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Part 2: News and Good Sports (ACS July 10)

2020-07-10 | 🔗
Judy Gold is hanging in for today’s news. Gina talks about Michael Cohen breaking his house arrest, continued quarantine rules for cross-state travels, and the disappearance of Glee actress Naya Rivera. Later they talk about the heroic rescue of a baby caught on tape, changes coming to Bob’s Big Boy, and the potential end of The Ellen DeGeneres Show. As the show wraps up, the guys give an update on the Johnny Depp / Amber Heard dispute, and Adam and Shek bring today’s Good Sports. Please support today’s sponsors: Lifelock.com enter ADAM BetOnline enter PODCASTONE Netsuite.com/ADAM LegalZoom.com Geico.com
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What we surround ourselves says a lot about us with massive redrafted details and inspiring performance. The lessons he s make sure your statement steals the showed the less disease. Three fifty export part of the Eu S lie crafted to command the spotlight LISA two thousand four years. Three, fifty four three fifty known about for thirty six months with thirty nine I did I do assigning experience- are raising urge your New Jersey, Delaware and Pennsylvania area, electricity or when a company. What we like this one important offer their customers, above all about it in the legislative area. Only at in August, two thousand twenty well Judy gold make me laugh and she's gonna, keep make me laugh so keep listening to her. If she is making me laugh and I would get the news we get good sports come in your way. First saute about bet online sports. Keep coming back to this. Chance to wage war on them with exquisite partner that online dot agee massive you see weaken this weekend Car for me, the ones in full swing, there's plenty staff to get in.
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Sports book exports withdraw all those crazy to travel to the news with Gina grad. Well, this didn't last long. Former Trump lawyer, Michael Con, was taken back into custody Thursday morning and is now at the metropolitan detention centre. In Brooklyn, after the Federal Bureau of Prison said Con violated the conditions of his home confinement, do that. Well, reports are that he was seen at a rest. Drawn in Manhattan, which raised concerns that he was in violation of his home confinement terms if that name rings, a bell use a former attorney of President Tromp, who is in prison last year after pleading guilty to several charges.
He was released. Two to home can find it, but he just couldn't stay here it's time to go out and get a meal cannot do that during during a pandemic, in honouring mildly, I'm not a big fan of hang around at the home, but if you gave me a ankle, bracelet untold manner had do. I hope there is a pandemic. Yeah, it's like! Oh, you can't place while good its hailing outside my stay at exactly exactly it's so you see the photos of him at this fancy Upper EAST side restaurant. It's like what you fuckin doing seriously spoke of meal. Why and by the way I do like the advent of these and its niches gets stitches as well as the Super white collar snitch is like who dropped a dime remain like somebody had to be sitting in that restaurant, while they day people were posting,
It was like it was in the New York pause and people were passing it on answer. That's why you have no fuckin privacy anymore, you now Jesus Prize and you you got out like you'd. Now it's like you, You were supposed to be an untold what at least next year next November. They got you out because of the pandemic, so secure ass home. You got you you just you got you. You're lucky lottery generator yeah. I heard him there, This is why I wish I had a twin brother, so I can just what comply simply deny everything all the time like yeah the guy got a little hands he at summer camp that wasn't me will have an interest in Africa. Eu defence was a media. I am Define beast drone drawing its freedom. That's Kern, as I wish, and a really Spencer, restaurant, your right, yeah, yeah,
Yeah he's a hear. He wasn't home long and will see what happens to him. I was I've been very curious about this question, so I throw it and since we're talking to a pandemic stuff, yes, I'm sure you know people travelling to New York, New Jersey, Connecticut from eight additional states, will now have to go gene for fourteen days upon entering bringing the total number of states on the governors travel advisory less right now, nineteen- and that's I mean you can come up, there is out there, it's pretty its nineteen states that, if you get there, you have to quarantine, am I thought was how the hell would they now and it was very hard to get in that I had to do some digging, but I found a few things like when you have to Where do you go to Hawaii or quarantine to go to a cargo. This is all I could pieced together so like what is this pomp and circumstance? Who cares Well, they do care and spoke,
person in Hawaii said the neighbours are all turning people in violating people with you now Araby and bees or people visiting. That's led to at least twenty arrests, New York, governor, Andrew almost says. They're state is using information gathered from basically manifest from your airline, so they will track. That way as they do random checks off that database. From the plane, they can ask you on He spoke to show your surroundings of your room, just randomly make sure you're in a residence? Chicago hasn't been specifically did mention a violation is a misdemeanor which could lead to defines and up to a year in jail. So at least some kind of answer guy insane- I dropped off ban at two Lane New Orleans not last week on the way, before, and we had. Fill out a piece of paper before we got to New York
saying where we were how long we were there. You know every place with an end of flight. You know at the gate, when they're making their announcement the one was like you have to get your piper at president. At present government clout and she was that it was like the disdain and her voice is making everyone fill out this paper This is an order of governance cloud and get out however, your face would like putting a mask on your chin, an asshole where is to lay the waves, is that the team Greenway anyway ass yeah, seems ran out into the night. I don't think you're allowed to say. Any more. But I had friends who went to two lane many years
the girl in their jewish, as I am, and they call it Jus lane as it stands it while you are still very jewish school, how its jury, jail and there's like every like street is named after Jus drew wiener Jus every like that, Joe Health Centre. The June we re all the jewish jus, the jewish stadium. Yet all doing ok does make disregard still how did it happen? I have no idea. How now now I'm scared how's the basketball team what we all Yolanda Basketball, recognising Turkey great records, really good. I got there. Look at them. That's my baby, while the great shot over thirty,
thou not number twenty five that was last year, something that was last year in prep school. That was his, but usually s like up of applying card nice. I went ass. She got jean no grass, some pretty sad news and again this is, as it were, according this cuz, sometimes things won't will pop up when they're sort of breaking what the Ventura County- that's here in California, the sheriff's department search Wednesday afternoon for Naya Rivera she's, the actress from glee that she was leader with the dark Hair Heather Morris, who we ve had an it, was kind of her counterpart in the show the Glee actress in singer disappeared in. In late, pirouette, Southern California, Lake she's presumed dead. By drowning. What's worse is her four year old Son, who had a little flotation device on was discovered, on harm in a rented pontoon bow just floating adrift. He reportedly told authorities
their went swimming without a life passed and never came back. Scuba teams Jav been helicopters rounds everyone's been looking at this point. There is no word and just a kind of further the the sort of attractiveness of this. This show glee Corey Monteith, has died, Mark Sallying, who handle of a lotta issues He died and are never Nyjord our sun has been reunited with his father Ryan Dorsey. They divorced in twenty eighteen, but really radio. Nowhere did she is she do. You think she went out to come suicide ip? Why would you you four year old in a bow? I dont Nancy Grace sad I do not rule out how about clean you do soon. What what Nancy sorry foul play, what what could possibly
and remain it's either. She won't do herself or She went out to go boat. With her kid and Maybe he had a couple cocktails or something and went into the I don't know. Why am I dont know why you're always putting this on the victim? When I say foul play, I'm not saying that we are going to find out, I'm Nancy Grace being a former attorney. We are going to conduct, haven't you before her, I don't usually the husband Barbara. Spain? Wasn't there on that boat? Ok, technically has never husband, but I'm just saying. Usually it's the has that they said The kid was sleeping in the bow guide, Natalie Holloway today resolve that one. We are that we are these clothes Adam defined in our that poor girl went, and I don't want you to give up on me like I'm, not gonna get Natalie,
we be eighty, seven years old, today's etc Nancy Graph and very happy birthday to Natalie, whom we will never give up on by the way. I follow me C on Instagram and she just it arbiter of America with her family and the amazed. It's great. They went to the door ten times they want to Yosemite. The kids all seem super happy to be in the pictures, but I I love Nancy Grace. I truly so glee is like the back, so they have three dead people. All and a bitch. So right, yet right chain Laelia, whose declared they lay under shall marry to work with me out. That's sergeant, I know she's an ultra
stern. Let's turn road running here, oh yeah, I, this is crazy and God bless football players which you know. I just don't have a reason to say that every day this and I'll show you the video, the second a former high school football player, Joe to catch. A child, a baby who was dropped from the third floor of a burning building and this this There is every well shaped in second, Philip blood. Is a former wide receive her for Kalamazoo Central High School Michigan? He was a? U S marine and he ran out, apparently with no shoes? I was visiting a friend at this apartment, complex raised over to this other section and Joe to catch this child. There's a guy you can in the picture standing there may begin to do something, but he said I didn't trust this guy could catch this cat and it wasn't a perfect catch, but it was as close as they were. Gonna get. Is it the baby? Was twirling like a helicopter in the air, fell
and I'm gonna show it to you, because it is quite heroic. Thirty, eight just aims to shooting out and Ngos that all my that are the head was sort of Then his elbow go. Oh dear, Their ran away. The really sad stuff is, then they'll just keep showing it. There was an eight year old, daughter. She was saved by another good Samaritan. The mother did not make it out of the building, but she the baby and the baby was caught her first things? First, it that was great, but then a spike, the kid and started a dance and lacks when the damage took our rabies, his instincts is a ballplayer control celebrating boys, just methods Three kids organ have major emotional problems: about and the two that were you now and the end. If we ve got a fucking combined the two we would have
fine, but now, where the fire and where the water, they shall not me so unfortunate. The house here is the as yet got about someone of lived at. That did the thing that I heard about the kid on the boat, which I don't know it it down. It is with some solace to it. They said when they found the kid. The kid was sleeping on the boat like LISA, I weren't, crying, crying or forget out or who knows what how that worked, but anyway Did I not to say that they do so yeah you're like My kids, you doubtless know fucking thing I say: well, let's switch them, your gear is because I think I think we need it. Let's talk about something very important fobs. Boy. This is at a restaurant in southern cal. For new, with an we may have. The mass got does iconic little mascot with as little boy and
red and white checker of overalls. Little Dixie do haired Hairstyle Joanne, they re. No. She dated him in college. Let's be I'd over the joke work. Dell is a giant recently they have a really arrival, the noose chicken sandwich to the menu. Well, who cares well guess what the reason why this is a big deal is because disappear to celebrate the new item. The restaurant dusted off of forgotten character from its history. Dolly Dolly is placing big boy. Is the restaurants official mass got now Fox NEWS report Dolly was a character featured in the big boy. Comic book series from the nineteen fifty She'll be the new mass got while the change
is in the mass got appears to be a simple promotion for the sandwich. Spokesperson said they their implying a more permanent change to take place, so maybe it'll be Bob's. Bob's dolly was tweeting about this. Two weeks ago, about tearing down, oh you find that tweet MAX affair. But it's it's funny. I was talking about this for a mat several weeks. Go, and it turns out that God they got to it. Although it was self imposed, the mob didn't get to the statue of Bob's big boy, Bob got Well, you know now that equipment in since I pressure could debate and what about funny? If you send Judy knows that's. Hearse, kids, sperm down yeah they're gonna find out tweet that life sciences for aid going through the punch up. That's why they have you wanna talk down stairs
share that his beloved by white people and thrown the river? I got your next target as regards the others a few weeks ago, right now, it turns out Bobby's, Bobby's you're out yeah. What isn't that? What is a Bob's rig? Why I have them doing? I think a lot of people. Go we're not the conversation. There always talk. About in an out of their time about chick fillet, a good or bad or something going on, and you know you know and- and I think I think you have some head. Who works for you? Who, who goes I'm gonna, get us in the conversation cause were now heading in the map. There's probably part of them that secret Hope they mob came to tear down Bob's big boy brave black life mad or something but they're, getting no traction in there.
Amy I mean you know everyone once good publicity, but in lieu of good publicity publicity in general. Verses, no publicity mean I you know where one knots over chick fillet a few years ago, gay marriage, the owner whatever is going on, but you pull in front of the chick fillet. There's a lying around the block like while They should change Dolly's named Karen and yesterday, a goodbye that, thank you you, both mention rosy, o Donnell at the beginning, to show and so interested in your thoughts on this rumour. Ellen Degenerous, his talk show is on the chopping block. This comes all the reports and that ratings are down and growing accusations of hurried, not being very nice behind the scenes the island degenerate show reportedly fell. Fourteen percent the ratings to a new season season. Seventeen
according to the sign and feeling the downturn, our stories of the stars rudeness. A few months ago, Ellen became the sector subject of a virus twitter thread that called her. The meanest person alive since then several guess of accused her of treating them back. We are now her production can be desired, denies that its being cancelled in any way and its ban on the earth since two thousand three but old, lot of letters. The word is out Judy any you must know Alan. You know we all knew about Bill Cosby and a lot of us now that you know the stories. I've heard the stories. I've spoken, the people who work there and you know First of all, she done wrong own grave, because you know she was she's in palatial estate, while we're on stuck in my fuckin apartment in Manhattan. While I was here my house but whatever, but
and she's talking about that. She feels like she's in jail Rand. Meanwhile I mean there are people. That are stuck in tiny, their people living the street living in some way. You know it's domino, small resort yeah yeah I've said a million times, because you do everyone show Judy. You know this from experience. When you do people show day time show late night show whatever it is. You walk on to the establishment into the staff and honour the property, whatever you enter, and there's a vibe that Amelia starts coming off of the people who work there, and if you do that tonight, which is why don't walking out there's a very laid back. Vibe people are laid back. You call two other shows like ladder, man or ally.
And there's a very panicked vibe? You brought it from the person a great deal in the parking lot to the person, that's in your green room to the person that your hair and make up it, permeates the place it's off from the top. It's like it's like it's when you're a kid you'd go your friends house and both parents were smokers economy, open the front door that their set smokes coming from the carpet. It's come for the dog and it's like they didn't. To be smoking at the time or even high there, just Smoking, cop, all you know or the weird they just friends in our there's some debts that way or grandma. Staying with US friends, you know for two years You walk into the house the door. Opens. You walk in and you go catch you. I get an idea of what way the wind is blowing here and when you count it Jimmy camels show you don't get that feeling, but you definitely get that feeling
in that feeling goes from lay back in oh and chill acts to everyone. Ouch shitless right, it old say: I'm scared, shitless, I'm your segment producer nature. Some are scared and you get it you get. You started watch every one and they seem scared. Man. Is this ray, I M about don't mention. Was adoption meets with other nothing. Then they start doing as they go. You're not gonna touch Dave her tongue to tear it for cloud like you got a long list of like Ellen, doesn't like where are you she isn't like ex tailors so planning on breathing out the Chiquita long like hugely, and you realize that. Scared people, they're scared, me and when you do may show, or you do Leno show here. Carols agreement, all by our show that that's great Jonah I know I've never done. That shows how I dont
I don't wanna talk out of turn bright, but their shows Take on personnel, Howard Stern show has a personality, not good or bad or Howard's is good. I should say: The point is this Thursday personality that they show tags and the show takes use, really what the bosses personality it is like, and so the same on on sitcoms when you go on sets of shows where you do want to guess at guess spot that its decision think they're nice, the stars are either nice. There's nice feeling or shooting feeling you now right in spoke up from the tat. Look at the fuckin look at the map gets in all these you're a fucking assholes. What's right. So what you feel right. So when you walk in and by the way everyone else is, living with the smoker
their sweater smells like smoke, and they don't even know it. But when you walk in, you got some things palpable here and There's been a few show's over the years that I have walked on to have one going on here, wiser one so scared, and so when I did Alan show. That was my chance, as was what someone so concerned were doing it fun time day time. Whatever show wise, why my feeling this and then later on, I think I spoke to offer. I'm a writer of hers, and he disconnected so fuckin sketch out, like now I can't believe she had you on. You don't seem like the type of It was a long time mistake. Charles kind of I probably did it. I made him more and once I don't lie I've, I was on the view. For Christ's sake, look I've been on everything Dick around long enough. Every showbiz Koper hair
Whilst I can tell you about it. What it was like was therefore now, but you would divide this this, this vibe smoker fought analogies right. Am I correct Julius done everything back absent? it really? You do you get a feeling and You see how people are either happy or their fearful for their job, observe like dirt, get in trouble. If you fuck, you know, if a guess boxer, it's like it's horrible and theirs. So this thing to wear like if you say to your segment, do sir, like, if you data that your statement producer in I was going to talk about the Christmas vacates and actually- but actually I want to talk about some mouse. They'll go
any very. I just tell J that we're going to flip the scrap the little if they use go, ok I'll, go tell him in these walk out. That's fine! If they start getting reverence like what do you want to do that right? That scared? That's that's it. Asia, Jane Land. How I did it shall few time and it's like it's a blank Ok, we're going over the time it was so easy. Yes, it doesn't have to be that complicate that difficult and also as someone who is the host shows I realize, making your guest feel uptight used are nervous, are anxious before they go out perform is not a good. It's not good for you, our wines are you just tell my fuckin fun out their relax? We're going to have you say what everyone than walk out? I've always felt a vote.
Felt that way, but anyway, so we don't know, maybe the maybe the chickens are coming home to roost fur Young Alan, but you know she's gotta, weren't. You see that its job, all bad, Cause she d be kind beginner If you worry when I process sizing like be kind, be nice to everyone you now, then it wouldn t it be like ok she's difficult, However, I also in my in my realm of of of my constant Valuation and in licking my fee you're in holding it up in the air? I was it a wedding with a world class band, I mean a world class ban and everyone Dan the night away and Ellen never dance the entire night. Had I thought, wait a minute you don't love
you love people, thinking you love dancing. I have that relationship with my kids. I don't love my kids. I love people thinking I love of shit. I said too much Let me hit the legal zoom and then we'll get under our next story. It's a new world that there are lots of new challenges. If you need some legal help. Anyone our overcome here just might I suggest legal zoo? our own mark. Gara gas sends people, the legal. All the time- and he actually uses legal zoom himself, because it's a faster, easier, more efficient way to take A lot of your legal questions without getting that big fat buildable our so you want to start solutions for a covert nineteen and all the other, all the situations out there went to protect your family. You want to you
You are well are living trash. You want to start a business with a d, Ba L, L, sea or non profit and get started do at all on line. You don't have to leave your house. They have a network of attorneys that can provide I sincerely goes home, is a law firm, you won't have leave your home and get charged available, our right dos and visit legalism duncombe today to take care of some important things you need to get down. That's illegals in Dakar, legalism we're life meet legal. Right. What else we got? Gina Gran Walter, you that's not going on aging, in any way, at least right now the car use during the first season of the dukes of hazard, which ran from nineteen seventy nine to nineteen. Eighty five is currently in the Bolo Otto Museum in Crystal Lake Illinois, the nineteen sixty nine dodge charge or no, courses. The generally supports that confederate flag on the top
hello director Brian Grams, says the generally display is not going anywhere. Graham says: the vehicle is a symbol of television history. This comes as, of course, better at flags and such is being taken down everywhere. He says he hasn't received a complaint about the generally, but instead as receives supportive words from people who appreciate the museum napping swayed by public opinion, they also everyone talks about the general Liese offensive, roof why, but they have an offensive horn to do you know It has an offensive horn. Rights, not just visual, let's at audible, it's it's the land of look away what he had at subjects: the Atlantic City land. They landed, decrying land of Dixie there they really leaned into that shit. By the way that I think the whole thing was probably filmed in like
now I do not see me Valley, California, or somethin, like that. Nothing was in the in the south but see if you can find their horn, because the horn needs to be silenced as well. Well I don't know- or maybe we could play the lunch truck luck who Karachi Horn, like an extra drownded out, one have little horn off their horn off what that is that song offensive its Dixie land offence. It's gotta be offensive to mostly restoring their university tenancy, changing the song or some because that's that's their like fight song. Right other motel. Well, I wish I was down in the land of cotton times. There are not forgotten, look away, look away, look away, Dixon in itself like very pro south,
right away, look away like I don't see what you're doing that all your fuckin racism is out, we're that's the subject. Yes, no, I don't know it look like I don't know, but I remember a few weeks ago someone called and said that their favorite show was the outlaw the favourite Clint Eastwood movie with La Josie whales in that movie If you were whistling Dixie That's me you would be doing in the south so that if you came across people that my not know which side you're on you'd be whistling Dixie and they know you're from the south and then, if there is the union mine eyes of seeing the glory of the coming of the law. That was the north one may at the Horn MAX Van
may I just got fucking dry. I can't believe you remembered her reign. Average on my phone rings? That's what it sounds like Diana went on my arm brands. Shoes I'm saying you ages whistling Dixie I've, gotta man, never fucking, sat in my life. I saw how you're not gonna made worse. There's been wondering. I think the term whistling Dixie means your faith in it. And so you are a union guy and you're going down to the south, and you don't want to get yield by some good old boys. You'd be whistling. Dixie Why does he go down seven dramatize lights? It turns out the Paddy wagon, was named after Irish Americans guy. One Margie oh right. Well, Johnny Depp is back in the news and he's heightened back his libel suit against
Britain's the sign began on Tuesday and a number of things were revealed. The actors suing after the tabloid described him as a wife beaters. And twenty eighteen in an article Johnny took a stand today, I hitting amber heard or any other woman claiming it was inconceivable to him because of his southern upbringing and added that be sociopath. Ec actress was the abusive one. Johnny also made the claim that he decided to divorce Amber after she or one of her friends hoped in their bad as as a prank or a joke. He thinks in a written statement he said. Was the final straw in a troubled marriage. I turn to combine the straw in poor because then start going weird scat german at high that's a whole. There's all part the dark web, that justice devoted to stand and pride, he Is it an crazier? He seems insane now I saw
they generate or make em a wife beat. Our now now is he's he's. Fine is I buy in their someone's bad like who caused the summons house. It's in their bad while someone who doesn't want to be invited back, the first lymphoma movie night is now cancelled for that guessed, but shall be back Those he is. He is starting to look a little remember when Michael J, and started to go crazy. Many, it'll, look crazy like even You didn't know what was going on his his movements. Everyone all alone is drastic. That's been going on for nigh on two decades. He was walking into the court house and I saw Antium see thy sight and he just look natty and it could have been. It is the dress, but it's also a kind of it's getting late.
To finish the gain this too thin. The gates enriches you. You know how people are We don't want to admit it, but I mean is we're all wired. Every time I walk my dog. I there's another dog coming down the horse trail, I'm I'm I am profiling. The dog rise it a friendly dog. What's it look like as its tail wagging his seem weirder angry? Is it old, my dogs, a hundred ten pounds of fuckin break that dogs hip a bit too excited you know like show you see this dog coming hoard you, a hundred feet away in your running this process, right like what's what kind of diamonds going my dog. What's the owner, look like they re uptight, the cool? What what are we doing- and I think all kind of that way when you see somebody walking in the street.
Or anywhere you kind of do that thing or accept person ever problem are an issue Marcel person drunk or they have a disability of a mental whatever like that's all we do. Is we just scan scan scan like the term and I'm just watching Dep, like walking? The courthouse just seem like he's going. A little money might enable Michael Jackson used to like hang the kid off the balcony young black football player underneath the balcony out a shot. We never knew just wait a minute. I'm gone back. Darrell rival, he would do weird things. Are you come out of court, Rome and, like do staying maternal a waiver one and then scurry away like it's. I don't know it's done.
You feel that way with me. That's all I want to go back to the Johnny Depp I got a lotta press. I want to add an a whenever. Maybe Five years ago, whenever one of the big pirates rubies came out of him fully dressed fully in character, the children's hospital can we just go back to that Johnny S, Travis Fantastic their side, I agree. I let's, let's so he showing the sun yeah. I would remove I'd like to be a fly in the wall. If Johnny Depp went into marker his office and went like our mark. I would like to use you before thing about suing the sun and mark would go. I mean when we talk about melanoma hair. What idea, Dr? Whatever I start, my redness situation staring right, where You do fall asleep on the beach We can do this, I'm pretty sure we get some money, how they should be able to live they'll, saddle I've I've known it's the saddle or stock.
So whenever they are saddled the little ones voicing their mothers prior to this top beverage deploying its not the sun. Let us bring it home, Gina Grand got it, I'm gonna grab and that's the news was the news with Gina grad, where last but not least, life lock cyber criminals or not letting this covert. Nineteen thing stop them from committing tax raw. That's right! People are getting extension on their taxes to watch a lie fiftieth. I believe, and now there's a rise in tax related identity fraud, The Irish will not contact you directly by email text, message or other online. Forms, identity, thieves get smarter luck. There there horrible lazy people that don't want to break your window, that I wanna get shot with rocks Alvin get bit
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kill me now with Judy De Gaulle. Well well, episodes every week on Apple Apple, podcast, Spotify as well, and our website Judy Gold, Dotcom, go their products and dates come up sooner than later. I'm home and- and I am also talk to your son over there to lie here. Thank you. I will let you gotta Croat, our cause, I'm gonna be unmatched game. This Sunday at ten o clock on that a b c was Cheryl, Heinz and marked applause, wanting love and Nix Wisher. Now we went worth, and course out. Baldwin is well so go check that out and got I'm cool outcome can get dates coming up: Dallas, Texas, Addison Improv July twenty. Fourth, fifth, then we got a bunch dates up their subject that out till next time and call for you to go. All in Jordan, Harbinger Georgina, grandma, Brian San, my hollow
stood around Dave damage shaken Adam girl, a return for good sports read after this. Just one sports represents good sport. I and allow sports fans welcomed the Friday addition Good Sports Dave damage, shakier Adam parole over there go back and listen to the Wednesday and Thursday additions. If you wanna hear some hot and foul talk in in the middle of summer time or go in the camp in there, will there be in camp in that about a month? They, let's hope, obey it all goes off.
Without any nineteen getting in the way or otherwise, but that do go there without K of Newton to the patriots and otherwise ace. How are you by the way? I'm well? Thank you. Well, last week the news came out. The current Warner has. I am not sure I should know this, but I apologise on the shore, if he's producing the picture himself, but it is, By OPEC of Current Warner, and so now that I have found the guy who is going to play her Warner, have you seen who it is no kind of a good. Looking, pretty good look alike, have nothin else Zachary levy levy levels that actually right. I think it's leave. I think it's Levi yeah, I got it and we gotta we gotta as a society, I mean. If it spelled the same, we I mean that's the first thing we do when you become King ACE. That's the one like it if it spells
The same rights, among words, that's the first thing we address is that you one pronunciation right either. You cannot do that, but anyway, exactly by who wishes. I am in the others, thereby always looks like him and a week or two, but or that we learn that it is all, but certain that they're gonna make the MIKE Tyson movie that the army foxes Berber pairing foreign. He does kind of look like him when you blurry your eyes when he gets kind of jacked up. I Jamie Fox. It funny goes when you hear that you think Well, he must tower over the real MIKE Tyson, which is in inversion of the Usually is, as I've known you have I act or play an athlete as usual. I guess they walked shrimp, be compared to the real deal that this right or reverse, that I guess, although I don't up Jamie foxes, will Smith play down Mohammed Ali a course who, with the play out of
Gilbert, God, Fray or Gregg Brady who's, the guy played Gregg Brady, I think we're or at the reverse or an atom corolla half the play. An athlete is that women and how it that work. I dont know what I was thinking about. You marry Williams very well, I'm sure, there's always a big deal that her ordinary worked at a supermarket, now is not an end avail team, but as it ever. Was a very respected defence attorney who were then they are of these guys worked at super. He was driving a fact truck right a jockers out of work. Here he was a commercial airline pilot were delta, and now, of course, we weren't gonna Fuckin supermarket is twenty. Three Eddie was about
stolen. That's what all these guys did. Renault workers about that he ate his he didn't leave by his post is James Bonds, most trusted ally in the british secret service thing now either was one of the most respected, ear, nose and throat, doctors in the past and greener Glenda Larry. He left it all behind. It is funny with CARE Warner, apparently by all accounts. I've talked him about this too, like he'd. It doesn't come through on the football field for some reason, but Apparently he is a gang busters basketball player, like borderline NBA level, kind of a player and like is more athletic than Buddy. He brings every as some man with the with the Big Indoor Jim pick it up on something. Last week, AY said dab, that I hold on hold on a second. We are now we don't so we know so
we have the current who's gonna. I say his wife should be played by Dick reveal meal that the exact same haircut the many the same facial qualities David, I'm not kidding. I know it is a little more, I think, she's more stoic than he thou right ear. He cries out area emotional very arose. The year I choose more stoic where the head, They want to the same Fantastic SAM's. They had a lot of the same qualities physically and I, heard for meal could act that that's what I've heard. I that's all. I know I listen. I look forward to that experimental. Casting job. I wanna hear now ace about the birthdays. Let's do the birthday cocktail party the- and this came up- last week when we were kids in about a course the arm do you share your birthday wet and simply
have waiting here, guy, let's, let's just lay the ground rules down when our going. When you see your birthday, obviously has five six seven notable people ever one has seven six, seven p. Ball, whose names you will recognise. They may not be a less theirs. They may have gone horrible, horrific things that may be serial killers are nazi war criminals, but they still there will be recognisable aims that were born on the same day. You were born and The question is, is let's turn that into a cocktail party like those in others, a commercial for two key loud where they have then have the guy that go a Lincoln's at the party and Chuck berries up on stage is doing the duck, walk in one of those stupid to key commercials where everyone is famous. I'm curious! If the party it's that party who When's like who is shack. Checks
the leader in the club house right now, I've had some other interesting offerings is well and in by the way you can't deduct points, because the person with infinite You know me, like I'm sorry Charles managed and still makes it an interesting cocktail party that right yeah right right that I I free with the end. Just as a reminder, I go Shiloh above Jacques Cousteau Adrian BAR Bo Joe Montana Vince Lombardy, it's a gene. While there are made, as I had said, unbeatable learn. Some ass legislates on: let's not to make it into a competition because you're not gonna defeat, thou one, but I'm gonna try here for years be wary seventeenth, have you thought baby, I looked into that one, although Merla Romeo and her orders. Why some similarities, their physically lovely woman. Aren't Lazard go ahead.
I was so February. Seventeenth here we go. This is one does not really have any dead weight to it. But it's cool and it s not like our joy, whose birthday February seventeenth I now what is it? it is picking out random days or their people. The obvious I'm just try to black yeah. Would now yeah, I cherry pick some to try and somebody's birthday out there arrived Nobody sent you a name and said now, I got a budget, but I gotta cherry pick. Gotta ones- and I thought might Make- makes one Michael Jordan, Jim Brown, that by the way, Jim Brown we the, this stuff about, like Re Rice champion the league and everything else in you know I sign off on his obviously in the awful thing you did, but Jim Brown continues to be why and eyes as as this seminal figure, he threw a woman off a balcony. Why does I had never come up at very strange, but ok, Jim Brown Billy Joe, are
drawn from green day Larry. The cable guy stay now now that we're blendings some interesting conversation MIKE Obey, edged, cheering and pear itself will be good edge. It probably what that just to get Billy Joe and Jim Brown together to explore to each other whom each other war. Because there's no way either. One of those guys would recognise one another at a cocktail party right. That's what that's why it's gonna be such a stimulating event, get the now everybody rap, nay me my name is this is who I don't think it ass. It doesn't beat your part. No, no, I haven't forbid, I end, but it does bring up something that you. Manchester and several weeks ago that I wanna get. You here we're here is a good one December. Twenty fifth, it's it's! You know
important day on our judeo christian calendar. As you may know, it gives us Jesus just in Trudeau Jimmy Buffet. Humphrey, Bogart, Andy recently arrested he's Layin Maxwell. The near do while companion, what do you think of that parliament might be good justice it hurts drunk and rarely squeezer for information and on a man at occurs whose most likely to fall prey to her ongoing scam, Trudeau, buffet Bogart Christ? add is that that is a coin Josh. One bar shack, while Gay November, twelve Ryan, God like an Hathaway Neil Young, Sammy, Sosa Russell Westbrook and go with one more athlete plus near do well time
Harding. I it's if it's an interesting. Looks good on the roster. You know on your line on board, but the conversation would be difficult. I feel like. I hear you, but I brought that one up, because it does refer back to something you said like. I said that a month ago, at that time Harding. Now. How do we make of everything every moment of man's recorded history prior to twenty? Twenty? Like you, you? and you're not like how do we make sense of how awful anything was before twenty twenty and Tanya Harding must be like what, there was nothing compared that as year rag in another cheese, I can't we get it. I machine and go back out. It was a great when I did, but I've been demon I spill a ridiculous degree. Now that we have twenty slash, twenty hindsight right, like Tonya Harding, should be off the hook a little bit. So I give her pass all right. Let's bring it around,
all right. Ace good times is always we'll be back with some more hot sport stock, for we had actually could deal then for Adam girl a day damage a good sports out. Volume, curls you on Twitter and Adam Carolla, show followers on Twitter, Adam Carolla. You can leave a voicemail at eight hundred and eighty eight, six hundred and thirty, four one thousand seven hundred and forty four, guy mere emotional support. Animal. Its back in stock at Amazon, get the links it out, I'm cool, When we surround ourselves, man says a lot about us with master for granted, details and inspiring performance, the less z s make sure your statement steals the showed the legacy of three fifty export part of the Eu S lie crafted to command the spotlight LISA,
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