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Bonus Bugle – Some Andy and John classics


Andy and John on with some classic US political moments from Bugle past, plus an Australian on a whale.



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The Bugle Audio newspaper a visual world. I would welcome the beautiful thousand in seventy six sub episode play. This is part two of all three parts. Some a break this week to delve into the archives. The next forty will be four thousand and seventy seven, a number which is considered lucky in absolutely no cultures. However, We are going to delve into the archives and look at classic vivo episodes which ended in the numbers of seven. Seven There are three of them. Seventy seven and let me say to seventy, seven and also in vehicles. Gammon ended in full and seven without any other numbers living zero in between, so that that's forty seven and forty seven, so that thoughtfully.
Chose to pick the best rob away you go. Bugle forty seven Tolstoy this week and the v p d bite out the leap. The debate last night on the, and now it was the most anticipate the bite of all war without basing is the VP diabetes historically and utterly meaningless charade, or it was largely due to the fact that fox and other channels described it as a potentially gaff filled. Gaff was that was a fox, specifically Agafea Gaffer, which which led to this atmosphere of paper, anticipating a mixture of ultimate fighting championship, other hindenburg and didn't live up so that job. Well, it's hard to say under depends what you judge these things. I mean terms a flag pins. I know you know too. There was absolutely no confidence that we are highly in all the way hers was bigger than widens alot, showing it
Boyden and quite a lot more fun boiled than boy did if you judge a vice president by their flag, pain and incredibly, some people do here that it was pilots notwithstanding all the way other, particularly all about winning the spin room. Afterwards, Andy Winder, Fred Thompson, the ex presidential candidates and current actor said those who make fun of Sir planning should be absolutely ashamed of themselves, if indeed they have the capacity for shy and then he at everyone around him turned and looked at me. I do have the capacity monsieur Rick. Certainly is not large enough to include any of my behavior surrounding that was fascinated by John was only took Sarah Palin fifteen seconds of our first owns at it book about sport. Mentioning kid Saka games, lengthy turned to parents, only touch on a kid soccer game and ask how I feel about the economy. I bet ya.
quotes. You're gonna, hear some fair in that parents voice will know governor piling. You look at it affair where you gonna hear, is annoyance. I probably other names I bought out of a governor piling on what she might keep playing football, not long son, knocking long What do I mean? How do you feel about the economy toy Dr Rath View: bride ripe, whatnot yeah, I'm a bit about about fully understand each other like Jimmy Model Ball or the well. Dough ran right, ok, vote for you now pedal please let me allowed outside, rather that that is what Sarah Palin would hear where she talked someone on the touchstone of kids. About economy? She? She did use an extremely but let's say irritatingly folksy style and are using expressions like doggone it answering your boy are sidelined so jolly she wasn't just like a folksy candidate, you'd Malta, folksy child. If
although we take folks in this large government candidate, if there are candidate from the nineteen twenty one point you said, of oil companies see owes bless their hearts were hearts acting as you referred to the all night rusty cages in there. Ass, cavities that house long dead canary. Does anybody know of nose Today, replacing Joseph Expansion hockey jobs across the country that they need visas, I never again to Wall Street Chiefs so no from Poland to another economic holocaust, lovely lovely reference to bring up also she'd buying it about Sir John Mccain being Maverick, which is that Mr Inequality, America seeks in its president's. I think perhaps she'd be watching too many films, perhaps those caught films when I mavericks, but I get results, or perhaps even Tom Cruise, in top gun us maverick- and he really flown instinct moment really concerned about mechanical aspect of how the across works, which to make
mock him out was a dodgy presidency. Have, although I would want Kelly Militias my first lady, but he will really what you call bipartisan when you think about the atmosphere in that changing room with Iceman it was, it was either angry or extremely homo erotic, possibly both s kind of like George Bush's relationship with Ahmadinejad, its turn, Israel, there, vocal oil chests. Just I played the I'm, not a politician card pretty hard and pretty often almost like she had Tal pack of those cards and many other cards. I really understand this desire to have someone like you representing you in politics. That seems to be her pale cause. No one article politician shown I want someone who is completely. Unlike me, I want someone who is clever, better informed, more highly motivated, less prone to be distracted by finding a new sports watch on television
We don't fall asleep on the sofa in the afternoon. We didn't take choose to have things off the play football. Who knows what he's doing and it doesnt have a congenital inability to take things seriously. I want someone the polar opposite of May in politics. I will not be able to relate them on any level Can you just ramanujan wearies Sarah Palin, governor of Alaska Randy? No, Tell me a self John. You must know army I'm almost no need to ask her. Toby What are you feeling about yourself just gone away, It's the options that are flooding through ass warmth, emanating from the very core of my comedic being issued. A wolf and not a burning bugle. Seventy seven who sign news now and
Brok who sayin above I travelled to the Middle EAST. This we're going to deliver a major space in the muslim world in Cairo and that middle name. We should look like political kryptonite. All of a sudden became an astonishingly be useful to have. This speech was designed to reach out to the world one point: five billion Muslims and the eyes of the world were truly on him, incidentally, that prime advertising space where they are and that he must have had offers very attractive office. Just a pause made, a speech in my we take a bite, a Snickers boss, I pod maize. Just this bar really satisfies, or maybe done just last week I was listening to the bugle lesson. It wasn't
once again, my wing on baby secular drink before holding it up and smiling awkwardly to the audience veto in his defence. He didn't do that. He began his journey in Saudi Arabia and before he even landed everyone's favorite joint kidney patients been Latin opted to release his latest audiotape. We haven't had one after three months, so we are clearly in breach of creative clashes in the studio hot we anticipated. This Andy was hoping it might seem, a change of direction for the big lad. Might regimes. Brings Buckingham. Also more experimental sounds that you been working on, but now now once again, he's just stick is the formula the guiding famous just one man talking some hateful shaped into a microphone, don't think it and they there's been a motto for his entire, like the oasis of international terrorism, down our think it. He argued that a farmer is continuing bushes policy of antagonism movement, but he's gonna have to come up with a better stuff and that now
we'll have to sit back for the last eight years and let Bush show the seeds of Anti Americanism around the world, but now he's gonna have to get off this bony and make a case that is better than are just listen to what that tax and lunatic you with an actually attacks in the USA and in these messages he said a bomb on the administration of so new seeds, of hatred against the merit The american people compare to harvest the crops of what the leaders of the White House plans in the next wave of aid is completely run out of order is not due to cover version of crystal bergs. Don't play the very man, the original was already terrible. You have managed to get worse as a very strong. Kings bait John Nap taking the moment starts when there was also a lot large reception but sunny on their fate. I was watching that there was no audio coming. from the crowds above was standing that guy. Thank you. I think I like
really sounded our group already done. That doesn't do anyway, it's absolutely solid and will have the applause it like that. Thank you. I love you too. Well, you complain about Bin Laden of industry, stick over and over again, but I'm all out from a bond with the same old freedom. Justice pace, how bicycle emotional jailer desk with all before that was instance, engineer controversy, Andy when a bomb offers landing when he met King Abdullah, Saudi Arabia, as the american press debated whether or not he was gonna bow to him now apparently bowed when he went to members of the G20 than the White House existed. Love is excuse, he was actually just shaking hands with a different shorter man is just say: drop these keys,
The other sticking point was that he said she crime of an initial meeting, the Arabic thank you, and apparently that was tantamount to, namely on the floor begging, for is that really shocking gesture? Or is that just above the base level of politeness and what you think would be the minimum level of diplomacy she got to stay on the kings, horsepower Monday Obama web can geeks two hundred sixty arabian horses in air conditioned comfort. Horses do not need academic, something I'll. Tell you why John Fuel it was of a tasty, eventually Eagle Haven will join us are not good for much more than stewing of our was very careful to low expectations. I want speech is not going to solve all the problems of the Middle EAST. Expectations should be somewhat modest well to light, and they are also not entirely true this. These may well
the biggest opportunity in our lifetimes there. Anyone helping over there in american present with muslim connections in power will probably never see such scenes of excitement greeting. U S presence two rival people shouted! I love you Julia speech. I would like to know what it was like. He was one of the arguments about allowed you to rendition of puppy love one of the autumn. Marketing Andy obey Donnie arise if anyone else try to pull level of seeing the tattoo on your back you're a big fan lie so likeable street. In this way, when selling souvenirs out. If you saw those this one plaque set Obama, the new to call boon of the world are presumably there. pulleys brains out through is not using barium with these cats, how Burma needed to challenge the muslim world quite a bit, journalists being from a strictly on the subjects of women's rights, John Sir, clearly a big issue or around the world- and I think when a bugle way. Nature look at ourselves here because, when already
an opportunity employ when it comes to gender equality and nothing for gonna represents the world that we purports to represents in this forecasting one of us is gonna have to be a woman. All each of us is gonna have to be half a woman, and what is more than that, I'm the one who have left their woman, another one would have to be. One percent woman arrive where I'm already that two other fats to acts. Apartments older people where we have to act is not just a politician is up to the people and one by two asked Tom. If any past my many change or place and they think this through ouch. Well, they just stop Jude in next week for the official unveiling John Suitors Bugle, one hundred and seventy seven kind-
failure to the AIR Kenya Veil agenda. Balls. You feel it in that six and seven. That proved to be a stomach that, U S, presidential election is finally upon come with me to be of pure, is desperation. War choose will do splurge show function, We welcome the new year with a we welcome another vocal audition, There is nothing better than one currently away into a new and they barely had the new year been blasted in a series of spectacular fireworks displays that A few nations on earth can technically afforded behind, with barely had the
pull descended in times square onto a crowd of people thinking there a way to many people here. This was a terrible idea. Not even Lady Gaga was what this valley had. Any of that happened that the people of I was stepped up to usher in the presidential primary season. Now, if you're, not familiar With the? U S? Politics, you might think think gives us at our oil and you'd, be lost ground, but a rock solid, entirely understandable question. Unfortunately, the answer is that all The entire country of America does care about oil for one day every four years out of you live at all or even for solely alive. You will answer. The question should actually be phrased. Why? Does anyone give a shit about? The answer is that there is no reason, no logical reason at all. They are technically the first primary, and that is eight that is all I have to offer that these all those corn bulls bring to the table. That folksy system of cork is voting weights
In turn, up to a neighbour's house and and discussions you going to vote for before rising a name on a piece of paper and having counted by local. won t it so steeped in old fashioned, o Connor, Andy, let it couldn't be anymore, wholesome if huckleberry footing turned up with apple pie and started dropping the end. Would of course, I'm very appropriately just thought simulation, these tough economic times estates by for the reaction of most Americans when their personal, fine finances Iowa saudi of unexpected results- from from Rick Santorum after Gonna sell, wasn't some not that many pushes, although around my house, but my let's go, I have to invest in some, then it was described as before. It was described as a Cinderella story.
The Isle of Sequestrate match short. So my guess is right in the sense that they literature for the entire campaign modest one up in written hundreds of years ago, the first problem resolved, I wish I knew how she also fall. the candidates to interact closely with local people, something that candidates claim to love doing but which their faces suggest more now, because whenever you see Mitt Romney in a diner trying both desk ITALY and unsuccessfully, to pretend that he has several hundred million dollars less than a year. And then you see him being forced to make painful small talk with a group of old people, aging pancakes, clearly see- is always pleading somebody any body me away from the fact that I think one of them I have just touched my tie. Please burn it as soon as we get out of this God. Forsaken trough probably always burst and to dine is in the same way that kind of models in with
for small on these rights, attempting folksy, why way? What have we got? A literally says that he kings walking into diet is what are we gonna hear, but that's part of you. That's always thinking that he's actually asking for real. What have we got the Mai looking at all these people of what are they doing to people really live like this? How many more of these human pigs don't have to touch before? I could be president, please don't say it's more than five men around me. Clear front runner to be the nominee of a party that seems it can't stand them, which is why, it was somehow facing that he won the. I will call, because without a landslide majority of eight votes, age vote was the actual number eight, the one between seven and nine. He won by eight votes, proving that is technically mathematically. Possible to both win and lose at this time. It was close, Andy so close One comment I referred to the results as- and I quote
Each other New Chub saw corner cow, which is both beautifully, I completely meaningless faggot. You could have said I don't know why high praise and bull withering insult even give a sentence that that's touched at it but just Centaur most sincerely on things in the persons code into under achieve national notoriety by claiming that homosexual marriage would lead to best. reality and child ripe, that's correct, yeah. I guess let's not judge him on that, because we did. We don't know whether one last time we one until the end of all time right, but we can t everything up and work out what led to watch the also claimed that Jesus led to the Holocaust. on the same reasoning now proposing that he date under saying Jesus did not come out
strongly against at the time ass he might have done, or at least some of his senior spokesmen didn't centre, summed up His position on homosexual marriage was Agnes God, my men and women, and men and women come together to have a union to produce children which keep civilization, going and provide the best environment for Chile we raised, which is a kind of tensions that basically makes absolutely no sense when you Can you actually, unlike the words in it, but I think it also. on that. It is at that keep civilization going, not children, amendment, not all adults, but someone lots of children have their? Why John Civilization would be replaced by balloon fairies, jelly and cartoons about robots. It I mean it is depressing. The our campaign trial Andy, but only if you pay attention to it. If I don't it's actually falling arrested, Mitt Romney, spent over four and a half million dollars in Iowa alone to get twenty five years,
until the vote at around one hundred and fifty six dollars per votes, which seemed like a lot, especially in its economy. In fact, Romney could probably Just handed a joy will voter a hundred dollars each for their vote have saved a fortune. But please not caught is good. with money is equally well what what had Santorum unspent we spend slightly less than that. I the same number of votes- minus eight. Yes, exactly as republicans in embark upon the infant all circus of state primaries to deter when a candidate, it might be good time for to look back and be grateful to the grand old Party, for the small bored of crazy candidates they put on offer. In a time of economic uncertainty. There broken so America suffering am. I stepped up with tasting men knew about shit arranged for every pilot. You don't have to vote for any of the candidates buglers, but you do have doing joy them. That is your response,
ability, as a human being, we were lucky TAT my kind run for president for as long as a date and auditing you'll wildest dreams or most vivid nightmares. Could you thought that I godfathers Pizza C o would have the self confidence to run for the highest office in the land, but and did not we did he do that, but you with a series of sex scandals in these targets than he of presumed wouldn't come out and he also said omby in response to a relatively old. in question from a journalist about his response to Gacek questions That and I quote well, What my ass my Yahoo, the president of whose Becky Becky Becky, stated that I'll get us. you know what I don't know do you know, and you know what we have to admit. I don't I don't know the present debate. Becky Becky stands down. I know there's a present of a
Pakistan is Islam carrying off, so I'm only guessing here. The present Events- Becky Becky status than might be. Islam- carry carry more more coming the unembarrassed decided of never actually heard of the country that, but then I'm not running for beauty. Two hundred and seventy seven, An australian man do so it's a serve a dead while, while she, Oxfam circling around it. He jumped off about climbed onto the while and started surfing on it there's only one. Even potentially stupid thing to do, and the and others to attach small wheels to the front and back of the wild and skateboard. That deadline I'll, instead thoughts, but it was all worth it. If asked for this single detail from one australian news report, which said, and I quote a twin six year old, australian man who risked his life by diving into shark infested waters to climb onto a rotting while carcass has confessed
even his parents, think he's an idea. What about me? We need to call on the thing that could be my favorite sentence. I have I didn't even send. Experts could not have imagined that this list is very carefully. I get a twenty six year old, australian man who risked his life Bordeaux, it's a shark invested waters to climb onto a rotting while carcass has confessed that even whose parents that gives an idiot there's so much going on and sentence. That's it there's a dead while they shot, infested waters, there's an idiot place. And there's a shaman parents. That sentence is like a thirty four word: novel sort of older hamlet, but more so Jack Mallory Thea early twentieth century british mountaineer with science? they asked. Why do you want to climb Mt Everest and he replied because it's their obligations, australian guy Harrison Williams applaud very similar logic when presented with a dead while carcass, why
don't worry, I'm dead while cautious and serve it was surrounded by hungry. Looking shock it causes there because one might to watching, and I think it is a pretty funny Joe Andy, I'm glad you did it. You know also top all about this, but the only way it could have been better a cape and I'm a man surfing dead, while on its own is irresponsible. A man surfing awhile covers only his own, a cape that man he's going somewhere, but now he might be going inside a rotten while inside the stomach of a shock. But the point is he's going somewhere, call woollen the from the that one in the family is assuming he said being on. The tightrope is living everything is waiting once again, I guess Harrison Williams more think surfing dead, well, carcass, while surrounded by shark is living. Everything else is waiting to tell my bodies are just served on a dead well carcass. What sounded was surrounded by shocks.
You didn't miss an opportunity of John to climb on the well I'm stall, giving its cps something that would have been a lovely gesture faced with half of its side already eaten off, but sharks, some gesture from here I'll see you truly beleaguered, while community, which has suffered so much the slings arrows and harpoons of outrageous fortune struggling japanese fishing fleet. That's the point you, as you say, even while he was doing Andy, there were several tiger shocks and a great white shark circling the while, but he said he did not fail in danger, saying the shock, what too busy jumping on the while some wasn't too bad, but unfortunately that was the dead. While that you are suffering on new glorious king aid. Yet well we hope you enjoy that journey into the happy history of humanity that we want from the archives. Next week, don't forget to book your tickets to the Edinburgh shows of me. And my bugle coasts. Details online couple alive
It will show in Edinburgh, the fifteen and the twenty second also were some shows in London coming up the thirteenth of September and fourteen of November at the lesters, where theater and there are still a few tickets left for sulphur on the seventh of October, and I'm hoping to be able to that's very shortly. I Bligh fuel in Dublin on the eighth of October. Also, that's a hundred percent confirmed, but hopefully it is so do check on regarding this a couple of weeks before it goes out so by then either it would have been confirmed all it won't be happening, but do check until next on Goodbye If you ve enjoyed a bugle and would like to support the show, please click they don't night button on the bugle website. Thanks