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Andy is joined by Nish and Alice to ponder just how awful the Conservative conference has been for Theresa May. They also try to make sense of a grim week for the USA. Bugle love to our Vegas listeners.

PLUS: What mythical creature would Donald Trump most like to get funky with?

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The bugle Audio Newspaper, a visual would be. You are welcome to issue four thousand and forty five of the bugle, the world's only and longest running audio newspaper. All this quite visibly vision. Well, the news gas fearlessly looks truth square in the face and says no not for me. I am Andy's oarsmen freelance warlord of business I would have made, is far from brisk in Scotland and I'm considering relocating and I'm doing this week by representatives of both of the wealth to greatest latitudinal defined hemispheres. Firstly, Jordan. We hear in London from the northern hemisphere? It's the man who is to be will what Queen Elizabeth the second is to wrestling IRAN authorise in that he does it
once a month, and does it very well Miss Burma as a very excited to know whether the tickets captain we're gonna go to so many people it somebody did what you give that you and I both muddled hackers, opted out particular coy. We're gonna go to any direct how or where my patriotism squarely answered. My mama had these guys. So welcome was yet I've been a spin off in a tricky wake me, and I knew I was the victim of a cyber attack. Why, yes, basic way I've got a thirteen year old and eleven year old cousin and they have worked the veil able to edit my Wikipedia I answer. Without wishing to lose perspective on these things, all hell is broken via Wikipedia page lists me.
As nation, then in inverted commas, niche came over his mission. Has my full name that quickly became Madame Lily Coma why is it only or rustling yet, which is a core? Only by my wrestling I missed chocolate poisoned and then I think you will unite burgundy birds. They start call me Madame Lily about six years ago, I wish you might be able to help me with this because I e they are from Australia, and I assume that it was a character in Australia. Tv show and then my uncle Toby. Now it's not that it's just me: oh no, he had cortical Madame Lily. They also allege that my way, you suddenly Lou read so sweet. What Madame really was one of the characters in work on the world's I've yet, but it was They also allege that I wait a total of seven million billion kilograms, thus me the way of a small star. They work, with a warrior prose they were both give it a swift war
by Wikipedia which they didn't really care there too busy laughing. At my fight, but unfortunately in the melee, someone else in the process doktor by Wikipedia Place, to say that I updated cease to have a force tattoo fixes. Which I had to talk to lie down on the lads holiday to La Rochelle, covered up the original That's it was of a crudely drawn stick man with a speech bubbles like a sexual spats where what position on his inner thought he then how to covered with a picture of a wolf in a hat and trousers die. They alone. What can I do not understand how that websites filtration system has not quarter. I mean Andy. Wikipedia is facts. Nations means you have to The I mean we need to the end. We do need to check whether whether this is in fact true laughing drawn drives. Did you do the oddest? Oh my god,.
We should move on I'm never moving on from the world. Already had at the other end of the line before it has even been introduced from us, currently in LOS Angeles, the city of angels, although it appears. Some non angels, have infiltrated its that's right. De I am in a hotel room in LOS Angeles in a robe, because some irrational part of my psyche believes that my pajamas are unsuitable for Radio Roy aid system. Difficult, as you know, Andy I'm sure it's difficult doing comedy with your wipes out. Testifies made so early on in this culture. In a bright with traditional, Michael doing: the Beagle clothed now, after tattoo gate
So what are you? What are you doing? In LOS Angeles you voicing Smurfs moving? Surely alleys Andy just a matter of toy for both based on previous people? Like me, the first Browns murder, I'm sorry that was more rationally life brown smurf apologize, there's only one, lady smurf Vienna is true which must be met. And comfortable fur did Mary into as well to marry Lord smoke. I don't want that. Can they are only be one lady smurf the euro? between business, and they don't tell me you haven't watched your friend and former coworkers. I have it cute up of once of once I've watched the love guru our stray onto Smurfs one. Even I see the love girl but that's only because it was such a valuable and honest representation of my culture
Wasn't there appeared a Andy's life shows where people actually used to give you call me, I do have my site, you have one now I have to copies of the love grew on DVD one. Legitimate one fire, don't believe. As the only pirated copies of grew access, well appropriately enough that bring us onto this week's section in the Bin today is the sickness October. So this is the big over the weeping in the night. What have on six October, nineteen twenty seven with the opening of the just sing in the first prominent talky movie, in which, of course, laid the foundations for the love, grew and the Smurfs. With Its being spoken in, and so we have a special people, film section going in the Bin and well it's all
sober and therefore all eyes turned to the ancient christian Festival of Hallowing, which we may have a run. If we reported in previous beagles is having its origin in Jesus teenage years, when is a fifteen year old trying our new miracle eternities for noise Ex had into a pumpkin that is now being frozen of anyone hollow and faint films, films coming out. We preview this year smash it hallowing films, including pumpkin, still skin, live action. Modernized adaptation of the classic brothers grim fairytale in which a large angry orange vegetable blackmail is a young female city, trader called Miller. Who has been promised? You might be my partner of the firm and the bosses, wife if she can spend worthless tech, stockings and multi million dollar profits. Pumpkin stilton helps Miller work the markets in exchange for first born child, which is a city trader. She isn't that fast about she hands over the child, willingly to pump cool still skin and the rest of the film. For
The joint pumpkin Newport Baby Unlikely double act as the cranky squash zooms around the states trying to avoid having his insides ripped out accrued faced carved into his skin, and candle stuffed inside him. Bugle writing to stem cells, also county This is the bugle record for the fastest. I've had my head in my hands, also trick or treat classic medical blackmail thriller in which a rogue you're on Halloween night threatens to infect the president's with the infectious roundworm influence disease, tricky analysis provides him with access to the transient reactor test facility, or this known for short, treat the renowned graphite, moderated thermal spectrum tat nuclear reactor in. I too hope that says really gonna be worth thing and White House which, in which an evil which names
Girl cater takes possession of the soul of the president and make him do a series of outlandish horrifying things. That is all set to be one of the classic modern documentaries and was filmed over the first eight months of this year. Also in the Beagle Films action, an exclusive interview with the star Young British directed Growler Hollister alibis forthcoming smack movie. The prince of tides, a reminder of the Oscar nominated ninety ninety one, Barbara Streisand Class Holy mother of God. You are playing fast at last with the word classic their the and fight in the brain ass a film get more more expensive to say in cinemas. We give you tips on how to save money. Are you came to see the lightest action blockbuster, but on a fork out cinema prices?
simply close your eyes. Imagine another action blockbuster that you ve seen before for ninety minutes or so, but with a slightly faster chasing bigger explosions and even shy to dialogue that you go. You ve, saved yourself, twenties and out of this is the view of the six walked over some historic anniversaries in fifteen. Eighty to this day did not exist. The large parts of Europe because of the implementation of the Greek Orient Calendar, ITALY, Poland, Portugal and Spain. All skipped these sick of October is a true when in fact they skipped from Nay they went straight in the fourth to the fifteenth Thursday. The fourth walked over fifty eight was followed by Friday, fifteen October fifteen. Eighty two really made up the lag due to the inaccurate measurement of years, where you getting I'm from us,
from because they might well known fact is it really is a well known fact. I hope is not Wikipedia, is bear in mind that website colonies as I've got the stigma and is also a word. I want to mention the great tradition of fur Buell. Wikipedia additions dating back to committee was right within the first couple of months. I think we encourage artlessness to get a bit. Creative would have been a Wikipedia page them. There are some relics of that. Still looking around at the looks of internet, including me being listed as a bassoon player, bony well alligator throw open the doors to all vehicles to do your work. Really I Wikipedia bright boy, I'm can have another go the bugle paper there they slightly hotter on that gonna think them they used to buy them. They recently got a week, a pdf page right, I'm still in or the fact that I just on the internet.
Buglers? Consider that an open savings due eddies Eve you could get banned quicker than a thirteen year old in eleven year old, not the wicked Peter is obviously a massively useful source of information. Like you say. Yes, your mention of the film trickle tree earlier argue about the risk of tricky noses at the risk of death. For me, is actually low brought. So why would you I'm not trying to pick hose in your plot might, but why? Why would my pluck deploying the Panthers need a hook our cattle, believe the number of hours Chris that you have, sadly, two anti, and this is the first qualm you find it. Everyone has now breaking up the Syria, the F b I have known for years You have died of AIDS up Is that a motion at last week.
Lifting France followed skipping? It serves given eleven days to bring the calendar Updike later an efficient eighty two, along with what is now Belgium in HOLLAND, but Britain, Only a doctor, the gregorian calendar in seventeen, fifty two class we hung on Julian calendar for another hundred and seventy years, and do not think now we have to ask given the age a breakthrough that we live in. Is it time for bed? the ditch, is Euro calendar, but we never got a thing most of all for us and our Butler Julian Calendar, the mightiest country, great. Yes, Andy british time for british people, by which I mean slightly behind some other. Other candidates, calendar collar debates, colored that exactly out, above all, other elected Eurocrat. Tell me one day and on this day in nineteen, seventy four, forty three years ago today, a little boy was born in London. England
who would go on to be raising the sensitive sea? Oh yes, it's my forty third birthday today, flexibility of let slip Moya. Let my diet, birth, Yorkshire, showbiz. As a big mistake, let's say Osborne on six October: nineteen, eighty four, I'm young and I'm ripped, and if any of you don't happens, my bank accounts. My mother's maiden name is Almah Amity on the top story. This week Zimbabwe has given what are they right. You the history of the arts of rhetoric NASH, as our official Teresa, my speech correspondent. What what are you just bring a bugles up today? In case they miss the lurk. Gloria was
Sandy, we ve all had bought gigs, we ve all world that are created in all, had bud gigs, I'm thinking specifically in the case of main Andy Old Shot, two thousand and twelve equity guy did about six months ago, where man used the phrase you, Sir, which really invalidated his use of the word, sir. Yes, this was something else theories may was giving way to. The Tory Party Conference which is a sort of annual gathering? The every political party has party conference itself, so think of a contradiction in terms of a little bit like fun order. Soothing, not show or President trump it's where an annual gathering is a political body, and this is a big opportunity for tourism. I she's had a rough all time of it, largely through circumstances of her on making, but this was an opportunity for her to set the record straight reestablish itself as a dominant later the pie and Prime Minister if this country- and I believe the technical term for what happened- was she thought it right to return
Ah my word, it was this. Reach was an abject disaster. I mean I don't even know where to start with this, I guess we have to start with the fact that she had a coffin fate, which resulted in her having to stop the speech of the middle and the chances of having to climb over cutlasses to deliver a coughs weight to her. Result in several pauses in the state which share the Tory Party, faithful, desperately try to fill by giving earning promptly, standing ovation made dies the living definition of an easy gig. Standing out just because you to harass, standing ovation or where they giving her coughing feed is tending to actually difficult so given the behaviour of some of them in the weeks leading up to this debate and also the speech was then interrupted by Canadian and pranks Simon, broad kid who had managed to get fully accredited as a party member and managed to get down the front door, during the Prime Minister's speech and hand, a fight, p, forty five for essentially informing
she was gonna, be fired and ass. He was led away by the police who possess the Bali without having a sandwich. Frankly, they ve got a is bringing led away. He was shouting Boris told me to do it because of the various leadership of challenges that Boris Yeltsin appears to be issued. Encoded messages it national news It was all in all I subtle cluster humanist in terms of speeches going shit. Bingo. She was she was ready. Missing out straight out, I mean the question. All are asking is: did she shit herself right because That's the ugly! Why? That's? The only way it could have been any worse if she just fulla shit yourself right, I'm not yet expect the once only mention the police. I think they were pretty distracted, bobbing about to storm the stage and arrest Teresa microscope attacking herself.
You see, I'm it- she was pushing a clear threat to the Prime minister is not biggest problem. It's not challenges within our own party. It's not the actions of stabbed Kobay did nobody underlines to raise my more than Teresa. I just think it's a natural consequence of what happens when you do a sounds and invite the angry spirits of conservatives past. Haven't you literally embodying the state of british policy ghosts of dead, gouty old politician, clearing their throats disapprovingly through her hollow flesh, prison, breastworks relation of your budget with eyes. No one is cut out now. What has got closer than you? Are
to explain what went on then, the sort of I mean the shit cherry on the fake, ok was dear sweet. There was a backdrop that said, I think it said: building a better country for everyone and during her speech, the F in for everyone fell off. The only way that could have done better is if the fruitful and out of the country, Yet I mean arguably that would have at least been funny. This just look at inviolate, threatening also on actual emphasizes the f of the air Well, if you put that in a play, script or films grid you'd be accused of a heavy handedness pre anvil What this might really? There was no why these letters falling off was J
you only accident. There is now a pristine lets us into some of the explanations given one conservative is saying that the reason I felt was because there have been too many standing of nobody's gonna set the letters him swooned. The raw political Iraq hasn't over another holding falling unemployment figures, but exam that. Is the owner you're too good at sex? We have to stop all the tickets. There's. No, where have you ever seen? A letter fall off a backdrop before your ring. If now never was about, is accidental as Laura than hardy. Dropping that pay em out down down most steps that was more orchestrated than a room full of eighteen violinists. Some cellist, some clarinet is some trumpeters, some flautist, come off it Europe, where this joke is guided by the port. Why this could have been some colleagues are clearly out. Did you and probably haven't thought all she's party gonna have a massive coughing fit and be stage invaded
I can imagine as well so probably in itself. Out of you know, you stood not law. Look at our bit crowd tat. You ve missed the key point here and which is the clearly they should have gone A polish workmen to put that saw cry irony the Gray Ironies Asia. They try to buy british and ended up with slapdash work, but I really think of all the times. Let us could have fallen off. Backdrops haven't you Joseph Stalin had huge crowds I'll always gigs did he ever sprang up standing in front of her full of letters all a union of Soviet. I pubic note now he has any idea because Kim Jong known finished one of his gig setting. Of all Heil Day later, the monitoring chef who decide in favour of it,
a thousand people marching at the same time worst nuclear test. Blasting, underneath the state will actually add just take connect. Your fact. A little bit nanny His name was originally King Kim Jong richest region wrote it up just doubled, It was even I mean it was a complete disaster from start to finish and There are now serious questions being asked of the conference security because some broad can who is committing? Who our budget is known to you? Yes, well I think he might even be one of the many comedians who have one point being myself attacks and gonna eager and better things. Well, he certainly really flow This lot supporting terrorism. He added case where the was quite new on the circuit, but you haven't got a history of.
He does. He have because he used was out call a at throwing money at set Blatter. Think he tried to pull a prime comes He gave him swastika emblazoned Gulf, alas, rises. Scottish go so a capacity two reports emerging in the last couple of days. He used His real name on his accreditation said nobody bothered googling him and some, we managed to get so close to the Prime Minister, the he could hanta a piece of paper without anyone sort of rugby tackling it. I mean. I know that there are several british startled Indians. Who would like to say something I can get ready to accept the fact that that's mainly due to the fact that he is notorious for overrunning Islam makes bilge eggs There is a genuine concern that he was able to get it in the first place and be able to get within Turkey. Distance of the private is that I was worse. Is that she,
took the form from it, but she actually accepted the haeckel, isn't that was slightly reduced as a piece of paper as a piece of your performance, satire, banya factors. Firstly, the fact that MRS my was already being satirizes by our own throat, physically memory, spluttering incoherence unconvincing means of how governments but exit strategy and about a Boris Johnson signature on the p. Forty five was clearly faked: men ass, they could have just they could have just gone Amy Java, you can get easy. Easy is autograph on internet, along with his mother, maiden name and his childhood pet as a neutral.
And you can have a recent studies password to reckon it's probably king, Boris the first eyes wide. My strongly suspect viruses password is considerably more rice, it up and the p forty five formats before we get him when you're a aura Urim. Your sacked basically boil your employer, ironically p. Forty five was also the sixteenth option in a multiple choice. Quays amatory conference announced the question. How many more days will Teresa might be. Primarily. People said the speech was described as a car crash. I might give the wrong impression of speed and Madame
It was more like someone driving a horse drawn victorian hers, carrying a coffin full of heavy rocks very slowly and deliberately into a swap baked vigil levels, abreks it for we again select. She had a cough economy that the Heavens to everyone. She was a victim of rank. He can't help that to have as their only got centre of here, that to me sounded like she was. It was a kind of coming from a remind someone to do something I think she had, I think, set peace plan that includes crippling the increase right of of employment, provides young hope prefers. Hope to the young people are called you idiot. You missed your cue to release the flock of comparative. They use it as she was queuing
located, and he was like a moment abroad. I think you're, a definite cure working come on. Get people live on, how gotta stop all publicity is good. Publicity. The the actual content of the speeches self was as bad as it looks. Delivery Well, she kept on buying on about the british dream, which was clearly the sole buzz word of the conference, of what they were trying to get the buzzword across the bridge. Dream. I think she was brought to invoke the idea of the american trade, but it's not something we really have in our cultural conversation. We really identify what the british troops involves, while I'm in they have now identified what we want. The british dreams involve. If you really want to engage the british public by establishing the idea of british dream what it involves a mild, whether punctual public transport, a hotline specifically designed for you to call it- and have somewhat listen to your mind, a complaint, a tacit agreement that sex whilst undeniably fund, should never be spoken of in public and the ability to get back.
I'm drunk without any hangovers that truly, as the British do anything you ve, missed residents of Miss out also add to that was those all valid part of it. But it's not. The complete british dream I would also add picnics with marmalade people singing hymns before looking daffodil deleting a skirmish scarred. Some point producing a twofold admit, fail to his son we're getting in giving the boy and the merciless commercial exploitation vibrator an age that were destroyed as usual of living a british debate right now, I was then to be brief. The british people didn't dream at all that they just sort of regretted caught colonies pass, Alice. You are sadly mistake if, by regretted colonies past you beat regretted not having the holidays we had in the past, then. Yes, that is definitely not one hundred percent
did good way of that kind of thing yeah. But, let's, though, some interesting tips on how to deal with the croquet voice here during during a performance theme, the famous radio for announcer Neil Nunez, who has one of the most distinctive and absurdly deep radio voices you will ever here. Yes, he does. He tweeted that the Prime Minister should have spoken more softly slightly more late night time as using take it take a moment. A pause, drink and it'll come back very much the Boris Yeltsin technique is of this old. Did Boris Yeltsin ever filed a complaint is made, jug invited results, water problems, they spend thirty six hours asleep on an airplane under a confidence. Cocoanut was report on the BBC website, suggestion that she should have hummed too,
Papa vocal curtness which, having great in the middle, the speeches in Angola Room before I get to the stuff about post breaks. It tried that's better right now and for sea also, the competent got also suggested. The best thing to do is to release your shoulders ground your feet and slightly by your knees, which are also the instruction agent you're supposed to give a chicken before it lies in Asia, I did this is such a shit show we are so another admiration for the coughing is, I think she was doing a classic gonna bullshit cough. Does he was calling bullshit on ourselves? I have suggested
raise evasive like Doktor Strangelove situation. To May has defended decision not to sack Boris Johnson for making public demands about her breaks at policy, arguing that she does not want a cabinet of yes men and saying that she was showing strong leadership by having a diverse range of voices around the cabinet table. Sure if, by diverse you mean out of shape old white men who agree on most things, but occasionally have an ego, old tantrum, about exactly how best to screw over the country. Also inside note, if you have to say you're, throwing showing strong leadership, you probably up is the kind of thing you want. Somebody else saying for you have some sort of yes may occur, or you know. Ideally, it should be indicated by actual evidence, shows a lack of excessive display of devotion to a spouse. Generally, the cylinder somebody dodgy is going on
The TAJ Mahal. This looks familiar with your happy on Instagram. You not happy Boris had some extra solemnly things why people calling them to be set. Some saw a curious comments. He made about the libyan city of Serbs, but she's a british business. We look at a brilliant vision to turn certain to the next do by reach for the staff and I m. The only thing they got to do is clear: the dead bodies away before laughing, apparently yeah, I'm being received with laughter by the people in that room sceptics. Road Mary audio recording now mean that there is good reason to fire like that is that you should be bounced back to his original job, which I guess is either rugby tat. Children all being our worst national stereotypes in
tragically predictable american use, a man is opened fire on a crowd in LAS Vegas, in what W, W w dot mass shooting tracker dot. Org accounts as the two hundred and seventy third mass shooting in America this year. I'd like that, that website exists, and by like I mean it, makes me cry, but that website exists with four hundred and fifty six five hundred forty six people wounded and sixty nine dead in October alone. This makes October the bumper month for this year, despite it only having been October for a week. I think gun control is that the hideous mollet on the head of America, which large portions of the country insist really, Sir
No I'm not gonna is like awkwardly trying to suggest they should probably get a better had caught but they're. All like my founding dad says it makes me look pretty. I think if sandy hook was not enough to make Americans change their mind about guns, nothing else will is like you, ve gone on a first date and they ve already thrown up on you called their ex girlfriend toxic told you about their criminal record reminisced about that time. They were done. By aliens and mentioned some severe erect I'll dysfunction issues, and you ve decided to take them home anyway, only to find out that they have extremely digs disconcerting body here. Grooming choice is upsetting, but you can hardly be surprised. It's completely insane to love guns, but the heart wants what the hot once and the heart can have what the heart, once, especially if what the heart wants is a bullet. Now, without wishing to girl too much of a limb acknowledging their US ass, a british person, I can fully understand the rights and wrongs of ignoring deeply heroin.
Combat statistics for political and economic reasons nor, however, felt a date, freedom, fuel joy of communing, with my forebears across his entries by unloading, a semi automatic at a shooting range. So we can't really relate to this, but the evidence does. Without wishing to jump, the three hundred million gums seem to be moving up, maybe just maybe americanese- to reassess the optimum number. Annual slayings. They should be drawing trying to achieve, and even then our eye in the wake of this latest horrific atrocity appear to be slightly softening their stance on mass death for all
trembling what they are the humanitarians. None of us think that in a country where everyone has guns- and it doesn't look like they are likely to decide to put them into being, it makes sense that you would also want again, because everyone has guns and they all completely terrifying. I talked to a taxi driver. You told me he was an actor and he's never got a role, even though he's been delay for twenty five years, trying to be an actor. If that guy can have zero grip on reality and access to a gun. I also want to offer the at all races see weighing Lapierre, which is unusually Galliot connive somebody We are evolving american trade. It was its veto fox, obviously hey. Instead of sort of naming the Democrats, he went quite specific and consistently named Schuman and fine stain what's going on to criticise the monsters in Chicago now that not be more of a dog way. So if he was lit,
Lee blowing a dog way so light Eads criticising two of the most jewish sounding Democrats and the law, This does indeed loves the african American City of Chicago here, wine lumpy air. Obviously you cannot legislate for murderous lunatics other than through legislation of Meda murders are losing much more logistically difficult to carry out by other. But with hindsight, if only the amendment mongers in the eighteenth century have been a little more far sighted and added a sub clause, saying obviously guys use common sense, if only, if only that, fortunately, however, they were wise enough not to add a second and a half amendment guaranteeing in unclear. In perpetuity. The right to eat delicious on pasteurized cheeses, which are the two most intense and bubble, is illegal, which are safe.
Thousands, if not trillions, of Americans from being slain by intensely flavoured camembert, as will the sole enhancing depth of a primal, let's or even a cave aged comeback, strength, capitalism, the rugged mountains of Northern Spain Fishing as they concern a boy to a man and a man into wish cows. Sheep goats cross Breed Super milk cheese animal at so these lucky it does. They do to have slightly got those two priorities wrong for me, I do know a lot more about unprocessed either. I do know about semi automatic firearms and you don't think you understand it. Does the american psyche if they allowed on pasteurized Jesus people, would be inventive. Attachments to their cheese dispenser. That would somebody thousands of round up- and I was too has its mouth about others, just so that laws damages caused Andy so plays over wasted. My greatest impostors cheese moments,
under which there are many, could be a new regular section on afterwards, the day my wife and I discovered that she was pregnant. For the first time we went to celebrate a very fine restaurant in South London, and I ordered the impostors Chief Board for dessert. She had to watch me. I got a collateral soup relative Jesus. Did you watch it out with a full bottle of poor? on top of the situation in LAS Vegas. The is the ongoing crisis in ports raker. This truly has been a tough week for the forty four president, both in chronology on quality. They mean From really is making LE bushel like, after all, Harrison Ford in AIR Force, one who I think we can all agree on the two greatest presidents of old time under law,
prevaricating traumas, finally gone supports a radio and good news. He went on didn't call report. I read your eyes immediately one in the w column Hold ups Bob views the Washington post. This is covered by extracted their reporting of his time, Trump passed out, yellow bags of rice and then started tossing rolls of towels into the crowd as if he were shooting free throws the crowd, laughed and Shay on what he contemplated doing the same, with cans of checking the crab gently told him now, he had to be informed. But it was not a good idea to fling tin cans. A crowd of people who have been forced We evacuated from their homes. Do you HU, a hurricane we'll through say what
he's got we're gone. It was when it was through the northwest smashing the looking glass at our own face I see the video they said. Yes, he seemed to be loving it. Actually, a digital are becoming too many. Exclamation marks on twitter this week. Forty minutes, The biggest growth in the aftermath of a massive tragedy caught the aggravation of his weight basic, went further Regan forts natural disaster and human tragedy, with his trademark, trumpet brand of peevish irrelevant elliptical, Onan ISM and over Bitch draft, and he has the m it. It dealt with the tragedy with delicacy of touch an innate humanity of John Industrial means a processing, a bucket full of kids,
was, and at one point even though further Rico you throw nor budgets a little out lack yards and when he is to be fair to him, a businessman who is so a false and Europe to an enormous in no meaningful, but I'm a guess that, as you say, the point is nothing nothing surprising anymore. Knowing I wouldn't it wouldn't surprise me: if someone is weakened, you stood up on a platform, and spoke to American said I had a dream last night and which are trying to drag and an inverse russian dolls every time you think he's reached the limit, how an even bigger yes, please
It was Russia dollar. Three, it's five o clock in the morning here and I'm gonna go to sleep immediately after this after these podcast and I'm going to dragging out of trouble I'll, tell you! How are you party this because I feel like if I said that a five that we like a double express our show how you go back to sleep after somewhat is used the phrase king interacted reckon with the US and not your cigarette, easily That, of course, is having sex with the dragon development. To be a sick come from the night? I would like to point out that in case anything, we ve been little bearskins. Mr Trump, on the show germanization, none of us were taking the knee, and you know in my head, the dragon was a sexy dragon.
It was your dollars. Was the dragon was asking for another we're having tandem yeah, but I'm not it's fine, it's too early for you to radiate thinking about Donald Trump of exactly the drug. Arguably is too early for me to be thinking about is what fifty Car he's it play some new ones. Unfortunately, a bugle science, section science always provides respite from reality and what has been a huge weak for scientists? We will the Nobel Gongs, bang
and about full updates on next week. Evil with all the winners and losers, forensically analyzed by my guests, the no time Nobel Prize winning Gloria Arica above that MA am, I can say that a few people, Misdoubt Doktor, Bruce Piebald Miss doubtless there yet particles move faster if you shouted abuse at them. Massive potential implications for intergalactic travel alone and dug up for the Chinese have done at this special le lies again slip ten miles across goby desert that kinda.
Shell, ten million loan, you not worthy winners and also doktor harbinger limit a narrowly miss down the gun for his research into when someone's body becomes to boot. Delicious for such as there is finally found the key, the tipping point to which the lines of measured boot deliciousness and the ability to withstand and or tolerate booty listeners intersect reaches because numerous variables relates to the psycho sexual make up of the Buddha dishes were sector and the mutilation presentation will. Skills of the booty lacks is that is the name. Female exhibiting boot deliciousness, the boot booty Lex, but at them and they were dumped other say the things is hardly anyone autonomy. But in other signs, new Momentum- crucial science, has come out this week from the right
our society Open saw in general. There is discovered that captive bread, pheasants twelve times more likely than other species to end up as road only. This, surely is a great piece of science in scale allowed discover the sun o every was out of your office and correspondence what what's the low down on this doctor Jones Madden from the University of Extra who led the study, said what I think is the sad, a sentence. I've ever heard said because they ve been read in the absence of any adults. They have no one to show them how to live, and so they walk around and get Africa a group of some sad music reliably sensible oh, the guy. I applaud this suicidal birds. This is the ultimate you to some Toffee Lord
you wanted to Britain. I think its tragic pheasants, a lovely, modest bearing the misfortune to be believed, unlike flamingo, arrogant, ganglia, pink ourselves with stupid. When I go on out of lobbying, vows guy haven't looked at least. What is your problem with flamingo did this and I got no problem with flamingos accepted their flamboyant fluorescent, swamp dwellers with nobly knees and a bad attitude. A baby, I'd haughty, bookstore, asking permission bed breath and making them. We fly remembered his temper flamboyant God that is too good for too long. We should probably here a moron story next week. So if you are a pheasant listings is please tangs, does your views and do
your envelope, pheasants, don't forget buglers, my? U S. Tool begins on Saturday, we'll get. You have not Irving area. Less self. Promote. Diving idea was my: U S old, and on Sunday, the fifteenth of October at Cubs, comedy club in San Francisco, then infer Mix, Arizona or other phoenix fish. Arizona issue having lived a map of the House of comedy rests on the seventeenth cyber come on our own. We share the same initials then allay melts where I was lost on the nineteenth and twentieth. An Portland on the twenty first do come along to all of those geeks full tool,
tells at and is also an dot colliding New York is. Why, then, is there of the term social cover, NEO, Boston, Philadelphia, unnatural and Washington D C? Then you can hang out with me on a flight to London. If you want after that, do come along to those gigs. Please please, please do come along to those a camera precise enough? How much I need you to cover lies of major? U S, tools, oarsmen the stones in seventy two. Yes, yes, and this right you'll be too big for these podcasting early. That does take a little work to take effect. Offerings do than our foundation for making this broadcast and the whole of radio Tokyo possible. Does our regret, perfect right, you guys are the best have at last been in You guys it would never have sex with the dragon the best you're, the best are considering their nights,
they were trying to do with those lands. Those wooden legs is Europe Yes, this is not something. What you're too Oh, what you can't seem nation and I at the Light Bugle in London on the sixty thousand right and should definitely not allowed to square theatre. That is something I have submitted Plugin Silver extinct, the runway there will you I'm gonna, come on. Watch us are you gonna be in London and I were worried, come and do the show yeah the show yourself, but other labour law that all member states things right. Without drawing a bright lights and every one of the cat, It's my birthday
say: you're, not ember. Others see see you in November, if you're in America I'm doing stand up gigs or you can just listen to my point gas to which is nothing like this. Oh yeah, I am I right in full, shows also available to support cursed school sport like tonight so find my own ideas and I'm doing stand up, shows the Bassi ART Centre on the twenty third and twenty fourth of October and their tickets, which I'm sure You can find while online. Rather it is a rather up and go home, I'm going to wage a cake and Watson roadway. That's your dream! Bertha birthday! Thank you for listening. Then maybe you think you have my thanks. Beautiful look out much appreciated until next time, goodbye, I
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