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Bugle 4046 – Retronauts and prairie skirts

Andy, Hari and Helen look at the war on coal, school bus news, Columbus Day, and The Great British Bake Off

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The bugle audio you If it were a visual allow than welcomes wishing for thousands of forty six of the Bugle Audio newspaper for a visual world, I have some words you have some is. There is now nothing to stop this. This is what are we going Monday, sixteen October something that we are building the eleventh of October, so by Monday to eighty five percent today show could have translated from light of wax vice I'm Andy's Alderman and when I say go nowhere, I'm not I'm here in London, the city where, as we speak, Britain is collectively gearing itself up for a long, slow, run up and jump over the bricks. It brick wall of debt
traffic obligation into the shattered bottle and half eaten kebab filled. We live in a freedom. Glowing terms will join me this week to people from very, very different sides of the Atlantic and with equally different degrees of blood. Relation to me, Firstly, from a world aid, exults one gene pool it's nothing. I have always done melons ultimate high Andy. You ve got off. I don't have a Kaufman entreat you to better that later on, the thought about one enjoys airing someone coffin and got away or could be point. In fact, one of the last be able to report to you He had a horrific you'll. Never put it outline yeah, we got ten minutes in and been the Althea somewhere else. That was his way of telling us that it was over. Are you calling hey.
Rita. We will let you really think. I renascence whether that was the renaissance and then or this is there a nice that was a renaissance. This is just a gulf, we don't know yet we don't know if this coffees swelling end of bugle to point out that some of the time, really obscure country, western, some thousand or nice? And we have already heard him the man who was there at the very though the birth of the renaissance, the nations of the renaissance, the first episode almost exactly one year ago. It certainly well and break from being on the same continent as its president's in Europe escaping temporarily it frequent about who is still Europe
oh, you have at least another two years. I read those win. Your honour will have our own continent of other digging a contempt digging some kind of great continental crack across the channel. There is a very brief period of time were. I thought this country was so stupid and was so beneath the United States and that the election happened and we you were worse. Congratulations! Those small period there with breaks it, that's a small little window, a no good! We talked you once again, so words are welcome. Welcome hurry! Disregarding was delayed by one about forty minutes due to a slight issue with having to Brunswick Places in London, yes to rancid places an apparently eh, one in an w one difference? Riper didn't w means nothing, but I did it out with him another. Let's phrase that use w as a in this country, so were so peoples if you have no enjoy the first forty five minutes of issue which will just silence as we waited
fit of coughing. But you might be Chris Moby ended up it out, but let's go great? Have you a great debates? What, sir, what what? What brings you to her too well. I was opening for Chris Rock in Europe. All right, yes, for re, chose audiences up to ten ten thousand forty thousand and a bit more than you do the regular hurricane about who saw luggage. Well, it's funny say that, because now I'm playing basement and so her a hundred and fifty people and I'm I'm happy for the work and I'm happy their money that whatever presented I get but yeah, it's all straight after playing like ten thousand in Amsterdam to slay changed me. I am. I accept if more, more people just move more people thought this studio and have a couple of thousand people where this is that there is always an audience here. Is a market very quiet or those who? Maybe that's, why you shoot you going far more glamour they end up with glamorous tat. We
by voting on Wednesday, the eleventh of October, which means it is fifty years to the day since eleven September, nineteen sixty seven day which shattered by the death of Stanley Morrison at the age of seventy eights, the famous british topography who designs numerous fonts, including the classic Times new Roman one of the about one about what you're off, not a fan of the Times new Roman, but he was not involved in other classic, such as Gill sends get behind, not yet nothing to the area. It is he designed it not as a problem in an area that is a problem given the frankly a rift things he did in his letter. Again, the dinner funds, the M Perpetua, as well as Sir Snout trap, omega floppy glue, burdock squirrel appetite over the gothic needy, Nora level, scripts speech and Klaus Drought, and very bold single Dingle jungle, dongle and block all funds, Morton personally aura person, design or oversaw the design of
such as a sort of guilt and Anti Roma rights. Him popping his elegantly served cloaks. We are launching free new bugle, only audio fonts. I will eat me using a different forms, in all words on the show, Heaven you'll be using bugle semi. Both we have an example of that place, doesn't have fettes syrups low nicer than that. No sheriff, I'm happy with that. You decided how I will be using such a pointing subsequent blast of that, and to tell us who is the one that says that is ready for just a useful occasional impact, even I'll, be using hogwash, condensed nothin about sixteen October nineteen. Fifty seven Antonio Village Bush, a brazilian farmer, became the first man to have claimed been abducted by aliens, the first high profile, alien abduction taste. He claimed he been abducted from his tractor by four barking aliens and gray overalls. Before being stripped swayed alive with gel major Vernon,
by not just gasped and then sexually and threshold by lady item, with a bright red jumble grudge before being released and becoming a lawyer locked up. The regular I haven't numbers one. We have people aren't given that option for their law degrees anymore. Thank you have to go to school, as opposed to all that, I'm not gonna pick becoming a loss will be a part of the abduction of his life story. But then, when you become a lie, you often haze, coveted Adele, but I'm gonna get if you ve been abducted and seduced by aliens, probably get back to earth and think devote myself to the law, while the obvious thing to do- and I wonder if the aliens used to our overall, because the only american Television eighteen was the Beverly hillbillies the old. U S show about hillbillies that move to Beverly Hills. They were overalls growth, a browser that ok, let's say,
their cells as people by wearing these these overall to no one would now do we have any evidence that the Beverly hillbillies was transmitted into outer space? Should we have any evidence that there were airlines and they exist in outer space well to share this debate could go on for years. Where was he adopted from Brazil? Fidel the access of airport was whether those who spoke a specific form, because this wanting that there was a region right by the farmer bit where they go, the farms does one. It has been any repeat claims about
business. What what year is again? Fifty seven percent, are you sure you wasn't nazi? What you gotta run things things for a young farmer that on issues it wasn't like a nazi fleeing any strategy like override the oh, that's a nazi story with they know. I was here the abducted by aliens that totally would interfere with the Nancy. We can recall rule it out seventeen photobooth next year too. We thoroughly ears to the date, and I was bomb its foot, member, that regulations, Leap and, ultimately, I went to see the cock gravity. But if you do you have to get our baited every thirty years, not the bombing of it, the circumcision but do anyway. But if you are one of those people in Fort enough not to have been my bar mitzvah and give me a present one or make up right now by acknowledging my status as an adult man in the jewish community,
longer to get one of my forthcoming. You asked about a lot. I think we're getting this Sunday. Clothes in San Francisco Judith has accompanied feedings Arizona, Thursday and Friday, often alike and Saturday, at the allowed in in Portland Oregon? Then we have to run to the Boston, Philadelphia, Natural and Washington see all details on the internets permits. Will your first gave? Wasn't it pretty good crowd period granted to split them by gender, how old are you not reveal the exile rules? Rules? Helen rules are rules. Yes, it was a b. I was quite widows them to read a bit of oil chapter, forty two that when the ones middle depends on it over the punishment, I never knew what it meant. Or do you have to say that he rubies dumping or ever actually rather translation to think what it says is that you here
I declare you will deny all of your organs to an illegal organ form. No right. If we made it was a second tables going straight within this week. I look at crypto currencies. We look at all the top crypto countries suffer Bitcoin and a theory em Cash to pseudo wedge, clunky watches Percy the magic pearls. Bullshit bullshit billions that the new by currency, launched by the former will them to wonders in England, send afford Steve BAR God. We have also we we review pigs and axes, that's just a return to basic bartering an vetoes which verbal dollars we just its tell someone you paid them, say ten verbal dollars, and they could then spend those verbal dollars somewhere else softly overland on trust, but then not so far removed from, for example, the entire global economy in the concept of money, and we ask for you which cryptography prevents the best pretend Universe veto hell, your actual
into its all witchcraft able this world is doomed. Also in the bin. Look at a new pot cost uncommitted. They all knew full scrambled cast about the crimes that could have. Maybe even should have happened, but never did nobody was ever found. No one went missing things sensibly. I'm actually stayed the same as they were, but why uncommitted Dell's, deepened the stories and people who are not affected, rubbing the perpetrators, all victims of these terrible things that did not take place. That's it he bigger than they have ever outward, looks at the superficial and actually happy marriage of Bertrand them Edna scratch the Milwaukee couple, who never mode of each other trivial? How will once I did? A relationship fell to deteriorate. Dixon motive was not only not the only option but was never even after being considered that the disagreement about sound, critics, but not everything, seemed to be falling on the surface and underneath the surface is or was it yes next week, the priceless necklace that never moved from the jewelry box so due to an end taxation is a big job story. This week ends shoe
vanity versus cull of a great war times is over the heads of the IMF. An environmental protection agency has declared the war on coal is over, was stopped said so in the coal mining sites, of Kentucky and lost. We can breathe more difficultly again ass, the Holy God given rights to pollute the living of other planets have been preserved by from administration for future generations are, is an American who likes to breathe. The most unhealthy possible. They must be delighted by the left. I find it amazing and he's got through. He rejects the consensus of scientists that emissions from burning fossil fuels are the main cause of global warming, but his consistent, I wanted eminency. These consisted,
because he then claim gravity was only a theory and had to be restrained by several colleagues after he attempted to prove it. By throwing himself from a roof he's dedicated fabricated allowed, it is kind of a community is notorious climate sceptic which even in the stone age basic law being an egg sceptic. I've never seen one while you lately, where you claims only just dropped out of a chicken in a shell, and you can cook and ate it pull the other one, They will scoffed Galileo Gala, they did great restaurant.
He's abilities putting Scott Brujon Environment, for it seems to me like putting the fresh metal group anthrax in charge of a neighbourhood noise abatement scale or getting Heteronomous Bush to illustrate a manual about how to run a germ stall at a church. For that is not ideal and fraught with risk. Do you think he's just like people who had nostalgic for when cassettes were big, the unlikely that cassettes were better than not cassettes, he's just a format? Wretched old is just
static for a different feel, a format retinal yeah. That's a loving areas site now sought vinyl, I'm gonna go call sir. I will hire the they kept. Well destroys mobility. I like the Cosette example because it's just like call not the best quality, exactly not end up getting thrown away in big bundles and there's no value to it now, and it is ignoring the fact that there are not more money in modern technologies such as renewable energy or betrays yemeni. This point of orders and two it was facing repealing the clean power plant, which is a big plank of abortions legacy and efficacy of the lasting America wants, is to be a global leader in ongoing one of the biggest industries, the future common. That is what people voted tromp to do with will void to maintaining
any position as some kind of global forget. Yes, and also, I feel it I'm taking whatever your thing in this ignoring it and then telling a joke or abuse to that. But I forgot my life works closely. What you do Zheng thought, we'd Billy thirty seven years Adam I mean it's completely impractical, because cold accomplice useful as the climate gets hotter, because there is less of a need for creating heat artificially and because will all be dead
It is good to have the moral authority and its own shining spot that essentially, that is America. Basically resigning from the twenty first century has worked as a nation, and even China has got buying renewables and given up on go you ever that's large, because it was choking all of its people to death. Maybe that's the future America once here, maybe at once, everybody topical, like I've, got a rattle. Your your approach, a poem opposed to go for the Trump administrative costs. Environmental got little call fire burning my theory to keep in mind. There is gonna, be growth and emphysema industry. Nobody thinks about the emphysema. What exactly is a very emotive things will benefit from this business. Is that clean about environmental disasters? Damn that's a growth industry, yeah it'll, save on on pensions, more more Americans, we splashing themselves to death at an early age, but it's nice is able to create more jobs again in Kentucky jobs that really unpleasant Kayser underground. In a call, my most of the time and easy to use criminal, that's what you mean hell it becomes.
The street, notoriously through its history, is treated as workers like precious jewels, overpaid them wildly and give them only the very best. Most comfortable working conditions have a worse it against another killed industry beside which would you rather die of respiratory illnesses soon or full blown dementia later on its extra your views, I won't point despite intelligent, become coal mining or our guess. It's when you put it in some kind of burner rather than a museum, exhibit servants pro fossils, but fussy about fossil fuels that poverty of the worst kind. I don't understand how the coal industry has been able to till. I pushed their protocol agenda when we ve been taught from a young age. The call is bad. Santa Claus gives naughty kids call right. There were programme the thing it's better than causes in giving nautical solar panels. That's that's a good point, but is any given in one number calls that's not even enough to fuel anything now so rarely he's giving them a symbol of coal is making them wistful, haven't even got enough.
It thing right, but its it, but it's enough to believe this is the symbol of bad things. It is called, there's nothing you can do with this goal. It is evil and raw yeah. You, member nazis, and used to be considered a bad thing and that's not a remarkably others. You know fashion everything comes back on that day like them like prairie skirts and the swastika. It's a prairie skills is to fight flouncy Andy right. Every three years they come back are really going to hang onto the one you ve got back you up about the prairie skills when it comes to the Trump administrations attitudes towards climate change science. I, when I guess, as it does not want of wishful thinking involved- and I guess the old saying goes if you believe in something strongly enough- you can make it happen, Geneva, Marilyn, mansion. Ninety, ninety, seven into view about the album Anti Christ superstar, which codes,
Bentley is Donald Trump Card Facebook status in other environmental use, walruses set to die do we want that to die on the EU to do to Donald Trump
That's up to now. We have been accused Michel taking an anti trump agenda, but according to this article, the will and the Trump Administration has refused to list the Pacific wars as endangered after deciding a big tusky whisker face loud buddy, I sputtering fish guzzling blasted may be able to adapt to the loss of sea ice than they currently defender in I like em, like dinosaurs, adapted seeping asteroids near they were very good at an unlikely wished over crocodiles, carrying the african Black Rhino adapted to being hunted to extinction. Yeah. They continue to live in their minds to if Kevin Cosmic and make it in water world really the wars can make in reality. If a shocking, unqualified man can be present in the United States will receive, is complete the work in and survive without their habitats and look how well foxes have evolved into living on the streets of London. So your basically saying that what we want is fairly,
MRS in London, considering from pain to being a eating taking office is living in up I'm laughing. I prefer to the fox to be honest: if you ever Huggins Rifle Throuble, I will report asking you from him up then yeah. It's having the background. Storybook trump is doing this because each year takes revenge and all his enemies and, as we remember nineteen eighty seven, this fit famously happened in Florida, see world it, while splashed Mr Trump right, destroying his hotel of great actor, the best it ever lived, but they said it did destroyed his hair waited thirty years finally found his revenge. so many people better vendettas their so called, but no as cold as it would have been thirty years. But I dont understand that the above made ministration actually could have put these wars, as are the indeed species list
but they said that there were other animal that were a bigger priority brought. So is the endangered like species, this is it limited, is only a limited number of people that can be added at whenever people living number of animals. I could be added- at any particular time we only have in our power to give a shit about a limited number of animals at the time. I was also bourses, eat seals and can kill polar bears, so maybe he they priorities. Those first because I have the predator of other borders is right as you they do is they can travel each other to death. So here was about decision and was recently due to that. Did you make war? Is tremble each other? The remarks that have just wanted to say I was they find it very difficult to get up the stairs things that when people criticise Trump hypocrisy or
meaning what it has, but I think he is even quite happily Slayer wars with a change or in one of his weekly Youtube Boastings. Just to make a point not mean what point it doesn't matter as long as appointing might by him and there's a dead wars on the floor at the end of any efficient wildlife service, which are those of your favorite, a branch of american government, so that work is unlikely to be considered endangered in the foreseeable future, which apparently is defined as from now until the year. Twenty. Sixty now to me, that is a wildly optimistic end date for the forces. Future forty four years ago, because of what it is forty four years away, because what, in the time between the beginnings ray the sentence, I may reaching the whereas a wasp infested pumpkin for the second time, Donald Trump may well have stuck his diplomatic penis back into the wasp infested pumpkin, that is North Korea just to see what happens they fastened in that way, and they never end
oh noted, it didn't frankly, the foreseeable future. These days stretches at best for weeks into the future. Coincidentally, when I'll be finishing, while you are still full dates and is also look out of UK, I found begin to think that the foreseeable future, my already vended and because the way the news works even passed in even retrospectively foreseeable anymore, either what what is truth that what is wrong with this war restores as to my region, recording a broadcasting Do you even need us here and not raising to dislike sunk into strange soliloquy? yeah altering news now and Helen you or the Beatles official motoring correspondence, first it bull objectivity, because I'm not right in there as a major is no motoring. Not I mean, with all due respect and much less lobby daily, is not in your top thousand things on best ATLAS. No! No! I fear of less than to the others as the bars of timber dwell.
would testify mean as the car as driving had been mightily trapped by you driving into a church was some time before the meeting. We stand a chance now she's vengeance. There is all the religious rooms all people have suffered. It was fine, except for the suspension and breaks. That's nothing to do. This story about Laverne around of merryland, who was very angry one day because He waited a red light arms. Alongside a school bus. He thought some of the kids on the boss had thrown about let his car so he got out of his car buying on a school bus door charter refused to let him on thinking. He would be a danger to these kids, and so he did the only thing. Any of us would do he hung onto the front of the bus thumping the body with his furious faced, whilst the bus driver slowly drove to the nearest police station. although he was arrested before they go there and now faces several charges, but disorderly conduct and causing damage to the boss, but I'm sorry honey.
Great time, having a little thrill right route where our fault with the boss going it looks not fast to stick. This is a potential verifying breakthrough for road safety net if all buses Lorries and trucks are forced to have an angry shouting man attached to the fry clamped nailed, strap or otherwise than automatically I don't like you, wasn't having much trouble clinging onto that, there's probably a foothold already there for people who want to try this, but also its a bit of a buffer zone. How can a bumper scrape anybody cause? There's a man brought switching the bumper, what exactly was shouting and it will show the edge national. Could it was a school bus? No, he was shouting opened, the door opened the door and the driver was Sir providing rebuttals for the door and the children bind was screaming. I guess I guess it is the first nor were driving school bus. Do not open the school of us all to someone who's clicking on the front of your bus. I shouted opened the door.
Those suggested by temporarily gone beyond the point of rational discussion. What was the plan was it? He was really go into the school bus which it did this Then he's gonna kill all of them into one than Festa right now it is also not proven. Will anyone who turn he may have last night, the bottle with a bottle rubric bottle. I heard it was a brick when he came to the bottle out of the bottle, stop embroidering the story. My lungs, like almost of I, must have Miss ready, but I mean I guess it would have been ok had he been shouting like an interesting question through the window, such as the bottle, which weighs one going around at the door. My car, which was three metres inside of unfolded. His back was of level with us window outweighs the breakthrough. If my car is moving five miles an hour quicken the bus and both vehicles maintain lay discipline with what force and what angle of release trajectory must grow. Another bottle, identical and size and shape to the previous model. Everyone
hit my re windscreen and exactly eighteen seconds time that would have been able to environment, and this is why you shouldn't act in the heat of the moment. You should prepare your Mapquest undead. Every moment is a teaching moment right Columbus Day in America. Guess that still a thing Plum State America's today, where we celebrate Christopher Columbus, discovering America and committing a genocide which is strange as if there were people there. You didn't really discover it, but we still teach children. This strike us we ve kind of bought into the lie. Yeah, it's really hard to doing it. I mean that has no. I talk about changing Columbus, eight indigenous peoples day, which has happened in LOS Angeles and Austin, Texas and other places I can safely play, but at the same time it really gonna difficult because our economy, the DNA District of Columbia, Columbia, University, Colombia, airspace and see museum
which is a very strange museum, that forces both on airspace and the sea without a good combination is why, at this point, you can make up of Columbus did, who doesn't really matter with leading actually go to America, ITALY, when they went to various there are currently the caribbean year they to the Caribbean and he thought they were indian people, which also always bothered me because, basically, what he did to the indigenous and the Caribbean is what he wanted to do. To my ancestor like that was his go. Turn the boat the runway, yet very worried are yet another was land there. So it's like. No, you meant it in India Street, not India Avenue its north first. North West. First He did all these terrible things zooming it with us Donald Trump proclamation. Fifa below mistake said this: the poem
The arrival of Europeans to the Americas was a transformative events, the undeniably and fundamentally change the course of human history and set the stage for the development of our great nation. Now, if we would give you all the historical footnotes than to cover those thirty three words they spoke ass would be about sixteen years long that that I, that is at best agent highlights it certainly did change the course for indigenous Americans right and I'd. Imagine if they do you get this as their day. It's gonna make it
also from noted Columbus's, an italian american buddy, improved at a young age to Portugal and worked for the spanish monarchy, since our centrally he he was an immigrant who had Donald Trump king of Portugal in the life of the century, would have pumped into the narrative edible wall and been sent back where it came from. Yet it was a white immigrant Annie I almost a heap up, they also Columbus, advancing in fifteen. I do he wrote the make up of privileges about how much money and possessions he thinks he was owned by the spanish monarchy, and how much is it? Well, I don't know, but I mean you can see why He thinks he was owned by the spanish monarchy and how much is it? Well, I don't know, but you can see what he's there may be. A man of the Donald Trump heart just buying on about money entitles them. It was a renowned for mismanagement and brutality and despotic rule. I mean they all peace in a five hundred twenty five year. Long part also you and had a brief,
carbon honest before right off, I mean there's a similarity just go on and on and on when Columbus went to Hell. Do you think he thought it was heaven arranging philosophical question? Eating Columbus had been alive for centuries. Etude have had his own chain of tab locate else. I think that's likely He was eventually arrested and imprisoned for his grossness governance out those parallels they are warning. The fact that it was India was also strange because it didn't have any of the clues that perhaps Marco Polo and others have written about like it was a space. There were no elephants really. There is nothing that would appear like India. So stubbornly level. It must be causing off those enough, but people going cricket right. that up.
Celebrity news. Now, and I haven't you, you're a celebrity charisma em, some absolute sensational news, Mary bury the de facto deputy queen of England, former host of the great British by Judge Shanty search out such near. Get rankings direction She now some shocking news she has. She has decided that dining rooms are over or did she stopped using our dining room. She realised that she and her husband groaning using the dining room at Christmas. Now she's moving house getting but the dining room gonna have a bigger kitchen. Cartier husband doesn't approve, but she's going had, nonetheless, because that is feminism. This the twenty first century relationship right and kitchen dining situation here, Danny Reeves looks like it berries number, M M eighty year old, Mary Mary who ought to mountain. Has many semi formal dinner parties in our time,
You have a dining room. I think you should just take the plunge and turn it into a home casino or something brought out or want to turn into a shrine to marry. Very that's a good use of the space you have. The Bank of America have never heard of this programme. The British baking show it's called the our american friends who are very into it. I've never heard of this programme brought many. Basically, if you can imagine this is a project. Runway for cakes is a program where people by cakes. Let me that's that's pretty much it did they get, taken that are runway, not all, never mind, it's all in a big tent. It's the most popular tv show in the history of the universe in Britain is essentially all national refuge
I think as its tantalizing. You can look all these cakes, but you can't touch or even national refugees drinking once drinking sports and the greatest bakeries, but essentially the twenty first century Anderson Shelter, liking, he's coming in from the United Nations. Apparently, all necessary recipes have now been cooked. You and special meals enables envoy Prunella Della Suave, announced there, wouldn't plenty recipes for everyone out if you collected all published and unpunished recipes and world and all the ones on the Teddy everyone's. What I just tell you appeal a crap not to mention the cakes and sheep and goats free free calls, meals at eighty percent often snipe four hundred years, so that eight billion recipes left over. So, let's just under it and go to work out of stock boat about sinking a shit like that revolution was television. Europe Shock book
now Helen? Yes, you are: Ah shot pregnant women, expert, more shocked, costume, expert yeah, about Andy. At the start of October, Austria became the fifth european country to institute a law. In formerly known as the Burka ban, it's the empty faced baiting act means that people's faces must be visible from hairline to chin, so presumably false moustaches embeds our hang on airline to Chin. Yet so, as a member of the building community yet knows that will be introduced against me. Yeah sorry brought, but really is prejudice against. The hundred and fifty or so women in Austria. Out of the total, seven hundred thousand Muslims in the country who wear face coverage. So this is an attempt they say to make society more integrated without this fatal Barry
bought people in really complain when it was a scream mosques or whatever? It is very specifically times with the influx of was immigrants but to Manifold and thought of this law. In the past few days, fussy a millionaire activist who has pledged a million dollar fund in order to pay the book about bills of women in Europe being done, he was wearing a photo of Austria's Foreign Minister because the bottom off his face and the suit covered in hundred Euro bills and he's that's pay a fine for him, so where's someone's face over your face and then a man hires, or did you say, a hundred Euro bills or a hundred year old bills hundred zero heiress, not not the shrivelled bills of long dead pelicans. While they are still didn't state it might have been there. Just incidentally, and then another man who was hot promotional, Moscow for an electronic shop in Vienna, called milk shock was there was dressed as a shock
and a member of the public shocked him to the feelings and to believe offices approaching, asked and remove the chunks heads because of the anti face bailing out, and he said I'm just doing my job and refused to take it off now he's got a fine boy but please happiness to relax the law for Halloween because of cheap. but I think we can make a lot of money. Halloween is valued more than the religion of Islam. That has more importance to the people of Austria. Then a religion that is thousands of years old. It search sacred sacred, festival, but also the shock? I'm in Austria presumes not that's gotta shocks as a nation. because it landed outwardly, mountainous and landlocked what they come in on the train that we on the left, one of its really cold you can copy of it. No cyclists have been stopped for scarves over their faces. The thing is that all
written in a way to seem like it wasn't a religiously intolerant law, and that means we are very confused as to how to interpret its other interpreted to mean anything on your face. Romany beekeepers have died There are now One of the Pisa Celebrities, David Cameron, God rest his soul, if it has been found, has taken a job with an american electronic pay His firm does either already have a full time job of right. In his memoirs and enjoying the trash via the elite in this country is full time job, presumably in going round the United Kingdom House by House, saying sorry, I'm writing a pre emptive apology note to people having yet in no hurry of you ever employs. A former prime Minister briefly show Greater wrote. It was John major. I was about tenants, did come up with a good night. You know that was it I know, and I don't know why you responded to my letters.
Just please to be asking of the artificial doing. This is the story just job. A world leader former leader has taken Adsense Nelson Mandela opened up a sandwich. I called him in Delhi the signatures and which the full Nelson was Turkey Swiss. these letters, tomato sweep, peppers and the sea grit, Robin Island dressing up there was tears anti. That was what was in the objective one one piece with us for David Cameron, like some, you boy, magic lamp in an antique shop and a genie pops out offers you three wishes, maybe drop the come up at my fraudulent attack dead pigs mouth in favour of. Please could you let me when my neck referendum, that's all just a quickly rocket wrap up. Sport now and the USA has been knocked out the world CUP. Alright. What? Whilst you been here what are you an immense football team file to qualify for that?
over the last seven. Well, captain Rob, but they lost out of the mighty Panama and Honduras, not european football. Well note search is verbal or we call european. I was visible having upon his just culpable we caught Europeans will you are very wrong. I'm in America must be absolutely devastating. it's not have made the World CUP yeah so devastated the ad, and even though we were playing right now because often grief makes you forget things, he added I blotted out immediately or just just check the headlines on the EU s newspapers we slept daily paper like there was a soccer play a pal. I write a half hour. Then I thought I thought of some kind of fur Contactless called payments, that's exactly is it
he played your people. I mean this is a huge stored american sport and you look over you and it's very exciting. While the biggest question that has been discussed, we're going european Football is when we kept calling cabinet be signed by European Football team right dad yet to be resolved while taking the need as Democrats, but people have done is taken in Europe and all its throw themselves to the great danger ass. The ultimate formal protest against racial injustice in America to cook up they woke up. Injuries will determine now just what nine months away brutally brazilian stars. What do we know? Melt into silver, minors and squelching all struggling to be fit for roughly twenty eighteen, of a labourer, goats innovation, for they crept Roma resulted in the crushing of Bob said into economic. Italy's elder grossly belly could be out after a great three point. Six preening injury suffered whilst trying to his hair and a wing mirror of an articulated lorry was running a vesper and Costa Rica starve areas quite large is in a race against time to shake off his squatters recorders, extreme that, of course, he picked up punching there after winning his first of a guy
solidarity is gonna computer. All well got news on the valuable the official podcast of the Football World CUP. So that brings us to the end of this week's this week's bugle sort of forty five minutes to livestock. Ory more having you in this continent, It has been really nice. Orilla I'll, see you in November, in in America, I'm excited the last time. I was only started bugle to point out here. We ending bugle to point. I hope not because I have children, food and you want a legacy like us- are all about here and other victorian shit. You bought off Ebay, isn't enough. What Victorian should did you buy have either as a whole, different shove? have impacts for joining us tat. We all have our own rather well going. So why not you? I know a little about bump into use. Unborne also contain,
your daughter's already be measuring up the attic, but our occupancy call way to have all erratic back. I could maybe your dining room that unite our review. Any data bug. Yes, I do have some dates to plug ending up. I will be at the Saint Louis helium on October. Nineteen in the Chicago at the height out on the twenty ninth of October, the Wilbur on November third, and then I have Oakland Fox Theatre December first, twelve, thirteen at the Aladdin Theater, which would also be playing Portland and then a very special show on the fifteenth of December in Seattle, wash never Neptune. I hear it's a very special show. It's gonna be a special one, very special brought about nothin critic, something very special, don't listen to him on the illusionist untold Toby was, but I thanked to the night foundation easily the bugle broadcasts, favorite foundation