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Episode 4: Submission Hold

2019-07-08 | 🔗

Join editor-in-chief Kyle Mann, creative director Ethan Nicolle, and special guest host Frank Fleming for the fourth ever Babylon Bee podcast. And yes, it's that Frank.

Get Frank Fleming's Book, Heckbender (warning, H-E-double hockey sticks is in the actual title). Also, Sidequest is amazing.

(5:26) Trump Enters Konami Code, Gains Infinite Terms

(10:21) Kool-Aid Man Protests Wall

(13:12) Modern-Day Good Samaritan Tweets About Republicans

(20:03) Main topic: Behind the Babylon Bee headline submission process

(42:49) Hate Mail

Bonus Content (Paid Subscribers Only)

(48:14) Punching Grammar Nazis

(56:45) AOC On The Price Is Right


(1:03:02) Q&A

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