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Episode 8: The Snopes Episode

2019-08-05 | 🔗

Show Notes!

Kyle and Ethan are joined by Babylon Bee CEO, Seth Dillon to discuss the controversy surrounding Snopes and their recent and past coverage of the Babylon Bee. 

Relevant links:

Seth Dillon appears on Fox News! https://twitter.com/TheBabylonBee/status/1157352307408941056

Adam Ford’s Tweet-thread

(1:00) Introductory interview with Seth Dillon

Stories of the Week

(9:44) Georgia Lawmaker Claims Chick-Fil-A Employee Told Her To Go Back To Her Country, Later Clarifies He Actually Said 'My Pleasure'

(18:25) Democrats Demand Kavanaugh Submit To DNA Test To Prove He’s Not Actually Hitler 


(27:15) Thanks To New Laws, VeggieTales Finally Introduces New Cannabis Character 


(35:39) MAIN TOPIC: Snopes! (if you jump here, be warned that we cover this topic throughout the entire episode as well) 

(51:16) Hate Mail


(1:00:36) Subscriber Exclusive Segment

(1:01:24) Facebook Hires Drax The Destroyer To Distinguish Between Satire, Fake News

(1:06:13) Trump Spends Afternoon Shouting From White House Balcony During Twitter Outage

(1:12:15) Subscriber update and what we are working on

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