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Episode 23: LoserThink With Scott Adams

2019-11-15 | 🔗

In episode twenty-three of The Babylon Bee podcast, editor-in-chief Kyle Mann and creative director Ethan Nicolle interview Scott Adams, the world famous creator of the Dilbert comic strip, a modern-day Nostradamus, and the New York Times best-selling author of Win Bigly: Persuasion in a World Where Facts Don't Matter.  He famously predicted Trump's election through a psychological analysis of persuasion.  He discusses with Kyle and Ethan his most recent book LOSERTHINK: How Untrained Brains Are Ruining America.  

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Intro- Kyle and Ethan discuss seeing Kellen Erskine's show. Kyle went to a Switchfoot concert. Kyle got sick.

Story 1 -  Millennial Wishes There Were Some Historical Examples Of Socialism We Could Study To Have Some Idea How It Might Turn Out Story 2 - ABC News Claims Story On Epstein Was Accidentally Thrown Out Then Shredded Into Tiny Pieces And Incinerated Story 3CNN Criticizes Pregnant Woman For Shooting Poor, Defenseless Man Who Was Simply Seeking Asylum In Her Home

Interview: Scott Adams

Hate Mail- Podcast Reviews

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Story 1- The Babylon Bee has been coming up with handy infographics for use as media guides. Like The Babylon Bee Explains Assault Rifles  and A Style Guide For News Organizations

Story 2- Authorities Horrified At Woman Who Killed Baby With Meth Instead Of Traditional Brain-Sucking Device

Ethan and Kyle 

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This is an interesting, maybe they're, born with it. Maybe Jesus you're listening to them alone. Are your infallible I'll man and he's a nickel. Yes welcome to the Babylon Bee POD gas, to show where we keep. You informed, correct, extremely informed with is with news and commentary and scaling opinions and tidbits and lots of you see. Do you see morsel some more Mason how you doing Kyle I'm doing good Ethan.
Well, here we are. We are getting ready for the sector, so we get to talk to Scott Adams, so we talked a Scot Derek's and last week Northernmost Scott Atoms, and then I think next week or a future, we grew to be speaking with MIKE Adams Ass, the goods getting really confusing, so we can keep it stood We have to talk to my direction to anybody out there. That knows a famous semi famous MIKE Derek's or Adam Scots and anyway. I guess so. We have the Dilber guy who makes predictions he's like the now stood almost of our day and age. He be sits on a mountain somewhere and says Trump, a mountain that he had fashioned out of Dilbert Comics Year, because he's really reiterate cash. I say at its later in the absurd would you do this week. Well, I got sick yesterday, which was horrible
I told the house, but I like vomiting, like I didn't, but my family was and I'm going to. Still not sure I was sick, and I think it was just everything that happened us that and then that's how have left me too. I was the only one he didn't you and I'm just relax control, but I really sick, but it didn't come out. It's like you know it's coming, so you just feel in use land It was terrible, but the day before that was fun because you and I wouldn't suck. Her skin. The comic, who happens to be a lot of latter day saints a member of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day saints as a mouthful- and he's really funny live. I thought it was really good. Well, some kind live makes you funny if you're not funny yeah,
energy in the room and you you react more to other people laugh good comics. If you join on those on the special anti anyone every own join, more live, yeah He was very good at, like I don't know, in the crowd. Crowds energy in playing off. It doesn't just do script lucky. He had as things are, he asked the crowds asks. He asks the crowd to her to give him input, throw things Adam. He plays off the crowd really well. Yeah he's clearly professional yeah, but even like. Let's say that joke wasn't getting a tunnel after he knew how to just make it into something funny or blow right through go to the next thing I was. I was pretty impressed by that skill in oh yeah that comics F to have any did a great job openers not so much. I wasn't! I'm not going to call out my name here on this podcast and shame them it's like a Sunday night show, and I don't know how many Christians or
members of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day saints will go to a Sunday night comedy show the crowd was a little small, but I mean it. It felt If you guys noticed that Kellen's come in your town, you got to go, see him funny funny man agree. More clean, Kommeni skated he's the clean. I'm a good as birthday party play. Is these guys it open form they weren't clean, comics there trying to use every job Likud naked me many joke? They wanted yeah? I struggled man and he came up their pure, clean jokes and had to pay but you know exactly what he said on our broadcast was. I don't want people to think afterwards, hey that was clean yeah, you know that's exactly what it felt like. I didn't feel like telling me safe jokes, because either guys we're doing like Trump jokes we're landing and then some joke about how ugly his friend was there something my friend so ugly and yeah trying to get people
Twenty two de Teran We had a good time so mean eating one of his appearance, as though we like each other you guys to feel like we have this relationship outside of the pond cast is as important as you try to make public appearances. As friends, but then we go somewhere. There's only like twenty people there, like Nobody saw us, we need to go to shoot. We should have gone to Switchfoot together and walked around arm in arm. I did. Did I record this song as after I did Switchfoot I don't think so I don't know. I think I think I think when we recorded, I mentioned I'm going to switch foot like that. I'm lines all messed up for me how a switch back. I was great call them alive when my wife, when she saw you you and your wife said a switch will. It was really cute, yes, really cute. Other shipwreck me did you like it brick seem right where the guy comes out and read their diary of like we've been shipwrecked this many days so,
suddenly. It was good some pill alright, some stories of the weed or is the week the first week, sponsor this week. This episode sponsored by the Christian Standard Bible Leather, Csb, study, Bible. Translation strives to be faithful to the original languages without sacrificing clarity to inspire you to grow in your understanding and love for gods. Word the Csp Study Bible contains an award winning array of study resources. Including over sixteen thousand study, notes tools and word studies. Now available in eight different cover options, including two new covers? What are you preparing for future Bible studies or daily readings study Bible is the ideal resource for lifelong discipleship. Learn more at sea S, Bible, dot com or visit lifeward dot com? To order
copy of the Csb study Bible today I don't know. If our will, our sponsors appreciate Frank laughing at them, how dare you our eyes stories of the weak with do this every week stories? These are some of them millennial wishes. There were some historical examples of socialism. We could study to have some idea how it might turn out. If only pulled me half only. There are some examples. Let's say I never like. Sweden. Isn't Sweden ideal? Well, I think the thing with Sweden is it's like her driven by a capitalist economy and the descent like a big social safety net,
a lot of times, people say that support socialism, that's what they means like yeah. They want that kind of like capitalism, socialism mixed in there yeah actually want the state to own the means of production. The means of production, the means product: we need to seize the means of production and the means of production, so I have to say on the soil: Philip inflammatory quality, copy content. This is a frank from article right now. This is now the somalian dude, I'm often mistaken for Frankfurt. This is that got to be a frank, That is probably the greatest honour. I can get them as good as a comedy writers like hate this written by Frank,
I just kind of smile and nod sure whatever you want after made axe cop, but I was known as the guy who made the comics of the five year old people to check on my other stuff like this. Why your brother to do you buy real brother right this to this point, is not read it. This kind of an opposite, probably added mental option, so they did they wanted I was trying to think it was like an insult like this the five year old road. It is untrue I don't really know how you came up with this concept by yourself myself, of that girl in your grown adult, and you have. This was the one you did that it was trembling sponsorship that was that written by. If I don't get the nevermind nevermind, then yesterday's. You really start writing something like history books, some court, some sort of books contain
historical information, where you could go back and look and see accounts the account books real socialism in travel, real history books been trying, where we could ride down like all these countries, are the marker explode? Oh by the way have you seen? Did you see the new Jack Ryan's is now I'm like three episodes in hardly walk anything now, I'm like forced myself just watch season two yeah. I was amazing to me because it set in Venezuela Oleanders, which is collapsing because of socialism in real life and then, the opposite of secret, oh it's like, or even like Levison, three or four, the talk about all the specific problems but I'm all with inflation starvation in corruption? All those are all the problems in Venezuela and they're like it's because of this right wing nationalist and That's coming up to route to challenge them is like a social justice. Warrior
make it like it? A fictional country at that point, I can buy into ok, they're, just crazy fast. Sky, is ruining everything I could buy. That concept writing, but why said it in selling words the opposite? It is. I don't know it's bizarre to me. Isn't that nice, like that's it, people in Hollywood, expect you to do they want you to sit there with your world. Up as as it's supposed to be in their mind like like the all of Congress, is women. The president is a wheelchair, bound, Pacific Islands lesbian. Everything has to be the world they want it to be, and if you don't like that. You set up as the world is your. Does you just perpetrating the horrible worldly limb knots, not solving all our problems for us yet, like you can't can't tell stories about how the world is. It still hope that must surely yeah. I like that they did that show. I think it was called commander in chief or something right before Hillary ran
like a woman becomes the first president. Ok, I get what you're trying to do twenty forded that yeah twenty four ways Heather. Firstly, the black president, before by president before bomber, then the female president. She is horrible president. I, like her, I mean I watch like two or three seasons, a twenty four hour. When did you ever done? Twenty four, yeah. The donjon was his name. Is that the right noise, the president, the first president, twenty four hour. You really like SIRI, like Manny's great you like me, and I vote for Democrat. If that was him he's a great guy that was the black guy got his name. Real name is Haysbert Dennis Haysbert. I know that because he played a tree frog on axe. Cop six degrees December engine for its Gregg is as little tree regular cop. Like other deep voice, did you ever watch West Wing no
it's a good show, I think, rush Limbaugh. I used to call it like it was eight the sum during the Bush years, like other or that of the new cap, the new twenty four, its key resettling becomes president, Oh, it's called the designated. As I had survivor. That's pure fantasy run upon its pure printed. It starts off so good inside. This really great premise for this, like every man just becomes president and then it just like you can see like the whole idea of the whole show was to become super preachy, and so they like they have all these things come up clearly they're trying to make sure that Middle Middle America will get hooked on and then making like Alexia. Assist you all are and see how? everything like everything is just like he's. He just it just becomes a issues and not about this terrorist plot. Libertarian articles way behind the really it is so good from the first, like six episodes are selling. Finally, new good show this.
That's terrible either. We are modern open mentioned here before, but it's like the how how cringing the old, preachy christian movies were that's what the new you know, what warrants preaching well getting preached at its peak we're going on a long time on the first story: let's go to the next one, ABC News. Claims story on Epstein was accidentally thrown out, then shredded into tiny pieces and incinerated boom MIC drum. I can't drop. This might cuz it's attached to the son of boom. It's on of arm to the side. Through its really annoying yesterday was leaked. Audio turn audio video footage of that Ankara that look out ABC News who was saying how? Well I had all this information on Epshteyn three years ago, and it wouldn't. Let me out of one lemon release today told me to cover it up, and you know yeah
and then later she's like oh, I was just expressing feelings that normal people have about covering of head of stories things really weird. Like just emotion. People have all the time everyday, I'm like seeing if I'm going to the bathroom and just my cover up information for covering up pedophile story than to feeling they have some time who, among us, hasn't of normal human emotion, does massive pedophile ring for the frustration and pedophile cover ups anger, anxiety? yes, I guess. I suppose she had information on Prince Andrew and that was The deal was like there's always connections and while the royal family doesn't want you to bring this out, so I thought that you know There's not the whole rallying cries, like speaking truth to power,
oh they're always saying I would at last June list. We speak truth to power. It's not this time power. No, if you were taking the princes and princess as I can remember, if it's from a Disney movies from real, realising, Please add print out for you guys having to search like was that frozen your head was like through all the princesses and all the Disney movies, Texas, like name the name of one Princess Disney Movie, Prince Charming, doesn't count. In writing it. I can even that illegal thanks for that afflict princess hot air, Keegan Prince, charming princess, Prince Princess hot sexy. The prince Eric Gunnar is looming boom. They ve Eric owns. The fact that some lunch everything that you know that what what 22in challenge me and I
yeah. I guess I don't know what move on dude was named. Just some dude. Just Do they're, like anyone, think many movies, Prince HANS in frozen, but he was a bad guy. The beast with that guy's name is the beast: Prince name the bad guy back, I can watch me bad guys. I guess I can never remember the princess the princess So I just a piece of meat, nagging snow white, so yeah yeah, souci IQ going off the topic. As I don't pay attention as new stuff just kind of sick to me, one that is messed up gets me is like that. I'm going to keep thinking is it? The sky? Was still doing stuff right yeah, I don't know exactly the timeline, but you still
step? Aren't you like literally allowing people to get abuse racked by not cover as a reporter when she go. Our contracts likening stubbornly the details, but don't you go? I mean take this somewhere else or I'm going to leak. This I have and a moral duty to rally never emits a thing of this kind of stuff. It's it's latest movies as soon as nobody's going like no or squashing this, because he pays us well or something it's more like running. It's not the right time right now, but we need to gather more evidence. Otherwise they cover it with this feeling that we're going to so in relation to eventually something or other people are given day you're, and we need to do the right thing to do now. I think that there's always insist, never is black and white movies make it. That's probably true at least all the times I have covered up.
Pedophiles in just a normal human thing, like the last week when you told me to cover both a pedophile stories- and I was like all right, sir cuz you're, my boss at the super relatable thing- happens all the time next Story- Eureka CNN criticizes pregnant woman for shooting poured, senseless man who was simply seeking asylum in her home. If it's based on a real story, it is there is a Florida woman than I think she shot and killed an intruder with her AR fifteen pregnant woman charging around with an air fifteen, and I guess I think she had the intruders were beating on her husband or something and then she saw it, she went and got the gun and shot them and then the cops found dead.
In addition, something like that, I just made up all those details operator I had so. Hopefully that needs agri, but. Yeah? You know they were just seeking asylum. I should already before we started. You probably should have early the Babylon being the chair, the stories about the whole week working on yes, it yeah cinematic universe, man, I've been up today very excited about that article. Even working on a few people or even working on our best of book yeah, which we haven't officially announced. That's what I spend a lot of time. I work on a big pretty Babylon. Book with lots of pictures and it is going to be an absolutely amazing. I even keep shown me pay. It's from it and I'm just like I wrote a lot of these articles and I'm just read him: just amaze have listened he could eat. It is reviewing all the solar shops almost all of them, because his cause they're not the right size for print a lot of our
further support grade and then also there, the other night they weren't high resolution. So we can get all new photo shops for these in its just gonna. Be amazing how big a big pretty coffee table buck with full of Babylon be fun, enjoy and also a pregnant woman Sean MA am. The portal gun AR fifteen man? I was wondering if someone if I had a gun, which I don't yet cuz- I still trying them have on trying and trying to get mines is so friggin harden California, but a hundred it's easier in this, the county, wherein None is only the county matters there. Still. The state was one of the key. Necessarily matters furtive easily get concealed concealed. Exactly that's. What's that's what's different, but I was If I had a gun, I would actually be able to shoot someone that charged in the front door yeah.
With Albania Journal in ITALY. Where was, I always think they can have to run cuz. I don't have any guns in there in our bedroom and have to run out to the garage to hang on a second full. It out of the sleeve find the bullet switch on even know where the bullets are probably at the very least, try to lay claim the gun, while it's still in its leave at the person. I hope they believe This is a this is a real gun inside this giant sock is a shotgun. It s the other side. To almost you know, I've got a young child in the home, at a time when my a young child is kind of dumb. You know he would definitely be someone to grab a gun and buy liars. Lock in the shock at the shotgun diving, a lock in the trigger liquor, Keeluk right, had luck or millionaires guns are supposed to hand guns. You have to have been a case, it's locked with a peddler, Emily, but the laws. Yes, I don't even know. I help how much I can't do that. You fumbling
How much time you have between realising all summons coming to my house to cannot go on like all these yeah. I would assume at night. You realized there in there when they like standing when your bed had a second, sir, be right back all my gold is in the garage. Let me go get it for you and then get you a bunch of gold, hello. What's a good plan
now. We know how to do it. I would accept a random neighbour and say: hey. Can I borrow your gun roquat, where I come, who, like oh anger, TAT by the sun by other pod, cast the o, the weird feeling of like you should sleep clothed, because if somebody doesn't need your house like who wants to like that again and again fighting your underwear because most guys sleep in their own underwear, I assume fishing on here were taught and but when they could do as you to grab the comfort wrap your bed of thrown over the guy. So he never see you and you start hitting him under the cover, as one idea scheme just rolled over. You can't see anything then if you feel really silly like they think beating up a ghost.
Well, we thoroughly covered that story. I am you gonna move on and talk with. You talked Scotty added on animals. Do it's it's this its Scott month here, the Babylon Bee by God months right, let's get another Scott all Scott November presenting an exclusive Babylon Lee Interview, aright everybody we are here where we are interviewing Scott Adams, crater Dilbert, the air. The comic series, the cartoon comical kites, not really a comic. It's it's more like a data just like a Sunday com. It's just documentary documentary of the offer of office, light of office, life business and author books, Scott Welcome, the battle me, but I thank for having me yeah, so my dad works at a at a aerospace engineering company. And he said for years they always wondered how you you know. If you,
Just had their office like tapped with Microphone are you had some secret camera watching them I really want to one of the most frequent comments like at and part of that was fuelled by the fact that I have a common name. Then it turns out almost every fortune, five hundred company in this country. If you look at employees if they have like a million employees or something you look at their shirt off. There's a Scott Adams. There, they were actually a number of the Scott Adams. Is that different, big companies who took I hate, because people said what we know this issue. This is obvious: Clearcompany. This is your name, it's obvious yeah you're getting people fired. Cuz human resources is thinking that they're drawn comics about it. What's in the office, Actually gotten several people fired accidentally because they posted my
comic, or they gave it to the wrong person, and it was, I guess, people. Was busy. Like or something people actually have been fired for that well pulling out for them? I have I make comics and I I try. A while to get into making bunnies Sunlike Sunday comics when he called newspaper comics back when How do you know when the last time a new one was made like a new one, actually got picked up, I figured you were one of the we were. You want to last still gouty the major cartoons and it gets still launch the same number of complex they ever did, but it just gets harder and harder for somebody new to break through answer you, you don't notice, because a new launch might be in thirty five, van of two thousand newspapers, and none of them are in the pig market,
don't even notice that they existed I guess I didn't read the newspaper anymore, so I wouldn't even know. If there is new cartoons, there are some big thing pearls before swine came afternoon, like better, remember the names of cartoons. But there are several other pretty bag to acquire success Ticketmaster Dilbert. It was cartooning a thing that you saw yourself help making making living doing or I know that you start out doing it, but was it a liking? I'm curious about that about that journey, real, quick Well, what I was very young say: six years old, I thought I wanted to be a famous cartoonist, and specifically, I wanted to be Charles Shots, and that was my goal and I would draw pictures him, I'm seven, eight, nine years old, when I reached about the age of eleven,
I realized wait a minute there about six billion people in the world and there's only one Charles Schulz. What am I odds, to go the irrational road and you just study school and go to college economics major. I thought it might be a lawyer or a businessman or something they work for corporate America for sixteen years, but I hit a sort of a glass ceiling there. It was weird period late 80s 90s, both my major employers told me that they promote me because I'm white and male yeah, and then they told me that directly by the way, what I tell the story- people I said reading between the lines. As I know, I was called the office, and I was told that the order had come down that no,
White males will be promoted until further notice that the reason was actually a fairly good one, which was could be because there was no diversity and either those companies and senior management, and they got caught so that the local press put pressure on them. Set at the first company that's the reason I left the bank. I was at Crocker Bank I left soon after they told me couldn't get promoted, went to the phone companies. Well, I'm safe! Now, it's all going to be good. One day my boss called me in the office and gave me the same speech for the same reason that the price had noticed they had no diversity in senior management, so I just went well till further notice I knew male you're, not getting promoted so thousand those about the time I said maybe I should try to do something that doesn't have a boss and maybe do a little work on the side and see if I can get something going,
so it was the cartooning wasn't the only thing I tried on the side. It was just the only thing that work is owing to learn how to do hypnotism than you could be like you will hire me. I will become ceo before cartooning. First, that was just building. When I called my talent stack, I tried. I tried to develop skills that work well together and you you, can add, persuasion and hypnosis to just about anything and it makes you makes you a more valuable person. Employee. I guess, and cartooning and the short version of the story is that worked out calls here? How do we know that you're, not hypnotizing us right now to ask all the right questions that make you look good.
That question you should see what I did there. Exactly what you with this aid to make people think Kyle's. I that have little spirals in them right now. What are you doing to em? Why are you so amazing, Scott Adam? everybody by Scotts book we have stacks in the office you're, not being hypnotized. It just feels that way. As far as your sister personality so we have a year new book here. Loser think I will completely admit that I have not had a chance to really weird looking for the bullet points here. So take that, but I like the title I, like the guys in the bubbles good title? Scandinavia? We gonna titles, I've been told that bye, bye, publisher, dive in sure, yes, oh you mean through Dilber you kind of use
mockery, humor! Satire too I mean: do you feel People actually change their, change their ways. Done. Humor gives us we'd know we write humor, and sometimes you feel like it just written jokes. So don't you wondered reactionary, impacting culture impacting people at all so you talk a little bit about in loser. Think about how people of people, as does biggest Elon Musk, have mentioned he'll bird as an influence to how that they have they tell their people to manage so that something that that you is at a purpose. It you see for humor, satire cartoons. Mockery is one of the most powerful forces in the world. Right is right up there with fear and and greed. I think, and people don't want to be mocked things we'd like the least, and so, if you can create a situation where, if you do x you, you will definitely get mocked a lot people are going to do x, cuz, nobody wants to walk into the kill zone
She mentioned Elon Musk. It at one point sent out a little low email, a communication to his death sing. The little rules that he wanted them to follow to have a proper culture at the compass one of the rules was don't do anything that would end up in a dilbert comic and the power of that is the context of why I put it in the book. The power of that is that by creating the name and the property Dilbert every the common reference I have to go into detail well in these situations and here's what I mean and here's a thousand examples, because every can a holds in their mind. What a deal The situation looks like an old man. What isn't one and we all recognise, and what do we see him so I became ashore end and that the cut text was that Loser think creates its own set of shorthand labels for things to help.
Mock people away from bad thinking patterns. Do you think that he what to eat on Joe Rogan show inspired by Dilbert we are going, smoke weed on Joe Rogan show before he did so inspiring, and how come we haven't been on Joe Rogan show to smoke weed yet style christian website. So lose you think cuz, you wrote, think big league. I started reading that cuz. I realized. I didn't realize that that was we're talking about lose. You think, and it wasn't the other one. Isn't that what you tell me you read, the roan has our reading the Rhine book in preparation that incitement to school, having done the wrong home here, win. Bigly win bigly.
So I'm really unprepared but tiles over there. Looking at your book right now, like how you quote. You quote: Rep Eric Swalwell. Remember that guy he is he's always for example, because does a lot of things will make you say: ok, I gotta talk about this now because there's some personally deeply wrong with us. I need to talk about those Zizi. I ran for president severe retaining these again one nuke everybody everybody here. He is my local representative, he'd, let alone the few times we have common friends. So yeah, so you quote him as saying action of evidence- is consciousness of guilt at this Please show me evidence that Donald Trump is not working for Russia. And you're. Using this as an example of is it really possible to approve,
something isn't true funny thing is that you use a lawyer, so he obviously was completely aware of a while. I don't want to read his mind. The lawyer knows the most basic thing about the law which is you prove somebody did something you don't prove somebody didn't do something I didn't even see that you actually included his tweet about nuking. Everybody in your book here, yeah and I defended him about that tweet because it was such and so obviously just hyperbole and people took it seriously and then later people said when I called people out for taking it seriously. They said it wasn't real, but we we like making a I love them. So people don't even respond based on what they actually really believe they they respond. Based on how it's going to hurt somebody,
happens all the time, especially trump. Please clearly joking around or being hyperbolic you're just being trump, and everybody has to put their monocle on Our freaking out and at taking it Wheatley seriously, you saying we're not sure where the molecule reference congenitally audited room and there they look ass. If in t t asking pearls near guy, that's impossible, will you take your money? They have to put the monocle on so that it can pop ups so freaked out pops get got it from pops. Olonnois Nicholls so it's in your favorite examples in recent history of loser think that what we got this wall, while one where some Maura to Canada New Piggy back on your book here, well. Why one of them! I help
tell people not to act like pundits and use the the techniques I do because the ratification was things up on this like to say, is normalize that don't normalize that the word is been to sort of clothes down the thinking like. Okay, we're done, don't normalize that, but it makes you uncritically thing. As the main question, which is the is the b, good or bad, because if it's bad, you don't want to normalize that. But if it's good Of course you want to normalize it, so it makes you think, that's why it's good or bad in the case of Trump sizing the press. Is this one, old days when the the press was just trying to get the news right criticized. In the press under that condition would be probably bad. You wouldn't want to the free press, any less capable because of criticism, but the current model, where
the press is really driven by emotion and collects, in other words, that they present material? drives your emotions up and that's how make the money turn the world where the facts are less important than how excited you got about. Reading the the article the president's criticism seems entirely appropriate, wouldn't you want your president to criticize things that are broken windows broken things are really really important to the to the in the public health. So, of course you it exactly what I would want to normalize. I would like to normalize president exercising important things that are broken that need to get fixed, so there's an example of first people to the predicted Trump would win,
I think that the time has his eyes were like two percent, according to Nate Silver and some of the other people. So I m it. How did you predicted background and hypnosis that I mentioned that I've been studying the ways of persuasion for decades as part of my job as a writer, I noticed early on that. He had these high grade persuasion talents and I imagine that other people couldn't see it because if, if you have- study that field. You thank you just yell talking and bullying, and whatever else people think you would lose the technique, but about the time that you labeled JEB Bush as low energy the day that I I predicted. You would be president long before it's here. If you want to see how powerful it is to have this of understanding persuasion. The day I saw,
the tweet. I shall bushes done the publicly. I tweeted that, and that was it there was the end of is phone numbers as stop there and went down until he was out of the race, and I can see that clearly because what Trump did, They took somebody who was this calm. Cool, collected, executive type, very experienced people, thought. That's exactly who you are collected and not some kind of crazy person jumping around at the moment, the trump labelled in low energy, and you can see the contrast it Trump's high energy in his you could know receive him as anything except sort of being tired and boring, and so Trump used skill at branding too little brand the top Sissy in the United States out of office and then the hinder the branded everybody else out of office, including Alaric? So
when you see that happening, Shit, I'm giving you might say. Well, you know why in school find Sonakshi got lucky that he was the Bali in a work out, but after three years of love, or if you can put campaign, it's so consistent. And it works so well that it's getting harder and harder to die than stagnate,. Add so crazy. Looking back that mean the amount of it sees up against it just seemed so, of course, he's not gonna win, insist I'm reliving a digital had stream This is an art and Europe. By yourself looks like he brought up a machine gun to a cage, match someone the guy with the machine gun, unarmed guy with his fist and I think go a little linear, set. The machine gun beats the guy with a v. That's what happened
public part of what we seem to visit people. They protest against that kind of humor and burn too much I just did people start fighting back against those like no I'm, not low energy or no I'm. Not that or you know, makes it worse. Lately I rubio. If you don't play along with it, you just look me being ugly. Look like Trump's having a great time and you're, just the serious guy in the room. And it's obvious that Trump is ended Biden, then the race to now Biden might have taken the sulphur race. Just by being Biden when it started going. What is done calling him sleepy jail was just it was brilliant, trash talk, that you might see in a sporting event, because if you tell somebody that they're that they're sleepy they're going to have to but there are not any review, exhausted Biden was a certain age in the third energy, I tried to keep biting his like Jojo, maybe
just have one of them today and then the ocean nap time. Obvious what they were sort of keeping him on a short schedule so soon, as Trump says, he's he's sleepy saying: well, that's not me since you're going there to there gel, otherwise nobody would have noticed, but then then Trump upgraded it to slow slow, sleepy, Joe is a total loss, hypnosis term because you can, you can interpret it anyway, you want so it open, ended this and its ability to for the peoples, and we hear it. I know what that means in they they just in they inhabit the word with, experience and that's what makes it powerful everybody's got their own interpretation and all fencing slow mean. Does it slow to get around to starve, slow and the campaign, or is he mentally
finding, which I think most people would take it to mean that, but it said something like he's too old: if he'd said some well. I think you ve got Alzheimer's people would say, while maybe you have Alzheimer's, but when you say slow can't really use that against Trump, so that that's you know when you think yourself, ok just throwing our names, but he does Sowell engineered that there are things that can't be own back in the Ender Open ended, so people can kind of interpret them the way they want, and it's always bad Just really good engineering so is is branding skills. Anything. You've ever seen, probably he's playing forty chests and the rest of us are planned. Tidily links
I'm not sure if you know the person who came up with that as a description of transgenic they caught up not come full circle. Now I think I said 3d chess, and then the people were mocking him turning into a you'll, see this in CNN, even still Just the other day, somebody will say and Supporters say he's playing 27d jazz, but obviously he's just a clown who's blundering around and he's getting lucky seven three times in a row sort of the sea and then take yeah, I'm not sure I got you, I never sure if it's intentional or not, but it does seem like Trump does something. Some blunder needs to be see it as a total blender. It would sink any other politician and then left. Whoever opposes him to something even worse you know, and it's just it's like. He always somehow manages to come out on top and it's unbelievable,
yeah. You reminded me of my favorite quote recently from the MIKE Cernovich cuz. He would talk to Democrats, who would say Oh yeah castle, windows, time trouble that was the S room send them. The trump is actually running against a specific person. We don't know what is yet. Against an actual person. I want you to the direct match up just good lights out Tropic is good and I let you ever. It is the only reason that area the Democrats are still standing. Is that he's he's holding fire waiting for waiting for the designated target? Now you cloth yourself in your win bigly winning big. Sorry, if I can please in the title win bigly and you say you start off a listing off how how far
you are a lot of stuff like you're, very kind you hold yourself like ultra liberal or some like. That Bernie? Who you are? You are like a calming so but I'm curious, because when you talk about trump- and this is why I think a lot of people, especially on the left, get all upset about you. Edc sound little giddy like you sound like you admire the guy, like: U g r? U a fan! trump and I are just in certain aspects, total fan of his skill I may vary, I enjoyed. I got the meat in a year ago. He invited me to the oval office, and I just incredible experience sitting in the oval office, while the President of the United States, will most interesting when we ve never had the city on the other side of the resolute desk and we're just shoot the breeze RAF an hour. And I was
was a rap into beyond doubt that, but by our side, that is very difficult. Spend a half an hour chatting with him coming away, really really like it, because it always is. The leader of the free world, person in the planet. When he talked to me and I'm sure everybody has the same experience, because I can't couldn't imagined it would be specific me. You have experience that nothing else in the world matters except you at that moment, and it- and it's really I got to tell you it's a powerful thing he's not the only president who could do that Bill Clinton was famous for that Obama. I'm sure had the same thing, so you want when you reach that level half an hour chatting with somebody like that. You walk away thinking. I like this person Yes, I undoubtedly like him personally.
I'm a huge fan of his technique, but I do criticize specific things that I would have done differently. You were. I wish we were happy how many swastikas are hanging up in his office Well, all saw the ruddy number a bit o what what What would I got? The tour of the the oval office was nice enough to Who introduced me to the president and she'll be around before weekend, and she was telling me about the the furniture choice in the oval office like parallel, each president gets to choose from various historical items like the couch and then the carpets from the drapes or whatever the Bill Clinton Carpet city area of the oval room, and I was thinking somebody needs to Bluelight that thing
I don't know, what kind of cleaning they do for the way out carpet, but I want the deep queen. That's what I'm saying now we can send a puppy answered the dry cleaners so is Trump going to win again. Is that what you're telling us right here right now, Scott, say that the lesser some big surprise and, of course, we living in a world where big surprises happen once a week. But it's something big happened and anything's possible. But if we just straight line it and say well, Trump's going to run against one of those candidates who's already in the race Trump Wednesday. I can imagine him losing you like it. Their third is everybody has placed it's in Vegas were other I did predict. A year ago that Kamala Harris the nomination
before I learned that she's, the worst campaigner. Story of all campaigns. I've never seen unevenly worsen. Now it all fairness sooner doing her interrogations. Yo in the Senate of various people were testifying stuff and she looked. Drawing and literally and defective and smart, and I thought, okay got all that going for you, your woman and your personal color and your senator Andrew Democrat. Well, that's the full package. Tickets on the campaign trail The choice is campaigning for the principle of your school campaign, as you like in a classroom talking to some kids status of education, and children are really really important, but
if you're so incompetent, that the officials and the the image that you're transmitting is that you're running for school principal instead of president of the United States, you don't have even the basic talent to be president yeah, it's weird! by the way she's the only person and raised, I would say that about others have all policies I don't agree with, but they said We have the talent in this march and ability, but she's really stands alone as being completely incompetent some people when they get on a campaign trail. They they just the desert form like member Ben, Carson Thinking, heating you crate, and then we got a campaign trail in debates and stuff. It was rough, is rough to watch You know, that's that's a perfect example same thing. I thought, while you surgeon smart, Advocate Berrigan guy in the republic inside and again I don't, they people believed us, but
Republicans are really ready for a black candidate I don't think anybody in the left believe that to be true, but if you had some kind of What's a Colin Powell, if you been full Republican certainly the Republicans what it back him, although I am totally so you Buckley, you think I feel like we're dodging around a lot. I really want to like get into a guy cuz, I'm fascinated by the idea of just thinking about thinking. You know stepping back from the way you approach things the way that you're even culturally, yet to think about things or to react to things. And go away that was really dumb and at sea We can't go your book I'd like to hear some examples, please so you're. Just a few of the things in the things I warned against is the mind reader problem
Are you imagine that you can read the mind of somebody? You don't even know some political figure, for example, and that, even though the things they're doing or perfectly acceptable, you're sure that their thoughts are, shore fishing in pure and there's something bad. That's going to happen because you can tell what they're thinking now it sounds. When I say this it's one of the most common things you say you scan the headlines, it's not uncommon, that quarter of the headlines are somebody assuming with somebody else's thinking and acting like That's a reasonable thing to do if you've ever been in any kind of a relationship ever even the person closest to you, your your spouse, your girlfriend boyfriend. They can't tell what you're thinking the wrong what time you can't tell what they're thinking you're wrong all the time. Why does that get better when you're. Judging a stranger on the other side, the world somebody have never met. Obviously it doesn't work were terrible. Mind readers stress what one of the things I caution against an uneasy die
What's your words on it, I call upon the mind, reading problem said: there's something the mark, another I talk about all the time is analogies. Analyses are perfectly good for explaining a new concept? So if you gonna say explained, Zebra say well, you know you start with a horse, but imagine is black, always right, but people use analogies to predict and they're not meant for that. For example, people say that the tat has markings under its nose. It looked like a little Hitler mustache that doesn't mean your cat. Is gonna drive Poland. So what are you smiling rabble what I use that exists? people usually say come on, that's ridiculous. Does that point out that when President Trump criticized the press common response was well very goes just like a dick,
the next thing you know concentration camps will weaken We can predict from this behavior this analogy that he's yes to a dictator, and therefore we predict concentration camps in dictatorship and, of course, that's absurd everything, everything he says or does I think Hitler did that somewhere, that's go check, then there's the laundry list of persuasion that I like to mock, STAR recently, is very common. We so recently with Alyssa Milano. She did a tweet witch. Nine reasons. President. Trump should be impeached now. What are they? pills for not having one good reason is if nine of them, because people one strong killer, reason enough to know. Well, it's just a tweet
let me tell this one good reason. Then: I'm done I don't need another reason cuz this one just makes the case You need nine reasons. Your sort of signaling that you understand, none of them are none of them are really strong. So, recommended when you are probably when you're. Faced with that. And argue against it, don't go all lack of mole and try to debunk each of the nine cuz. We thing. They always repeat who started the first one as if you hadn't just talked about Tell me what is your strongest point on the list and you gray than fighting debug here, strongest point you'll, really the rest, you can do- is to give them something that you actually can debunk their strongest point.
Laundry list persuasion, you probably can probably isn't going to be hard, cuz, they're all weak points, then you've affected their confidence. And maybe later they can go back and change their mind charge to change people's mind in the moment Those are some of the many both of these are things went about using the clap emerging in between every word that you tweet. That's that's not. What is that has our work as a good, I'm sort of anti emoji, except I don't like to many IRA glisten. My tweets wanna go full Egyptologists like ok or either. There's an there's interred get the sword hat. I was doing it altogether. I'm praying for a chart. I now I don't know what it is I give up was just gaiety doing here.
I was at one of those little girly shops yesterday, cuz my kids with my kids and they want to know what guns had like unicorns and cotton candy toys there are. So poop toys? Now but they're all rainbow colored like Rainbow poops and blue poops and pees poops, like it's really weird that feces has become popular icon for little girls. Once once farts begin, the primary Kemetic tool for every every kid like every Disney movie would have went like this yeah. You got to figure somebody's going to try to take it up a level Very very entertaining for a certain subset of the population, to her right now. What Can we do to refresh, therefore, that way when I was there the level of creative levelled, we'll go for. Third filter. Never go I will turn now
wait till something else. Can you not vomit or something but vomit pillows going around? This is U. I just saw a rat back to adjust the packaging for a product that, I guess is part Turkey, part Doc and instead of telling you that Ducky, like that, was when one option they went with. Up to forward a year. Sir, How many people are buying Turducken definitely didn't run that by like a thirteen year old kid who they were to counter or or me when I was with his evidence anybody here What are Alyssa Milano's chances of taking the the White House
go to funny thing is if she entered the democratic race tomorrow should be pulling the top four. Strangely, I have a lot of respect for Alyssa Milano's political work, It's the same diminishment that I get no matter. I do I've written no three dazzling books, different topics of approving your life and persuasion and that lives with me and online people still say, and so cartoonist sensibly. Let's watch all ignore the cartoonist, what occurred to dispel Elizabeth against the same things like actress? Listen, why don't like she's done so much in the political realm, is more like a political activist. Why not call her that she's been very effective for her side, so you'd? If I don't agree with anything, she says I got to give she's putting in the work she sacrificed their career cuz, you don't get the same good job
once you get into the political sphere, so actually have a lot of respect for, but just disagree with some of the opinions. Yeah I mean you, you know when you kind of moving the political sphere outed your audience reacted. You did you ever sudden make like ten times as much money for speaking out or did you lose Somalia? Well, my income went down by a third I lost seventy five percent of my friends and and a whole lot of money and it's dangerous to go in public. Now I wouldn't be. I wouldn't I wouldn't accept speaking engagement at a university, for example. Consider them should equally dangerous through me, so we had a lot of course, but I didn't intend to be political. I started just by writing about to Trump's persuasion, skills cuz. I thought do something then maybe other people don't have a window on cuz? I don't have that same background, and
popular. It begin hugely viral, because what I did was accidentally. I and why Donald Trump makes sense, meaning there we're looking at him, a crazy clown, random guy. And then I did a persuade. Explanation about why this is all technique and not always a technique. It's the best. Ever seen, and not only that he's going to be your next president. If people read that and thought, that's not the way, I was saying A lot of people started buying bed frame and the D. That's the frame that was the most protective How do people think that by saying that you're persuading people to somehow you're here and I think that they take when there in that country. Bible state of mind, you can't acknowledge that you can't say that they're cracked,
I asked in a tweet one time how many people I had personally influenced to vote for Trump and I think Oh, I forgot the exact number, but it was a whole bunch of people angry people. Tweet and said that they voted for Trump, because the way I explained to him now imagine appellate that that's just the people who saw the tweet answer that we are on. Twitter feed? and were shifting under my best guess, I may have moved quarter of a million people, shame on? So when you say that the funny thing is that when Hilary complains about all the reason she lost, the election should never be a number at its like it. It's the line so Some loser think that you see a happen on the right, just curious
Common mistakes we make in our thinking, people are more conservative, will be surprised that losing things tries to balance that out. So it's not- and I left her in that right- to try to show a little humble examples. Is the idea of friction I'd like to act as though friction doesn't change behavior, but in the real world, if you make harder, your people. Going to do it, there's almost no variance for that. That's that's what fraction does makes you less likely to do it. So when we talk about gun control, you'll hear people on the right say: doesn't work because then the only criminals will get guns but ignoring the fact that friction works. Really. Every time you could are. It doesn't work well enough, but to our do that. It has no effect, is ignoring everything we know about de in the entire history of people knew friction matters, though a battle.
Of course, isn't gonna help anybody and still true that criminals will get guns, but certainly there there are situations in the middle, were there somebody who wasn't a hardened criminal, but they idea to shoot up a school and maybe if I'd been a little harder to get a gun, and if you would, time is going by and they change their mind baby. They say that she hard to get a gun. It would put me my flag me as one of those people section just always: works people on the left and the right like to pretend it doesn't exist. The same argument for the wall by the way, the wall on the border with Mexico, those people let's say, while also good because drugs that's not the right argument. Nobody! stop all the drugs a lock on your house, but it doesn't stop all the burglaries carry your own gun for self defense, but it doesn't stop all the
people with guns from getting shot by somebody else who has a gun. So friction is what you're trying to trade you really just trying to read cement of human manpower and people power. This man to rejection straight human power woman. You're trying to read reducing it people you did and they can be allocated. Places where you really need people and they walk into some of the work that people would have done. So that's a good I see that in my own experience, because I can't buy a gun in California. It's just almost impossible, but you can that's live in California in the region gotta go hand gun and I started looking into his like gas. Allow us a lot of work, so I cannot. I cannot to my arsenal easily. He acts like, though you gonna, take the written, examine
by the way I like to tell everybody, I'm very pro Second, amendment cuz. I think it reduces the number of home invasions my house You just tell you just tell people that I put a Gadsden flag. I put up the don't tread on me and then people just assume I got a ton of gum Will you come to my house and I'm armed and ready that that would be your smart assumption. So. Let's say that food producers came to you and said they're gonna. Do the gritty live action, reboot of Dilber? What cast going to look like the cast. Who I'm really bad to remember the names of actors. Who was the actor who played the the young son on arrested development, Michael Love, Cena,
all you need. A centre are not set his something over. I actually Sarah Michael Cera, I'd like to see Jack Black Play, the the boss, Kathy Griffin was the voice of. Ellis when it when it was an animated show. But That's what she saw. The great choice for the tv show, those ones it jumped to mind will be greedy them I'm thinking great yeah. It's got to be like Liam Neeson, as Gilbert down on his luck. You known it's gonna be like their families no doubt exist and empty.
Joker we're all the media would freak out and say this movie is going to cause everybody to shoot everybody on this shootings, speakers that serve a joke. Probably won't be at a choker version of my hopes and dreams here, Can we still gather around and watch the tv show, and I was growing up Joker the cartoon Dilber tower. I say excellent answer, so I think one of the main themes you talk about at least early on in this book. Is you talk about how we have these We have these bubbles in one of the reasons we keep going back to lose. Your think is because everybody in our. You know where we never. We never break out of our way of thinking. Cuz we're in this like bubble, artist, ECHO chamber so
What are some ways that we can like break out at in? Do you think that's like I didn't get a root of these kind of problems, and then how can we break out of that? If, if we're in a bubble like them, I was excited more turd questions. I guess I can you also well, so I advise people sure they don't get locked in one news silo, so don't watch just the news on the right or just newsman left if you're, not sampling the other side, you really don't know what the other side is even say. She gave alleyway whether your hearing the best argument to having over the other arguments and you probably lacking context specifically, I say that if a fact is reported as a fact by either the right, but the other side says it. Isn't it probably isn't
now that's not a hundred percent rule, but that's a good one to keep you skeptical if they both report, the fact that the same, if they say hurricanes, coming back up your flower bed, that's gonna be trouble. But if one says you know the present trump by a party and the others, It says we can't find any evidence of this puppy eating Jason and probably didn't happen. The other advice I can give is to make predictions your worldview. Now you could put those into the world. Telephone Tell us powerless, write it down, tweet about it and then there's a permanent record. So you can have selective memory, which is a normal human condition where we remember the things we like and prevent the things that were unpleasant or at least forget things that didn't fit with our view of ourselves would be better when it's at universe. People can come back to you inside
You know how you said: what's going to be the next nominee, here's your tweet, here's what happened how's your predicting now now, of course, I I fall into every loser. Things are myself and it helps that my my twitter followers remind me often, and that's what I recommend we sort of police each other. You fall into loser. Think because it's so easy, it's just a reflex sight people use analogies when they shouldn't people read minds, but they say well in this in this case, I'm good at it. So we all make the same, shakes, and I don't mind when people call me out for it and when I make that predictions, useful for people to call me out, because then I can say Rob and case Camel Harris thing
There was some information I didn't have, which was the only thing that mattered, which is she's the worst campaign or in the history of campaign, I wonder if she would win a school yeah. We could see if she could run for school president, maybe she small school, not another, can about a big cities, superb baby Baby Country School Appalachia. We're running low on time. Here we really appreciate you coming on. You have a final. Since you are at the modern day Nostradamus like to like Hypnotizer audience or something here and give us a final prediction. Tell you to do that? When will the world end topic in the news and I'll give you my prediction apocalypse. Hey I turned around look here, but okay. When when will climate change destroy the earth
to be dead by themselves will be barely years ears? What's gonna happen with climate change and in a way it already happening Are you familiar with a generation four nuclear power, easy listening who haven't heard of it? So the Power plants exist in the United States in the most places are the old technology and people don't realize that existing nuclear plants in this country? signed before computers, literally slide rulers, the new stuff It has a big investment in company called tear about just as one example, their number start ups in the field and what they ve designed using supercomputers, which can stimulate different fuel and design strategies. They ve come up with switch the ready to test. They just need a location
nuclear waste as their fuel. So these actually reduce nuclear waste because they eat the existing waste as fuel and, secondly, their designs. So if there's a big problem, they not only don't meltdown, they just turn off and they just said. With no nuclear event, so that's what the new designs can do. Problem of course, is the economics and we don't have all that by making them smaller and modular? Now you just the bag Mountain Park's, what once it's all the same parts- and you Okay, the United States is going to do a whole bunch of this kind. Skills kicking in and it becomes very rapidly the cheapest knowledge acknowledges, I brought it up. As you asked me about the future of climate change and the answer is, whether you think climate change is cataclysmic or you think it's a chinese hoax. You still
what are pursue generation, four nuclear and really, maybe even before that some of these safe designs for generation, three cuz we're real. I think none of them had ever. I don't think, there's any generation three nuclear reactor than ever how'd. You know that it's all the only ones that we know them no matter what you think is climate change. You want as much nuclear as you can get as fast as you can as cheap as you can as safe as you can it happens to be the solution. Climate change, that's the most productive, along with solar, along with other green energy. So you don't other things: cuz they're actually going in the good direction right now, but the smart people, You need to do everything You everything fast, they people, don't believe climate change is even a problem still like anything.
This economic and good and gives you energy and helps under developed countries now or up keeps later on, I mean I live in California with third States Well, both of you do. I guess he other Maya, just barely missed the last set of blackouts I swear to God. I think it's! The lights are going out once because of bad management of the stage, which is really then the reason lights go out. I think I would have just sold my house and moved because I don't want to live in a third world state. So that's a long answer to future of climate change nuclear power and my power was out for four days last week, brutal. Kyle barely made. It clearly made it through I'd seen it seem silly that the first generation of nuclear power. They decided that a good thing, up and when there's a problem is just for the whole thing to melt down. That's
like a silly design. Well, then, the other day. Non engineering explanation is that the older and current designs, if you really just the and the power isn't, is necessary to prevent meltdown the new generations when the electricity goes out, it can't function. They can't do anything sure it's a sharing no doubt so that that's a pretty big difference we all need to learn to just sit there and not melt down. I like that we got something good for our lives out of his wife. The wise woman, it can it anyway How much can I put on the back? Nicole, is so wise and then your name, you- can use that blurb? Okay, thank you so wise! shortly to so wise, so it further
I will your book is out now loser. Think And where do you want people to look for that at his Amazon? Rider everywhere, books are sold. We got audio books and candles and Amazon's always a good place, but then Barnes Noble any place they sell books Scott Adams has solved climate change for us and he's bringing the nation together by helping us to stop our loser. Think So, thanks for coming on sky, Thank you so much everybody say thank you. Thank you guys.
Like our rights got items as a great conversation with old Scotty items. I really like this really interesting. I yes he's not a normal thinker cycle, so my my dad actually told me to ask that first question said: I'm timescale. Atoms do want to have any ideas of getting you'd said my dad work for an arrow, not expense, so corporation is only now like NASA like what did I say that as a aeronautics, whenever he set of aerospace would be aerospace, nautical something Spain I make about? No, whatever you would it be like. If you were talking about Mcdonald's and you were like, Berger, manufacturing, restaurant, it's like its Mcdonald's thought, says that words every knows what it is
I was thinking I did not, I should say, but about proceeded on a show before so gay. Sorry, it's going, it's not necessary, but you said you dad sent you mainly moon right, because NASA doesn't do anything that they did they contract album may actually Amber areas of Boeing. You are Whenever we're going to read some eight, not hate mail, we're going to read it. Some from Itunes reviews, not items are popular. Pod can only up in peace, redistribution struggle with a picture of an apple Ok, I really miss for that that what had inhumane section but there's no amount is not technically. I can only get like five of these two come up.
If the lightning screw and hit more and and second sent ragged. So we're looking item movies, cuz, we're so flattered by then we love sweet, want you guys, smelly, read them, but I'll issue here I can't get them to come up I'll see. Y'all We should have some prepared. Okay, this is the best podcast I've ever listened to. Despite the Babylon Bee, going sharply downhill since Adam Ford left. This fuck, yes, is one of the best things to come out of the sight and decades holy cow to sit more, and this is like a five paragraph. Massive review, he says as a homeschooler. He appreciates the explanation of all the references So am I read the whole thing, but thank you. Dad's bud eleven, that's bud.
I was dead marijuana debts, but so needed great pod. Much cast that's from EL blown apart, What's a good one, nice and simple all right, here's one p! I want you to read this one he's in the Carmen: do you have them up there find that would help start This guy reference may not all banjos hashtag as their defined and I wasn't racist just because I like banjos in my musical choices, all right. Ok, you haven't, you know really clear disarmingly this from your Jimbo sixty nine eighty j. I cannot say that number Flower bed. Is it from yojimbo number number number
two thousand and nineteen style yo. What up fellas to speak common? I just love what you're putting down in the streets fellows. I remember K Max was on a while back and he brought back fond memories of when we gangstas made a to Jay and that's addicted to Jesus is what he got ya. I'm now addicted to your pod addictions. You know everybody got them, keep up the good work, it's so Heaven fresh, is the champion common outback, which seemed to win carbon out like a wits in the holy ghost peaks. My brothers, there were you review from Carmen. Well, you need a real sank. Lip of Carmen wrapping Carmen, approved, see, failure wraps and then weird old, Brooklyn Guy, It really sounds like your uncle trying to rap M in Scorpio, says pretty comma funny, and then he says:
strenuously recommend this podcast Mexican. I like, like he's like he's like pulling a muscle he's referencing that can do so and absurd. Nor did we do a street I strenuously object, As such, it usually budgeted someone's very happy here about having Doug Clay belong in the earth room. Jim is a Christian. This one says you know who else like this by cast your mom, but they give us five stars like that's good. Some silk makes sense.
This decision, generic pod gas distribution platform, is terrible, because I can't if you like click away from you- and this is offering the Babylon B is often fairly funny. Five stars. Thank you. Referencing, indifferent hate mail. We did that once a week is there's a one star, one here: real ones Darwin, while Babylon bees, you recognize attention for satire the hubris of others. This episode decline through the tire critique of older generations. Oh yeah, we read that Lisbon, yet it thou India, it's kind of funny to me a lot more reviews now, but it only shows you that's picking and choosing kismet, maybe they just click the star? That doesn't necessarily mean that they're writing it, and I wasn't showing I don't know, discusses I love the v five stars. When is John Crist coming on for an interview not anytime, soon
I was there was this was written a month ago and think we're gonna be haven't John Kristen so too soon, maybe too soon to say: like say, thank you guys for writing these interviews, families, reviews into reviews, and we appreciate it cuz it gives us warm fuzzies. This guy says be careful that the he was little it forced like. It was supposed to be the main thing right thinking. Christians know the main thing is Christ, Jesus not trying to be clever Just over fifty percent of the humerus find it would be that one I feel like we're getting into ones. We were res it's two stars just over fifty percent of the because we are trying to figure out what the star rating should be. If you think fifty percent is fine, if we do that We should abandon the threat. Now I feel the skies
that we built a pay Wally's as you built. The pay wall must be Trump five. Jars for building the wall, one more we can find one here. Didn't know what I was missing says: Noah's mom. I do this person identifies herself as Noah's mom, like a kid, and I want another name Noah no wonder the five star does just when I thought I reached the bottom of the podcast barrel. I decided to give the You try wow, fantastic, Justin, possibly the most honest Christian, podcast ever entertaining and great content dont Is this everybody. Listen to Noah's. Mom Mom knows what she's doing what she's doing? I do like the here the cheer. Listen to every podcast the plan and then there was like.
Does he not lie on the barrel? What's the bottom of the barrel implied casts was going but is it like to utter in some new Pike ass the day or some crazy, I'm big it launched some fan fiction like reviewing fan fiction of some like mine, craft adult. Did you see that that little bag They wrote in the New York Times of that girl who launched the podcast and she's you heard this is like editor was bright six months ago. Then she Lakewood record them on her phone in the library and it was like, she's like my punk ass, is going to be called like the great advice, podcast What's generic idea for a body as you can possibly think of, the real girl and she like, and she only like seven episodes and then abandon it and six or seven of the band in the whole thing, and you got this
in the New York Times about how hard it is to launch in the pod care space and all those really weird, and she so proud of her like she's a shared my journey in the podcast world and people are like, recorded it. You don't. Worst by guests idea on a phone cool ideas and it was the ultimate millennial stereotype of like moonlight ride. Yet you know, all I could do to get success in Conan O'Brien decided to a podcast. Well after the recently he just recently decided to podcast and, like all the newspapers, now- relax like cultural, Brian, Bringin, podcast, making part gas cool early as if he invented the whole idea of having a pike ass near is really weird, though he thought of it. We did nowhere away in Amerika. We made this biogas, like many people want to listen to their part. Cancer, so many air yeah? What if you have a certain level of fame? Like I said I don't think some of the people from the office
Since I bow number one, you know it because it's just you can just launched by casting you're gonna be successful and dialogue. For without it was enough of a gamble as well that broadcasters different from our sight yeah. Nobody really knows who we are getting, no idea how this was going to go, but it's going well me appreciate. We really enjoyed it's a whole other outlet than the stories are in completely different yeah. It was reassuring to find the people actually in. We both would think when we did this yeah. I saw the onions launching another podcast B's to do. Anyone and I think it's going to be like satire comedy which is what we tried and it's just not good so yeah we'll see onion onion copying us at once again Dad I look at an episode. I was an absence, was cut it off and had often do our yacht. We're gonna kick
all the homeless. People out and the banquet table it's only for those for those who are dressed, money, changers in the robes of a Babylon Bee Subscription going to do that, go to babylonbee dot com plans and you get free right. Now you don't get free, you do get a free something eleven semesters subscribe, pay money and you can really. This is actually a legal there's like legal implications when you say the word free advertising. Then I'd want attended use wrong, but is it repay my internet freedom? Thank you anyway. Mama, Mama legal expertise, I'm not a lawyer, but I'm just saying anyway. Could about? When we talk of those plans, you get a little gifts. Cynthia, you did full length ad free podcast, and you get some other cool benefit. So do that join us on our audio yet
Kyle and Ethan would like to thank Seth Dylan for paying the bills Adam Ford for creating their job, the other writers for tirelessly pitching headlines, the subscribers and you the listener. Until next time. This is Dave D'Andrea, the voice of the Babylon Bee, reminding you to go forth and buy it.
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