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Bonus Bugle – Andy on tour


Radiotopia are on tour. Andy has asked a friend to contribute.

Plus, some classic royal wedding Bugle.

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Audio news. but for a visual world. Hello buglers welcome to bugle four thousand and sixty seven sub episode, a for Americans or audio diary. There is snowfall bugle this week, but we do have an exclusive peek behind the scenes. Only just completed Radiotopia live EAST Coast tour. Thanks to all of you. Shows, and to those of you. you coming to the forthcoming shows, starting this week in San Francisco, shooting the 15th on Thursday, the 17th and see on Saturday. The 19th several shows in Britain through the summer, clearly off ten days, have had their fair share of news. What with Mister Trump continuing to be the collapse, golf wielding bull, strafing, the China Shop of international relations. Then we've got Israel and IRAN having a cheeky little building, but only in Syria, just as the
ordinary people of Syria, we're presumably thinking what getting a bit around here. I'll, tell you what we could do with our two most powerful neighbors, trying to start a war with each other on our land. We've had it too good, too long, but fortunately for the bugle as a origin podcast, nothing else. This is right now, because a royal prince Licious, but wed Ling is We decide the universe who gives us It's about all the other shades when were about to add a new princess to our roster of magic, spangly hatted, ladies royal wedding. Next, after the news, can snooze governments tumbling through the thorny major brexit, to make sure we can find just the right bullets and guns with which to shoot ourselves in the foot in accordance with the will of the people trademark, they are of no matter. Are you worried about America, provocative allies in the Middle EAST by moving its embassy to Jerusalem? Well, as old saying, goes if you're going to get bees nest, you might as well cut your plunker and honey. Is the right one? What will it point. Is it doesn't matter anymore, Becaus? The wedding
is coming to save us, or maybe they'll even have royal babies, anything that knocks Boris Johnson even further down the succession. Jobs is absolutely fine by me It's currently only a medium to high level nuclear catastrophe away from it and with the way the world is now. You can never be too careful these days. Sure I'm It's my own marking ambitions, but it's not about money. It's about! What's good for Britain, I'm good for world anyway, later in the show to mark the impending royal nuptials, which we will cover in full on next week's bugle, we will back into our archives to the last time, one of Prince Charles is two sons married way back in two thousand and eleven, but first it's time to go little taste of life on the road with my fellow radio tokens with a universe, exclusive radio to be alive, two thousand and eighteen audio tour diary narrated A friend of the show Joe Wenge his part, one, covering
first three days of the tour the radiotopia live. East store? Two thousand and eighteen, the showbiz event of this or any other millennium. The universe is leading podcast IC minds have been brought together for six shows. That will surely come to be viewed as one of the great landmarks in hue creativity alongside looks, Michelangelo Sistine, chapel ceiling, the music of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart test Match Cricket in the chicken nuggets. The tour begins the radio be a private jet lands in Atlanta Georgia. On the tarmac. A crowd of podcast fans is waiting expectantly.
Ultraman is from the Bugle podcast cost like this everywhere you go as a podcaster these days it does get intrusive, but you just have to learn to live with. It It's thirty minutes to curtain up time, sharks on and captain Roman Mars from the ninety nine percent, invisible podcast founder of the radiotopia network. Once make sure this show goes well, as you would know, If you've ever read or heard his name, he is Taurus worshiper of ancient date Roman ready once fish told start strongly, so he is calling upon the great God Jupiter to grant good show in Atlanta tonight and to that end he is Sakra. One hundred head of auction
day to the ready, utopia tour bus inside. Everyone is settling down for the long drive to Durham North Carolina after an emotionally and physically draining first show in the grand finale Adair It must be said. Strikingly risque cabaret inspired. Motorcycle pyramid ended what can only be described as a significant incident with the front five rows of the crowd, detect gonna head to instill a protective mode in the theater in Durham for the poor Costas to hit the road bus driver Pablo Montoya two time, winner of the Indianapolis five hundred and four STAR formula, one and Indycar racing have been
to ensure rapid transit between the venues, it is a great honor to be driving. So many of my favorite podcast's around I I'm going to especially quickly as a mark of for that work, it is now two hours into the journey How do is getting bored been on the road for a hundred and twenty one minutes. Now, I'm gonna, Let's see what's going on in the back section of the tour bus, well? This is Inevitably, what happens when you let podcasters out of the studio, there's just no way around it,
it's now been five hours on the road, but even for a driver's experienced on Columbia. This one problem concentration can be hauled with the possible political stalls. Everyone please keep a little bit inclined to serve and fall, have saying, put some clothes on support for the pew list. talk to you by simply safe home security done right, which is incorrect. Frustrating for me. Having spent most of the last ten years as a secret cat burglar, a lot of cats simply is really great, and how to notice adding hours to my cat, stealing planning windows and doors a comprehensively protected. Do you expect me to come down the chimney? Simply sucks power back ups may not count even take you off the grades to execute my master plan, learn more about how simply safe can help protect your home and your cats go to simply save, took almost
vehicle that is simplysafe dot com, Slash Bugle Day, three Washington DC capital of the United States. The radiotopia squad goes to the official tour function and receives a special welcome hello, everybody from radio to pier, want to begin by saying it's. My pleasure to welcome so many great on casters to the White House as we prepared for it. It is truly historic radio to open a live show. I want to thank hello man Mars from ninety nine percent invincible. Thank well man for being here. This is a great honor. Thank you goodnight pasture.
I love podcasts. I listen to them literally all the time, in fact, a lot of the radiotopia podcasts are right up my alley, almost as if they were made just for Maine the like The solution is ninety nine percent, nonsensical the memory! Palace of Course criminal most of the american people hope that one day soon, they will do the whole episode of criminal. Just about me, I, like the entire radio to peer stable of podcasts. The from the bugle twitches huge piles of ship so much of it was false. I considered a work of fiction and I think it's a disgrace. If somebody's able to do something like that the sauce terrific,
the sauce is a complete well there you go what a sensational weeks out walls part two will follow at some unspecified point in the future. how to delve into the bugle all close look back to the royal wedding of Prince William to Edge Williams, new wife, Kate, Middleton in twenty Sorry, this week everything else, that's happening in the world with the wedding is nearly up. Are they? I know, I'm not alone. In thing, that's, because the sheer number of news- crews that have been descending all week on London, the thirty two times capital of the entire world, but the uh. coming. Royal wedding is the only thing that
anyone in their right mind should be giving a shit about at the moment I think most international news or organizations are going to be sending a very coherent message over the next second case, and that message is Yemen rocket. Very Fukushima. Nuclear can show royal weddings. spanish, sir comes from, in fact the archives of the BBC, this exclusive, building from nineteen thirty, four and very warm welcome to the BBC Imperium program. I am he would scratch and joining me in the abbey today. Is our royalty and subservience correspondent, Mister Stanley, crank it and and Stanley, one has to say they don't need very special day. The abbey is looking absolutely risk and exactly. Is your better well done, God, terrific effort from the big man
I've made a good decision to strip off that layer of pink paint. The debt Queen Victoria insisted on having flowers everywhere I some freshly sorted tie guys representing the natural world. Okay yeah. I should say that some of them still twitching in fact a truly wonderful site in an even more wonderful smell and at it comes the prince with their characteristic off of his. That said that there he goes here, but that that famous stack night really got out of hand. Certainly did Stanley doesn't look, like it's crying back in irate the stuff to the entry just to the Abbey and yes wack, wack wack, wack black again a ceremony. Lee beats a representative from every nation, all the M, by with a special wedding steak and our specially resounding working for the indian ambassador. There well well played super strike that would that's another one that gets stuck. It leads. That's it. That said
yeah that should stifle any thought of independence for a few decades. Marvelous stuff, yeah, wonderful technique from the friend of Prince, controlled, backswing, rhythmical down flecken, a lovely snap of the wrist to accelerate the work at the moment of contact. Show reminiscent out of his great father, who will be a very proud king today? Yes, printers gone in with a mahogany stick today, if a more solid wack on his special occasion, rather than the greater flexion and snap of the birch, he shiny, brass tip so the hand in the shape of victorian prostitute can sing into Westminster, sunlight that to, and the seven cell stick of course didn't. My goodness me was that you as well Rather that stick has been based on an awfully large number of atoms. Brother using internet that Hewlett the Archbishop of Canterbury, the Unfathomably Reverend Vladimir Scrap yard. He said
just tell on the font and I'm I'm I'm I'm afraid to say rather than self, doubt linguistically that add to a duty and I'll take your word for that Stanley. I'm afraid deck is not a time, I'm acquainted with West. That surprises me you'll, but I'd have imagined you had it quite a lot and that the group ceremonially funding the princesses Chambermaids now some excellently sorry, okay, going on that and and yes, yes, looks like he's very well satisfied, but none of them is quite I shall we shall we say a cut level as the princess herself and that's it. ok, great relief for everyone standing now I wanted to see another Louis, the fourth of passion, princess Alice incident. He asked that lady has a quite
the regular eventful slap on her and the archbishop now is just checking the prints for syphilis. Yes, he's in the clear, that's good, that's good! That makes a nice change, and here it is set to to the trumpets, can mean only one thing: yes, yes, it does princess time and Yeah come on Princess Marina. Now she attends in the eye and uh oh hello, oh lordy allow get the heck. I would oh yeah If you look at that, good golly, Miss Molly in the was king, George, I think, every man in the empire would not mind doing his duty with that mercy. See mercy Mae, had never mind telling you I I wouldn't mind dipping it in that you but differ waste. It's it's tilted in chive mayonnaise, my wife made my pack lunch carrot. Damn I don't mind. If I do, he was
play the funk well. That concludes this week's sub hope you've enjoyed. It will be back with a full bugle next week, recorded live acts all West Coast Tour Sandra. Just Portland and Seattle next time goodbye