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Bugle 4044 – Nuke the Amazon

Andy is joined by Hari Kondabolu and Tiff Stevenson to reflect on some powerful EU speeches, a new generation of power names and the a POW! from Morgan Freeman.

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The bugle Audio newspaper, a visual would be you lose unwelcome, do as you four thousand and forty four of the bugle one of the world's top ten billion sources of hope in a crew universe with me, and these Let me introduce myself for those who don't know me, I like thinking about the look on a labradors face if you threw a tennis ball for it to chase down a bobsled run, but I dislike people who actually throw tennis ball box that runs for laboratory to checks that simple cruelty. I also a further background, reseller. What I'd like his person, think it out if you offered a penguin a bucket of herring a functioning set of wings or jet pack, the indulge. Fish obsessed gravity bothering ornithological incompetent, which use the fish. Sometimes they space
he's just don't want to help themselves, welcome to the bill. I'm join this week by two of the many people in the world this week were not elected to become the new president of Portugal. I think get the same when they had before which we should be thankful, because instead we have them on the bugle will introduce them in the traditional style. With what may be a fact maybe alive the orchard hair in London, they form a looser turanian emissary to the League of Nations, Tiffany Stevenson local about it. That is the truth. I voted yes, Jackie Wikipedia page, yet in some snipe sky. Look out so since will also show you ve been nothing up in Edinburgh. Have for months. I was that it was with us, I was called bombshell and it did feel out. The apocalypse was happening while we were there, so I just treat every single show like it was the end of day really great fun. You might not be
its moral. Let's have a great show the b b, outrageous governance or net audiences leave. My shows thinking it was the end of the matter. in New York City. It's a man described by NOME Chomsky as the most natural dancer I've ever seen, scuba diving outfit five stars, that's from what's a funk magazine in October. Ninety ninety eight hoary: the groom shark combo Lou hay- and I were I wish- I got the lie about who I always get the true on how things in America heard you Read the red, the news: yeah, ok, right back good point, we are recording on the twenty second of September twenty seventeen today, is world car free day so what none of us are recording this, whilst in a car I saw a little gesture
August. This day we are giving you the listeners a selection of free hawks to use as a pedestrian, that's fundamental, why most people still drive cars just so you have the licence to home. Can people's faces, which, if you did it by just, going up in Hong Kong. A hole in their face would be more socially unacceptable. Gas what a celestial popular you're. Exactly here is a basic human right thing to hunt enables places, so we are now allow you pedestrians, can was simply download. These sounds onto your telephone, of them into a circular bit of vinyl unpleasant? an ample I was walking down the streets of wherever you lives will to expression. Disapproval at driving skills of your fellow humans, Jerusalem the following: hunks will interpret them for you. That was disappointing piece of driving. I suggest you try much harder in future. Ouch that was of my favorite fate you just drove over then there
no universe in which you should be allowed to be in charge of a large slab of fast moving metal. You and finally, the evidence of your attitude to your fellow road users. Suggestion on arguable terms that you may well be and in all likelihood are in fact a total, on this day, the twenty six September in four eighty, but eighty BC obesity were still waiting for clarification on which one of those two, as it was one of the most poor Mabel battles in the history of Europe, a battle of help? take the political autistic evolution of the world between the Greeks and the Persians, the battle of salamis things pronounced which the Greeks, the fate of the people, the Navy armed only with sliced, is held on, such as their history for either enough said Mister Rabbit, circuit
a more detailed as well equipped looked on Tuesday, nineteen o six Leonardo Torres equal Oviedo success, Will they demonstrated the world's first remote control in EL, bowed he guided of boats, remote control boat from the shore in nineteen o? That is the greatest invention in history a hundred and eleven years ago. Tat. I thank you, Sir because I for saving me huh Thousands of three major journeys do journeys to. I might I wish that the Euro, the greatest hero with history, out of time out of the amount of leisure time? That's that man is created for humanity and there is section of the Beatles going straight in the bin. This week will today is also is not only a world coffee levels. A world rhino die in this with a special rhinoceros pull out include a free, fertilize, rhinoceros egg, foo applause in your window box, which should be a lovely rhino cut by next March. If the windows into off,
have rhino facts, including the computer joystick was invented by former? U S president's and current Mount Rushmore big Face Rock Conk Theodore Roosevelt on his post presidential wildlife, slang, wind down african extravaganza back in nineteen o nine, when he famously killed around about we were told rather from the Bible, something like ten thousand animals. as he wound, down this day mobile, After leaving the White House lots That's invented the joystick on that present buttons with despair. Andy appear here: Wanna Game of the Rhine, also Rodeo, which was rising rodeo neuron also says you expect by controlling his rhino bites horn and occasionally pressing his eyelids, let buttons the invention of the computer joystick failed. I heard that he also broke his nose and had to get rhino plastic. Ah, very good. how we should think about what is without doubt it's wrong today. Well done
We also have a competition for eubulus to suggest an improvement to the rhinoceros. Yes, it's been. a successful and enduring species, but Progress has been held up somewhat against the greatest species in the world, such as humans, by being too shoot at having a better at met. Since then, all of the world's leading pharmaceutical companies and the scientists put together, at least that's what I've been told them by my friend Chinese Brenda, so What's so we rescue buglers. What do you think that IRAN should be doing to improve on its current existence homes as wifi, routers flippers instead of fleets or even longer thinner that could act as usual runners on ice. I'm a gift Peter what Rhino ICE hockey, yeah, maybe y know the personality trite, though there's no is lot hippos. They ve got like hungry hippos
what is it that the wine or has it needs locker? You know showing us all. Business is not enough yeah. You know like last species, yeah yeah, you know like crazy monkey, causing any others for the runners definitely lagging behind as yet, like maybe ease apathetic. Maybe that's thing the apathetic Marina: it does look on a map of ethnic christianity. That's a turn in run also resolutions, twenty five percent to twenty four, don't larger shows yet that leaves us with local election level pulling out? Also, we have some right. I what? If what? If baby Stalin had been swept for a baby Sumatra Rhinoceros at birth, how different with it when century you think we. What, if the titanic modeled on the rhinoceros instead of built like a conventional, both of you. plus is monitors with that yeah It would have not the iceberg out the way, but sir you're, what Catherine for the world's words would rose, have still hope that huh, oh door to herself
right, so you rightly in order to carry on cable in ITALY on a much ever. I know out of publicity about whether rhinos mouth be closed, because if it was open it it seems like re contradicted. The water would ruin I guess- and there is a reason why boats are traditionally not been modeled on one offers. Despite the obvious ice, breaking capabilities were if the mouth was open and it was with, it, surely not be taking a more enlightened. It back out What we ask for it would it, but it might be able to remove when its get scientist on crush. Can you just call up hurry? Just look in the yellow pine yep does yellow face. It still exists. I think I cancel their citizens, local runner scientists who can come and cleared up before the end of this. The shock top story this week and Trump the United Nations, sensational action from the high priest of pricing hurry. This all happened at the: U N, o
your doorstep, what, Sir, what what's your Tycho MIA de? extraordinary performance of your your your your national leader, well here he didn't I hope that many people that's good right who he was fairly. Even didn't yell there weren't any through as you know the normal, a dictatorial behaviour that we used to He did, however, say that he's a big fan of the United Nations in part because he built a trump tower across from the? U N, which the being good for him right. the audience was, was very confused. That was relevant it was it. Was that a good speech Kim Jungle and laughed so hard that a peasant blood came out of his no well was in on goods.
each it was very on good is it is sound. Bites have been really quite incredible, we're with, Joe have like, as it was faster, is far in fury. Then it was locked Ladys and other things, just naming Jason States and films are sought, is really like describing himself was militaristic and I think that he's got confused. Materialistic wrought cause. You come It describes himself was metallic militaristic when you to dodge the draft. Like a number of times and the other What we have one he said rocket, manacled him of rock it man, which I love, because Scotland Rocket means Idiot so maybe mantle in that not all right bull wrong, we also got a nation confused. He created the african nation of Namby. I think he bent Namibia maybe I'll, stick with Gambia, Gunnbiorn, Zambia, perhaps, but to be fair. Most american
probably would not have thought a Namibia or Gambia was a country until This came out right, so we buy she's, been educational by introducing Americans Don't we just one country, Namibia thought to three countries, including Zambia? Gambia could also have been refer. Also, yes, it was deliberate. It was absolutely deliberate right. I'm in also many think about. It is helping the namibian economy, which is not one of the world's great economies. Improved by shutting of save a syllable, They extra time spent time span. Send me the first of Namibia Well, have you got a lot of all the income official documents. You add that up over a hundred years that could boost the economy by up to thirty thousand pounds. Dont sniff at that in the stone I go about. Thirty thousand tease another african currency zimbabwean dollars. Right, which is about penny, I'll. Sadly, I don't think there's a moment. I was quite clear, forces? It used to be, I think, come back here.
I want clear. We will cling to it. We should never let it go on with this, the favourite it is the official county of the bugle podcast, zimbabwean dollar you getting paid and above all I am, I What did someone to say you look a million dollars and symbolically and I'm not the fact that he was in them in the morning of the first day, like did the secretary, who appealed for calm rhetoric and then put up for wages or lots and almost a welcome to the China shop come in, but you be careful everything's terribly our main vast we're gonna go some pretty. Poor views the iranian Foreign Minister called it in, ignorant height speech that belongs in medieval times, which I think from will pay we put on his election posters. So up it's vote. North Korea called a dogs, bark
I want to tell what I meant put the but they all that could be complementary or or rude, but we did have Kim Jong NAM describe being Donald Trump of dough tarred this week now known as if he invented this word, or it is in fact a technically just reading fourteenth century old. English word, and I mean it. what will it come? German is just a matter of fact of early english poetry had been studying You ve longer, you normally go to Boris Johnson for one of those here he sees have the dictionary of out of date, ridiculous stupidity, arctic things to say, you'd ready, thus the syllable dick in that its he said it is entirely up to us whether we lift the world to new heights or let it fall into a valley of disrepair, which I mean bearing in mind he is the management the last eighteen months holding them
by the ankles dangling over the edge of it is entirely up to you. Yes, I will the valley of disrepair the only imagine you'll get a pretty cheap holiday. Is it near like would it be near it luck. It's like a cannon fodder, emotion it somewhere in America in the famous behold I remember the biggest, yet it's called America. in remembering the great victory that led to this body's families? Are the origin of the United Nations of the Second World war? We must now forget those heroes who fought against evil also fought for the nations that they love patriotism, net the poster to save Poland, the French, the fight for free funds in the brain to stand strong rewritten. Now, I'm in a moment, but prejudice improve the apparently going to analyse the present America, the decisive factor,
the second will want to imagine how different the result could have been if the teams on the other side had been patriotic. As always, there is basically the thrust of transfer speechless nations acting in their own self interest, creates a more they worlds out. Let us just check with history. That one are delighted to have history on the line now to clear this up for a hollow here. Michelle history. Jonathan would be, who is easy mission from right to say that motions acting in their own self interest doesn't creates a more stable world. My major german Australia now not worry that. Now then, we not one now that knowledge about it now, and I now want orders, I guess, depend what you re more stable, dreaming stable round by conflict, inequality, resentment and exportation movies, on overcoming the origin of the Deaf deadline, all else
How you feeling at the moment, history? I myself conflicting stories. I don't understand, I think anymore, I'm scarred by regret and I'm sick people flying My question is what we are trying to reach agreement on confused go fuck yourself. Another path, how come flooding outlet is really enough. Time belies history. Northern Europe could be industrial revolution at you, know nothing Andy. Can you call history back and see if you repeat themselves? Well, yes, I mean is just do the Bill Pullman speech from Independence Day, because it wouldn't have made sense for what he said really didn't make sense, and at least it would have been enjoyable for everyone and if he did it, every It wouldn't have made sense for what he said really didn't make sense, and at least it would have been enjoyable for everyone.
If he did it every time, it's like all trumps gonna pull out the speech again, its grey, and it's just at least something to look forward to when he speaks its economic sense either way and who doesn't like that speech is very unifying. He could do like loads. The difference beaches from from big films and then every two? then every time it will be a tree you got, has he going to interpret pitchy know enough any given Sunday and that which you weren't you budget. You just look forward to that. You a favor. this could be the future fairer for all political rhetoric. Just rabble rousing speeches from great, but eventually must also offer the tramp tramp has of the oak as well as well documented, upright family, history of stealing other people's priggish. Yes, We did anyone like what he said. Felt, like none of the leaders, lighted, Netanyahu, loved Netanyahu was the only one and
so reminded me of what you know when you have a birthday party your comment. Might so there I might add that what had occurred when well, just your frightened this? I friends, all your friends are there and your mom's forced me to invite you we'd shameful cousin. You know the one that try to get off It means that war is not illegal fishing you're like mom no one likes him. No one wants image. Is that he's a nice boy? You always also I am, and your mom is basically Netanyahu rotten, scenario? Yes, he was the only person there. He don't me about my weight, cousin. Ok, I could see you get it. We go in a different kind of leave that little the story I met, but I split move on we'll Teresa may kind of addressed him without actually is in his name, should basically said that, like climate change, and terrorism are kind of on the same page and by neglecting were climate change, do you,
your damaging the worlds of these big. She was basically sub tweeting Trump here is one of the highlights what she said. Maybe some of us are more. or a concerned about climate change. Because as we live on the earth and A big fat heads, my god, he has a miles. Looks like an aim. Is the environment trumps money trot, money. Yeah, I'm talking about him. You know you know, and that's that's at others. That's what I wrote them rocket. Do you think terms, the kind of guy he doesn't believe in global warming has sometimes it snowing in Washington in that is
why do you call it the way you have? I dont think he believes in global warming because he's the devil and its high and what you version does your danger misto, but tourism. I that global warming is bigger threat as terrorism. That's he's just going to You got the Amazon or some other teacher elective show those trees bother. We need to get hoary into light, interpret olive huh speeches, though, because if you could help with breaks. It means breaks it if you could help us What I mean is that it means we ve got what that is what we lack is essentially what breaks it means breaks, it does mean. Is we ve up brackets? Are we now? for time and if, as we record to raise my is, is in Florence,
delivering a speech on on breaks. It essentially attempting to slap at twenty billion euro note down on their own on Europe's ass saying what you gonna do with that It was still oversee waiting for the month too, to settle on the aftermath of breakfast, we can move that mud into the shape of an extended middle finger, far in the killing of demographic Future Leslie and then just plank in the middle of Britain as a legacy for future generations to gaze at but she said the history will judge breakfast quotes not for the different is we faced, but for the vision we showed well, I mean it's. A vision comes in many, forcing a vision we showed for it. Most of the vision showed by dweeb, who just been punished in the face by passing terminator so he so we re not for the challenges we enjoyed, but for the creativity we used to overcome creativity. my creativity is war, one from a passing mid, failed football match,
possibly someone painting a mineral in a chapel in the Vatican create typically in money, trade negotiations that dumb and that's that seems that's worrying to me. I know what I'm getting poetic about it. I said What solid again? Isn't it just means she's the milestone of the pointless you amazing. Isn't she or sound by I mean What visions awoke Cordelia has an angel, the tv saving also use our visions that you know that it's a blinding headache and then goes someone's gonna be attacked undeniably way by demon Rota. Maybe that is what she means. That's out of my cultural reference with angel low, Buffy, the vampire Slayer Ranger will know, even though sport or nothing so interested, Morgan, Freeman Verses, Russia, news, my favorite sort. new says? It's. A good segment should keep this
the claims that the? U S is using Morgan Freeman to attack them because A video was released from the activist organization, eighty n, or attention we're Freeman, encouraged Americans to take a serious look at Russia's interference in the Twenties sixteen election and he compared it. a movie script and free He claimed that this was an act of war space. We said that this, like imagine a movie were, like a russian maniac, any kind of like you know, try to get people to really be afraid of the situation, This is is this. I mean rush as some reason to be suspicious. I mean first of all, pretty sure that marked the penguins was a military training, video of the? U S, weapon Ivan Penguins, Matra, five, surely a matter about. I mean the size and proven that it hasn't been there. It's like a nature film, but they did, you know,
there is no evidence that won't happen. How about that will surely also to torpedo the torpedo must have been muddled on the penguin arenas. Yeah right is essentially a penguin diving into cash or fish. Just going further and buying into another ship is blowing it ass, a penguin all over you We gotta infer penguins that I haven't businesses laboratories, even so long also Russia was kind of already weakened position because they had asked James Earl Jones to voice several videos in their attempts to counter what they called the Freeman offensive. and also a yak off Smirnov, said in a Erica, you can always find a party. in soviet Russia. The party always finds you it
unrelated to anything, but he had to get it in who did the casting for this I had to neighbours. Fear is that you didn't care it even get saying for it. Also, no female paused again, that is a file. Hollywood shocking, shocking mental ruins will pull every watched any of the response. Videos to hurry. Now I have not. Ah I watch the Alex Jones response to this. While it was glorious, what I'd really wishes that before Alex Jones, does any video like that he would swallow the food that you was in ten seconds before they turned the Cameroon, because just sounds like he's, swallowing any got this trouble. Sepulchre or he was Ike. You know we're talking about the guy who plague people take this guy seriously. We talk in it. The guy who's, ensure Shack and as if the video opened up going there
stir MID Vladimir Putin that he can't referring to him. The whole waiter Alex Stones as Morgan Friedman, like cancer silently making him jewish, which spit ethics, are faced with a conspiracy theories, very well that if we can make it the fault of jewish people, we will, but the video on the video said see I all ends. His quick was what is cr steam stand for you, Crap Info Royal Burger King made, power. You ve got a Friedman convene with Samuel Jackson impulsively. You should do their positive. You listening back to her of a former bugle. I'm just getting in all action, sir I'll write, shouted Andy for most device was destroyed. The tapes
ah, but in other showbiz news Kelly on Conway, not happy with the Amis timorous our official Kelly, Uncomely correspondent, yeah, everyone seems to be sharing Kelly on Conway's Emmy roundup, as if she's entertainments China. When someone asked her, but she was on Fox NEWS and she lay when I think about the am as this is my caviar, if you like, This is what she said was so Those actors is din ain't for like two minds: they got themselves pension grain in eight for two months and dare to criticise, try I haven't, eaten for five years, and I wouldn't never say anything bad about. President, like I just what's the gang seriously off my a banquet Susan was they print print and skinny to repeat themselves over and over again. What do you
talking about that's literally your career just make up I hope it s face she's, she's, being haunted by the way by three thousand Euro demon. That's why I just looks tides. That's right! That's a fact yeah. What is it hosting, is more frank. You indignant oberdoffer pollyanna coworkers, and it's just question the fact that really a guy, it's the oven, notable enemies also to amaze fora. A form of It will co host. Think Mister John oversee the aim for most elongated departure from a broadcast Emily. Nothing has happened with the physical contact on of war, which very little contest well, then said John Fellows, but ought to forget it and Conway to complain of the army should become too politicized given the politics has become too showbiz pacific.
Exhibit one your king boss, Conway your king boss, yeah she's. She said it was. It was you. I repeat: this is what people are tuning I'll, show you platoon out, because you know we want to be in time. We don't want actors to have an opinion on on politics. The notion this is disappointing. When things like Miss America, are political really or isn't Miss America just disappointing as a concept, that's an old one, to pick on that yeah she's exports of Gatt his words. Poland, is I very my voice as binding end of batteries, with its board some gap politicize and now a war and Miss America. We just want to be entertained and then she said she was really pleased that Kate Mckinnon had one for doing an impression of her like a
as a result lays, but she wants a mocking. You is like, and dumped again you have is because I was too good. Looking with those who I got dumped and then she said she enjoyed shown spices aura worse those words. We said that often it was said that she enjoyed Sean's base because he he show that he was a man of good humour and introspection she's. This is something that folks in Hollywood, often lack which is into faction in good humour by them. When she was told at space or didn't write. The sketch himself, but the writers from Hollywood did she responded. No, they didn't that cannot be proven. Brochures baby names news now and delighted rankings have come out for most popular names in Britain, for new babies, publicity
babies have been renamed that discounted from the charts you gotta make a decision and stick to the most pop boys name in Britain now is a Mohammed in its various different. Running Guatemala that, yes, the top the rankings and the most popular spelling of Mohammed Any itself is in the top ten having knocked out William and the girls charts poppy has been noted. the top ten replaced with a more geopolitically aware, opium trade. the prisoner. If you know a few but then free nor jewels, and in twenty six day, despite I therefore urge being having been so prominent because Israel directly less to call a baby. Nigel what they are buying guys. That's enough each up
What is a bit of a habits name for their own, more names that suit babies, but don't you arrows and- and vice versa- yeah. You should and your name should evolve with you, but by to Nigel is statistically popular as, amongst other names, ermintrude tinder, junk mail quota. You Europe urethra ship bag play. one a bugle, that's over surprise, named in about twenty eight babies called baby happens. Baby, let's bring twenty eight, What is unimaginative parenting? the idea is genuinely with snipes check that out no project that I'm not straight off the internet. When you first, I did think there's all trials that someone called decade junk seems to have lost like this. I'm sure that's what we are appealing to the fore minorities.
So the evidence of it Irene every scenario, dinners about the lagoon, their whole life. Chris, I get annoyed. There is, while I felt an instant reaction to your miss pronunciation of the that the mother. where's dragons stood generic too, is, of course in games, runs known name that way because she was when she was born. Her father absolutely hammered I was asked who is favoured? Motown singer was browsing. Set arrested in the Supremes yeah, Seven's uses. Twenty one Apollos for jupiters, so juice baiting Jupiter? That's good news for the Greeks layer attempt to recover economic adjusted raise any nor Scots. I think there are a few force, Emily Barrington Barrington fewer than three. Ah,
Sadly, what what barring some Chris Power name as far as I'm concerned, I would like to know where the Power Box, one back in the sixties, when they are crazy, friends, listening What does it take to make a power name? Is it like more than three syllables or three syllables plus picked you dream boss? Yet if you Chris Arcade Christopher I will name, then you wanna many creatures. They were. There were forty one forty one boys called Chris Glad for their initiative Please. I feel up my name peaked in the nineties. Eighty seven tearfully screamed and forty six and ninety ninety six yeah how many hurries hurry eighty three hurries how many hurry kind, a ball check, output and come to boldly, sadly, there's, no babies call bugle. Sadly there is a disappointment matter.
Eleven or know there are no babies named colonels, Reginald Dire? Who was the man responsible for the Emirates or massacre? Ninety? Ninety? Let's go, Mcdonald just out of intranet storm. There were a few Donald at a checklist, Donald nine Boys, Donald down from twenty three things have eighty six. That's these calls that, and so we this already got my free baby. Called ISIS, but does it those, apparently been storing up the news to catch up with on that Digital set up box and have not got up mean that may be the only after the chain of really cheap hotel. I don't care what you mean, but certainly come with a connotation. I think, and I believe I should as a brand is now take,
did not going out on a limb when other market shares come to have that right I mean, maybe that's because that was the name of the dog in downturn. Having was it always, though, maybe they are banking on ice is winning and they ve gone for the gamble leg. You know this works out. This carries a great name brought I don't have any those voices have since been renamed die, ashy or not, but no more, but also, maybe they they are. Banking on ice is winning indeed the goin for the gamble leg out of this works out. This cares great name brought it low percentage, but waited very long percentage from a religion. point of view clay were not at Mohammed now, the most popular most popular boys name, sick, Jesus sixty seven motors is team joy. I've Vishnu, no borders, but a hundred lady bodies which
Can you count that is that short for butter? yeah I reckon we can have. No Confucius is but three under ninety seven commies your emails. I was come comin from Richard Tables rights and they uncomfortably attending the UNESCO Second World open educational resources Congress in Ljubljana, Slovenia, I was price to a reference to slow cook democracy from bugle issue. Two hundred, ninety three- from the slovenian tv news host an empty for the event eagle, Burgundy, I found a he nine checked me and John and his reference to slow cooks so all influences felt far and wide. even at you and events with delicate some over a hundred countries, so there's gonna power we will in the show from our side, other any any, supposed to like just send out for future UNESCO,
Frances, up on your feet, bank said no uplifting right, ok, yeah What is Jaeger Marie smoke yeah I've, you just got on recent beagles, the member of parliament for seventeen. Sixty four described that people using food banks, eighty shrubs uplifting, because it shows how come passionate we are as we have to help other people, but they caused a soft can slashing you with a knife and saying look, maybe that known also over there as a plaster for you yeah, I'm aware than the one that's caught you, but don't expect me to stitch up. Look if I caught you that gave the plaster would have been able to help your basically Creighton heroes. Essentially, What he said was similar you're saying that the fact that we in Britain now applied basic animal cruelty standards in abattoirs, those that we are an extremely vague and nation also claimed that a Buckingham palace was simply a care facility for an elderly woman, odious
will you do know what he's managed to do the unthinkable Rees mark she's, to make Boris look more likeable right. So, sir, that's an extremely high tariffs. I mean that's what he's been sense, presumably to do as I? Yes, the Bible behind the scenes by the build about group? Duke you re most, Let me into hello bugles, at the Beagle podcast dot com. That's is all we have someone. So we do have a story lined up about a penis that in drawn. In the background of a children's cartoon, that's had provoked various complaints. For a man from watches, including a common announcing. This is scandalous. This is how they implants subliminal thoughts with it a barely discernible graffiti painless. In the background. Of a kid. Khartoum.
Not sure about is how you implausible ivy, ever watch kids, advertising that does not exist. Exactly scream subliminal agenda, They screams one or more of these sweet states better than cabbage. After who teeth, all you are nothing more than a functional functioning unit in a cage our economy all ice cream by this dull, unfair psych, accept the historic role of women in a patriarchal society, so can I go for the subliminal, delicate background and we will have more or less in a future bugle, because I think that is the store. The needs are urgent attention. we ve overrun this week, so we will return to this. In a couple of weeks time, we there's no new be next week, but I will be I spectacular shovel british colony compiling was the definition of spectacular you practical
you are. The definition is spectacular that, yes, it will be key to thank you, active and hurry thanks for coming back on it. Have you any shows coming up and Austria allow people the listener: austerity in Australia. Yes, I'm gonna be in Sydney out the comedy store doing my Argentina greatest Hitchhiker sunlight the fourteenth of October. I think it is so around Tasmania Erin a straight here and then back here for a run of bombshell more. If we still hear me ass, well, ass, a big if these days a hurry any any any shows the plug. Yes, I'm gonna be in London October, tenth an eleventh at the Soho Theatre. So if you want to see your fifth favorite bugle com, you can guess it's out of your shower. Yes, yes, that is his elbow. in Toronto September? Twenty six and twenty seven, and all my
AIDS had hurry, kinabu, dot com or just Google make that's the only way you can tell that. There's ways to find me on the internet, so places you mentioned. I will also be appearing ass soon. I will be a sober theatre from the eighteenth of December with another review of the issue and is also so if a viable history and I do now have my: U S towards age, largely confirmed and d in the? U S can I do I think of it as in the USA, and appears you have just done a jungle for web, Lee be as soon as he finds he'll tell you it now, so Bob Bob, I will be in the USA on the fifteenth of October in San Francisco, the seventeenth in Phoenix the the nineteenth and twentieth in LOS Angeles, the twenty first in Portland, the twenty fourth and twenty fifth enter. which I know is definitely not in the USA, but we are each
in the same global ballpark on a continental level, so that Little Canada trick this year on the thirtieth of October in Chicago the thirty first in New York. First, November in Boston fifth of November in Philadelphia. The seventh of November in Nashville that no honour then confirm it, but I'm pretty governance gonna guide an finishing up on the eighth of November in war. She didn t say so please come to all of those shows left this slightly late again feudalism. So I really do you come from this one. They come to low shows. All the details on the internet. That's it. but that was not the most convincing plug I shall do not really do need to court so we'll come, but not that we part of next week shall we be official, and these goals when, in the USA, twenty seven seem tore, advert that daddy we want them involved you next week, plus whatever
This is plotting of its various cryptic emails. Now, slowly, scared! That's! For this week, Beagle Federalist, listening Our thanks once again for joining us until I'm actually Google's goodbye. your rhino science is right, if you like yet yet I'll do great things up what things dogma