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Bonus Bugle – Putin, Trump and The Queen’s Brooch


Putin and Trump. That was weird.Trump and The Queen. That was weird.Balls. They are weird.Audiences. Weird.

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The Bugle Audio Newspaper, a visual work and welcome to the bugle subtle, bright, twenty eight aid, above all our life for a few weeks before turning triumphantly to perform with the Edinburgh sensible way. No doubt you will become a major I still my show right. Questions. Romances ATLAS stand: go love from the fifteen to twenty six of August there too low evil, shows one on the fifteenth of August with me out and an Alex another twenty, Secondly, me be me, and to be I too, with the Gatt what to see a he or she brings to the table this week. all four thousand and seventy six sub episode I the classic off gets from recent bugles do enjoy
There was also had says a mother and sting meetings with her majesty the Queen Thea British Donald Trump Cards, a big head of state. This inquiry when people with a very different vibes and someone them a brooch experts managed to pick up on? Some mum was symbolic, attach equal broach were majesty, will three different approaches and how meetings with Trump in which various body things are much better protocol as sledgehammer protocol into that that one broach was a gift from the bombers. One was a gift from Canada and what was it a diamond teardrop, which is not, as many think, worn by monetary personally kill someone the other day about suddenly love,
the other brave of cultural events. Make sure when you could never seen John Oliver that make up like this establishing a month was worn pharmacy by the queen and her own fathers fuel raid into that. What you will all I did. What other people, which is that it was basically make a comment on the entire death of Amerika. Yet she had we talk that apparently talked out of wherein they do not. Grant me by the pussy broach disappointingly did not wear the commemorative broach given to the young princess shallow orchestra wells in eighteen. Fourteen to mock the british burning down the. Why
Richard Credit, samurai NATO, with the personal to her done so absolutely sterling broach based decoding, is like a made in many ways. Either some people say so: what's the monarchy voyna? How does it represent modern Britain? I mean that represents one brain, absolutely perfectly being passed, The progressive, through the medium of brunch israeli british net, distilled if the queen was also hammered on sixteen points of double Uk Day, she would have true The embodied everything that is about this nation, I love that she did it? But there is also a part of me that was like Do you really think that Donald Trump, Who is not known to pick up on what women really think of him going to respect a nine year old woman insinuating that she is mild, this taste via the media and the recent election, but it's also
for such Britain, so likeness, headed so british, but is also so upper class to be like, yes, Allah, oh him, so that I don't like him by wearing the same jewellery. I have worn in times of sadness, that'll, show em and trumpet some kind words about the queen. Who said that? a beautiful woman twice a wise to be fed into the quiet. Did she by part as a guy? divide broach. She did, it does suggest she knew where his eyes would handle the woman's brother. reading the rules they got here? This is the first above set this out this girls, but there goes the night had.
I got peers Morgan gives him the out to any says he says: she's, beautiful and then peers, Morton says yes, she's brilliance and some guy yes, but also so beautiful, like that. The highest compliment downloads? can pay anyone a port, the star, his daughter, the queen of England, a beautiful it matter, nothing, else, matters she's beautiful, not for ninety she's beautiful. So what's Yes, like we're on some right now, so what I mean, what do you think he's gonna happen to trump between now and when we next be able to give them a slightly more worried about? What's happened to trump? Since we started many more invited Bolivia Rosa, I think Alex was the American Baywatch erect?
it was good offered? Well, I think Putin is gonna, be head of the Environmental Protection Agency, not Is it worth appointment no a vague from prudence and upgrade? For being honest, I failed, like the reality, is nothing's going to happen because at this point the report Good party is now supported by racists people who don't want to play tax on ices suit. I wanna play tight. This word trumpets like a shit on the Lincoln Memorial wipers us on the constitution and then draw Hoddan the statue of liberty to completion and his vices only comments would be what was the statue of liberty wearing baby? She was asking for an hour in Lincoln, consolidate the confederacy. Losing the civil war was the worst thing that ever happened to this country, and also does this mean the tax guy still on, in which case shit on Mr President, and When asked to walk back his comments, he would just go, I meant to say not at the end of that sent back
eight swirled cannot now, Sir lists under happier happier things so who? Who here isn't it is an fan? is it we are, but it might come home, but if he comes home, will it be again? Would it be just ask us to do, is washing give it didn't before after the pub with his mites and Ngos, often another fifty two consecutive gap years. Like last time. I got so that, because I saw the hashtag, an authority was a kind of bricks. It thing ideas coming home about how going to claw back call sent in your visit was stolen from us by indian graduates because of Brussels putting quotas on our stocks in all the Bulgarians and the refugees flooding over to primarily to other countries? So it's coming home, which is written in the stars and problems that is written in the stars payments
I think it is that is written in the cells, but there's a governor of stars, and if you are fluent in Braille and read the stars by some kind of like broil interpretation, you can, pretty much say anything written in the stars, including the words we're gonna tankers, Let me finally going to Croatia. The media will then start buying on about how lucky weeping all the way through and returned to the grounding of traditional personalized, recrimination and infant all scapegoating. That is also written in the star solely which one challenge browser I didn't people can be Pro world cup and and and and pro breaks it at the same time, because, like you, a lot of the World CUP further seems to involve going over to other peoples, countries informing on their stuff. Yes, I know how good this mobility framework is. Gonna, be like it's one thing to have to organize your cheap Spock Nights bucks night in Croatia.
And it's another one when you have to organise a visa for violent Dave and his police record from that night, when he had bought at a teenage girl who refuse to back down from her insistence, wrote Rahim Sterling is a formal, footed, buffer, bungler waste of a forward, and she wouldn't bang managing to get Garrett Southgate, despite having with I witnessed, is best wearing compassionate, yet Manly postmarked the level of commentary we're not getting from the baby, usually They lie what tools these off Abbe ungrateful, bull, commentator, man, of course, mainly women, wouldn't be good at it. The underlying premises that you know women don't like bulls, even if they say they do they don't worry, I'm a little love em, but who love absolutely deplore Are they a mediaeval when you're born with them? And you just want to whither away in the bar
New York I'm against them? like the odyssey live tills. These awful is surely can we, the main could we retire. Clive tells me, maybe that could be a locust strand into some kind of bricks, negotiation with low cell Clive Tills. Later Bulgaria, I was listening to DE on Dublin Wax lyrical about how Russia The best place he's ever being this morning on five light, is generally regarded. The red rose, it's amazing country. What a brilliant placed on a recommended. Everybody comes to Russia, it's really a night. It's best place it. I just thought somewhere out there, this people in Salzburg, going Super also made clear in its two righi wave of soft inside our houses terrified. So we worked out we're gonna bonds
and other? We love Russia rather than to Russia. Algeria finish school early learning gap here and he went with his friend, whose also got the jewish Harry They went to a circus and they had to monkeys dressed as Jews having a wedding I am counting on you the agenda on the stage I was supposed to go to tear up little monkey hope they did the little monkeys, mostly glass, next year, remote Jerusalem, how far they go? Thereby protein went further than I did my wedding when, but then I am, I am a tremendously badges,
wedding. Take made out of hand. My wedding cake was not made out of how my wedding cake was a leg of high as not right really to book is interesting, but not interesting. Shameful in terrible really can reproduce. Can they one of the problems of monks are Scandinavians, falling birth rate, Scandinavia's areas women are happy. They could be done before the men are firing blanks and they need irish men to reverse invade the situation. There were not so look at us. Irish member were absolutely swimming with you,
we are some cheese. Every man I thought science without lease, that's Samuel that's. None of that is that we are both are doing in the back seat. Just they ve got their own little long, Baldwin their joy. They get back over there really right, a part of I warned you can make some the dirty wages an early force. An authority was nothin. Dirty, though that fjords are very navigable.
Or each other the monks, because, although they will could not, they will see. That's the thing that a lot of people don't start is monks, were there were seven they that it was celibacy, not chastity celibacy can't get married chastity as you can't have sex. Some of the monks were in fact, very lusty individuals How did you bring facts here? You worry of that was true. You don't think I've ever set a true bigger by logging. While you are sitting in very well on Michel onwards, the each had a huge impact on the countries external impacts. The woke up run on this country is that a number of british suit markets have said they will close early on Sunday if England reaches the final and that that was everything in perspective, because we do not stop shopping for talking anything these
these are also from August, would not shot for the apocalypse. Frankly, that will be too late sleep hanging on after the rest of the planet? Ended was a full horsemen taps that watches ostentatiously through the window on the storm is to try to put them on us, and we ve got to one day alone bags of tariffs and sugar lumps might be. A horses would like that. He was here is an important and asthma, and it seems that none of us know now do brush already. Probably, but don't panic quit his ear to save your teeth. Quip is an electric toothbrush. That's a fraction of the cost of Bulgaria brushes it essentially like having your
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For the BBC world. What, when variation Karen and form applies, and you see someone the cricket failed on their mostly playing cricket, but then, when I met him in a comedy box, I don't hate things with that, set the elbows other people nearly as much he's not a potent might be very different and a private, a private meeting about do for him about trust worthy as a sometime polar bear, an undertaking face value and in his face ass I can and will do absolute whatever the one it was slightly ought to hear trumps. I President Putin says is not Russia that data that meddling in his election. I don't see any reason. Why would make me that I'm an how, in terms of the most worrying things in american President has ever said Alex in the history of Europe when we We're gonna how far the top told to or one is that. Well, I think it's number two after that time, President
Gwendolen arose about said I mean Japan says it wasn't us who attacked Pearl Harbor, and I cannot see any reason why it would be better. He had a wife, get back almost immediately, but over get about it all the time, but you know he was a liar. He you know he doesn't even really in a wheelchair, the member for a simple thing: that's ink, it's that was Second, most worrying thing that he said all day: Syria saint, my least favoured thing that trumps said that day with some but he tweeted and then repeated several times, which is our relationship with Russia has never been worse never been warned us that there was a point.
when we were pointing missiles at each other from Cuba, there was a butt Donald Trump had to hide under his desk during nuclear drills to the child, and he was like it has never been worse than it is now where I have a two hours solo session with the russian President, where he almost definitely took his shirt off in front of me to demonstrate dominance and that's, never been worse but yeah, it's very it's very concerning, but I also feel like. What's what was interesting to see? Is there a few People who really who voted for Trump by There's a chair of the institute for you as Russia conflict or something like that. So it's very much there's a line where we are seeing now that Trump is crossing where a few people are like. do this anymore. I can't keep lyin to myself like the chair of the charity to keep children out of cages. His leg, I think it's time to
to draw a line in the sand right here and Russia seems like is a real lie in for a lot of people. So shall wall she's been trumped offenders and stay one in New Kendrick who's been? trumps number one legitimize or since day one they were like they ve couched in Trump friendly language, with their like, though the president shall probably walk back his comments on Russia a being America's closest ally, because that is not happening here so that a lobbying get Gingrich called it. An aberration which suggests New Gingrich has not been paying attention from Estonia and debt, but they are this that one of the key flashpoint was drums comments when it was us directly about russian Interference and whether it was by the Putin was involved and trump that. I have President Putin. He said it's not Russia, I don T the reason. Why would be then just open,
twenty four hours later. He claimed that he meant the exact opposite. The sentence should have been. I don't see any reason. Why wouldn't be Russia? Mr Trump said sort of a double negative aping that famous american rhetorical flourish there all presidents about who can forget. Penalties infamous, don't ask your country what they can do for you I mean yeah. It's I mean it's best, linguistically unorthodox and at worst, dear president, Alex is a king Teresa. That's more often, even those who, as we know, is erode back on his statements or to roll back to the surface of the singing his rowing boat by shooting several holes, but not yet. I guess the questioner that everybody
thus case. Does it matter at the outset, everybody's receive a gaze now if he doesn't, because an opinion poll found that seventy five percent Republicans approved of his handling of the russian president and eighty five percent think the Justice Department Investigation is a distraction and the ants scary movie, the Eggs communications director and pound shop dog shit Goodfellow were said. Happy to say awoke it by troops? The truth friends tell you when you have food in your teeth and when there's a stain on your shirt. That is not the same thing. Unless the stain on your shirt is an edging of the current president urinating on some prostitutes. I also think that something that Trump did not mention after the meetings, for example, russian military involvement in Ukraine, the annexation of Crimea, poisoning people to death on meddling. In the? U S, election firing dogs into space is bitter, walk out of the famous russian magician. The increase
I will let him on a sensational disappearing journalism where they list of law. That sounds, but actually also, you didn't mention exactly what went on to Vienna or replace the rushes thing at that level of pollutants recently selling books, how the boy, friends and subjugate paper and the assassination political opponents that then what about just all q, ok, ok you know I've journey. That's that's half the time you ask all your questions and there were left and right, we'll just get three questions and then no answers Hence I have only one other athleticism understand how a robot
I feel that we should go in Russia, India, Croatia, flows, watching and home will what you're watching me is on the body of a the India, where they really are integrated set of this even where it all bastards like it here something to me of the other six, where at all possible, so Andy. I hear something about punch. You, like puns rate, popping up in clean for a couple of weeks. Ok, I want to try this one on you, so cricket stats and puns, Russia, that is it possible for upon run, cricket stats, crickets and off the top of my head, from your girl, confectionery stalled, is well I'll, just be a border with wooden, because over the end up being very average.
Right. Next to the one we have one more question: yes, has anyone checked the home office. If football has the right to enter the country, I resented the science is funny than mate and love it. That you are saying is true. You shall have your small, my father's from off your router near the sixties, and is my father wouldn't unwilling to take very sensible precaution of being white. Great genius tactics, all the documentation we needed back in those days.
Well, I hope you enjoy this week's bonus sub bugle. There will be more from the archives next week and don't forget to boil tickets to mind and Russia on the other machines of all, be will co host state isles on the internet, so you in August.