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Bugle 245 – Syria, too complicated for 5 year olds

Cheney, Pelosi and Kerry throw their opinions around on Syria, whilst the UK parliament withdraws from public like into a world of internet porn. Plus, Andy learns what 'twerking' is.

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This is a port from the bugle podcast, don't com, the Bugle Audio newspaper as you all work lobby and welcome to bugle issue. Two hundred and forty five, the first people of the twenty thirteen fourteen bugle season with me, and these Osborne we returned from family holiday, inspiring Spain, Morocco legs of dead pick some lessons. I will not in a hurry? I'm live in London. Twenty five never forget and join me from New York after a traumatic, disastrous weak for british status in America, the british government falling victim to democracy,
to declare war on the US if he knows what happened those away and how much look up tent pegging a resentful ditched, husband's attempt to pitch his tent on the road outside his Ex wife's new home. She shares with a million that tent Peg manufacturing MIC nights and while I was just civic, most humiliating level, Britain's John Oliver sacked a host of the dilution of two months? policy in favour of some film director battling for greater. Why don't we debated on the bugle? Nonetheless, Chris workable singing skills and Joan learn some items so from New York areas? The musketeer of earth slightly, we apples of abomination with his sword of satellites to make these taught tat type of truth Allow me I love. You lose On the whole, we had a nice relaxing bright, I myself went to Afghanistan at the blue. A u S out or over the break, which I'm pretty sure is whatever the exact opposite of a holiday is, if I think that might actually
the Afghanistan official tourist Slogan come to Afghanistan, its whatever the opposite of a holiday. Is it all happened very fast off release the last I we show the summer went home to pack and they flew to he's down to get picked up by the move to the next day in the second most ridiculous thing: I've ever down the first most ridiculous thing you ever done. Andy is ties myself in Afghanistan for no reason whatsoever other than the soldiers actually but TAT S, a today's yourself so jet lag before new, always doing TAT is simply leg, you know, and they It actually kind of help it with my jet, literally deadly at every didn't feel drowsy anymore. It might be the perfect treatment for jet lag for someone who is a complete adsl. It's all today. The sensation Willie, I guess I'll say, felt like. However, who described the feeding of teasing yourself in the Lange. Nothing. The Germans have a word that usually have a word for that kind of thing.
Tarzan or something like that. I'm guessing How was I mention that related to fill it? Might you can have more athletic I definitely you away. There might be more athletic for about a second, because I jumped extremely high and then run extremely fast. We d, Definitely her a lot. I think that's all young we didn't just in gatling, do that and the euro will. I think I think you didn't. I think I could get close to you sayin ball. If I just kept teasing myself in alternative legs four hundred metres the all uses for you for you. I saw a little different because restart your audience is but usually heavily armed over there. I believe me. Nothing sets a carefree told for comedy more than every single odious member, having an emphasis on that for us, and it is the old heckling away, having hearing a clip shoved into a machine gun cause. That's absolutely says this game, could be over a lot sooner than you seem to imagine what one gig our standing on the back of a tree,
in an open, tent and behold the audience I could see filled up helical in front of the hindu kush. Mountains look a place that say much stand up over the years and turned out to be a surprise me great place to do it. I met some incredible people over there would some even more amazing names, I'm cold captain hefty, whose name road checks that his personality easily about a woman called captain power, and I swear this is true. Some Called sergeant slaughter that man had three, after the end of the mandate and a professional ressler, a soldier or a stripper trust me. But he could have been successful. Anyone or all three of those. So. What will welcome house how Kogi stolen as well said my much when you stand with the night lifelike? What's anyhow, Pakistan was on the same noise, no there's a great statue of Lenin there, which for some reason they didn't take down, and
and I thought I was going. North EAST wait till I got home and news broke that there was to be Bonnac plague Unsympathetic, merged I guess exactly what I was so you know that might for a couple of days of thinking, got tickly, throw it out, of flow of flow from going to GIG Andy in black HAWK helicopters and italian flying over Afghanistan that you realise what an impossible task winning a war, there is because it's not ok. Our country is just a series of uninhabitable fell escapes within twenty minutes. You can have flown over desert mountains and something that, if I knew better out of sworn, was actually the surface of the moon, because the temperature there to fluctuate court quickly between violently hot a death inducing Lee killed Afghanistan is often referred to, as we know is. The graveyard of employees is where Alexander, the great Genghis Khan, and even the british and the British backward meant something paid off. Officially more than issue and its suddenly hits you when you find out Nope helicopters, F, America, things and
which you know, helicopters f things and about it. Humphries how the hell Hannibal thought he could do it in the middle of winter crossing the mountains. With thirty seven elephants, one point. I was standing in a valley us- and this is true and I can see pointed to the entrance to the valley and said that was where, in the nineteenth century, sixteen thousand british troops- had entered the valley and by the exit there was only one left alive and he was allowed to live so that he could go back and tell people what happened. I'm guessing oyster daddy was chaps good to be back lovely to see everyone. Listen quick points, but important point, I'm never going back to Afghanistan ever again and if any country in the future have half of brain bill, do the king save us a lesson that we have rather surprisingly, chose not to so we will welcome back because after Ankara author. I will work much you're, welcome to you
buglers, Sir, whilst was moving away have been counting down the days to the show is available at my so how fear to run in London satirists far nice that twenty first of September exit the middle Sunday francs, twenty builders who have already book tickets at so both local and until there is requests and the rest of you. What are you for the world is burning annual just sitting there. This is go two hundred and forty five and forty five, the number of Times Christopher Columbus, tossed a coin in his heads or tails. Should I stay or should I go Quinton challenge with king for? the second of castile to decide whether or not to set sail across the Atlantic and fourteen ninety two areas, want to go. But finally, with the words, what do you mean the four hundred ninety one you ve turned in forty five- tells us Neuro now get in the same boat ringing in his eyes off we want we'd, beginning Monday, the Knights of September, two thousand thirteen on this date than anticipated, Seventeen, seventy six according to Wikipedia no a source
The United States was officially named the United States from a list of possibilities, including dude land, funk Toby, the independence of wholesome and North Korea definite missed opportunity. And this week section in the Bin, as it was a signal, this audio newspaper going straight now been strictly come dancing begins. Another season of celebrity promising in Britain. We look at one of the other big celebrity shows hitting the screens this autumn hit squads and which teams of stars plan exe, boots and try to get away with an assassination of a prominent politicians, do we have exclusive behind the scenes access as the girls team, that's Canadian cynically rejects, and former American Olympic Heptameron Chapping, Jackie Jonah Kersey and british tv property experts therapy in an attempt to bump off the mayor of Bogota, while the boys team fashioning the cock, one, french actors, your usual glad, former CEO Ablest Portage Goss plot the termination of Poland?
flora? Rattled finds us good to be back. Some story moves like some three zero: zero ha. What for you feel. Colleagues are aware drumbeat for war or MR attacking Syria is getting louder and louder louder, Andy with President Abbas. Abating the germ of war like it's a nail per solo, one for all. You re Yes, This is a good way to start talking about Syria, but frankly, have to find a way to like miss up what you don't have to put I choose to now all of us.
America's seems intent on at the very least air strikes at the very most air strikes on Syria, and you might think why now you know this humanitarian crisis that we going on for over two is more than a hundred thousand people have been killed. Two million refugees have fled Syria to neighbouring countries and regions. The community has proven its ability to be laser, focused and its determination to ignore everything. That's happening over there. Why they sudden concern for the wealth, of the syrian people when it all comes down to chemical weapons not so much having them any country worth its salt has them, but using them chemical weapons. Supposed to be used their own there, like a garnish, that's supposed to make your other weapons even scarier, and this current flashpoint comes down to an alleged tack on civilians in dumb Damascus supper. One August twenty first, in which Fourteen hundred and twenty six people were killed over four hundred of which were supposedly children.
The White House claims that Bashar Al Assad is responsible for the attack, which aside things that he wasn't that either there was a naturally occurring sovereign rights to whom some or other civilians must have some. I've done it to themselves to make him look bad and that might sound ridiculous Andy, but it's actually want some suing officials, almost suggesting arguing the opposition will behind any such attacks, and they would to do this by the West, a deputy foreign minister voice, our met that claim that attacked by the rebels to turn around the civil war which he said they were losing and that's a classic move Andy that gas themselves play along guy she's, not join the battle of the soul Mandy when we must have guessed our sales to prove that we can take a punch made sense, then I may make sense now too pretty depressing geology,
Firstly, s nose wine spine for ten Happy NEWS free days prior to that I've been concentrating on the final text, much of the England, Australia ashes. Sir Resought basically had almost three weeks away from any form of. Reality and a return to self signs civilization on Wednesday debated violence. Not only was Syria about explode internationally, but the british politics have been ten itself apart, like a masochistic fox in a pack of hounds outfit wealth was teetering on the edge of its biggest international crisis in years. There's a general sense, that's a happy and harmonious solution to this whole shipping? Is about likely as well expressly making it through qualify for next year's World Snooker Championships, even if still alive. He said nine. So even if it has been locked in a snoop a whole for the last thirty six years is almost certainly past is best aside has as Charlie's President Obama to present every.
Instead. The syrian government was involved in the domestic coming attacks. I those you accusations must show evidence. We have challenged the United States and France to come up with a sick no piece of proof and look I'm not a u and Weapons inspector Andy and I'm sorry if I ever suggested that a guest The evidence is probably at the very least fourfold for that. I want the piles of dead bodies with no visible wombs to the fact that the sad wanted to do it. Three, the fact that we have take a billowy to do it and for the fact that no one else king did not really does point the finger of blame at the very least in his general direction upon the kinds of the world must act, and that this is a red line that Syria has asked, although again to be fair, America has in the past been a little Wrigley on the exact shade of red. That would necessitate the response. I want to say. Was previously used to a camel attack. All of us suddenly redlined looks a lot more pinkish definitely have a significant rosy Hugh to american eyes. What all of this
all this talk of his red law. In and yoke of that there already being chemical attacks during the two years of the syrian syrian conflict suggestions by you and own reporters it both I sat on the rebels. My of may have perpetrated them. So where is the red line? As you say, arguments have where the law was red or just a bully doc orange and a strange lights or very saw the Russians in America. Do the job is nobody's rifle through their paint catalogues, to decide exactly what kind of the line was burnt, Sienna line or hawaiian sunset, Leninist, brick or a blush priest line, perhaps even a clever man. Yes, Tom Artistic squashed, andalusian puppy, rampaging, watermelon or tuberculosis rats me maybe even the classic We have this in our living room. They chafed mountaineers testicle line when what exactly is that's allays rights, John Bodies that are Lovelock on what is really what it warms up, her room that given it and also what colors, where the lines mocking ATLAS
larger maiming of tens of thousands of citizens by fair, the balloon, largely pine, free, conventional weapons and the smoke. If you save millions, three strategic, but non chemical and therefore gentlemanly state terrorism, and there some very oddly colored lines in this conflict. Syria is becoming a particular flashpoint due to country using as a vessel through which to essentially peace, each other off its now, not just a civil war, as it serves as a proxy war with IRAN, Hezbollah in Russia, taking sides against Saudi Arabia. They go Sheikh Domes and America. Russian present Putin has been very critical of the EU s eye and Secretary of State John Kerry Light. Testimony this week. He said he lies openly, and he knows that he lies this a sad now he's that's suspicious zombie judging voice I don't think Vladimir Putin even has the capacity. C4 sadness anymore. I think if I think the this time. He more even approach. Sadness is whenever he suspects that he might just have been happy. That's
only time it gets even close. Obama- has all did not to take executive action on Syria has chosen to ask the formation of Congress first, instead, probably less out of a desire to follow the example of the. U S: law, a motorcycle. Look if I'm going the ship Polly. You can at least all have a slice of it with me, attempted to reassure those doubters by saying that any minute The action would be an awkward limited and proportional, essentially, Please help me to reassure people, income, the strikes will basically do nothing that they want suckers it'll warm. They won't remove a sad and make us accountable for the consequences. They'll, basically be pointless, in fact, if it makes you any happier than may also be empty, although just have a little flag that comes out the end, which has banging funny Lexus, evens, first to describe it as a shot across the bows of the syrian government rather than trying to the balance again
in the conflict. It's just a warning shot, which can I know my soil slightly over their heads in front of their fleet. To my come down. That's all we gonna do well. This is the great revision of the international response to the serious crisis, which should really has been a situation, is complex and awkward. Ass, a teenager hydra with a partial for chopping, its own heads off for and whatever reason, the euins previous resolutions to draw boss. I sat insulin have not works resolutions ranging from now via column, simmer down. I and I mean really all the way to the one that nearly broken resolution. Twenty sixty five, None of those not of worked in this is this is why now the governments have not been clarified. Themselves into action David Cameron, but his promise and gold Mps to votes on whether Britain should give military support to an american American Strike and he lost. The vote was the first time a three hundred years that governments been defeated.
Military action decision and those three hundred years we ve taken a fair amount of military action, gives it some some kind of context the now traditional sight of size and sounds of politicians opportunistic, the occasion their opponents of political opportunism, Cameron accusing Mps who voted against british intervention of failing to quotes Take a stand against the guessing of children and then he said to bring. Britain will be one of the leaders. Despite this vote in bringing forward ponds, were peace process for Syria. Thus, I guess taken the kind of standards Mps who voted against, in presume, we thought, was a better way of standing. Under its hope, monies are. Thank you to be honest. John, after chose a very good week to buy a wild hollow thy because nothing out of smashed at least three television yet had I been here spoke to the UK losing that votes David Cameron that is now the USA would continue to consult with,
UK who are and again I quote, one of our closest allies and friends going on to cite pussies symbols, actual bulls, David Cameron. Any attempt to convince parliament talked of the evidence of the. U S has all the chemical weapons strike. The problem is that America site. We have evidence of chemical weapons rings a little hollow than it once did after that Colin Powell Programme for exports of the? U N Chicago in fact, The evidence now ring so hollow. It basically echoes back at you, even though the evidence is clearly real. Yes is a mere there. The old boy who promoted: Wulf the musical scenario, exact class it when it is a classic case, germ of Julia history, history repeating on itself with the acid test of half digested failures of the past, shouldering their way back into the world's throats and producing or the more noxious global belches of recent times
If I might stretch and unnecessary for that, since John Kerry Use be leading the charge who, although he himself, has said personal baggies, do check in that he might have to pay for carry praise decide as recently two thousand eleven as being a very generous man, saying well, we believe that I mean this is my belief. Ok, but President Assad has been very generous with me in terms of the discussion we have had and went on I went to the last several trips to Syria. I asked President Assad to do certain things to build a relationship with the United States and some sort of show the good fight that would help us to move the process forward. That is bumbling Andy. It's almost like as he was saying, he was thinking this sentence is really going to come back to a point where we cells, guessing its people in the future, is shit and these generosity that carry speaks offering what's that about you agent, is not like a sad picked up
the tab when the two of them went out to dinner with their wives, is it oh actually could be exactly that. Photo imposed. These we give all four of them have dinner together in a restaurant in Damascus into two thousand and nine. I am guessing the hay and a sad were fighting over the check at the end, and this address I note and please please let me At least this data is gonna, come back to haunt you in the near future. Put your money like it's the least I can do John, let's not fight over this. Will we fighting over much more important things in the future? Do not insult me. John My treat my treat me just be made here in the: U S of not wanting Syria to be like Iraq and, of course, innocence is not like Iraq at all. In Iraq, the evidence of weapons of mass destruction didn't exist in Syria. The chemical weapon evidence is all over the floor as well as in the lungs of fifteen hundred people and make a com
it can be hard to understand the exact differences, as you mentioned, Andy between Chemical warfare and warfare. Seeing is most both message. Methods seem to end with piles of bodies surrounded by justifiably angry people. It's like was somehow able to draw a distinction between the horror of chemical warfare and the honor of traditional, gentleman's massacres. Why can't I said just now the class to fire a series of missiles at his own peoples and then shoot anybody who attempts to run away with some energy kids when it comes to legal mass slaughter come on boy. So now President Obama must convince enough of Congress, I didn't get involved in he's, nebulous, redefined military intervention with no clear mission, focused shouldn't be too hot. I know he does not support. The problem is that one of the main proponents for intervention is John Mccain and he was What's on camera during the hearing playing, video poker, honest king Iphone. When asked about these Mccain, said
as much as I like to and always listen in rapt attention constantly to the remarks of my colleagues over three and a half hour period. Occasionally I get a legal board. Oh I am so sorry senator I'm sorry. We were boring you by discussing sending U S military into combat in Syria, something you yourself have been pushing for over twelve months now, there's something even more galling about the fact that it was play? Poker on an Iphone to undertake is because it was an Iphone. He had acted oh well knowledge and a device smallest his hand. I could have looked up site. The history of Syria, the breakdown religious tensions there he could have googled what an hour white is. We couldn't just talked in America and Middle EAST into Google, and I guarantee you got a few interesting results, but no time to do that, because he wanted to white to safely flogged and eggs on the river to give him a flush. Didn't it
it didn't, even need to ask John Kerry any questions. It could have just asked SIRI India's phone SIRI. Can you guarantee that the? U S will not be drawn into a larger longer conflict? Of course our current Joan these warfare. You of all people, should know that. Ok, thank you, SIRI and, by the way, John. What was that Sarah tightly about? Was it pure desperation or completely? Stupidity, I said, thank you, sir, and if you got bored John in in A three hour debate when that's didn't it we need to years in solitary confinement, didn't he did, how much poker we play with himself that are calling for, her mother father, he was just totally and utterly unrepentant and It made me think that maybe maybe he was kind of justifiable Maybe there can be no better mental preparation for across like Syria, then Poker game of deception.
Some skill, a reckless disregard for financial consequences and, above all, massive luck? Such uses area, only with absolutely no chance of winning anything and instead merely hoping to minimize your losses and leave with your dick. Wallis and trousers vaguely intact, but Another way that he just bulls without, as if issues that have been called cop Have you been cooperating a copy of in depth, knowledge this of the religious tensions in the twenty first century middle east- that, if a surprising new book from pop starlet Taylor, swift but fair, play second she's encouraged maintain market to take an interest in the geopolitical affairs that will shape the future of our planet are certainly Conway Terry. Controversial baseball star, Alex Rodriguez's eagerly awaited me. Research paper re calibrating american expectation in the post, post, cold war, economic era. There was another eight explicable moment when Nancy Policy Minority later the house delivered a mystifying speech in front of cameras. After meeting with the president, would you revealed it she had consulted within
five year old grandchild about protecting. She said, this is an exact clubs five year old grandson, as always, leave in San Francisco. Yesterday, he said to me Mimi my name Mimi WAR with Syria. Are you yes, war with Syria, noble Syria. Five years old, we're not talking about war, we're talking about action, yes, war with Syria, no war with Syria, I said. Well, what do you think he said? No war, well, are generally agree with that. But you know that killed hundreds of children that killed hundreds of cheap, there and he said five years old These children of the United States- and I said now, but children, wherever they are now too, key questions straight away: their Andy one voice people are busy discussing child slaughter with her five Euro grandchild and too Y Y principle of these grants on such a heartless ice, eventually to ask
clearly doesn't care what happens to non american children. You know what I'm gonna scientists, I'm not comfortable, saying it, but I think is the right thing to do: see policies five year old ground is about. It is about time someone to lay down a bit. Sorry views, somewhere in these weird. We, situation now with the President lobbying Congress of Mission to do something he doesn't technically need defamation to do and putting us in this strange limbo strikes have been delayed yet still seem likely, but think about astronauts Andy's we know is that it's all about the anticipation anyway. This is essentially tantric intervention from America Delay and delay. The air strikes until we feel are you can't hold them anymore and then Boom Damascus is a complete and
probably not helped by the fact that this weekend, The G20. G20 summit that each one, of course, a regular feature, a bugle over over the year over the years. Of course, some dispute. What the G20 actually is with disgust on previous previous bugles sums- actions that is G20 an excerpt from me, renowned, just sex, oftenest, canning, jeez, influential academic paper entitled suggested new vat values for letters in Scrabble, Jake, twenty, I also suggest that key, shamefully worth ten Anne S eye and ex five, each with no points for any other letters. They are set to be some of the iciest conversations at the G20 summit. Since Captain Scott tried to persuade his body
a silver metal, was a solid result and dying on the way home was all part of the fun it's and I think we need to put this in some kind of context as well jumped for what it means to the people of this country or in Britain and America. Wanna go on Wednesday four miles a day. I already had almost no news access, not overshoot. Quite a lot of complicated massively depressing he's got job So when Omnium BBC News Website- and I looked at the column of the most read stories- thinking that clearly, this is the issue that is really getting the british people exercised. Him, sir, is an issue that everyone I have some you on and the most right story. It was me only Cyrus defends via my performance now thought. What could this please so pick the interests of the british NEWS. Reading public has sought to finally come off the fence with some strident. Left his views about healthcare and used via my performance, whatever? That is something of a
I think in a London museum, that's be renamed offer. It turned out that Queen Victoria Principle, but were involved in the twenty men out of twelve with a polemical mike. Did you go at source? Waded into the city, the bite we're doing a corporate gay, the Viral marketing association by suggesting that the West, under why not said with carefully targeted Youtube Youtube clips and internet maims, highlighting to the syrian people of benefits, of not being governed by psychologically unstable puppet with a herd repulsion for slaughter, maybe harshly Billy resource of the twenty first century, become the latest celeb victim of the new VP l vm I, visible moccasin abrasions, where the over use of ill fitting slippers Mason. Adaptation around the ankles. Now it wasn't that It wasn't my John she had to worked now. It is a question for any buglers who, like me, what another family, but what to his is a multiple choice. What is working is it a toilet, working
a curse of the mobile age, when a even I told outbreak is an option. Indeed, the sensibly miles will add a powerpoint presentation. Chris place aced working body. Baseball term referring to the little use tactic of getting a runner on first base to distract the picture by talking like a chicken Call Nate in the 1930s thirteen by pinch, sanctimonious work who played variously for the Boston Red Sox, the Houston, honey this and Louis Widows, and my army crotch before winding down is growing mine lakes with the with failed nudists is Turkey see a woman right, rising her scantily be clothed, potter, stereos up against a man's trouser, inhabited grunge, or is it d they cause more hospitalizations than any other activity. Talking is approaches removing recalcitrant lead from a jar of GM beetroot or whatever other shit, comes in jails these days. It's a combination. The twist undertook that work, often accompanied by the grimmest, the and the sweat and results in up
Oxfam, one hundred and fifty thousand global muscular injuries per day. Seventy six percent which result in hospital treatment. Forty four percent in a full face of jam and thirteen percent in death Well, the answer. Jonah aid are, you, are you? Are you familiar with working? Of course, I remember Galileo eyesight of America's more rights at work it to fail staggering isn't it was. That. Will I'm going, I think, he's aka jamaican down so version right so that we see the bait route thing, I'm guessing grown. Well, similar to booty clapping bolgie clapping, a spiteful Gloucestershire, and in eighteen, twenty serve refined lifespan, bowler, I will see any cities, that's what she did, and that is what the british public cares most about. Miley Cyrus and her curiously placed pursuit.
So take that people of Sierra Parliamentary, poor news now and a report. This week that over the last year there were and this is reportedly through three huh thousand attempt was made to access pornographic websites. Are the houses of parliament even know where to begin with the first of may I get less with three hundred thousand? That's a lot that's around thousand a day. That's either a thousand people being distracted today or one person being incredibly focused just now on the thing that they're supposed to be focused on. Secondly, three thousand attempts.
If anything, that's even more pathetic to me. If you fail in an attempt to access pornography online, you are a dangerous individual because you can actually put every online without even trying you you literally, can do accidently. It is actually a hard and not to access pornography online than it is to access it. The full break, The figures are, in credit, apparently November there, A hundred and fourteen thousand eight hundred and forty four attempts to access websites process pornographic, but just fifteen. Tempts in February. We have whereas the Uno that February's the shortest month, but it is so the least sexy the lack of daylight a thought if anything that might help does November have. February doesn't finally comes on the back of Halloween, which is now basically an excuse to dress is a sloppy trafficking of nice. Basically, a sexual lost everything I don't know who is that
yes now January here and generous what you have to find yourself: a segment task, tax return and maybe just the the mere thought of anything that year possibly involves activities related to human procreation. Just seems things worthless in an joyless universe, solemn permanently, who are these parliaments? report, dogs least democratic dirt flames, these governmental growth goerck, as these represents. Regardless of ruins things House of Commons, hard core horn crackers, who exactly is doing this? Why dont robbing our country John? Obviously, only why but like I can run the country whilst will, whilst most, Whilst we using a pornographic I made, it is extraordinary that believe, didn't. I think,
John Loki Betsy. Eight eight did leave the original pornographic invented after the invention of the television to up to the houses of parliament. Since when it's been spent approach, benefit from Churchill. Churchill deliver most of the speeches I was looking at porn. That's. Why only did over the radio. Listen very carefully. You can hear a kind of magazine page to goodness, we'll find them on that. Come on now lay In other words, The truth is here: it's not yet Clear who is who exactly was accessing the pornography may not necessarily be empty. It appears as around five thousand people work. The parliamentary estates, but even if it is the other workers, zombie think that might make. Since, in the way they have to work around members of parliament all day,
every day who continually them a momentary escape. It support another we every now and then it might be that the only way to tolerate working around such assholes is to look at a bunch of our souls instead and lost shows how prevalence opponent raise becoming in mainstream majors and extent were actually. If you play, two hundred and thirteen of the bugle backwards. It sucks Angela Merkel and Theodore Roosevelt doing the deed and amusing full of stuffed animals that rooster shops and in between groans of cannibalistic rapture, discussing alone long term restructuring of the european economy, but, alas, is essential mainstream outlet, bring some debate as well over whether rub: internet pornography, be included in the school sex education to better prepare youngsters further Absolute tsunami may have felt they will inevitably be exposed to. It
these things have changed very rapidly and when I was a skilled, I went to a private school in the in Kent, South eleven education at my school vital involved, nervous, coughing, sir even the national anthem and a three times life size, wicker statute, MRS Thatcher, in bondage, keeping wheeled around the school cricket pitch on the map of the summer solstice before the schools. Holiest boy was sacrificed in it. I thought it does need some of data. Your emails now, thankfully emails you sent in over the summer. This one came in from Steve in Boston, Dick Chris, the angel in order of how likely. You ought to have your leg blown off by exploding, t shirt, gum, white watch. I'll get your attention. John yeah go! It's gotten. You been in America too long gotten These are not away, they love is an abomination awhile, but you guys are speculating about. It
He shot gun, Alms rice react with delight when attack or Canada able to fire rapped on TAT goes across a gambler to that was only available. Some gulf was they when the Americans outlast will have bad news. It turns out. There is a dark side to, strange military spending, a student from the University of Aachen saw as away or as we in the northeast call it. The thirteenth great zeal Soft law suffered a leg, injury from an explode. In Tunisia comment. I don't know this. Leave to a celebrity driven, campaigned against T shirt, Canada's what we saw in our minds once and frankly, I don't care, but perhaps I could make another trip to Australia and do another gun control plates. But that's incredible. What made you got it you gotta, be careful. It's easier comments are all. Let me immediately take that back you dumped the whole joy of them is their indiscriminate use. Listen one person, her. The leg is no enough funding to stop that kind of fun, much more on families. Men, what noble away to get injured than in not it's the applied by
Are we going to Valhalla as long as you don't mind, spending eternity with a very rough. Looking nordic Vikings go for whoa due to earth ass over running again, the otter, three or four global news. We're gonna wrap it up there for this week, buglers where we, next week with beagle jewels? In the meantime, I will see you all atley, so how better, from Monday to satellite for the next two weeks for All my show and you can say, jumped back in the ranks. On the daily so use we sorrowed did you ceremony, have some badges ripped off young? That's good! Is it for changing the guardian and and then that your idea per solely the sort of a shoulder a thought about to kill him know what was happening
so well, we like next week until then buglers I'll, do check out us out on page Sancho Dotcom Slash the Hyphen Bugle Dover. Tycho Voluntary Subscription available, Costa Conway can also gets merge, and What will happen to have some more some new lovingly, this available satellites and technical progress, and hopefully not too distant, not too distant future, so worm Bob, I why and to all our seriousness, good luck and Sonya all the best for the person. That's as meaningless is what we're about to do to you.
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