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Andy corrals together Nish Kumar, Tiff Stevenson and Matt Forde to look at a baffling week in a baffling year in a baffling decade for UK politics.


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The Bugle Audio Newspaper, a visual work, while this was supposed to be a week of the people, but instead the welcome to a special emergency snapped. Bugle bugle. British politics is not a week of ridiculous cautiously, in which everything is exactly the same above my body. Well with Miss up a movement of already thought special join unmated. I feel this emergency beautiful cooler, short life as well, to finish, coma laundry alot of you enjoyed for chaos, yeah, I mean I'm glad to be part of a mainly
UK emergency response to today's cobra, we are I'm assuming Grass Nyc with way like this of Uk Darkshire emergency response, we're about to immediately conveyed ourselves. We also got a spoiled arable way of cobra with a view also joining or some other banks Stevenson I, sir! It's what I've been a curious curious week to bring from these. Whereas really has always gonna do a little rundown Teresa MACE breaks it chaos wardrobe. I think Secondly, to wear Wellington, species Kneedeep in ships com or for any other suggestions whatsoever. That, although I did turn up wearing what looked like the Eu Ai a carpet jacket, life If you know what I wonder, where also genocide,
first time on the bugle bright closer to not for the of air? now you are, I West minster. That's nothing! That's already today. Actually what we do. I would see Tony Blair's speech. I was going to say I knew you would be. I have been solved in the middle of it. It will not be personally Bobby watch employees, payments and Jesus Cosette Manys. Disgrace DR breaks as a historic mistakenly with which lines up alive, the topic of war. I was on very good form as You expect me to say available a right of supervision of the early, but yes, very m. One thing: strikes, really honest. That is when the few people that german concentrations had nothing this week. Threesome is going ahead with the plan that she knows he's bad situation. Somebody's held. The officer Prime Minister took fan
be sensibly. It's such a change. Is it such a shocking to to vote to hear it happen from your whole, someone's actually capable of talking sense. He dimension the frictionless border knows are all this border needs lube loud about others, emotions he believes doubling up as Beagle four thousand and ninety one. Coincidentally, four thousand and ninety one is the estimated number of different versions of bricks living and vote in the extreme. Of the number of different ballot papers that Teresa my spoiled before. Finally voting that she had confidence in herself had better. I thought of minimal confidence, it's Friday, the fourteenth of December two thousand.
Ninety nine years and three hundred and sixty four days since my midwifery career, began on end with the silky handed delivery and our bathroom lovely basic level. Happy we'll have a clue. My boy, one day, all of this will be his daughter will find something more useful to do with life. It's also for he's the December is world Monkey die all brilliant case among the monkey forest. It is the world's monkey diaper, all my life, I'm wearing a gorilla tis, whereas the gorilla on Togo, all celebrating well monkey night and the planet, sir, the seller, but in all other planets, human primates and what an appropriate that was, as we speak at blithely part the british government's secret by with an infinite number of monkeys, is attempting to have a new factor agreement,
I just wonder how they getting on Cyprus. That was the rampant show. Some progress is questions on Wednesday that, on this day, one hundred years ago, the general election, nineteen eighteen, which was the first in which women were allowed to votes in this country, and just look at that fucking mess, wherever they go Amazon, otherwise section or the bugle, is going straight in the bin. This week, a british international credibility memorial supplement after Britain's national credibility, passageway, sadly offer long illness little embarrassing. All the stately lamented by large circle of soaring friends and acquaintances resting place, the body we committed and the ashes blast, despite also in the business week Rex it's Christmas If, though, ideas including a forty
two inch carstone tv screen girl, so the bricks youth in we throw your television between now and the end of March. Will bounce harmlessly off trade negation it's a twenty nineteen. The lightest, exciting playstation simulation going from the EU diplomacy Range. Get out there on the international stage and flog whatever remnants of british industry. You can find shelter is on the team, how it's done by sitting, on a hundred billion pound deal with allows. Does what porcelain, pigeon figurines for three traffic going to sell the electricity from a new tranche of resentment fired power station in exchange for magic, guatemalan doktor frogs decide the innate? Yes, also in them and bricks. Icarus, Christmas gift thought is section breaks. Rice wax safe. You're the boss of the parent, magic laboratory setbacks, but can say for everything from basic Spain to advance hogwash to level nine reality manipulation. Although we write Holloway political grandstanding warning not evolve, rattles site That's my include. A withering fighting democracy won
One of your friends, your loved ones. The exciting new dvd went back benches attack terrifying tales of low profile members of parliament, bringing governments quivering to their knees, including exclusive footage. Windsor blindfold, about told Harold Milon, yet the guts were thrice wilted cabbage, also free, I come lament revolt? You can vote in favour coming to see. Andy's almost twenty eighteen, the certified history at the Soho Data in the eighteen through the twenty second and the twenty seventh returning Arthur December and the seconds of withall, generate no thirty p m or vote against it. But go to these wholesaler where's at about eight or votes in favour. May A subsequent financial expense, as is so often the casement that section in the in our top story this week well regarding Social Rights Britain has played. Absolutely devouring itself are just a quick,
summary tourism. I still prime Minister at the end of this week have drawn, which still have absolutely no idea. What's gonna happen with virtually no one knows what's going on, but everyone knows what is going on is not going on as it should be going on. People are still formulating Lee Stroppy. That breaks is gonna happen to solve too hard to at all too soon do not soon do anything. The public is united in wanting the guns, just get on with it or not get on with it, whatever it may be. I respect the will of the people by going through with a twenty sixteen referendum or respect the will of the people by holding another referendum or just invite Portugal to give us also me off the habitats of John mechanical robot virulence around the country, the singers all soothingly to sleep with a collection of patriotic. What I'm lullabies in Summary Britain is a fucking nincompoop discuss. As our resident Westminster, corresponding how'd you some Her eyes for us unfolded,
The list is benefit immediately started rubbing his eyes, like it immediately burst into tears of a face erect site. As I watched the parliament channel nearly every day of Iraq, Skype olitic naked windows, open hate, we already have the opposite effect to me, like its healed, EVA, close, I love at a level of us will troms nor that of the other backroom deals. We're gonna have a vote on the withdrawal agreement which, if you read I've, downloaded poverty viper I've read some of it over the thirty seven page political statement is it and what you? What is immediately clear, even if you have no knowledge of european law it is so vague is useless. The whole thing is, we will commit to finding a solution to this. We will endeavour to find we will without best intentions. We will try, and so there is no way a the Irish Box over the major stumbling block. Three
so vaguest remaining. This is a bit like last year review for my two thousand. Without the competent based admissions rack all over Europe makes it the really worrying about particular security, which is that of a fair. We should all be realised to adjust. From now on this parliament to the agreement from now on, Britain will only be consulted in informal meetings I don't know how you talk about security, if inform meters, you guys got you because you are asking to be raising the revolting meetings are blatantly just parties essentially shelter over the disco, not ass, good idea. Justice and drinks reception is on the back security, so she knew there was no parliamentary majority fur deal, yet she was stubbornly sanctions. Gonna put it to the house comes anyway. The wants of wisdom should accept. The sweet was not put it down and therefore avoided a fate. However, what that meant was on the
Beside the Tory Mps, who need a minimum of forty eight Mps, the parliamentary party, fifty percent of them to write to the chair, nonsense. Wenzhou commits a witch back. Minsk group reconsider these chaired by the Grand Brady. He keeps out numbers secret, but once it is forty eight, publicly declared. They then have no confidence vote over confidence motion in trees. May she has to hundred and five hundred and seventeen against. I, which is truth as the parliamentary parties. That is a good enough victory but it's also a third of them votes against and what a lot of access will say. Especially the payroll, while all the cabinet gonna backer, all the ministers are gonna back when all the junior ministers at the nineteen twenty take me not an indian, the love yeah, the nineteen twenty
The committee's maybe the only organization we in Britain, whiter than most in Dubai, suffer just in terms of Tories not doing their numbers. Probably it was formed in nineteen. Twenty three mastery is the US in ITALY that Euro Enumerate was off the back of islands becoming a republic. Remember the twenty so election. So after that, they they decided they needed to their arrangements of the parliamentary labour participation in the back benches,
twenty ten, giving very divide by its the fucking weird ice age a year. Is that while there the way those within the way to nineteen twenty two committee, which is why didn't I did twenty three under the private decision of bone in law, had a meeting this week to determine whether the Prime Minister will continue to stand resolving itself on getting so angry in parliament that they picked up a miser sign of disrespect just to be clear, we are not a real listens. Narnia dog is, as does the final vote, rest with all my your eyes, and the main thing is bizarre. Is next o the whole matter of context US base? Because if I grab me, its public is a meme, fair, collide, yeah yeah working time from that I share the water, whatever the regulations on mice grabbing. So now the commons well, you know like laminate with them.
A rustle law, Lloyd, Russell Moil, account of which always names going, but in a semblance of that is a very passionate new. Let us any like Romania is then recent, rather than I am sensible, so he picked up the resolute the house to any sit when the mace is placed on that of bench. Infinitely speaks just wants is removed the proceedings, the has actually not official this parliament's presence, this micro hasn't son, got his name, Tarzan by picking up the mace Jonah friends to by other less persons it with John dominated ever Heathrow expansion in neighbouring government, and now Lloyd, Russell Moil Russell Lloyd, has picked There is a real shame for him, because the week before giving really moving speech on how he was living hiv- and I think I am the only member pumps accompanied by Christmas had done in the night, I think, is the only person to ready RO. The House of Commons is a suffer obey. Thank you
constituency about ethical values, is really meant that a week lights it patiently he's my boy, my son has attempted to speak Lastra, focuses bring it back resources now and then what happens relating to the sergeant offers bombs of it's just so easily takes it. Wasn't a lump of ice breaks? It someone group thing had not really knowing what to do with ETA. Hopefully forget by well most astonishing about it is that tourism, by it terms of the wider breaks it Remo, commission's Teresa. My one lay side, but two hundred to one of the seventeenth us of fifty eight percent confidence vote which compared to the breaks it vow in fact a landslide, but Jacob Race Mogg, is claimed without any. I renew that this vote is not annoyed. Nuff of Amanda areas right to get serious private debt, and the only way this boy that he could be less self aware is if he described MR burns from the simpsons as being a thin rich pray said that
we that he put out when he did cause. He said, which way- and I d love to raise issues of no confidence whatsoever to full than a matter of hours. It was like. She must have read, calls my sex tips, but hee hee, hee tweet it didn't he sang as it was it Ave, quick valet, which does I'm not some kind of northern Spring WAR with Iraq, Vaclav Allah, but like I did, I didn't since one is tossing around latin phrases, made any one more likeable, even Stephen, I can't get why you're just I liked to be telling us that we will indeed my modus operandi oh yeah, he, oh, he came off several fully like I feel you know appoints throughout this. I felt quite bad for tourism. May then, I remember who she is in a voting record and then every now, and then I think, while,
even within your own paw. You just got people lotteries smoke like kind of just covering waiting. Worrisome, Re Rees. Volcano auditors. Of widely love I mean I do not like it, but the Weber report. I bid history to the phrase how the histories of I still prime Minister, deserves some respect for her ability to simultaneously win and loose. Things is a real incredible with the last election up there with this no competence, but that she has technically one but somehow morally saves have less, is light winning strictly, but only because all the other dances get violent. Diarrhoea life there's an element that follow up that really hangs over her. While the result, as you say, two two hundred so one on seventeen will think of it. The number of tests by such into our test by by David Gower hundreds have also, of course, the high Tesco ever made by tests much number ten, which of course, ironically, is worth three my currently lives. Let me things what I know about that, of course is got why,
Walter Reed for England, voters, Australia rate being something that no one is done without five hundred. Let your little face document at the open at all. Like tonight before my colleague items that it will take a very small would like Britain to return at two hundred. The number one gets taken both strolling pay Follow Jeff Thomson whose international career, ironically lasted a little bit too long of aid, really lost his edge. I mean that's, not the Vatican, paramilitaries. Michael's Thompson was, of course good to start with, but is about medicine, because Jeff Thomson made english people too what about? What was about to have not taken due for yes, but that the point is to hundred two hundred something Sadie job. It said it was a clear win for my, but that the problem is it women are supposed to be on. The same t have your for managing to do the opposite and school ago. Four of Euro Eleven Play is joining this. Aren't you have a problem,
the way that the numbers in politics, as so important, not just getting a simple majority, so that you will no doubt whatever it is, but what you always getting. These scenarios is different sides briefing that different thresholds are also needed was fifty percent, plus one of that when a disaster which were it to be that close but when I went to the parsee we'd, go to these election counts and you'll be given all full lines have today Thirty two thousand losses actually represents progress with such great night. It's from that is tantamount to the disrespect the public holiday become. They haven't, give him a hundred thousand victory. They have to give to spend these bizarre s, thoughts binning early, so you have to say. Actually and a lot of people around two percent. If this ocean needs more than fifty percent, which would have been awful than anything more than These plants in the public's one Google will achieve its and there's the threshold. Isn't it totally opposite up with a real threshold? But beyond that, It is in Europe's interest to have so many of our own seen that certain Deryck Brand
she is now well is you just have to give to just lodging people's minds what what is really going on and oversee both sides will will have different things, which is why the two hundred number was so significant work. She got a hundred, ninety nine of them to back the that's all relationships. What there you saying is heard
which is half a percent after two years of actual government, these powerful, the simple popular nobody prominence to consign faster than the economy is really doing about. All of this is that obviously, this hot poses an existential threat to retardation, because a country supposed to be negotiated breaks a position and what I really like is the under threat. Andy has responded like one of those animals in nature that, like curls itself up into a ball, except you ve, just rapid yourself in critic cricket statistics in sport, another reckoning comfortable. Could I think I d seen, but I didn't you compare herself to or one point, but a petition mentioned boycotting ass. She has she just like us: a favour cricket and Africa. Tragically, non cricket upset. You have my continued sympathy, but Jeffrey Jeffrey Boycott was renowned, is very comply, but also an incredibly defensive prior here.
Renowned for his absolute refusal to entities. The paying public. He liked to raise it s very much use very much about who saw sport as being a chore. The public must be put right. Here's a human porridge money back ass if trying to eradicate the concept of how that Africa back at that all. This is not a real plan Landy, because I think that my two thousand that's what she did but instruments the way she got. Those two hundred votes seem to be by some kind of bartering protein well Webby high. She basically avoid the full traditional Tory, Julius Caesar and Ivan I've got this and snapping herself metaphorically now said the sheep promised to bleed out slowly at some point. Low Celts, assassination shouted commit suicide by taking to piracy. Mother died, so how'd, you know
they'll, be this old came after the cancelling this deal, Wanna became fit the deal. Does she was gonna put to parliament as much chance of passing through parliament as a lead watermelon has of passing through the digestive tract of world I sit down and even if it did, he was gonna get extremely message. So, where am I guess it always that is it? Is it particularly difficult to reach an agreement is gonNA is about policing boats. I did it about not completely displeasing as the ancient size, and you can disappoint all the people. Some of the time, some of the people, all the time, If you really try in the aftermath of a divisive referendum, even despite all the people at a time and well, ain't Duncan Smith, rest his soul oh
Yes, the herbal dunderheads syndrome, south all Vincent Van Gulf of alienating vote, has said this is and if you think you can reach out to the Labour Party with the leadership they ve got at the moment, you must be living in a mad place. Well, yes, we're living in Britain, and this is a matter for life is about place, but the reason why the Vulcan gatherers purity the parliamentary resume, its excess, not just that people evil remain. There is no majority in the House of Commons for anyone deal and that's why whatever we decide. What, if she bore no deals, parliament, it would lose. Its report remains upon, it would lose. The release of the problem is that it's not even about how good the deal is literally no deal with possible for those comes at the right. It does seem that the only scenario and put this to you need a place to delve back into british history. You some of the scheme, and politician, the United cannot leave up leave countries.
Remained, so they say they want to do. What are we? Are you proposing leave a stone and remind me of unless Kashmir Lucid, drew out somewhat who audible familiar level, has some experience of Britain's attempts to participate. Besides we got up, I saw you go for at rock got her at the very least. It will be, and I speak very much as a lapse- lapsed, Hindu here com. On the third of luck. A wicked thirty thing about it. Is that the further we? take me process the more we realise that the leaf campaign variously campaigns, None of them had a single plan that they could unite around, which is a pretty significant stumbling block. I went to these are my said breaks. It means breaks it. I think we all assumed. That was the first three words
a more detailed plan, majority of leave complaint, as could sort of rally around, but it turns out that was the entire plan and it was breaks it made breaks it written, Boris, Johnson, shit on an eye for peace of mind. I think it is a diffuse concept and one of the biggest problems is Ireland, because they still com gray on whether their work as the EU. We want to put a backstop in place, which means the and would essentially stay part. The single lock in the Customs Union, while the negotiations around, but the EU wants to put a backstop on the backstop in case we don't reach a free trade agreement. Now the problem is that as a Baxter, yet the backdrop to the fact that now that's a site, screening programmes for the battles are not strictly wrong with. That is that we wait, we have shown no track record of being able to achieve any lot of deal so the box double the backstop, makes complete sense and the fact that torture,
employees. On the day you pay a getting up. There is like a baby, getting upset that its parents are bringing nappies with their own Diana month. Babies now suddenly going will have no idea why you assume that level. Shit myself, even though my track record is exclusively of me. Shitting myself, I refuse to be treated with this level of this day, tourism. I, in a speech on after triumphantly, not losing the vote, a minimalist confidence some people just want us to get on with it, but problem. Is there a massive fundamental unbridgable disagreements about what eight I think it's wearing and there is no hiding in a great
These are good for a child with a blue. Does the early circumstance with other global reach. The phrase get on with it is exactly what has opposed the railway shows us that we should be ending together. It will, I think we all stand together as a nation and on the edge of a cliff looking askance at each other when for the right moment to throw a roared else off, he says we need to concentrate on delivering first class public services there, which is not win huge. We hire majority support for this is. That is why, as I said, I you bought what bricks has done, so what the leave is realised and they religion, referendums at the nature, was a big deal for people and they fused, and it s, an immigration together in a big MRS get he will be able to vote for leave at was it was the night s offer threesome may in announcing this energy splurge aid, strategic China Box, carbon atoms, ground trying
and great good message is good news for four breaks at the problem is so the new money for the nature S will be just one three hundred and fifty million pounds. We both come from a breaks. It dividend the problem. His the Obiang, Vienna of the Bank of England who say there is literally, no such things that it doesn't exist. Guns, a restaurant said it was the belfry wiser put twenty quit on the card. Twenty quitting cash from US liquid these are not exploited, as we all know, even an offer of washing, and she has also, as you reference earlier announced, that she won't be standing fool They deserve the airline belated acceptable because the next elections- you fight the next election- and I think it's a great policy of
pulling out something that you have no chance of getting to you. I would like to announce the end of my marriage to Ryanair. Twenty twenty one asked for by supporting address is she's thinking we mom of politicians. Now that's how is come out? Hasn't it I'm not I'm going, but it's not gonna be Frazier by one. You tonight, I'm governed vanilla. When you mom kosher guys, listen you I'll be dead. One Daniel Gretna, finance, it governs were confident about going I'll stay for a bit
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so. You were little section that we logical scottish boyfriend. Exe, lanes, a hang and this time it says scottish boyfriend explaining the backstop Nobody- really wants breaks. Politicians Denny wanted Europe. Does he want tat, even the fort, the boy? If any can what it is? They, who am ways they actually want, is an impossible utopia and it is impossible by the we live in a country with an appeal is tasty not with similar painlessly, won't books to forget about, and respect for the dimension issue. Cities committed in India in Africa do remember. We used to run the well. I bet you run into the garden and what we're talking about atrocity. There's one good reason why it, is impossible, and that is I invaded by the british coerce.
Into union before being starved by the Neue Self appointed imperialist landlords. Islands been a battleground the Brits for hundreds of years. Us tells India, stubborn bunch when this new money on offer to Greece and wheels and ease the conscience when problems arise. The english note that could impose them when I am by force in Scotland a bit more canny, these flattery money and forced to guess inside Scotland got the carrot and the Stick island
he's got the stick on that. We both come factory a few years ago. They all sat down one Friday, eighteen to agreement and now everyone's two until now, that is because now will even that is only to real options for Northern Ireland, one a hard for them, the rest island, which could see the troubles the United or to a border with the rest of the UK, which effectively leads Northern Ireland in the rest of my life, a backstop solution as western style own upon it. I some underhand planted in Europe for ever. I sure, hang the back to the delusion that we have a super important country deadline should be asked us and China Help, but we knew we were who already got the best deal of any european nation. We're not gonna get a better deal on that and the rest of Europe, certainly in health, is pure elegant. Think otherwise, someone! Nobody wants a hang. It makes him in hard to get added fashion. So please, my scottish boyfriend has explained the backstop as inside notes. The opponent of scottish boyfriend is also by tall manager. Is a debt owed a brush? Yes, the hearing that voice with that level force behind it to about anything other than whether we're getting a member's before or so
We are in this bizarre situation. Now the clock is ticking, taking so that the clock charting and if you were just listen, look TOT out what it sang and Morse Code is not David Cameron, incursion into view wondering what he's been up to. I was weak, well he's having fun playing an especial tree house with his lego. He's wearing, such that. I because Y know I'm late only going to draw a picture of a dragon and stick it on his fridge. Former prime Minister the seeds of nationality, the guard it is probably some of the reactions from european diplomats who, although I obviously raises revised arrived one of them asked. Is there a government in London actually at other described I'll think as a muddy super kind of drama and then another,
on and I dont know if this was a very, very breaks. It said London is a mess. Everything is horrible, the nervous atmosphere gets tensor, intense hopes are still there, but joy, zero, daylight thats, not breaks it. That's just people on the central I like, I say, would not rely it in any way. London hope is there, but joy. Zero is basically ass. Cities mocked, I'm so assuming that Turkey's my fulfils dream of What is, therefore, that that will mean that for send someone also become prominence before the election. That means for reminiscent of the euro will have come into office without winning a general election. Yes that May Brown, and whoever takes over from my through mid mid term leadership Typically common didn't wanna general elections from decoding someone coming from a coalition agreement on foreign arose, six of the last eight and twenty two New prime ministers, since the star the twentieth century, only seven of coming to office for the first time
winning a general election so isn't democracy wherever we'll have quick bricks, Q and ice action. Now, both of you have submitted questions on Twitter, the offensive all truth on information for us to address this came in from from Jeremy? My question is what the actual effect which every We also do we have Jeremy surname because I am slightly concerned is the leader of the opposition to this came from Phil Damage, for Missus Bugle. Why some second votes necessary? a second votes- are an affront to democracy. To you. Two years is enough time I suppose to with new information to say we could haven't. We can now have another
That's not undermining democracy. Is it that's? What people like David Davis will say we're a man whose parents didn't even have the time to give him to differently, but a vivid yeah, I think, is an isn't too is enough? well yes, but also by fighting democracy with democracy. That he'd have to be careful, but it is not yet a crucial problem is beget obsolete. They reference the irish referendum I yards from, so they did want to join the EU. Then they put it back them than they did almost more than twice that I thought it was like three or four times in Ireland it's just because they wanted to be sure to be sure, tat you gonna calculated to know the difference loses its is because you can't get votes from further has come to this, isn't about Romania Centre. Without my, although it was you, that's a huge part of it about a point of principle. This is that no deal can get through. Parliament
The legal rights of meaningful vote cannot express its will. Therefore, this is about breaking democratic deadlock. Otherwise, if not reference It's a lot more general election, which I think we really one. That's all report Dont want a general elections that petrified dollars to cope in so then a referendum really is the only way to do it. You think he's other legal, big rush out otherwise no deal, and we day one is like it's like it's. My max automatic. Eve, destroying test a deal on no deal right Hundreds can we be able to vote Amadeo right so that there is a there, the moment that they will get reiteration of breaks out fundamental every version of it on the floor and no lemons, he's gonna hosted knuckle panda us When is it your turn to be bricks, its secretary and please raise an interesting point that actually Occidentalis before that, and you get the politicians out of it and just have random members of the public selected.
Day bond hundreds, and I completely agree. I don't. I don't see that as being any less in saying that our current policy of just picking politicians that are increasingly less by cuts while and if it is, if it is, am we just take a tat? I think it should be any. Because I really sexist. If I'm expected to be secretary this coming from from lion, oh, Would Britain gives any early on board what Britain cancelling has done? The Casbah Britain consider entering trade agreement with some there? is, is that I have some. There are part of the deal that we get. Do we get to have that cause us that's make or break for me that some of these are the kind of deals
the breaks it will allow. This land era is full of worryingly african sounding name. I think we have that Ralph going with Narnia, it's just a bunch of white people in a Jesus line. That's the traded on the rock a trade agreement with ninety at somebody get a delegation for Iceland on the blow and stocks she's even called the snow queen is com. Can why not apparently thunder says outcome the astronomer, happy to do business with humans on Sunday splendid at the start of episode? One that's why they have to go to different points and then the eye from there. It was its inner cities in the hearing. Aids yeah. So I that is
is it echoed through time always persons just talking absolute nonsense and which fitted entirely with the broken, because that was actually only trade agreement with Israel. Lectured applauded the exploding Caldeira Gallagher. Has anyone been in touch with skeletal jolly asks? How about a quote just the Tipp breaks it. Taking ports is by taking Cornwall out of the EU, I'm seeing eye. We all feel about it. Since it is an experiment. The ground because of politics and scope We tried things. If they worked out, become a wanna leave the UK dealt with here, and there is a whole. There is a code of conduct independent, Pablo these council, radical gangs, and you know what it is they that mainly to do with the fact that they disagree with Devon on whether they pajama queen fast on the scandal.
A lot more of the roses in this aversion backstop? That is always talk about needing to bring the country back together, which have fundamentally perhaps, but nor can we decide, recording the sort of work. The right way to put the topic on us. The car Gonna work is going on how to pronounce order the top with a girl and her. What brings us to the end of a breakthrough? Special there's, no other news this week, the bottom Donald
sounds like a giant. Bad luck with the people is a point that I had a very, very bad law now. Are we failed to produce on the show trauma to flee to Australia? After stating at twenty five million pounds diamond entrusted call from one of the queen's corbies will masquerading as the role that Chris cells depleted uranium weapons? Do impressionable governments are gonna, be carefully, you don't forget We are still struggling for Christmas presents to buy yourself and everyone. You know and love tickets to myself. How show starting on the December running through to the fifth of January anyone who's gonna be any shows the plug per month, all from the end of January. Until until pretty much breaks it die right, so yeah this some of the tickets they some places where I have solved they are selling out, there's other places who He live in Scotland, a fancy reclining across five or six at two,
circles and optimistic large value in Glasgow rather date. Do please Papa onto the sooner than a swift data on the nineteenth and twentieth of pockets. Article puts capacity which would be didn't lose breakfast of the guessing. Just Phillips and others to Campbell amongst all from February. I am we have, old right Christmas special Monday, the seventeenth. And also I'm going to be doing chosen ally in New York, some I'm it to be an ally and twenty second of January, I know that there are american business to the bugle, because, obviously the ghost of journalism, how to say, or was going to say it's whatever we caught they looking, though, we can see besides it. So you know like I know you would have come to those. Publish eyes in London to go much where active Stevenson be nice. I consider yourselves verbally fly at everyone. Well, that's it
Britain is not the only thing leaving something the bugle is also leaving radio Tokyo. As symbolic of my noticed from our absence from the radio, Turkey, a fundraiser, and drive. You will not have to adjust your body feeds in any way, the show will be continuing. Everywhere, one will be decided soon have been denied. Be part of the radio took a network for the last couple of years, but we will what will have will start a new season after us, new year? There will be a show next week or look exactly what it will be yet, but it will unquestionably be worth. Let me show you all of this. I have to show until next time happy breaks it about
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