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4135 - Decade starts badly


Andy, Nato and Tiff focus on the new decade and other fun things - like Iran, violent Popes and Cheese. May contain highly sexual subway dreams.

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Hello. Globalism decrease here. Thank you for all your love and support at this. The first week of the losses as a new episode everyday, including today, so listen to ask you to listen to this. The link to it is in the show nights subscribe. I've now and Apple podcast, Spotify and all the other good places place. Eyesight slice takes place, the bugle Audio Newspaper, a visual, would allow buglers and welcome to the first bugle of the rest of time, but not for the first time. Of course, but also the first is that of a brand new decade. For only the second time in the history of eggs, I'm Andy's. Ultimately it is now the year twenty twenty and I
frankly, no fucking happier rather than you are protestant time is irritatingly good. It is children is all we can do about it, so happy jack, I fevers and welcome to the second fifty of the millennium, Joe I'm counting starting in the year two thousand, because that from the fireworks and be issue, four thousand one hundred and three fifty five of the Bugle Audio Newspaper for who slavish obsession with a visual seems to exacerbate by the minutes of which there are still more five million to go in this decade, strapping we'll be bringing world exclusive coverage of everything of relevance that happens in every single one of those minutes anywhere to join me in this first people over twenty twenty joins in London. Firstly, by Resplendently, pink, Head Tiff Stevenson, Hell yeah, I'm in the pink you know. As soon as the election happened, I was depressed for a day and then I went Put me on my house that well how
Everything has helped. Everything has helped everything I just having a bit uprightness. I mean it's quite forlorn, I'm hoping toned down a bit, but it doesn't seem to be going away because the back of my head. I look a bit like a dream. Look like Frenchie from grease. I look a bit more like it's kind of almost Hence we need sort of violet color, but you know normal for I'm happy about. What would you have a die? You have Andy. Not re ought not to interfere with the curses of Niger, that's just as just another disintegrate dyslexic. I pray. You have now got John Oliver Daddy's helping for every single eagerly. He ever did that's a little known fact. Oh yeah, of course, of course yeah. I must. I, how could I forget that and also Jody US of Northern. What color is it? currently, all the way from Francisco its Nite Owl Grain, whereas the as buglers relates idea, unaware of leads nowhere. That follows,
absolutely tutorials when I hear was allow just automatically assume a plate of ham, is in the offing. I've is fillies, not Bab is Merry Christmas in Spanish, yes, yes, allow go very guy, just some you sick, or something creeping in there to save me, Also terrific baseball played for them. No said he, my arms back in the nineteen seventies, so NATO House Algae Deca going so far so far so good. I survived the Christmas holidays. You know as as a Jew with a Christmas time is challenging for me. I don't really know that much of Christianity and everything that I learned, I learned from the light in law which the wardrobe right so basically, as far as I can tell about the way the Christianity works is that the children in the sea S Louisbourg,
escape the not Nazi bombing of London by going into a cabinet and discovering a magical wonderland and that Cabinet escape plan did not work out. So well. For Anne Frank, so that's what I'd ever Christianity brought but ass it would have been hunt. What about Hanukkah pronounce on my way, is on our own, really bearing all about how much again on this on. The show of candles are still loves, still woman and melting. So what? Let's? Let's gloss over that I've heard of her? It was a cracking one. This year have you ever enjoyed a lotta. I have yes, yes, I mean I'm more or less spectacular all over the lackeys, Kelly Company, good lacquer- that's is it. Is it? Is it a potato cake? Hell, yeah yeah, ok, I I was just going- is or is it like a sweet dessert type thing done if you're supposed to put the candles in the potato cocoanut Clara Steel is not here,
I'm getting really is no buzz. I Odessa potato Asia was lost. Our motto that word, which is a long time ago in much altered. As always, a section of the bugle is going straight to the been including this week, a special section, nothing to look forward to the twenty twenties. That section has got in the way of the total bit dies of a decade. It is innovation for reasons we will touch on later in the shower, also in the Bin Especial Guide. How to explain the knee. Your children without using the word that is currently jobs door this week, it's the twenty twenties, and now I did it for you guys make new year's resolutions Iver our resolve, multiple I say very well, it's got pretty well, you ve kept your resolution. We re self defeating really. I always set myself to do thirty days of you Adrian of beginning of the year, I don't know how many b
does not deny you do know. Adrian later, no do no yoga I do know young ass. We have a. We have an alliance able just go that every white woman in the age of twenty and thirty five, as legally required to do yoga, the trumps were asked what their numerous resolutions were millennia, as a place on the world and a husband, Donald Trump replied at peace is right, but I'm not sure I'm supposed to say a resolution out loud This will require a little that they from and Donald let him do not say his new year's resolution that loud he dropped it from there sky on an iranian general because well, why not set a new record for the shortest time for a decade to turn fully shit nobody's Baden to King dies. We out of this decade before things got funky yeah world. Can I just unpack that why you're not supposed to say out loud, it's not like a birthday wish, not that he's confusing
if not when you block handles yes, other things in those boats to sell out of his mind include facts that evidence quickly a correct information testament yet wait where hardly into the to the new decade and those already it was trending on Twitter is World war. Three- and I thought about this because I think listen to the judge, broken podcast, we'll get a bit podcast section III here, but he was on that recently talking about when the first time the war in Iraq began that he was a duck hopes house and they said war coverage starts at five and tugged will apparently said. Oh my god physic call for the wool, and now we are seeing again now I feel like the hashtag. It's like war, becoming memorable. I mean what does that say about us as a society that was literally bending last night on Twitter Happy Times a minute: it doesnt NATO, the extra. Visual slang seem to be some kind of badge of honor amongst world leaders and may be trumped is getting embarrassed, I'm into Iraq up to his monthly Gulf and carry out tonight with,
saudi Arabian Royal family and unable to match their body count right. Every trump mostly wants to be able to print about, and talk about what a bad guy this iranian general so solar money and then his name is I M money was and that he was such a whore a person and the Democrats the to fit faced with the least popular president in american history, whose curly tied up with an impeachment scandal there for additional instinct. That has led them to victory time and time again is to try to see both sides. So the damn crasser falling over themselves to agree with trumpets alimony was a bad guy, the enemy to America, and that Thirdly, we should have dropped.
Human League started a war, but with more congressional oversight they would have preferred a different procedure too, reach the inevitable worldwide conflagration, but I'm gonna get somebody to put this impasse If it's only one extra Judy your slaying of a senior military figure from a large well equipped military power and a region that has been a political tinderbox. Pretty much evidence gets at Yale, just wacky that doesnt work, just the one, what is, as you say, it's biting about nor point one seconds before the words Archduke Franz Ferdinand started, trending and within minutes, Hollywood has announced, are offered new blockbuster war movie set to start coming. I had around eight to ten years time after a brief dignity pause Moldova is what was the strategy here, NATO's in Amerika comment. If you are a member of the? U S, government or not what they companies American struck. Can american strategy
now think more than two hundred eighty carriages ahead. No, no, the that! Basically, the you know you you keep when you watch what's happening. You keep hoping that at some point the deep state that we ve heard so much about will rearing its ugly head and assert control over the levers of foreign policy? That's not happening like everyone. Have you ever heard about that. There are certain kinds of like worms. At their memory only last one minute and that so that, if that it takes them, like seventy five seconds, the die. The only memory that they have is from their perspective, their entire life is spent dying. That's sort of what call so funny. Blake. We we ve ever even if you ve seen any of the tweets being fired bucket, Donald Trump over the fact that he was obsessed
with a bomb starting a war with IRAN. So people have lifelike these up to Donald Trump, going back to twenty nine November two thousand and eleven I mean what a decade it's been in order to get elected bracket I will start a war with IRAN October. Ninth two thousand and twelve now the above Poland has earned a tailspin watch for him to launch a strike Libya, or rather he's desperate September, two thousand and thirteen- I put the President Obama will at some point attack IRAN in order to save face. On twenty four September. Two thousand setting remember why previously Obama all someday attack IRAN in order to show how tough he is so from that we can take. Donald is desperate, trying to save face
he's already elected there is not doing it for that and try to show how tough is in his own words and also trying to be the Barrack Obama. Barack Obama never have the courage to bear on the outside is possibly the worst to a decade since the asteroid master the dinosaurs on the second of January in the east, sixty six million basic can A worse. The outcome or in a beginning to ten years of Niver history, because I can't remember beginning of two thousand and ten was really like I commend my own personal milestones. A main is great. You frightened embryos brook as I did want but I mean some people in the world may see that as the worst off to attack it, which are actually the show. I did that it was called dictators. And it was I who was it- was Hitler Mugabe, Gaddafi, magazine in my mom, the big five. So I think I think,
expect to see my mum really wise. Three, the wrangling and won't get your mom probably have the best decade of any of the militia, certainly wipe out of it traffic I mean. Is this what how far reaching do? We think the implications of this all? Well, a night night or what you meant. What was this? The sense in America who am? I have people reacted to this. This is well. It's been interesting. Watch social media because sit since the bombing occurred. I've been I've been monitoring. The feed am I on my twitter and mostly the general consensus as I scroll through my time line is peace. Saying this is really bad. It's gonna led us into war. We need to unequivocally oppose this kind of wagging that dog foreign policy of the present, trying to distract from his domestic problems and then sort a plot in the middle of it will be people who completely checked out entirely. Who were like you know back,
the gym. Rising grind or whatever, so that its it's always fun with there's like of its when you're following something else. Also, the union has a national crisis and then someone who's completely, not paying it in and is on something totally trivial. You know when I think back to the beginning of the last decade that how this measures up you know, Mamma had just been elected at the United States, and you know it was he had taken office. You're earlier, and people are still talking about whether America was post, racial I mean I loved. I love that and noting of like stuff going through in one country, something's happening in one place and the rest of twitter. Seems to be unaware that happened. I think, during the Oscars. It must have been two thousand and sixteen when wheedle. Just
covered the our prime minister, bang the pig and all who, through the Americans, our money come up without just who's, gonna get best address what a gag and we like stall apartment the bank to America just didn't seem to be interested in it. I will not yet six meg dummy about that. That's loveless, because you didn't, you didn't, buy a pig. He was delighted by a dead pick that sorry yeah, sorry accurate. I don't wanna get sued weight to. I just want to be clear. Are you saying that you haven't orbit violated by a dead pig parliament? It depends what school you depends on how I did describe my ex boyfriend audit family I did the run down of that a case in the style of Billy Jones, we didn't stop Firefox around seventy. These areas are fascinating decade. To look to look back on the twenty terms that are just that have just passed.
How is the future go to Germany, your the official historian of unofficial official historian as of now insult, form or give you the pastor, the past decade huge decade, bricks, it tromp, leopard printer reason: South Pacific moves, horrific volcano Game is Roans breaking bad golden age. Television, North Korea, South Korea, absent had to go. Does she Interim Bay Putin pick a to me to the prince, and I am fascism is on the rise, Trudeau, Anti Vaccine, England, a Gull piano Queen David by Professor Snake Thomas get good bye. Oh, how must go to one framework brassiere and I kept some of the original song in just tried to change vaccines
vaccines. A terrifying trends of the last decade of do think future generations. Looking mullah dig a cobbler further speculate on this before. I think this decade has proved that time. Travel will never be developed because if time travel was ever developed at some point in the law ten years, some Oda picked up in the future. I can you guys doing episode all that opportunity. You're doing this, you fucking idiots wake up, yeah, yeah! That's definitely no time, travel because everyone would have gone through and delete it every tree or facebook or social media host. They have made just for fear of being cancelled, or else it as I call it, which is to be so frozen bikes. So culture you just never but posting anything You know what you should do less the future. The future will be pre thought every lot minority report, Ghana It's enough, though, they'll think about what we were gonna say
for even put it on twitter. Look at me. Do you see a future chief for us after tonight, oh across the Atlantic, as well, where people can be sacked from significant jobs, do two things that they might at some point think to themselves and yet, you think. So it's all far off is it I mean we don't have to. I think we're not form of developing analogy where we, where we think tweet rank as I reckon in the feed, mobile phones. You have your Iphone. It be connected via the umbilical like lightning cable brought so just plug stew, into our lead, one to your spoke about taken off it, but you still got you he asked I got mine, I'm still plug the hint that still I'm still like the into apple I've. I've changed my I found completely up my ass just to be prepared.
Just waiting for the for the guy to come round to connect the cable lie. That's a good place for what is anyone got? One of those? Is it way way find what I wrote that way way Chinese once while awaiting a waterway finds. You can have that like grafted, like directly onto your face, and then at night out. You look back on the last of the lost the last ten years before before we look ahead to the twenty twenty two quick you're, the NATO, Greece, nice of you, look back on the last of the lost the last ten years before birth look ahead to the twenty twenty two quick yeah you're the night. Agreeing summary of the twenty tens is a decade. Oh I mean you know, look the the twenty tonnes it was. It was a great decade, Obama was. Was president and you know,
He had been a community organizer that was very exciting and he, you know and end people thought that he was using his presidency as a teachable moment about the futility of electoral politics. The that we have. The Occupy movement, the movement of the of the ninety nine percent against the one percent. It was incredible and it was inspiring and- and we also realised that occupy that ninety nine percent is a lot of people Includes a lot of assholes and hard to have like a philosophical belief in that The idea of the ninety nine percent of them know who had actually consists of like eyewash, I was wanting to leave a few people out of my ninety nine percent. You know like like I, I believe in the ninety nine percent, except for people who work in human resources and Jennifer from high school, the brook
my heart leave leave of leave a few people out of the ninety nine percent? You know we had many more prominent women taking role in leaders, leadership in politics we had the emerging. Of female leaders like Michel, Bosman and Sarah Palin, who seemed like the kind of people who would be very enthusiastic about making begging muffins for a lynching, and I'm not. I'm not saying that day, like the death of a woman's role, is too big muffins for lynching. I'm saying that I believe that they are Google and willing to fully participate. And Lynch just are you know, like. I know that a lady doesn't shop at a social event. Well, those set some farther than they could do nice baked Alaska calmly. That would be I repeat in specially baked alaska-
and you know, and and and now they say Trump is destroying our democracy, but to be fair, we were using it. So you pay you have drawn up, Isn't it now to the next stir the next ten years, slightly less than ten years of already looking forward to the twenty four things, let me show you some trumpets region, point: when are you gonna have to issue not just a presidential pardon to himself but a booklet of fifty presidential Pardon vouchers for himself movie, plus an extra ten va bulk oak birch NATO? This is gonna, be the year of impeachment an election, it's gonna be a cure. Yea for America politically how'd? How do you see it ending? Well, here's here's. What's going happen, I mean is, look, you know, part part of the strategy run impeachment is, is just
They use the procedure itself to to, in a roundabout sort, away, assassinate. The president. The expectation is that if we, if, if the House Democrats continued but for impeachment and hold earrings, and then people surreptitiously send fried chicken and ribs and cheesecake to the White House. The president's heart will just explode, as he storms around seething and shouting people and animals. None of them it's. You know. The expectation is that the Senate will not will not vote to vote to go through with it and will remain in office, because the senators or craven cowards and have nothing else to stand on, but at some point by twenty three. The trump will be behind us. You know that, right now, when we look around the world were surrounded Trump bores Johns, Netanyahu Orban, Putin a bunch of creeps people who would be fascist, but there too stupid to do it, but my twin.
Thirty they'll be gone. Neither be pressed for life could we both rely, but I think I think you know they'll be gone and, and people will wake up. Is if it was a gross dream like a dream, for your having sex with a much older relative on the subway queasy and Ashamed or like, like you're. You know how you, like you, have a friend in a totally dysfunctional, an abusive relationship and everyone can see it, but them person, their love with forbids them from here. With their old friends and then. Finally, the other person, predictably leaves them for you your hotter lover in your friend comes back around and says? Why didn't you tell me and you like, we tried body, but you wouldn't listen cuz, you were so excited you both like the Fuji. That's that's gonna, be what it's like, when we get to the other side of this moment in history. Well,
That's. It is good to have a note of optimism to throw this. This broadcasts, I didn't every behind us. I think that their le they'll make themselves pressed for life. I'm gonna happen. My hope for political leadership is, is technology really and and the use of deep like, which has generally been seen in a negative way. But would the Labour Party not take a deep fight, Clement Atley at this What an american deep fight Franklin Delano Roosevelt. I think I think most Americans would vote, would ITALY ticket. Fight Julius Caesar gear. That far too, we have to reach me. Twenty twenty is the year of hindsight some hyping we just be the year that we learn from past mistakes alternate. Fifthly, everything will be on fire. Well, you say this could be the humanity learn from past mistakes but Obviously one of the great mistakes of humanity is the failure to learn from its past mistakes, and we keep fighting to learn from that mistake.
So I think it's just an unending circle of refusing amid the premise start learn from our mistakes. We're gonna have to admit that we things wrong, and that is not easy to do as a human being. That judge a point not finger, climb into your own able or shove your own, I fucked up your arts driving the choices are there. I think I think you were it images be one that would just be one city and everyone who live in it brought and it your speed baby Trump The wool willing and people are fleeing, like attack o bell to him via catapult, and you know, work shopping. Your new, so I I am it's gonna. Have the any television shall be good morning. Britain with pays Morgan on alone, where you, before inveigled sausage rose by so you'll be forcing the months people, because I think that's what you things happening at the moment, because
The wells revisions of the german policy be weakens us to draw the state by because he's so obsessed with literally no one's forcing you to buy can all you're, not where the Magna Carta met now is. Rather, language is Greg's. Have a charter from twelve fifteen was they are legally entitled to force people to a vague and sausages? My ok, the fact that it is in our future than it plus a multi headed Johnson Eliza terrorists, the sovereignty has ever see. I think it would be lot Rachel Three headed one bright that best appearing on every panel show in places like a human, but optimism is draining away I have great faith in technology. I think technology can solve all the problems, including prejudice, because we tend to cling onto approach. This is for for a long time for thousands of years of of prejudice, but I think with technology we could have a new law
call national, even global nemesis, on earth or monthly rotating basis. So you don't have time for that hatred to get so baked in inter cut of intergenerational Jerry Jury Duty- I just I got them in and out yet and just have you could have one one month. The government just turn soulless hostile far and that in the tablets of a good men who like Gulf or everyone from a month which dungeons and dragons fan? So then you just want you just move on, so I think everyone we're gonna turn to be a target of of that. You get your your month, maybe one month, every time for years, one of your social groups is is: is the victim of this this is another minute of hate sounds like Orwellian I'm sure, there's something in nineteen, eighty, four, where they do two minutes of height and if one has to stand in front,
The tv and like blue in history S bombing over that person is a thing taught by the other. The other than we do seem to be looking more more to George Orwell is a textbook. Yet it was supposed to be a piece of fiction. Everyone clearly there's gonna, be some sensational tat the breakthroughs this decade him it's amazing to think of all the technology. That's been developed over the past ten or fifteen thousand years from the pirates to the direction controllable horse to the bucket smartphone, so what were becoming in the next in the next ten years? Now I'm going to pick up on social media, I think there will be an app that conducts social media for us, so we don't have to, ourselves and then it just generate all tweets or facebook postings all into gramophones all the rest and then just automatically sends it to someone else's social media, which is also acting independently of them. So it's really just a virtual.
Fury pit and which he was rights, issues algorithms. Albania is now just algorithms calling each other assets. I like the idea of that. It would give us all more time, more mental energy to go about life and he also safe in the knowledge that, on our behalf, our social balls. Is calling someone else's social bought dachstein on our behalf, yeah and I'll be happy is up Then they all my time with my robot husband with a look of rebuilding a bathroom. Also, I can, I can see how himself composting funeral reports for the eco awake. Hopes that formerly known as a hole in the ground in the back garden and a dog could be the decade of the dog, honest, not like the cheaters, haven't Boston. Is it Boston, Tech, those terrifying robot, books that have a stealth made where they hide in leaves Roy and then jump out, and it was not so cute and, as I know, no that's kill mode looked. Why would worry bout doggedly to hide in leaves what a terrifying timescale
I do think there is a way of kind of like we might self preserve. You know if you drink enough, compulsory pick we sell slowly. Over a number of years, I have been trying I think that the self composting funeral reports is a thing already. Might my my stepmother ass, to be buried in a worm suit suited to accelerate the. When she passes away, we write to accelerate the composting power. This right is this one of your other dreams about elder relative, because I see and very pretty weird- and I think this- this is San friends, let's jack, and I saw a worms who, as in a suit, might have live worms rather than like a pantomime worm. Suit was applying a worm in at Christmas, theatrical production knows made of live worms laugh. What is that is that a fairly that's an option? That's available, and and there's enough,
where did you can get a guy with no pension to come and delivered to your house right and amended? I mean so I guess, if, if you're not feeling very well and you huge she's full of worms are arriving at your house. You have to stop questioning the motives of your family. I went, so those poor worms. I've only got us sixty second memory and Henry Sixty seconds. They gotta go about a dead body. Oh my god. I wanted to all on a dead body distant, What is a gave me, I would like Technology, where the world until on its axis, so you don't have to turn your phone on its side to view something right. So if the world could like correct Didn't you know about your moving your hedge fund light? Does that thing is not unlocking flips around and it's annoying to readjust? yes right for my benefit. That would be
Oh please, technology almost touched King Canute. Ngos have other patients, I think other things. I'd like to have a lot to the installation of a kiss came at the United Nations. I think that would that would improve the quality of international discourse pace, because no one can resist a kiss camp only now, while you feel the pressure dying here, I mean I, I wonder if it with our flight. Instead of kissing, someone danger something rank and sexual with an elderly relative supper with a thing we need to close that really got around the soil photos of words about with the current crisis, if you say America and IRAN next to each other, you and kissed got Nelega resist a kiss game for a kiss camel them crises averted
oh yeah, but I mean no one- wants to see that no must see it. But for the good of you about us, we had all take. We would all take Trump and the iranian president. I went to my motive for the rest of the world first ever base oh game. I went to see the Yankees and there was a kiss come about and someone else someone Marie them, but that it of cut away, and I almost got that means they said no right. I thought it was a terrific that is unbearable to be I sat at all the appalling things happen in the world. I do believe that marriage proposals on big screen at sporting events are the absolute pits. I know one on anyone who who perpetrate those be instantly barred from ever bigger relationship? Ever again, Walker We have all criminals. We ask you all Bugle Veo questions about the forthcoming decades and eminent panel, future Legists Tiffin, NATO
endeavour to our anthemousa as best as possible. This came from Jack. The nineteen twenties were the era of four doors. What headway will define the coming decade? I have to say that the head of the twenty twenty will be the Panama hat. Its lightweight and comfortable will provide the needed protection from the sun. Is climate change makes protect yourself from the sun, all the more important and the Panama hat perfectly captures the racist spirit of our age as it is called the Panama hat, but was invented in Ecuador, Compliments the statement, all you brown people, look the same debate sheriff I'm here as well fashionable person, well, yeah, Absalom things being relatively this podcast. How worried are why you didn't myself was done. The result is both the fact that, while I would say with more the care? At the moment? There is absolutely no reason to cover my head. I would say we scotch bonnet
as you know, which will become a symbol of the Scots freedom from the tyranny of the United Kingdom, because I think they're gonna leave so am. I was born and has in yet the little town one with the yen leisurely, hot pepper, perfect that not exactly how fat and that now I thought you meant a lease like a hat from LISA, so very confused I mean, but your hats will be important lightened by NATO says space to protect, protect your head from the dead, complete lack of ozone layer personally, the watermelon amidst Australia's greatest contribution to work out running the watermelons thing. That's pretty much earlier. For the moment, this question came from done, another known who asks what would you like to turn out to be a hoax Jake, a breeze mark?
I'm so hyping he's a real and he was in fact to Frankenstein's monster created by Waddington's games. Rock is easy. Include our pace, so would like him to be a hoax I'd like the results in the region. General election to be a hoax. What they were. But our hopes on the first past the post of their illegal hoax right- and may I say so- these would be mighty. I'm pretty much everything This happened in Sydney; s bar like all my personal good, stuff, I'm hoping global warming will turn out to be a hoax is not looking good at the moment, but no knows no smoke without without fire, unless I'm in the idea that global warming is a hoax. Could itself be a hoax when we face the whole process becomes so perpetuating nothing well extraneous. Based behind the entire country such as mass account can spare, theory, so it could be so hyper is concerned all of this awful stuff that was happening. There won't be happening and it was all a hoax.
From Rory who asked what was the top stories of January nineteen twenty one. Settling down in the aftermath of the first World war to think well, they'll, probably be no more war ever given that that was the war to end all wars. The treaty verse. I was working and absolute trait after a couple of months. You'd been added evening signed by General nineteen, twenty, a more intolerable England, I've been undefeated, didn't test cricket for over six years, obey only duty. A large war. The queen had not been borne yet, but we still be amazing. Christian we had a bit of trouble starting the twenties decades of centuries on the fifth of January, one thousand, nine hundred and twenty Boston Red Sox, so Babe Ruth to the New York case. So Americans don't be stupid things in the first week of new decade in the twenties. It's not a thing exclusive to this millennium. I think to be found Nineteen, eighteen and nineteen nineteen would not great for America because a spot.
Three made over, there was the new Orleans. Acts murderer, prohibition they were going in cyber and rough. Tenders rule asks what color goes best with Apocalypse. I need to make wardrobe decisions now before the rush. It's good to plan ahead yeah as the fashion correspondent of the bee, I would say always find that, with all the trees and plant life gone, if you up for Floral I use really going to stand out. Firstly, that we refer suggestion. Also. Think about bunk away? You won't fabrics breathable when you're slowly running over, so many That's like cotton, wasn't it with moisture waking you don't eat. I want to be the embarrassment in I. Let you down the embarrassment of sweat when at the end of the world, I am. Finally, I would say accessorize accessorize, any human body parts you may have taken The package can be fashion, into a nice airing, luckily who airing you can mounted on the ring, pull for me canned goods, so you a ring a ring of an air
That would be a very coffee when it comes to the end while it I've got love suggestions and quickly. Chesterfield Lloyd Bug asks other proposed changes of test cricket to a four day rather than five times by a sign of the end of times yes yes, they clearly are they. Clearly I mean what is what is the point of cricket Mighta lasts less than five days, I'm in ass a whole if innovation begun along the Pope NEWS now and well start a view that the Pope was by being in in action with a work caught. Feisty rustling move yeah with a woman. Front kisses ring the Paypal ring grow up. What I wish you didn't Yankees arm Coy court aggressively and the Pope solution. Shook her. Often cotton annoyed slowly on Popery wipe Augustine. If your pope wasn't very paper fight
he was saying, was a hygiene thing? He doesn't want people touching and which is a because it's in the job description, yet if your pipe so so on one side of the world, we ve got the pipe refusing to shake anyone's hand and then the other side of the world. You ve got Scott Morrison, just desperate to shake someone's hand, because no one wants to shake his hand because, while you know his country was on fire, he was sip in my ties in Hawaii, so I seem to have opposite problems Yes, I'm nothing is going to keep context on on this. This latest entrance of the Canon of when Pope's attack that I'm an historically just check your arm free. Of worship is not the worst thing a pope has ever done. Let us try garrison that historical context. Pope John the twelve notoriously Hopkins never naughtiest Pope ever slaughtered, an entire village and castrated a bishop.
While parliament s work, is Nathan just checking your own free slowly aggressively from from Pope Stephen, the sixth chop, three fingers off his predecessor who, in the tradition of experts, was dead and then dragged his predecessors called through the streets of Rome, so that them in that way, she's gonna bring new wants to their sovereignty. Everyone wants to be mad about it on twitter and you're, ruining just for you, gotTA, Pope Urban, the sick, six cardinals tortured executed then apparently complains that soldiers that their scream should not be loud enough, so prominent in in the context of historical poppy, active This is by no means the worst and the Pope innocent. The fourth had bought it.
But in Turkey after Miss hearing the afflicted individual hope innocent explained, I thought you said I was a pointless twat, whereas in fact you saying I had a pointy hat compensated. The victim of the bonus unquestioned extra twelve months and have no questions asked. I think this whole this whole store eminent people waiting like the pope was bigger jerk, but I think it's about time. Finally, a catholic clergyman showing some concern about consent and want to cut it, not before the sorts of absence, Islam Pajama, twelve. I was one of the Nautilus poach ever and was apparently killed by a jealous husband had not yet classic Pope death. It was Boniface, the eighth who killed in his toilet out certain Boniface
Is it isn't he the first Pope to two to stop condemning masturbation, so maybe he was could not. Maybe he was upset that the person had grabbed his his winking hand, of his possible. We just don't know. Maybe he is afraid that she'd been masturbating wage costs, making being casserole then just gone straight up. I think producer criticised joint that I can t say you can after I mostly enjoyed Andy's reactions, cheese news now, Michael you're, the bugle searches correspondent has been a huge chase for all. Go in a Michelin, stalled restaurant. That's right, I'm a bundle, the french prudent, creation but Mark VI wrought the chef an owner of the French Alps.
Limb is on DE blah, which, as you know, is french, for I think, let's hear it for the boys the Michelin Guide knocked very rod down from three starts to two stars and He sued and lost he sued because he's a grown ass man. Desperately Craig the approval of attire company Don't we all yeah? Sometimes sometimes you a bad review. You knows that you don't sue over it. I didn't see the Chicago Tribune when they re a say that I dress like Kim Jong goons body. Double I didn't see the comedy critic describe my first. Album is a lecture from a depressing professor that is, I've got very turned on that description. I wanted only has an opportunity to address you as a problem. I mean you pursuing them for losing a star, but they they claim the EAST polish cheddar in one of his see flies which, if true,
magnificent or sit tight magnificent because he turned a classic for so you fly into Jamie Oliver Number Budget planning a bit etc and Bush we Lovelace by law A Frenchman is something so it by the idea of there being english trees in his favour. The the review or the review are thought that he use. He used. English shudder cause the souffle was yellow but in fact he'd use french revolution before cheeses, and Africa and, as you know, in the french penal system, mistaking the appellation of a cheese is grounds criminal act for being beaten with stale begets by angry mob. Do you think he hoped? get away with it. Away away, but we can't go down that road. Oh, I just if there is any story that was opened for the. For the I mean, there's no point card milk, but am
I just I thought I d you would have. You would have gun full payment on this work. If it brief, well. That includes the first people of the millennium. If you wish to see the final three extra added shows of my sword, viable history show that we are not so data, sixth and eighth of January also available from another dimension, the world exclusive, the last post, hosted by the oddest Fraser from the partial dimension featuring while many other people you may have heard on the beautiful, but a parallel. I wonder what parallel me like owner thing than cricket tameness is parallel. Shit is sorry views and This court before you go, are doing a shout together imminently. Yes, at sketch fast ass,
From doing my mother- and I have NATO for me very kindly. A season Has this guy's well on the seventeenth of January Sketch rest Roy? That concludes the vote. Of the decade. We'll be back before the end of the decade. Probably within a week Until then, vehicles goodbye-
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