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Episode 27: Fatherhood, Ostrich Attacks, And Free Pigs With James Breakwell

2019-12-13 | 🔗

In episode twenty-seven of The Babylon Bee podcast, editor-in-chief Kyle Mann and creative director Ethan Nicolle talk to James Breakwell, proprietor of Exploding Unicorn, whose social media reach is in the millions. James is a professional comedy writer and author of several books, most recently How to Save Your Child from Ostrich Attacks, Accidental Time Travel, and Anything Else that Might Happen on an Average Tuesday. They discuss parent shaming, dad fails, surviving insane animal attacks, and how getting famous writing comedy for a living is extremely repeatable.

Follow James Breakwell on Twitter (@XplodingUnicorn).

Show Outline 

Introduction -  Kyle tried out his improv routine on Ethan and Ethan makes it weird and uncomfortable.  They get into a discussion about weird names like Melvin.

Story 1 - Gardener In Background Of Kaepernick Video Receives Call From Washington Redskins

Story 2 - 'Rise Of Skywalker' To Introduce First Lesbian AT-AT

Story 3 - Bombshell Report Reveals Trump Has Been Mooching Off Pence's Netflix Account For Years

Interview - James Breakwell

Hate Mail And Love Mail 

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Story 1 - House Hears Testimony From Renowned, Unbiased Legal Scholar Hillga Clintonheimer

Story 2 - 'Guardians 3' To Feature Most Sinister Villain Yet: Single-Use Plastic Bottles

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