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Part 2: Ed Calderon Returns to discuss Tijuana During COVID-19, Cartel Culture, and Why People Flee (ACS May 28)

2020-05-28 | 🔗
Ed Calderon returns for a 1-on-1 conversation with Adam about being born and raised in Tijuana, and his time working as a police officer for the Mexican Government. They also discuss how Tijuana is handling the COVID19 quarantine, the corruption that seems to infect all branches of their government, and issues involving American citizenship. Other topics include how cartel culture infiltrates the youth, the dangerous realities that people are trying to flee, and the problems with getting stuff for free. Later, Adam wonders if the US and Mexico will ever repair their relationship, and the conversation wraps up with a discussion about the cultural war and who the Mexican Government vs Cartels would like to see win the upcoming US Presidential Election. PLEASE SUPPORT TODAY’S SPONSORS! TruNiagen.com enter code ADAM for $20 off any 3+ month supply Stamps.com enter ADAM Legalzoom.com Geico.com Download the Mercari App

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