firmer murder and he had a gun on payments like guy. Well, if you gonna murder, people in fifteen and keep up
rod on here, then sometimes you get shot. My cops I get it, but the news wasn't really that interested in that, because the kid was mexican and not black and I get it, but We wonder about the twenty seven people kill the rehab quota quote in Mexico. Wise. Our news. Why are we not interested in that? That's bigger than school shooting we ve had ever Y know, reporting on that, and then I wonder it also feels We do a kind of a little bit of a softball reporting on Mexico. Like our our whole thing is. I guess the motion looking for the angle on everything like show, you know trumps like we're, gonna, build that wall and then DNS like fuck, you we're not building a wall you're not and then all of a sudden. It's like a those our friends in the south, but so they don't like it. Port about all the craze carnage in violence. In whatever comes out of there I mean for sheriff too
seven people were shot in Canada would probably hear about it. People are even know this story. Is it? Are they soft peddling a lot of the carnage in the violence? In that just insanity, that's going on over there I mean when I see it in the media and the state side, I would see it as we know it in passing comment. They don't go into details about who or what or why, how the? U? S is linked to some of those massacres that until now massacre, has a clear link into the distribution of heroin and heroin in the? U s. Why? Because one of the main routes it goes through, there is a heroine related Mexican Erin related Route, so that no itself is to see, where a lot of the terrible goes right. That's ago, NED Lotta goes over there all the way to Seattle right some of them to the side and it goes through their, but it doesn't get mention.
does again mention what link that has to what's happening up here. or you see you know, it is Not I mean pard me for sound, like TED Nugent, but is it? Is it reported, because you would have to enhance security at the border. I mean forget, building a wall like we would have to put more attention on that border. I'd say: I'd see one you to put more attention on the border. To who have to reconcile that a lot of the permissive states and cities in the? U s that feed most of these, our tells with the money that they then used to get guns and do whatever they do. Mostly a very specific permissive cities that allow them to do what they do. So Seattle sort of like saying luck. We can have some safe injection zones and we're not going we're, not gonna arrest people their shooting up, but they're, not saying where the heroines coming from now that what you're saying here
I mean I've ever had a lot about. That's like shadows. Going, there came an you want, get high, it's cool, you wanna, get Heine, go up the spatial school, but but then, where's the money going. Where are you getting the heroin that were set as aiming not interesting moment that I had was walking through us written Seattle, seeing all the needles littering the ground like a lot of them up an ado, but that's the perfect place works a real. Agenda policing of it, and I asked I who pays for all these needles and taxes awesome so that's phaser paying for needles that get filled with Heroin from Mexico that has fend off from China. and then people using here and they get dumped on the ground and ok. Now I see that that's that's what's happening there, doesn't make sense for them dimension where the heron came from, where the sentinel came from what all of the intentions
the people that put the herald the Sentinel into Mexico have and what how much money gets me by the heroin key being guided by that do it in the middle of Seattle and how, that relates to a place in the report. The word twenty seven people that shot who, as they were, laying down. I write so I would then see that reported, and I mean I don't know why. That would not the kind of go into the conversation. Well, it was reported enough that I had heard of it, but I I urge the news pretty religiously and it didn't seem to pop up- doesn't mean it doesn't show up, you know. People are a little disingenuous, sometimes when they go. Oh, what do you mean? It was on the third page of CNN online and Now- and it's like yeah- I know, but that's different than make We are now seeing a really making the rounds, so it's also
pressing when he here all this stuff, what you are also going to tell us about some news stories and some new situations and some new. Things involving the cartels. I want to give your company a plug by the way, so knives tactical folding nice, one hundred percent made in the USA and that's Ed's product, you gotta Emerson, sorry Emerson, knives that calm and if it puts his name on it, Did you create these nice so Emerson knives as women battle they? Basically it's why a man in earnest Emerson he's them basically invented a tactical followed. These may needs for NASA he's mean. for a bunch of your best and brightest as far as a military goes and here he had me- were working on putting one of mine eyes, designs out there and already broke their
the internet of once. As far as a being dropped and sold so yeah and with them closely, as was putting some of these products out there. So I wanted tease the good looking knife or looking at it now I want to tease there. whatever is new and breaking in the cartel news cycle. She'll tell us in a second first: that Damn acquires car taxes, come a long way last year requires introduce hybrid ceramic technology. Its advance s I owe to hybrid technology, delivers a wax protection, Andorra Bell, they know rubbing curing or boffin, either provides extra. water beating action. This year's wrote Maguire launch their liquid version seals the paint for long lasting protection against the elements easy to use apply.
The traditional wax and they also have the hybrid ceramic spray be tailor. I love this stuff, you guys gives you wash your car in your driveway, take Garda car. I you can just pull. DR kid in some shade, and do that spray detail and clean it up, not save some water. rose, contaminate like dust, fingerprints, bird droppings boosts glass, enhances protection as well. Ceramic made easy, that's what Maguire does so what is up? What's new and just because it popped her, my head do different cartel. All special, I know, they're all pretty diversified now, but do they handled different things vent Nell over here and heroin over there and profit, should over there I mean, I know they're all diverse ride, but they all have their own he'd like we have we have here words like you, you could get a piece of fish at that
but it's a stake ass. You should get this steak with you at the fish. Then you head and a changeover pond pc age ass, we get the fish, but you'll be at stake there too, but we have kind of our strengths and our specialities the two major ones, the signal, cartel and degenerative. Cartel are at odds because I specialize in the same thing. My radio bent Heroin, mass production of fake fan no, that, while not fake and all that Mexican Sentinel pills into the shape of the Earl of what the the prescription regular ones would be like prostitution, human trafficking, guns, smuggling, be name it extortion, exhort paid seek out there, which means they are paying. Somebody killed, somebody all the stuff is both arms
it lies in the same. Having just cause to kill, someone in Macao will depend on who you want to kill me. I've heard everything from twelve thousand dollars to kill somebody that owns a business that is competing with you too the mexican Mafia way back. When was off two million to kill a chapel back in the nineties here and here in the U S when he would, when he would come to. Treat one of his sons that her had had some health problems back, then he was the enemy of the needs of the earth who want to cartels. Are there they would hire Mexico, mafia, guys and gone rate for his head was two millions depends on who you are you're, gonna kill a competitor. Like I mean literally, like you had a pizza joining this guy. I've been a pizza join on the other corner and you're gonna kill him dive I've seen people get killed for as a two hundred dollars. Would you get what were the woman? we the chances. You would never see the inside of a court room
ninety ease percent of all murders in Mexico, go around solved. So pretty good credit, things and work out here: first sneaky sky, so on it What is going on? What is new? I mean the elder this probably one of the major stories out there is they attempted to assassinate the head of the police, Mexico, Mexico City, our version of the sea, the theatre, fair dollar, that than the federal. That's our version of Washington DC, basing the police chief of that. Never that area was on his way to his office at four in the morning and home, made modified bulletproof truck bed, then truck just that itself in front of its way and fifteen,
and finally, that cars why armoured vehicle is a travels our was frightened following armoured vehicle with her to his body guards car behind them and- fifty caliber miss, but they forty seven, they are fifteen bunch of At the girl last count was studies, thirty four dude inside it vehicle with our armoury of that region waiting for him they killed who is bodyguards, almost him and being blamed on the new generation cartels. As we are talking about the house, get away. He they ran are bought while so Eric, you must have got there a car from the? U S, a that feels like that shit's made in America Well that, but, according to what I know, I had a few failures who made it, but they didn't have. Any idea could be,
it didn't have any run flats as they call that sorry that was not made and made known, probably not run flats are basically a wheel inside of the load, the regular we'll, if you flat near tyres that we'll will hit the ground and you can still keep it rolling, it didn't have was the armor ring on the radiator that battery housing, not american, rare and also they hid it with a fifty cow, which is a bullet, about the size of that, but the bit longer than size of that market right there Answer a high wider. That's a big show that the other that's that through most of armour armoury, specifically in those cars out there, so I mean that the two security or kill. Then he was almost killed. They blended on the new areas, Ricardo and it's how they call the new generation cartel cartel this at least go and work in an ASEAN than this. Basically, there near the cartels
This call the new generation is what they what they call themselves the led by and called elemental all people down there. You have to have a nickname men show name, no messy, also get us advances, mention again are the largest biggest more militarized cartels and Mexico. It's all over the Eu S as well. There is a reason operation that now about eight hundred of them here in the: U S, they I go along with that. FED Stew and that are yet to community police there it was, it was a federalist. Like you re imagine, we raised our tell guys, like Amis thirteen's, like the real magic and we do citizen rests on the whole, they should understand. Can primarily not not gonna go all over too well with them, but did that that that they
leave plan that hit, because recently U S and mexican law enforcement have been targeted targeting them. Specifically, on the? U S side, they targeted some family members of NATO and also that some other financial structure and distribution structure accidents, idea, they went after them. Financially, freezing a bunch of their bank accounts a few tequila companies, a few hotels view, restaurants, a type of and first day, killed. One of the judges that was involved in a few expeditions related to the cartel he was selling his car Mexican Gregg less than they walked over in shadow, which was pretty insane and then that a lot of the lot of the officials in Mexico City were warned that they could be naxian and surely enough try to go after her flesh is what is his name, the police chief,
now there's a lot of weird soy, surrounded in speaking of just how we are to get which was also involved in the disappearance of the students, the forty eight students. I thought for him. He was. He was a police chief in the federal police back then, but that's how he had just short of went out in the desert in a school bus or something or so they would not. Normally does it's like a commune type school that they have down there. They were they were on their way to Mexico City to protest and whether their protests the more NEO more government support for the poor communities there more on the left, this type of political spectrum, so and this was a time when we were kind of centrist. As far as our politics and Mexico story,
that their driving out there they're moving towards Mexico City. They get sat by state police vehicle. We are all just and make sure was big giant school bus, all them on their biggest up by the car. They have done They have a aversion to authority because there are with gonna, go to Mexico City to birth, protest, Somebody gets ask something happened, some sort of fight or travel happens, one of the copse. Basically, let's upon these vehicle, with full Otto Rifle and then somebody's things, there are shooting from the bus to the outside, so he starts to so well important massacre of most of the kids and on that bus now would happen. after is kind of nobody. really knows exactly what happened, but most people think that some sort of the com,
some sort of military units came and also federal police and they disappeared the body. So nothing else would you Someone had the news, I wouldn't burn current administration there was down there, so something shady happiness for the visa can't find them. I mean they just disappeared. It's been quite some time it's been about six years, seven years over their gone, they're gone, and they like, buried the Boston, the desert or something would probably burn the bodies in and put out, but but the rooms are that they burn the bodies and in and e g the bus and they found peace of the bosniak in junkyards spread out. So who knows Mexico. When you gonna field trip, you have to get a note for repair. Yes, you do, but
One sign with these days were were the university age and not want another young butter, so the guy that was ambushed was head of the federal police specifically in that area, when that solar, like being accountable for who nose mean there's? He was also involved in the arrest of a high level cartel guy and two million dollars went missing from that arrest. That's also The thing that comes up in the conversation as far as our food is, is there any possible hope for Mexico? A just seems to get worse by the day as it involve. I mean tell me this tell me the sounds insane international NATO type, peace, keeping troops. In our view, Canada, Mexico, a sorry Canada.
Germany and in Sweden, and they d get an international peace keeping group. they just common and just Marshall Fuckin LAW like is, I don't know anything short of that goes any non stop any of this. I mean for us off the country in the country and the medical structure. Mexico has been living in denial for the past almost thirty years. As far as what is actually happening in Mexico, policing, problem the problem of where we need to change the way we police, Mexico and that's gonna, fix it. We need to change as we each it's. It's an urban to go its core, that's correct warfare performed by several groups that clearly have their own motivations and intentions. Though you living terrorist tactics, it's a war an open war like by every now, and then I put up a pact that some of my friends here in the? U S made for me: Mamma you? U S. Military veteran friends made this drug war bettering patch in it's funny makers,
be the day. You should allocate the drug war veterans. That's like Mexico's recognize that they have a war going on down there. Like the current president of Mexico said there is no war now when we were talking about its will this whole drug war. Nonsensus is a word you just don't say it. It's not like it's not the case in our ass normal assholes how's that bullets people feel and bread purely is penal systems or is there still a fuckin car in Turkey as it tries to mean that some people make calicoes out a flower tortillas? I that fuckin right, good use. You come to my house, a core. I want flower, might you're like a fucking nuts on it remind me to have a talk o made out a flower when I come back I'll, bring us some of the good stuff from two from the handmaids. When the lady with a lady doesn't even have like a one eye that that's what you want and some of them. I would like to make a minor fire, so so,
So as far as solutions, one Maloney to Mexico in the- U S need to recognise that there is a war going on in Mexico. That is a civil war that this we're gonna. There's, no doubt war. There's no, and I let if we send more money down there, like you in your taxpaying, my type pay tax issues of me too. We pay for new please cruisers new uniforms, new weapons for the police and then that in those weapons get used by cars that are on the payroll from the cartels. All the sons of the marine units that your special forces trained are being bodyguards being less his bodyguard personal luggage. Tell this recent thing, so that's not working Never it's not been working for the past twenty I have three years just putting money in the hands people down there than spending on the drug war doesnt work. So what's next
now. I remember this holster talk about declaring that cartels, a terrorist organisation and and now you, but just faded away any other about there in the world will look murders, women, American women and children in the desert and will probably get a drone strike on them. But these guys don't because their nodded. Whose Asian, because you don't have political motivations, even though they kill Reporters municipal president's you name it, they can because they don't go along with their is mss, thirteen factor in or do they at all and then what, with their relationship be with any these cartel, so does it lead they saw them ascertain as it is the bogeyman in the? U S, but not really. In Mexico, there get you they get utilised as the basically labour fires. Criminal groups and not all of them
it's mostly a bogeyman that here in the Eu S, that's what they're that's how they paint them up here in the? U S, it's a matter of very much at american gang that basically got exported down down. central Americans making its way up, but we have seen- your people in Mexico, so they don't really figure in the whole kind of debate down there. You know that a sentence for some of them to be in certain places that there are certain a maximum I'm a in the eighteen three gang guys which are cut of the same thing when the caravan. My command thing happen, and they were moving through through to Mexico. The more eighteen street gang guys which of the rebels of the thirty of the Emma thirteen guys. So they didn't go the right that the straight right would be going too. Though Mexico into taxes, but they didn't Goethe. there, because the rivals allied with the that? Does there, so they would get
that's where they went all the way to do you wanna drastically to avoid that my right so now there there don't factor in the lot in Mexico as far as girls, they get utilizes hard part and and hired guns on the EU. I did get these this distribution but not they don't really figure out, as it appears a bogeyman in Mexico at all. Is there any new territory for these cartels? I mean obviously Lhasa, jealous injury, pretty fertile ground and insults its geographically close. Is there a place? It would surprise North Carolina some place. It would surprise us where the cartels are coming. Foothold than at midnight. I travel across the country again every week on animals endeavour this last weekend and The week before that I was in Michigan after our place in the middle of nowhere, and I get law enforcement agency for professionals come in and they showed It's all right. What's the Heron look like here, so it usually
and how is usually light Brown and Sentinel laced so any time you see that environment there is usually a distribution network or nodules related to certain factions losing low cartel or the new general. You find that substance there. There some hub here somewhere in the end in the vicinity? Now it's everywhere to everyone, I've, never, even even in some of the higher neighbourhoods and, in some other, the places where you would think in others, this is a very nice blaze plays a very out of the way places hillbillies here, making moonshine the hills and not even If the I would be me want to come in here, and then you see that cartel tell supplied elements like, like others, the sun was high quality higher huh
Sentinel Lace Heroin show up in the area. Is there any form of border security that could slow this down? I mean There's a lot of talk about a wall. The wall the wall is up in the places where most of the drugs that get pumped into this country go through the walls. Yet there, so that doesnt work that much what about now I'd say you I'd say people really want investing in border security. They should invest in the salaries of some of these border regions. I've actually worked with border patrol both as a training agent and also did you see her what they do. These guys are being just as far as as far as the work they have to do. It's insane. I mean the way Well, these suddenly be well is insane the numbers they have aren't even close to what I think would be liable to have an actual security. the care border. What what do you think
military border. He leave already militarized the border a few times and It said message: Tiber Tiber results in some of something. Some people were arrested, trafficking people that were part of the Marine Corps on the border when they were fortified. The border or the daily admiring caravan. So I'm not saying that, that then it didn't work. I did work to dissuade migrants, but it wont work and it doesn't work to dissuade cartel guys. Yes, your average poor person trying to get here, have a better life bump into water has a you know what let's go back, but the professionals they're, going to figure out a way around and professional will will use Claude Drone Quadroons now they're using swarms of of drones too, drugs acquiring, or do quite per powers. That window
Claude Propeller, Jolly wars. However, your paler for smaller drones on a programme and a lot of them will discuss and crash railways. I'd get a client drone carry like x or a killer, or shall I found one among them? The victims are about exactly how much, but it was a break of a pure math. There was about that wide standing, big. Sixteen I mean that's, that's that's twenty five pounds and dropped yeah that kind of lifting power. Yeah Gladwin Kwan one anyhow, these small Small minimalistic plans are used with it with a load on the back with a propeller tunnels. Those are ones are just drop. This drops, as is quite she put a fence at the Hey Orlando blooms, skin board is that the revised viable way to get drugs over the Rio Grande. So this I got like So in them in the military they may have Hugh ease, and then they have them
Hercules ones with the big twin chop boom whatever down there. Certainly they have drones that have for lifting blades. Can live there. You don't hear Hilo of Heroin and bring it over then drop its own picks up on like an atv or something if they, if they do out online search of Claude drone found in Tijuana drugs on it. It's probably gonna, be a picture that actually took way back. When I think I was part of a group that found the first, that was. Your letter crashed, on the border on the road to play. The Tijuana with God, you're gonna, need how Maxwell rights idea down for my new safe com Cartel nerd, they're gonna need kids who can fly fuckin drones, but there are in the cartel, but they have to be good at Rio games and put on the virtual goggles yet again if they can have a bunch of M S, thirteen fuckin thought they would otherwise. There is a kid. A few years back within our sea car also
at the border between Boeing drives like that, with an hour seek are so Avail, the Hanoi? It's it's it's a thing this cry tunnels and just the the old school drug meal method, so I'll have sir large amount of drugs and I'll send a few guys, I'm in car, if you guys on foot a few guys with some self in them a few guys with lays the cocaine, indifferent packaging. Maybe some vague avocado suggest diversify. So you just said that you will catch some of it can't catch all of it. do you know if there's a acceptable percentage like you go, I got a hundred pounds offend now I got a spread it out. We have some mules gonna weld some into some truck gas tanks and when it puts among some drones and when I have some other guys shove it up your ass and have some this, and that yet if forty percent gets stir than not to shabby, they turn to set themselves, I mean it
is that why there's been that day, I know for a fact they keep. one way you can gauge their success. Is this Sweet Valley, prices of substances that these guys traffic and if and means that is still getting through the old in right. It's like gases, yeah the refineries down. It goes up the only thing I've seen hit, prices in any way has been discovered epidemic because of the shut down in China's, whereas precursors and the fair coming into Mexico? That's the only thing that I've seen it, but even when their my caravan was headed up to San Diego. When you saw these videos of that meeting gas, and and in putting the the razor wire on top of the tablet offence, which was stolen by the people in DJ want to people's dollar. There, though, the wired put around their houses, which provided that the up, but that didn't fluctuate drug prices.
so you have to wonder why I mean there's the military's on the border right now. This is born defends. Its very if I'd, everybody has eyes on the border and there was no fluctuation prizes so it means that the drugs were still getting through, so the that didn't mean anything to them, so you'd have to thank, for. Why is tat? Well, maybe they throw enough of it over the fence and they just respect for it. A few too big however, to be captured or found, and- keep going at the end of the day. I don't have. Can you find that picture of the drone that the dead man taking a picture of the quad drone? But I could be your new, nickname the quadroon was good to kill us some good that's a few drops of that's probably I am I mean if you start thinking, at the end of the day, we have to have people not wanna, do friend our heroine anymore, like where there's a fuckin. What why things elders away when I think about it? What's the next one
So this is where we are currently in Sentinel AIR and land and think most most of the good drug cartels have taken this situation with But would epidemic shutting down their ability to produce what their cash crops or what? What looking at next, and I think what they're looking at next is bogus bogus pain medication, finding ways to stimulate or do their own opiates. That look like some of the earth, so we're gonna, we're gonna cut down were cracking down on Arctic COD, CO down and Maxie. Cholera them work. Viking, work cutting down on all that shit, but still a lot of people like today countered pills a day, yes and Mexico's going to step in and fill avoid. That is. That is what I see now that their working on making things look like prescription man which, with the help
the Chinese and computers regarding a dead. Now, it's right, well I mean that the debate. To produce Sentinel and Mexico, was not unheard of until a few years. Back and now you ve mine, facilities that there are producing in industrial level with suspiciously similar set up, says some of the chinese laboratories that you see in some some commentaries I've seen to China, where people go there and just bake change a single molecule. Now, it's legal to take things of designer drugs at their surgeon cut that have been long since I've been a thing in Europe in that it a China, We see some of the same engineering. Some of the chemical engineering is damning, it's obviously being experts. did not just as a substance but also as a means to produce, and education behind how you produces beings. Forty two eventually. We will end up with Mexico that produces just as well just as much China and
the nightmare scenario for the? U S! I think I may have a final picture max manner. I mean for sports drones, you there's there's one that crash and twenty fifteen. but there's did idling at all work on a drone with. Let me with a bow, whether with us, where next to it, when we hit DAS simply say fear has a place at home and that's where simply safe comes and protect home do today get free shipping. It simply two eyes simply save that calm, Slash Adam! see that's quite drown, crash with a break up. What is at present, no man That's that's a lot of math, a lot of a very beautiful, clear, high quality meth that is what's on its way to the five five quarter appear. Probably are the five corner you share
like, as in the five freeway yeah, that's one of the largest drug rout registrar ground on the planet. Five really were to go all the way through it all the way down, although it I mean I've seen some of this stuff that this type of such Europe in a place like Oakland California. like on cut open packages that fresh over the border shop, all the way up there well Do this on a regular basis, cuz we're so interested in this subject and you can go to adds manifesto. Can twitter shootin between or an and Instagram adds Ed's manifesto website? its manifesto dare come, and the new knives which our use I've seen enough absent why five hours you take? The knife after the drone crashes, you ve stab it into the White Box. He leaves tasted your tongue, any girl, I've heard and seen at least one person do something like that, and they did it
not turn out to well. Well that, ass. They were using the right knife tackled folding knives. One hundred percent made in the USA sin knives Emerson knives. That com is very go and get the Ets custom job out there. His signature Nice named after a mom Albania, as over and Elvis so also Dallas, Texas, San Antonio Tempi Arizona, do and stand up all over the place. So I come up July, twenty four twenty fifth Addison TAT. This and I got out programme com for all. The life shows and get my book. I'm emotional support. Animal well now on Amazon, Bookmark, gusts and click through until next Samson crossover, gene in Bonn, Ed Call'D, around San Mahala, stick around damage. Shag is back without em Corolla for good sports right after this.
Regular David Ricardo broadcast one sports goods, sports sports fans, welcome segment, sure to be filled with support sport stock begs to one at control over their day, damage check here, ace middle?
the weak or get mad much closer to sports will see how many we get as the nineteen continues to moreover our heads year, but let's talk about one of the pressing issues last week it there it finally like the d C Redskins. have a name change, shallots jump right into a shall we? What do you think it should be well I had this thought a couple of days ago. You, your good guide, about, set off, because I find that year your bow Instead, they probably lean towards them. Laughed a little more than I do so things maybe I think our fine, you might think is not fine and so was sometimes I'm polluted by my own thoughts, but I had this. I had this thought and ahead of written down here somewhere, but all all love affair out. What do you think about this. It's gonna, it's gonna at first blush, it's gonna feel
a little wrong, but in but it but it might be workable. And I'll make my case, which is, I don't want them changed from the Washington Redskins to the Washington Lumberjacks, that just whiplash you know like I like some flavour of the past in their rights but what too much flavour a you know Dave I like car, I don't think I've ever told me about that. You're, a lot like you like to get point eight point be like I said, I'm not sure about labour ass. Now I actually like I pause. I I collect cars, Cain cars I re scars. The point is very strange. Our I ll tell you to have a hobby You take a look at the Porsche nine eleven. You can the lineage of it from you can go back to the first nine eleven from nineteen sixty nine or something maybe will look at the first nine eleven from
the year you were born and then you look at a modern day, nine eleven new she much of the same lineage, the bloodline, their ride. So Follow you right. So I think you want some of that, but now the new nine eleven and they have to have airbag crumple zones in an anti lock breaks, meaning we need a safer version. We can't have that one from sixty nine. So then the bow! This is why how do we kind of make it look and feel like that? An put an airbag in the steering wheel and aside curtain airbag and crumpled zone five miles an hour, bumpers and blah blah, so that's kind of when I my what I'm trying to you here with the Redskins. I dont want to just jump and go to a completely different. You know I don't know one a nine eleven to turn into a minivan follow your logic here. Yeah you want to see that it comes from the same place, basically yeah gear
showing nineteen sixty nine to two thousand nineteen portion. Yes, the main same features: ok, all right, now, The only difference really is is the guy who own the Porsche. Nineteen. Sixty nine has been through foreign model years of wives before he got to two thousand and nineteen and not not the same, not that same clunker in the garage aright with added my UK. With that in mind and considering there is already a team out there. I believe in college called the red raiders how bout the red warriors the skin is an issue. Skinnes yeah! Guess you there,
reds, not good, but we also, but but we frequently go black man, brown man, people of color white men in a we do white, a white guy that guy's a black guy. We got no problem with that that light in that place We casually dinner, the yellows. We talk about round skinned people the people of color constantly red warriors. I have I burst your bubble, but I recently became aware. I never knew this that Texas, red raiders is apparently kind, as is some. France, to something that is dodgy according to some people, why everything's dodgy right say you know, Saint John, that to me you gotta the devil's in the details of these things. I love,
If it's a righteous move and I think it is to get off the Redskins, which is baldly. If you can step away from it taken out of context, just answer me: this is that's absurd name, because somebody in twenty twenty you could never do that. Yeah, that's a good way to gauge it out. It ok, so that that's how they came about nineteen thirty, five I've or whenever they came up with that in twenty Twond. If somebody proposed, would be like what the hell are. You talking about Frank. You get me my name up sports team. Redskins, that's an outrage in up, so how can I get you would change it, but the same HANS basketball and for our? I don't have, therefore, but they went from the red men to the red store and that's a tear. Will name. Red storm is no name, and I love it ass. I end of aid. It's it's grammatical confusing the red storm is good at basketball. Now it's swell with a wild, whether they are the way if they have a female basketball team. Like they're, all on their period, I mean come on.
someone has said Adam, please be careful. I'm just saying it's not good eye red warrior. My feeling warriors warrior. Warrior warriors is fine, but there's there's a golden state worry there's a few warriors had ere you now I read warrior is good, but we have the kind of build a bridge which is warrior, is good and right That is an f necessary. Now we don't win. A like red is an ethnic city. But again, I would argue with black. Is enough: this inane white is enough. This city, then maybe red, is an ethnic city, but read Warrior sounds good. It roles off the tongue, it's a nice little, it's not a whiplash thing, where red warrior or watching red warriors say it out loud though it's a little bit of a, I could see getting caught up on that I think then read warriors. It's a little. I had given me a little bit of trouble, saying Washington, Red warriors yeah, but it's good
I do not feel it see what it means: lawyers, it feels like an evolution and we don't have to call me, ask a mouse or something like we don't have to do a big departure yeah here hear it's it's. I like the no, then a jail team in Columbus Ohio was the Columbia Blue jacket that some sort of an o my to a military group, I think from the thing from revolutionary war and on yeah yeah, because they would have had the red coats, maybe the blue jackets fought the Red Coats as a reminder as a reminder now that we're talking about these things, isn't it weird? I think I've mention this to you before, but as a minor, the New England Patriots are named after the soldiers who beat back the queen's or the kings army- way back when in the late, eighteen century. These people turn a colony into the greatest nation in the history of people,
the revolutionary soldiers and when a New England Patriot, is sufficiently good and they go in to the Patriots Hall of Fame? What did they get? They get a red coat. They get a red Blazer ace. They get a red coat. What sense does that make that the legitimate they get a red like at the Hall of Fame, a gold jacket, and every year the patriot ring of honor whenever you get a red jacket, are redcoat gets an outrage, whereas where's the outcry for that that, let that be your cause and twenty one, Malta! Think in with their red warriors, you go back to the are on the side of the house. I gotta go to and what about the spear waggish again through the spear anymore, but didn't. They used every are on the as they did all tat. They had that they had the gold hats with just a plain old. Are you I'm saying is what my goal is to get these things down to on
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