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The Bugle Audio Newspaper, a visual world, allow bugles welcome to a sub episode of the bugle, but not just any sub episode, this specific sub episode. In fact, people four thousand one hundred and thirteen sub episode- I his mouth, oh bugle this week, because of my life being entirely taken over by being forced against my well by the BBC to go to thirty one cricket matches in six weeks. Still don't Agatha song I'm just going along with it later on, we will delve into the bugle archives, with the episode numbers chosen based on England's three dispiriting defeats, the cricket World CUP. So far as our own, tomorrow on Sunday, the thirtieth of June angle, we India, so they might have pulled it out of the bag by now or they might
out of the bag and dumped it straightened. The canal we don't know out later on in the show there will be lies about all premium level voluntary subscribers interspersed throughout the show like like this one, Diana Patterson once, origami camera in two thousand and one the next day, the Pope Droid Company folded. She is done origami ever again she fears her own power and this one SAM cry, that that, if the roman empire had put a bit more effort in, they could have probably well up these psycho mega. Dr body is six hundred and fifty eight day an who knows where we would be now in the world of gaming, but first Harrison a from last week's life bugle the Underbelly in London with me. humor and Alice Fraser
he's people who hate using the first letters of people's names like razor. Now everyone of noise you'll enjoy that some terrific noise noose around So I really enjoyed the other guy joined the performance jobs that you dislike about touch me, I'm real! Please don't touch one spending you just
That's right. I'm allowed screaming has been scientifically analyzed I mean: what's can even if these scientists have time to analyse screaming and dogs? eyebrows, it doesn't make. You think we are doomed to speak who in this world does not enjoy good scream, whether it's really are all your frustrations rather stay the planet or bad referee indecision, Nora, alerting, fellow humans are the presence of a ghost or a monster or liner was born asteroid or a text be tax bill, every or or a priest, or upon nor brilliant go module, barrage or simply opera. She's patiently combination of these two, but it some screaming, is one of those elemental tools of human communication about research showed the things that sound like screams
all consider boy, people listening to them to be screams? I'm things that sound less like screams or not and this funding could be crucial to our understanding of screams. Ass. A species moving forward in a confusing were Jason Ports of Emory University said evolutionary screams, originally functions to startle attacking pro, which is. I mean it's a surprise for that out- I don't we two percent always issue has more to do with the primeval realisation of the tragedy of malt tragedy of mortality and the the inevitability of suffering and grief. But if it's attacking premises, fair enough, and I did some research on telling the difference between a whistle and a scream and Seventy percent of those listening to scream e sounds thought they might be. Whistles
and it turns out they wore football fans. I just I just wonder what these I just wonder: who these people are, that the scientists who who goes home is like styling, I study screaming. Are they training to be a team of bad scientists and other revenue is That's a Ricky's myself from this entire conversation because, according to various people on the internet, and indeed friend family. My voice and laughter sounds like one long scrape, resulting in me in a flash air in two thousand and nine receiving a letter via my landlord from our neighbour. complaining of a loud hyena like sounds, emerging from our flat, which was just may laughing at my friend, because I scored against him on favor. interestingly,
scream societies. Size is increasingly popular, keep fit technique. There are classes ranging from advanced catterwauling to shrieking, for the over fifties yoga harming the scream based oriental martial arts Then there are competitive scoffs coming up between clubs in the national Screeching League in America, Boston Blair, as applying me Louis Coils, and the inner self starting. Starting on Monday and screaming, and culture has been hugely influential. Nineteen. Seventy classic book the joy of screaming With- at pencil drawings of people bellowing their lungs out, with with a varied array of high pitched walks and Edward Monk Had he jumped jump himself. Fame painted the scream north are now known in american galleries. Is our energy No one is exactly sure what the original subjects of the scream was serve a monk about. They have region is of the original working title of the painting was the man who
Absolutely smashed approaches mingled with a golf club and then turned to see a one pound gulf all sitting on his mental pace. I gave her a great in this area and that one of the lovely get Teddy Job Job listen to the rest and added that you said because they took very like it to go ahead bunch bunch Teddy TAT, God vast body. Thank you have a seems to restock spake more bumps signs, apparently honeybees letter a whoop when they bump into each system the calling of avoid so they put out of vibrations pulse when they bump into each other, and the scientists have called the whoop whoop signal? Presumably is that sounds like a funding to call something in there beside a southern, not sure what fun sounds like, but they they
these bays scream all the time they whoop when they had, but each other they waggle down to convey information and they weaken another, be bumped into them, and these scientists found out that the whip signal previously thought to be either in inhibition warning or a request for food actually happens much more commonly than previously thought, with the accelerometer picking up around six or seven whips a minute from just a small area of the honeycomb, mostly at night, there is no way says benthic one of the scientists. There's no way a bay was trying to inhibit another one that frequently and there's no way a bay would request food that frequently showing he has no idea. How often I request food or trying to inhibit people at night There are more articles on this new year I data should be magazine in the bonnet terrific terrific articles I wouldn't coded staying alive
in this way in the in the magazine. A good coming out in hives. Do gay bees make the best honey on a wing in a prayer actually Temple to the Beagle striper honey makes the world go round. Is the vat that bees always flat their wings and westward clockwise direction responsible for the earth, spinning the right way and be wax. Could Soviet trained bumblebees have been responsible for a string of cold war assassination? how we don't photography, yeah, where we we ve done it. We ve done our our mean everything, but people here now is free us now a bonus so anything that works from now on our bodies. May I've wanted to sixty billion that the time limit I will not even take one smelly. Second more than this, we could you ve got a few things that I think people we wanted to which I wish to ask you and I yeah yeah.
I broke my audience school and I can I the audience acquit. Guess what do? I owe you I'd like to queue? I'm gonna q that I'd like to, I might even front rope in painting us for the entire time. Yes, look I didn't I did know about. How did you know? I saw you, I didn't the first. Aren't you going to what am, I guess, paratroopers thought if you dont know it's happening, if you know what's happening more power to you, a report saying the painting, but for my position I didn't know it was happening and it was quite alarming. Well, the thing is not what this has actually been. Is a court room, I'm afraid
having carbonated go self round about men. Handing out so many sentences come on, come on we'll be going even further into the past than a week ago. Shortly, but first, some more lies about all premium level. Voluntary subscribers crisp lessons narrowly missed out on the role of controversial gastronomic, Erskine Graphic, the inventor as he now illegal kitty, corpse colonized dessert on a stick, might have roadkill cat carcass in these celebrity shift boy: OPEC, spatula, Fury Robert Pemberton, does not sing in the shower Robert placed the A piano in the shower had makes piano noises really realistic ones, they even the piano start sounding a bit way. Does it gets wetter and wetter, and Sarah robots would argue that the time has come to accept that we may never know exactly why. King Harold played a flat backfire, against the Normans. At the battle of Hastings, rather than go
three at the back and chronic spot. The width of the battlefield with wing backs with his brotherly off when God winds and the free role playing off the big number. Nine, not front archives time now, but as I said, on England, heroic defeat so far in the cricket World CUP, usually Inga begin Cricket well cups about us hotly tipped his little Johnny Plankton in his one on one h off against the while this time, however, there can the tournament is justifiable favorites, which is never an easy burden to shoulder, so England have skilfully taken the pressure of themselves by losing three games already and still having to the best teams left apply, leaving the hopes and dreams hanging by gossamer thread the whales have fallen off, but well. Three Wales have fallen off if you'd, one way of speech to feature. There are still some hope that England could unicycle thy White a victory. Of course, if I lose Indians and they which may well oh well, not have already have or have not happened by the time you listen to this they'll have to skip. vague Jonah, now we'll lish chassis of broken dreams, but to commemorating bins
We debate so far will delve into the bugle archives for nuggets from the past, linked to each of England's losses, starting with article one hundred and fifty one hundred and fifty being the number of runs conceded England's defeat to Pakistan by their to opening boulders. And you don't need me a rocket scientist. Another as the most runs ever conceded by England opening powers in the World CUP cricket. Much here is people. One fifth term saw this week. Everything else that somebody gave the one where they gave No I'm alone in thinking that, because the sheer number of news, crews descending awake on London, the thirty two time capital of Venus, I weren't they coming royal wedding is the only thing anyone in their right mind should be giving a shit about at the moment. I think most it asked unusual organizations are gonna, be sending a very coherent message over the next second nice and that messages. Yemen, kids,
very often creates Fukushima nuclear blogs, AIDS, royal weddings, save the state of elaborate media center construction outside Buckingham Palace is really eyesight to behold. If aliens which land on earth mark their ship on the mouth leading up to Buckingham Palace and so the sheer amount of media trucks. Camera positions are broadcast satellites built on the side of the road they would think. Well, this must be the most advanced. thing happening on the planet right now. I can clearly be no bad things happening anywhere else that this one time so focused on these humans on they single event. These must be the two most important people are difficult and you know what might be right Andy because, as we said before, the war, in such a precarious troubles place at the moment that it seems
We all using these events as an emotional understand just too dull the pain of life on earth. In fact, the most appropriate appropriate song William, ok, to walk down the aisle two after the wedding would be comfortably numb bars, pink Floyd crowds of people on the street should be shouting and cheering they should be. Blissfully must going to themselves like someone who was just injected ejected with methadone felt, can Congress relations on the wedding fell so good. shit. I think it's already were. A gulf was a child. We'll just to gets to the studio, unwilling to thy John, I had to fight through a thirty or forty.
a long long media. The rose already queuing up for the wedding in seven days time and the estimated crowds of one point: seven, five billion royal worshippers will learn the strikes at London too. I've hands fists and middle fingers at the Africa for You always says you set its clear. I think the greatest much most important thing ever prohibitions, maybe since the big bang or more importantly, the big bang shall I dunno all our nose, a few millennia tongue of a particle accelerator in Switzerland and require the role whether or not they were quite management. But you'll be worth ago. A lot of people, especially negligible comfortable over the amount, the stories don't give a fuck up given to it royal favours the around. They don't go out in the cold without wearing a hat and catch it
moving on to the rest of the world now and Libya. News on the situation in Libya continues to descend into a seemingly irretrievable, slow of chaos as casualties mounts and the bloodshed spreads with NATO ports in a seemingly intractable problem. Having she was shut up one day that have nothing to do with the wedding news again now hat Prince Charles, has a just because a record holder. Andy. I will get. That record is the largest number of grapes, one man conflicting these mountain love is Aubrey paragraphed already broke that six years ago. Two hundred and eighty three not broken we'll start across the river winds. A colossal nearly but not quite Prince Charles, is just become the longest serving heir apparent aid. British pastry- and that's no mean feat,
and they had a sum achievements. You have to do nothing for a really really loved time outside it. I've been waiting for thirty three years to become king of England. I dont know if I'll be able to white as almost fifty nine years, Turkey has to become king. I just don't have that kind of patients, other girl, snap and try and overthrow the crown long before then It really is a long time to North Korea. doing the only thing that your actually supposed to be doing now. He has been riding the bench Nearly six deca he's Britain, the previous I thought that was held boys great great grandfather. King Edward fits of catch with the seventh, I'm really said, King Kong kick with the sentiments King come the second in others are gonna sex. Charles is grand upsetting a record that is going to be so huge economic aid with the seventh looked like a pushy little shit,
If anyone who certainly that did spend most autonomy, is waiting banging anything that moved by a hacker, oh fuck, but I might have enjoyed his wings of a little bit more amazing to think. That's almost four thousand bugle episodes ago more lies now James right and is starting to think that its use is not all the ancient Greeks, cracked him up to be, and if his next provided one hundred head of auction to the famous daddy does not make his orchids grow back next year. He's gonna try one of the the Aztec. Instead, instead stoner initials savvy reckons Zip was, could solve many problems of urban transportation as they don't take up. Much space report fuel. Also, they would boost economy by making people really happy when they arrive at work. I did my turkey twas list would taste better if the turkeys of Twizel De La whilst alive voluntarily and humanely, of course, rather merely being twizel posthumously, is even prepared. rum evening, twiddling classes for both humans and Turkey's factually correct
Memento Bitch Medieval Archives now England's poultry victory target against Sri Lanka is a mere two hundred and thirty three, which even non cricket fans who would acknowledge, is not very big if you told them that convincing manner and explained why, which is what I'm doing now England dismally fail to achieve this target of debating with all the com, is yours of two actors in the pantomime horse? Have it we ve decided to celebrate the end of their theatre on by going to a french restaurant before realizing the forgotten to take a costume of, but one two hundred and thirty three that did happen was bugle issue two hundred and thirty three, including these bits of this week. The first instalment of celebrities secrets of success. number one Franklin, Roosevelt Bucket of lobsters
who's about renowned as one of american writer, but not to let success down to his. But of lobsters throughs votes at the reception presentations within wherever he went and they became a valuable source of put companionship and advice. Ironically, as a young man, he used to eat loads of lobsters, but yet an apparently during a big out his favorite lobster bar snappy Lionel Crustacea COD noisily in nineteen thirteen when he thought the herd, the lobsters communicating with even more coat don't eat us into clap would like those we can help you. He bore the restaurants one remaining bucket and they are often if we're rules about went amongst his way through and then click addict lacking help shape modern America, as we know it with them. a twenty four hour meter. Of course it couldn't have got away with it. People have been saying: why should I forgot goes around with a bucket of lobsters. Why would he have been presidents? And I think something for pet to vote in a black man, a lunatic philanderer lunatics, dad
install but there's no way they vote in a guy with a bucket of monsters, but it was the early twentieth century and lobsters were there to stay? he delivered his messages to the nation by a crackling for something you couldn't hear the clucking of love, the closures. They fed him wise soothing words to relate to a troubled nation. The lobby became increasingly influential in formulating its policies, but it came a moral price, the famous I protest Eleanor Roosevelt ban them from having corner relations with each other in the bucket she found the lobby ass she found the sound of lobsters humping distressing and distracting from her prime hobby of planting bread. The lobsters LOTS. They consented until one day there pent up mob, surround foiled over rules. Didn't want the breeding in case the Russians go out of one of their offspring, so he said- or I also got a boy's nor in with a strip of any other. Was it creature ball from lobsters the law? because, as one collect new deal, new Deal and Roosevelt plan to rescue America from the depression was born thanks to a bucket of perverted Randy lobsters,
and the reason Stalin was look so often those photos of him with the regional and church in the outer. Well, you try looking well for the camel when you got a loved, a clumsy soviet, not sack all that's enough this week and the yellow The sleeper top story they wake bribery, got hacked our over the last week or so there's been a series of high profile computer hackers, with responsibility claimed by the Syrian electronic Army, which correct me. If I'm wrong Andy is the same name. Is that since pop ban that you were in the MID nineteen, I don't need it. If I remember rightly, you wore a fluorescent, yellow headband and played the key Qatar in a pair of tight bluestone was James that the syrian flax out onto the US, I'm pretty sure not making it up. No, you said on the photos: rattlers somewhere, They only right,
so they started. Electronic army is a group which is said to have the tacit support of Bashar Al Assad, although that could not be independently confirmed, mainly because Syria is still a total king mess. At the moment I mean an unremitting shit show I'm talking about a catastrophe of the highest water, and last week, the FBI, money to hack into the twitter account of the Associated Press posted a message that, Bombs had exploded at the White House, injuring Barack Obama, then
all they have to do. We just sit back and watch all hell break loose. The market immediately obey momentarily collapsed temporarily, wiping more than ninety billion pounds from the U S: stock market in the space of just three minutes and they, after they had to eat with posted the benchmark. S M p five hundred index, which most people have heard of an almost no one understands Phil, nearly one percent, briefly wiping out a hundred and thirty six point: five billion dollars of its value. I think the fact the all that happened over a single tweets and they should give us all a deep, lasting confidence in our financial system. Its eight some reassuring to know that the global financial system can be brought to its knees and less than two hundred and forty characters. Its its progress in a way is just the same kind of progress that fell murmur. Ways made as I drove faster and faster towards the edge of a cliff, but then, of course it bounced back John
was this due to people realising that the tweets was a fake or was it simply the prospect of a low men catastrophe unity, but closer the three bodies shoulders. We ve discovered all the support guesses about Lee Markets, standard minimum decency period after a tragedy of some kind before I think well, his noble crying over spilt blood. There is money to be made is what the dead would have wanted. I wanted and it does raise the alarming realisation that the entire global economic system is not viable. So much of the threats, of terrorism, more natural disasters, mother us only involuntary terrorism. If you will Our global economic system is vulnerable to a well play, piece of bullshit, which rises How come you're, not a billion urgent? What am I doing wrong? I should be working with our own,
yeah that's what you are on cap bushes. Aren't they like establish stilled August, the things the bullshit has to be believable rewrite fellers is not about the money. It's about the point I can is also about the Hermes and is also avoiding any sense of responsibility. Reality or genuine adulthood, stand erect lobsters, Dolly Bacon s again, as we already experts and makes them kosher. John Accounting, the Anna well out, alluding to Pakistan, ensure longer English knew that it would be really useful debate, Australia. Instead, they lost Australia, which it's not a good tactic. If you ask me so here's a bit
from Bugle sixty four sixty four runs: Bingley Margin of Defeat England suffered that day or the margin of inverted victory. To give its more positive, trendy, modern term promised land use now and Andy. You in particular, shouldn't have had to read all watch the news to find out what happened in Israel this week. You should have just felt it. You should have flipped your judar on and felt a disturbance in the force because Israel stays there lecture this week, which came to a satisfactory non conclusion without Netanyahu and lively You mean victory. That is just what that region needs more arguing that whole area bottles things up way too much. Won't. Somebody just cite what I really think that is starting to look, though that is rightly politicians just like a squabble, any squabble, and this one I guess this election squabble is rendered slightly more than from the region.
Squabble in Gaza, because God didn't might discover, result clear several thousand years ago, targets not just mothers. The water slightly complex, God should have made another problem. They govern. came about in right wing Likud Party on neck and neck. They proportional representation system leaving the balance of power in the clinic angry hands of some of Israel's more right wing and perhaps piece of us political practitioners such as of gold, women, often nationalist israeli baked. I knew party who are what might be described as arab sceptic, What does this result? Harold for the peace process? John? Well, I think, can be pretty sure they never ends up in government will probably resolve any lingering Nicholas, resulting from the recent Gaza Shamardal and other outbreaks of all her under a pox. The reason over the last place. six thousand years, that's the official EU and definition of law eliminated and it was a sham. Also, that's right. Don't blame me, blame the? U, N Paris decoy our boy in these
the conditions so that we're gonna live happily ever after John Ass, my predation, what do you think you have one, not yeah I'll, come at all that we have used up up two bucks down or that we have to call a peace plan to SAM. I think pieces ice are love it. I can't really stand war might snow interested. But other kick back in a hammock front, often in bringing the nineteen fifty sports magazines I've just born by then wasted. I engaged in savage gunfire in a shattered urban landscape of devastation and sorrow and is either they don't knock ITALY. Throw ice is somewhat more relaxed job. Your pages, like a nice long, we're sing data house by without getting shot at by helicopter they place was a cake and eat it. Yet, but it was a cake you you just like cake, simply lively now
early one victory but may lose out anyway to Netanyahu, whom I argue that he's in a better position to create a coalition government. Mr Ebner, who said that with God help he would lead the next government. You know what why doesn't God just this one, I get the candy, I think he's held that region out quite enough. What with his constant promises, one thing is clear, and that is that the kingmaker will now be third Party, Israel by China. Later I've adore Liebermann and you couldn't hope for a nicer kingmaker. If that is your only two choices: we're Haymow Starling, because amongst other inclusive policies, but loyalty, Oates and the execution or expulsion of arab Israelis, I cannot see any reason why he should have a very positive effect on Israel's Prime Minister, Ariel selection. If a guy he's willing, not vocalize any of the thoughts or opinions inside his head, one possible suggestion round is that each person gets to be prime Minister for two
these rotating midway through the four year term? This is the case that kids they to share this is he's, got a political attempt to the wisdom of Sullivan. Well, you can each have half of it out. I want to follow Einstein, news and the british Library has published a love letter from Henry the ice to Anne Boleyn, who like became a second wife animals like John A pulled out stop get into foxy on skills and very little something that arose in its. The demonstrations, your affection of such that they really oblige me to honour love and serve you forever from I will now do you if it be possible Robin Reciprocate and loyalty, my heart, my desire to please you. I show that henceforth my heart will be dedicated to you alone and wishing greatly that my body was so too. He is right, Andrew little heart with our initials and John but of course What he didn't say in that letter was but a few
much is look at another man or fail to provide me with a sudden at all you ve got himself you get me, I'm with MAX how pitiable was all on the king say that lack of yours gonna keep in one based already provides. We wax and often spluttering bottle over the front three rows of the crowd at your execution. Whoosh. I want a one stop shop whoosh. Where are you hedging off to wash your scarf, doesn't fix, I wanna, nor does it whoosh executed. Oh, yes, she was pretty works. What's my favorite diving oriental neutral Soup, Axa whoosh our Alex, never mind. What do you mean there's no next time. This is no next time worse, biologically near enough wash one portion of ambling. Please make certainties salt, yes, vinegar! Yet had no thanks, worse, not love, Henry
Let me so much else, but the christian church into I'm not saying that, although it that might not away with words, I shall do your jets Henry you had my neck severing. Well, there you go. That's all from this week. Be will sub episode to finalize about voluntary subscribers to keep you going Nick Barest, but would like to see a foot rice between Bob Dylan Merrill Street former Wilson, who could champion Steve the Nugget Davis and the hippopotamus without he is intellectual exactly what it would prove and most donor initials ease at thinks. The tour de France would be a much better event of cyclists. We just let loose in Paris and had returned to the french capital three weeks later, with as many different regional chases as possible, the winner being by the number of changes multiplied by coefficient based on tastiness. No cheating and that's it dont forget to buy. Couple were tickets to my hat and professor will show what they stand and the life vehicles there and political animal late at night, at the stand, as well
and also all the shows of all legal co host, who will be entertaining the matters in Scotland in August to joint voluntary subscriptions gave. What have you want on a one off or recurring donation go to the bugle, porthos dot com and click they dont eight Bucky until next time,