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A cut and paste collection of Bugle sections from previous shows with absolutely no editorial decisions. Turns out it unearths the best listener email of all time, Chris's first Bugle and how Buglers treated John in Milwaukee.



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The Bugle Audio newspaper, a visual work I'll be able to welcome to the third and final part of the bugle summer break. This is beautiful thousand, and seventy six sub episode see the carrot this week, we're going to do something a little bit different with our archives. We're going to create a Frankenstein bugle. We're gonna like a bit of bugle from several different peoples. Do creates iconic monstrous bugle mash up, so we're gonna start with the introduction from one people than animals from another sections in the Bin from another. One then top story of a news, maybe a feature sanction handsome sport or from the
be able to create the perfect monstrous bugle cocktail to keep you going. It's a we returned with the bugle lie from Edinburgh next week, I'll be recorded on the fifteenth of August at the new town. Theatre has also shown on the twenty second class. My solo shall stand from the fifteen twenty six and many other people coasts are doing their shows through the Edinburgh fringe do go. I support all avowed lesbian. This week's Frankenstein people with the introduction from one hundred and twenty four, but are we really Monday, the twenty third of always two thousand and ten with me, and is also one here in the renowned scottish city of Edinburgh, the city where angels fair treads? Obey me during all this for fear of being mistaken for student theatre group during a new hip musical about the conception of Christ entitled gaunt pimping and a little while ago, flies but probably reached by one go. If you blasted yourself a role model in a space rocket and recognised of ETA Macarthur into an orbit in New York at sea,
suppose Grammy Award winning Country music, legend willing, Nelson out some game of poker, makes up. So I thought this was a financial, Belgium, taxes, Willie Nelson size of eagles, John Oliver. How? they allow view those financial and budgetary found the way I see it also multitask, that is in To job skills, which should never be merged but you'd, listen to it, you would lessons about. Nor did I not tat is a good point. As a good boy, I was in Milwaukee, Wisconsin philosopher Dice, she's up in this What about twenty minutes after It's my hotel room first, not enough on the door and I'll tell him. he was standing with a bottle of champagne at an ice pocket with silver you, the glasses, on a card that simply read them. Okey division of the Bugle Army has your back in the
there was a drawing of our hearts under they simply signed Gaddafi. What a fantastic dangerously with the way the world is on the floods in Pakistan by the cross, Russia, serious threat of a double deep recession. It surely restores your faith of humanity that people are doing something that juvenile for one another. Thanks, a very much buglers, whoever you are unless, of course, unless it, actually. Colonel Gaddafi, though, is currently having over the Milwaukee division of the bugle on next up each the anniversaries Bates from Google, two thousand and fifty today. of course, all God fearing subjects of the universe. Now is the free stay all. Ladies and gentlemen, corrected issue of Lincoln site a you knew that who died on this day in the year.
I knew this wasn't gonna work who died on this day in the year twelve twenty year, you're, very, very good. Of course they were the patron saint of No! No! We will see. The point is that of people to draw any was a patron saint of so stun guns, not only on his official one more go. The patron saint of. swarms correctly ass. He was preparing for inside of swans. Let's have a look at him, grey areas that we see you Hugh. cheeky little swarm down there He was watching only with that is at home. This is he's got swarm he's got the regulation. Saintly fritz, be stuck to his head they're, the same golden phrase with all sides. Have so you can tell us sites, origin,
boiled with an aggressive sibling, aunt, em and he's holding. As you can see here, so here is holding what can only be described as a cupful of Jesus, a golden goblet with the infant Christ. It What I want and always Asian Hugh using Jesus, is a fucking cocktails to dick. that's what he's cocktail into August mercies much answer to mark this historic day. These says feast day of said he would link. Can we have a special swarms quays, I have to tell me like them with which the following facts about swans is the least false. Is it facts? One back part who invented went to school? fish monk. In the year seven eighty three Idee was caught Finally, french kissing a swarm and then
till he pretended he was doing music practice voice. Raising the swan until it cried, is in fact too the queen is constitutionally allowed to use. A pair of swans is magic shoes to walk across a like it. three the average Length of swarms. Mac is free centimetres. What we think, as their necks are in fact periscopes with a fake head on, in fact force in hue of Lincoln employed in aggressively violent God swarm as his bodyguard the sworn. What hunk anyone who came near hue of Lincoln using phrases such as Greece, How about the translations? Here? That meant you buddy, Also this. That means clear off you obvious shithead, Anna one phrase three
Oh you norms, wanna schmuck, hands off my big you in the bulls, capacious If you so much is look at it in the short and blasted personally, Featherstone came into the middle of next week. This issue will lengthen we're talking about would have sufficed created swans as well. Where would have Frankenstein's be will be without some a section in the bin. This week the section in the ban comes from Bugle episode. One hundred fifty four this week with the experts predict that world will end or one of ended on Saturday. The twenty first of May tomorrow's we records- or yes, I feel or listening to this was floating through space hang onto but of what might ones have been a bit of Albania wondering what has happened. Your planet we first
The exclusive bugle end of the world supplement, including how to explain, looming armageddon to a baby, be an optimist, see an old person who might be a little confused and say that had already happening. Knotting safety with a lady cheerfully trial, O D, a belgian I guess I just think certain circumstances it just as I know more waffles now That would be very hard for them to leave me here is a joke. Also, we tell you. If you ve, lived dissolute or moral life, we advise you had a brazen out on judgement day be killed. Complementary to your interview, dress, Molly, but not overly formal and do not use, do no overuse the Freitas. We all make mistakes, are my own biggest critic or don't judge high and do not say what about you big dockyard on exactly captain perfect yourself. Are you mister? I can build a planet without having vulnerable to natural disasters and an unending suffering hours
I explained the well, then what will happen to the olympic ticket till ticket allocation process? What will it do for share prices went after the derivatives markets will be not and still be, dead doesn't mean. Colonel Gaddafi gets away Scot Free, and what does happened if Sarah Bilingual kept her mouth shut, all in the Bin, hope story this week is top story from Bugle one hundred nights. So what welcome Chris, introduce yourself to the beauty of this high buglers on Chris up right now applies in France, that kind of downbeat how the world is crossing. The Spirit of the amendment as giving free bugles are, we will lower the picture about voice octaves.
Africa's partial Andy Africa struggles to my kids onto tv news in the West, which is particularly unlucky when you consider just how many newsworthy things they do, that they just can't catch a break from the schedule is who don't seem to court? Give enough of a shit about what goes on over there to give her the atomic deserves warm all. They need to do famines, mass genocide, coups even pirates. Nothing seemed to be able to hold the western media, So this is a bugle update on what is going on in the second largest continent on earth will issue, since it is the second largest continent, unilaterally tight the words Africa, a continent of dots into an internet search engine. And it's a continent of many things. John. It's a continent of change, things up a near the search for a continent of opportunities, a continent of contrasts than a continent of the future, a continent of geology which is
by contrast, the concept of economic opportunity. Now there were lying our cards on the table about exactly what kind of opportunities those opportunities are mentioned earlier, a continent of origins. Okay, we get it we're sorry, icons. I hope that's just a night, a wife saying economic opportunity, continents of light, that's They market ass, many other continents to refer content. Of my dreams. How do they know? They presumptuous? this amount of hope and opportunity, whether whack, two of them together in a sufficiently a continent of about whose origin always like going home, ECHO Pagoda, could be he's not eligible to president. You know he's not he's not anyway, it's already the content of origin, so that just falling into celebrity counselor all the other continents now has the count of two thousand languages that put me off. It sounds over complicated consonant with potential as a bit like a future pillar opportunities bit like how free for one I, like it, content of adventure. That really was Africa's one throughout the imperial age and officer
entering the Noah has gone with Africa, a continent of the ravages of imperialist irresponsibility, unruly geopolitical, exacerbated HIV epidemics, which we are waiting to be fairly near. The top of the list, also Africa, a continent of half of and these old spends recent family origins, that's not area through or Africa, a continent that puts the k into chaos. So stop on our new Safari Nigeria, where the acting president, their president. Good luck, Jonathan, have dissolve the entire countries cabinets first, you write again landing deal here with what is a sensational name for any present. What is even better for a nigerian one? Good luck, Jonathan, not so much a naive as a piece of good witchery president good Luck, Jonathan its before
about present hanging them again. Who will be succeeded by president, giving the impression Stevenson so long to watch getting off it? Does sound a bit like go departing british governor might have said: does he handed over the newly independent Nigeria in nineteen? Sixty good luck, Jonathan you'll! Need it an apron
charge. Since President Maura Yarrow do a was hospitalized in Saudi Arabia last November, he hasn't been seen in public since and also another good name. Yarrow do it sounds a peddler. What sets out I've been present, Jacob Zuma says whenever he sees any woman, your adieu concentrate on your job, Jacob concentrate on it. You that's also remember that Nigeria has along proud history of acting president, specifically people acting like president, focusing most of their time on their mind. Job of being international racketeers jobs, as you say, was only only pointed to acting president. Firstly, the ninth and these powers are supposed to allow him to sign legislation. Chair cabinet meetings, reshuffling.
Stars and release all funds, and he has certainly reshuffle those who pay briefly shovel their cars before throwing the entire decked out the windows, I get the kind of hair the information and minister in Nigeria is quoted as today the acting president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Good luck, Jonathan, didn't love! Our car understand why that is the case. Dissolve the federal executive council. He did not give us any reason, and so I cannot give any reason. That's pretty impressive moved from someone in office Foley slightly longer than he was always voted to keep the chair will not set fire to a commission. A new budget throne for himself instead have to look at this. From his point of view, Andy, the taste of power is fairly moorish, he's like Heroin Detroit. Maybe it turns out you'll like it, and suddenly you break any law to have some more of it. You think you're happy just as vice president of the largest nation in Africa. Next thing you know, you're stealing
copper piping from people's houses, the sale and giving our hand jobs for smack. It happens that quickly, on the I've seen, the wire sends out chapter two of your autobiography jump and also this. So this information gave him DORA akin economically who's, the information minister, the Information Minister Camel If any reason why the cavernous been reshuffled. No one can good luck, Johnson, being seen as something of a low profile. Administrators sort of safe pair of housekeeping taken over gently until the president was was fit again, not someone who would completely dissolve the country's entire cabinet, but things never simple! In oil, rich poverty stricken Nigeria, how come mostly words go together. Well, as usual little collins, corruption has come out of lie, corrupted the score
by human rights watch as being in Nigeria, rampant and endemic and policies policies that some there there was a drive to try and reduce it. At least of the head of the economic and financial crimes. Commission knew who rubato Ecklund in two thousand and six since independence. Three hundred and eighty billion dollars have been stolen or wasted find it. The nigerian government he identified thirty one sitting. Governors in Nigeria has been corrupt and Burma. There were only thirty six sitting behind us in Nigeria. The type What was I were immune from prosecution at that time and then even how these boss convicted of corruption and its bosses, order to return I'll, give it a little mouth which are sufficient, because in this, how much dodgy money in his boss, the inspector general of police in Nigeria, the payback John, was it a fifty thousand dollars, surely cannot be any more than that? Would it be five hundred thousand dollars?
This guy seriously had his fingers and some pies or see one hundred and twenty million dollars, and they can only be fifty thousand dollars. That's the only realistic option. Well, John. I know we left abortion on the show, but You might think now. I'm gonna films that amount, but it will see it was a hundred and twenty million dollars that they expect the General Place Ass, a poet back. This is far from isolated. He regarded also help them to cover the involvement of the american Construction Company and until recently, Halliburton, subsidiary cavy are hoping, in a number of questionable activities with a multi million dollar bribery scandal in his country, which the company was fine, four hundred million dollars in his former chief executive jailed for seven years now. America must be pretty embarrassed. John. This companies are proven corruption overseas and not to mention various other obligations, including covering up sexual assault and rape of female employees, involvement and people trafficking, allegedly alleged tax avoidance, corruption, bloody,
started everyday glitches. Any business inevitably runs into its American embarrassed, not really the biggest: U S, government contracts or in Iraq. Besides, on its website caviar state that its core values quotes, which drive everything we do include quotes integrity in all we do now. You simply have to. the scope of these companies moral ambition, the challenge of having integrity, normal aboveboard business dealings wasn't enough. Anyone can do that, but it takes a special kind of company to have integrity was bribing government officials and if you can pull out you can be integrity is anywhere. I say goodbye. so they so I'm gonna, unarmed and drifting off topic. We're not talking about corruption. Stretches of the high stakes.
The american politics is about dodgy Africa Mommy's, that's right. So so what happens now? Well, president. Good luck will apparently torpor shortly for cabinet, which we screamed and improve on the Senate. Although some disaffected former ministers, my well Mount court challenges to the constitutional legality resumption of executive powers and that, therefore his authority to sack them and Andy are just worry that this is going to damage the integrity The good name of the nigerian government without really would be the biggest tragedy here. Other news now from bugle per thousand forty seven in Australia NEWS now. The roll out of a national disability insurance scheme has been plagued by issues and may need to be plugged by migrants. The commission said it might not be possible, in the short term, to train enough allied health professions. Look as australian, I'm outraged at the slow implementation of the scheme, which is a major reform of disability services designed to provide the right support according to each person's needs and goals in a holistic way across their whole life. The governor
is bullshit and lame and failing us as a strategy and on the other hand, as an Austrian who was recently in the U S, I find it incredibly difficult to complain about a slight inefficiency in a massive roll out of twenty two billion dollar learn comprehensive government services to an underprivileged group, of course. Yes, it's very annoying its failure about this week, arrogant government, but also I saw people in America whose kidney did dialysis was about to run out. Do you know what happens when you kidney dialysis runs out Andy? I don't I'm australian. It makes me feel better makes me feel like, like Paris, Hilton complaining, my coffee's three degrees to warm by another copy Paris. I think it's going to work out fine, which been loyal, bugle issue, one hundred and seventy four, your emails. Now this one comes from Heaven: Lawson who rides on the subject but don't get drunk offers insight into the bugle of mind, which is a headline. I think that would grasp anyone's attention.
Their living prey of this big boys. I think this is the greatest email with a recital resumed. The average increase in the person most likely ninja folding grappling with black finnish rope, something which is available legs and then went on Amazon for twenty one dollars and eighty nine cents, I was recently enjoying your visit to the spiritual home of the Baton could Duncan delighting once again. the customer views of the official vehicle of the bugle when I, The glance at the second just above the customer views were Amazon very helpfully reveals to what customers who view this item, but also viewed considering buglers must be the most frequent pilgrim, yes to the Madonna donks actual asked of us. They have to be only ask these items. You telling much more about those most mysterious and secretive of creatures, the bugle up the items, only customers who view this item also viewed list in the autumn,
listed by Amazon's algorithm. Ah the mountain, three Wolf Moon, short slave t, and that is a magnificent Asia and which I believe is available for eleven dollars. Ninety five cents, that's three wolves howling at the moon. very much. How I see me you and Chris, That's all was that what would the natural next step on the way you ve looked at it, but don't get kind of portable arms weapon? You ve looked at a t shirt with three wars having at about about tuscan whole milk, one gallon think women s office. You way when you, when you are three, we gotta Tito three wolves on you're gonna, start thinking what a wolves led to drink a gallon of milk. But be driving a tank AMS, pretending to be a wolf you're gonna need a lot of milk, so ya think your whole gallon twenty eight fluid ounces of scan the whole milk was you want one
You don't want the whole milk from any other region of ITALY Also you what you want purely in whole milk, the owl, or how milk from their from there, from the latter region you face was asking around the eyes the right type of Tuscany? We Tuscan Wholesale John you're funny looking to those things, andean, always what you worked up, so you need to calm down. So the next thing you would probably look at in this list is the relax man, relaxation casual, which comes in a just just shy of forty thousand dollars on Amazon. it's you ve, missed one out.
Do you miss? What do you mean you mixed afresh, all rapid our fresh rabbit, so that makes sense that was and logical jump there could not get from milk, so relaxation capital without eating a rabbit in between that's right and then right after that, you want to go to the wheel, might laptop steering wheel desk. I don't know what that is only, but it seems to be something for your laptop, which fits the austerity. We'll see you can check your emails while driving and now the problem is on the way you can aware lost your doing that you'll be wearing Zyobite parents they. What my Juba pants there for me, a thirty four. Ninety five, you can look like if their broad sexual relations with M C hammer didn't you.
as pants play base for the Baltimore Bastards back in the amount of them. If we didn't issued now on the eve, pay dollar huge shopping spree, it's not all fund. What you'll definitely want after. That, naturally, is the three way scientific w for three zero one for testicle self example that comes with a believe, some squeeze you testicle, so you can know what you're looking for? What is a thing with Buglers John, I very health aware these days that also that got four point four out of five from the user writings, something you know. If there's one thing the bugle stood for its testicular self examination, that's been true with emails over the years of gotta know just what you'd naturally go to the next Andy why do no German? I guess what you'd want one she wants you to examine their own testicles. A gun in your relaxation capture, eliminate near about and drunk a gallon of milk and water.
of Tunisia. Progressing is well yeah. The wolf T certainly work. I'm gonna need some Wolf Urim, not just some of your unhandy. Thirty two fluid out of Europe, starfleet dollars. Ninety wolf, your and wolf! You want that. I needed Wolf urine. He was. He was a point God for the for the Nantucket Many whose Lincoln they all my card. After that, there is little to do with Wolf urine, because what I can tell you that health product or under no what you do with Andy by tell me what you use it worth and ass. The next phase in the dean on Ike idea, one dedicate and then once you ve links up your cable to your wolf, pursue gonna think they need now Oh I've got some money. Somehow I want again to business and business I wanna go into is selling would toilet seats in China's even by
a two thousand and nine to two thousand and fourteen hours would toilet seats in greater China. Painting download it's it's going to cost you. I call four hundred and ninety five dollars on the phone. He doesn't oversight on, would toilet seats in China it hard to explain the best way to explain it is to just go to the first comment, which gave this item five stars and says this is weird: but she's so weird
furthermore, we just discussing the two thousand and nine to found a fourteen out. Looking like the other day now today, here I am surfing Amazon. Wouldn't you know it the two thousand and nine to two other fourteen outlook for wood tool. It seeks greater China, so price things reason a vulgar thinking out of us repressing its things like this Andy, it's EVA others that make me so proud to be a human being that we can vote to these level of childishness, and this is what we're doing without I'm on a well done. Everyone involved in this everything is going to be. Ok. I got a sour That concludes the amounts are like. Most. People is interested in doing the following: wearing Wolf, T, shirts and or Photoshop in them onto a bottom up drinking a whole milk and arrest the mating. How many gallon jugs of milk only to line up at the height of the ESA and obviously
beating a whole rabbit, relaxing and pretend to be on emissions of my writings of a bugle wells, driving a grip wearing eighties fashion. Disasters. Statistic, for example, make annual gathering material for more realistic wagons, leering, wolves and or impressing. The Ladys were omitted, asked
a kind of Muskie animal attraction. I'm getting young gardens thinks of Wolf pay your. Nor can it looks problem that show that a fax echo are all producer Tom. He used to wear and off the shelf might have Wolf but yeah. That's. Why had to emigrate the Australians loving nearing world, our impression, the Ladys, oh yeah rights, Heather, a lady watching dvds, without fear of vibrations, interrupted the signal and last but not least, speculating in the wood toilet seat market of greater turned go further down the list. You will find that give us all in liquid, fighting ass God, willing and or yodeling with yodeling prickly eating. Unicorn me. I can only say that I find myself irish good company, indeed gas, to your mammals, etcetera, etcetera, ever
other nations have its taking a hundred and seventy four bugles not to create a community, but to start a cult. Thank you Heather. Thank you q. Thank you. Sport. Now and this is what was happening in sports in bugle issue. More found an thirty. I cannot give you a quick people run down of implausible excuses for filing drugs S. A tie, romanian rustling star about a gun, really askew tested positive for the ban steroids, I'm acting like an animal and now he's my scandal, drugs, which, of course, can lead to an increase in both sexual energies and homesickness. rescue. He claimed that he'd fallen over Borgian a peddler by ride on the local, like on solid, a mouthful of contaminated tadpoles, particles long suspected of little illegal drug use the way that body so obviously change that has to be suspicious in horse writing EL girl loot you of course road. Three consecutive winners, the king Rollo unclean that if a memorial sites in the Wessex, your horses emulate ninety ninety eight test
it positively agricultural growth, hormone vegetable, ass, little Adam after STAR bringing a pencil and production of Jack in the bienstock ironically as the very small back half opened my horse and eating one of the MAGIC Baines Alms, Unaware that it was in fact the pantomime verity production things already was growing up fast. They now twelve. Seventeen jockey was given a suspended twelvemonth banned by the International Quadrupeds writing association as well. dispensation to ride elephants instead of horses and Teddy trunk back to normal size Turkish shot, put a weapon mass papaya Buzz elements of blue acclaimed. His in competition, spinach cans had been spite with steroids. Contrariwise, impose it worse I said before this started already.
In my head, I was I was remembering the type of value starting with the languages in competition, spanish cans of being spiked steroids. I don't want to die alone, the side effects of which included a long drawn out in solitude. can I didn't sprinter, Doug snouts tested positive, obeying a spider, his tests came back an unusual, fifty percent arachnid. She put down to swallow a cobweb after having it that was cleaning out an abandoned kitchen cupboard in his light. Great uncle Hanks. Have I himself famously no strength, sporting controversy after being de queued from United fifty two, a lump Olympic one under Meda Freestyle Swimming after using a homepage risky before store the podium, shouting freestyle means being free stuff,
Finally, I snapped the automotive yourself, because you I'm gonna competitive scrabble of being found, have a twelve volume dictionary, hidden in Brasilia and fight famous for finally famously american Javelin star to shirk laundry after failing a test for testosterone claim big, recently returned from kidnapped by trying time travelling aliens taken back in time to the two thousand five hundred BC, I'm being forced to eat a plate of stagger source testicles as part of a religious ritual, a career, This judge reject rejected the world. Anti doping agency is contention that staff resources have died out by twenty five for twenty five hundred variously, but country was still bands after but the test reveal that he's blood was that of a rhinoceros. As somebody claimed was the result of spending time on a crowded amazing, what body for glory. Well, there you go, you can just imagine none unscriptural in slightly formless outgrow Andy! You have the perfect Frankenstein's bugle, thank you
much for listening, we'll be back next week with the bugle low show from Edinburgh featuring Alice, Fraser and Alex settlement. If you ve enjoyed to show tell everyone you know about it, you can also support the show by clicking the dough night button, only bugle websites until next time you Bob,