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Andy and Alice are in America (mostly Portland, but also Denver, Chicago and Minneapolis) with news on a miracle jellyfish with a transient anus, Manafort news and some contributions from Tom Ballard and John Oliver (yes, that one).

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Hello, buglers before Randy gets on with bugle four thousand one hundred. This is Chris a kitchen in England. Thank you very much, alternations donations to keep the show going so far. You can help. Keep us alive by going to the will, put cost dot com and clicking on dark nights, and you will no longer experience any adverts on the show. Except this. I don't know if this counts as an ad or not buy things try things now right,
to the toll on his for a visual world, so this this show me tonight in Portland is doubling up as lease Paul over issue. Four thousand one hundred you will
the world's leading only on possibly best audio newspaper full of visual world. Thanks for those you don't listen before. I have not been four thousand one hundred episodes of the view. That would be basically almost one a day for the entire history of put Costigan. I'm also a quick bit of further been housekeeping. This venue does have a too low minimum? So anyone failing to laugh at least twice during the course of the show will be off to leave the venue at the end of the as in Heaven This will let everyone else system to March twenty nineteen. Will you have to choose to mature this in the move to the anniversary in seventeen? Ninety nine of Napoleon Bonaparte's picture, the capturing of the city of Jaffna in Palestine and brutally slaughtering two thousand out
by indian captives. You have checked that you love unnecessary conflict. This is America, you just don't. Have so you also cheered the 500th anniversary of in fifty. nineteen Hernan Cortez arriving in Mexico assaulting plundering the wealth and resources over the ask: right and murdering the local population. You've shared that seems that was that was alright with you. You've also cheered the birth in one thousand, seven hundred and eighty eight of the prominent pioneering french scientist, Antoine says: are Becquerel you've shared that there is you cheered that uh and what he did sadly later die so hum mostly here
Also this week it was worlds rare disease died of yesterday in the yeah they go to work. Let's hear it for right diseases, yes, yesterday in the the show in Denver a woman cheated this rule closely. Unless and what did you J that so loudly I don't have gonorrhea or you don't gotta realize you have to confirm the other one that you don't have you don't have gonorrhea or what was the other one but you do have all the other diseases like that, so
red is east. I we got a special q will give away and we are giving you a free dose of a rare disease of your choice from the following options: Arachnophobia phobia, which you are afraid of people who are afraid of Spiders Spicer Huckabee Syndrome, in which you gradually start to regret working for a hello. This is a particular series. One in America, televisual officially aggravated spontaneous Centro digital inversion, Impulsion ISM, in which, whenever the news is on, you are compelled, to flip, a burger you'll television and the most dangerous disease. All in twenty nineteen hope so choose your own, some sections of the bugle going. What they going where
correct. They are going in the Bin and um in the Bin. We have a foil dilatation, never been this week to start with Portland or a special section on Portland or so you're home. So did you like living here? It's good place to live. There's a reading about Oregon, you had a crack at being an independent republic, apparently for five years in the 1840s. That's all the lonely lasted five years. Let me tell you: America, independence, never works out. Just give it time. Obviously the most uh think fallen is most famous for is this an old defunct carpets. How does he go over to the you go to the pool and call for it and then the following it Donald Trump was elected president join of King donuts people
well that wasn't doing the local economy any good to pull in company. You know that the the local economy in Poland and surrounding areas of of Oregon that carpet was costing your economy one hundred and thirty two billion dollars a year and people just staring us it just staring lovingly at you'll kill off with. I think what the Portland Copic shows as a historical story is, is a big problem in a country as young as America, when a thirty year old call it's become yes like Stonehenge is for Britain I mean in Europe. We have two one slash two thousand year old temples that people users urinals, I think- or maybe I just took a piece on the path and- and I forget-
also in the bed. Next week we have a is country now, especially common scenario- is so important for you to know about your country and um. The tech here are you from Minneapolis, or did you live there for a bit from Minneapolis? I've got a special Minneapolis or Saint Paul and the twin cities, but do you know which is which? How much do you know about the other major cities in your country? We're going to play Minneapolis or Saint Paul, I'm going to show something and tell you about it. You have to tell me if it's from Minneapolis or Saint Paul, so we'll start with this. This is a picture of the 45th largest city in America. Is that place. Orders is simple: we have this Minneapolis, so one Minneapolis, so Minneapolis MIL now by the Romans in six thousand five hundred and eighty
on the orders of Emperor Nero's at Minneapolis or Saint Paul support. thanks to this simple, very well done this place love, sports and his home to target field home with the Minnesota twins. Baseball team is at Minneapolis or Saint Paul, correct, Suunto, Minneapolis and now incorrigible letter writer who famously penned off epistles to, amongst others, the Corinthians, the Ephesians, his auntie PAM, he got a bit lonely but always wrote back. The Damascus highways offers complete office complaining about the state of the roads. He also wrote two history, writing so Pliny, the elder asking for an autograph and he wrote two cereal manufacturer trying to win competitions by finishing sentence is like I love Judy and Chuck. Are corn pops Becaus dot, dot dot? Is that Minneapolis or doesn't fall
Ok, so we're going to also it's too old now and that's got all we're out of time. It's too old, which means we have a sudden death overtime. Tiebreaker. Is this morphs into something What started as who's. Going to win, Minneapolis or Saint Paul is going to be judged by who has the most down to earth believable credible balls is it the app list, current boss, Donald Trump or a simple his boss famously gone So, who is more realistic and down to earth out of- those two let's find out and the winner is God, God is the winner, and so that's a win for Saint Paul and there is. There is some pool and also ball. Hang on: what's that website got message for you: pulak me the book simple. Flip you the very easy going to take that long down now right. Well, I enjoyed that. Maybe more than you did so
and it is now time to introduce all fantastic view- will co host? Will today's life you will here in Portland, and we are, we are about to try something truly incredible. Heya within will context, and here is let's see if If this is gonna work, is this going to work here? We go, I was who do you live? How are you well, I think we were in London. I was away with London to me yeah. I know I am I'm reporting he is in the midst of Portland in eighteen. Ninety eight, as you know, I'm from Australia and have their full of the shot. The time difference significantly
I don't accidentally rise quite a long time before the gig is meant to stuff. Well, I thought modern societies and welcoming to female comedians. I cannot get books here except by lady calling us sell syphilitic. Merry this town slot wrangler. Do you want except occasional bugle cohost as a regular will writing credits who plays with Hawaii I mean who are you? I can't see you. I know I look like at all of this video camera, so you can always boy by Alice. This is Portland and that's you on the screen, You all are king enormous don't fat, shame mean, but you are quite literally color. The big in America now
right. I think it's time for our top story. This week, owner hang on before we do that. I always forget this, but it's America, what we gotta do before you start anything in America, natural That's right! That's right before we start so please everyone, please be upstanding for the national anthems before the middle of everybody up! Everybody! Unfortunately, we don't have very much time for this, so we get through quickly, in fact, for in the national anthems tonight, I we only have eighteen seconds so what got crack through them I'm Ashland for Alice for me and for you as host country. Here we go well, you can see it.
there. We go a national, It was a bit of a curious thing from out automotive must massive found of the british national anthem, which is essentially appealing to a day at sea. The most of Britain no longer believes in to save a woman who already has the best medical care and security detail. that money can possibly buy. These are wasted words, if only we've been singing God save our industrial sector might not be and your national anthem was essentially all about blowing Brits up isn't from from eighteen. Eighty, four,
team. Is that right? What was it was? It was a siege or something like that. Sorry for seizure, Fort Mchenry in one thousand, eight hundred and fourteen, which is part of the war of one thousand eight hundred and twelve. So when he joined that one unusually early. What what's the national anthem is basically just kind of I mean it was going to be waltzing Matilda, which was very popular song about a man who stole a she and then they decided that that wasn't quite respectable enough, so they went with the boring song in all of history. That's what national anthems at all about I mean they would have found that funnier if they knew anyone outside their own country. I was sick so it's on the edge of America. It's not right!
is time now for now does doesn't actually story this week right, Alice, you're, bringing up Sorry is one of the most momentous pieces of news in the history of this planet. yes in important evolution news now the missing link has been found. Doctor Sidney, Tamma scientists at the marine biological Laboratory has made a really spectacular finding in his work plumbing yes of the salty ocean, he has discovered a creature with a transient anus. A transient anus and anus. That appears only when it is needed before vanishing completely so daily. the famous for their complete lack of features, including the including being notably anus free, but Doctor Tam, has discovered that the warty comb jelly or see walnut
isn't a jellyfish at all, because it has an on demand, streaming service and occasional anus. Did it be is only when it's needed like Batman or Batman. If you will, I wonder if you can, if you like,. we can no longer writes in the will. He come. Jelly also is just another, but let's blog fruit, flushing Angus and fancy free through the watery dates of the briny sees. Now that we look further into its ephemeral. We realize it represents a critical stage in evolutionary history. It is the missing link. Yes, he of the the bridge between the pothole free jelly fish in US the beings You just use the word wordpad but hold yes I was so happy with that. It is not used in what law the fourth amendment or something okay. It's it's
It's state of anus should be an inspiration for those of us who would like to go back to simpler times in our evolutionary history times when we could make fleeting price of a momentary, anus and then move on with our lives, not haunted by the constant. it's a vulnerable back door we put, a species permanently adorned with the in during sphincter the uncomfortable reminder that not all progress is good. Should Lord Doctor Sidney term as a hero, he has left mounts on the pages of science, plugging this, Being this gaping hole in our spiritual history, with the poop of knowledge he receive a lifetime supply of poisonous jellyfish in a twelve bump salute college graduation ceremony
What is the world? The world, as we know, is full of, and I think, with this jelly fish clearly could be before a foot. I think so. There is not a been a joy and also this jelly fish, I think, is probably the best solution. We've yet come out with Julia the I the transient anus is such a bizarre. I imagine that's what you are all hoping your president will prove to be, and the history of America in my head. The trends in has a little bag on a stick over his shoulder, and he just says I'm just passing through them Thank me. It's my job, but I want I mean they're all clearly I mean there are parts of the human body anatomy that come and go according to necessity in this similar way, for example, the part of brain which remembers crucial pieces of evidence or truly appalling behavior in court cases,
I'm there's some anymore in the Austin's Jelly fish was. We want other jellyfish news Alice. We could move on to other jellyfish news, but I was just looking at the internet today and I realized it is also the international women's day and the day in which you suggested the lead story should be the discovery of a non jelly. Fish with an ephemeral could shoot. Well, sorry it just if we call just get rid of the patriarchy over not no no. I just wanted to take a moment to celebrate international women's day, which is a beautiful day in which men and men and non binding cousins all over the world display their appreciation for the women in their lives. In history, women, out of who's, the John as they platonic Lee in the Jaw interviews that China is a non platonic, we would like to end up. You know it's a
big day it's the day in which people of the world argue vehemently about the parameters of the abstract, inflexible latticework of gender and biological sex, into which we are attempting to scoop. Fifty one percent of more than seven billion people. That was a very lucid sentence, for I believe it is four hundred and thirty, five I in London, so in the other day I didn't write any jokes on the second Jellyfish story stories a rocket. So Well, a jellyfish could solve this could solve the issue of plastic in the oceans uh. This I mean this is quite exciting news, because there's no talking way we're going to do it. Human were so bad at solving the problem of plastic in the oceans, whales and dolphins of come up with a scheme of just wanna eat the problem away, but that
mmhm that a short term is to on their behalf. I mean some people say I don't know you I mean you'll present is not the most committed environmentalist for my quote: the international society of foster understatement and I'm. We did recently say in a speech that we need to get in perspective, and that's more than ninety percent of the ocean is still not plastic. so we need to try and keep some kind of perspective, and here we have a lot of the little bits of plastic off the tops of beer. But let's look on the positive, so I don't see that as just Snm kit for sexual adventures, terrapins I'm a german company has been as of May to a micro plastic filter using jelly fish. Mucus, isn't science fun, I'm running is great. I think it's about time, some These other species started doing their bit for the environment why's. It always us that has to clear up our own message in freeloaders,
Indi's can do max news now. Researchers at the Rmit University in Australia have discovered that these can do MAX, which raises a lot of questions Jones about the intelligence of the insects world and whether we have underrated the in of the horrible tiny creatures were probably about to be relying on for us also's protein? If the environmentalists take away our beef burgers Raises questions to me about what kind of maniac scientists decides to do be MAX experiments in the first place. Where is that Eureka moment? Is it? Oh it all, my god, I'm called in babies how many of them on there? I wonder if they know. I mean we do need to get it in some kind of perspective. How good I mean beads are good at maths for their size compared with humans of similar dimensions uhm, but.
I mean in the grand scheme of things there were? No. Nobody is ever going to agree in maths from a top twenty ranked university, any the Britain all the? U s. I nobody is out of my a mathematical little mind, all three: where is for loads of humans? Have we have the deployment toss the room both of them human? Not, please pass to nail you please theorem the ancient Greek. How would you Jim, the Father of Geometry, old, big, Papa angles, is a lot to be known. He was not to believe he was a human mathematician like so many of the best mathematicians Hilbert. Axiom was named off David Hilbert, who was german but not to be, and was never recorded as having flown around someone's picnic buzzing and trying to steal that jam sandwiches
oh he'll, but lived to the age of eighty one and that's older than the average b by almost eighty one years and he's a little fact about bees. In a recent scientific survey, it turned out that thirty, seven percent of all bees were in fact Amazon picnic things: spying on people. Reading this barn, everything I mean sure any babies are better, I'm not as good as humans at MAX, but they are better than some humans at MAX honey bees. According to doctor, Adrian Dyer and his research can understand the concept of zero and learn to correctly indicate which of two groups of objects is smaller, which is really con todo for humans, especially when you're trying to figure out the size of a crowd. No liberation, in which subject, I think it's time to move on now. Yet also. What was that Chris move on Andy? Ok, I will move on good point people uh,
so I ship it. We are american NEWS now and what I will somehow was America going. We say out out of two: and how do you store America right now? Poland negative. I mean, let's get things in perspective of wind nineteen fourteen for on school. Only one point two, so I'm I'm those research on keep. I mean it's clearly: it's pretty can't exciting day. Today we are there. We are poor, Paul Manafort. Some he was seem to get rather under severe sentence. Uhm a curious one is all forty, seven months and um. Do you think I was rather lean.
Please yeah. I mean the judge in his ruling did have some very harsh words for Manafort uh said that he was a quotes very naughty boy to go and think about what he's done, and
Would you want to get in in perspective? I was reading an article on the the website, the Chaldean about chuckle Timothy Jackson, who was given a life sentence without parole for stealing a jacket. With a hundred and fifty nine dollars metaphor, it is becoming to pay back twenty four million dollars that he'd fraudulently a cool head and putting that is only the tip of the iceberg. Even if we take that as well, he essentially stole and if you apply the same equipment, save me says it's a thirty year sentence for stealing a hundred. Fifty nine dollars jacket. Metaphor on that basis would be still facing a four point: seven million years in jail, rather than forty seven months under he's not come across as particularly wracked by regrets for tax fraud, bank fraud, conspiracy to defraud the: U S a witness companies basically,
I mean as remorseful as a dog that stole a packet of sausages and there wasn't punished by his owner by being forced to eat another packet of sausages, but it doesn't mean uh. There is with with with Donald Trump, who is Donald, Trump's reaction to to manifolds conviction. This is what he said about it, stupid laws they make my very, very difficult, what size I mean, he's not going to take this long down? What's next on his agenda, I wanted to repeat:
and we place our laws, mexican women and our constitution, so he's a fax that came out of the of the manifold. You know there are now more people in the american prison system who used to work in the Trump White House. Then they're all people in the american prison system who previously also used to be in the american prison system, little joke about American re offending rates.
In the market with a ticket sales a ticket, so I'm so clearly trump is well. I mean that there is off of the file the recent summit you'll president, that and next to him I man chosen to represent all of humanity, and if there is a little question for you now who here knows the number of current investigations into Donald Trump, I want twenty seven, it's not a location, but actually it basically is an auction uhm. Let's uh, let's find out Twelve foot four hundred and twelve One thousand four hundred and seventy two.
So what makes us so amazing, Poland? It's all just told you that your president has twelve thousand four hundred. Seventy two live investigations into him. It's clearly a lie, but none of you have say it's now on the that's incorrect. You've just assumed that it might, it might be wrong, might be the action on the ice and all that, so that number is in, for that's the number of runs scored by the England, Cricketer Alistair Cooke, who recently retired from international cricket. That's what he's good and he's the test match Korean the. Would you believe that what you believe, what you don't like cricket No, it's the greatest thing ever invented Portland, right, ok, Alice! You probably couldn't see that
but I know what happened to you happened Here- is the greatest heckle in history this this It's just been rolled onto the stage here. Thanks for that, can't just ask some first time someone's role to cricket ball across the stage we're not going on today. Where did you get it in Portland. You go to in London, so the I mean you've plans, this Do you fly to London just to buy a cricket. Ball you know he came from London. You could have just dropped so just left it there, so, let's look ahead now, instead of looking looking backwards and sideways and woods to twenty twenty, the twenty twenty election that some of the candidates aborted clad.
uh. So who do you think is going to win bunny, so I mean, I think, better of agents in town that it could kinda may all be looked at as a number the candidates, some of whom are done in told you believe in Bernie Saunders, who kinda interesting kind of I think it even better kinder than but he's on his low eighties, the auditor of Bernie Saunders, so tremendous candidate could go all the way. Elizabeth Warren, I guess the question does arise. Is America ready for someone who thinks democracy can and should work for everyone? It's a big parking step uh. I'm Amy Clubbish are pronounced. It right, who has been described as Trump's worst nightmare. Welcome, hope he has worst nightmares than that. I hope he is haunted by himself um John Hickenlooper
Obviously made up, I mean this is a thing I mean I would look at Tulsi Gabbar, that's the kind of shit I make up on the bugle, that's peak! g generalize that pronounce the gentleman. That is what b? U t see all right: g, r, e g us or someone who fell asleep on a cable. The movie is flawed stage for the for Medico Day's gonna Jones, Pcs, trout, interesting companies pledged to do absolutely nothing of which presumably will make Congress spring into action and do loads of stuff for a Tom Brady uhm he's just announced a ideal ideal for the Republicans, he's high profile famous he's hard to takedown and he's a proven cheap. What do they want? Grover Cleveland Grover, Cleveland's back he's going for number three by Ouija boards and a very
excitingly. We are delighted today to announce a Alice, and I are the launch, of these Altman Fraser, two thousand and twenty campaign We are standing we also with our campaign slogan. Better lives, for a better America and God going to lie to you during the campaign you might as well get good lies that you feel better about yourself, so uh I mean sure I mean this- is a campaign that seems doomed to failure. It's an Englishman, an australian woman, that's not traditionally successful ticket in american elections, but there are no certainties in politics, anymore, who'd a thought you would elect anyway, you can finish that sentence on your own, so Alice uh, oh well, you gotta start with some lies for two thousand and twenty.
Yes, I'm going to abolish all gun checks and all gun licenses free guns for all, but all bullets will be replaced by flags that say: bang there we go. That's the perfect compromise, the only other compromise I can think of on the whole second amendment stick other than applying the second and a half amendment which it would seem to fall on the floor in one thousand seven hundred and ninety one, which was clearly as time goes by applied common sense. You freaking idiots was to fit all guns with a special device. There's a thirty minute, cooling off p. Period between pulling the trigger on the gun. Actually firing too he's a life. You only to spread this around America throughout two thousand and twenty. Some immigrants are magic and If you smile at one or lick them on the air, they will make you taste the taste of strawberry whenever you look at a truck now. and there's been a lot of lies told about immigrants, and most of them are very negative. Tell some positive lies with say just get out there. Also
I think we need to grow up about immigration in our two countries, particularly think of all the doctors. Countries like Britain and America have stolen from uh from other places. I think most illegal immigrants only come to our countries to see their local gp but Alice. next line? Yes, national swear jar. You can call
but every time you do it, you have to pay a dollar. I think I will wipe off your twenty two trillion dollar national debt in about a month such as the internet, uhm, the environmental lobby. There's a lot of lies told by what the environmental lobby wants to do June will come onto a system of those lies uh shortly. But this is what the environmental lobby really wants is for everyone in America to own a solar powered pogo, stick that will enable him to Boeing across America at one hundred and forty kilometres an hour and also they want to replace all fossil fuels and instead power, the american electricity grid using sexual tension, which they will hook up all teenage boys in America. ok to the national electricity system and a load of french teachers. Don't know what that says about french teachers. You've had in the past, and
absolute freedom of religion. If and only if you can pause it basic logic and comprehension test. Oh, that is long long overdue. Believe what you want, but you have to be able to read it out loud. I think I'm going to pledge mold great Americans, because this to other than that, nothing illegal, because you call young country. I think you need to steal some from other countries, so some grown ounce that the ancient Greeks saw install all committees it was actually from Utah the also American, the great no italian fresco painted she. Also the australian cricket Legend Don Bradman and the prophet Elijah. You was in fact a professor of prophecy at the at you missed, and Florence Nightingale now american, oh yeah,
and I won alloy. That will say: oh well, virtual reality headsets full. I think this is the only way we can bring. We can have harmony in the world is at is if everyone gets their own virtual reality headset and could live out whatever the future they will on is basically just it's just it's just it's. It's really the logic of the wool applied to in visual heads and also spread this. If you let women control their own bodies, wombs chicken nuggets will become thirty. Six percent cheaper get out of Also, I would declare war. That's all american candidates have to promise of war, and I will declare war on dinosaurs 'cause. You gotta have wars in America, that's very much define yourself but wars, the best water. What is the best war, the winnable war and what is the most winnable war, the war so there's already been one, so definitely dinosaurs, uhm
right. It's time to uh move on. That's the breaking news and breaking users can maybe skip disputes, or was that Chris maybe skip this bit. Can't skip it in the Powerpoint presentation. I can't change it. Right? We have now it's bugle, cohost, video time to start us off hello, Andy, hello, american buglers, Kukris american say you Chris so much smuggling me into the United States as an illegal immigrant I really appreciate it and I'm pretty sure will be fine with it. Just kidding here in Australia, where everything is going really well, except the fact that everything is either on fire underwater or dead, still stuck in his shity drought, there're bushfires, Put on each has many others: floods in Queensland and in January in Lake Minne, Indian, western New South Wales, we
found a million dead fish either. That's an ecological crisis or bloody Jesus is up to his old tricks. Again, going forward mental trying to feed the mulch Kiss off Jesus he's flip, Double the bb, I believe it not even jewish anatomic. Wanted all his own graphics are super ever that he's off Jesus anyway. Despite all these bad things happen to our environment. Our minister for the environment, Melissa Price former lawyer for the coal industry hasn't really been saying or doing anything at all. In fact, the national director of the wilderness society refer to her as the invisible minister, I have a question for you, Andy Zaltzman, if the world, which will elect an international minister for the environment, who do you think, should fill that position?
That is the way to pose a question Alice initiation of international minister for the environment, yeah and given to the babies. They can do the masks and they've got skin in the game. I'm just quickly on the environment. Another big environmental story they're coming for your burgers. This is what's on the green lobbies after they are coming to take focus, don't believe me believe. The great environmental scientist studies Sebastian, Gorka former White House aide now great environmental. So it was him or was it Leon Trotsky? Could you tell the difference? I'm not sure I can he's in deep cover deep, deep cover now and he said some mixed, three things about the the green new deal and all this obvious conspiracy, the green new deal to enjoy the life on earth is viable in a hundred years time. But what's in it for me as a consumer, I'm he said this, these machiavellian scheme, the the the environmental lobby. They want to take your pick up truck they. Don't they just wanna
I like it more sustainable and cheaper, quite generous. Really they want to rebuild your home again. It's a lovely offer and going to take away your hamburgers. They want to steal hamburgers from the mouths of Americans. That's what they agreed lobby today, when he said these extraordinary words. This is what star Elin dreamed about, but never achieved, when that's is one of the most extraordinary of all the bullshit that has been spouted over the last two years. I think we I have a winner video time, but any co. It is, in fact a bugle Former co hosts, don't know who might be let's find out. hello. Loaded hum
There is sergeant splitter himself, the the but it's Arnold of the 21st century uh. There is communing with you buglers look at that look up your spirit, Killjoy is all for those who are not listen to the vehicle. I did the bugle for about eight years with John Oliver. He sadly had to retire from bugle duty back in twenty fifteen because enough time for anymore, because well, sadly, things have not been going too well for Jaune. He sounded not turned out to quick comedy entirely. In fact, the cell damage get a regular nine to five is working as a what is an accounts clock from Manhattan delivery. Firm anyway, let's uh, still these uh gotta say
I'm sorry! I can't be there that look, how sorry he is such is it have you ever seen a sorry, a pair of eyes. I don't know where I've been and these last few years either and then the honest answer is, I just don't know what to make fun of the world seems to be going really well. So I hope you have a wonderful time there please watch the lion king this year. He can't help it. He can't help plug in his films. He's all about the big scream. Is it going to be? dealership in your other films jump? I would say that handy. About saying hello ball is it makes it almost catastrophic Lee difficult not to clear it? Give me a beyonc. You won't be also that he got a big, I'm a bird
Portland. It's been a delight coming here, continue to to support If I haven't made to the Alberta, rose. Any final questions. Puns, It is five hundred and forty I am hums. Hums can be fatal. at five hundred, and forty am in the. Even what they want and look at the closing to ask. Well
God knows, Americans have never voted against their own self interest. Well, since those here in Oregon, I was thinking of the US open. Maybe they might be pretty on a rock on original up some sort of a picture of it. If I had a dog from Oregon once actually rescue dog one of his legs was much shorter than the other three and try as he might, he couldn't get old is free on to the ground. He couldn't get his ports allowance, a I am on to this? Are going boating trip? Well, was it no? What I said? I don't know where to hire boats anyway. I don't even know how to Salem sorry by these puns, but when you feel that you can't you can't stop it. I was born this way. It's in Eugene's
Now I was traveling through the state reading a novel legal thriller, a Gresham Gresham and I bumped into the male sibling of the former democratic presidential candidate from twenty sixteen Hillsboro. Hum. I know he was disgusted by Donald what Donald Trump said during the campaign. He said it is awful what he said about women. I can't believe that he used the word push he should've said: Beaver to not cause quite so much offense hum. Don't know why I'm bothering this must be going must be going around the bend.
Hum no. I just started to kayak down Oregon's biggest rivers and bodies of water out on the way to meet all my favorite. Three american talk show hosts Oprah, Jerry and Ricky. I bumped into Oprah and Jerry at a campsite, and I thought if I can find Ricky Willem at all three of them. Anyway um five days it! No luck! I thought I'll drown. My sorrows in ale. I went to a bar for Pretty Colombia, Colombia, Colombia, Colombia and I was just about to shoot some pool.
where out the window. I saw that she was Ricky like counting counting up the little edible shelled creatures in the water, so she could get the right number for her. Chowder was impressive. Her clam math was amazing. Anyway, we got we got quite friendly, so I decided to send them all some of my favorite blues music. I sent muddy waters to Winfrey. I sent some the guide to Springer and some Robert Crater Lake Crater Lake, and that way, all those are my oregon. Puns thank you. That is now the official end of this gig.
it has been an absolute delight coming to the other garage. Please show your appreciation for Alex Fraser season. You know, got some sleep, I'm switching you off! Hawaii goodnight,