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2018, Part One: Kangaroos, Kim & corruption


What a year! Yes there's Trump and Brexit, but also sexy Kangaroos, exam cheats in India and Kim Jong Un. Includes great live moments and a guest appearance from RoboTrump.

Featuring Andy Zaltzman, Tom Ballard, Nish Kumar, Alice Fraser, Anuvab Pal, Aditi Mittal. Produced by Chris Skinner and the ghost of Tom Wright.

Part two will be released next week (was released a week after this one).

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Audio newspaper for a visual, hello buglers, welcome to part one of the bugle review of twenty eighteen, I'm Andy Zaltzman an water year. It has been for all world famous planet. It has been an unalloyed pleasure to have been able on the bugle to bring you exclusive coverage of all renowned species, continued exploration of the outer recesses of political lunacy. Don't forget, you can see my efforts to digest the years. Newsan regurgitated as a vaguely, edible comedic club sandwich at the Soho Theatre and results Mens. Two thousand and eighteen, a certifiable history continues 27th to the 29th December and then the second to the fifth of January the perfect Christmas present for absolutely anyone alive, dead or otherwise. Also starring, Alice, Fraser, provided neither of us gets trapped by Anti Bugle activist, is controlled drugs or shut down, because we look like the US government
almost a something under a breast that may or may not be a suggestion that someone we think has just said something patiently stupid- might also have some kind of gender a world you all a bit of a tool anyway enough. For me, let's hear instead from me, but the old, earlier in this year with various members of the Bugle Co Hosting squadron, as we take you through J three to June of the year. That will unquestionably go down in history as indeed two full years month, one any guesses. Yes, January, two thousand and eighteen top story out of Australia. Now tourist unable to poo after sexy RU blocks her from Lou quality over here guys in John Forrest National Park just outside of Perth, a french tourist was blocked,
I'm using a public toilets, buy a sixty kangaroo, striking a seductive, come hither pose in the toilets entrance. This is all anybody is talking about in Australia, it's the most, the strictly. Instead, where in the world you have used a photo of the of the ruin question- Andy God, yeah yeah, I see the bugs out of a not that I can do that now, because I think it would be shut down by safe search function, the sexiest God Damn Kangaroo ever seen in my life, it is off the charts. That is the hottest piece of sexy route child out there and he wants it too. He's not Skippy he's slutty baby, all haven't been around since this around. Since rating Blinky Bill is like kid things I do that roof. He let me into his pouch all damn baby. Let me be a dirty little jelly boy. I want to hop all over you all night long all you like that baby, yeah, sorry fellas, it's been awhile.
What what's been awhile to just anyone does anything since you lost in the in the sex crimes, though it is. Is it's not a real country told you call tell play the Australia is a real country. With this sort of news stories coming out of the stories. It was a really sexy, Kangaroo Lish to get to the toilet. Come on. My I think it's a very shut up about the cricket. This show is over already have to do one podcast about the cricket this week. That was more than more than I'm very concerned about this kangaroo store it to me. It shows that the animal kingdom is getting more confident, more cocky they've seen that visions within all species,
and they are thinking this could be our chance to get rid of those imperialist pigs, and it was interesting what this this french tourist said. She said, Australia is such a beautiful country with perfect weather, and I would move here if I could well. I think she should give it ago, because, with all due respect, she does look like she has all the required paperwork and not to end up in a cell on Manus, island or narrow, with sixty other people who also think Australia is beautiful and would move there if they could and buy paper work. I mean white face in a t shirt, I'm definitely not a refugee slogan. That's all we ask of people, it's not too much sort out near see if you get a chance to have a look at that. You're welcome back anytime, the tourism she's a thirty year old, french lady and she said afterward. It was so funny couldn't stop laughing when I saw it was posed like that, I wouldn't have been surprised if it had said:
hey girl. What's up? How are you talking about you, sick, french, we'd? Oh, it's, a kangaroo! You wouldn't be surprised if a kangaroo who said english words to you and not just any words, creepy floating disturbing words that sexual harassment, Mereu Hashtag hi is unbelievably struggle. I didn't realize that the film Titanic was so he to the Kangaroo community that photo. It is absolutely a home urge to Kate Winslet's into this compose from that movie. I assumed the captured was paint me like one of your french animals very hot. At the moment earlier as well. That's a huge story over here and is a how how how how hot how how
with frying the brains of bats, all right? Okay, that's not how it will how the flying Fox bats, which lacks sufficient canopy cover and shade in the St Louis suburbs, died outside Sydney over the weekend, as temperatures soared two hundred seventeen degrees Fahrenheit, the hot, as it's been since nineteen thirty, nine, the check out the sentence: okay, the candle at look advertise a ripple, as of Monday, two hundred and four dead bats, mostly babies, whose brain said being boiled had been collected in Campbelltown. It's it. It feels like something out of revelations fake news. That's when cut out for it might that cut out for a new globally warmed world, but I tell you it's so hot in Australia. Right now, guys is so hot missionary. It is so hot how hot so hot so hot, it's so hard. No one can even be bothered being racist here anymore. It's so hot, Australia, right now how hot so I want so hot Nicole Kidman's noses melted, hot right now,
Australia Dish. I tell you what how hot somehow hot, it's so hot, where becoming delusional and finding kangaroos couple. That's how hot it is that right now on the subject this this this the phone, she can go through a blocks. Toilet lady says, as I believe her full name is it's gonna be a Australia's perfect weather, I'm gonna, help perfect, can weather be if the brains of bats have been literally falling in That's because it's got this lovely weather. If you'd like to be able to brew a nice cup of green tea without having to use any other than the ambient air temperature and it's lovely weather, if you like, batch to cook themselves, so so bloody good thing, Gotham City isn't located in New South Wales. I believe that woman sore all those baby bats with boiled brains lying all over the ground. She thought these bats trying to me right now
Moving on now to February, barely a week goes by in Britain now without some idiot saying something idiotic about brexit. Really we go straight out the trash today, David Davis, God rest his soul, hi. If it is ever located to he said, he's promises soul that breaks it will not be some kind of mad max style. Dystopia stop trying the will of the people. That is what we voted for David Davis, a man who was once a baby so boring that his parents gave him his own last name as a first name, disappointed. Nation, by saying breaks it will not be a mad max style dystopia. What is the point of it is tell you if it's not a mad max style, one only other. Just
These are the boring or terrifying. I mean he's right. Okay, of course, is not gonna, be a mad maxed out this type. It's far more likely the brakes. It will be an h g wells time, machine style, dystopia, you know it and she was victorian science fiction, novel with increasing disparities, been wealth between the rich and the poor will lead to humanity involving into two different species. As you know, the evil in the morn Morlocks yep them. Yes, they easily arrested fruit, eating rich people, just sort of walked about being beautiful and use this like when the culture and the the Morlocks are ugly underground, poor people and the hideous Morlocks aka poor people have basically eat the rich right. That is all future. Yeah it'll have served rich people right if they don't have their act together in time for the future. Rich people on super food diets are basically prepping themselves. the delicious lunch. You know the trend toward superfoods inexpensive s smoothies mean rich people a.
in all the nutrients and leaving the bad food to the poor. It's an excellent development. As we move inexorably toward this dystopian future, it is good to know who will be the most nutrient dense. I'm sorry, the study with breaks. It went off track into a delicious, just Yeah. Look, I don't I'm not saying I want to eat window Pultro, I'm just saying I'm just going to leave the words grass FED and let you do the rest, yeah of course, discography of mad MAX style, dystopia I've seen the mad MAX films, there's people of color in them
I don't think anyone. What are you doing about? I don't think any with Nigel Farage's idea of Brexit is not Tina Turner in the Thunderdome. Also it's the specificity of it like it's not like anyone is specifically said in public. I mean we've all thought in private. It's not like anyone was saying. Oh, this is going to cause a mad max style. It's worrying that David Davis was that specific is like. If you lend someone a cap and they give it back to him and go, I didn't get you just immediately like well, you definitely verse account, and now I have to burn this hat hi, I I know how rigorous you are about. Do you? Will
Empirical research for your jokes, yeah, yeah, yeah yeah under Daniel Day, Lewis account in drugs me. Dish. Kumar would never talk about being pussy. No, I'm sorry that was too far you're right, Boris, That's of series, three, the any topical that the addition. What are those later in the week sub category?
okay, Boris Johnson said well, not lost what now he he answers. The brexit was not a v sign from the cliffs of Dover, which is appointed on a radio show. Last week he's my favorite Vera Ling song, but I actually. That is what a lot of people did vote for. It was in some of the you get literature. A three hundred meter high v sign on the cliffs of Dover, made out of pure british oak machine frying. President said the government does not have a viable plan again, that was laid out perfectly clearly before the referendum. I suddenly come out of the level plan that will again be but trying to well. If it's not yeah, I mean it's old, it's going about as badly as we thought it was going to go. I just got back to the v sign. Boris Johnson said the is in a vase on from the cliffs of Dover, but we actually did that. I know that you have just bullshit about it.
But do you remember, potty power erected a giants not to have to raise the money clicking the vase dressed to the union. Jack dress. Like literally look like an eighty l members. What dream come to life flight? It was. It was really without your faces and that's the reason I'm a poor all to raise that. Well, I think, if you get a big enough v sign then on a large bit of elastic, then you could use it as as the catapult to far all the illegal assault, wherever they can from under the. In this conversation, we have come up with a more specific plan for brexit the entire government catapulting immigrants off the White Cliffs of Dover, but at least it's a plan. Thank God for the White dye in check. Is there, as we recall tonight, they currently out in a white date is of high morale, brexit policy, so
all the things you probably should have done before you start it breaks it like, and it's classic procrastination like I recognize this from anytime. I have a deadline for anything you go away, you put it off if the government or anything like me within a couple of days, they'll all be collectively masturbating themselves into oblivion, my working method is my working methods. That would be the perfect metaphor for breaks just an enormous conservative circle, Jack it's ouch in fiction and weaponry news. Now. Young anti gun activists in the US are fighting for their rights not be shot, but also doing it with a lot of Harry Potter placards and they, are facing increasing criticism from the right for using Harry Potter. Analogies in their protest speech, is an placards many on the right,
if a calling out the young protesters for taking, who he who must not be named name in vain, reminding us all that Harry Potter is a work of fiction and not a blueprint for how to organize your life to to everyone else, says yeah da at least it's better than organizing your life with reference to sex in the city where I was all like. Oh, my god you're such a Miranda, and I had to pretend to know who Miranda was I I mean running your life according to a long running. Serial work of fiction is as good a way to do things as any, though I'm not super keen on the current trend among conservative politicians to choose as their guiding work the Lord of the flies which well a seminal coming of age. Novel and brutal reflection on the nature of young masculinity outside the confines of civilized society is not a great mode that full, for example, healthcare funding. Well, I guess it's the that
the Bible, which is similar long running fiction in some ways: daily huge marches in America, the mulch for all lives across America. Hundreds of thousands of people marching in favor of people being gunned down as they go about their daily business and it does in America, is finally reached a tipping point where there's a generational shift where enough people now do not want to be gone down as I go by that day, business and that's now started to critically out mass those who do want to see all the people gone down as they go about their daily business and small Tennessee be able to protect themselves from marauding Donna cels. I guess there have been similar marches before in the boss, but perhaps this could be the moment when America finally has some vague vestiges of sense blasted into a
I'm. The gun lobby ole the protest lobby is, there was a non. What literally one go down without a fight has, and you have a fave, you hear them chanting outlet that catch phrases. So U S! I us USA, for example, which stands for unbelievably stupid anachronism. I under I do understand that it it is. You know it's a real good thing. You know. Historically, you want to respect the founding philosophies, all of the american nation, the eternal truths in wisdoms, all the amendments schooled as they might or may not have met them in one thousand, seven hundred and ninety one, and you don't want to abandoned those nation defining thoughts but at the same time you're not entirely comfortable with the deaths of innocent people, it's kind of a killed. Twenty two situation answer no obvious answer, especially if you continually ignore the obvious answer. I mean. The problem for me is that the Harry Potter books with that
band wagon that everyone jumped on that made nodes in book. Reading cool- and I was the kid that was nobody before it was cool to be nobody. You know I read books in trees like a native blood, an also it's not cool, becoming a nerd becomes cool when you're a nerd, because then you lose the one thing that makes nerd life tolerable, which is feeling superior to the idiots who bullying you. I also I also just missed the him, my any windows. So when I was a crazy head, no it'll who can keep them out shot, it was less cool. Emma Watson, hash tag, I'm with her and more, let's throw sandwiches at it. The show, or as night follows day. What follows March correct April. The lessons you saw that that co host of of today's people within two to introduce him last week and even its only works on a site for a better. This week old white from the United States of America, your friend and mine, I was printed out sellable excel all in the more
3D printer here is the fully functioning brain of american President Donald Trump. but even considering we gotta bump because I run out of time- anyway Donald you're right Andy hello, hello, Donald's, want to say hello to the audience hello, MU dollars, hello, giggles! Here! That's nice right here! We go so don't expect it to have you on the show it's my great honor to be a guest on the go. That did you you, I mean to you. This is not real target demographic of a political, listening. They will not like me at all and that's ok, p lefty liberal losers, uh
also warm anyway Donald yes, I'm just saw some maybe to reflect on you'll you'll you'll first year or so in charge. What what do you think of a you'll you'll? First you're you're, cool to be most remembered for reforms that lower the freedom of choice, an opportunity for the american people live, and I mean what's the ultimate goal. Now, if you'll you'll first time in this, we must fireball museums into space muscle stone to stock up now with demand. I I'm the recent bombings in in in in Syria. The three sometimes are they that would not look accordance with international law, stupid, Poppin Glaz, you just don't like laws, they make my fucking life very, very difficult throughout his presidency. Don't, but do you think, there's one? Maybe one thing to be more remembered for the nothing else so far. What would it be hands on their hands?
Ok, my frankly hands your proudest disgusting. So far, we've made historic progress in crushing the Spirit of the american public. How at a faster clip a never before by far and uh, what are the other things that you think you'll be most of defined by at the moment, Russia, Russia, anything else, peep peep, okay me being a total gravity, define Iranium leveled. Well, at least that's honest, an appropriate way for and uh and present to behave? I keep my campaign, promises yeah, I guess in the late I called very firmly on the table. So what Donald's there's been so many people have claimed that you are on the loose with the truth. Do you
oh a single fact only one one fact, and what is your one and we knew about Halloween? Is it and could be like show your Halloween fact with the audience here in Australia? Did you don't know the queen began when Hillary Clinton turn a totally innocent little child bride? Very bad quality wouldn't desk Hillary Clinton into a desk? Yes, yes, yes different! it happens to the best of my knowledge? Yes, so the best of your knowledge is very different to actually happening but uh, and then what happened She ate the whole fucking thing in one. Huge mouth fall, Henry Clinton. Eighth
ask child. There was a horrible thing to watch. I don't doubt for a second, I mean at least I mean many people wish Hillary had been become. President said of you, I mean she had more experience of the international world. You struggle with it I mean. How can we knives in Canada right in Canada right now? I don't know nothing at all to what is Is it a disease? and maybe a type of Morton Mag doses and also promote a ball game. What might pop in its put your cock in Canada, Johnny Cash famously sang. Is shame, really a shame, So we see something wrong. Okay, told me think most of what it might be just on view you can, you can be to all co hosts Donald's of
Lee at some ballot. Here alone, I hadn't it's almost been doing his own its own. You know satirical of daily tv, show here wow so quite patron, izing tunnels hard to believe you know. What I would do is just my daddy practicing this in front of the mirror, so you do not have to work now I mean we have a lot in common. You have a lot in common well have in common. Can of us likes women
in our own different ways? Have you any questions for yes, Mister President, it is a pleasure to meet you. I was just wondering you know: you've been very successful in politics. Having had no experience really become the president of the US. I just wanna have any advice for people they want to get into politics themselves. It's a great question. Old Chair and easy to understand. So was it was it was a voice of p one again All you have to do is just abandon your voice, your hopes, your dreams and, above all else, your values and principles. Some intuition boil down. When you go to the you must acted like a complete bars stood and you could get a cliff. Reeves is like bus. Most of the Wilson what the anyway it was like and are or to Donna, but of
are there as well, but the middle did I pronounce that right by the way? Almost you did pronounce it right. If you only got anything to say to Aditi, do not any circumstances. Any circumstances move to America. This is and now it's on to make make my sword night bit of a trigger for me, the mall cheating news, and there has been some glorious, cheating, indian education. Now it is a highly competitive country. It's doubled in population size in what thirty years
yes, I think it's I mean there is some heroic levels of cheating in indian education, correct, ending, and I think you're specifically referring to an incident in a particular part of India, where some students decided to staple some currency nodes do their answer papers as a means, of connecting with their examiner, yes and and the as you seem to have a slight moral issue with this. Where has I think I you know where I'm from you know, there is no way to stand out among five thousand examinees yep by just two ounces. Not right now, that's fast! Yes, so I think some some ingenious students- and this is the I entrepreneurship- is striving. So when, when I'm from decided to put like a five thirty thousand repeated staple it along with the poem and a joke, because you may go to jail for that Andy, but you will admit the
I'm gonna will remember you. It wasn't going to make an impression. Yeah. I've always been impressed by coaches, Andy wet. When you bribe stuff things got done. You know one of the difficulties in the culture I live in is when you take away bribery, nothing gets done right because that would just be expecting the individual do that job for the salary they get it right. That makes it a very boring world. Andy that I guess I cannot function in a system where there is not a bad little sister, so I did about your country, but I suppose your students to write to the arms of the man hope to eighteen well, yes, I mean to win all of us to the odd bit of cheating of cells, and that was that there was a story this week. But if you come prominent, you chew, biz. Yes, which is you know, people who, apparently on huge amounts of money from from ad, raising children to chasing their exams of apparently x, so yeah. I would, I would say it's just a each culture has its own different way of of doing it. The it was in things all the
writing poems to examine. This was a role, the mole kind of romantic way of going up going going about this appealing to the with a soul that halts rather than than that wallet. I guess it minute again depends on. You know what exactly your right. You know what your job is, that you're writing in in that pile in yeah, some of the more romantic and eat some of them, so I'm, but some combined. They had to pull him to have some jokes, so they wanted to show the range of talents yeah. So they did not know what a differential equation was. But they're, like you, know, here's a limerick. There was a man from a dress with lots of grass. He has a house in rupees, yeah, yeah and here's a joke. You know twelve people what to do about so I'm sick isn't an examination. The point of it is to show a range of who you are as a human being yeah. So I mean I know some it again with this. What you've just said shows the the on issues injures fighting in terms of of a population that generally hey it's a man
walked into a bar and you've gone with. Twelve men walk into a bar right there right there. She say these beauties grabbing the Mumbai version Abbas, a logic, the italian names, a new twelve people. Okay, everything is bigger than the, and- and you know this this- I think this archaic system, honestly of ethical exam taking here you know, I think that the it's boring for the examiners as well. Well, it is a so I mean you look at the future. What skills there are children going to need? Everything is going to be done by robots, but computers. You know knowledge. No one can possibly be as knowledgeable as a even a medium sized memory chip these days so teach them the skills. Nato gonna is again a mental flexibility they're going to need. You know, as you say, bribery, correct and most believe the element of surprise yeah because see fear, GCSE, examiner you open up a place you might still down on paper yeah. Everybody else is just on SOS right. These guys put in a small marsupial.
You have the at the you, have the full attention for the denture that that's what we did. This is why we are the future of the world with exploring things that you've traditionally introduced to us like exams in English, language, yeah and playing with it they're, hoping that perhaps the examiner is a lonely. Pathetic, underpaid individual in a small town north of British and for a second there be some glimmer of love. Right from an eighteen year. Old boy is already played election, it's very sort of for a second, it's all very well to find so many positives in this story. I'm impressed and the the is off the frost, Nixon Witchery,
coffee shops. They didn't hate, mates, dumb and dumber. The when Harry met Sally of International crazy man is officially off Donald Trump canceled. His proposed meeting with Kim Jong Hoon via a letter, yes the day off today, devastating blow for the international relation on a real surprise, in the same way that a surprise bought pony is a surprise in the it's not really surprised by rose pretended to go through the motions. Yes, I think we've heard enough about you going to your motion, so the human is the the total shuttle for Singapore. That's right coming I mean it's a it's a huge huge disappointment. I mean probably the biggest, disappointment of all ages. These you know, there's always hidden loses in this and yet a commemorative coin. Yeah glamorizing and vindicating invalidating a murderous despot which is really what is going to talk to all about is now no longer valid. I mean if they had, that was selling the device, Donald Trump and
Had a special coin might to commemorate this glorious occasion, absolutely that he, the Supreme Leader, not even an inverted commas, and even can German, doesn't really think actually pretty not much. These coins are now obsolete. Disaster. Very much, let me come Richard Mug, marking the coronation of King Edward, the eggs that never happens that made porn Ebay, seven love event. History level in March but to give Kim Jong on his own. I mean it's one thing to butter up the missile waggling bastard and mass poverty fan for the practical purposes of my Sing a can you marginally less likely, but to give a his yeah, I mean it's it was a bizarre move. I mean issuing a commemorative gold coin for an occasion that hasn't happened is a really bold move. It actually reminds me of an ancient proverb that my grandmother used to tell me when I was growing up now, I'm translating directly from the Miley Allum so do bear with me on the verge of success. The wise man waits while the fool
Batman commissions of King stupid, king pointless gold coin. That's not even a coin and makes himself look like a complete king, so I mean what is what is the strategy behind 'cause? It does seem. This whole thing is essentially some kind of improvisational ego driven whack all policy politics or was it game of clever political chess will be a version of chess in which the only pieces are the penises of that to play this one chess board, your move, nice that oppose, like opening, which way bigger than the police. Donald Trump sends a letter which expressed regret, said that he on that be unable to carry out the meeting, but also included some thinly veiled threats. Because I think I mean that was not vial, it was just a threat. He said this is a direct quote from the letter. You talk about your nuclear capabilities. but I was also massive and powerful the I pray to God. They will never have to be used. This is the ultimate
break up letter on the wall. Donald Trump is basically saying. Is it's not me? It's you and if you say it's me, bloody to kingdom come with one massive nuclear arsenal. I got me a good months with Bob Dylan was very much. The most of the break up was the mall. Yes, this is Donald Trump's blood on the tracks by hand, Geoffrey Lewis, from the Middle Break Institute of International studies, describe the situation as a total goats rodeo I mean if you are under the age of forty, so you know how young people talk. Is this a common phrase? I don't believe that I believe is called Paul. It's about the the Rutles. I total go right. Also, my favorites Xbox Stroke Playstation struck Numb Skull, looks idiot, console game this year. The total got road it we couldn't. I mean, I guess, if you one of those phrases that just might make sense, but she is a lack of sense of
does seem to fix the trunk presidency yeah. Absolutely it of a total go grocery yeah it. It sounds like one of his file businesses thanks, because the nose got rowdy. I'd like it wouldn't be out of place yeah in the list of things. He is completely, it could possibly even be emerging office, steak and casino businesses, and yet somehow he still comes up. That's the problem that I have with the coin, because the White House dropped the price from two thousand four hundred and ninety five to one thousand nine hundred and ninety five, which I would argue, is still twenty dollars too expensive. It should cause minus five cents, also numismatists, which I believe is the name for p We like coins a lot, so you should be referred to as a medallion because it has no denomination, so it's completely worthless. But so many people bought it when the price was slashed, that the White House Gift Shop website craft and it's like the most american thing ever like a celebration of abs
Lou stupidity, but it's typical of Donald Trump in that somehow, no matter how, Oddly, he still makes money. The genius and rounding off this week should be compilation June, baby jails, news now Trump is declared his intention to end the inhumane separation of immigrant families, a policy that ended up in mass outcry. After the creation of water being cold tender, age facilities, aka baby jail. I love babies. They adorable. It's the only survival mechanism is being so adorable. You can't put them in the Bin. That is why this policy is so inexplicable. How detached do you have to be from reality to think baby jail is a good idea. Babies need hugs and love and someone to puke on they don't need tiny prison tattoos in a bucket to puke
then this is a a bizarre bizarre story and trump has well he's written to the rescue of his own talk, fetid sold by a growing back on his own policy. Until I get to many credit points, be honest behind is also MIKE Pence. Man of the a yes again from the potential magazine, the christian hypocrite Jeff sessions or to his actual full name, Jefferson, Beauregard, obsession and the Jefferson Beauregard those two names of passed down through two generations of the sessions family, both Confederate war heroes. So they start with that through several generations. The sessions were anyway, let's not judge him on
fact is family names he's even been criticized by members of his own church for using the Bible to justify caging children. He quoted Romans. Thirteen Romans. Thirteen of course, sounds to me like a disappointing effort in a game of Empire V Empires Snooker when the Romans right out of position after putting red black and red, how to run up to bolt to take the green, but then there's themselves poorly position for the next red Willow possible, letting with no angle to get another color leading to the l advice, long put on a tricky path, end of break letting the Assyrians in with the red spread and an opportunity to clinch the
in one visit, Romans thirty, I mean, and he had a long train journeys. Political satire does not equal. Imagine recent Ki K. Why did you don't tell me about fifteen years ago, correct being so different at those, this bizarre ability to separate children from the parents which, as a parent, all I know, is not generally a good idea in terms of no ending up with screaming children? I am particularly then put those children in just grab a baby cage, I mean the tears will flow there. I mean there's no, no one likes it, probably cool little ones that you tattoo, on your face like property. It suits. You very well aware that he sort
open, never lately, moving to end this state of affairs that he directly brought about himself while demanding congratulations and blaming all the bad stuff. On the Democrats, we have always been at war with Oceania, like I used to think. What's the need to find out was what was going on in the world, but now I want you to find out what side I meant to be on of an argument. I didn't know existed yesterday, but is now fundamental to myself conception of moral status that I need to argue full on twitter, while I'm on the bus today, I'm so that its been replaced with new for a vaguely worded executive order to slam
families together or maybe or they're, going to sew them together end to end. We don't know this early stage or maybe Stratton together and catapult on back to Latin and Mexico, or ever they come from more than two thousand children were separated from their parents as a result of the so called zero tolerance policy, zero tolerance for immigration and basic human decency and simple manners really, and I mean it, looks bad for now. Let's try and find the positives in this think of the joyous emotions when just a few of those two thousand plus children are reunited with their parents. Surely those inspiring heart lifting moments are worth worth. The slightly ghillie add ish.
awkwardness of seeing screaming children locked in cages. Sure will get back to you on that one. This is looking on the bright side in the way that you refuse to put a piece of paper in front of your eyes when you're looking at the sun during an eclipse also helps us appreciate our own lives in our own off Bronx. More because I say freedom is never truly appreciated. Until it's been taken from someone else's child and shown on telly in a cage I don't care I had that is. Freedom is never truly appreciated. Until its shadow on bike,
as well. The problem, politically, I guess alex- is ripping children away from their parents and putting them in cages might be fun, but it it has a tendency put to produce what media wonks might describe as bad visuals and to be further from as well from his own personal background. He had no way of knowing the people more actually like their own family, even love the rather than viewing expedient political thought he was doing them. A favor wanted to get rid of all of my families. There you go Off the a backed up and put in the freezer to be forgotten about discovered again in twenty years time, behind a bag of extremely out of date, frozen please and thrown in a band the vehicle. will be similar to initially carrying on exactly as normal and slightly relaunching in the new year. Details still to be confirmed, but we may be calling on your support. Through two thousand and nineteen. A quick reminder that, if you forgotten to buy Christmas, presents for your friends, family or foes,
come to my son, Jose to show which runs until the fifth of January on and off also I will be viewable to all of north america- that's coming in late for and early mark, some dates already on sale and will have a full announcement over the next couple of weeks also, I'm doing. A lot of people show at the Glasgow Comedy Festival on the nineteenth of March roll up roll up into a bowl in the corner of the darkened room and think about what the world is done this year, by which I mean Happy Bugle Christmas June in next week, for all the thrilling action from Planet earth July to December two thousand and eighteen until then, as the 1970s glam rockers wizard should have song. I wish it happy Christmas once a year, I'm learning to set achievable goals. What's an unbreaking till until next week, goodbye.