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Part 2: News and Good Sports (ACS Sep 2)

2020-09-02 | 🔗
Gina beings today’s news with updates on Ron Jeremy’s sexual assault charges. They also talk about the trial beginning for the Charlie Hebdo terror attack, and revelations about a TV actress who was secretly working for the FBI. Other stories include Kylie Jenner topping the Forbes Earning List this year, a viral video of an airport fight, and a scary ‘Karen’ mask coming out for Halloween. As the show wraps up, the guys comment on the marriage of actress of Niecy Nash, and Adam and Dave Dameshek present today’s Good Sports! Please support today’s sponsors: MadisonReedMr.com enter CAROLLA Geico.com JB Weld - World's Strongest Bond TruNiagen.com enter ADAM BetOnline enter PODCASTONE SimpliSafe.com/ADAM Netsuite.com/ACE
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Thanks for listening to the atom Corolla show on Black one. News and good sports coming year, directions a buckle up for that. First, the table. True Nigel I've, been taken cellular health, vitamin true knowledge in for a few, Now. I feel great about six. Eight months now, doktor jurors been on for quite some time number of years. Now we get older or bodies experiencing near fifty percent line and a b which negatively affect the health of ourselves and body lifestyle stressors like intense exercise, lack of leap, stress on the immune system. Also, this please also deplete there and eighty because cells expand more energy in order to function this stuff is the real deal. I wouldn't tell you I'm taken and if I wasn't- and I would be taken it if they warrant a spy
answer back by Nobel Prize winning scientists, clinical research and global regulatory approvals, support cellular energy and defence vis? it tee. Are you an eye? A g and that car, use. The code Adam get twenty bucks off any three month plus supply through September forth. All those crazy. What we must do, the news with Gina grad. Well, things are not going well foreign Jeremy and as a very good chance. He may never see the outside of a prison cell again. He
has been charge Monday, with twenty additional sexual assault counts involving twelve women in a teen girl that dates back to two thousand, for that's going to the l, a county district attorney's office, the complete It's Jeremy, who earlier pleaded not guilty. The three alleged rapes includes five council forcible Ray and Luke on with a fifteen year old girl. He pleaded not guilty to the other. Charges. Are you sixty? seven. Now he was ordered to return to court in October. When a date for a problem. Mary hearing is expected to be scheduled. The alert county sheriffs, Dortmund said a two year: investigation led to these charges and, if convicted to the initial charge. Has not these new ones. The initial charges, Jeremy, could face a potential maximum sentence of ninety years to life and state prison. I saw something with a two hundred and fifty years behind prison walls. Tat might be combined
I saw a couple pictures IRAN in his it now right. I'm here we have a picture of you want to see it. I will say this: you got the whole thing about the whole thing about deeds. With law, hair brush off. It's not good for prison because an especially to die their hair and where it long at some point, when you hit sixty just get out the clippers man a cause, it's you can't keep it up. What happens is your hair is long, but it gets really thin. Losing your hair and then you're, actually after diet, and now it's like Lee aesthetically yeah play. But I think that the biggest problem say the d just remain part is the biggest brown. That's also. I've wondered like about a guy like that. He had sex with so many women, some young.
New by women. His entire career, like I mean that I just haven't sex all throughout. Even it is sixty starring in ports with twenty two year old girls, every kind of gets the because this sort of sense likings do whatever he wants a like. You doesn't like he then, All we are doing is banging everyone all the time for the last fifty years are forty forty years also there anyway era sphere sad, but what are you gonna do and then I Was he accused of drugging them? Was that the big deal was that wasn't their original one, that their renewal line running women? I thought that was the first one s hold its shrugging of they are part of story. Why you I'll? Let you I'll let you carry on, but yet if you wouldn't mind looking into that, we will move forward satirical friends
newspaper in this this? This might trigger your memory because we haven't talked about in a while. We have any to Charlie Hebb dough. That was a big headline, yep two thousand and fifteen the target of a twenty fifteen mass by islamic extremists. Will re publish cartoons of the prophet Mohammed to coincide with the start of the trial for the terror attack. The Johnny fifteen attack left twelve people die when Gunman Swarm, Charlie of does Opis killing eleven employees and a policeman in the following day. Additional attacks of five more people dead until three attackers were killed in shootouts with police fourteen people charged with providing assistance to the men are scheduled to go on trial over the killings that begins as we as we read. Thus, the cartoons that depicted If it Mohammed often lampoon islamic radicals the cover, the issue? And we have arrived at a bunch, tormentor balls man. I gotta take us a thing about a think about that.
Radical Islam, you up at it in the inn, ultimately bottom line is people are scared. Their mostly scared, you now you are like a just say: you're, some celebrity mail. Now, you're, some big dude and somebody talk shit about you and you saw him at a cocktail party, New punched him in the face right. You would pay we talk much less shit about that guy. That's how or why that's how it works and if, if if it is in fact precedent of you go ahead and make fun of our faith. We will come in and slaughter you and your work. I mean it's been the effective like people talk about like over back for Islam, but there's no securing their the really did they. Little lampoon Islamic. We really doubtless people like I want. If I can get chat, I mean, if you think about in a world where everyone
is open and we make one of everybody all the time and nothing is really off the table. Certainly terms of religion in that kind of stuff people keep walking with Islamic there there is a small chance that you could get Charlie, have bowed, headquarters kind angry, like fuckin, I'm not saying anything anymore you're right and talk about having balls, here's a quote from Charlie: have no director La Surrey Sue. He says all the reason that could be argued against us like publishing. These? Are our political or journal? the cowardice. Do we want to in a country that prides itself on being a great free and modern democracy and which, at the same time, gives up on asserting its deepest convictions. For our part, it's out of the question is out of the question
to live in another country, another regime, another world. Well, I rarely say this, but that Frenchman is a hero and has balls man. You, God bless. You guys know reports of drug with wrong, but accusations of taking advantage of drunk women, which is not not the same as what I'm saying, you got Jean Hackmen and mash up ready. Love not at all One final word on Lebanon and the American dream: you're alive as yet. I
done many times they vigour. Why not? When mash up one more time? Well done he acts, Oh, there is a new tv you're coming out about a woman that I am completely obsessed with as of this morning, and we have to get her on the show and under over FBI, agent has begun, became an actress on a sea, W Teen Drama Riverdale they're, making a tv story, a tv series about her secret. Double life check this out on prime tv Morrison Nicholls plays the mother of Riverdale Veronica, but during the day Mari solved, Nicholls Hunts, child sex predator She has all this written, so going on when she's not filming. She volunteered to act as bait: jesting international trafficking,
the FBI's operation Underground rail road. She plays the part of parents, pimping out children them into these underground sex trafficking situations, They said in in certain situations. She also plays the child. I dont know how that works, but she felt she also placed the parent Nicholls whose all that too star in Lyon, Gates lines get saw, reboots called spiral next year has purchased numerous child sexting around the world over the last few years, the tv store, tv series gum teller stories. Call Hollywood vigilante Murray Sol participated in six successful things around the world. Her motivate to volunteer, for the FBI stems from a rape at age eleven she says change the entire trajectory of my life in a day, and now she goes after. These do when she's, not onset at Riverdale, so she's, an actress moonlights. What the FBI correct, I thought it! Fbi agents are cast on the shell. Well that she's considered
FBI, undercover agent, somebody, I thought, tweet somebody opened up a house and stood like a free sex or the minor just turns a dude, showed up nothing. You caught fight. The Africa cried from raters fans, only them Catch Debbie, dad's, but that it is appalling to me and as I was looking at the list, the picture of the guys that showed up to the house. Is like young and old black, and why Richard like this. This huge cross section of goods in our like? There was no theme other than the horrible due to wanted to have sex with young people and its had that it There's this much of this going on that this much exists that this is a thing in two thousand and twenty. Yes to that, they showed up through the sting operation, not know either say like oh, how there No, there must be things like this that actually happen
go down where upon intended, Roy Guys, actually sharpened. There are some action Otherwise, I ve ever shoved wannabes, oh like any good sting operation like free, cock, fight for raiders Transit, the Colosseum, like you, can't you not going to if anyone is like, what's a cock run every day after maybe I am of the John Raw, like Libya handed out- remains whether whatever put out, I don't know what it was backed by this kind of it. So depressing. Things. I'm googling is delicate again. Why are you absolutely whenever it is totally depressing to drill down on that stuff, like only when I read the story, it's sad, but I just showed a picture of all these guys. Like looks like there's one of everybody here now, which it makes it more disgusting. Finished a we just talked about IRAN to reset my pipe easy. Listen about the long island, serial killer and a thing that made that Trusting is because it was about killing sex workers and process
So nobody gave a shit rational enough of them piled up. It was like now we have a story and they interview this girl. They. Prince Inga, and this is from you know the last for many years where she's, like I was in New York. I was run away. I went to this his car in broad daylight, the middle of Times square cause. He was gonna, give me money, so I can go get food they me or the head. The next thing I knew I mean Florida in a house where they, you're writing. They dress you up the guys, really like the nine year olds. The best and like that's your life. Now until you escape, is it's mine, blowing it's also I mean I don't know what the hell we do with sexuality cause. It's it's a strong economy like if you say, you're railroad, really wants to discuss this matter. Here. Goes you sexuality is pretty strong. Like gets its pretty carved in if you're an guy or Boob Geier. You like the mill stuff real, like the asian women, are or whenever a thing is
that you like, and you know, if you're gay. Historically, you could be killed right. I mean it's kind of a hassle to be gay. Certainly the historic, now the more you now come on eleven airline, two thousand twenty you get some bonus points bonus, but not on Chechnya historically was it was bad, and so, if you could just I'd be gave of average just be a better life and startling, but you can't cassettes its India. That's that's who you are. That's, that's your thing. So, weird, talk eyes out of their sexuality like we're going, don't do it it's wrong! It's wrong thing to do we're talking about this young, kids and stuff, and sadly I dont know that you can tell people it's wrong or you can tell people
legal, because you can tell people not to rob a bank and I think, they'll go ok money I'll free money, but I get it. I think I can. I think I can control, an impulse rob a bank. Actually it's tough man, it's how do you? How do you control it and you have to control it like the Gestapo man, I mean to be like zero tolerance and everyone chemical. Aspiration or whatever we're doing, to put him in and put him in a prison don't let it I'll pedophile create right, my island for pedophiles, but it's tough in its way that their show many guys and it from a percentage standpoint, but there's a lot. A dude stood that role. This way, it's kind of sad Ryan and is also you are. If this is your thing, as a dude. You'll, never have a normal life and you will at some point
on do your own life. I it's it's gotta, be impasse while especially in this modern era, just to go, I like the once- and I will just continue unabated act you're my ear you're gonna put your half that now you're gonna end up in prison. I mean that's how you know how powerful. It is because every fast of societies is saying you're, the worst parson on the planet and if we You doing this, we're going to put you in prison for the rest of your life and no one's gonna feel sorry for you and you go I'm doing it anyway in terrible guy, that have done the most terrible things, think you're scum and you have to be separated from them right, where's that what was that tweet? I don't know Brian, you saw it wrong that somebody to send me a picture. I add on how I woke up this morning. I turn on the computer and there's like guys is all they. They did the story
Ryan Asylum about, or I was talking about, the brain was maybe familiar with which they put a sting house together and call the bunch a guys out. I don't know they ve gone that directly. I didn't see our car. I thought we are familiar with it now that, within your genre, here, around thing house, pedophile, rounded up a bunch of guys, you answer, they add and basically showed up now. Let me hit. Oracle here by a net Sweet America's right to get back to work, but that when the new economy need every advantage in order to succeed, smart company, run on net sweet by Oracle, the world's number one cloud business system with nets. We got visibilium control over financial a jar inventory, e commerce and more all in one place
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youngest, and only when only woman in the top ten. I grabbed the top twenty because I bought eleven and twelve are very interesting. Any guesses who else is in the top dozen actors athletes. Everything in between- these are earners for the year for the air. While I mean, obviously you got your rocks and your own browsing year set up her anyway and Johnson is number ten. Oprah is not on the list who what's Oprah, don't let go now. Lady I gotta get out there and make some hay while the sun is shining Stedman, gotta get honor. That's. What's this, you didn't care, Fifty seven million this year with you, I'm at forty, four nine ha ha ha I need your drown, letters we only you're off. I'd else. Tell us tell you so I'm gonna go from one to twelve cause. I think that's the most interesting direction. Kiley Jenner, then com,
West, powerful family, Roger Federal British we are a wet, is making that much clothing or music or what's he said? Oh that's, a good question, but there's a big signal and dropped between number one, a number two colleagues, five hundred forty million colonies, one hundred seventy and he's the second: it's embarrassing thanks giving like God awkward. Very just soccer players, Lionel Messy, then Tyler Perry Name- are another soccer Blair, Howard Stern. At ninety million Leubronn J. That eighty eight point two than the rock then eleven. Twelve slim bar at eleven with eighty five million Ellen Degenerous number. Well, with eighty four million rush, Limbaugh makes eighty five million and Ellen Eighty four Horum beholden garage see why she's dancing want mechanic, that's and hearty Gowan syndicated tv man, she's crazy, lies whether it where they
the male man's, your boss, the Czechs, ass wow. That is I don't think anyone would ever whenever be whenever even guess that what a time where Levin and I'm trying to think like highly seem too a lot of work done right, She looks quite a bit different than she dared those family top to bottom. Yeah those that you ve seen those means with Kiley. Before all the work done. It says: you're, not ugly, you're, just poor. Railway. With my really can change things up. A candle hasn't had stuff done now, right, she's, like desert a narrow one and that the growth she's, the statue Runway models much way have later out in their arrest of MIA Jesus Christ Jesus wait a minute whose which ones are Kate Linz
wait. Wait lines are kept in the dark, handle a wily candle Kiley and then all we are not Bro is Brody not brought up rob Rob Kardashian and then court me income and Chloe. I think that's the crew, so isn't Jenner he's a car dashing gets his name's, rob Rob Rob Cartoon Robert yeah right, wrongly, is Brody's Jenner, yet ready Jenner rise in Robin Prodi can't be too far part no kin I thought Brody was older MAX Max research that what is wrong in Brody's age
one of them is a general one of them's cartouche Jesus Christ, amazing how much money that family guides Robys thirty, three Brody's, thirty seven, so men had sobriety- was actually born before job. Once again, the crashing got together jack, rabbit and wiser, Brodie Jenner, how he raises priorities: marriage, oh he's, a previous marriage guy and then ok, sir. That's all working, I'm not good. That I have my whole life, namely tree. I didn't know like like your cousin of like ok So that means My mom is his mom like now guy I There are so many are about it. There are so many things I didn't. I didn't learn learn any states any capitals, any spellings, and I I it took me long come I to this day, do not know them.
The short months in the long months, and I never learned any family tree staff or non Trieste up. Then you're Sal. You relate second cousin means that your mom Scotland, I don't know. I have no idea it's my family, we didn't have therein, I didn't. We have uncles and family members and stuff, and I could never do the math It doesn't matter how many times in my life, it will be explained to me before I die. I will never understand what once or twice removed means. I don't like it certainly cousin twice remove. I have no idea what that means. I thought rinse Pat Bruno were my aunt and uncle my entire life and their my cousins. So I've no goddamn idea. What's what's going on. All I know is a market left any money, that's all I know I wish I was a card ash it be the king of the card animals. Is there a loophole which leave yourself Remember I note your life foundation or something like this.
Well to us like love myself, some inheritance. The ad lib I like the I want to be buried in my car, I'm grown old trial or what about? What's your name, the hotel? Arrests? No, not not air. That then the matter imposing a shout to beg. You simplify player, didn't she leave it all to our dog or something I know I am going to get my family a choice, Leah. We Helms. I am we're your listen. I'm we'll be buried in a car. Now. Can we reach us I mean we're gonna, be buried in my portion, nine thirty, five that Newman drove Lama, which is a very expensive car when went to bury it, but these your choices, EVA, get buried in that car or I get buried. In a fully loaded dynamically. Why it's a rental you are going to have to pay for that. You are on the clock,
Uganda, the insurance. You want the insured, but you're gonna pay for the rest of your life for this car, but won't be big lump, it's a rental, that's gonna, be my well known but tell me at my well. I want to be buried in a rental car full size Well it away, I what else we got Gina Grand well speaking, Sisters are cousins or who the hell knows of a flight was delayed Sunday. After two female delta passengers got into a brutal fight on the jet bridge of a terminal in the Guardia. We have the video play for you and nobody could tell They there either sisters are cousins, so they say the two people involved in the fight courted punching each other before one of the passengers throws one I'm in my ego it they are really serious. I only think it'll be seduces good though there who is it definitely sister their on a third. I am actual sisters and what's going down the jet way to try and bring them up the bystanders,
the video set told the daily mail that they are related to the police were called to them. Seeing the two were led away from the gate in a peaceful manner, and they both at the flight, was forty five minutes late, is our: are women fighting Andorra, screaming at each other and or screaming at elderly couples in the street or people trying to have dinner and stuff like that. Is that up to seven hundred twenty six percent, like lichen- and I have said, are always said- women far more aggressive than man, they're just smaller than ban it doesn't happen, is much I've. I've I've always given the example of every step on eyes toe the guy goes a watch. It you step on. A woman's tell her hand flies out, her hand will fly out, we'll hit. You doubt their smaller than I can do the damage but they're like birds. That's what column, Birds in England, the angry and eat. Something has happened in the last ten minute tenant
for women are let fly like all off. Whatever that anger was and all they like? You don't put your hands a lady wooden, it's all off, some of them for which I should like on the streets. The most up. Sat in the loudest in the craziest seem to be the women. Are we just some of them are more percent because they were voiced. Throughout history of women's, the fair or sex another one has died out other smartphone in their hands, maybe we're just to be exposed to the wolves order there. I thought that women are more a grass If then, man by it's always been kind of tempt down like we ve he's gonna want a lady? Wouldn't you know failure by every in our society that used to be tat down is just we just pulled the we just rip the hymen off that Pringles Camp and that's what right now and so the guys and as us
before a if your two hundred pound, dude and there's another two hundred pound did like if, if doktor drew in me, want to scrap we're gonna have to think that somebody's orbital socket could be shattered. Like yeah, there's gonna be a couple of decency dude go out if someone could really seriously get injured. Couple hundred by pounders got a lotta hair like pulling and tugging into that town. One pound, it's the same injury isn't there, but they never do they don't do the damage that the dude Stew they hang on and they shorter role around seven hundred twenty five pound fly, wait due to grab the hair and then they sort of and roll around on the on the ground, but either way the lid my general synopsis. As there are no rules and therefore there is no more decorum any more and women who are more aggressive, then
an or who have hotter tempers. I think than men do and now I'm just going. Maybe it's marginal, but I I I know I'm trying to think I feel like most girlfriends. I've had my life have had a hotter temper. Then I have most most women, I know probably just have their more. Why would they their more emotional economy like for good and for bad that that just one side, they cry more easily. They they hug bay these harder in Ireland. They probably kin is your voice, a little faster too. It's true around my house I don't know how why you guys are at home. I don't know how it with the Christie Brian yeah. Definitely more quickly like you, said that both the harder to the babies and hair trigger. Sometimes so. You can see that thank later not violence. You'd probably beat me up and occurred state right, but
is about your house Gina. What's funny, I was thing about this growing up. I was in a house, is very, very hot. And bird man and I had to learn to be very even keel to counteract that. So I I know that there was a side of my personality until I became an adult and all those poor boy, friends. So, just I wasn't. I was trained out of that at you, even knowing that existed, because it was already so prevalent in the house, but now I've I've, I've thrown pay, not at anyone, but just just as a statement peace to might took the button of my sons, iron skill at all. Plans now examine on trying to kill anybody find it. It was the button to my argument. I think one time I like that you ve taken repressed and fast
in the medium term, train out. I've got an interesting to S, done, repressed and faster. Well, that's the thing I mean. I've, I've been conditioned my entire life to be. Com one. So I can do that no problem, but when I have you know something accuses, standing and as nice, as my fiance lets me, Jerry so I'll, just just whip. I met a wall, then I go okay. This is this is not the way to go. I'm trying to think my day. You, couldn't get arise in my parents are tough to use to try to measure. Might my dad wouldn't do any my dad's? Never lost is cool. Does have a goal to lose. Him just sit on a sofa somewhere. My dad, never Ray is this voice are really doesn't ring. My mom didn't do much of it, but she was kind of an emotional mass like you could get her bent out of shape pretty easily. My dad can really Ben him out of shape too easily unless you ve fucked, with this
a hard and envy you unleash the being wrong and then grandmother was allowed to shit in kind of aggressive and in everything, and my grandfather was pretty quiet, and my sister and I were prowling about the same. I don't even notice. I didn't notice a big, a big difference, thereby Natalia can definitely get land from zero to sixty real fast real fast, especially That's the woman on woman crime there! When that the daughter stuck in a little older, they can bring it out fast anyway. Let's stop stop putting. Hands on people in public folks, stop punching people and stop rest with their family members and if you want to do it, it's called backyard wrestling go to your own fucking backyard. Let's not delay the flight for everybody else. You know, I think of you.
No, I dont know if Brien's ever had this experience I know Adam. Has I've never hit somebody or slapped anybody not out of life. Silly fraternity, box yeah, I'm talkin like you, wanted every like actually out I've, never of anger like yellow whatever. I bet. That's awesome, I am. I never like I mean I never like that, I wasn't good at it. I didn't I was a good skilled person, but I just felt we This wrapper and try to hurt people are. I could never like when you see some of that footage alike. Eyes on the ground these days of views, that guy runs up this kicks him in the face. I like. How could you do that? Like just kick the guy now, there's is lying there, like he's sitting on the ground disorder age. Kick him in the head like that that the people who can do that too
Paul, who can just come up behind him and hit him on the head with a break or just kick him in the head or whether lying on the ground or whatever. That is those people are the scariest people on the planet of always said that I'm not You know we talk about bank robbers in the past, I get bank robbery and I get insurance rod and I get all that stuff. The stuff where you just clocks, when in the head you ve never met before, just as your back turned you shocker, punch him or something. It's so insanely evil and you're the scariest person around, because you need no motivation and no financial incentive to just punch people are kick people anyway. There's people frighten me. Let me what's do one more? Let me hit the bat online here, first NBA and a child. I ask that are up and running and you can get in on all the action, including the NBA play off bracket contest M L B continues through the summer
no shortage of ways to get in on the action, but online has hundreds of odds futures and perhaps the bed on plus the casino never closes headed their website today. Sign up receive your welcome bonus on your feet deposit. Also boxing you have see you see man, you know you talk about the pub in the NBA and who did it right? Who did it wrong? You have see, did it right, they never missed a beat everyone's everyone's healthy and fighting when I get in on the action that be a smart way to go. Visit bet on daddy jerks, whose partner podcast one don't forget, is a promo code pot gas, one for your sign up bonus today, Ben online. Your online sport book acts birth. I went ass. We have seen a grand well speaking scary people and scary women. We can all go. Is scary, women, this Halloween artist, Jason, add car created the carrot.
Mask a scare care in mass, complete with Bob hair style and angry. Let me speak to administer we're not gonna Victor right. Now you can add a cell phone to the costume. You can dangle amassed from your ear, refusing to put it on if you're interested in them ass. You could check out Jason's into, and page and dm him for details, and I think this going to be a real hot seller. This year I like when couples are so to put the effort into play both sides. The equation. So, if your merited yeah, your wife is going Karen, then you go Carrasco, employee, the manager he has come just. Please put your mask on gotta, where the vast right, where the costs go there, the trade arouse they have the clipboard really good, India in Ottawa Navvy great? I I live. I like always envious of the couple that does the theme you now that that we need
each one of you in order to complete this tab, allow Yapped important keeps keeps couples together when the hell is a secondary, hollowing we are not at all such an idea, I think I'll, the original this year you know what I mean gonna love. I'm gonna love all the build up to hollowing where they get all the talking heads on the news that a year ago, it's relish Fifthly, safe for you, child too, to go door now here my tips and make sure they and ten feet away in the person who answers door throws the Snickers bars at them. Then, when, at home get out the law? saw and wipe down all I'm gonna love all the tips and all the safety tabs and how to do it responsibly and all that or you could fuckin send the nine year also get their fuckin candy and enjoy themselves while the sun is still shining or at least when this street lights come on
and we can get the fuck on with our lives, but this can be lots of safe tips for doing this and when the hell is our wise Ella one is ally, I gotta be the worse, was l, I gotta be the slowest and worse in the safest. This is so tough this. This is excruciating for me. I know some people, probable, like it its own weird way. Some people tolerated This is a pipe cleaner up, my fucking urethra living in this town. It is so brutal, if your wired, like me, saying that I ate dinner last night in the parking lot Sonny that, like walked into the restaurant, a course to use the bathroom or to talk to them receptors just like wide open like we could just sit there, and he now we put the astroturf in the parking lot, fine, just it's all such Fuckin theatre, our Morgiana Gina grad. What else oh right, well, now
see, NASH, I think most people know who she is. She had a little plot twist lately, she had a secret lottery with Twat dry twat twists got it got it. You must know the story. I applaud trending twenty dry, she read signal her Jessica bats. She declared Self Missus Carroll Denise Bats, that's a real name Carroll, the means the what photo. We have chosen a white bridle ground, a gown and just as in the talks Look I'm happy only six months ago, ash finalize her divorce from J Tucker before that He was married for thirteen years to DAWN Nash. They have three kids Nisi unjust, combats of known each other these two years just appeared uneasy Instagram with the caption. When you to hang out on the set with your home girl and now they're they're betrothed, where there's hope for us all
just because, like that hot leg, dont care What gender you are you're, just hot type, the clothes of Jessica I haven't seen because of our, but I do I am. I do think about some of my super efficient male friends and God man. We if we were gay we'd, take over the world right now imagine. I be awesome. Just get around the gay. But do you know where I get in? Maybe again maybe Nisi NASH gives us all some hope. I mean she's in heterosexual relationship. She has sire three kids from relationship now married to a chick. Do it the second act? That's it I'll Shimerda Gower wearing a suit.
There's some and at your age. I don't want you know I don't want to assume, but it isn't really more about companionship. You don't have to have sex with that, but were living in a judgment free zone you now, I'm in Iraq I go gay. I get that much cod. Soon again, my next film into Sundance ride. This is not a burden anymore. Marguerite S main or else your Levin is a giant house, never see other yeah. Now, all all things, the fantasy in a non sexual but drawing national one, I'm just putting this up to the king, You can see it. That's Jessica, bats. It's like! I wonder why why a lot for a guy a gal, your hot, You sell negative cello, yeah she's good lookin yeah. How accomplishes a singer issue sheep? If we heard of her there, we know what she does MAX Van ripper
have not heard of her finger Father music that people can enjoy. You're good music. Well, that's why why people leave the house grass and when I the good stuff, Everyone here you spare meaning with your guitar than here real music thought out well put together, rehearsed finger pop, a sum that can tap their footwear foot damp and finger pop and music. Good. Now there are one or she's covered anything I want. I don't even know if she'd dirty as she'd twenty three achieve She is good as a handsome lady you, while I it just as American Sing, r, r and d soul, but I had this is the first I'd heard of her of the ones I think she's. Forty eight! Well, she book is Nisi NASH. Is she? Was she
in the view and no nine on one love s, probably I can't keep track of hostility. This way too many celebrities why what, I was growing up. Is guinea we need to know the celebrity this need to be familiar need to be familiar with stars gain hutch, you need six million dollar man immediately Are too hard. You know. Maybe Swat diamond Simon Simon and the love any like. I am Zack Eyes the captain and that's the gopher, that's gopher from about an hour. Dukes of hazard had no does that's it. Although we had and then after that, there was like sports. There's like Oj Simpson and Doktor J and local newspaper, that's all had we wasn't this whole weird strata of
you know online and face, were you know, influenced who answers, and you know era, all in all these island attitude is Youtube stars? Are we didn't mean? You mean Logan, pavlovian Paul Errand, far from breaking bad, how his brother, but Logan, is there another polish Paul was it. This is my point exactly how many Paul's we had This Paul that they may fish takes us all. We needed. That's all the gourd. Sir fishermen you should have a kid right and Missus Darcy S Pope John Paul II? Here's how bad our childhood or fish stocks were big, treat our big title of praises rational occasion should my kids fish sticks out Look at me whether this burnt old man where the dog you get to their parents subject, but the that you could just
If this thing in do something and then needed, that was a big big old deal, I do Let's go, let's bring it home, you I'm gonna grab and that's the news That was the news with Gina grad. Last but not least, we got a guy go right. Now, guy goes offering you an extra fifteen percent credit on car motorcycle, our visa policies- that is fifteen percent. On top the money Geico, could already be saving you. So what are you waiting for one or two save by going over the guy Sophie already there you're gonna say the money. If you switchover, then you're gonna save as well. There. Never been a better time to switch over saved x or fifteen percent of Eu Switch by October. Savants up visit guy Kodak come to learn. More, I don't think I'm doctor drew for hang out and crack and wise
they show you go to a website. Doktor drew dotcom, find out all he's doing. God are you to pay age and check out you to back complex shadow. Corolla have stand up there in bits up there and stuff. You can look up there. Look at up there I'm your social support animals available out me right review on Amazon and I will read it good sports coming up next Tempi zone, Improv September, nineteen and eight and I went wrong order them run like reading Torah over here but, whilst Irish, why part gas and stand up as while several do all that until next items, Adam for ducked, grew and geographic, Barbara Insane MA hollow. Surrounding damaged check return with good sports.
Just one sports prisons, good sport side allows sports fans were welcomed. The Wednesday additional Good Sports, Adam Corolla, up their Dave damage, check over here, ready to chop it up a little bit. Or he err on the day after another hard knocks episode in ACE about a week a couple days ago I joined our mutual pow map money. Smithy does a little chargers post, hard, knocks thing on line and that rhetoric
enjoying the US and in my money this is the greatest movement in hard knocks history. If you remember this, oh yeah era will play the clip. We understand what I don't want to see. Let's go, let's go eat a goddamn snack is garments limited best, and I am disappointed that the whole room doesn't just get up and like throw chair through the wall there so enthuse by the fire. That message I saga, saga. Direct aids. Funny to me, like the details, are get left out of these six bad thing has been covered at nausea, No one has ever got to the bottom of what the snack. What what are you doing? What's the idea you you plug practice in southern California, out there with the pads on and everything else. What's the ideal snack ace when you leave the grid, I
the little cheese and cracked her with the stick. They give you a rub: the orange pasty cheese onto the little cracker that little less neck back, but he has, I think about that snack, think about. If you went. Vinnie toward her age or any modern day nutritionist and showed the cheese and cracker snack. That was a stable of every body anyone whose, between the ages of forty five and sixty five lived, sclusively on these little snack pack crack or whatever, and then he would explain to you. That is the worst thing you could put in your body you'd. We would be better off in a bullet in your body than that. That is all it is solely in Carbo, in sugar and white flour and then or
die, number, seventeen and De Hydrogen de hydrogenated palm oil, and what our like the notion that this was issues snack for a year person and that everyone, I know, eight seventeen thousand of these things before their eighteenth birthday. They did the lets us now, like how simultaneously smart ends but we are as human beings right that this snack, ditch What was that thing called Gary? Was it tat night go or who made that I know I can picture it exactly. I just can't think of what the name riot thing. We had put a person, on the moon a decade before everyone, I know which is eating. These things out on my life, part of that was like that, was the sort of the add campaign. What I think I'm some we'll crowding. Do it laureates handy snacks, writs handsets. I need to see a picture. I'll. Tell you what I ve learned from being married.
And also my own personal childhood is well. My mom was a health food not by The first thing she was was lazy, so I then eight Salisbury Steak, Hungary, man frozen dinners because my mom, while she may, while she been a health, not her. First allegiance was lethargy. You're, not a man like so parents, so my kids are sit around eaten uncrossing balls and hot pockets all day, and it's not because my wife doesn't love there. But the first thing we all hours, parents is lazy at the love come second, I've got good national, your memories. Impeccable I'll show you here that it is craft, but it has since been overtaken by the Ritz brand, the exact same price, but your day it was cracked. It was craft the aircraft made it. So when
freezing poison to our kids. It's not because we don't love them. It's because we're lazy people sat round that that's, They write you now, listen you! When you you're, not apparent you think like on not just gonna plot. My kid from a tv, not gonna play with and pull it out. You gave me I also I've even turn based coroner and I'm sure people will turn their nose up at me for saying this out loud I've reconciled made me it's a big rationalization for me by
I love my kids are the best there. The reason for me doing anything and so on and so forth, but shame the devil if he ever like pay for the wife to say, like you need the watch, two of these kids for the next day and a half cause, I'm gonna overnight trip you got it you. You have to be responsible for putting them the bad waking them up and entertaining them like that does not sound thought I'd. That does not excite me. In fact, it bombs me out and I've come to grips with the fact that that doesn't make me a terrible pair. Am I right for not for drafting for not holding myself to two eyes standard like I have to enjoy, just because I'm a five year, I you know some bad parenting. I in the kids are due The home zoom schooling now.
My son has taken to the theatre, the Downstairs theatre that I built that's his home base for the homes zooming. My daughter has taken into my wife's office. I now on two separate occasions: it wasn't even the national part of the starboard on two separate occasions. I have one in in a towel thinking I was walking in the talk to my wife with fancy me and my daughter screaming get out get two times now, because I think my wife, in her office and I stepped out a shower, and I want to talk about some for ITALY for work and it's my daughter's zoom screen.
And right now I gotta I got explained the spunk sway, the the wisdom of the Orient brought to the San Fernando Valet, like I need to have a very gentle conversation about that. I had worked ass, a man about the way you must orient. Your laptop cannot be I can't beyond the business and of it. When I walk into the room in my town, you have to go the other direction where you see me, but no one else sees me anyway. For another day, I walked into the theatre, here's what a bad parent I am. I walked into the theatre this morning to find my son in the middle of a lesson while the, iter screen had the end today on had that at the NBA muted, but the NBA Eta. At you know, a twelve foot NBA stat screen on their while mice,
and was looking at Youtube videos on his phone on his lap and Almost almost full recline, with one of the theatre seats in their shoes, are literally reclined. Looking at his phone look, at the end NBA and then a distant third way Ben whatever was honest computer screen and whenever lessons were being taught- and I looked at him- and I should What are you doing I'm watching Youtube, and I said ok. And I turn round and left us bad apparent. I am, you going to say like please, keep it down, doing. Algebra right now, please, I'm out to reclassify watches on that. One What a lie! I can't I'm like a curmudgeon that kid's now that the standard is even when it's not cope with that. Now, if you go to class, you take a laptop with you and that's perfectly acceptable, a deer point about being on the business end of it
teachers have no idea what you're looking out. You can just sit there and what a dream that would have been. I could have got even worse grades and I got in school. I gotta just sat therein surf the net. While I was sitting physically literally looking at twelve foot screen and trying to ingest whatever the teacher now The good news is, we all learn. The one thing we learned in junior high and high schools, that whatever you learn a sort of useless. So it's hard to make a strong wine of rye. You have to be tuned in when you never actually will use that formation in the end in the real world, but the magic I don't know why, but him being an almost full recline like us. Some sort of that page like like psyche, was going to get on dialysis, see and I like he was gonna, come lay down and go to windows out pay
in our treatment Linux sad, I saw through a couple constables, Adam in a hot pack and in a few of those cheese crackers by craft bet on line. Be a an age, the playoffs man are up and running people better online has covered getting on all the action, including the NBA Playoffs Bracket contest is well M. L B continues through the summer to no shortage of ways to get in on the action that bet online has hundreds of odds futures and prompts the bed on plus their casino never closes head too at the website today, and sign up to receive your welcome bonus for your first deposit and it's all the sports, its boxing You have see as is well all the combat sports or their visit bet on line dot. Agee are exclusive partner, podcast one, don't forget promo code podcast, one for your sign up by
today give in on the action a online dot age, Ben online, your online sports book exports I you know, I love sunny day and I'll. Take this in the spirit in which its intended, you know, I am a big fan of the Kid- is on the right path to a career talking about football advance football everything out, but I'm here by resentful that it sounds like what he's its he's having a better time then I am in my in my average waking hours, you get up he's around one basketball and did so that these are class fan club? I look at what will be back with more hot sports to opt for you to Morrow to live for Adam Corolla Day damaging. Or down follow. The Adam Carolla show on Twitter, Adam Carolla Show follow the Iceman on the Twitter and Adam Carolla. You can leave as a voicemail at eight hundred and eighty eight
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