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Part 2: Erica Rhodes, ‘Tweetsplaining’, and The News (ACS June 1)

2021-06-01 | 🔗
Adam welcomes Erica Rhodes in studio at the top of Part 2. Adam congratulates her on taping her new standup special, and the guys go on to talk about what it means to be ‘safely reopened’, and what’s going on with ride share services. Later the guys play a brand new game called ‘Tweetsplaining’, and everyone laments the return of ‘The Noid’, and the death of Rock N Roll. In the last part of the show, Gina reads news stories about Bill Cosby, the return of Costco samples and buffets, Chad Ochocinco’s boxing debut, ‘The Endless Frontier Act’, LGBTQ cereal, and people forgetting how to drive during the pandemic. Please support today’s sponsors: JBweld.com - World's Strongest Bond Geico.com Lifelock.com enter ADAM TommyJohn.com/ADAM XchairADAM.com Hyundai.com
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You can leave us a message at eight. Eight, eight, six, three, four one, seven four for there to be a weird pitch for that song: it's no fun behind an illegal ailing iron rice. Basically, what that's all I don't remember him standing like Ricardo Monti Bond in the middle of a little He did a little. I think narrative rose has joined us, and now we have to listen. for her Collins? That's what I get a little girl common. What's that supposed to be swedish Jamaican, I don't. I don't know what
He had been high when I thought about our stock airports by the way Acme Carmody company come up Wednesday tomorrow through Us Saturday, Minneapolis Minnesota can grant, relations on a stand up. Special thank you Vivian roads. If I'm saying that right, you are filmed it at their. The rose ball. Yes, the parking lot That's it we're saying the audience doesn't sound like a typical audiences are now typical audience re there in their cars yeah yeah. How was that it was different, and I mean it was definitely strange experience because, as my first drive and like it's not like, I practised ahead of time or anything, so there's no way I jumped right am I supposed to do as per the Tribeca Film Festival originally, but obviously that got cancelled so sort of either who at now or wait a long time to do it again. You guys
some money on that I mean had a huge screen, idleness, a thing inflatable out of the screens. Work you rent ass. They why don't know calming dynamics produced it, so I dont really. They cut all the checks you know why I just did the Joe her did you too has now only got one press Germany TAT Thou is that I think that was the hardest part about it was just having one take. Yeah. Normally you do too and then you and together, but it seems like one shall works out a lot better than the other news. Eighty five percent of the one show, but it it has, I think, what probably happening is comedian. Does the first shall then some he says. Ok, we got One now go have fought right and then rash. Second shows better right, but this is
The first refers to lie back in the grand opening Grandcourt this with the rhythm of the joke having delivered to up to cars yeah, I mean there was definitely a weird delay, like you kind of, had to wait for the last, and there were a couple of times. I thought joke bomb didn't suddenly there be honking from the back of the crowd and then it would just her to like all carry to the front, and I was like oh so it didn't bomb, but I had to wait a second for it to land. For how long the technology is? Is it just over and amplify?
system or just each car have like a drive in theater, have a wait at the right, basically MIKE about twenty five cars, and then they put it through to the monitor so that we could hear something cuz. He did a couple of special like that, but yeah. So I so I could hear something, but I couldn't hear the full on I could only here how they hear you had they had it somehow. The hooks and their radio radio like yeah drive the ads. Are you the arrival movie arrived too, like a station that Israel closed circuit? However, with it the guy, had a drive, and during this I did, bunch of shows all era on the contrary, any state that was red or half open or whatever. So I did a bunch of chosen floored on taxes and natural tendency in in a debt. I did
ever would would take me and then around here. You are supposed to do something like that right, Yeah we're gonna do something like that, but then we got from level or and don't level majority something level, as I was laughing, I did some outdoor shows here by yeah. That's not right acquires young, where I was laughin with Doktor drew yesterday, because we're going to in June. Fifty like we set what the fuck do. We have a date to open
or a PAN Democrat, either its honour. I fucking all my remarks. I can tell it's off now ready at shadow. Have you not noticed how arbitrary everything I have like that? That lay why there should be a will open when it's safe to open and since now is safe to open? What do we need another two weeks war. Far, be it from me to defend these people. The only thing I can think of is gathering sums about to be recall, add yeah. Yes, a hundred percent and there are saying, maybe by June fifteenth that's when we reach the amount of people that we deem vaccine like that'll, put us over the top of the vaccination list. But again I am not defending it. I have no idea were word were pretty much all time lows wrote last over half of all american adults are have both vaccinations. I'm not the stock resent knew about a lot of booze allay or hell, for you need to hire people
take your money for people to come back in the restaurants of their movie dinners, wherever, like I see so many I'll help worlds and help needed, like people are pillar not shown to work, and we seen that before yeah. Well, it's. I think we can divide the nation into people that want to go to work and people. I don't want to go to work and the people who want to go to work get paid. better than the people don't want to go to work so that govern gives them six hundred bucks a week. That's not gonna keep the people who want to go to work from going to work, but the people- I don't wanna, go too far cabinet level, ship jobs and they don't like work and so they'll just take that lateral move, which is the government check you have known. every time there is a new Czech, its harder to get a lift
not only more longer it just takes longer Khazars. They don't want to come to work of solely true, although I would like the one in five minutes and yet the price goes up, and then I asked to drivers. I say what we know: why did it takes longer? They said o this. This stimulus check just dropped. Sure they don't want to come. y know. I want to drag that there. That is a perfect yardstick to sir measure, something because these they are at the bottom of the economic food chain. They are getting the Stimulus Jack's and there knowing their driving for Ober left because they have do not because they want to end so yeah. I experience at to us like wise what what's that? What's the weight for now, you know now we know tat. Scare It scares me that we have this kind of gin nation of kids, like my kids are like school like it's it's who was school is kind of its an option.
it's not a mass. It's not mandatory gesture of a suggestion and work for a lot of people's gonna be kind of a suggestion now too like maritime powers with chaos, I in no way for your bar mitzvah stuff you'd get all these governed. bonds, and all that shit that I still don't know where they are there all out there somewhere now, kids are gonna, get Bitcoin include our currency still don't understand that staff don't talk to us about it. We have no, it's ok. We keep on trying to learn every back there, this kind of school for just that now just Bitcoin school. Now you invest I don't understand it. I just know that we're all gonna wish we did understand it ten years. I think that that seems to be the theme I do. We have the yet we'd splaining.
It's time between now and then, when you gay and where we as you do, it reads, play the maiden voyage of three idea right. The bottom up. on the screen now, should I read em out of jail, it should read, as are all Erica's treats by the way normalize, not saying normalize, use your own words brainwash robots laboring agree get on board. I think I'm sick of just hearing the same it's over and over again in only problem, even our normal. Now, it's like how many times or we're gonna get back to normal things are gonna, be normal. What is that even mean anymore? Now did we even know what normal meant? Well,
retrospect and the normalizes? Even worse, like weren't, you, I'm never known what normalize meant, but let us say it over and over again in a kind of bizarre way, normal giving back. When you know the panda midst pandemic normal than talk about giving back to normal Trump was the president and when he was in a hostile regime? Who is a dictator who is trying to take over the country so that that shouldn't be? What we're too they get back right that wasn't norm all the people a say: get back to normal, essentially How about that era, which is both or covert way, which is pre Trump adversary during Trump it sort of matter, because getting back to normal was when we are trying to make Amerika great again. It's like a russian nesting doll. Yes, but normalizes a different organs normalizes, like pardoned sorted, awoke thing. We are now the fuckin one I hate is re. Imagine
We don't even know it's gonna re. Imagine policing ladder re imagining bang line, but also suggest we imagine policing at some point we have now John Lennon invent seventy nine. We need to re. Imagine something that was never imagined. That's enough when you want to imagine if you're in trouble like imagine, they're gonna come help you it's it re imagining policing which ass you can find on the internet max apparent re emerging Billy. Yes, you do not want that. You don't want to re. Imagine like things like dry my septic tanks or something like that. We're gonna want to re. Imagine any sort of saw, a hard core like die. Anything you have to get stuck done or or about flying airplanes enjoying all hate problematic, one that I am
we hate- and you only really here when you're talking about like tech, disrupt this new gods rattler right, yeah, look on vat like we had also what is reinvent like imagining is already ree like yours, already imagining. How do you re imagining? How do you imagine it twice? Have you I don't know how to get in the gutter and on whose territory the contacts is we new imagined earth. An old people that imagine police were bunch a racist rounds with red mustache it ass. We need to re, imagine policing and will re. Imagine it better than the old guys I'm at noon generic medicines, China on imagine the likeness. imagining how we used to imagine and a real and unimagined it sort of defined the police. We should unimagined the police management.
I'll get you stare of whether that is a thing like I'm seem like what I haven't: West Virginia poor land in the alleys It's time to re. Imagine the police that citizens- I just don't like others, the phrase and then everybody jumps on without thinking like what does this mean to me? They just decide. Oh, I'm just gonna, because everybody's when are you gonna find a laundry list of like power, stations and and and leaders, and stop just talking about re, imagining the police. It's weird. It's also a you know like not all ideas or great ideas like I saw that Dominoes is brought back the no eight years, This is not a good idea. What's a note,
Let me very yearn for a straight answer. I was born and eighty seven oh yeah, avoid that know how the boy venerable devoid of the noise. They invented a gremlin that hated frightening let's try and so do you to avoid the noise, because the no aid was too pizza. What the rabbit was the tracks yak eaten away. He wanted to upset the trick if you do this, you have robbed yeah neither the remit of the noise then? No, I remember the noise in the name of the noise no yet and showed it looks like a whammy from press. Your luck, I'm old than good, nor it was a bad dear in the in the mid eighties right, but they have brought
back then re? Imagine the knowing and others have annoyed is back and I gotta watch dominoes commercials grown. Why did you guys you're gonna bring back new coke or whether what else do we have in my ears that will play the the com? shall dominoes is trying one of their new driverless pizza. Shot on his cell black mare. Domino We are constantly innovating to find better ways to deliver you pizza, which is why we're testing driverless delivery powered by nerve, and it's got some active role, noise It's trying to stop the pizza delivery, avoid annoyed when you get any two or more medium to topping domino speeches delivered for justified demand. Like a point Raby. We asked this commercial shore love. What then brag you have constantly innovative. I ran a good boy. Yes right there
I dont want annoyed started by was a good day for all of us when, when they laugh annoyed is created in nineteen. Eighty six, and then they avoided it. For thirty years now hurt now the no it is back We try yeah. Anyone has to say I think rockstar is needed. doing drugs again. I've heard at least three songs with watermelon and the title. That's an old. Lie of twenty twenty other and I've been thinking about it for a long time is a lot. I am songs, watermelon, there's the Harry's diary, dials watermelon, but then I think I heard a few other watermelon ones, and I was just like this- is just not working the babes whose given peaches and George, you are right that trial. Yet, as I wrote in reality, you from this one, I think it's mostly
Strawberry Eric. I totally agree with you on this one, but I want you to know the rock and roll is alive and well I have a new record coming out. Not just imagine cocaine. Four times cigarettes nine times when one is six times alcohol, these twelve times whisky two times- and I just this together for this- is that the chair, sound by us up.
This is a lot of those heads cut down to his eleven thousand Gama. Gimme a break down goes against got away priority on the bar with illegal change. Should Siemens trade no more to eat or drink in Bali, never drink alone,
What do you say now? Everything's, ok, rockstar still take dragged, that's gonna country ha. I was sort of country, though a bit of it year after only two. We imagine that re imagining self promotion- actually I did ass this the subject. man show twenty years ago, our some really late yeah. What's it was all bitcoin. Retro Rock n roll. Their lack was explaining what happened to me. right and what happened and why the music of of the past was a much better. Rightly, you'd, better get four million of New Orleans, yes I'll play at thirty seconds of that, discuss it on me,
using today. I just don't get it Madame Corolla, you know in my day work and roll wasn't about boy bans or theirs. Robot crack down we're about drinking in brawl, rambling you're, not gonna, find these laws treasures on the radio, but you will find them here your rightful rocket. Why twenty songs rock so hard? You will think you died and want to have some songs about hard live in hard, loving women do drink and whatever happened to handle it as if it were. That was with the great laid great adipose lessons from thousands of waned
There are ways and we wrote. I think I wrote. the Blair we wrote, the lyrics or something, and then he reported them widening gap bring it Erica's next week my reader extra my book, I'd like to throw it we'll recipes, I M sure box. That's her veil, Walmart, more grain, free comfort, food dot com. I shall we we do want more unhappy man steamer. Let's see, how can we Can we at least all agree that this is the worst time in the United States history to be single, which I think was was true when it was rather Jens, where the twenty filing better than you know. I mean it deserves it such a lot of things of evil. Yeah, guess a lot, a lonely people out there. You know really related to that. Did
Are you? What's your status now self improvement wrangling rambled only virtual dates during the June Council now I just like stopped eating the blade completely on purpose: or the apparent as I was just like, focusing on other things and Sir out of that relationship a year ago into Sis care in time, yeah the board dog. Yes I'll, find a great big oaks. It's! So you never think about that. Every single human being says that we must get our thing to do. To me after and unlike won't, but I still got pretty heard right wing button, Boliden just completely miss me: that's what dodging a bullet is as remote. Ugh grew I never on their certain sayings, I mean I get bullet Dodge when it it doesn't. It rarely apply.
it's usually you know you have cancer, and now you went through chemo and now you're still living a bullet died. You not missing the boy out gray. Dodge is supposed to be missing it right primarily the other we had. One of our relationship has been a couples been dating for a long time. Now should I get off the ponds like no case she thought about getting married. Yeah. I also have to shit, takes myself with just one leg, rolls down hill Van, like not really like, if you ve ever camp and she had on the side of a hill. I d really does not pick up speed. Now pretty much days put and you have another one, because I've got shit one I was watching. It was I think it was George Clooney was talking about. What's his name, one of his beautiful, stars from e r. How they were too
did they never Julia Margolis, maybe even at the level of that? That's it we're farmer and them, and was attracted to each other, but they never the mink has he said you don't shit. You work were first off, that's not the phrase. everyone here in rabbits, everyone's constantly shooting here Nobel I'm used to come up with a high level of because of it will mean number till. You could say you don't shit where you live on the idea that a number of my most boys are you ye. May then that is. There are more a disgusting fucking phrase than you don't shit where you, I hope, you're someone they are like really into and want to have sex with a court
It's one of those things are people signed off. Honest means like well, no inner office relationship, but I dont know why they signed it. You don't shit where you mean all, except don't dip. You're pan in the company ain't here we're impotent shit where you eat is such a disgusting thing to say about someone you wanna date. I would argue peep here, do more shitting than eating bats trail the size of that island, car bloated home. That's what going on at the best. I could make her. I think, you're right now. I hope you get your own bathroom here That's it that's a whole bears a system, a system that is you don't even know what let's give shit. It's do because shit for brains is outlined yet each year and shit storm is greater than Israel. Shit, starter, yeah, that's good shit! this meant that guy's, the shit, right do have an outdoor over tweet Splaining
we ass, I, like the cabins, the better All right! Let me tell you about a hundred a hundred to hundred questioned everything to create the best Tucson ever every to the only two son has been completely re. Imagining o re imagined very well. We re imagining suv, but not policing, think it a path resulting in an as you ve loaded with innovations inside and out from designed to technology to safety. Every aspect the new to Sun has been improved and completely redesign that digital key wary. Essentially the keys, your phone and so you'll never be locked out. Here Haeckel? They have eight ten and a quarter inch full touch. Infighting screen, which is big and beautiful and bold, and it works, because I told ya, hung out when I think for a while and fatal
Everything else be daytime running lights, stylish hidden in the front grail. So you won't Helen S Suv for the price handy that com is you go. I will take a quick bright back with Erika and you right after this hey guy do you own the rent. Will you do the other right. You know it's hard work out their own in rent and you want to save some money. How much a bundle bundle your policies Geico Geico makes it easy to bundle the homeownership renters insurance, along with your Otto policy, good thing to you, because you got so much ado already go to I gotta come get a quote, see just how much you could say at Geico that is Geico dot com. Today, that's Geico
They saw by June with Junior Grad, hey Harry, I'm in a wee wee mention everyone's. Why like? Where Karla, where Sheep, like nobody sees her and the leaves Hearing that has been bandied about in my home. Is that, too busy run on things, and I never really thought about that. You don't like she's too busy Poland brings to argue now go, do a photo up at an cream shop. You know what's timetable kind of interesting ass. She was. In charge of the border as like sixty days ago and hasn't made it out to their word. Nor hair.
yeah and Joe Joe present vine is sick. He sort of bill. himself as a moderate, but he's not running the country like a moderate at all my so something about that thought. The search right wing conspiracy theory was always they're. Gonna get friend, everyone moderate Joe again, and then the folks are gonna run. It ran a much more progressive way right, which is definitely what we're another. Maybe there is nothing there out some hot as we knew there was a little kerfuffle somebody wrote a book And it was talking about that Doctor Biden was passed a comma because and they had a little thus stop because well women. I my experiences women
are more reactive, tell Eric, and I will show you how women at work ok, little trout having been brought no. When I talked like when there's a whole thing that I don't know Leubronn in the next or whatever, and that the husband was like talk, and yet it was the wife that always gets often goes straight upon chimera whatever, whenever it is they that their protective that's other. Maybe it's a lawyer man's kids thing like who's gonna, you know, who's gonna go out, Mama grisly ban protect the kids anyway, but it makes sense so during the during the debates, basically Kemal hairs by called buying a racist. Then, whatever else like she s all lead on fuck fuck, this guy do these array says and then he becomes The president now he's probably a little more
Business savvy made in like shall help me get elect their have first african american Vice President Bob, I turned the pain, yeah, but it could see the wife, HOLLAND Nigger little bit of a grudge their road. Yet, while speaking of women holding grudges, how is MRS crews. Because The time present before pre president Tromp he was he was going after TAT bruises Weiss looks he I mean he'd call. He called I think if you call everyone everything people ticketless ok. Well, I don't know that I dams are fighting were either we're time at TED Cruises. Why neighbours who, rather them out on the whole, paying Coon FAO at typical. That she's got a lotta reason. We test tankers is why I'd like to get together a doctor. Vitamin haven't, you join us are less tat well built.
As we, the news is, there's no news he's not getting out of prison early that community Ben deny exactly denied parole with the Pennsylvania Pro Lord, citing his refusal to participate in a therapy programme for sexually violent predators x, men Andrew? Why it's a cause? We expected the denial. He said we knew he's going to be rejected. He called me and told me that, if you didn't take the course he would be denied, he has maintained his innocence from the beginning and reuters cause bees. Now, eighty three, what become eligible for parole on September, twenty fifth, after completing the three year minimum term of a sentence he serving three to ten years, been convicted of rape, the boy said it would not consider him for parole again unless he completes this therapy. Why can't you just to do the therapy, because he's stick Ngos and doesn't need you like Sunday sermons and like meeting grades for the other inmates, like he really is
bad, an airline- and I urge you to do- is honest- nothing I think he's a bigger celebrity in prison than he was. be out on then he certainly more embraced Yazzi doing shows in there I mean that was clear. The word on the street he's, you know you do it as well Is anyone could do in this situation? I was feel sorry for the other cast members when one main member gets the grace, then. Then they get interview him. That's all about! I love. That's all What about there's about their new Netflix rational? But then you have to cut. You can tell
well like the person, but they can't say anything good about the person they end up in some weird. While you never would have written right may not was right up I'd ever I ride. I never like not a craft serve as you now that I've heard no man's land. Yeah. Well, remember: Felicia restarted behaves like forget about this. We forget about this woman bills. Guy, and I think I hope I'm not. I hope, miss remembering, but I feel like he shall night poem Rudy was with you know. It was going to court to sort of support m there and then you gotta think about all the fuckin pay days. I mean look at that. and there's the eyes were hammering two point: five million bucks to sit on a couch rampage work, yes to just sit around, they observe the monkey exactly there in this day and age, did the first the cause
show and send occasion on its own cannot pull. Now, I'm guessing, but then there just be reunion absence, bow A lot of money money gone on streamlining of all other people, punished for one person's bathroom it's like, every single film or tv show, or some one predator, and then everybody get screwed over well, you know who, didn't do that. The one example of the opposite is the corners everyone related to the Roseanne Universe. They just moved on without her. I am on those checks. Oh yeah. They tried to evaluate Kevin without Kevin Spacey for a house of cards, but are not that and our young. I got into it out of the corner. I know they did another sees not it's not. You didn't tell sweep the nation, but at least they said screw you. You know where we're going to keep moving on someone who is going to therapy or a sort of therapy. Shale above was in court. Thursday in Ohio to hear a judge deliver multiple orders that will keep him out of jail. The case
They did so last year's incident where he allegedly attacked a man on the street and stole his hat. He was charged with back In fact the judge has given him well months to complete a judicial diversion program. You must attend mandatory therapy once a week to work anger management. He also where an alcohol monitor device and The above is also being sued by his ex girlfriend. Singer F K, a twigs who claims he sexually physically assault, battered her and knowingly gave her an std above has denied all of those claims soil above as problems and he's he's can become a punch letters we see. We turned around because that guy's a legitimate reason Oscar winner, like if it turns out honey boy was a magnificent movie. That's great! I saw a battle of shaker highs, but I'm seeing them. There is work after the heads of these goodbye
real like if someone, if a celebrity assaults me and steal something I feel like the hat, wouldn't be my number one choice: Yom Keys wall. I write a dental worker. I those things have just been lying. Can I have your hat rail again, the guy private have given it to him, but I hear You know like Shire above lives, his life in a par core way. Like me, you know he has two like do it so crazy and fight you and steal it, as opposed to just asking for it the judge. I have to see the hat, Is this your gun when the main ones to ask our hair Dawsons Whereat Chris Wareham Kip combine them and put him up on Ebay, wouldn't get nine dollars that are rarely have all that a crime to get quite well you're the only one who thinks that in the state of Ohio it was
if it was whether one's it had the ear model. I've been where you flatter them down like a good hunting. That's a good: that's a nice fat yeah. Now we get a crime full of food related topics that some people will be very excited about. Everyone knows that I guess, is all about the phase and of course those have all been shut down with covered, but I will live you guess which casino of all the casino today. Thank you. You must have seen an antidumping really. It is thirty seconds they are there or to open up their parfait. It is now is here this open for breakfast lunch and dinner. So, no previous knowledge of the store, a really serious offences like a day. Hi were heading some direct yeah math and it wasn't you weren't headed it wasn't the wind nor the way right and venetian. I never talk in low level.
Yes, I just pulled out my leg level. I could you did real good so that but they is now open, have added a lot of people I've been missing, their cost goes samples and I have good news for you. You know up, we should look. people aided by phase because I been there one phase when I was poor not stand spring and when your poor and you robot Faye, you'll hurt yourself yeah. I remember this thing later. I like with not old girlfriend we drover box out the vague ears and we're gonna be invasive, ever would put the poor person, as you know, will get the tickets to the shown. Advance will go to the buffeting where I want so not at that buffeted that, like walk
back to the hotel room. I d grab a stool from slot machine and go like I need. I need some time here. I cannot to that end. I thought I definitely shave nineteen months off my life that trip to the barbaric, I was so poor and I was food with such a thing. In the carving station I was gonna, try every pie, slice. They had right out of EVIL Yeti it in you poor days, Vegas by phaser, salvation yeah. That's why no bad thing I want to know, Tropicana buffeted big mistake: egg Jimmy I wanta, but Jimmy the craziest food in the world. These two gotta benyon with we gotta, go to opinions. Benyon says: dollar, ninety nine steak and potatoes. Stake and potatoes were bought by it. I will get to of O Reilly of Angela Pinions, where he was
from magazines like that, as soon as the cash that you know, who doesn't nice parfait in Vegas that I actually now thinking about this, I want to go back to this one Paris, Paris doesn't nice referred God. I can't wait for those two come back I'll, tell ya a power buffeted move that Renault existed, One of the last time I was in Vegas stand at a nice place, and you know me B with seas of thousands, Somethin wanted the buffeted and what went down there. It's gonna be away in others, no open tables and bustle looking at an open table and ask what about that open tables. That's reserve for Mister Johnson He liked comes here. Every Sunday has the fact that he has kept running late. silver table Le Fay, You know you made it yeah, fuck empowerment. Is he get wheeled Elinor? I wait
I dont member. I remember responding him, but I dont like other table. I don't think rich people should have both face either I mean I just think their station be it they should exist, do the bell curve on the better workers are on cruise ships to, and that's just like the worse, because your trapped on a boat and then you're just eating the entire time and everybody gets fat as a studio b. who have now done, I think, for crews us together, we can all. It has to everything. You're saying re, yes, whom too much food albanian stake specialists to dollar headaches. Yes, get the horse years, ten rounds New York Strip with a salad, potato veggie roles and served from ten p six, a M tat, a man who, in ninety five they raised it. Three dollars. They load faster. So
just because I do know that people get crazy about this. I am going to tell people that the costs go. Samples are coming back, either being faced to end to full sampling. There will be changes on how the foods given out thou may samples will be prepared behind plexiglas, maiden smaller batches and distributed to customers, one at a time as a positive feeding frenzy with the little hot pot. It's that their customers, it's the elderly, who are in charge of the sample. I've gotta worry about the rattle. Your ladyship have leave Ryan work in those hot skill at things: log in yeah, the little daddy and poseners you're, absolutely right, so they're gonna be enclosed and plexiglas. I guess just to keep them safe. you guys doing wise to like tell your kids that if you ever end up in your eighties, like working at Pasco and handing out croutons or something that they should higher drifter to kill you,
in writing I used to have your wits about. Evidently, it's a possibility. Yes, I see a lot of it, not rain you're, right but I wonder I want you to come now. I think not a terrible idea? Chad answer, and also known as Chad, Ojo Simcoe, is getting ready for his boxing day. View next month is according to Fox news. Lotta this going around in your you'll know what knight he's fighting the forty three or we're square off against former Emma may fighter brine Maxwell as part of the under card for the main event in flow made, whether Junior and Logan Paul Johnson, in an interview on Thursday, he got the call from the undefeated May weather and was immediately in Johnson. training with top flight fighters, the Charles twins, German and your mail, your Malta. Though, is the W B C middleweight Champ your mail. Is he You Bc W an IVF, unified, welter, wait champ, so it's gonna, be, goodnight and of a thousand stars
You know why, so I have this said fairy witches some black names the DE variety ear, the DE apostrophe and then if an example while like TAT, really needs one might like to Todd. Crises, running back then avail the same, as is Todd but I think he was like a Bible sales more going where no one should be named Todd anyone there, trying to think the markets watch out for Africa Shop, yea doesn't even if he could go a brick ashore, Ferguson and with which we get it. Now, Andrew, I owed yonder. I see Andrei, doesn't need the De Andres Active yeah. We don't need the day, but shed Europe needs a deal, the chance chair. So we should take the Andre
the yeah and give it the chat like give a penny. Take a penny. Andrea had made Andrea what about your malingerer mall, the twins the jurors. I never really thought about tat. I used to teach boxing with triplets what were their names? They all time Are they they all attended? The there was the weaver. You can look it up. Kirsty Weaver, fighting triplets, it was flawed. Lloyd. I knew it and pride Those are the third one didn't work, Samuel her boy was. The Roy true might try Floyd Noirtier so like almost rhyme, but then din yeah it fell apart, Troy, yeah, President Santer, the additive fighting fighting trip. This is MIKE Weaver heavyweights, half brothers or something some
version of allow some version now, like that, exactly the same, but the weaver transplants man, I'm gonna Murphy, a little bit yeah back in the day, Eddie Murphy. There were Superman skirts wow by the way Erika we are looking at three different. Then why that's what I'm saying both the same thing the name of her fighting, report as crazy, why they really look exactly alike yeah well that's what triplets are about amendment when there was nothing like most to Jimmy cameras. Look exactly like yeah! That's that there are grown up now now they're rock stars. It looks like I don't know it's coming laziness, Ojo baby! I don't know it there, but the rupture with amusement. consumers are you know which one is your work with those girls?
I worked on my question, but yeah have you heard of the word shimmer resume now. Well, there there there's a reason for that of wooden spoon. You see this hard. All other commercial markets than jammer is loading Keimer. What's that personally, to divert the eyes interesting. Are you know? What not only is that possible, but it's possible that year pronouncing it right, nine pronouncing it wrong. So brine might be right about that. The set, narrowly rejected an amendment geared toward criminalizing participation in research that creates human animal hybrids, and I only spelled it isn't timers and thank you, Brian, the expectation, while I do know that FUCK man Delorean hi mirrors lagging regions like gun monster, like a mythical monitoring, have meant the eyes, but inside Someone with two different dna is a mixed. Basically, I know
I really can't even finished the algae b d by the end of that, like this is too much stuff like pie, acts latina, sprang, routine teeth were thinks the expectation was that the federal government could lift the moratorium on funding these projects there I'm going on behind the scenes, but you feel, like you made it through your childhood, with no new words. Yes, like eleven new words every day for us to try to digest yes and then people immediately make twenty or when you fuck it up our demand. A lorry now nerd made it up. Ten minutes ago, like cars, yes you're a hundred percent right of ownership or that you are being punished. A party line votes that forty Republicans supporting the measure. Forty nine nays included forties Democrats and two left, leaning independence, Bernie Sanders and Angus kings remain. Propose this week the it's called the endless frontier act,
also contain language, barring the transfer of a human embryo to a non human womb and vice versa. and should you try it There is a million dollar fine and ten years in prison, because apparently this has been table and we didn't know it. Shit where they do. Why were they transplant and a non human embryo into a lady or, the other way round a little baby human embryo into. Oh, you know, I don't know chicken, but they what happens after. That's what they're trying to my palm my gosh a particular view. You really give earth to another animal. That's what they're, hoping but think about how strong that ban would be with that dog idea like how be fuck you rescue people, we gotta fully dog to address it in its thirty's. When you got it, you carry it and you can get bird had bad job right over there. The injury hell! That's why he gave birth. To that
Of course we wait. I voted for this, not many public and shouted down, and this is part of a larger funding budgeting and like we're not funding this wow, we don't even know, isn't. I know between like you know, you are focused of leaking and that the like the world crazier than we realized, or this the gain of chin. Viruses like in labs. You now right we're gonna fuck around with the with the virus, and I mean all those sort of it's sort of. Although certain eighty, nine these movies or watch like the government, the chinese government, or that whatever government was like monkeying around with something going to got out, yeah literally color gonna get there. We are there whether it's just now in mainstream news. So I know it Remember that none of those virus movies head like a douche bag governor,
like new, some going. Ok, people get the stuff. He'll be a little more dramatic like crazy, brief faces, would read melting. I love you. Gonna grab everybody large vessels up each has already said. If this pandemic was a movie, the Fuckin worsen more Marie ever you gotta go sit over there your hand, somebody a fork. You gotta, why put down your sleeve verse roller coaster? No screaming just smiling your I'd, be a super lack lustre pandemic. That's a very good point! so I know that you have a tough time, remembering all the algae Bt Q Now it might be easier for you, cuz you can read or on a serial box. Vlog She's. Really. Really.
a limited edition cereal designed to support the algae Bt Q community and to promote a message that people do not need to fit in a single box when selecting pronouns, ok on each box? Consumers will be able to obtain a tear out together band to share and where their pronouns, which includes represented for non binary and transgender individuals, the concept of coal. With glad, according to the company, it features bury flavoured rainbow hearts dusted with edible. Glitter bore this a bad omen or worse, grown up. boxes had decoder rings had Bruce Jenin Dam and and cannot resign and I think this merger this can't be real as Israel. I mean we're way past April. First a lot of the seventh having now cause there's a lot of pride parades command, June, usually, I think, our get everyone has Kellogg's based in battle cry
mesh again, I have no idea, I think it goes yes it is, they are just this is basically that kind of a sponsored woe is of has no thoughts about ass. They just get pressured I am wondering if I were gay or trans or whatever, and I was told about the cereal, I would think they were making fun of me like I get very flavoured what with glitter like. I can you not please. Also Look, I'm no scientists are doctor, but if you ain't enough for this good, it make you I am asking I dont you have find out think there's a lawsuit here like if I fed estimation any turned out gay class.
Action. I think that to be hammer de pockets over there, that's Calais, sue everyone over anything thanks thanks for legal silver. This issue over Eighty- even thank you that answer my question. I'll, give you the real third version of that statement. Ask me what you think this house is what That's worth what I wonder: what's gonna pay for understood, But what do you think that houses worth that? Why depends on its own favoured right? we're looking for a new year to him, like Zilla red friend, like what what is an murmured the basket I'm gonna see around over. I knew from sue your right, o risks. A real tourism in how many times have we talk about this? I have a dear friend who is leaving ally and move to Kansas, because she's getting
a phenomenal gorgeous ff I've bedroom, six bathroom house In the end, the suburbs, where I grew up for half a million is a little high actually for that neighbourhood, the odds crazy? What house prices? It's not it's! It's not crazy. What you get in other point out. This is no easy way. Heretic don't get here. So I can kind of picture that house in that arise, but when, go to SALT Lake City and you show them that what one point seven million dollars gets you in LOS Angeles they fuckin are throwing around our laughed like. Are you not as yet? Just because it hurt like? I literally I'm, not I'm woman enough to admit. I shot a couple of tears, like I'm never going to own a home in this city, so I went on zero and tat was all I mean it was. There were lean two's. What I was looking at well, good news is lumber, so
Yeah, that's gonna, help drive down the cause, and I want to go back on what you are going to hold to Texas. At one point, I I should like the kids gotta get through, to all and then yeah then I'm out why you get up and we'll go the graduation and a you all. Why are you hall to their gradual, should get on your way out waiver? I know good. consider a compound because What's keeping us here, bound is simultaneously the best and worst thing that could happen to you get a compound fracture, which God be the worst thing we could live on account. You have so much acreage, eliminate pound. I let me here, J B. Well, the Hare Jamie Well World's strongest Bonn prose trusted that for over fifty years, and he went to work like a pro. Even if your not J Bewailed makes
easy proud to have gave me. Well, they parted he's of as a sponsor. I personally know the owner hung out with these guys. It does seem, I just walked into their but within started, talking adhesives man de I why projects Otto Craft, plumbing marine and more use I use metal, would plastic glass, ceramic keeping your kitchen drawer. Keeping your garage as well fix, my son shoe was some J B well, Jamie Weld also acquired Turkey liner, the original die. Why truck bed the liner? So if you're looking for the world's strongest Bonn and the world's strongest truck bed liner, you go but J B, Wild right Don T be wealth, is available. A J B well Don Quixote, the loaves Walmart on his own events out upon snap rally, Amazon, Michael's and more member Jamie. Well, the party products are probably made in the USA Jamie Weld World strongest pond one more.
in a grand all right lots of people drove less during the pandemic. We know that and a lot of them feel they ve forgotten how to drive. A recent survey found that forty six percent of respondents said they had been on the road less during the pandemic and of those thirty seven percent said they actually forgot how to drive thirty four percent. so they would need to retake drivers, add to feel more comfortable driving and over forty five percent said they have to mentally prepare themselves before they get in the higher costs mentally prepared items that are able to compare themselves what four star this is insane, but he also should never say this because they do not have anything about these grandpa, absolutely feel like them. I drive through farmers market. I don't know
That's it! I'm not I'd love to not love to not I gotta figure out which won the break ins and which, when the gases now that we're, which is also we are two zero people stayed home, but, like retail Erika people showed up this is in their cars, like their car was their seat at events. How much at home did. Could you Could we do more than we realized? I guess it is the very first person. I will tell you when I was super supersonic. Two thousand nine I didn't Dr firm, six, seven Whoever was your skills? Definitely actor Does anyone have literally not driven at all for money? getting back on the horse is all clunky. I'm trying to think I grew up in LOS Angeles. You gotta, DR there's, no public transportation You know since eighteen, I don't pick up two days without, not driving. In the only time I leave town pretty much I dont dry
but I drive a race car wouldn't leave town so make it up when a trying on the on the train and how old you because I know it changes from you know now tat. Whenever how old did you have to be to get up? Men are a driver's license when you were growing up. I just look this up actually for my kids in Lhasa. Just are in California, its fifteen and a half now, but in like Michigan, it's like fourteen, a half fifty eight something already there I'll go. It's like eighteen and you're from the MID West, your arm from Boston! Oh, I was thinking you were a Midwest girl as well. We can get our alike tractor licence at thirteen we why we had to work that we are waiting and I'm from the suburbs and had no affiliation with this, but you could get a permit of some sort as early as thirteen, and that was for kids who needed to operate farmer combat of Europe
Chicago? I wouldn't recommend a licence at all, because last time I was there sitting outside there's this dude Rhine, Willie's quads at our bikes attempt is right. up down the mountain right until they hit somebody buttons snow or to be saying not interested illiteracy, Mayor Lightfoot. There you go our let's bring it home, she got at I'm gonna grab and that's the news was the news with Gina grad well, last but not least, quick fifteen second from day to saw each and every answer. The new Tucson is beautiful. It's in there v loaded with innovation inside and out, and you can learn more about that sounded hundred dot com. The raids
the inroads the special very funny out! Where do we find that lets say Armas, YAP, Amazon, Prime Apple TV, you to bond demand as well and Acme, comedy company, which is Wednesday Tomb,
through Saturday Minneapolis thanks for joining us Erika or having me and so until next, imam proper ball, brine G, the grand Erika, roads, say and Mohammed follow me out of here. If we want to ensure that a policy of holidays on Twitter, it out a voice military sixty, four one, seven horrible- I got to do to drag on the part of the film Erasmus Watercolor get tickets CBS, while they are still had everything now amiably lovers who need. theatre when you have PLUTO Tv grab, your popcorn and your streaming device, because free movies are here. Pluto Tv is your home for movies.
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