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Part 2: Frank Stallone and Kyle Dunnigan as ‘Sly Stallone’, plus the News (ACS Jan 13)

2021-01-13 | 🔗
great new documentary, and they talk about how the project first came together, as well as his relationship with his brother, Sly. Later they talk about the ‘war on successful people’, and Kyle Dunnigan joins as ‘Sylvester Stallone’ to offer some perspective on his brothers’ life. Frank then offers some advice on how to perfect the Stallone accent. In the last part of the show, Gina reads news stories about armed protests being planned on Inauguration Day, Bill Belichick turning down the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the return of Brendan Fraser, inmates escaping a CA jail, and Oregon’s new approach to helping the homeless. Please support today’s sponsors: Lifelock.com enter ADAM KFC.com True Underdog Podcast Geico.com SoloStove.com enter ADAM
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singer- songwriter Kate Bush is so is Richard linked Letter and Lawrence fish burn. Your guns, lease accoutred vivid, gave locks Terry crews, pillory swank, Christopher noise ranks alone is on the atom Corrales already occurring parted Frank. Luckily there Adam Henry Ford I'll, take it good street the earth for you the documentary Stallone Frank. That is is available at Tuesday January nineteenth on Itunes, Amazon Prime Google play as well Congratulations on the documentary. Frank! Thank you. Did you just to say. Yes, I did, and I Shame on us for not loving francs alone. More.
I think that that was kind of those might take away other than a very, very interesting documentary and it's fun. It's a fund documentary like I want more or less Finally, in our involvement is gets mortar yet which right now the brave people down you know sometimes documentaries about. my subject matter: everyone gets all down, so we just gotta keep it up. I mean in the funny thing. Is I found out there's not one curse for in it The Mai, when I got screwed up, why ask your nomination by barbs tries it has shown in me another one I mean Frank, is you now musician actors, songwriter pugilist? I mean now had an epic fight with her. Although Rivera worry, you could see that Frank dominate but really had some some scheme. in the boxing world, but we probably the better, boxer out of this alone brothers? Well, my
there's a really good puncher, but he did he never completed. I bet he didn't beat, but he was a street fired by the big big contracting. Like fighting left handed every time we fought. I got thrown off the lot. You know we're done rocky through sport and he hit me a shot. My nose suffice ladder. Try when, after we start fighting of sudden managers agents are job. Your obey boys, what's goin on site, was banned from the lot for three weeks. I said what I do that you can punch rock yes, it Jesus Christ is smash, my nose, that's it You guys, I grew up in Philadelphia around what in Maryland by mother got remarried wise, but seven than we Philadelphia and
I'm guessing! That's why Rocky was set their yeah. I because it was kind of Philadelphia in some ways I guess was unpledged territory and my stepfather, who is kind of a dubious character. I guess he pulled substrates, because the thing was totally shot. Nine, you! It was guerrilla own, making yeah, it's best. How many I know there's been the pandemic situate. Sure, but how much gigging? Are you doing? How many, how much meal Hungary playing none? I mean I have I mean between the pandemic in my two back surgeries ere- she was kind of good covered came at the time did because I was down for an account with also now lower right. Back just went out had to have two surgeries and I was bad shape, so I wouldn't be able to give anyway, but I'm back now feel
the air. It was directed by Derek Wayne Johnson who directed king of the under dogs, which is another great doc which is available by the way Chasseed that come to us in a why my website, with that, the docks in it How did this thing come about? Well, I met their clubs and we're talking Somerset. You know it's just a document about John Alison and he was working on a document. During your brother. I got such I didn't know anything about that and we just started talking in conversation back and forth one day, just called me obligation of what we do talk measure in your life? I go scuse me really. and I said I didn't I kind of flustered off get in here from a little bit. Better watch us just now Joe tackle so anyway, after that gun It's your their city, Surrey spread absolutely serious about it. So,
gave my rolodex of everyone. I knew from my career that I knew, and I said well, let's go out several, don't do it and other than to people which I'll leave name was they did it, and I was, it was very surprising to me with everyone was on board names like my brothers, but he did ya out everyone who should have been in it, and I hope you don't want to name names, town. It's you but I will make you can any waited with, though we did our fly and for some reason he could do it and I wanted the car weathers in and he can do, but that we ve been kind of cool but the one I wanted in the most of my base where he died. As you can see the movie, when I open up his bases, I bought all space than just in one see them played like you know, a wedding ban playing my heart, Nanda Geller, something like a written back, so I bought the basis, but he would have been great the dock
refugees. I noticed the siting. Sixty eight when you die, like you, went through this cake. Sat in the truck re to go at a cup of coffee, bingo did die. Mickey Rourke is probably clinically instead but why did car weathers pass? I don't know I mean I'd were again answered TAT he was later on. Location is busy or something like that logistics issue and the problem of language, sticks issue or failure. I may I would love to see in a minute I mean he's part of the kind of the Stallone history. I guess, movies? So you say it didn't think your brother would do it well now I did I didn't think you would do it because it was like you know. It was so far fetched to say the least,
and then he said, do you know her at once? He did it then Arnold did it that there was legitimate give with, but he gave her a thing of legitimacy. You know because I always went actors, though I say so we want you, those will be sought a big movie or whose in it or have a girl like you it, could knows your deal movie or if it's like you know You know this guy's her daughter, this guy's gonna, do that's fairly well known people girl what they're gonna do it out of here How how the house a relationship with sly. These days are great. It's much better because sheep movie packed up moved the palm Beach and he got a great. how serious got his own beach and and he's here now and he hates it he's had come back to do some stuff for these sectors. Can we get back because he loves palm beach. Note that these always like flurry went to school Florida. You know
It is like sit there. It's it's real loose. You know I mean I was there to visit. I didn't see it. Gun rap roads. You want peace, trash on the street, I'd say any homeless. I'd say, you think, he's just people kind of just doing their think biting How can we in Naples Florida about off the hook this weekend by the way January, fastening icing doing do and stand up there? I don't think I've ever been in Naples, Naples Beautiful really nice very high and very expensive. Very nice so. You said: sly went to school in Florida day with the euro. Do you mind? No, I didn't know that she did he graduate college. I was crazy. I had a graduated high school you, the crash wake up, I was I was, I finish, high school twenty three years, all the house. We were not academically,
Maybe we were stupid, I mean, as you can see, that's like maybe an eighth of the books. I have indeed like three more shelves up, but I have probably two thousand bucks in my house, but I'd. That's how we educate myself I just found that stuff. I want the let no one then read it. I will say this: I well. I command you because I was watching television. Still in the zoom thing now and half the people, you see have a wall of books behind them. and then the other half have a guitar or two. Behind them exactly like Gina, both signalling that I am, and I thought to myself literally last night, I should get a wall of books and put some guitars there. So people a winner. Many books. The idea, that's true, jobs, in other words, spoken stars. What I thought
if someone combine the two there would be the ultimate winner enough ranks alone have made that dream come true for me, because counting two or three got hard. I do I want to do the gold records, but they could do that. That's silos over the top. each of what year where there is a gold records ram sure you gotta remember probably even Rudy Valley was singing, I think you're. You know it rocky staying alive. You around that for a period was the I mean you got there, work on the rocky series. And many other things in Europe. in them and did the music for them and I got you a lot accolades and all that. On the other hand, there is always the association with your brother and probably some feeling, like always thrown you're bound women fact obvious
your legitimate, we're looking for looking at. and why do we not write about it? It's as the first picture is when my brother was filming rocky. My first trip to allay nineteen. Seventy five and then there's another picture out of meat factory, filming rock Bob Allah, the premier of expendable, to unblock yeah. Why a singer curse. Having ass lie for a brother, I mean well, it's a blessing. I haven't for a brother and it's a blessing that I was able to be involved in the movies, but it was a blessing white like these, but basically how was treated by the press. I mean I've been working position by time. Rocky came out for like eleven years. I started nineteen sixty five. And in the same way as I was what the movie I was happy to do it and there was great but then some things turned? I went from Frankfurt alone to Rockies brother.
It's like, even when I got shot it wasn't you really have a picture of your flies Rambo rainbows. other shot and he's not happy about. I mean come on back, like seventy stitches, why this related bet you? My name is rainbows brothers shot at these matters. I want you to tell that story, but I do also want to say you know it's funny. Ass, a society we have Such aid each trigger finger for nepotism, like we love goin, oh, that guy was born on third brazen thought he had a triple. Are that I wouldn't be who he was. If I didn't know of his daddy, his daddy just senator now haze, we love is a tire ass, my birthright, but he's got is No one in this house is genetics. I mean, if you think about it, look it bill His sons, great basket, play ball player. Look, it renders stars sons, a great drummer, John Bonham Sons, Rachel, but its genes. I mean, if you look at me
worse racing or any kind breeding. Be brief because I share my brother. Air from the same gene pool self, but there is the that I mean the end of just state They are allowed to people to be successful. A business now want to save a hum. I fully agree that analogy in be thank you for just making it about white people, otherwise, we'd be flock. Oh yeah, it's it's too! That's what I'm saying is we. We live in is totally caddy society and we love I've. I've should have figured out like the war on successful people or more on rich people, it's gonna get. We love to go, oh, that persons just this way because they got that thing you here and now we just go that person's rancher that person's, why, whether they need our help.
What do they know about work and hard or any that asking? So you experience, That's for sure, because of our horrible wiring as a society to go well and his brother wasn't Sylvester alone. Would we even know he was saying although I am alive. Oh you know, Am I got hammered because it wasn't You know all one. That's sullen, so's, Glyn Ford, daughter that step because they're, like all by that point when their kids are going the business model the Nairobi for years apart. So it was like a just by apple, first, album came out and Rocky came out, I'm appeared the Eagles, no hotel, California came out. Nothing could it be? Rocky. It was just one of those things that happens made One billion time said the people just went crazy and I got caught up in the
thing I mean I didn't do anything I was living in eighty dollar apartment. They did our month apartment and threatened with a local bandit. I did now go on the bite. Was shop, but that's a day is really funny. the sudden I lifted his KEDO threatened eight hour, my apartment and of sudden I'm one dined short Schubert reference showed White Douglas show this. All these big shows, and they would do this. It was great, the one great that's great, the heavy out was better that's good, this real first thing, so, what's it like being rocky spread for everyone So in other words I was the Intel senses he couldn't get him. I was like the cannon fodder RO. I hate to perpetuate this, but Kyle done again is on the line and Kyle's a comedian who does a pretty killer of children. There are still alone Kyle lie. It looks like he was in a fire. Other is either
Guy got out you'd off on mutual Kyle Sly, a meat and meat yourself or safe weaken now that we must establish the old guy or the cycle puppet There are no real guy. It's my baby brother right, they're playing pranks. You sure are worth cider, days. Longer this isn't a fine buried butter, making jokes look. To study at odds offers like too many stood out. You know her, I do. I do appreciate you ve been in the dark. I know you know you probably did it with some apprehension only waited in the dock demand trade. I answered alone erratic way that ashore, no words really shortening words, annoy you Talkin about listen
after the show I'll take out for some fro, YO and I'll. Explain it to you all this lawyer chill out sensible woman, a friend. You wanna go look at this guy is always boss, Summa bosses, where's, your baby brother bursting your boss. Up till now, Did you when you have river has about those? There was a fair Where do you, when you're, initially ass being the documentary ranks document trade deal you for using the entire word mediator corral Saharan? Were you sided about it? Did you need to sleep on it? Did you need to be talked into it? Look rank ass me to do something to it you're stand. A brotherly love is strong, frank, ass me earlier body, I buried the body.
Oh no, I asked ass our identity twice about it. How did the dock by the way. Did you are this radio intimate by We share the love of the same woman. I feel like that. Now much Frank wants me to reveal here, but what time is a pretty funny story? We were doing. You know we had a girl with day. I did. They call a pig roast now buying online I don't know it's just too much. I'm gonna, give me says vying with I've. Read you smiling, he remembers. Confronted remembers Erasmus. I love those my reason, your eyes on it, I'm not very familiar with pig rose like finger on a Scandinavian. Does pig rural we're this summer. Where did this happens? I ll get you to act in unison,
Does you remember? We were willing to Cape tat, we have. good time everyone seven, they stopped the forty two was in the middle of it. We re. as we were related to this woman, Marie Direct cause it what happened? Now, yet they were she She knew the whole time, which is disturbing, fragment and always having a good time came up in the middle of this activity. Yet was our lot. Well, you know people are the different days. This young lady was into you know. Relative spent some people like feet. Don't you have a laboratory, fetish, consummate the relationship? The rate was that we. consummate Frankie you a hammer, easy remember. No, we did not finish my dinner, Why does right
Is it too much for us will clash you guys Italians class you, but the italian Ladys aren't classy build on others will as part of a culture where or talking afraid. Before about who would women a fight? He said, yeah pretty good laughed, but he was a man. Experience. Boxer Frankie's agreed box, absolutely absolutely grip, buys I don't do defence, be siracuse, there's no defence rights law for the party. one point knock out but raised he's got all the different here. He's gay blocks, you're not hear you the crab, but rather a very Medvedev, Why are you? I went there I'll kill you boy, you know Adam you box. No, but you know I mean I came a really bad bruised ribs the first day tree and they take IP. Here to hear so horrible somebody spent all down like I got fight the squire to reach my brother girl, you know is the news for you can't lose. You now look bad
in all this pressure and everything I got it Jim in New York. These mob guys come up a kick his ass. You know because he didn't expos, ay and organised crime, and I went to this- is by Louis make only killed so their shooting. My ribs up with no became Saigon there and I'm not fighting organ normally. Wouldn't some re conscious of that. Still. You know one of six. I've been the ring in twelve years, and yet they said I could fight with tenets was no headgear figures, a pretty good puncher chat, one the chair, but then I got there said where sixteen hours was that you wish to change the whole box yeah, that's stupid. I believe you know why did love like forty one years old, something that he didn't fair test? He knows for charity. You is. I got for like a Italy handicap Jerry Summit, as was done a nice thing, and I tell you this frank you hate him so good and they do not want one while mentally handicapped person in the world. After that fight.
For new rules on the roll out Rivera etching words hey sly We know why. Obviously your sliced alone, so why you know? How do you know how to handle yourself, but damn? Also our oh yeah, I should say slice going to join us at Naples. Friday by the way, so you live by jazz, not your sly. Our sly nurse lie, however, as far as Naples from West Palm where's, your brother must bomb because he smiled on Beach Palm Beach was kind extorted each other blow appall Lindorm say if you want to swing by the club and join us it at Naples, who's. This fix lie with ads, some were fed meant here, but I own handwriting. Who did you write? Who did you watch the film? I watch it alone. I gotta. I got a link and I want.
at the last night before before it came in or before, there's something you expected or where there is prizes, free or anything? I was I know you well fairly. Well, I consider your friend and I I was just kind of ashamed of myself for not having as much respect for you in your career in your accomplishments is his eye. Is I had my own? Had I had migrating rounded down when I should love and I was guilty of maybe this same thing most of America's guilty of which is like when you re get to know somebody especially via, document Ray You really get to know that the nuances of the person in and also how certain faceted people are in
your brain. It's always just this fast pass thing. If I got a person's related to that person, that person does little this or little that and that I thought it was a great documentary, so vast By the way I did I did, he said, he's very, very talented. Grammy nominated a golden glowed nominated, should alone you I heard you- tack me for saying Doc instead of documentary, but you Sylvester answer to sly. Good boy. Does it really exploding my brain right gun habited deeply think about therefore learn. Will you I now Frank Frank. Does a great like you frightened? the great impersonation use of ass there.
Have you not accurate? I don't think he's dead Delta Stalag make. I too afraid that will you do it and then I'll do me and you get out of there. I don't I she do it as rocky. I dont like warlike how he talks decimal That's how I talk We have time for hackers, Schiller's loves was I wouldn't talk. Is punchy is right about people like it rather the today with duty interviews, speakers sometimes the guys I said so. Usin was a veto. Corleone like webs, hello! You sons, gonna, be careful that budget for they bobby good. Everyone will really really nice I didn't tell you get out of my whisper frank you why you left out my intense whispers when I thought you'd like That can only results in your you didn't you, you didn't you
Well, I have I've I've. I have a good time breaker here, because I pull the bunch eclipse from my favorite sylvester. movie cobra absent. To invest film. I like opera, I, like Galbraith do and we don't Diane over. We then we don't have any clip from rocky. We have cobra are play the first one and we'll see who can sound more like ass alone as it is used, Let's go. This is gonna, be brother, verse, Parada, grocery store confrontation, arrogance. I got bomb here
off myself: go ahead, I'll shoot you just relax. Nigger, you wanna talk water on the southern Caucasus. I want to talk to you. Are you pray the television cameras in here now, why? bill cycles with psychos. I No cycle man, I'm my hero is disease, we gotta go god I watch last night night seed for a while, I thought was really underrated was get Carter, o thing get card.
Your card was trying to like that. He's done. Some As I see you, the was a kind of fall under well my locks with great one sure I stone What right does you off? My mom will shoot you. with our great right was down. It's not. My mom issue does a practice made about those films. He dies. Cans and other object about very decided. This will be a great fear. You guys didn't Paula Luau unheard area now come he we terrain believe me, I didn't take rose. we didn't know. We tried, we tried basis, are beautiful, tat the woman Dolly Parton hard to resist
A player, a play. A shorter rack, clip from my from company playing the whole movie, probably didn't need that lead in part where he was like a run aground earlier. Kindly than it looks like a low budget review, which basic kind of cool yeah, it's kind of the Orient House. It's like my favorite movie that he's ever done and it's so sick? I know no one, even those of it, these deathrays two thousand. how we re still early days. A machine gun java Turbo has now and he s a switch Wade's giants which ways in front of his car and if the graces she just semi, be weakened, kill him. like five hundred mile raise. No one knows that film I know that valuable rather frank I will play will play one more clip from from cobra.
There's no question those same weapon: ninety percent sure the identical weapon mutilating cut straight long d, just like the others. Sixteen instalments bastard shows noticing tat is more than one killer. I look. This not you especially okay. This is pure investigative police work not jump into a window. I think what we need. the beef up the task. What we need is an integrated cooperation twice. Every problems with them here on this case can look gonna be here. I just want to get involved right dial guise of Arabia. Next, you show me a tiresome tat were: don't quotes, yeah great quote from the first, when we we watched not just a year the disease and the care, but go ahead I dont shop here. Let's go right line rather classic. That's! That's it.
Those quintet Clint Eastwood lines out there, just classic you wanna try Sylvester, yet why? I guess we go, maybe see who says it more. Like me now a frank You wanna! Do that frank, Frank had actually a couple lies. We did they end up on the editing floor, but he said Just say a I like shopping is sometimes but not today, because there are very good deals. Order. Didn't flow is nice sharply I sat go ahead as I dont shop here. Let me I got a frank girlfriend. I don't shopping is made that his make people remember practice, but he's me ok go ahead.
angel. You know a little more gravitas inside they gave me a version, yea very underrated, Gabby Kind, a kind of petered out a little bed at the end there sly Magi that again try to get the franks lie with the french side, the girl s shop here all the time, but sometimes I do if they got good deals which did to mostly on Sunday, but you gotta bring a bar. Well, I got shelf, that's got him out the cutting here. You got some grow. Other gray lies guide the films crackdown juices. Darwin was amiss. Unfortunately, I see, was writing for the film. It comes up with good lights, I've passion by the other any other any other.
punch up. He had that didn't make the car. Why were you gotta clothes? You gave us the idea for when Durango I said to him he's I says I must break you and then I say: go for President Fraser where'd you go at the dragon says I must break. You say why don't you try, but I dont think thou well worked out. Work is ever workin out of that. Firstly, Frank: stuff is a little wording, One word what you think about Danny. I love I buried. How about we gotta, get afraid of yesteryear. Guys talk a five tool. Guy yeah you're dead, but, as I get Damon Runnion think a gaze of five tool guy you know, being any. I loved the music great guy man, really a great guy love. I smiled
You frank. Olive oil is singing always singing at home. Music play music guitar eyes. He was the entertainer. Am I right frank? You, a dna tests? That's right! I was there. You know it's funny like, I look at my mother in their she's ninety eight and there the moving while she just past which was a month shy Ninety nine still drove area still dropped. The lobbies play the piano everyday catalysis, so my my piano players teaches so whatever my mother's houses. British goes right. An option on the plane. Like three four months, I and I had to say I seventy years he spoke at play saw great. She did. It pays sly longer than glad we're Horowitz. We tat frame,
is the entertainer frank as the singer, but I think you did singing, maybe Rhine, stone, oh sure, amateur ass. You know, I do get some town. If you have any the clips of me singing rhinestones, I would appreciate your playing that because where it came from product from Frank and I'd. Some, some in my dear some tablets, and he did you help me with that direct help me sing was. I saw the air frankness I'd, be a song was alone. I have no idea frank. How do I always saw like a quarter of the movie? bad singers. Your brother, Frank, it's not a good first. What did Mary Are you prepared to Joplin arrived here? Frank, my place cowboy? to my colleagues in the respect
I was living in New Jersey. They offered be five thousand hours which I'd never I've never seen a thousand dollars in my life up so broke to come out and say the title for Paradise Alley. So they flew me out man, everything was really cool and they want to guide here the good they changed a mighty one, slight thing: some he got four Geiger murdered because movie written suppose the starry semester, slope, directed by semester, slow title- saw Miss Westerfield alone ass. He waited they flying out. Why do want you to do the work to be good and it was a man and I love the movie was that will follow up the rocky? That's the first movie after Rocky Bell, the first movie Rocky his fist
great movie Benda then now heard I sally, then he paused and then after that rocky to which kind of brought him back up, but Those were good lives. I remember you know I I remember lotta good times I mean like staying alive was the best time my life is. That was a combination. like eighteen years of failure and then getting a chance to like really do something here: swine fever and extracted Adam crawled. Stall rocky when he made the hammer I gotta have completely rip off is getting uncomfortable like the hammer you gave it to me. I thought I wish you would have or older yeah, the guy arrogant and can fight right. I don't get you can fight
where she goes out for the eyes. I I am I in my younger in my younger eyes, the I used to be a trainer shares you ever go to western Jim. You can all go far Now I went to the Monterey Jammer, the olympic German and allowed to hound rate, which is limping Jim, was the best man. That was all that's all right. Do you first, one was him, was it it was. It was a totally all school jam That was the It was on Hope Street in downtown right behind the Olympic Auditorium. It s called the hope, St James. It was. The Olympic jam. It was called that Montoya. I believe that the main street check out the main street Jim
the streets and white. When these, while I daresay you graduate unlike reported the Randal, was there was life, but twenty had be bags to raise all old old old. Jim was great while the Olympics and was right behind the olympic lit. Looked back right right behind the olympic auditory might write like number that one parking lot parking lot away? Did? Why were you just Burgess Meredith their me frank yeah. Gallo Chicken ass is out. Now they are doing. and then I see I haven't you fly, you could respond Mick. What are you doin? I came to my place. Matvey stood between states, weakening lakes, Mama disclose got nice cans come on you guys. crap like thunder whenever there
What's the rush laxative that Jones Terra she'd, like crap like thunder sunlight, you got a lot of food. and then have a problem in the toilet was the original Rhine. Frank road was really good times. Is a kid me, Anne Frank: don't didn't we so I'm really I'm candle looking forward to this thing coming out, see how people reactor I I I think judging from their action, can all be positive. I don't know if it's gotten a rotten tomatoes scores What do we think a curious if it has any random as its validates had a love it I'm sure the critics did too is run tomatoes, good errors, as that, like the rays, yours now, the ratings that what are you
the lowest alone. Sorry sliced alone movie is on rotten tomatoes, as its tougher mom was shoe. not rising down rights, those there but start my mom. She got really hammered I didn't see the whole movie sidle radar wow I then I've been locked up, stop Romano. She had, but its least gonna be a tie because staying alive from nineteen eighty, three zero, zero tomatoes, What's that mean that these, like the worst they can be then weren't he asked and tell my employment, the minus tomato, it is as well as it can go. five tomato, nay, rounded down! You don't make great through movie that changed my life didn't even get a tomato, I forgot about it. I forgot
the specialist. That's that's it. Seven percent! Stop I'm a stop or my mom will shoot, is seven percent as well. My labour market, None of it is an honour, a hundred scale. My rate, if you get ten tomatoes, is that good? but now you want to be above sixty tomatoes. Tomorrow you will be rash. percentage thing, don't whereas thing alive, it's zeros like the worse. It can get It's a hundred tomatoes and already is yet again burn every one hundred zero? It's me it's a per se, its thing. Well, I look at. It is a math past hundred per and is great deeper sand is not so good, but ass. A lawyer thereof, is here on earth. Like that day yeah I, like, I didn't know that you gotta you gotta repeat: our party got a rocky scanner. Me gotta me
nine days. I will we have a plug two francs alone and the movies Alone- Frank, that is very good documentary. The great names in it. Then the eye opening. I would call its available Tuesday January nineteenth on Itunes Amazon, Prime, in that Google play as well. So I check that out. Frank thank so my terror at joining ass, always guys it was great. I'll, sly, I'll, see and palm beach? I will see I'd be nicer than curve. Would you frank? I will write good he's a good guy. I rarely lots of love, Frank. Thank you. That's enough! There's made an updated rather well known. see Kyle, I hang around, will do the news I want me to be
Now in a directive is the last. I bet it's weird form: Beggar, yeah, your fate, brother, spyware, yeah. I'm trying to think if you did a great impressed impression of Lauren Corolla That would help now imagine your promoting a documentary about yourself. After all these years and finally, in the spotlight funding I commodities first, so I got a good sense, could sense of humor unless I'm looking, it was wrong. It looks like Rockies ninety four, but sixty nine with the audience weird. I was like a bit of a black list, the en some of those are nearer. I take a quick break, will come back with the new with Kyle and Jean involved right after this.
DR bright, all those crazy. What we must do the news with Junior grad, let me mention yesterday in international and internal rather FBI bulletin, says: armed protests are being planned at all fifty state capitals on Integration Day, that's as well as the U S capital according to The FBI, it's also received recent information about a group asking for the storming of the state local info what government, buildings and court houses if Donald Trump is removed from office before inauguration day and meanwhile crowd funding website go find me is banning people from raising money to fund travel expenses for pilot,
events following riots, but the thing that really stood is Adam. I think, there's, a guy you might be jealous of indefinitely, cannot relate to a? U s: cap. It'll rider caught on camera, clutching disposable restrains, while wearing paramilitary gear is a former our tender from Nashville who storm the Senate with his mom accordingly and eight year, thirty year old, Eric munching photographed holding the zip tie like handcuffs will he climbed over press gallery chairs said he and his fifty and you're old, mother, LISA Eyes and heart breach the building, heart is a nurse. She said she and her son drove from Tennessee to fight the powers that be including the press and liberal elected official, well, definitely not a Jew number one number two: I shared hearing about tat, zip ties and pipe bombs, and this thing officially got scary now I know everyone was scared
for I was scared, but the pipe bombs and as zip ties that is fuckin. That's yes, the devices our supposedly like working devices just didn't want, don't forget to bring zip ties lobby of acts mom. Where I have my mom. I guess. The all's well bill. Did you get time off the nursing job by the time I got I bought out. I got the zipped eyes now we're gonna go over there and implement a little frontier justice I put wax and the views it works, Ok, I'm not that no one's critiquing you did you did you get the duct tape Ed you're kind of wine for an anarchist. Cod I'm not saying that dad made the right decision now, those years ago, but think there's a reason he's not here
Audio left. Did you bring the Box of flares. Oh my god, stop. I have them. Ok, I'm sorry and by the way I it's gonna be a long drive and I know you're registered nurse and if you pay your hand on my goddamn risk. To get my pulse more than every seventy miles. I will fuck and open up a cannibal pass on you inside that Ozma bail and see. I do well to teach them to your point about the the bar mechanism stuff. There shall still trying to figure out if that was supposed to be a diversion or if they were there to actually taken hostages. This is all being investigated. The tea, I say, as we know, is involved with the no fly list, but this is affecting others as well. So you know how President Trump was very excited. By giving the metal of freedom to Bill Bela Check Bill is not interested.
He is turning down the metal. He issued a statement Monday explaining his decision. He said recently. I was offered the opportunity to receive the presidential metal of free. which I was flattered by out of respect for what the honor represents: an admiration for prior recipients. Subsequently, the tragic events of last week occurred and the decision has been made not to move forward with the award, and he also said continuing the efforts of social justice, equality and human rights or remaining true to the people, team and country. I love outweigh the benefits of any individual award. How does a killer, Bilbil attacks? I think he should reject state. How does Bill Bela checks? No one's ever heard him speak only no, it's just one of the Mama science, it orchids of Asia, the only time, certainly time speaks he's done
Ten thousand press conferences never uttered a word. He talks like this. That says that that's his stock in trade I think everyone in bill his brow lay realised that what what's he got Six and a half more days and then went out only that like who the hell would want to be photo up with tromp, with first off Bilbil objectives in a profession where Sir twenty four percent of the people. He works with our african American he's. Gotta retirees gotta, get on that team boss and it. Does anyone want pictures of Donald Trump pudding down again
over your head and shaking hands and smiling radioactive. Yes, ever everyone is just gotta, be like there's six and a half or data not into funding, go near there you take, it is when you die, that's what they said is the wards. That's on the list. They forget where you got him Maybe I'm now you ve got closer for me. What's in it for Europe to offer the men of the metal at this point, like I mean now, what's anybody what what is the stated? that is just a real good couch and a hell of a guy. So my my last acts as president come on over here and get this. I don't. I don't I'm naive eyes would assume, though I this is just speculation that when you're when you're down on like he is right. Now you try and Poland any friend you can find out. If you want a bribe and with a medal, you Brian, with a metal and when that person says no, then you, u rolled the dice
it didn't work out. I asked my he probably told them seventeen years ago, if I'm ever present in women Conversation sound like between Build Bela check, and Donald Trump from my two thousand then, for calm down again we're jokingly promised him together, metal, it ever written Herbert who bear a guideline but I'm ever present it just pretty likely the way things are going. I'll, give you a metal. Has that sad celebrate their turn it down by a dish. The turkish move. Ever I become present at dead, you turn it down. That would be you being a douche bag. Would you agree you? You said
terrific say he's never so important, I think you'd. Probably I really probably promise them many years ago here, he retired, for that's my that's my speculation there is a little more family strife, because at this point a vodka said she will attend. The inaugural nation and that isn't super thrilled about that. Why would she be invited big there when they all be invited shoes. eleven official role does like attire. She issues part of the, Illustration, isn't she me she has a she's, not daughter, she's, princess ass, dangerous, no but she they they are invited and nobody else is planning on going, but the the thinking is that she added feels that she has a political occur
you're ahead of Herself- and you know why not you know, shake hands and kiss babies and and and be sort of more available grab. Boob by boobs, ground, ass, Roger Irons, yak kinda like I've. Feel like I don't like it. I dont see that he's gonna get. politically for not showing up other. She might score some point four shown up my. I really. I really don't know I will say after doing a celebrity apprentice when I, done with that show I was so impressed with her, like I just thought with show on top of everything she was totally eloquent clear. Like had this great sort of business mine like I you know. Obviously this is pre Trump presidential whispers, even
At the end of that experience, I was like she hasn't going on. This chick is competent, like she just kind of owned it when she walked in, but not an arrogant way, and I wouldn't be surprised if she was thinking about some sort of political future, yeah and That'S- and if that is our thinking I would imagine she would be thinking if I go. Through the inauguration. I'm not gonna lose anyone who already supports me, but I could definitely gain a few fans by being the the one reaching across the aisle so we'll see it still not. I think someone under her. Sadly what but she's not going, but the rumours the only one in the family that will be going in and downloads not super excited about it. We'll ask any shall receive. We have some hot off the press Brendan.
our new than to all of you, and I don't know how you must set so we were. We were trying to figure out where the hell is Brendan. Fraser well he's here, fifty two years old by them. He's teaming up with director daring, Aeronauts Gate star as a morbidly obese recluse in the whale according to variety. The film, which is an adaptation of some of the hunters, play, focuses on a six hundred pound middle aged man, Charlie, whose attempting to reconnect with a seventeen year old daughter after he had banned in the family for a gay lover after his partner passed away, Charlie to turn to compulsive eating to cope with his grief. According to the outlet, the whale was critically claimed when it made its off Broadway. Do you in twenty twelve, it got an outstanding drama desk award and in twenty. Eighty is what we are talking about. The other day, Frazier told G Q that Philip Burke and we
we we mention as former president of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, groped him from behind in two thousand three Brendan Frazier, admit, I'm sorry. Yet the actor admitted the incident made him retreat. It made him feel more reclusive Frazier also told the outlet that the Hollywood Foreign Press Association tried to get him to sign an agreement that state he was joking about the claim and Burke said that this was a total fabrication, but Brendan did not sign such such documents. I'm just thinking what voice called down again can do is to protect. The girl was cares about Brendan Frazier, ok with you, luncheon bail out I was there when he got groped, yes from so Brendan Frazier. came a reckless because they get groped is at the story yet spells going. Let me open up. Might follow them Ok here it is who cares, may put that in their ah
now carried out. Miss Brendan Frazier work. That's an excuse for not getting jobs. What budget you? Don't I'm giving our if someone grabbed my high knee, I still would be able to do real time. Ok, but you don't think it's traumatic, the sum actors to be physically assaulted there were it sounded like someone touch designing for two seconds. I'm sorry, that's not a big deal, Mr Meyer, we did talk on the show. Yet again, that there was possible taint involvement. Oh who cares about the take. Nothing goes on with the tape. Be on your shoulder that shit between area bill Let's do a little role playing! Oh great, you could play a sexual assault. The grief counselor. This is
me being sarcastic right. The way, oh gray, I can't wait to do this, but I am what your sexual assault counselor counselor out, their grief counselor Brandon I'll, be Brandon Frazier, explaining anxious groped by the romanian Brendan. Let's hear about your story, well what happened to you. I was at a luncheon for the Hollywood foreign Press, ok budget through bags, ok, yeah. Well, it turns out. I agree with your now, because the leader of the Hollywood foreign Press, actually groped me before we say Grove Can you be a little more specific while he took it right hand, an acre. I can tell you right here that gives us some writing something down here. The pen and its right answer took his good hand, you, like Colombo, ok, look I'm just trying to expand, I'm pretty bad. Get up now. You are Yes, I am even to a movie for
fifteen years, because if it is, I don't know what the future holds. All saying, as is I'm pretty upset about this sexual assault? Ok touched your day is what I heard. Argued higher than the Adam corrosion. I heard someone touched your tat this happen. Fifteen minutes ago I came right your office. I can't believe the news beaten. We hear good Adam Corollas honor Gina Grass, having with a peace, have you ever had your taint touched bell? Yes, I say, move your fingers two inches to the North bird flu. Saying you your Jeremy attained judged. It doesn't do anything. Ok, I'm sorry onto Brendan. So you someone such today, you couldn't do a movie. You became a reckless. Is that what I am hearing, I didn't feel safe anymore, being dishonest. The I felt I know this has to do with the fact that all your other movies stick hey
speaking to my career, I haven't been on your show since you're doing p. I oh yeah, we have people are now I'm already recognised allay people's tents, get touched. Then they continue to wake up in the morning and do work, those maple hats, cheese, belike. I came here. for some solace either. I didn't know your gun it out time of you owe me a hundred dollars and sleep. all right. Let's do another one gene, a grand, oh god, because this one has a little special surprise is buried within it. So An hunt is under way for six inmates who broke out of a California prison by climbing to the twenty foot high roof and escape that wasn't discovered until the next day. According to Foxen, This is a member said county, so limber said coming here
so they used a makeshift, a makeshift robe out of braided sheets and were able to come down the side of the building? That's how they escaped and tango in cash. That, with what as a rule? That's just a one off into the room for the building and they gave zip line. they stole. My idea was that your idea is just so. No. That was your wise. We were trying to figure out. How do we get down from the roof? Piazza were read the script and I said what it is like a rope of some kind of the caddy ideas that that yeah The great fear, the latter, but don't you think most people would have that idea if you're on the roof and he had to get down Naturally I mean I could be wrong. I think everyone is pretty stopped do you think they'll be like a giant stork, yeah, like provider boy, look. How are you there? giant crane goose. Originally this creates a car,
the area when, like how does a Craig get dead whose operating begun Prob Edward invasion? Accurate data show that it is nice to hear that he would escape my idea, it's probably because they watch the movie. But the thing that's crazy about this is the sheriff went on to say that, so you might wonder why didn't they discover this until the next morning? If this happened at night? Well, they do have officers walking up and down cell blocs, but there are no longer allowed to wake prisoners up because they deemed it necessary for them to have a good night's sleep sources: data if you're, just walking by you, see some bureau somethin, bundled under the bed. That has to be good enough for you. He added that the prison has been facing staffing shortages in recent years due to state local budget cuts. The inmates are them of their six of between nineteen and twenty one years. Old. Three of them are facing murder charges and to have been accused of firearms offences,
so there on the loose, because we didn't want to disturb their slumber in the middle of the night. What severe them they said, county homer, said, counting feel, like we always catch up to those guys right there will this happen Dane I've been waiting for for news, but now there still on the loose as far as boxes is concerned, no man is resumed. County reserve more said that my last between citizens for us now say, don't feels very either to me in our San Raillery. I know Ehler blows town, Stavros Dimas. Over fuel residence, of north like their round the San Francisco or those that Desert Canada is breathing. Is another couple states in between, the confusing storage aside or to put it out like that. It's like those that are you not with Washington, state or Oregon Wash does the US where the president is. Of course, I am
million with the United States and Washington. Okay, I reckon, we now have the right areas as our backing average is very high. I'm fine! escaped prisoners right there is, there is finds a b and yes If I was a warden, I would just announce ever on the first day. I would go luck. We caught when you have, a wallet, a car in shoes. If you, camp? To escape this pretty soon you will be wearing pajamas no money and barefoot you don't think and you'll be very close proximity of the present day. What are we caught? You your several hundred miles away Vermeer? You have Friends, you hadn't, work You had an automobile, you had a pair,
sport and I d there many options you had and yet we caught you will rapidly in bright orange. Good luck in your orange pajamas barefoot, with no cash in no idee right. Next to the present good luck: not welfare either right. So let s first right so spare me the sure, I'd and let's not go through this again. What the chance to do it I'll catch you again, and there are six of them. I don't I and what he I think it makes things easier But on the other hand, if they all fan out, I don't know how many of them are sticking together. There's arguments about fanning out, like you think, if someone just one eyed fan out now want the same direction, but there will be a huge argument like come on: you're almost southwest guy, so there their abbot Castello or why we clearly discussed this on the handball court. Not a week ago, pollution stick together, who said that
There is a funny I don't know. There was a comedian a million years ago. I cannot remember who it was, but he had this joke that I was kind of made me laugh or is like that the notion of a path like get everyone into the center town. Everyone gather up urban get in and then I now spread out workers, this notion of getting everyone together then telling everyone to run away. each other, while hopefully be caught, because, like if you're in international jewel thief and you break out or urine embezzler. Are you something like that? May but when it comes to the guns in the murder, in that kind of shit there it be nice to be nice to catch you. I see, one Morgiana grant all right. Well, Eugene or again is taking a new approach to sheltering the homeless by building something that I had never heard of before. Maybe you have called contest
Dogan huts? Have you heard of that I'll show you a picture of it. So there these sixty square foot, indoor living spaces there, whether proof they provide a place to store your things and if it cut it looks like a cover. Wagon? That is, there is a reason for that. Only looking like a cornerstone, a wagon which was the precursor to the prairie schooner over wagons that help the settlers. So it really does look like the top of a covered wagon, the huts designers, as these structures are stronger and more permanent and tense. They cost about twenty five hundred bucks, whereas a tiny home cost between ten to twenty thousand dollars, and these little tat are these homes. He's kind of Stoke arms take a few hours to put up tiny homestake weeks. So this may be the new direction in terms housing. People, it's sort alike, were given to the point where it's like. Everyone is
waiting for the Rose parade that takes place the next morning. Everyone is just hit the streets hunger and down knit out- but I wonder, like another handy go: well, let's have some good shelter for these people, but aren't there just can be more people than ever in this way, and is gonna turn into a shit show my thing is I will give you one of these hearts, but I gotta up in the morning workin like you got it you you got here, here's the deal! if the city's gonna pay for this you got it Gotta pay off your dad. I don't know, maybe they call it indent servitude, I don't know, but I'm I want you pick up litter in the morning. trim and the ivy by the sky. The freeway aren't you What you are, I would you,
water, blasting or pressure washing their graffiti. Like I want. I want an army of people, this walkin around, like a cat fish and just taken up it's on the ground, like you can't sit in their slam drugs. I need Workin yeah and you can yet, which I think you know was maybe good and bad. But one woman and look. I don't know if this is the norm. This is the person they found the interview, but she said you know I'd like to get a job. You know at the grocery store it looked like get a job anywhere, that's hiring, but when you don't have an address and I'm carrying everything I own with me. Who's gonna play me. So if you have a place, Everything and technically they'll give you an address. Now you can start thinking about being a part of society again the most like. Well, let me show up what am I I have my own groves regard for the grocery job to support of a larger rehabilitation of all for the autumn. Will, hopefully, let's bring it home Gina grant you got it.
Deanna Grad and that's the news with Junior grad are as mentioned Naples, Florida off the hook this weekend, called down against Gonna, be with us doing now, stand up there well. I want a frank frank thanks to love. I would have thank God francs alone. Fur zoom. In today s alone, Frank, that is the dock Jason Whitlocke. You can check him out checks at the blaze that common, also shootin between Whitlocke Jason, called down again, of course, again, can you Youtube series at home was sliced alone, you can subscribe to you to back I'm slash cow,
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