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Part 2: Jay Leno and Chael Sonnen (ACS June 11)

2020-06-11 | 🔗
Adam welcomes Jay Leno to the show at the top of Part 2, and he talks with him about a crazy crash Jay was recently involved in. Adam then asks Jay about his calm wiring, and how he’s able to put himself in danger without being a daredevil. They also chat about car mechanic science, being a calm driver, and Jay’s experiences with other legendary comedians. Later, Adam asks Jay about his relationship with his parents, and the guys go on to discuss how they first met, their love of cars, and how they both have low self-esteem. Adam also asks Jay about the satisfaction of fixing things, and the early days of getting his own Late Night TV show. As the show wraps up, Jay tells Adam a story about Rodney Dangerfield, and be sure to stick around for an extended Good Sports featuring Chael Sonnen! PLEASE SUPPORT TODAY’S SPONSORS! Download the Mercari App Geico.com Netsuite.com/ADAM ShadyRays.com enter CAROLLA Lifelock.com enter ADAM BetOnline enter PODCASTONE JB Weld - World's Strongest Bond
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Even people who disagree on everything agree on Adam Corollas. I'm your emotional support, animal J Leno says Adam parole. Is the sort of blue collar sit at the end of the bar sort of intellectual? I enjoy with an impressive lexicon of metaphors and cultural references. He paints Larry's pictures that will keep you entertained for hours. I really enjoyed this book reorder. I'm your emotional support animal now, Adam Corolla dot com. I J Leno, has joined me because I asked Jane went out to join mainly with the nice enough to join menu and eyes. Now do my show- and you have you won the re said I love a jailer s garage I'll. Give you all the official particulars on that show. In our day can give us all at times and dates. For a while ago, I see and b c ten o clock when seven o clock California time. Just to give away like like I do I watch every week
you know so I had this thought about. You specifically, which is I They a lot about fear in people's relationship with fear and in its in its it's great stay. A lot of people are having a big sort of fear. Or Jane, I thought I dont, really I'm not fear base than other send a, but I'm not I'm not fear base person. I thought jailer knows not fear base, and now I watch what you do and I see what you do in, but don't know how you got that way or if you are always that y know, I think, are those that way. I'm not a panicky person, you know whenever I know I'm gonna crash? I just go lamp and facts. It let it happen. I know tat Pino, I memorized tallow dagger. We do and a hundred lapse of a hundred ninety miles an hour trying to break this record with the Kurds. Indeed origin and after about
one hundred I'm coming down the street, and I give me the thumbs up on our great and I just left my foot off the throttle the rearing came round just spun eight times, but ours remember that old adage. You hit. What you're? Looking at so. If you look at the wall, you hit the war. So as soon as I saw the wall, I kept the wheel and I saw the war again it I just kept cut. No we'll cut the wheel. I spend on the same track and it was ok and a really, oh all right so that about a scary is a gas and it wasn't that they're so well, I was watching us famously when you had the Hemi underclass roll over here and the thing rolled violently and then soon as it came to stop changes turned the driver went there Yolksac and I thought oh Jake. Money as well the medic ones over and says to the driver. What's your name, how old, Eric, because on public or any years old- and he kept me- goes
what's your name, all the UN is an I'm Bob wriggled out, maybe one hears. What are these two amendments are real, Barbara, you out there you gotta, big laugh was pretty funny, but wiring, and I think not he wants to get injured or killed, but I still kind of wish that wiring upon my kids, you know that that com so- that I am willing to go out in in put myself in danger without being a did, a DARE devil right. I know I mean yeah yeah, I'm I'm I'm not a panicky type person I try to do like, and I had the time of the other day that got mad and through some, and broke something You thought exact, mad, multiple Do I don't? I don't understand why you would break something. That now make it better. It doesn't it's not logical right, but it's funny that the law, jack, it's in kind of short supply. The logical people are kind of fuel.
Between do you think that you're this position is he by the fact that you live in a mechanical world. I have this theory that airlines and do in so I think what happening is his people have a relationship with danger because they ve Sidney Cubicle all day in that kind of look at a computer screen and you climb under a Stanley while at the same time with unblown our as you say that, because speed It is the only new. Sensation of the twentieth century put a baby in a room and turn the light. The baby will cry. We take the same baby. Put him on that of a cargo several miles now think there's no fear, because there's no in here fear of speed because evolutionary was they could still
a fairly new. You know you don't have years are being chased by dinosaurs, will ever be they write or our darkness is scary, so You don't have that, so it becomes It's a learned, its a learned, experience right and I think that an idle. What speed for the guys at your shop but I found that my blue collar friends have a bet relationship with fear. And then ass. It pertains to like pandemics and stop. They should have react differently He then my Hollywood friends, oh, Definitely true the oh yeah. That's whole areas right because your hollered friends are just the right. They just don't there thinking about what has happened fact my show next week or did it's not it's it's something they think it's something greater than themselves. Yeah. No, I would agree with that. That's why most of my friends are called as you can
mechanical France has a logic to it. As to why something happens a certain way here now I mean, I know, people are afraid of guns because they could just go off. Rather they they got right you understand out worse, a certain amount of pressure here It's made in China, some pot metal, it's gonna, disintegrate it's not just gonna go off, yet you learn how to handle any and how to use it. You know here, that's what you say: fire fires, another one you know people that. Why has prove example? I draw one of my steam cars in the gas station. For those dont know use gas only to heat the water in the water makes. Steam, and then you proceed like a train. In this way. You gotta you car smokin, I saw a thank. You is not smoke it steam way. Me is steam got runs on Steve yeah right. Now. What does she was away wouldn't get him I don't want gas, it goes. A gasoline heats the water, I wouldn't stove and makes a hot and she goes
Why just leave it in the sun? the sun could boil water. I don't you think we haven't his conversations. We gripe who wouldn't be talking in her, and she looked to me like I was making all this up. I just made me laugh, is just very funny: it's a sort of a detachment from mechanic science the math that's falling by the wayside in its it's it's kind of leading us as a society where I wash people were more tangible. We allow the garage and that's funny to me because I am he loses among fine tuning podcast toilet, that makes me laugh cause. You hours he these. As on the radio, today, people are concerned about value you, like my parents, through money in the short run away, but you realize somewhere group and the twenties you're better. You are better able to cope with the world. You live and cause you could fix the tractor. You could fit the car, you could grow your own food. You could in
a pensioner use manure for fuel, but that by me whatever it might be, you could control your own destiny right now, people the power goes out and people this year. This ban. I didn't know what to do. Do you think you're? your lack of fear for better the lack of title for what you possess. I'm the same way when the cargoes out of control I have to be told sometimes, Let go the steering wheel or I just give it up. I I I did a race once our work with an instructor once and he kept saying to me you gotta hold on the wheel with both hands. You can have one hand out window. The cigarette hole, on the other hand back, but he did say to me you're the most relaxed person, I've ever seen private car and I thought well, the intensity just makes it worse driver. I I actually Paul Newman was the most relax person I ever saw Paul movement came to the tonight, show
and we were filming over here. You know where we used to do it over Burbank. And by that time every show had left so there twenty five or thirty sound stages. So literally had these corridors that were almost half a mile, long, cavernous governance, so we decide to go countries, I've house, gonna race, Paul Numeric. I told you before its end. Commander and pockets in their knees were eighty one. No one ever it was so com. Work in my ass off trying to keep up with them any flame immediately. I may he just you know, I'm just cut the wheel too much on slide into much the wall about any just them. Relax com guy, and we did it like three times to see. If I could get him, I never again. He was echoed. Why I drove with J the other week it's on China's guys, Asia Fast Trevor J.
An all out in that death. Z, car over Fontana you'd never been on the track of night flights. A frank about this show it so low budget. You here, your first time of the track for asylum in the car. Go right, I gotta go to Prague, flap, no, no, no, no you're! So do you think being on stage and being a comedian. Do you think the evil fear the lad? The fear or the goodwill, kinship with fear has aided you in that endeavours. While I think so- I'm. I remember one on stage. A beer bottle. One fly impasse my head and smash. My me I said who did that to a coward what coward, through their and this an enormous guy stand for a couple of drinks. I let you make us I'm really sorry! I had!
don't happen again. You know either now or real anger, and he really was. I really felt bad, but the guy was enormously went on my gun. If this guy comes I'm dead meat, now, I'm sorry as before very badly apart. Given Sudan, Where, where was that I was at the opera, out here, yeah yeah! Well, what does what year? Would you say how eighties? Ladies did. I I mean every you were with everyone. You saw for one those legend, stories. The comedy store Can the Dame Letterman Lenin Everybody in iraqi prior there was nobody ready, You know of any I say rangy prior, because we call them Richie and people go to me the hour when you called Richie its Richard was Richie prior then I mean that's That's what it was and. To me, that's how
Comics are inherently pretty lazy. U turn go to where you know. You do well and I must say in Committee- and Richard was in- he was here rehearsing for. Life and sunset Strip. There's got to be one of the first. This is before they videotaped comics did that stuff. He was you stand up film right. And he was Workin loud every night, the comedy star and I said to me: Could I follow him? Every night just to see He will go up blood people like laughing so high. About the need run off the signal, please on them general, and I realise that point I didn't have an hour's worth more to her. I had about Fifteen minutes. Seventeen minutes was taping at every night and it just throughout everything. They didn't get a laugh because you're? Not not wanting to talk in a comic wasteful do in that the Nixon's, not a crook bit.
Well, I'm here to work the other night I know, but the last forty nights. It didn't work you just now that we're really old audience tonight through which we are talking about right now. Is that tendency that never want to give up anything and they, made me just clean house and throw money from material so with it was. It was a good lesson going after someone who may have been the best ever do it. Yet, and about you sought that outright him in you know, after only once the best I mean it really different. I mean he was the first guy, not the first, but one of the first to use obscenities. Not in a way that would be gratuitous. You know he was a part of the vernacular, is a part of the care you really when he did a cat. There. He really became that character and talk like that character and was really really funny. You know we have the perfect in this MIKE Tyson had the perfect background to be a fighter horrible
her parents of mistreated in other heavy. The anger She had the same thing grew up in a whorehouse in the west, the I think it was. I know that large scrabbled, yeah yeah and just just all all the elements who know that. Well, you know it's funny. I was thinkin about Thyssen. Is we're talking about the old days of the comedy store in its it's? It's interesting that a club Has a certain cycle to it like the heavy, division in everything the heavy weight division with Ali in Frazier right out. Form and all that? And then you get to the sort of early eighties and it's a bunch of guys. You never heard of you, don't really care anymore and then some we tighten comes around and in a weird way a comedy club can have that it can have early days with you and ladder and enriching prior and all the same.
I'm Kennison later it also, and then at some point and about dries up a little. None of the debt has a little low and then there are dreaming reawakening it. It has like, if you look at it on a chart, it could the heavy weight division yeah, it's funny, you know really think of it. That way when you're going through- and it just seems like another day- you know- You know. I receive attract alive, his familiar in Heaven before you get cast out of it We saw the way I felt there. This was perfect make a lot of money or anything, but you got accolade from your peers from the audience the beetle quit in the press and all that kind of stuff and every now and then cut the nurse Dean Martin are somebody would drop by to see who the hot newcomers was there was a wonderful time. It really was. It was a fabulous them. Did you say you came out at what age. I came out and seventy two hours,
college- has gone back and forward yeah from Sir permanently from seventy three on Wednesday. Hit you that you come from pretty regular environment, very regular in Rome and so Stan of seems it's not Richard priors, your ear, you early years were different than richer fire that I can remember my taught her my art- and I too must watch chain doing now. My mother, mammals and scum will change He has a low skip that he puts on from town to town across the different towns. Skitter got no, I dont really to escape the are made. They ve never really understood what it is. I where they around long enough to see the kind of Oh yeah of yours are clear. They may the first couple years nature. So Due to me, that's the saddest thing people who do you know that Nepal, Newman
Paul Newman was twenty four and his dad said. Get a goddamn job. He taught me the story, you know you this year, bum you this acting as stupid. A beggar did just and his father died. And literally the next year, he was the biggest I do. I feel it Zack same way when it often times when I talk to athletes to play in the world series of won the Superbowl or something I got my dad passed away. Echo cut, but was the around long enough this right right, I mean to me. That's that's to me. That's this Paul, no one's one is the saddest because it just that close. You know my dad was forty. Three when I was born, I hear so I was always jealous. I remembered familiar also how we men delicacy always dad was like nineteen years old in something like that. And he would bring his dad the comedy star and its outcome. Like forty, eight or fifty and was like. I wish I could do My right
and then, sadly, how he's dead? Just I think a massive struck, her heart Attack Now? Oh man just be careful. The wish, for you know you just don't know. When I realized the challenge is George Gelatin people have their parents longer than you had your Athena. Well, it's It's sort of be careful who you compare yourself to like you really don't know what their past is and right what's next and it s easy to category that guy's got it so good over their armed struggle and over here, like a funny, you said I had a comic outta. My name was not famous he He said to me: you need grouse. About the fact that, even now, when this is done upon kept coming back, but like I'm gonna do that, even when I'm driving my mom calls and where there are other comic said to me. Well, you know you and sign from learned man you're lucky. You grew up toward the golden age, a comedy when it was easy. I got
when the easier it lowers the same snobby, easier decibels, ridiculous comment, the eyes in a way it it's like saying it was easier to make the South Dixon in nineteen. Sixty one or something called the game may be different, but it draws in easier now you can hardly love in the time you live and I hate these things were well. I come Mohammed Ali could not have been beaten by whoever might be all right. You're some modern fighter, Earl, an idea with race car driver. You up, I don't live. In the same time, though, the same error, different machinery I mean thing that I thought was really fascinating and they did this with raised programmes. They took some today's races and put them in some cars from the fifties and earlier they were like all my god. This is like scariest, because the brakes right made there the reactions are sharp as ever, but the car is not. Stop when you present the brace you ve got to use the transmission, you
put in a bit of a slide screwball some speed, there's just all different techniques in also he live in the time you live, so you come out You got what he studying in college. At that point we study- I I guess I, member gonna Emerson and- my prize want to develop college gotta, catch and AIDS, speech therapy because it said at the end of his each students- will be quiet to give a twenty minutes to talk As I had a top man, you gotta talk, talk talk for twenty minutes easier. Gimme that one out of sight for though I paid no attention in college, had never any interest in it. I was there that point out. Work and clubs in training a comedian. I would go to class during the day and out our drive from bottom New York. Almost every night to try and allow the improv and be back
the next day and of certain was. I wasn't on the test. I wasn't interested, but somehow I graduated They have no idea what happened, but I did graduate, but I can't say I got a lot out of it, but That being said, I made connections. I made friends, and I realized kissing. When I grow up, I was the only community. Nine. Ever met, I never met him. I wanted you caught me for living among people. Did skits and school, but not you can't get didn't even occurred a member's lying down next door, neighbours that he can't be a comedian by your father was a comedian. That's the way it works. In Hollywood. You don't get much about to have your father was the community you haven't. You know this is the only business. People know nothing about a feel free to give advice in our, and I thought all men will my dad was there can be no home, I'm gonna make it here in so very funny. When I met J when I was twenty or so maybe twenty one train it trying to think it's funny. I go
out here in North Hollywood, but I didn't know any comedians and I didn't know how anything work either, and I Jays I've told you guys living in the house across from the house. I was working right up in the hills. Woodrow Wilson up that Elvira unveiled elbowed out. I am, and I was I was working on a house and I I was stucco on the outside of the house and the thing. It's kind of weird about stucco, I get stuck like putting stucco on a sort of like writing. A horse of the horse knows you're a novice and knows you're scared. It does
God and but if it respects you it's a thing is weird about stuck owes you mix it up and put on a hawk and you get a trial and the guy knows how to spread. Stucco puts it up and to spread sit on. It just goes on the cream cheese on a beggar mangoes you try than you do it in all its is false. Oliver hundreds as to the exact same thing he did, but it doesn't works as outside this house turned spread stucco on this window, and I was watching the neighbor who was J and I think You may be renting that house known, I bought them about the house what year you by the eighteen, eighty nineteen eighty. How long we in this house for six years six years, so this yeah this must have been about eighty three right to anyone and annexes watching this guy schedule, it was a real tight street was a narrow street. I even think that the guy I, the house, the couple whose house I was working on with the contractor was this again
and another Ganem Tom Johnson, I think some we vast like that, could park the coroner driveway or such like that that make room for the truck or some version that and you had the big guy big Buick Roadmap right, I said there is no doubt at all. The motorcycles were in the garage right. I can Canada I can So the house right now to drive way the Buick with sort in the back with driveway turn right. There's that derive right front doors off the garage rhyme, so I'm send out there and I'm spread and stuck out star. At seven in the morning and I am noticing the neighbour cause. I'm upon this scaffolding just kind of the streets narrow, I can it's quiet you come out? Get the newspaper UK In a midmorning, or something like that probably did some set, at night at the comedy store her most or somethin
and it seems to me a came out got the paper ten eleven in the morning or some version of that, and then they should go back in the house and I think ok discuss not workin the keys get up and having to go punched, o clock and I'm still out there spread and stuck out that at some point. At noon or one o clock you'd come out and start working on the bikes in the garage start feeling around with the bikes anymore thinking what a schedule the skies, rehab skies on schedule, and then I I recognized you like. I, I think, that's jailer, I think that's the committee now this is eighty one to you. I am so you're, not a household names out, Carson and Merv, and all I can write that I think I know this guy and ass such I started going over after we punch down which is like three thirty eastern Watch,
talking you, while you workin on the bikes, GM everything that can work at three third schedule. I guess he's got I've gotta work tonight, I'm gonna gonna work and you had the bikes with the valves on the outside of the vows Springs Rice ahead of us, some older bikes. And you're working on those. We were talk. About you having a sunbeam tiger right right, a new role in it and Jerome at all. I wrote a three times remember Boris the russian guideline than the others. They observe those you were you know, when my wife and I moved in, we keep this guy nobody's where it is, but I was so maybe this is what we should we meet tonight. Is it correct, aroused them others get windows, cakes. Your brain stores working is like clock in the afternoon. I go not gonna. Do yes! but high J. Maybe next time abs.
We'll give foil he's got a robot. And I see the living on was no furniture was gonna shag carpet, he's gotta catch set up in there to naked girls on the floor and it does oh your vision, although it does make a movie come in, come in so I have the cake, I got my girls hello, higher Mavis, Zambia like like the neighbors, says egg but this can go just pull together. So I put the case on the floor and the girls crawled over like two dog cake level and they start even taking the guy goes. I gotta studied the cake government to mobility studied it takes me to take you. I said why, but I bought the cake for everybody really. It's far. I see my wife and I we gotta go now no way the girls go go out of the room. I want to talk talk for Lego. This is highly weren't. I was really live in, and Hollywood now they're shooting a porn movie. Now,
door. I bring a cap on the floor and the girls chrome over and eat the cake I mean Larry. I shouldn't went to bourses and steady eyes. Leno supplies exactly Canada would hang out the garage a little bed talked at Jane. You were a surprise that I knew who you are. You are surprised that I recognized you buy tat. I thought man, it's guys got his pipe he's got his road masters got his garage on a great schedule. My thought- I gotta figure out a way to get from spreading, stuck out to spread in mirth, like other I should like to hear from that point on us. Like you, ve done. Well, you done well, you know, I don't know what you're relationship is with, Well, all this will be a good quest. For you guys, I love cars. As you know, you of cars and it out the cars we love are cheaper, free and so on.
Pay for this, and I want the same thing you wanted. I wanted mechanics and wanted to fabricate things and restore things you now and I made it pretty simple decision, which is as long as some spreading stucco up on the scaffolding. It's gonna be difficult to do a lot of things. I want to do in terms of my passion for cars you now, and I should have made a tenant nuts and bolts like it. I'm gonna start working on common because I think there's a there's a better pay day there, and then I can we're pack everything up and go to Laguna sake on two months and do a vintage race in it. Couldn't afford to do that if I was a carpenter, grotto alot of it, the sort of prayer the call in the little less art in remain well to me. I thought it was a great job. It was a good job right. You know I a job you emphasise it. Yeah it's a mistake. Most people make they think it's just funnel. I remember once
I hope that I live in. My friends came down and out your horse. They have the other pardon me the coming tonight show on Monday and other on the audience, and afterwards I go to my office come up Thea, whoever rap on you understand it didn't work. I do this every day we don't have. A rap party got guys. I'm goin back to work now exonerate the model for tomorrow. I can't are we gonna growing upon the drink? No, no! I gotta work and about the next day and the next day he do this every day. People. Forget that show business. They forget the business aspect of a they just go for the show that that's it. You know I was kind of surprise you ve been on that sat or been aghast on very variety. A variety of different talk shows night late night as well determined whenever You'll notice that there is a kind of Each sat has its
has a personality out I mean the sat. I just mean the people rhythm with how it works and J set was very interesting, and the thing I took note of on your sat is we'd, be doing some run through a rehearsal or something- and head rider or someone capacity would come up to you and go J, that things not work and are you doing this wrong? Are you doing it out of order, and I was watching a goin that doesn't play son most, these kind of sad or somebody cannot lie as you're. Not doing it right. I'm a huge believer in low self esteem. If people I self esteem or criminals and actors rose, they think this if one for that, I would be a huge success. I mean I yeah, I'm dyslexic and my mom won't tell me what kid you gonna have to work twice as hard as the other kids. To get the same thing, I was that when that seem fair out just work twice as hard
the same thing, both by doing that. Ok, that's fine, and to me, when I got the tonight, show I forget Let me how are these people? They know what they're doing I'm good at the Joe part. I'm not really good at the directing or whatever so a hurry good people in and then listen to. And that was my thing on the tonight show than anybody could stop the train. Anybody, upon the whistle stopped the train. If this may not like us. Certainly thought was wrong and some times it makes it a little laborious, but everybody feels invested in the shop I mean we had we no turn over twenty two years. We had the same people, the other way you know and any part was everybody. I hired most had never worth and television before and single so they all want Marian each other, and we had Sixty four kids born while in twenty two years within of of with staff members on the show, because everybody is just we just follow me. I hate places and say what
family here and he started, says we're family me. Then I want to pay any money with your family, so I never used the term, but it was his kind alike. That'll? Of that I made a big on along fine. You know one when you Work on the show like when I hide writers item four year at an iron for thirteen, then dump on because it takes some time twenty weeks to find my voice with that right. I just you know, I would tell you just right: breathing and when I hired people we hired based on material submit material with no name on it and I really I go Let's higher this person. And one turn out to be a rabbi middle age. The other. Turned out to be somebody with severe several policy, you couldn't even leave his apartment one road. Could jokes one at that? earth and commend sort of show. Now, in that, you know that, though, like that blue Kind, a wheelchair. There has not been disrespect for here just in somebody get him up the stairs, and here I look in one way and you know, but he wrote great jokes
an end and that work pretty well that worked pretty well. I never heard anybody who had an agent. I just said me, jokes, you know I was standing at Pablo Loco guy behind me sergeant little homes outside his graduate Would you agree, I sound engineering out to be a sound engineer at how did he get because young longer. Tat each other. While I came by- and I heard we stayed there towards vs those patio had, twenty six kids were dead, slightly red with eleven, inter so as to how it was found. It was a fine place to work. I really enjoyed it. It was a great time in her life ups and downs was it's ok. It's ok was exciting low self esteem. This is interest to me. I wish help people, I don't have low self esteem and have no self esteem. I don't really think out. Ok, let's go! Let's go no self esteem. That's all!
I'll take that I mean it's, I just don't assume that I'm the smartest person in the room, but this Of esteem to me, neither here nor there that's the way. I look like. I don't look myself as low look up you're, so badly damaged or whatever I just do stuff, I'm good at their stuff, I'm not good at, but that's that I'm not! constantly evaluating myself esteem. I think the self I think more, like I'm a mud and pure bred, thing here. Ok, I try to use these every one of those four sides of it. Other coin there at the same time lying you're, probably right round the law. Self esteem is most self esteem, just sounds funnier, because like I say when you assume you're, not the smartest person in the room, you don't speak for us. He leather people speaking here that to say how can o o
and then, when I had, I shall go that unit as opposed to well also year that we're the person whose telling the joke so ultimately, it's gonna, be you'll, get the credit for the child. Exactly use the best joke in the room right so you. I I often think about their home, where I think about your collection and income, how much of cars the thing that's interesting about you and vehicles. Cars is upon the pun. Most people pick a lane in our yet you talk to those guys all time they tell you their car, not and then I tell you there poor guy, and then, if you bring up a Bmw and one that go what,
that one day you'll live a friend resembles a mention. I gotta feminism mocha. He can tell you look. I was built on a Thursday. I remember. Larry was working the undercutting that day. In this way you have this smear undergoing and they came to. My garage goes genzaburo with a German, her high, not automatic either. Do the work not me, I've heard of Athos German. Now now it's in America below it. Really I mean it's. The american car didn't you. I was all peoples, poor guy! That's all right! a new. I cannot fight. And a real lane for you in terms of brands. I think you appreciate the mechanics of the mechanical on by Karl, I like all individually yeah, and yeah. I, like I like noble failures. Because we're ahead of their time. In their time cars there were to good. They couldn't possibly make a profit.
Because I was driving a car. Just three called the Will Saint Clair know why Saint Clair. He was Harold. Wills was a name he was Henry Ford Metallurgy. He was for its first employee rail. He designed the planetary transmission. He didn't then vanadium, steel. Those responsible fork is whose meddler does he designed the Ford logo, the blue over those railway he was Henry forwards. First, if not very, employed- and what's what everyone and fifty fifty Lord being somewhat cantankerous there that are falling out and he milk is like would require love like twenty million dollars in stock, started the wheel, Sinclair Car. It was overhead cam nineteen twenty of how can the eight
no fan belt. All everything driven internal fan, driven internally as aunt change revenue gear drew milk year driven no and gear driven cams. While based on these panels, were the area very hurrying its most Henry Ford, There were still friends. Henry Ford came out, take a look and said so complicated, nobody can fix it and nobody wants to go seventy miles an hour. Every car was a prototype. He always try to improve it and make up what was the displacement to sixty five? Cuba again. Sixty seven horse power, it's one of I'll show you some of the most beautiful motors you ever seen, but he felt about twelve or fourteen. Thousands of em, but ultimately he went under because this was two thousand dollar car turnout. Three thousand dollar car when afford model t was two hundred sixty right heavy for genius. Was he built exactly what people needed and not one cent more in right? He was kind of
Donalds Verses, Rudy shafting right here, you're here honey, I'm gonna serve crepes on a talk, good road and sensible prices. Thank you right and in so far you not no Mo Par Geier Porsche for our guy, just short of going on. For the most uniquely or ambitiously engineered car with. I think you probably like the story is well yeah like I bought a career g t those my first Porsche. I bought my lawyers are two thousand for I bought the club because it had that six inch, carbon fiber clutch so I call Porsche nights. I get one just to look at it and it was so impressed with the clutch. I bought the car and I thought oh right is found a fascinating. You put that much power through little six inch clutch and it was with just a beautifully engineer thing the Uck
energy t, Paul Walker famously died with Lorraine partner. Also somebody else died. One of those cars at Fontana, I believe at some point yeah, I don't know, and you went around Daytona tell them. I'm surrounding a towel dagger, two hundred miles an hour unhonored. Ninety hundred ninety one hundred lapses cars, probably more dangerous than he had thought at what you know. You know it's really interesting now this is two thousand for driving a car gonna. Ninety and The time we hit we get to the corner. Would you feel it start to just yes, move up the wall a little bit right the ninety heart and it's just walking around now we had Norbert singer, he's a famous suspension guy from border. He came through my the car did everything it Then what
Ten years later, I met them Detroit, with his ear one corvette with junior tat students an engineer for fur, corvette idea, I call him up and I think we take it to two hundred miles an hour researcher. Ok, who says you gotTA proving ground in Michigan, again tell me a package, the middle of a and I'm with, tells you so I say to your chief engineer for Corvette. Yet we get the car I said before we got first time you two hundred Nicaragua. He said why never have That's what we ever had. He said. I have never been there fasten format, as this is the first time you going over to other miles. An hour is with a comedian. Who's never went on the track in a car you design, but never taken to. He said, I guess so I say: go! Do ok! So we get
the chart now we're average about ravaged tool for, but we had to twelve, I just kept and fifty miles Two hundred and four miles an hour average rock steady did move, real it just and just unbelievable fire foreign Rhine, Rhone, the endless corvette laddie, not a half a million dialogue, but it shows you how far aerodynamics and suspension of have come in just fifteen years famous lane. You guys can look this up if you want to show showing off from front Jay but Mark Donoghue, who drove that nine seven in Porsche, I was with his son. Oh you are. He was with me can. I am car, went out to tell a vague and set the speed record in that in that car beyond. Nine seventeen Veni. I think die during practice there's something I fairyland or your hereafter, but let's talk
bout? You don't have any kids, not you have all these cars some headway, angle and motor tons of motorcycles. At some point you facilities, gonna, have to become a museum, not my problem, you must have some thoughts about now, really known that my problem is, I don't know whatever happens, habits. You know people make all these plans. Life you're gonna be looking down to see what happens that their stop after they do now. I get it But you must be upheld reached by the Petersen Museum or somebody says like how do we now I'm a buyer, I get a calls him from wives who husbands of died, I shouldn't purchasing you and this seems a good relations. Woman called me and her husband at a speed two reports. Like a fifty eight, and she says she's at the funeral. They are lowering the casket into the ground. You feel the tug on her shoulder and gave us look. I know,
probably a very good time hero if you given any thought about selling it's mine that guy's, not even in the crown areas Does it not it's not a good time is not ok. The girl, like really the guy, doesn't have a clue So, there's nothing on paper saying this is where these cars are going. If now not just by maybe I'll give us some thought now, Honey Adam said we should do something about the cars seems I don't know I often crossed my mind. Maybe I don't sound ghoulish either, but I just think, but there's something you want, which one is it which one is it I never thought in those terms blight. Now that you mention now that you mentioned it. The Mclaren clear enough: oh yeah, yeah, yeah, just cards take tactics. I do the greatest out for another investment. I am
I thought I was out of my mind when I bought a wedding. For well when it what happened was. I've been reading about him and they had banana production like five years is a sorry Ninety three, ninety four now this is Mine is the ninety four. I got at ninety eight Ok, so I can't really fine one, so calm Clara? I speak to her old dormant. Are all adrenaline almost then. Oh, yes, universities, I said I'm interested in may we have one here who have black Mclaren here: Canova fifteen it's for sale now is, and how much is it because eight hundred thousand as what's just saw what a class new with it you have to, but we think they're gonna get value? I said about eight hundred seller. I said It you want to think about you. I said Whatever I'll call you back in two weeks, not sold by
the two Ethan Runaway Healthy, so uptight, idiot, I'm too, by stood with Ngos, is ninety. Ninety right or eight hundred get a nice big house in the hills, yeah exaggerate and granite nice so the two ways glycol how agenda had algae listen above the cargoes ass. We an inquiry today, a query, we're gonna query on the card to damn thing and really de I call they got a career. I said well soberly, yes, without a shark hold of her back I get the tiger I would like to commend come for fitting sitting. We set the sea to you and bloodletting all like the typically english circles have since the middle of that country, as in the middle, and so I went out and I bought and I bought. And here's funny, now it's a used car. And there was a luxury tax of food. Per cent all cars over thirty thousand dollars in the nineties over ok, so
I bring it in, and the custom guy comes applauded in these caused. The boss, because I had to get it certified- a guy who would certify the unease. Oh yeah import taxes this in its fifty thousand dollars for the luxury car tax. But does the plight of used cars and the ices me use car Garcia about now I know what it's a ninety four his, although my Lord said the information he goes, I don't care He said now. We can keep it here in the dark for six months or a year until you get earlier, they know you could pay for thousand thousand, get it out tomorrow, I pay the fifty that's all. I got up. Ok, so that's what I do so they get here and the last offer I got for with seventy five one would have an team merely point. Five one went for twenty. And then one just so privately for twenty four
which well that's why, when I stated the one car I wanted you know is this: must as much as I like their story. The guy who built the one put the indian engineer. I Sandro blah blah, not well. You try from Seattle, the New York? No, are you drunk via that's cool? yeah right out I'll. Take Mclaren rough. What I'm saying so if we could just get a posted put, my name I examined: stick it in the vendor. Did one that sole privately for twenty four million bucks is that the same, I do some very different versions of em every once in a while back a lightweight are trackers something but there's no track version there, all road cars they never held. I raised a survey our model or he was there. Last car you could drive to Mama Windows some drive home while it was street car, so that in four million dollar one was the same. What is your car well with less horsepower? with less or smile, because they felt it had too much of an unfair advantage. So
cut about sixty or seventy horse power from it. That works. Action by the sanctioning when they ve shown when they come all again and when they homology yeah. So the rotten came from the factory, a six hundred twenty seven, almost power, the one that won the mob, probably at five. Fifty while let me get J B, weld hair D. I why projects Samuel you're talking to Mr Leno Mister Crow, and we do a lot of stuff You want to use the best you dont want to use ordinary glue ordinary glue, let's cut the word ordinary and at once something very when a strong choice, you went J B well, proud him as a sponsor the great. I know these guys, I saw my dad Sima saw their booth oversee Morrissey J every year, I walked over there. Introduced hisself struck up a conversation with the owner and, as citizens come on, it's a sponsor annexing though it got a box of J B. Well, my hat, and here we are J B. Well put. The toolbox, putting a kitchen drawers good for metal would plants
and whatever your In addition, I have it at the shop. I haven't my garage don't glue J b- well, that's available at J weld that come home depot lows autos, an advance out of parts or rather Walmart, Amazon, Michael's and more united? Everyone, you remind me of these. He began in bar Braun, who did a tv show? You is like the Might Douglas Midwest he did oh and like to try state area, and he would do that. You be talking to you and he would say things if you say like up J which have lunch today. You know Oh, I know hamburger regular giant account winner. Your car wiener, the win. The world awaited Conway. Theirs I go one, real, how he would just slip into the commercial weight into it. Like you're talking to me in your whether Jamie Welders went Roma, whether you know me that you're, like the funniest, the little different rhythm than the old there tonight shown what were we were I I, like.
You guys like you and made to some degree or guys like Phil rose and tall filler, isn't all likes travelling any like food, so he made a show where he travels around and eats food jack likes meeting people in cars, so he made a show where he gets that meet people drive. Try that maybe this is why I like cars and mechanical, you might be to say we are business, very subjective. Every day I read something like maybe some people think I suck less. And they're both correct, because I don't make you laugh. And your eyes I suck, but when, something's broken. Is now running now One can say it's not running right you can't say not- the inherent wifi. You put your hand, I'm exhaust five, you know think is right. You know, I mean what's funny about because when you work on the ground you put some together, I mean,
I feel the greatest sense of elation. When I fix something I was jarred, my ac cobra the other day and the steering wheel column just drop down on me. What is this I thought your for twenty seven on other gonna, sixty four to anyone I went. I went off willing pick that carbon the term, but I thought the stirring box I got underneath it now realize. Oh there's, just a nice, sixteenth, here. It's on the slide. I just I just tightened up and then I went for another hundred milder just go there, like a car. I done something with my day. I'd taking up was broken and I fixed it and now work on a simple fix. Yes took figure out what it was, but that's, ok and that's why I enjoyed mechanical nature of things, because when you fix. Something is broken. You you you ve done something, though in your right, it's beyond
proud show in a world where everyone has an opinion, and you have to argue with everybody about everything and, oh you think your network in Doktor drew's greatest lemon is that everyone argues with him as thirty years and medical training, a nice people tell him his business all the time, because I just went to web M d and blah blah blah and I M you know, as a comedian sure that guy's, guys not funny. Huh guys offensive that guy's not offensive the only thing I miss really about being a carpenter is, nobody ever would come up and God that's the way you do a hinge, mortis I'd. Do it this way or gimme that are all handle that all put that base you up like that, couldn't do it. They didn't know how to do it and they leave you alone So funny I had a guy in the two I'm cycle. Where his name he's the first blind man ever to climb Everest and he's when these traffic motivational speakers and his He gets so angry because he will go we'll talk about.
Rather being blind. When climbing Everest you, you know you ve gotta, feel everything you can't look and see lead you ve got a touch can't see you know, Y Y, know, may yet air yet ARC Y know I mean a site and persecute c o you going on alleged that eventually right disappear. So go off to this link he would give his whole talk the failed for coming here to business. People overcoming adversity and being able to breathe, and you can't see it needed a day. He said and never be somewhat ago, you now I was gonna were climb every last summer, but then kids are this soccer thing and I need to get involved, but I was thinking to any. He says it's all. I could do just on my taken. His came back in the game just because he be he trained for this first blind person, the clock unassisted, I mean, I mean people rhythm, but not you know I just and and people?
took me out. You're gonna. Do that I'm gonna figure train I am sure he is old time your eyes who calmly, but then you I decided. Maybe insurance sales was more of a man who, I am sure you would have been a huge success. If you d few Pacific, where ya I get a lot of light gray, you're lucky met camel when you did it's like the camel was doing anything men running zone late, Nigel they there, They love to minimize that accomplishment yeah, I think it. It just makes it easier for them to serve accept their lot life now, how much MC Anna CALL, bleeds into the comic argument, you're, not the material specifically but the assembly of the material like how much of your ears Oh you, your brain is very certain linear. When you work on things, you have to have an order. Sort of you have do things in the right order. You have to be kind of a about it.
I know you get out work out every week at their Hermosa and your Mackay I've seen your stand of his very funny, but it's it's pretty. It has a lot of precision. However, you would love call precision by Simon Winchester Relics, the greatest books. You would love this book, because it is all about precision, starting with steam engines of the seventeen hundreds writer. Into the modern Iphone, and as a comic you know. I always try to to me. The real essence of comedy its economy of world Jesus fewer amount of words, we'll get you the biggest problem Let the quick you get to the joke. The funny or it is like. You never want to repeat a word in assent. Twice its lying that a river now you said river twice make it. The body water, one in river and the other. May I mean that, because you said you know and- and I always try to to do- that- sometime
when you talk to civilians who want be convened, they talk like this, so goes to him right and like this guy like he goes to me to him. I got. What do we got me talk to him related activities. It just about annoying, so fingernails on a black notes, the motor, I think so The precision in that who enjoy so much in the mechanical world. I would say safe- to say that that has been brought to your stand up well, maybe on maybe it's unbeknownst to you. Maybe it's just a way of thinking, maybe a kind of way you try to use a few minor changes. I had a joke tummy. This is funny. You know a lawless, it's very competitive out there now and in the marketplace. With this pandemic thing. Like the ninety nine cents store is now accusing the store of price gouging right funny, I say: do it on more junkie, the ads are great job, a child, a bunch of good chokes. On that sometimes is via the week before last, just on my silly jokes,
you know one of my favorite ones- not really see words, Gawain, that's kind of airport. This is true. I dont Dignan Alaska, forgotten Skype its February, ok the sun- comes up at eleven thirty in the morning and goes down again at one. Thirty may have to know what it is, like fifty degrees below zero. Yet, when I walked into the fifty drugstore the ice cream, EL soft, why? Why is that? I dont understand me. I just like that you that's a good child like well fabricated, jokes. I, like I like this, like this, story about a kid in China: that had the vessel is of a third. I literally. It was an actual I, but they had the vestiges of a third I and the sun was forehead, and today lens correctly said they can make an glasses in about an hour and a half from added. Just like If Wurlitzer you love, you
Jokes, I don't know, I don't know I'm trying to think of like how to How you would ever Ass, described this style Nowt ever one. You know, he's a story: teller he's coming like me, I I mean stories and when I really enjoy the most, the story. The other day I was doing I am, I am generally Rob Signal job. My fifty seven Chrysler imperial- and I thought Guy my dad at a friendly Mary, the carpenter, and Mario had a fifty nine, also bill convertible you know, like silver, red leather, Interior and Maria, was the classic fifties italian guy from New York, with the jet black hair, Big muscles, the Marlboros rolled up in this. And my mother who was in Scotland and was the most conservative person you can imagine I heard one save one girlfriends or that man.
No wonder he come to buy the women swoon IRAN. So one day we haven't, we all had Sunday generator one. Thirty, two o clock in themselves: a big dinner last Sunday, Sunday, DIN and my dad invited Mary, oh the carpet somewhere comes any still got a t shirt on leave the dinner with the Marlboros. He sits there look Marianna look at my mom. I look at the other with the table. Mary. I look at Mama. My mother knows what what are you doing single mom, you said the woman all swoon one of Mario comes out see, but I might just ran out lock ourselves rather move America's like he's got the Marlborough smoke, like argues, guided, were just funny it just funny. You know I used to love those things and I was a kid you know what I was I use like the Sunday dinners, because I got to sit with the adult, thinner and one day Remsen and when you a kid you, unlike seven, you know,
I had my uncle Lewis, who was a bachelor. A lot of women, my mother had no Louis. Was that level we should not see in her anymore. How come my uncle? Who goes? She was frigid and my mother, I see your lips taking just throw em unlucky on Lou realise all the kids at the table when they see my dad, like he's looking away from us I passed us all knew what it was her fine. So then, next day. I go. The labour look up the word frigid it's as frozen as an of ice frigid. Next Sunday dinner. There is, I think I guess I am a king Gos, a lower sorry to hear about Greece passing away Mameluk well again, She froze to death Blanca ISIS. My uncle was when we talk about while less
You said she was frigid leg. My dad falls out of the chair, Louis LAB. That was the beginning. That was the inception of the children's table from the next. From that point. On November, I e the car the card tables after the side. I ate area with the other kids off to decide that the last time we ate it the grown up Lamb. I just I just love those kind of story they make me laugh thinking about the first Joe I could ever remember telling that same around the dinner table, joke it. Wasn't it where was yours was a from the mouth of babes kind of joke sort of intangible witches my family kind of bus. It we didn't have that Sunday dinners, but my grandparents lived, thereby I and my grandfather, my step, fathers, hungarian and he would cook goulash. Caution and other hungarian food, which I loved and so we'd go to their house for dinner, and I
said my grandfather, Jake Goulash, and I consider my what is goulash mean like what's a translation of goulash, and he said I thought about it said cowboy cowboys stew means cowboys That would call it, and I should also when your kid you play goulash, Indians and the for seven and a half. Your bad wasn't wasn't bad! You! You tell the little gears returning in the end the comedy department and I guess that's kind of how I always thought I got kind of Poland to the blue collar world that spent too much time there do you find tat. I found that every funny thing ever said always made a little indentation. In my mind, I remember being no more for five, and my mother took me everywhere. Could within forty billion and we to my at ease the women would meet for wine. You know what all moms and the answer
and my mom would bring me along. I remember sitting there all the women who third lassoing an ice, my I'm sorry, I put my hand up. I said and then they seem like a perfectly legitimate question. I said come. Women have homesite camels, just gonna want when I say what I say that it should stop attacking. What do they say haven't. I know there's someone here, but I just I remember I can see the room. I could see the wallpaper. I remember all the people there. You know it's funny. I mean the first joke. I ever told the gun away. I was Missus Alan's class in the fourth grade. She's talking about Robert about Robin Hood, Robin. If you will ever Armand, she said the sheriff of Nottingham was very cruel. He would often boil robins men and oil. I put my hand up, and I said you know, Do you know why he did that to talk.
She said now. Why is it because he was a friar hooker and she felt tat- I guess not funny, but I could see I could see like she's kind of laughed you know so then we classroom, bell rings, you gotta know class and after that, ass when a teaches Leno, COO Ee. Oh, she said Somebody friar club was, as all free Oh, oh, she told my joke in the tower aloud. He looked about him. Oh yeah, that was tat, was wounds hours remember that they got a big laugh. I gotta figure is so for you. I never everyone always want to know where it comes from, but my parents were particularly funny. I dont know. Ah my answer hilarious may well, have you got it from them? My dad was loud, upright fighter and Italian, my mom was quiet, demure, Scotchwoman and there The funny is people. Of I mean they're, just
is a kid to watch the scotch side. When we go to my aunt nannies house, my mother's, like a school Jamie, and she gave me this biscuit, if you would you like a a cooler and she kept cocoa. In the cupboard, because you don't need a refrigerated Jimmy. It tastes the same as it can. It doesn't matter what his warm equality sissy and she Paul this culture of saw. The fish would come out and have the stale biscuit, and then we will go to my Anita S house and it would. Meatballs and lasagna inspected and then the whenever the kinds would come. They promise achieving. The italian people waste food gb, but this is twenty five me policies Jimmy this only for people whose Khanate almost meet both at a terrible thing, the way they waste food, the italian people- and you know that my uncle Jack I'm aware needs. Let me buy, but don't listen. Those got people achieve invested in the end,
we just funny you just cause. I was always put. Everybody was vying for my affection and vying for my intention or trying to win me over. You know so I had a wonderful childhood. A you know it was. It was an ethnic China in that sense that the and my mother was scotch in the jewish family, the Henry's lids across the street- and it was, everybody had their own. I was like a Shabazz guy, my boy, my job was to go to turn off lights of the jewish people on the Sabbath and do others. So I mean we just it was just fun. I I enjoyed it my my parents, who were very funny. Well that way they just You know my eye embarrassing. My mother was my my mother hated the have attention drawn to himself and she doesn't get to school. He sticks don't put your hand up, don't follow. Gonna, tell me around Llanos Boy, and I listened to your mother. You say I want my father, you know so I would always be so. There was always something
on both sides. You know like when I was a little kid. We got on the market and I would run away rub a magical, could you paid MRS Catherine Leather worthless? My my webcam where the level of my mother so embarrassing for reviewing, hear her name in market should run up a grab me you know in Egypt. You don't get stuff, That's interesting! You kind of habit cotton me where you you liked being up on stage you like people like interacting with people, then there's a kind of quiet work. On the car loan, a kind of solitude you know go out to the garage weekday. So maybe you have both both that sort of and through your veins, oh yeah, yes, because I think you know when I got tried show. It was originally tonight. You'll starring, J Leno,
and my mother was started, G little who listens to be shot starting your name all over things in tat kind of a show of thing to do. Do you think teeming, I said: Mama vicious awaited with started, Chaloner too big stars, but my mother couldn't get past the slightest change its nature, with jail and just just gingerous, just to placate my mother cause or started jailer. Mr who's, who list they him now we must have been shot start in jail. You are you how areas such as my mother couldn't get past the or maybe she's gave you in now what I've done. They no self esteem and are there. No self esteem freeze you up to get into a Porsche tea and try to set a swede record a task for all it's one of those phony speed is what those records they make up. Nobody he's, got a hundred nineteen hundred ninety miles around miles and a porch courage to do so. It's not like- I beat some professional race car driver. It's just a record.
Get it, but I've been around. I will the one of the reasons I wanted to talk to you today is because I I watched able in a garage- and I see they go- we're gonna go up and I'll fire helicopter, and so a guy. I guess I get on session after whenever you climb into the fire helicopter and actually area just taken off and robs snorkel down over the swimming pool, picks up the water, now banking hard near flop around there. Jump in the heavy under glass or you jump in scar with me at the rice and found him, and I just think most people wouldn't just jump into those things? Well, that's what fun! That's the fun part fun for you, but scary for others with higher self esteem, while sitting down and be forced do math problem that would be frightening right, and dispel. I can't spell how'd. You do all the queue card work with that dyslexic in why I memorized most stuff.
Remember I ask that the most of it, but I would have you know: oh yeah, that's next year here. That's right, you teleprompter would always throw me because it moves with acute everything is on the card, so I to head. I could go back it's all in front of you. So I can Korea able to read out loud. Oh yeah was only one, oh yeah, that was not of that was not a problem waves that Dyslexia then, with the riding in here spelling or anything of that nature. As I was not this But I didn't learn to read or write, and so I could had a lot of trouble. Spelling still do reading and I remember at the beginning, Q card We were scary to me because I could not read and reading out loud in front of the class was scary enough, but from a few million people- and I will my first Teresa title- relies life. Oh, I live life because there is some kind of strike or announce. We had no cards. Towards a member as a monologue for
many monologue. Every day, the first two wick yeah, the first two weeks, yeah she'll, get out gate. How? How long did they have gas after Carson or did they have guess? If I didn't, you may guess, hosted in numerous May, just went right from I didn t you probably that story. There were This is why I never took a job for the money. They were like a half a dozen people. There were regular guesses my own was the permit. Yes, oh she's gonna drop the ball. There will not be at the end of your parsons rain. He would want twice a week zone, would guess toaster how he was off fifteen weeks a year. So they had all yourselves and there was a manager who. Had its clients, like the six or seven guys he had like five, the guest out here and he called me I've been here, listen, we're gonna, go to cars, arrest and twenty five thousand dollars a show for each one of our guys and new, Join us
I said you're, I'm asking for five hundred and twelve now was issue. Is that where we can get twenty five thousand dollars show you ve done it in the past. I get firemen and problems, eyes from longer keep up my five and twelve the horse I'm name tormented, guest house right Johnny all the show is PAN four out of his pocket. Why would he shall out a hundred thousand dollars a week as what it would be to get five four different guess, ghettos. When you get this guy from fire on the twelve, don't we all got about the same raining so and that's what I learned. I never argue about money. What is a paper I do tomorrow and show now. I have no idea what a pace I don't even look. I just go because I liked him it's a thriller beyond we're. Gonna. Do I'm sick season on the show and it's it's fine it's fine, because I make my money that let me make money,
yeah and I agree Kevin. Hence my friend this guy runs a show and I'm to on TIM, showing TIM's on your show lot right here, I agree, I dont think people understand that even if it paid relative Well, I wouldn't make a difference in your life: it's not even worth. No, it's not. I mean it's a blog, but I mean it's not the end. All deal to me, you don't wanna out. If you wanna outperform your worth. If that makes any sense, you know you enough, with more you'll get it. You know I mean I was I never really ass for raising the tonight show by those Ganum the one of the first I'm relations I ever had about money in. In radio as I was sitting in probably trip Ribs office at K, Iraq who, with the general manager there he basically was saying you're gonna, take over do love line who talk about
how much to pay in his first offer. He said I ll make you the highest paid part time in play at K, rock and part time? Employees are Van drivers and phone for his by seven dollars an hour. Two hours a night doing it showed its gonna be widely. Indicate and stuff, and I I said to him: clears ballads- said a trip. I would do for free, I'm not. I want to talk and what I wanted and went to experience, but as long as you're making money off it. Then I wanna get paid rather, but make no excuses. I would definitely do for free, but if you're gonna get rich I'd like to get some of that, that's that sort of my approach. The lorries you never. Hammered when you're checked, you never cached when your tonight show checks, or they also went to the bank wired item at me. I didn't write attached and they put him in a noise. I live on the money, a man as a community.
I always wanted to be hungry. I now want to be what I never wanted to be a guy. That's why this pandemic didn't bother me a whole lot. I've never taken a vacation. So when one enforced on me, ok, I have no choice. Ok, fine, and I never want to be a guy to how much you're gonna leave I'm not going there for that kind of money and they want to be one. Those performer because I live the street. When I first came out, I used to sleep on the stairs, bind the comedy store what I used to do. When I came to Hollywood, I would go to open houses on Sunday from like new before I get your mouse. Three thirty at work or, as I see it later, Thank you and then I go upstairs sneak up there's a go into a bedroom idle shut. The closet door set their ruin our until I heard the guy lock up and then I live in the house for data to relay and one day I was sleeping on a house on coal water, which was perhaps one of the beach boys apparently recently, and I'm just
My bed may hear the real thing now is a master bedroom. Two kids, then maybe there's somebody in the battle I'll read: what are you going out? Well, let me can't get dressed please. I can't get a new ran out the back door. Atomic, our car, but that's all you do. Ices got open houses and I never study talk anything and damage the house, made the bed when I left and I would just because they had no he's alive in meaning You can have at all or have nothing you're kind of done, both both of them, I like, having an all better than doing nothing, it's it's better by everything a sort of gravy for you from from where come from or or younger version of yourself, yeah yeah. I think so. You never thought I mean no one ever thinks, but we have Avenant seventy square feet of warehouse. You have now forty thousand two hundred and forty thousand square piano,
obviously, no never anticipated. Now I've thought about it. I never thought I remember. I was in New York and I had place to live, and I was used to sleep in the alley. Forty fourth, ninth right across from dykes, lumberyard, I used to go to that- I believe every night at midnight on one now just go to sleep and who is a place where in Hock Reserve, bring Johns and they are just hear the most horrible. I said this is my life really awful and my friend Louis just bought a house for thirty eight thousand dollars in Massachusetts, and I went to visit a minor one man I will never have like this is ample you on the other house in this Roger is Mary Life man as a swell come come. I'm just gonna keep do this and see what happens and luckily it panda, but you know I never I never thought I never thought anything. What would come at a hundred and forty thousand if we I'm going to do a quick commercial, our last spot,
bet on line when you're sleeping and that lumberyard back of it. I bet you wish you had bad online, nothing. That right now, there's hundreds of events out there. You can props and things the wager you can try Vegas style, online poker and black jack? Twenty four seven pleasure bet on stock prices and the weather Nathan's hot dog eating competition, NASCAR back, which is pretty pretty cool. But online exclusive partnered podcast one you can sign for free account, is promo code podcast one and get your sign up bonus. So visit bet on dot age it's better online, Dad Agee, don't forget, use opera. Occurred, podcast one in sign up for your bonus I bet online. Your online sport book sports book experts, that is that online
Boy J path been an hour in fifteen minutes, a feeling of barely fairly scratch the surface I'm so thrilled Hammy on jail. I garage Y yeah, I loved you and that's like some all heavy on again be always in oh there One thing that always, I repeat, this off the time that J shed remaining proudly doesn't remember it, but I You all the time I said you are our J thanks for doing my showered upon. Guess you whatever is being in the dock or whatever it is anyone it does have to be that heart Maisie does have to be. That differ and I always think of you because in this town. You know you call the guy wants a wide and go through public says they're, whatever that is in its like a test and half the beating heart got hard at all. You know, that's the one thing I found people think the other people have this idea. Is horrible cut throat business? It's not. I mean
Steve. Martin help me tremendously Harvey Corpsman. They came into so me, that's all cars about me when I got fairly well known. I talk Carson about Elitha generous you gotta community. This girl, she's, really fun, Comics like to help other comics. I was cell comedians. You will always get more work from the other comedians that you, starting out with a needle ever get from an agent to beginning and It's true. I don't find it to be there and I don't find that hard lie to me. Other tonight show people say my guess, what company has to leave accuracy, calcium account through got places to go. And what you really gonna go. Yes, we have to go awry they cannot go by. My guess is utterly. Thank you. And then the show's over and have still hanging around backs the variety and I go. What was that all about what we think it looks better think it looks like it. No, I mean you're not on, you're, not on tv. You would have been on tv if you stay it. It doesn't make any sense. Yeah. I agree, I feel, anyway. I was thinking about J
in danger, and I reached out there couple days ago, should die. You wanna come on the shower. I said yeah, I called my guy MIKE innocent. What's a good dame, he said Wednesday and I said I J have I went Saint Joseph. I gotta work Wednesday at how, by Monday, Tuesday of the area I agree and I feel the same way the jailer us garage whenever, whenever capacity want me I'll, tell you right in the story of your family, iranian arrogant. I love Rodney. I have Ronnie on this, and I shall be my also because I loved you and that the times are offered a rough j already get I'd, love, bearest, I'd, love being robbed me straight mass, my favorite thing and one days on watching him and he's off by I can tell him, we audience didn't send user, but he was What, then, is you know ye? Does that tell you regret his tie? Any use crabbedness tight far lower than the usual everything was, so we
stone is routine Alan. I said the Debbie I predict produces a collar paramedics. I think right he's having struck him and he's really isn't it ok, so radically sits down and he's fine then the show whether rightly suggests various don't stand out through any. It looks a little law alone water. Then he sits down Hey J Hawaii eighties, uniting us pay. Fired like he threatened, but this was really sweat and. Anyways. Ok then he's on than the singer in caves and then the showerheads right is then the prayer You're gonna go right this way and I go round the apparently. So I thought you why? What are you talking about? I think you had a stroke Because what he had so they get my Peter out of stock awhile, they take him to the hospital, so then what sort of monitoring them after this point item on working times, and then he had a terrible stroke and he was in a coma and I went to see him in the hospital. His wife Joan is the greatest and she said Jane. He's in a coma.
He can't hear us, but he can't respond I run high doin nothin, so she said Jane put your finger and ran his hands. I put my finger on achieving rod. If you know it's J, squeezes finger so feel a sliced squeeze lego. Rodney aside my finger and ruddy desert. Any any data jump he just as it did at a twig I went. We may laugh when Jones Good and junk got us. There are going to be rather more mobile and it, but he moved run then he died. Fairly soon after the butt I was just a great things to make Rodney laugh ones The last person remain wide eyed, nonetheless, perhaps by the girl, with the slut, whether we really funny nervous that it lore fear it was just. It was just if you're gonna be a comic here now and he was the greatest dinner- was always about the job snow pollute.
Opinion known, it just comes out their boom boom boom and he was in his eighties and you still pound than about severe it always so interesting about that story is. The rhythm is so intricate Now, an end in someone like you, who'd been up on stage for so long and been. Suppose so many comedians, even when the audience couldn't tell you can tell from prefer or from the side almost at the rhythm, like you are spawning as if you weren't list to the one army is largely getting realistic, is like trying to learn. Member the first time I saw Seinfeld, he had a rhythm to his jokes. He too about going to the amusement park and you can t what they call the problem caused by the hopeless father and son team. You know, and I just like the way he phrase that Letterman to let him it was a great great still work,
Psmith pleased at this thing about local radio stations and self importance and I think the b with where Dave does, but there we are the issue. We are diametrically opposed to the use of org of of orphans as yardage markers and public off course. Three very over a year now and by the use of orphans as yard is more. I just liked the way if you and that's went up. I introduce myself- and I said how do you phrase like, because I was a better performer than I was right at the time, and there was a comedy store. Yeah in way was a much better right at me. Was performer it can never understand. How are you gonna save just talking right and I can understand how he could have these intricately. Thirdly, well woven jokes, and then we just gotta be friends that way, and we think we each took a little bit from one another and are you guys, still friends, Oh yeah, I dont really converge Sammy Davis, an interesting guy, yeah you're, not Converser! No, no, but I think as a mutual respect, and I
you know it is when you start out with people in this business. Even if you have nothing else in common bond your ear brothers in comedy. Whenever you want to call it, you have this bar. You know it It's like no criminal. I had a but it heads while, but now I love the guy, think he's grey Because you realize is only seven people in the world do what you do a only once. It really understand it. You know and it's it's in it it so you can't really dislike him. You know Even though we don't have a lot in common. We had comedy in common and king gave laugh? Was all my favorite thing to do, still s voice do his show was my great greatest time in my life cause day
always like laughing on the way to the joke. More than the Joan I would say, Davis out of the old man in place. You know what you know, we're Charlie and were up the man some ways way alone. Oh yeah, we would we were there. We will get this sort of role go an end and it was really funny. It was really great and I really enjoyed. I would you know. Who Dave all get nervous before he went on so whenever I would do his shards their backs aid would like a huge meatball, sub, regional and suicide bombing or store you Dave tried. This was. How can you get what you're going on? I haven't you eat before you go, wandering throw up no gave closed the door shut up and he would just get better at bring the repulse sandwich out and born, roll out on his desk and he would get all annoyed domino's there just a lot of fun? I remember watching those early appearances with you and let us I mean I'm Letterman Show, and it was just good and so organic Ghana of his. So it was so funny and it was.
I guess innocent error as in a way that just you just each trysting when you travel through your career, and you know I can picture Jimmy, you go out there a pogo in mexican food place because I too, for one coupon. You now and died such a food he now, but back then the kapogo right Dr Burbank, was goody them maybe too, for one coupon and conversations about like we can order one, but the second ones that can be free if it's more than the first ones they gotta get. That pensive. With a these moments thoughts, they almost seems like a different light. Yet a weird weird. Why, while J
I think I say we do this again because me. I tell me why there's a lot more here to get too and Jane, let us garage wednesdays, ten o clock Eastern C and Vivendi yadda beyond tonight, design right yet Wednesday. Yes, this is Wednesday, got mantle blonde tonight when Craig Fergus, another great comic, Deanna, good guy, very good guy. Your mom would like him, I think, Mr Scott Garters, larger area. You know it's funny thinking when your mom and a Scots we're talking about being through. D, there was a whole brand out here and now I think, was rouse now, yeah, maybe his wrath or maybe there was a whole brain. Called scotch scotch Brand Scotch ran was the cheap generic version of the clans or the soap or the whatever, but it was
yeah. I guess it what they do and as like oats, I was watching commercialize ten on from north hung out with this me somehow hollerin Polaris, for this will get the paddy wagon? Not next episode, gelatinous garage, wednesdays, just any can also watch Youtube. Joe show the Youtube Channel J, Leno garage expulsion between etching Leno goods. Its is coming up and tell I'm gonna be in Xenia Nashville Tennessee right come up, but to show you I will send you back to that. Work on Saturday lie shows again there. Do alive shows in a lot of parts of the country and they're doing it about three quarter capacity. I get to go and get paid to do stand up, so I shall be doing that for that's normal right, three Quanta capacities so
like them out a proper J lot of San Mahala, stay close, Adam Corolla, Dave, damaging and shale sought in return for good sports right after this. The one sports goods sports, idolized sports fans, welcome to a special edition of the third? they instalment of good sport all work and have some hot sport stock times to hear me times three day damaged check here, Adam Corolla, over there and ace. We have a very special guest here on good sport great
jail sun and with the right about fifty just a couple fights under fifty mix. Martial arts fights in a funny in an all round, good guys. Well, good talk to jail, but what's happening guys nice to be here, the podcast is that you're welcome much else on and new says every Wednesday in Freetown. Podcast, one in a website is jail, sudden dot com, let's You have sea because I feel like they of all organizations, probably did the best job of staying down this the least amount being creative. Ah, sir, being fluid and getting back cup in running a certainly quicker than any other professional sport. I can, I can think of it, except for the aforementioned doc, corn holing. So what What fights coming up and Hooty alike colonel always, is underrated game by the way, if you ve never played for all-
just out of its a lot of fun. Ok, I, like all the pilots comin up, look ultimately we're gonna have anyway championship core me versus deeper. That's some time this year. It that's true trilogy. Finally, why you're they fight in a third time, but they split the first. Do I think it's very compelling they pulpit the heck out of one another on their respective knights and how they got it. The third and final time, that's probably the one most looking forward to realign surrogate had. I saw her. Do you like in that fight? You know, I think I think, play with everything that I say this is his last fight. I believe him he is going out. I know he's a competitor hard. He wants to go out on the right note, but he's going to need the right game plan he's going to take steep a down holding their, maybe it's even a dull night and he wins no ten nine with the judges, but I think that call me does have hills to beat a, but I dont obvious the disappointed steep. I will take you at your game and be does people were hurt? Very bad he's. A good fire out of step is a good fire.
Jack Jack, I'm just curious about because it's gotten a fair amount of news in the last couple of weeks, or so My John Oliver now, with island, you how What goes I fascinated by the idea of it? I mean it seems, like other sports, are kind of learning from a too because you hear about these you know, hyper localize kind of places that there maybe have to play some of the play off games and to keep or whatever, but This fight island is the Oji. What what insight is there? Are there like hotels? How do you get there to watch this thing? Ok, so my mind is in the same place your mind: is it ok? I don't know about a lot about a private island. All I know is what my mind goes to like I'm picture in the movie cast away: theirs I think there are their hotels or the restaurants to your point. Is there a hospital for medical needs. What exactly it doesn't? I went to look like and I don't think it's any of those things. I think this is a place likely a resort type atmosphere that
the buildings and shops and airports in these types of data has been so quiet about this. I guess I I don't think that was ever his plan. I think he was just came out with this idea. The media has spawn fight island into such a sensation. Not only my curious much like you, there now selling merchandise that says fight island now. Data is purposely telling nobody anything because the speculation has been such a marketing successor, where's vital. I don't know here I'll, tell you one thing: I have a teammate page vans and she just gotta contracts, said to her yesterday to do it I'd on Fight island, and we were both so excited because that contract calls, legally for it, Ok sure they have to put down the location, guess what they put on a legally binding contract fight island. We nothing while you're that contract, page ran and she is attractive in person as she has on tv, yes and
You know what her personality is more beautiful than her physical assets. If you will, she is one of the best teammates I've ever had on day, she's hurt and she's, but deal with a very public injury to her arm she's a practice every day on time, even if she can't get on the matches, the hello for everybody issues, a pat on the back. As our teammates leave early the room behind the scenes. I gotta tell you: she is aces in my book Where is cyborg, and she just she won from on me, of all too she literally cyborg one from a woman Oh, she could beat half the men in her division, too, I guess she's done what happened. Ok, what's most intimidating woman in the history of time as far as I've ever seen, she runs Two Amanda Nunez turns out. Amanda is about fire than Cyborg Amanda takes the belt cyborg it's in a fight public, the fight with Dana White, which
nobody has ever one plain plan at hand, but she attempted to be the first. She didn't win. Shooter asking for release they granted to her. She went the ballot or she actually won the championship. She's the reigning champion a hundred forty five pounds for ballot. For now. Is it we need to talk about a rematch her coming back. I got its. I M aware things happen this poor, but it's a stretch that fight was it competitive, but I do think cyborgs ever been as good as a method for whenever that's worth, but it doesn't match up well, it turns into a shoot out, cyborgs very powerful, but a mandatory to be a little more powerful and I think that's a hard sell in all fairness. Look: are they the two best women yeah for sure, but when a fight only last sixty one seconds gets hard to repackage. It look, there's a reason, Thyssen and Spinks. Then it fight a second time and at that time I was the biggest boxing match ever, but it was also settled. The year you watched isolating it. Aren't you
Thyssen versus spanks any disco whenever need say that again never need to sit. I was in the sixth grade when that fight happened, twelve years old off the top of my head. There was three knocked down the. I know it being stopped all in the first round. I believe the contest was ninety three seconds of that. Ninety three thirty seconds was the rough Kelly number. So to your point, not a lot to see here, while Spinks entered the ring with an ace bandage around his right knee, which is never a good sign and also I always tell people when it came to Thyssen. I tell the same thing: if you're ever abducted, Al Qaeda, one shot once you get in the Van it's over and you got now probably gonna get killed out in the street, but you got one shot. Go forward. If you we tried to hide from Thyssen. If you ever tried to defend yourself from Thyssen,
in the van enacting. You know, you're reading a prepared statement. That's the thing you had one shot, which is wrestle: thou pay, the guy in the street you're still gonna get shot, but you still have that one little little opening that's how I always thought of Thyssen Fights Sorry Shack guide. Stick analogy by the way you deserve credit for that. That was brilliant. Thank you. My will. It's funny thou because you kind of touch on something that it see to me that a me, if I'm wrong a maid arrested for your insights on it. It feels like football. Theirs. I've been a fly like certain defences, know how to arrest certain offences and then in the off season the often suggests and there's a back and forth cat mousing that goes on over the over the years. It feels to me like, Mme that they take away. Is the things get mode it a certain style wants. It gets defeated much like Michael Spinks against my taste. There is no reason to carry out that style. Doesn't
any more and it's going to lose and it feels progressed. In an athletic sense of you know what I mean. Is that accurate to say that I would disagree with that. Yeah would not really see techniques it that's what we term of the area of sport that sometimes will go away, but sometimes it what they will refurbished I'll have a comeback where that now, all of a sudden there new again when they become new again, the people were prepared to simply form, so we will see a little bit of trade off, but the sort of them may is so new in all fairness, that it is our growing itself at a very rapid pace unite another football could say the same thing basketball, that's been around a lot of games and a lot of teams, a lot of starting a lot of coaches and athletes, but anime in many ways is in the since the I hear. Other people say I don't know how much I believe the infancy still, but it is progressing in a very short period that you know speaking Spinks by the way guys random topic. But since we're on site
here he never far again. Advertising, which is every fighter, comes back right and we all in the same way face down an embarrassed. Spinks got that one time he love with them many heads of managers at robberies and some lawsuit. Now I literally just read about it in three nights ago, but for the most part, he's got his wits his senses and move got it like good. First banks, yeah. I was really says much about Leon. His older brother and the name just popped into my head, marvellous Frazier, remember, they put him in with homes and its one to get knocked out? It's another thing when the guy you're fighting is just peppering with jobs and then also using is free arm to gesture the raft like hey? Could you please Got me from doing what I'm doing to this other human beings. I have it
Attention is on pummeling, Marvin Frazier and the other half is like we want in this, sir. We're gonna keep Goin yeah that I don't know, I don't know what Marvin Frazier Gary ever heave, he must Darlin S got back are has got the work. I think that's Trevor Berwick, notwithstanding the late Trevor Burbank, but I was Frazier that might be the most severe knock out Thyssen ever on anybody. I think he, literally with an upper cut lifted, Marvin Frazier off the ground with an opera cut the knock them out. I'm here, one of the nastiest knockouts in his I gotta tell you guys. I thought Adam was Miss pregnant, seen, Marvin Heckler when he said I don't know. Who, moreover, is I and I follow boxy very closely, not recalling MA this Frazier, isn't I go. Look him up. Marvin Frazier fought three times after Thyssen. Winning all of them finish
the nineteen to record while he was Joe Frazier son. That's that's reason you, you would probably know him and here. He also fought Larry HOMES, I'm I'm sure. If bottler Homesite, that's the deal, is this. His only other lot so as not to be Add your heavyweight boxer anymore. To losses and people like Who did you lose stale Larry HOMES, in my case it not to shall, after just to get in there, regardless of the outcome, ride him and many other men in five minutes and then failed at that same. Do it, but you got a lot of courage in my book. Oh my God anyone who got in with Thyssen during those days and in luck, give Larry homesick. Do that guy. That guy together huge winning streak, had a huge job. I'm can minced that if he locked if events if Larry homes looked like,
Ike Weaver. With assured off, I used it spends I'm with MIKE Weaver Weaver wasn't Adonis yeah. You know Are you guys familiar with? What might we were looked like with a shirt off at his boxing drunks? He was literally that Dinas and Larry homes. Looked like a little bit of a dad, bowed his whole career and I think he'd get the respect because he was kind of smooth you now, but that you, man, there's something about that which is it doesn't. Work is well with the Adonis body, works better with the smooth body jab thoughts jail. I We agree with you and your right back. I did look like he was carved out of stone. In all fairness, I fully agree with you on that. By the way you and mentioned Leon speaks a minute ago, and I have to tell you my favorite Leon, Spinks quote of all time got himself a new Mercedes bed. You some of his purse money bought himself a new car in ITALY, the media, the Mercedes Benz, is the Cadillac
The automobile lives, I might be folly nigh once went to a baseball game and Leon spanks sad directly in front of me, the seat directly in front of me, and he stood up once during the game, and I got the shout deaf once in my life down in for the champ it was it was. It was the excellent but Larry HOMES Ace. I think the other thing is just like MR firmly learn from trying to succeed. Mr Roper was too much wary. Homes was succeeding, my ip and didn't have a rival it, the that I wish we could say prime Larry homes against Prime MIKE Tyson that fight man, because too point about what I mean: six, five wary homes, gonna cap MIKE Tyson at Bay with that job. I think While we learned that Thyssen
Thyssen was a bully and that's how five and anyone whoever retreated from a boy? Was there you're in a twenty two by twenty two area with a with a rope around that you're not gonna, get away so Eventually, the Bali walks you down and beat you a van wholly field didn't let himself get bullied. He walked too. Thyssen they stood in front of the ring. Hollow veal was just trade and hooks with them in the center of the ring and then, of course, famously what's his name in that Japan who beat him cluster bombs Douglas as another guy who brought the fight. Thyssen, if you watch that Foster Douglas Fight, he's doubling the job in coming right after it with the cross and Thyssen, wasn't used to seeing that ties in which used to seeing guys
on their heels. Protecting themselves, nodded and offensive pass your, but in a defensive posture and What we learned about taxation is: when you bring the fight to him, he becomes human, that's what We have always thought about. You know I think Teddy Alison, MIKE Tyson worked out some their differences, but Teddy did tell people that look. Don't back down from the bullies shoe. Somebody stands up to him and tat. He would even break it down that it wasn't about the punches in the hooks and the jobs, and he would say it was a character issue. This guy has to be the Bali in the room of you stand up to him, and that was a surprise with buster. By the way you know biggest acceptable. That was at ninety want or even ten to one eye. They I heard fifty one before him in the act is gripped. My Are any athlete whatever experience? He has eventually you to listen to the media. When the media tells you you got an easy night, there is a party. The police are I'll. Tell you guys. Have you ever find yourself in a battle? That's harder than you thought it was
debate. That's when things get unravel very quickly for two to one on what is it Teddy ATLAS Corner, blowing it son, if probably talking to Michael more at that point He's fighting for the championship, Michael Moors, probably fighting against wholly field at that point, but there's a rate Pisa footage. If you ve ever River wanted teddy less. It is best. It's him talk Michael more in the corner in I'll, probably the tenth round of this first championship by private, probably fighting wholly field Gary and he's doing the your blow and it son. I'm not gonna lie to you Remember that speech: yes, child. We ever heard that that speech many times it's on you too right now, for review of yours out of yes, our rights a screw it. We don't need to pull it out, but I love that guy. I Teddy ATLAS his passion. I just not in a sexual way.
Not in a sexual. Now, no doubt say I want to be clear. I love passion for the sport of I love the best Teddy ATLAS, as it is breast, when there's a bad call, you know when someone gets a hometown decision and then they go to him to act and he goes preserve. That's my favorite ATLAS moment. I fully if you and you know what he's got in trouble commentator for that reason, like some of the networks will say: hey you know you, you got to support the product and any will never Teddy will never support a product over the sport itself. He is for integrity of this war. They could use for the Olympic Games, because those judges were so corrupt. Everyone teddy, was right. Tat is, call them out at the last the webpage Rio, three boxing just were removed from Olympic Village and can never return because of corruption. They were taking money and NBC like caught it on camera was just terrible. Teddy was everything. We always stands up for the integrity of boxing and it hurts
a minute. She heard him. People should agree with you Adam that he's right for doing that. The truth, and I am hopeful there, but on this point too. I never understand the guys in the corner that are lying to their guy, like yeah you're, losing you better within the next couple around where they want, though, why this thing like you're, doing great you're got what why do what seems like you're you're dead get this service to your fighter. When you down my go now, everything's gonna write when a clearly losing the worst was Lou do via. I think for now when a car, but I can't murmur of rivers him or not, going answer an unbeaten. I Coolio save our job as at that point who says our jobs like ninety six in all areas breeding, em and low, do it's it's the fifteenth round the twelfth round whenever they had back that's the last round and Do you guys, like you, gotta get em, go, get him he's one every round. Your bout, the beat that
It is fighter and middleweight history and you tell em, take the fighting. And you ve got a guy with great footwork grew, movement great head movement that could I got on his bicycle day? the round for three minutes. Walk away with the championship was Melldrum Taylor, heat, now Whittaker either. What those guys camera dumas like go, get up goes and trades with eight seconds left. Who they are safe. Who says our Travis knocked him out their trading? no business trading. I mean I respected. I appreciated, but Damn there is some strategy to the sport people Adam. You know everybody up why you have to be Your opponent, you just gotta, beat the clock. I met. We see the football all the time they taken, they run out the clock and I think, was MEL, direct now is email decade, but Melldrum,
the one that was beating Julio Cesar at in the referee, step in and call it a tko with like seconds left and everybody thought that rested a terrible job. I saw with the rest, stop it whether Meldrick was winning that or not and whether was short time or not. He was not to finish. Self and I thought Caesar one that fight Ferris, where, even if by the wire, I look one hundred percent agree with your child and that its not there, job to look at the clock. It's his job look at the fight and why you taking that away from Hullo says our job as he, winning this fight the two three the three men round. You have to stop wins out what, whatever those rule. What's like well with thirty seconds life, we won't stop. It will then have a fair to the guy who's breeding wrap up the other guy trying to get his hand raise with seconds left on the clock shore now
nothing all the way in I still to this day I see what the rest saw and even if it was very sad for melted, that would have been Cesar Chavez, his first loss. It would have been such a big deal and all those great things with the rules were followed. As I understood as I understand them, and then make things worse. Mildred guy gets up with a CUP Six left on the clock. He he's Lou do was on the corner. Yelling at MEL Drake and the rebel yelling and the rough like. Can you fight or can you continue like come toward me and lose yelling next autumn in Belgrade? Like looks Lou like what? What do you want, then? The rest, like waves, it off He may rest brooding times too and that fight anyway other that nothing but love for Lou diva way. I gotta get us out of the box in the real fast guys, because we're Talkin MIKE Tyson MIKE is flirting with this come back and now is even release into the media that he has.
They haven't and elsewhere, but then he has a deal in place. What European is might get a box again it would you watch Ah, I saw the stuff online where he looked like the old MIKE Tyson, throwing those combinations against the guy hold the focus bad. He looks he looked strong, he looked healthy. I Watch that fight, I'm not sure about the fight, against you know the fifty seven year old wholly feel there some version that there's a version of it were I'd like to see him fight a younger guy who may be ranked, but not making the top five or some some version of that or we go full pay Barnum any fights the guy from Tiger King when these pearls from prison or some some version that or a tie, or free. I. I also think that you know It's it's sort of like comparing thought
Tom Brady can keep go in late, a relatively late in his athletic career like he is bad then say. Steve younger, Michael Vick could because Brady's asset was never speed think Thyssen, like George Foreman, virtue is power and solving it like he can. I would Stop me if MIKE Tyson knocked out a high rank heavy way right now, because George Form and was able to knock out Michael more, he just like a more let his hat. SAM for one second Thyssen certainly can take advantage of that. The same way form a good right. Well, It could also be argued that Thyssen when he was the Thyssen of Old, had a lotta distractions, lotta women, Lotta, Bruce substances God knows. What like he may he didn't prob properly, train for a lot for life. That stuff, a more focused clean.
MIKE Tyson without a lot of family craziness and Don King distractions, really focusing on his training and his health that that might something interesting to watch. I say he fights David to a man of Shanna Bridge. I would do the to think out. If I was the promoter by it. Control. This thing I women dippy greatly, where I'd make a two minute round it before rounds. I mean I'd steer into the fact that its but if a sideshow- and you wanted to avoid booking with I dont- have you like, I, like your reorient, you put him against Peter Mc Mealy. Rarely of of old, I bring back there A redemption story for Miss Maylie Mcnally's still a little bit younger, something that do shorten the rounds. That's how I would do it. To try to make believe. This is something that it's not Thyssen is not make. The Thyssen is openly say, vision
cash grab and the first person to the table with a million dollars. I will sign the contract. Ok great. If it's a cash rap, let's have some fun Shannon Briggs- is an interesting guy speaking about a real big heavy weight for back in the days when heavyweights were Michaels, thanks eyes, a little after Michael Spinks, obviously, but a but a big old glass of Water, Shannon Briggs, jail, where we could go all day with, you, unfortunately, were were coming to the end. I want to pay you get me, you know what I've had it with both of you. Anyway, I have things to do. I am breaking up with you, you, Shell Good, I appreciate all, therefore I
had bet on line up and get the Nobel on right or wrong. There's hundreds of events Games props the wager on they even bringing the vaguest style online poker and black jack write to you write your home twenty four seven. Also but on a NASCAR stock prices, whether the Van and Nathan's hot dog eating competition visit. Website or use the mobile device to join it. I bet online are exclusive partner at podcast, one sign up for a free account with promo code podcast, one, And you'll get your sign up bonus when you do that, so Is it bad on dot? Agee, don't forget, you used a promo code podcast what for your son opponents today, but online. Your online sports book experts right Jack, that's correct and I think the correct answer here is MIKE Tyson versus CA
a weathers, a K Apollo creed, now than when I watch that I would watch all right. I Friday episode still come in your way before then thou for Adam girl, a Dave damage a good sports thanks again the jail sudden I'll, follow you girls. You want twitter, it item girlish your followers on twitter to roll. It leaves a voice mail at eight, eight, six reform on seven, four, four reorder Adams New Book: I'm your emotional support animal is out on gene sixteenth, indicate the links that item caroling tent
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