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Bugle 4049 – Grafting Harder Than Ever Before.


Andy is in the former New Amsterdam, Anuvab Pal is in the former Kalikata.

Andy's been on tour, Trump's on Tour, Prince Charles is on Tour. Has india been cured of corruption? Another British MP resigns. Andy looks for Classical influences on the USA.

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The Bugle Audio newspaper a visual work, how we can welcome to issue four thousand and forty nine of the bugle live in New York City in the other network. Studios where, of course, a former american President join D. Eisenhower recorded his novelty. Nineteen fifty for Christmas single big days dome along and it's no Torricelli controversy, from its own bayside, booty legislator, come and, of course, by destinies child as our rapporteur. slightly alarming photograph of Ike shaking it on the wall glaringly in the face. Also, this is more relevant to the bugle and perhaps even more fact, John Oliver used to record a long running podcast down a phone line,
British Goin London cooled and these zeal spokesman acknowledgement that night. It's me small world, small, I am, and these also- and this is the bugle We owe a publication which, in its tenure existence, has now out The vast majority of the world's ferrets, whose Standard five to nine year, lifespan is no match for the show. Thank you We want a more say all those ferrets had to die to make this podcast live. But I am saying if I had a choice between do the bugle for ten years or being a ferret. I would definitely choose the justified brothers and sisters, and I am here in New York if you ve, never sleeps and in doing so always doing serious long term damage to its health. I don't care how many salads and smooth these hit forces down to compensate and joining me from
city, where I once inadvertently, item other Kaliko in India, it's out of our pow. Yes, other Wendy, I'm sitting here in the New York of the Bay of Bengal, which just that it's not really land back, but I am in Gaza. Thank you for having me and unhappy report its. It looks exactly the, Are you guys left it? How much do we have? Europe, has a single building sign and- and it continues to this day as it was in nineteen, forty, seven, so hello
hope. You, plus and hello, ended by require a quick question. Now that done Trump, a resident of the mid term it happen, is a measure does Manhattan. Look any different. Is the Red collective sigh of relief from the the Tri state region? Well, it's just nonstop partying and soon if it gets back than they just returned to normal distant PLO, doesnt notice, but just on the street is like that a carnival, but ten times more, so with more bologna and hot dogs. So it's a very is what one I am uneasy. Should we call it Calcutta rural culture, So? What do I do? The locals call it possessed with confusing wait, a bit of history and it John John, a petty trader and a thief. A bridge gentlemen found himself on the shores of love and
on indian ports in sixteen sixty six. He got to do a slight altercation with a farmer and he he said to the farmer who owns this place, what is the name of this place, and the farmer thought that he was being asked. When did he got the harvest? Another classic case of british indian miscommunication, at which point the farmers that girl gotta by which translates to I thought the harvest yesterday shop. China did that to mean that was the name of the city and he promptly. in and took over now how somebody talking about the harvest should immediately lead to invasion. I do not know anything. I don't know much about how the empire was built. But it seemed like like a nice
I'm glad you're confusion led to the beginning of one of the largest economic invasions and well. We ve seldom needed Morven excuse than that are on the subject of which we are going on Friday, the tenth of November on this day in sixteen seventy four they Treaty of Westminster, was signed jointly. Third, anglo dutch WAR, a of wars briskly between Britain. And in the Dutch. But this was the third Anglo Dutch Wall and the Netherlands gave new NED Land to Britain that it was a sweet old chunk of North America, including this very studio, or at least he's only for the land beneath the studio New York of This is a rather different place. Then it have been bought by the dutch chance of Peter Minuets about fifty as before, for about forty bucks in a bag of Spanish,
according to well, let's call it history and of the outcome of the climate, black illness, historic anniversary. Please, no New York come back to the mother, we can go a jolly good. Also. On this day. Ninety ninety three bill gates launched windows, one point not launch a new era. In homes swearing people, swearing, acts, inanimate objects in their homes is increased by over ninety nine percent. Since the launch of Window Sir Sir story moments in human language, as always want a section of the bureau's going straight in the band this week. The country music awards section so my hails of my visit to Nashville Tennessee holding the annual country music awards interesting place, coincidentally, affectionately, who don't know, is my first time there and I had not the night before no, what material has would necessarily expect a city in Tennessee. You
I too have any twenty. Seventeen is a full scale, replica of the person, only famous ancient greek Temple, it sits proudly on top of the Acropolis in Athens, was didn't eighty, ninety seven for the Nashville expertise, and still there? It's quite fascinating unavailable to ease these relics former time gunfire, but some silly Nashville sat around in the late nineteenth century and thought well the growing city watch. What what do we need? One see us through the next few thousand years. Any idea how about path in on one or which leads to a number of questions, and you never questions. Americans have always had a fascination, frantic, Reggie daylight picking up stuff. You know the send it's called the Senate. You know that at some point they going to build a roman circus and in other gonna, have Republicans verses. Wild boars
stuff in that my question here is: is there anyone in Nashville who thinks that this is the real thing well Oh sure, didn't. I didn't see many people oh bowing down and worshipping the goddess Athena which are disappointing for make us, I think, she's, a goddess of wisdom. America could really do with a right now, I'm also to add to the list of classical info. It is on America. Goes there you shouldn't have an emperor whose acting like Nero. So it's really goes pretty deep, bigger wards. music get awards as always a lot of speculation over he's. Gonna think why the big gongs, including biggest tat, most hats least Regional song best bet two hats ratio most objective sinister lyric about a young woman that is always very hotly contested, the least original album as well, so that some very tightly thoughts are categories. Some of the big stars come,
They are performing live, including Hinkley struggles. He'll be singing is hit, so I give most although the devil, buddy, I'm getting hold of my truck a grave and had shown the influence of Donald Trump with his recent country. Chart number one. I'll build my wall around your heart ochres. I seen you looking at Ricardo anyway, those sections in Ben Job story this week, Donald Trump in Asia. Now an invaluable Indo, Pacific, Yo Yo Northeast Corner sphere correspondence. How is your confidence? A joint visit? of Mr Trump. Well, you know any he flew over us because that's the only way you can you can get to China because he's not gonna fly over Russia. It just looks bad, I mean, even though its the fastest route, it just doesn't look good have given where we are today
but one of the things that are going on in the world, and it is that India, India, loves american President's right. He loves american president and and when he flew over Us- and I think he made a flippant comment like boy am I flying over India or something very generic like that, and we would run that has a headline that said Donald Trump flying over us desperate to land and sadly the winds took him to trap. So that's that's how we're looking at district, but on the other I have a question. If, if you remember couple years ago, dull drop the retweeted very angry about China, he said they were inherent, see, manipulator, and so it is that do not nice and that he would come down hard on them. But it seems like from the photographs and not very intelligent person and were seems and photographs what he's having champagne magician ping that is not really I don't live under the world is James drinking Champion and laughing is not really coming down.
part not generally. No, I mean he did also say a rally in May of last year. We cannot continue to allow China to write our country, and that is what they are doing is the greatest threat, in the history of the world, You as an indian me, as a british person, might might be able to slowly algorithm on whether the greatest left in the history of the world, but thousands not all the delicacy of language in tone, the rigorous, almost fanatical devotion to historical. piracy that so rapidly became Mr Trumps campaign trademark. Sorry must stop letting that's a strangely secretive guy Yevgeny right, momentary, but, as you say, is fair to say that a scaled back on that angry rhetoric, maybe having the chinese Army parade and thought holy shit. These guys are
serious military manpower and this time they have not made the mistake of making them out of tariff quota. Is it safe to say that all we deepen the presidency to sort of make me the relatively inaccurate observation that nothing? He said really means anything at all. That's a residential quality and it does not need to now going to be annals of a presidential quality did you re girl, forthrightness leadership and your word not meaning anything watching. That would make Michael of sense actually, because if you think about it, it's only because people listen to what he says and Serbia his words according to what they mean, that they get angry about them. So if you just assume that there EL completely meaningless, standing just becomes almost like a branch of experts.
it'll jasmine ice or the kind of jazz one as the first answer, your wedding, but my remaining, if you ve, stumbled upon the great contribution of Donald Trump to global politics, you're, saying completely meaningless, word so meaningless that eventually we will just stop listening and I'll just be noise. I mean it's kind of a verbal. According to the queen's wave, my minister, the future, so american pray. My international trade practices of other countries is somewhat reminiscent of the parable by Jesus H, Christ, the alleged Messiah and parable still the famous, our of a baby eating crocodile complaining about the mosquito bite it eats. It seems a little bit rich, given why? How much America has profiting from this planet and Trump said as part of its conciliation? Who can blame a country for being able to take advantage of another country for the benefits of its citizens? Now let me repeat that question and placed on bird months some of the things that from
said over the last couple years, who can blame a country for being able to take advantage of another country for the benefit of its citizens? While I have a few quick answers to that answer, I anyone we want, can blame a country for doing that, worries anyone with a vague sense of social conscience and a global collective good. Anyone who thinks of countries as more than just a base commercial entity. major national success. In terms of how much it swings its economic junk in other countries, vices answer by the police, don't blame me confident and all the people of the country being I can advantage of historical. They often get a low but pissed off. Answer see Tibet, That's gonna can blame a country for taking advantage of another country for the benefit of the citizens. Maybe treatment a dimension that two new body, Mr Gee Answer DE international law, can I can I get, can blame a country for taking hundreds of others answer a America
America can do that. If you recall seventeen, seventy six in all that America seem too a bit note off with Britain taking advantage of the whole foundation of the country, currently sitting again place, basically outcome, blaming someone else will take advantage of all of its citizens and answer F, Donald Trump. Don't Does that all the time, and he basically did it almost immediately afterwards when he started funny about how unjust the world is to America? Again now dont from is not going to India, Pakistan, I told you a little beheld, given that India is well in Layman's terms, massive an increasingly important in the world, but his daughter s, vanka the thinking, nepotism. First, lady, she is, going to India she's going to Hydra bad, as a result of this debate, has taken some action to ensure
if I had a lovely trip and you ve just explain exactly what I've done well, what they ve done is debated a lot of homeless people and they put them interpreters and, as you know, in India, there are lots and lots of people on the streets. Some of them are homeless, some of them it just walking. I dont think the government discriminated. I think they just they just looked a path that if I was going to take from the airport and picked up whoever was on it so right now there s a homeless people with much better homes that they could have deserved and that there are some people just get back to it, but you just just cleared beggars, restrained beggars, Eddie,
Gold was clear beggars, but you didn't hear it's hard to tell you know who's. A beggar was a millionaire because everybody's just walking on the streets so looks quite empty now at the complete police. Commissioner and Hydro back said this sort of thing. It has come to my notice through the public that many beggars ah begging, alms in and indecent manner, now up into indirect, times, and if you need someone else to let you know that there are lots of beggars, thou you brainy are walking around with your I shot and if you are a play, commissioner. That then, that, frankly, his belief about how you got your job, as indeed many people in in an important job in India, Beggar belief. So, yes, several hundreds of these alleged beggars and biased Has this been lost at a pace rehab centre at a local jail? Now, a rehab centre are what exactly what type of rehab centrally
Don't even criminal rehab are about I was going to work in terms of curing people of begging, they're gonna have some kind of rehabilitation. Psychologists also maintain right. You got a duty You yourself and society to go out there and not have absolutely no money having been left with. Basically, zero live challenges for centuries of entrenched inequality and exploitation off you go. he's not going to work to secure; India of of this, this obvious social The answer is of course. Yes of course. Yes, because you know basically, historically economic, social or from them Friedman School of economic, slow down the Adams. Everybody said the best way to live he had poverty, is to kidnap them, put them in some sort of rehabilitation for a problem they dont have like alcohol, is them and then once they get,
used to these. These new housing situations make sure that they never leave creating a further burden on the government, because now that their therein housing that actually quite enjoyed- and now there never got to leave so event, the Trump believe on a Monday morning, but the government of India, we'll just have its jails, filled with beggars and there. The last thing you need a convict and hides about to be facing. Solicitation beggars. He's already murdered a bunch of people, it's rough in prison and a whole bunch of people are begging, and while the first round of social cleansing both sides out of mine, that is beginners level stuff. For any politician, one is a lovely little glass it after all, that Tommy to cover, I festering gaping wound, do you know. You know just add your your royal highness, the Prince of Wales and Lady Cumnor possible. Today.
they were. They were all really and even in New Delhi yesterday, because his royal Highness runs a big trust. The british, indian Trust and the thing is of course they were going to clear the roads of daily of beggars, but but I do believe you heard, but the daily air is so polluted. That is wrong. but naturally see anyone. So what's the problem, it wasn't a problematic to be geared because because he couldn't see beyond his hands, so someone didn't, this is it. This is a significant problem, fairer for Prince Charles, because as well be recorded his mother, in that now is well record, held over longest ever Rhine by by a british Moloch, yes, and so these being waiting to basically waiting to get his new job. For what sixty five years now and the OECD
He himself. Now, I'm basically on current, Dolly air spending. die in Delhi Knox about fifteen years off your life expectancy, as far as I could make out. Putting the CNN breathing is equivalent to smoking. Forty, for cigarettes a day. you see you see the problem of the world is that you know you guys have different role models for cleaner right. You guys are you going on the western world, you looked words the scandinavian countries for cleaner you, you know that their recycling mechanisms and you say all look at the Renault in the air and Greenland. As the sober look at you, I said we look at different things and they will look to the movie, bleed runner
We said oh look. This is this is just to be an end in a sort of futuristic society where you know where just just garbage and crushed metal about that. Europe's who sat progress was only going to be positive, but that better, a cigarette forty four cigarettes today laughing if you do also smoke forty four cigarettes a day that cancels out the air pollution are not doctor, but I like mass respect, mass and a fair maths, so I assume double negative. apply to matters of health as they do in basic bicycle, rhythmic, absolutely aimed at each ology. True true, yes, true, but a party the pollution is so bad that went beyond. What's the sick, with able to measure using me to the pollution measuring instruments at its disposal. Ballots were not that's impressive.
because I don't it's been a long standing problem in Delhi, so presumably got some pretty pretty high tech kitten, you could turn up to eleven Botz now, basically, just breathing is equivalent to eating fifty kilograms of coal for E. They would you know what is being blamed for this. The currents pollution, Andy Report say a wind of some sort from from burning crops or something that really that's apparently, was closing the hey, slow, slow winds and slightly called a temperatures of inflamed. Really blaming that very short term blame us, like a young slave in a flash car, blaming the fact that he, just at a crash on idea running out suddenly in front of his car Robin the fact He was driving around thirty miles an hour, an unlicensed Lamborghini without a license. I ve never driven before bringing from a whiskey bottle in the middle of his own, it
really not blaming the underlying causes. Andy any one of the great things about India is. It is that you know it's always it's always You look at a temporary solution to a flash God just screw up that you ve done over the years, if there's a wind blowing over our heads, why should we blame the fact that we have thousands of trucks that are below thick black smoke for the last fifty five years? without any sort of pollution regulation. Yet a rampant corruption,
when you ve got a bit of a yellow cloud above your head to us that the temporary solution in our endeavour word for it at me. It's your guard, which is just literally means plugging the gaps workers in a comfortable India minutes after this before, when you ve been on the people of been three four times to India and the pop the population is more than doubled in twenty five or thirty years answer me. The miracle is that it works at all, not that it has all these problems, but they were even functions to the extent that it does it. Sir, it's a logistical miracle. Why do you mind you? I think you don't make ethical. Strong measures are being taken back to Delhi, crisis, for example, the government immediately stepped in and said rights. We need to do something about this, so they decided that if you, if you want more than one car, if you will have a number plate that
that ends in an even number. You can bring the car one day. If you have a number believed that heads in the number you can bring out the car another, it's a complicated thing, but it has to do with ardent even another blinked. I know you like mathematics, Andy. There was only one small glittered in the problem, which is that the ever saw think an orange that no one could actually see any number plates, people decided to bring out the forecast at once and see what they'll happens, just a mess with the government. So they will know we ve got all the things in place. You ve also got all the right people the rules, so is it allows for a thriving democracy. So I really wonder whether completes the leader stir fashion trend in Delhi is a lot of people dressing up like the Batman villain being that seeks does a very popular in the moves in getting them ass, going getting that outfit going, and you know the being look is: is: is the Winter party look
Fidel for us that we are recording on Friday. Does the tenth did? My final showed, my? U S door in Washington DC on the eighth Wednesday, the eighth and I think, to everyone who has come to see shows her in North America or Uninstall. It served by hugely enjoyable for me and thank Sir, has been greatly maybe we'll fans outlay and well Often we will find a think the items on the internet or in at one gig, in a lift, but at the I was the one year anniversary of the election housed in Washington Dc They Obviously, the, however, of policy, but is also the one year anniversary of that. Demonization foisted upon the in people by nor under lost last November, when he might, he took out what about
Eighty percent of all functioning currency was just made instantly illegal. Eighty percent of the currency and a major legal. and you're down the line, apparently be the analysis after a lot of study is that it wasn't perhaps a very good idea. I think you're, you, you did your first ever show on the bugle asking the week after that when the new- and I think I think you said that something very similar- the time that it was the very Godaddy and its entering the history seems to be backing you up on Well, you know I'd like to quote the comedian and results, but I do love you ve heard of him when he talked about the sub prime mortgage crisis, and he had said- and I quote that if you give money to people who can't pay it back You won't know unless you actually trite,
to give you some money to people got back at the door. Pay back you'll have to go through that process, like I think I'm with you, if you had, I think, the parallel you have given us with something to do with I mean your door on your testicles recycling, It is one of the things that you have to you have to know. You have to do it before you know for sure. If it's definitely gonna hurt offers the
you cannot build a global economy on hypothetically painful testicles, a direct quote from J K Galbraith and an end to dig it from testicles today to the indian economy, which is a tragic and maybe even it unless you actually take away. You presented the people's currency. Theoretically, it seems that you take wage perceptive people's currency, they would be disappointed confused and book, but unless we actually do it Andy, you want just just to add that the leader of the opposition, the inherited a dandy dynasty, if you will receive a done deal, over his body basically said that probably stability himself, single handedly was responsible for removing two percent of the gdp of an economy.
Seems like some sort of a fifth of some dusted or something you know him it. He beat it sound like you dig in a chunk of a reasonably appetising desert and- and he wrote this in one of your newspapers- Andy the financial times. I just I just want to view Andy on on whether you thought that wasn't as I always thought that the peoples they objective in the middle of the road balanced, but I think if the leader of the opposition, the body that it hits the ranger movie. If that day goes therein says, Prime Minister, I hate you. I am not sure that argument was I guess the nights are modern media, isn't it them? I'm sure definitions, we'll give Modi the rights the right to reply has pink pages. After all, the financial times which shopping is, of course, the color of objectivity in journalism. I think that's why they,
while they use it, but has actually Emma Jane was that it was just to enter too to stop corruption and money laundering so has removing the almost all of the function cars. in India killed India of all graft it has ended. It has. It has a black gasket here it has in the end I want. What happens? Is that once you ve got no money, you can't be corrupt. I think they ve gone for the only game. If you will hear now. If you remember one of the best courts from will be discussed last year was that the Prime Minister had burned down. the entire forest in surgery to corrupt wolves. Have I once you do that and if you remove all currency yourself is that some people are less corrupt because they do not actually have any money right was in favour we're going about it a lot, the term graft we don't really use in Britain, but some
Allah, there's a term for corruption or prefer, it gives a censure the efforts and tedious logistics involved, then stealing millions and millions of dollars worth of public money alike. I wish it meant It means graft nor in britain- yes, it does not do in DNA in India and in know what we find corruption, the scams and in so many various areas. You know there was a corruption scandal in India involving Gal theses. There's been a corruption, diamond India involving mineral water on trains. There's is corruption, scandals in India involving uniforms of railway workers. So once you once you ve, taken corruption to eleven where is an art form? You have to use a word that sounds like art, so use graft. a comment we on the bugle imaginative in standard that those are the future Pradesh Elephant Memorial. Scam. Yes, which was:
Didn't fifty million dollars worth of public money grafted off in a scheme to put up public statues of elephants? And that's: that's genius, isn't it you and it creates everything? That's got into that it's brilliant because, Michelangelo when he built in stone, he sees only stature. You ve got one Daisy Swiss Bank accounts. Britain, news now and well. The festival of government resignations twenty seventy. It must continue this week, the International Development Minister, Pretty Patel House quite she resigned after after going on holiday, which she is allowed to do. and while she was on holiday, holding a fourteen unofficial meetings with top level figured in Israel which turns out she's, not elapsed, including an hour,
spoke up with Benjamin Netanyahu. If the israeli Prime Minister Classic Holiday activity, I think she didn't cause. You got discount, look to want a few books, a ride on the open top tourist boss. and the meeting with Netanyahu. At the same time I mean it and of other seemed an old wives who to go by your hollow. Certainly I dunno. I don't owe her what pretty but tell us family. Choices are no one. I got my family holidays are like soup. don't leave high level trade in diplomatic talks to one side. Also, one reason why the EU, and so rarely matron it basically to just don't, go very well together the problem for pretty, but I was assigned kinda. High level meetings as a government minister without telling anyone which is frowned upon these data? The said, thank you. Brussels was that she was and not entirely a hundred percent honest about things off towards the classic glass of ports to stand a chief ghost ministerial wrong doing now? We ve
all done things and how are they we shot? You regret, as I believe, the Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher set of the official closing ceremony for the british empire, not till I see one there have been times when we wanted to do something on parliament's being sold out too expensive will just logistical unworkable and we failed to get with something else. Maybe that's what happens in this situation? It neeoka Venus, pull out of an underestimated, how much time it will take to go round. hey we're staying alongside of Naples and we ve gotta have page of breakfast lunch and dinner, so upon pays off never mind, let me the israeli Prime Minister. Instead, I will go with nobbing a wasted, the kid some Affright sent magic girls. I was not answered. I its July in wearing spine, stop cry aloud, promised it, but even better cover most He climbed the stones, olefin Benjamin Netanyahu. This followed resignation last week of Michael Fallon, the Secretary of State for the funds, the fudge Dietz operate in America too long
after he fell by the standards of not being widely creepy with women expected of government ministers in the neanderthal Age, Boris Johnson. These also blueprint of the blues to but basic We shopping a british woman to IRAN as a spy, whether she is supply or not at all, anyway. It's all a bit ridiculous, given that what the gun Its prides itself on, as we know, is being strong and stable. Is this the first time that a british minister has been filed for working too much I'm going to bring, you can exert bags and is the subject of that After the interesting angle, though I have not had not considered made, maybe it is that
maybe I mean she's, making ready doing the job to two people could be doing so. Are you haven't, could add unemployment figures? If we have to sack our ambassadors, it is Russia is no longer needed, in the other. More junior MR resignation, as they junior minister for benches and public seating. Clavichord opportune range has resigned because she thinks she MA. There's something wrong at some point in the future. In other british news, we, if we have a date, we are going on a hot date with destiny. The official date for us for ourselves into a new post bricks, its british obeys the twenty ninth of March. twenty nine saying that is when it is gonna officially happen What's that now that sir, I was just wondering here in the house on the twenty ninth of March, coincidentally or perhaps not constantly, is the anniversary of the battle of total in fourteen sixty one.
the walls of the roses, which sounds like a rather entertaining Flora Street braced reality tv show, which enthusiastic amateurs try to make the prettiest bouquet for a guess: celebrities, birthday, wedding bomb to a funeral apology or court hearing, but if the wars arose, if it's a long running and rather blood, thirsty civil war and the battle of total. the single most savage battle ever fought on british beef resulting in a reported twenty eight thousand dead out of around sixty to seventy thousand combat, and that is a high hit. Writer battle fought with fifteenth century weaponry so that next day for us pulling the trigger on breaks it that anniversary of a brutal struggle for power in a nation tat
as a part, was more appropriate die. Could there be your bread seed votes? I think was, was last year actually officially leaving the European Union and twenty nineteen and I dont want a budget of just so I'm just curious. Is this the classic british tactic of letting enough time pass? So you don't remember what you did all when you did it it does. Yes, it's it's does Smith. Slowly of that, I guess- and I mean nothing and pretty much- everyone in Britain would like difficulty on both sides ready before that. This solution is just a leave. My biggest one day just leave the European for a day on the twenty on two March go back on the thirtieth. I won't get what they want, remain, gets to remain. An leave, get to complain
in other major international economic news. The paradise papers were leaks this week but always assumed when my wife secret diary is about twenty one years spent with me. It turns out there not that there were thirty point for many documents about tax aversion and related issues. We have talked in greater depth and anticipate It is often the case on previous doors, so we will save the paradise papers for a future bugle. But don't worry if that's what you ve tuned in four talk about tax evasion, you'll get it what that means towards the end of all this, the bugle just to remind us alive, bugle next Thursday, the sixteenth of November as less to square theatre, do come along to that. It features Nick Tumor, I was Fraser and me talking about everything that happened in the world between now and then a few emails,
I mean what quite a lot of amount of one particular subject. Yes, I am now aware of the joint wooden painless that has appeared in the Austrian Alps. Thank you for those approximately twenty thousand people who were a mild or tweeted me about that and this and if ever you might be interested in this, in the build up to the recent american local elections, which went very badly fur Donald Trump, there was a rather It's election poster in a small town of Edison in Total, make Edison great again and it says: stop Jerry. She unfair, goons, Patel from taking over all school board and had pictures of fur. These two candidates for the local, school board, one of whom was born in America and the other for whom has lifted America for decades. Waiting a big red box with exclamation Mount ambiguous. is the Chinese and Indians are taking over our town. So far, just basic classic xenophobic, fearmongering,
chinese school, exclamation mug indian schools motion mark on here comes the kicker cricket fails. Yes, I read that mandate and and more than the entire populations, in China, I think you were offended by the mention of the greek Cypriots, urges the sport you could have had you been most sensible and open minded when you had the chance, luckily both of those candidates. Why, because the voters of medicines or are well clearly grit is the great thinking you manage ever invented. Let's have more of that in our town, thanks to Matthew, sue, email me about that, and there other people as well and and they say you are coming from Alex Hodgson. He writes. I learned in this week's blue planets too that baby she shares all up. Things you living a sea, I mean doing really need them anymore. Innocent Germany has gone wifi,
an underwater mountain right. It runs a whole way around the globe. Basically, the earth has a seem like a cricket, ball given this revelation right, Alex Wise spaceport, professor brown cock still go to give a planetary, saw drawn the true king of seamen, swing Jimmy Anderson, the record breaking England swing bowler or, to put it this way, how to think Anderson would forgive him blue and green cherry, and instead conditions dry called unlike the cloud over in the afternoon and how big have travelled hours to get me to put a good shine on the Americas. So that's a very new cricketing We're getting a mile. Very nice have a second reference to intergalactic cricket within just a couple of weeks on the bugle. Well, I think that the world s Tender swing, ain't, nothing. If it start swinging, avatars we get so being to all the planet with the other swindle reverse and when we start reverse swinging, that's gonna be tricky.
And a fly away from the sun and smash into Jupiter, so we just want to translate that seem as just straight as possible. If you want more register will be starting. The urn believable ashes, podcast, Sir, with a BBC radio in Australia, Frittering Tom Right Ex Beagle producer and they very funny friend, comedian, Felicity Ward and the yard Kimber cricket journalist extraordinary that will begin in a couple of weeks. I do look out for that. If you are a bugle fan and a cricket found, that is a a nation on the human then dives that some are think should include at least six billion people about doesn't anyway, that's it until next week, as if it next week, we will be lie from the left us where Theatre in London. still available to find them online. In the meantime, Andover thanks once again for your wits and wisdom,
we will be speaking again soon and until next on vehicles. Goodbye agendas.