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Bugle 4052 – Brexcitement!


In an episode that was very nearly titled 'Undirectional Rage Poop', Andy is joined by Tiff Stevenson and Alice Fraser to talk about the people of the year, Brexit and horny Irish dogs (and men). We also address the bleeping issue. Again.


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Audio Newspaper for a visual, hello buglers at welcome to issue four thousand and fifty two of the Bugle Audio newspaper for a visual world as we speak? here in London, there is mayhem on the streets, while celebrations, the likes of which have not been seen since VE day in one thousand nine hundred and forty five, maybe even since we stuck it to the Vikings at the battle of Stamford Bridge in one thousand and sixty six but perhaps even since the land Bridge to Europe finally sank permanently into the sea, some eight thousand or so years ago, making us the island we have he's been since the dawn of the universe be cause. We have recently for the European Union on that uh, break six pending, station to go negotiations, oceans,
yeah, one of the greatest days in the history of breaks, the gotiations site Chris, but some inspirational music under this good boy at least invited to twelve million people out on the streets of London right now, dogs are getting quite literally smooching, each other into lights. The next phase of negotiations add water phase of the gotiations. That promises to be can now begin in terms of hardness or softness of correct. Certainly government ban scale previously discussed, Well to my untrained eye. It looks like a softish It will be published in the fight for Mr Starr or sleeping in a patch of fresh, don't be dumb, so it's the middle ground solution in not no one is going to be fully happy with the reminders, the one to remind them to leave us the creeping stopped in the box for bicycle.
still in Brussels, because another made out to scribble. Yes, a lot of us over the cliffs of dog, with a magic british born castable Albright, which means that everyone in Britain has full constitutional call to winge about every nothing to do with brexit forever and blame everyone else for it, so they ship it in real terms. Is the win win situation will want it because we are Britain and it is our democratic destiny to be knocked off and grumpy about stuff. You can cut the music now cheers. That's a lovely record player people in this week. Chris was it one thousand nine hundred and eleven Columbia, Graffin Ola Princess, if I'm not mistaken, probably sound quality. That is actually true. There, of course, remain some distance to go before the official triggering of our national ejector seat, two khaplang us into our new global international worldwide Worldwide pancontinental future. But for now let us sit back and savor the sweet, sweet smell of begrudging compromise. What time? I'm Andy Zaltzman! Sorry, I'm still willing up here and we're here in London this week,
on Friday, the eighth of December twenty seventeen I'm joined by two people who will do their best to keep that breaks like months at the breaks, the news, so you can talk program, the other important things in the world as moving this August, organ music ferocity, the official pulled, because the record for the Human rights trade mark I'm welcome back, firstly to all official southern hemisphere, correspondence, Alice, Fraser, hello, Andy as somebody from an isolated on and in the middle of nowhere, I'm so glad you decided to join us. So welcome back to my fellow future. Former European actively Stevenson Ah, yeah I've just been feeling less european as the days go by I've heard, they've started, putting away tables and chairs so Alfresco writing is finally done. Yeah man on the street burning a ballet to be fair. That's just because that happened, but Oh, I love a beret. I think it just adds an air of intrigue, Slash, Belen,
I, I think it's already great hat balance kind of what want your online dating profile isn't So yes recordings the eighth of December two thousand seven scene on this day in nineteen fifty three to what's always in how it gave his atoms for peace speech. How? If we will tell atoms to come down as the wedding around so much the world will be fine. Yesterday,
on the seventh of December forty three BC: Cicero, the legendary ancient Romans celebrity lawyer, politician, philosopher writer, orator and all round irritating smartas popped. His clogs well to be accurate. He had his clogs non voluntarily popped for him, as often happened to annoying people in ancient Rome killed by two government hitmen well on his way to the seaside. He then had his head in hands: nailed up on a wall, for everyone had to have a good old gold pack, which is not what you want on a crisp December morning, but Cicero left and enduring legacy a catalog of small task comments which have informed and rich. Just ever since many remind p, coldly relevance today, for example, politicians are not form they all excreted. Cicero was at work more than two thousand years before talking from the kind of one of the twenty six in your selection, those prophetic words. He said this. A room without books is like a body without a soul, but to be fair, you have never had
read the ghost written autobiography of a twenty two year old to the complete myth, the books to his children, how to they exist, or even Lewis's through England, on my knees, what is Meloxicam. He's talked about this on the people and by thought: right now. All I know about book might be about through England. On my knees, is it gardening? I hope his gardening gardening religion closer, but not not right, my football, not football. Nor was it at any other activity that involves getting on, and these were In fact, I bross rubbing all to see one of the books in live. Three history hall, every the United Childhoods is is like, which is, is ritual listening him as a kid. If you guys Westminster Cathedral and the other, could you know the cathedrals this westminster, even a cathedral? Yes, my laptop the Catholic yeah yeah yeah, you go you guy. You were
yeah, he Robin it's really. You know the space. Is it's satisfying on the mental part of being british? It is. It really is because it like it serves no purpose, coming, I went there would look. This is not a good version of of some of the boss, the six it in that cathedral, but I am but a woman's written a book about it and I don't want to diminish. That is it is it? Is it and is a good rate? I'll be honest, I have not read all of its is given to me by my sister Helen, see people's previous as a Christmas present one year grow best christen press I know that whenever I'm on my knees looking at something, I think that could be shiny. Bryce and I'll be able to stop all of us on the part cost. Today. I didn't expect that that would be the thing that you would say and the office.
Obviously, he also said Cicero to be ignorant of what occurred before you were born is to remain always a child which sounds awesome because it can great being a child. I have children, they have the best club in the world also to remain always a child and being with her before you born, makes deciding where capitals of places like Israel and Palestine should be like that so much easier. If you're born one thousand nine hundred and forty six all about what happened before then this this prophetic words they who says at Heathrow that we should love our fellow citizens, but not foreigners, they destroy the Universal Brotherhood of mankind with which benevolence and justice, with parish forever. Now, if you'd written in English, instead of Latin, maybe more people take something noticeable
I just think the head in hands getting nailed to the wall at this time of year brings a really new meaning to the to the Christmas day is yeah that down Regent street yeah I was, I was thinking of your boss, Robbins and you're on your knees and I'm blasts in and then thinking call pay follow. Which is actually the correct tense. So so so those of you listening that think, I don't know Latin. I do when it counts, so we created you, so I mean it used to be under London Bridge they used to stick up. Their heads of people have been executed, wasn't on that was on the pike, yeah yeah yeah. I think I mean, I think, that's probably the origin of Christmas Lighting lighting slags on peoples faces as it was a section of the beagle is going straight in the bin. This week, Christmas gift guide obvious.
most of you will have already bought as Christmas gifts tickets to my Soho Theatre, show December or my UK tour all dates and tickets at Amazon, DOT, co, dot. Uk slash shows great present so much more environmentally friendly than buying someone, a shipping container full of plastic bags to dump in the sea so much better for society than giving them a bazooka or a Kalashnikov. But we also look at other hot Christmas gifts this year, including a turkey jacuzzi,
now now the of slow isn't that just super food trend as lead to an increase in people slaughtering their own meat at home, with home abattoirs and the Turkey jacuzzi. Well, as we all know, a relaxed bird is a tasty bird. So get your Christmas ready for the oven with a pre slang. Bubbly jacuzzi bath that fits comfortably into most most household kitchens. Warning only for use on turkeys. Do not try to relax a Christmas goose with it geese go nuts in jacuzzis, mostly see them on very calm ponds, not naturally bubbling volcanic springs.
also for Christmas. Why not give warning or friends or loved ones, Westminster bubble, travel everywhere in your own Westminster insulated from the true realities where ground politics in real life? It's basically a big plastic zorbing ball, but with a scale model of the houses of parliament on the inside, it's gonna get Sparky and a hologram of BBC political correspondent, Laura Kuenssberg telling you all the latest Whitehall gossip warning may cause a loss of perspective and an obsession with other people's personal number. I'm going straight in the land, the land the anyway, not section it at all. Now, of course, I should mention at this stage. Last week we had the bugle advent. Calendar will get. You can get that later in the show, not where you can write a calendar view, because the advent calendar lies will continue later in the show
top story this week. I'm well I'm Donald Trump, a piece of gum about the delegates Middle EAST situation, which, famously over thousands of years of human history, has been a a a a tricky thing to deal with sensitivity, and he has gone about it's looking in a China shop. Wearing a pantomime, bull outfits, while shouting China, China, China, smashing smashing time now obviously I'm I'm jewish the. Therefore, really see what the problem is. It's all there in black and white. Let me also, where are you talking about? Well? Well, Jerusalem, generally, I thought Jerusalem was bill. Did here?
in that's mills, just because of the town tell my roommate, the England's yes out, satanic mills was it not I I am so confused by this. I had to a I had to get my yeah scores boyfriend to explain it to me, which I sometimes do so that thinks of it might be a regular feature now. The idea I have my school is boyfriend. Explain things to me, says: coach boyfriend explains it to one. I have explained it yeah. I have ask him to explain to me how this situation came about in the first place and what he said was after world war, two everybody felt bad the jewish people on that. So let's give him some of their holy land out of out of date said: Norman G, Mafia, Germany, you can see we're the ones who have order during the war and then everyone said, not file, Jerusalem and gradually Israel was just taken the passing center. So in nineteen, sixty seven and then annexed a bit, so Israel stole it and now Trump is basically gone. Well.
Stores that ages of also it's yours. Now you a bit like finders keepers except Steelers keepers. I mean it's, it's slightly alarming. That's your scottish boyfriend appears to have a slightly more nuanced appreciation of the delicate, the leader of the free world. I think it's a genius move by Trump. What he's gone in is is gone and he's just been an asa ASA fool and I'm hoping, I think, he's hoping to unite them against him. I think he's being a real hero here, putting himself out there and hoping that they can at least all agree on the common ground that he's a can do well together. What is it? You know it's it's it's all around as well to go. Certain people promised us by gold. Well, that was off of alpha, see the son of with Bell for the summer forget. Well, they related a government anyway, but I mean just through history,
over one hundred thousand years, tourism is well it's kind of changed hands more often than their flesh re, generating kleptomaniac saudi Arabian Android. Is that going to be on the next season of doctor who 'cause? I need to see that bell for very much the king Solomon of his day, mostly cutting the metaphorical baby of Jerusalem in half, although he slipped when he saw a puffin and cut the baby into rather two rather uneven halves. But it's been right since the very creation of earth. In fourth, full beastly, Jerusalem's Bina, no supplemental ground, yes, IRA! My theory is that there are also holes on each end of this very complex, faceted machine and they just spraying each other and then everyone with them in the radius of the sheets break it's covered in and then they get angry and all their pants and then there's a veritable unidirectional Trevi fountain of rage put its. but also sandy,
I have a baby. Every Shelley him right could occur. so it makes you in Jerusalem and E as a half two in a let's do: let's do it. I've got I have no jewish heritage, but I have been. I have been cool jewish on Twitter. Well, I say I've been called jewish. It was from anti semitic kind of rant at me. So I didn't some reform synagogues but there's a isn't. That is this religious theory at from Christians, claiming it's to regain control of Temple Mount bring about the actual apocalypse I do know if that's going to happen. 'cause I'll be on my period is actually anything to do with the apocalypse is totally synced. With my mentor cycle just so you know this is like a tree fact. I don't think have a biological clock. I think I have a doomsday one, so just
I'd check in with me and I'll. Let you know, if that's the case. Ok, so you are the official harbinger of apocalypse. Yeah, like my vagina, is like Nostradamus. That's my head. Scottish boyfriend's nickname is Moses well what I can't imagine this being covered on Google before I'm so glad it has today, but I did want to have Tammy Wynette on singing my vagina itch. Susan, that suspect opinion some of price trump for doing body. Disassembly would too, I'm Trump himself posted a video of previous american presidents saying that I would acknowledge Jerusalem as the capital his route, but then your quality brushing under the cough and not some. Yes, we try this video of these previous presidents. I know your basic he was the only one stupid enough to actually do anything about it. You know nothing about politics, Mister Trump,
Talking about the art of saying something obviously don't mean just a butter people up before quote Going about the serious business of not doing what you said, you were going to do for reasons of geopolitical practicality, international relations, especially in the Middle EAST, delicate game of high stakes, diplomatic, Jenga and Trump plays Jenga Lokeren authoress in a cement mixer. It's it's not going to end. Well, you think, through our politic, is an act in Vegas in terms of capital cities, though I mean, I think you know if Donald Trump can can, but into this conversation as he did unwanted. I personally would like now to recognize. It
A couple of the United States, I'm all for the bugle, the tiny village of Elk River, Idaho. It all now view as the official capital of the United States now long term view list. My remember that in people, one hundred fifty six, all I personally declared war on Elk River and suggested that Chris would do a triathlon is a key part of our a military invasion of Elk River, but no license for the peace process. Now the prepared just to you know not at it so yeah to move on what what's what's the deal with the Elk River in Idaho? What's the beef, the brief, that's, how old
well. The origin of the beef was its population. Was a hundred and fifty six come to the the six of the bugle? Nothing there's only room for one hundred fifty six related thing in the world. Well, I thought. Well, I have. The footage of the original decoration will play it at the end of the show, but so you're not alone. You know now would start to build bridges, no need to set history aside, yeah, and I don't think I'm an example for all of humanity. In doing so, I need to find somewhere that has four thousand and fifty two occupants. Yes. Does this mean we get? We don't condone soft, so I have a little bit of gross. Do we deployed, but don't close to Elk River Idaho yeah that that is about is about a hundred and fifty six lined up outside the edge of the town. Well at least withdraw them to the hills. Are there hills in Idaho? I have not have you had a parade to display your badonkadonk's to frighten,
Villages will us Ministry of that. All the talk about intimidation of little for yeah. We should probably actually take this to the man himself and fun. It will go himself actually thinks until now joins us this one out now, Mr Gold, are you that hello, I'm US officials also, I got the whole. Everyone is equal to run the group, so yes, a gold that was just one if you, anything to say on a peaceful, lasting solution to the whole Jerusalem issue. That will please all the fans of your various different competing, franchises, It was not under your you're breaking up. There there's something about you
mobile. Could you say once and for all? Who gets Jerusalem we're? Sorry, your call cannot be reconnected. Please try again later we'll pray unusually hot. Thank you. I always knew he was a fan. Yes, she I mean it sounded like a to be fat. She could have a very deep voice. Yeah when we do, we will arrive in this kind of noticed this gold self identify in terms of gender. Let's
of the time magazine person of the year in use now and the person of the year this year in Time magazine, went to put the silence break, is the endless parade of women who stepped forward to take a powerful man to task for sexual harassment and assault. Trump was mentioned in the magazine eight times after having tweeted that time wanted him, for they cover boy. Actually, he was listed both as the runner up and also a harasser eight times as her assets. I I mean listing Trump The runner up for for a bunch of women who accused sexual harassers is like naming Riva, Steenkamp's woman of the year with Austin Oscar Pistorius as runner up or Emeline Pankhurst's woman of the year, and the patriarchy, as the runner, He is the runner up in the way that the dude chasing you home from the train station is the runner up like he's behind you, but not for a good reason.
If we both did me too hashtag. Does that mean we can change our cvs to include Timco person of the year yeah yeah? I mean a couple of things I need to say at this point I would like to say we need a moratorium on bathrobes Terry tally. Right, I think we have to learn from like trump calls be I'm more in stating I have experience when I was like nineteen with the Cree people to sort of all stripes. I I know what it is about telling balls roads they put it on is like it and exfoliate a for morals. I think this is too much temptation is like short skirts for women. Just the access is too easy got all that discussed in humanity off me, and maybe it absorbs all the self rising may fail and yeah it's kind of like. Is it like that is quite telling this time magazine because, like two thousand sixteen we're in a space where Hillary
He still had a shawl and women were riding high in two thousand. Seventeen, it's not shut down, and we must obey it out in a doorway like that's that's where we also it's. It feels like a sad statement has also positive. I guess that the people are speaking up and and and women of finally being how add on this I mean not on any of the late night. Talk shows panel shows or yeah, but you know generally, look what we got here. Thank you, happy living here we outnumber you were taking over. This is the my my daughter She did say from here a few months ago. She said daddy. You are too so
to be a patriarch is the best compliment. Anyone could ever give that that should be. That should be the rule yeah I mean it's been an interesting time on Twitter. Let's say that it's been an interesting time if you had anything to say. Actually it's always an interesting time on Twitter. If your woman with something to say oh yeah, but it will be, it will be interesting to see how this all unpacks down the line. There's a genuine point, I think ego is underneath a lot of this and the ability to take hot now and some men appear to be unable to, and I have to say some because otherwise, people who know man and you're like ok, alright, how about never women
I don't know, but yes, I I feel like. I feel like that important discussions to be had hands untied magazine, obviously leading from the front by by giving these issues going up to mystic person of the echoes the minutes. It's quite basically, it's yes and would not full yeah the persons on the best of things it's the presence of the most impact, so go Hitler and Stalin of of one it off, but many said on usually hope Hope hope. This will be a yeah as toning point in human beings. If the truth can be a person one of the hash tag, I think it's a step towards a I taking over hashtags of people now hi tech model has ten x. It has tags vote yet soon brought they can vote on twitter polls, which is basically the same thing. In irish Village,
dog bone is news. Now they have some really odd place names there. This is my favorite kind of news, which is the kind of news weather news headline is directly contradicted by the content of the article, so you get to believe whatever you want to believe it also the kind of news where I have to Google dog Bonerz, which isn't my favorite kind of news. That certainly makes me happy about universal surveillance residents of a tiny irish village, where Viagra is Manufact. have complained that fumes from a nearby factory have been giving men and dogs bonus. Pfizer said in a statement. The claims are a quote, a musing myth, so we will never know who is right. My advice in such situations is always believe the words of a corporation and not the words of the man and his dog unless they both Oh yeah, guys, let's drop him for my attempt to call Cox ever watch now, Jesus fighter he's gotta richer of him. Have you seen the Mickey on Mickey? As my favorite? That's my favorite bar maid Debbie O'Grady.
told the Sunday Times one within your stiff we've been getting the love he was for years now for free, and that is why my love island is never ending. Apart from the eighth amendment get to go on. If this the, I think this village should be the repeal the eighth campaign headquarters, because it really is the call for but you put that many bonus in the air people are going to get pregnant, so I think we should move campaign headquarters to wherever this in cork. Isn't it yeah yep massive bonus, no heart disease, great village, Fitbit, sorry for the dogs in this they just being judged now on just think we should stop Willie, showing the poor little thing, your entire life, with a dog junk on display. well, to say, without being told it looks too big, but in same sex. Marriage updates now is not fully legal, yes it. the post postal vote landscape. The australian Senate has voted overwhelmingly for legalizing same sex marriage
with only four Scrooge Mcduck dissenting A sweaty handful of conservative legislated tried to add amendments that they said were meant to safeguard religious freedoms for opponents of same sex, marriage, but their efforts failed. Prime Minister Turnbull noted that nothing in the legislation requires ministers or other celebrants to oversee weddings of gay couples or threatens the charity status of religious groups that oppose same sex. Marriage with two concerns that the lawmakers had raised, I think it's a shame that he that he put these fears to rest, because if we all just got together and agreed that not only would this legislation lead to mass dog, marriage and gay marriage would legally require compulsory gay fiances to force you to make a gay cake while wearing leather chaps. We might skip all the stupidest homophobes into fleeing the country. I mean people are entitled to their sexual peak liberties. Let there be one thousand blossoms bloom as far as I'm concerned, but I ain't spending anymore time on it 'cause. In the meantime, every three months person is torn to pieces by a crocodile in Far N Queensland. That was one of the most incredible pieces of footage. I think I've seen
and watch it every night before I go to sleep, it's the most destroying think about the same. Just a man deeply uncomfortable with his own homophobia. Turning immediately to crocodiles have all heterosexual marriages in Australia now been instantly and old as a result of this legislation, because eventually they come, they can't possibly stand. Well, unfortunately, they do stand as the christian conservative couple, who threatened to dissolve. that match in the eyes of the law, found out that, apparently, that is not allowed easy, loveless marriage still legal, or is that going to be next on the statute books, although I think I think loveless marriages almost compulsory? I think that I I I think you know what you want is a one of those long distance relationships where you live to now that you've grown apart Bitcoin NEWS and the value of Bitcoin, which are still
I understand and I never will sincerely hope I die that way. The pretend currency has blasted through the 15th dollar. It's part of a record breaking digital currency surge now Alice, Ur Cryptocurrency correspondent here on the bugle, basically correct me if I'm wrong, but people used to be dumped in ponds and barbecue. Yes, the blockchain is definitely witchcraft and it's been like in Saddam, Phil by the chairman of the Royal Bank of Scotland as to how Davies, who suggested it should be seen as an apocalypse dick decay of our idea of currency right. So basically, we've got two signs of the apocalypse in one king podcast plus
team period and be quite so attractive. Three Jerusalem, Bitcoin and England going to kneel down in the ashes of catching that. Well, he genuinely wanted the Bank of England and other authorities to launch a coordinated warning. I'm not sure that they know enough about what Bitcoin is. He said you know is basically they why the people are trading in incomprehensible metaphor for value without truly understanding the complex mechanics behind it. A lot like people do with actual money, but this one isn't controlled by the bank. So it's it less trustworthy because banks graying just money that is even more pretend then real money, which is pretend and largely debt. So it's double pretend but the Pretend money is not in control of Bank is right and therefore they are very upset by it, because we know how much we can trust if you're going doubled. Pretend money with all the double pretends money of a different sort. Is that
double negative. I mean you get for your money. Will here is the economic that truth. Money is like fairies if you don't believe in it. Dice right, we'll have to just believe in it as hard as we can, and then we can buy our house all. Ok, you're sounding like a tory government minister. Don't need benefits. You just need to believe more in just yeah. You do you do because there's no gold or silver standard anymore is there so there's nothing to prove. I think I left a bit coin down the back of the This is for you I fished out how much that was sixteen thousand one one bit one bit to queen so yeah. That would be a touch get me. I could get me to another box, it's actually very historically de derived the name bit coin. It comes from the time when people used to buy coins to and see if they were real and the thing with big coins is when you've been all the way. Through a coin, you realize it's not a real calling and
but and what about the children? Because her fact I just made it up right then leave right then go to. I was a bit more heavily to tell a lie, is terrifying? Well, that's what you sold that so well, thank you. Actually, what about chocolate coin? 'cause, there's quite a few of them flat flashing around this time of year there about forty thousand dollars right. That's good can do very well. This Christmas on the subject of Christmas. Bugle and calendar of LAW Ace Paul to come. We launched part one last week rose. I need the first six. I think Chris didn't go out and get on to number seven, especially seven a week yeah. I think I need to pick up I'm not you days. Rest here is the entry for the, seventh of December legal people Advent calendar, we open the doors on advent calendars
commemorates Brenda Rubenstein who lived across the but from Mary and Joseph and really loved babies. She would open my window every morning and shout have you had the baby. Yet that's why we open windows and having calendar for the December. Okay Angel Gabriel was renowned as the mall within Gold PLC who leaked the news of the birth of Jesus. He was an experience as in all kinds of the time. Having only been promoted in three, sales right I enjoying season in to more than seventy six people and three talking Michael. full revelations to two in the fourth month of December snowmen, fax, snowman were initially invented as a disguised by King Herod, secret police for Judith's short for the Judea investigators, the adolescent King Herod Loveless, going around and people in power at the time. it was not legal to build a snow woman in Britain until one thousand nine hundred and eighteen that you know that the sufferjets changed all that
Gay snowmen are illegal in Saudi Arabia if the government can, she's a gay snowman. They will cut off its carrots and melt it down due to the declining. how many snowmen now go topless December Mary and Joseph did not plan for a manger birth. They do they have a water birth in the dead sea, but it was shut down because the water was so salty that the mums kept bobbing up to the top when trying to give birth 11th of December Bulbils on a Christmas tree, Repres bubble, gum bubbles, Joseph was blowing during the holy birth. It wasn't fully engaged 12th of December. The reason we associate Robbins with Christmas is because of Robin Shat on the windscreen of Joseph and Mary's donkey and then went to Bethlehem for splatter pattern. Looked like a bottle of wine which married took as a sign from God that Jesus would work as a waiter in a fancy restaurant 13th of December Santa's reindeer on strike over pay and conditions in one thousand nine hundred and fifty eight, it became known as the year with no Christmas. The strike was resolved
time to screamed of anything lot of you. I've got a norwegian shift starting next week in the canteen. So, but the 14th of December, the Carol once in Royal David City, could have been very different in tough economic times, Bethlehem said councils under naming rights deal with royal cigarettes and young Christ was born in Royal David City If we've been born two years later, the Carol would have been once in Rothmans, David City and the 15th of December three wise men were late to the birth. This was because when they were going to start Melchior who, as discussed last week, was not intellectually the sharpest lemon in the fruit bowl, jumping up in the air and saying you're going the wrong way, but stories up there upwards following upwards guys, would be more from the advent calendar next week, Your emails now this comes from Dave and law,
Angeles, who asks? Is there a way to get a nun? Beeped version of the podcast? Are there that many children listening to the people that need to be edited for virgin ears, Sir Richard Branson's new company that I've never thought about that, but, like Magine, if you just wanted to change a set here, is I quite like indian elephant? Is yeah you know like kind of like Nita but yeah the debt Dave. What we can't do that, but what we can do is I will record a minute and a half of just the worst explained as you could possibly imagine, and if you send me some money, I will send it to you and you can you can drop me an at will. Well, that is a big, let Michael Nexus Radio. The fundraising drive offering, where is offering a pun, runs this year my granny swearing at you for a minute. My granny could swear for the two one slash two minutes in Hungarian without repeating us.
big shoes to follow in hungarian, interesting language, because it's you know it's it's own language only influenced by. Language in the indoor european tradition. So there are complex and graphic animal It's not really. That would turn your hair. That's impressive, even friendly, because you think other languages would assimilate swear words through the progress of linguistic history, but they're hungry to come up with that money swear words without any external linguistic influence. That is huge What is the light you sheep's nipple? What kind of well, if there's any hungarian his like yeah Doc Salsoul, I can't imagine we cannot say like. I know, I'm willing to say a lot of things on this, some things that just cannot that that's your question right! That's my dad's that yeah, the the one that my granny used to start off with his best them as a list and low fetish. I get that which has something to do with the horses pain.
This was a hungarian rock we summoning so does he prefer the most vulgar version of the show as possible? Well it's! This is something we keep coming back to. We've had many discussions about this over the one. The great philosophical result, Should we be the not to be, I think we should beat them because they add mystery and only the unfinished can contain the infinite, also very, very deep. It had a softgel game to the show, yeah. I know size funny, yeah, yes! Well, I prefer. I prefer. I think we just published well less if it was on bleeps yeah. I don't know what I'm, so just was sending the end of your thank you to whoever it was who signed up the bugle full free tickets to Judge Roy Moore Election rally.
now. Unfortunately, much as I would love to go, I was unable to go when it was on was a couple days ago. but thanks I'll, just want just one ticket spelt my name wrong thanks for that, so hopefully I'll avoid getting on some kind of thing both Maybe this is this. Is this could be the beacon of hope for the future that, if but being the same, even if it's ten thousand is what more English or not. So if you just sign up all the free tickets to events like that, you will see yeah. Every time my alarm is going to speak, pulled the tickets. That's what I mean. People have done that to a lot of my shows over the protest buy your ticket, I mean it seems only reason I've been so empty, so this is really just. Playback
do that next time, Roy Moore selling free tickets to a rally. I don't want you giving money to him, but these are things just free, free tickets by the king lot buglers. I want to see him talking into an empty void. I do keep your emails coming into hello, buglers at the bugle, ask dot com what just to the end of this week, beagle thanks so much for listening as always. Tiff thanks thanks very much for coming in thanks for having me I've got it. I have not yeah that was it, let's plug war and what I did if it's gone up, yep, I'm doing say who's the through May and I'm doing a tour from so I've got a bit of a much on the guy like that. Can I plug to look at hope to missed on DVD, which has been like that, like I've got some in it,
America, I've gotta stock in America, so there's been a bunch going out there. So, interestingly, that is all about money, not being real and all hope to Ms Moped and belief in it, so it kind of ties in with today's also. I was a bit about gun, control of the Kardashians and and depression, but if that's something because I was really really fun to you yet I've got it on the top of much with us. If you just find out to stevens- and you say that you can order, it did on my shows up online if the Christmas match, I also have a no one's gonna die, we're all going to die necklaces and I want to add a little bit of a like t, r, a t id. I have put cost, and I Cpas brought good news is, I know, annoys pass still like by my teeth. I think my dvd still available online somewhere effort download all the physical copy if you want to pay more than you have to for the downloading of something cluttering up the house,
but you can still buy my book as well. Now that was coming next is going to the tenth anniversary of my my book on the credit crunch. You can get it on a prominent online retailer, large south american easy used for Nought point north one pence. Therefore knew for one. sixty nine pounds, thirty five you're cool you're thankful, NG people say all in Soho from the 18th of December onwards. Please next time when I'll be joy, out of a Powell goodbye? This is being a hundred fifty six jump, which means that we've not on one vehicle for each resident. At the time of the two thousand census of the village of Elk River, Idaho,
I don't say the plan and big enough for the two of US job yeah, but is only room for one thing led to the modern fifty six, so it's with a heavy heart, but a sense of duty that, on behalf of the beagle, I think, the war in the village of Elk River. Idaho. Now I think tactically, the key John is to strike fasts. There are small village in Idaho I won't be expecting a military on onslaught so, really wanna hit their Navy first thing or big reservoir nearby before we send in the ground troops. That's you page and Chris Slash and burn taxes to go to Oregon Chris done triathlons, so we can come across the reservoir cycle into town and run around in his underpants confusing people until you've knocked out the Elk River Lodge in general store. That's going to be crucial to our hopes of eradicating Elk River is a going concern Well, no such famous for its proximity to America's largest trace. Or can we take that tree hostage and threaten to turn into kitchen roll? Unless all the months of my we go to break him psychologically and any be close in Elk River wishing to sue for peace,
please email in your surrender to the bugler, co, DOT, UK and mark the Subject box, all hell, big loads, merciless masters of all. We may not accept that but we will consider it,